The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1939
Page 4
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THE BLYTHKtlLLff COURIER NEWS ' • '• • • -,ntt 'OOORtMR Kiwi OO. ,'*? -M, *.xW,' BUUDKBS, ... 'F., MORRIS, t A*rertl»in» -irkttMf DtUMi, Jne, KMT Tort, CW«K, 'flt-LOoH'DiUi* KanM Cttr, Aftertowf Rretjrt Bund»y u.iecond eteM nutter »t the port- •fltoi tt Bljiheyilk, ArkuuM, under tct o( i; October *, 'WIT. • , by th» awted Pre« 15o per , • fs -\ ' SUBSCRIPTION RATK8 < By c*rri*r, In th« Ctly of Bljrthertl week, or.SSe.per month. Bjr nuiii idthln • ndlui ot 50 mllw, $300 per reVi *1 60 lor six months, 15o (or three month*; by m*il in postal tmea two to fix Induslrt, f«50 per year; In zones Kvrn uid elfbt, |)ODO per jt*?, p»y»ble In A Free City hi Son th AhlefiCa Proposed At the veiy moment when Euiope is dismally contemplating flic possible collapse of the perfectly Sensible plan of 'a Free City of Daiuig under League of Nation auspices, a Somewhat similar plan -has been proposed in South America. Senator Oscafr Valehzucln Valdes, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of Chile, has pioposcd thai his Cbltnti'y's most northerii city, Anca, be turned into a free port io serve Ihe invests of Peril, Bolivia, and Ecuador. ' - 'fhis is a conce'pliofi quite similar to that which at Versailles prevailed about Danzig. Danvig, piedominantly German in population and li Million, stood in a location where a free i j o- latit) hfld to have access Ibiough il to 'the &a. Therefore, paid the Veisailles ne'gotiatois, let us give it neither Lo German? nor to" Poland, but let us make It -a Free City tlnoilgh which both Germany 'aild Poland mny tiade, llnd let us name a League of Nations com- nlisidoiier to live theic ,'ind see that tlie rights of both coimtiies and Ihelr citizens are obs>eived. That was the theory, -and a perfect ly sensible, sane theoiy, loo. What hap.. pened was that neither Poland nor Germany whole-heaitedly accepted Die ( theory. Each tried to mciesise its '111- fiuence and power in r Danv.ig, \yhile the decay of the League marto it impossible i for tlie commissioner to halt 'the op-^ posing ambitions of the Iwo coimtiies, Now these animosities have (laied into such an ' incandescence that they may , well ignite all Europe. • Bui^all this does not .discouiage Sen ator Valenznela. He behoves that sanity mayo'et pievail in the world's affairs. So he pioposes that Arica be made a Free City,~ believing that the loss of custom:, duties to the countries involved would be moie than le- paid by the great increase in hade which he believes would follow the opennig of 'such an impicbsivo gateway to the three countries. Aiica wa& the scene of as bitter fighting as ever raged in Danxig. Oh the great Morro headland that frowns above the" sarldy beach, Pei uvians and Chileans out m ISTfl ui as bitter a battle as tlie Western world ever saw. The cont.oveisy ovei Aiica and its neighboring Penman city, Tacna, remained unsettled until l!)2o' Chile got Arjca But ilow, acliiated by belief that the only worth-while settlement i s one OUT OUR WAY which most benefits all parties, Senator ValclmieJa suggests that, Voluntarily and' without the sp'uf of war 1 or a war settlement, the contested City become a real intei'ilational gateway. How practicable the plan may be, and whether it stands a chance of adoption, is hard to judge aa this distance. But, il is significant that once again a proposal for 1 a sslne, peaceful, mutually-beneficial arrangement between tliree countries has been made in the western world, the only part of th globe which seems at the moment able to make them. Com Off the Cob Among several other things that make us glild we'ie an American living in llw United States is corn on the cob. A I'Yenclimaii may bo a line judge ot ' red wine and baked snails, but he gets DO coin on the cob. A Britisher may carve himself u fine joint of .beef, bill he gels no coin on the cob. A Gcthiaii may delight in a cutlet and red cabbage, but he gets no Coni on the cob. Think of all those Itussians, Uuman- jftiw, Tiuks, Laplanders and Patilgon- iaiis doing without corn on the cob— and at this season of the year, tool It's enough (() break your heart. And none of your silly silver cob- stickers to cat it withy either. We'll take oms. light in the lingers as nature obviously intended, and know it on the cob just like rt burfy St|mliel. Please pabs the bliltbrl Looks Still D(!ceivin<* o Aie you 'one of those ig- meyt folks who's hipped on 'the ideit that "I cnh get a pi city good idea of a mini's inlelligbiicc just (jy looking at him?" It's a pleasant idea thttt everyone yoli meet carries a sart of intellectual puce-tag on his face. The low forehead, the long nose, the receding chin—what one of iis has not nodded sagely oil seeing them, mid said, "I've got HIM pegged!" '* Bui it is all nonsense, according to ^ Piof. EROU .Brunswilc, Univeisity of , California psychologist. "Judging" people's intelligence by their physical ap- pcaunice," wiys the piofewoi, "is not mtich more likely to be coirect than guessing whether a coin will conic down heads or tails." Disillusioning, but be reconciled by the fact that if the other fellow's intelligence Isn't to be judged-by his fncC, otirs needn't be either. Which is a bieak foi most of us, at thai * S6 THET SAY It ttcmltl tw a yoorei world were (Do clement of risk entirely eliminated, the tilicxptctcd nci'« lo Iwppcu, nncl no fncto, of experience ever beyond control -Dr. Samuel l| Ff | ncc , Profc . s . sor of Economics at King's Unhcrsilj, n a ||i nx , N. S. * * * Democracy win stsml as lan, Ss „ rc , crcs (113 '"'age ot God in the humblest of i( 5 clt i zc ns. -Rabbi WllllBin Braude, Proildencc, R i [ SIDE^GUNCES £ t MONDAY, JULY 17, loss) | by Gilbrarth • SERlALSTOftY HOST DETOUR "1 hope it's nil paid for, son. The credit company stuck me on that last nole I signed with you." f HIS CURIOUS WORLD IF VOU LEARNED THE MA WES OF ;.CORAL. OMCE SOLO FOR'' APPROXIAVXTELV I AN OUNCle r >< Spain they belonged to political p ar tt«, but out of their tom.try tl,6y hav'e „(, pol.tical an,bto,,s-Dr J,mn Negrln forme, Spai.ish Lo>Rllst picmler, clltolralnff 4inlg, at |oii to ico of losnllst, THE RDOD EATEKl BV BIRDS APFECTS __ .THEIR COLORS i Canaries an(J Ptrroit are well-known ex- whose leathers change color with changes In diets __ NEXT: Where did fucftsl* planfs get Ihelr name? LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dlythcville, Ark July IT," 1939 To the c'clllor: Is ihc Cllj- CoUKpli ' from ' Obcyiiij; Law? A public statement of this city's financial nfTnirs Is the jitst and legal right of its citizens who bear the responsibilities placed upon them by the majoi nnd board of ftldcirncn tJeelecl .ind refusal to render siicli slalciuents; at. legally icquircd Intervals ib a gr,uo error that might. le,(d to sciious rcsnllb 'Ihanks to AUIcrnuin Mtllaney foi hk insistence upon "inch a couise Sam liarnes. A . law forbids German cyclists to. 'ride Iwo., abreast iii busy streets, and mnkes riding with only one hand on . the handlebars a punishable offense. By J. R. Williams OUH BOARDjNGnOUSfc with Major Iloople MAW,THERE \$ SOME ^(ISTAKE HERE--THAT 15 POSITIVELV WOT FOS. VjVHO SAID IT WAS? THIS IS PER A GANG WHO'S HAVIW A " HERE TON16HT TAWP/'INDEED, SEEM Slow 1 0 SEE COULD WE'LL \ HAVE CURTAIM <3OES OP OW ACT OUE IM i-rve Mwuresy IP WE DOM'TQETA SUDOEM OP TO BE AS'SEMSATIOKJAL AS A CAP'M TARR.'EJUsr.TOLD ME THfi PO(3 S SO "THICK IT LIKE PAPER>V/MEM.VblJ'WADE THROLK3I-I :ifvv-'f<6y OUT OM TOR A PROJT. ROW SEA~f / 3> DECK WITH A> HORU ' NOTE I POG A, HEAVV >//. CHAPfER HI "A ND so thats how lt ! ^. Mr • Bancroft," Hoseieo Dale was explaining, e\n so Seriously "Clinstuie here is my very deir friend, and when I bought Goldcrest she agreed to be my bu<i- riess parlner We tan put up a big "sign there on Ihe p-ued highway, and I bet tourists will be glad (6 pay for a visit to our ghost town—doii'l you Se6?" "Swell!" he exclaimed. He was siUl sillio!,' on his heels beside Die bag of money. "We had to do sdrriething)" Christine put In. "Just had 16. We're oiit of school. We c'oiiidn'i jusl sit ami loaf, and jobs are scarce." "Vou're telling me?"' he answered. Then ho pointed at nose- lee. "But you've got sdrriefhirig! Sa-a-ay, you can contact the travel agencies in Los Angeles and San Francisco and Denver arid everywhere—you know, the bus people and tourist bureaus—and they'll help. They're always anxious to advertise: road attractions, and—" "I hadn't thought ot that!" Roselee spoke happily "Yeah, and with a world's fair on both seacoasls this yeir the summer travel will be the heaviest ever, east nnd west both A ghost town is ideal for attracting people who have read about the West and—" AU at once ho halted as if suddenly remembering something He swallowed, looking first at one girl then at the other, his young face very serious Then he slartd oft at a blank wall of (lie old bank vault. ' Yes,' Hoselce picked up the conversation '\ou\e given us some grand ideas. 1 Um '' he sighed "I guess it washes up my own plans, though. 1 -well Franklin and 1 had it all doped oiit for a Keen summer together. . You. know what I mean. Wo iho'iiglil the mining' corporation still owned the place." "Were you—you—you expected to work here for them?" "Well, no. Not at first. .Frarik- lin goes in for books. • He's •srn'a'rll He's a 'swell guy, he is; xinder- stands all about English and American literature and all that and he was going to read a iot this summer hcrt, while I plug along in dirt." . "Yon plug in dirt," Hoselee echoed, wonderihgly. "I'm a mining engineer. I was just graduated from the Texas School of Mines.". . : "I know it," Hoselee said. "How'd you know?" "1—Christine and I saw you play /oolball. Your team beat ours. You're famous. Tiriy Ban- crnfl. Diehard Bancroft,". "Yes. No, 1 niean; I'm not famous. Just a fullback, forgotten now. 1 want to be a mining mail" ..*...*.* "Y°U expected 'to — to mine . around-Goldoresl?" Hoselee was in the glow of the flashlight Christine Held, She looked little and lovely Ibere. "Yes! No, • I. mean, Btit I was going to run a lot : ot tests on the old ore dumps .here. You see, there have been a lot of advances in mining methods.- Low grade gold ore ran now 1 , be 'worked profitably.- Used • -to be that ore had to produce $25 a Ibh or better, to be profitable, A lot ot this flkl Goldcrest stuff has money in it again under modern scientific Illustration by H G Schletiskcr Bancroft reaj,ly agfccJ to Roche's plan U recapture Ihc gamer o! the ghoil fottn, all ,1 to she louml IraJc Bui ll,a robbers Cdol.uxis anol/ier problem. They talked, top, about Oie money Talked excitedly again after having already discussed it at length. They agreed that the ?12,000 was dbub'lless robbers' loot But what .robbers?' And whit would they do now, arid what should be done with the money? Tiny Bancroft solved that last problem. 'Listen—I'll stuff the sack with «.isle paper and locks," he explained, "arid we'll -just leave it like it was in the vault—f'il try to erase our tracks in' the dust—and we'll'hide the real money somewhere." "Where?" "j dUnno, I—we'll think of something." • 'Christine spoiled his face with the flashlight.,...He -was obviously Ibiiikiiig hard,- but,his, expression was that of a boy who had n genuine adventure at hand. "He's the best-looking thing!" Rbselec was telling herself in that swift moment, staring down at him. "i hope nothing happens lo "spoil it!" Common .sense told her that she should never have oftercd any man'a 1 job', riof con'sulte'd. him aboUl money found on her property, unless she knew him to be thoroughly responsible and trust- Worthy. But;then, youth doesn't rely loo much on -what oldsters Call corrinioii'. selise; youth gels along pretty well on trial-and- efror, impulse and intuition. Rose- Ice Dale knew something about judging mch already. She saw'no reason to be wary of Dick Bancroft just because lie happened to scare her and Christine silly at the'ir'first meeting. He had played ghost In good faith, to say the least. .-'. . ;.. •'• .'.". . ... "Yeah, and work out a plan to rirhb'ustr the .robbers; after that," Tiny- spoke enthusia'sticaliy again. "Sa-a-ay; we got a job oh out hands!"....... ,••.--. , ' • .Christine sighed, elaborately. "Jiisy ; those' lazy, languid summers," -srie drawled. , "WhevM! If you and the fullback friend plan anything else exciting, Roselee, I I. shall stand right Here arid explode!" (To Be Continued) s, Miss Dale, see' I was to run some tests and <i\ to sell myself i job with the mining corporation that owns Goldciest Did own it, I mean ' Um,' Ho^elee was thinking 1 Yeah Well siy, it's dark You gnls better come eat supper with with me arid—" 'Wove got io go'" exclaimed Christine Listen, Mr Bancroft ' Roselee put m impulsively Ignoring the other talk. "You spoke about a J° b -we'll, would you 'like a job at once? Couldn't you start helping Chrisline and me with our ghost detour? Yoii liave '. the grandest ideas, about.- it.. You—you're a man, and I guess we'd" need a man sooner of later, aiitl-^-" "Sa-a-a-ayl".,he : beamed',it lier. "•^and whch .we . got if fijhi ning ; Ernoothjy. y.ouJ-coUld! go ori wilh your 1 ore tests,ana'maybe it wotild—" ; !" "'. .. , "I'd liaVe to see" Franklin first. He and I are close fr'ien'ds. -We thought about hoboing to .China on a .tramp steamefV then we decided to coriie here. I-^i'd have to stick: by. him, ahd-^" • . "^Vhal's ha 'like?" .Christine asked that. :. . ' -' : "Hunh?" ' '"What, is lie like? ^Vhat soft oi animal is ; he?" . . ;-.'•• . ; "He's.s\vell,-.I tell you! ;Franklin would loari you the last dollar he had arid ngh.t'lor.ybu and help you with your .studies andjie' was edilor of the yearbook and'lie caii make grand 'speeches -and .dance Iike:nob6dy's business ahd^-" . •.; "Wrap him up," Christine commanded, wryly. "I'll, take him." "Hunh?". ,,,!..< "Sign • him.-'up. ; . .We. rieed two men, Roselee f with a ghost lowii and a sack otmohey on Our hands. I'm getting interested -in -this project!" -' - : • ; i . '•• ''•-. - *>•••«?' '.'-. - - : |0 that's how the deal vvas madet The two girls.and Dick Bart- croft, who was haiidsorhe and huge and vibrant with yoUlh's:enj Ihusrasihs and confidence,- conferred for aholhe'r half hour, happily and seriously, and Agreed w meet there a'gairt bright and early next day 1 . ' : . THE FAMILY DOCTOR cr by the dandruff or hair of animals, by. lint, fealUers, foods or any..other substance to which tUe human being jnay be sensitive. Do You Know.How Mitch an Average Male-Is-Worth-at 40?-Here' 'Tis! : . By 1)«. MfiltUfS FISHBfilN idilor, .Inufiial of ilid '\rriCrlc\ih M c rl i c a I Asso'clfitioM,' aiirl ot HygHa, the Itcaillh' Mafa7iHc .Here are another five n'lestions en liealth. Five jxxssibie answers are given for each question. If you score 100 (20 points credit tor each correct answer), you are well ntormecl. -However, If your mavk| is less tliari 60, you'should attempt lo learn more about health arid disease. ... . 1. An athletift heart is a) i» icarl of a brave man; b)..a. lhat Is tnteclcdi c) a liearl that is Inefficient; d) a heart that haa ch- largMl in response to continuf.rt cttort; e> a small heart. 2. Hie money value of the^ nv- crage riiale of 40 years of age Is a) $1; b) 510M; c) $20,000; d) iaO.OOO; e) SlCW.OCO. 3. The qutdkest way to -jain weight Is a) drink, more water; b) sleep more; c) cat, m6re; rl) walk lUove; fc) cat niore meal. 4. Sunstroke Is due toiai too much light.; b).^too much licrtt; cT Insufficient water; d) overeating; e) .over-exercise. 5. Hay fever Is due to a) int climate; b) the heat; c) . griiEs; d) pollens "of hay;-e>-all fclnrls of pollens.'• ; - ' ANSWERS: „'.,'.. 1. Mfhat ,1s commpniy .called, an athletic -heart is : one vrhtcli has enlarged to .liermit. more ,work ^exactly as the rrtuscies elsewhere ..Ui the body enlarge with " continued tt'drk. Certain .lyrJes,, of v alliletics. such as rowing",- lohg'-dlstaiic'e swlmniing ' and' six-day: .bicycle riding., may.damage the heart. • 2. According to compiitatlons of Insurance nuthorilics ' th'e :avCrngB man of 40 ts valued at $25,791 !f he is In a' SS5CO rna'xlniuin • income class, and $45,500 if he 'is in a S5000 jnaximiipi earning class. .' 3. Ninety pef cent of' healthy people, can. gain weight simply by eating'more foott. particularly car bohydrates. ••','' . ' 4. Sunstroke Is teally h&t stroke and is associated with iiv sufficlenl''sail, lit the' body nccdm- panled , by. evaporation .-ol' waWr from the surface'. Profuse Ing robs the body of salt. : . in summer extra salt should be taken with .food and water. . -• 5. the symptoms typical of hay feVer may- be produced by the pollens of plants, grasses or trees Ten Years Ago Today JUly 17, 1933 Miss India " Of ecu,, of Memphis, and'iVfiss 53''>i Drain of Dyersburg, Tenn., were guests of honor; al a bridge luncheon-'given Tucstlay morning by Miss Mary Ulanche Gay homo at .Half Moon. ' ' '!••:'. iVo attractive Main street residences' have chahgtti hands in realty deals announced today, the First National Bank, has sold Die Sheppard hoitic nt Main ftnrl Eighth, streets, lo, Lute Hiibbarrl. Mr. Hnbbarr! in tiini hns solti : his residence at U16 West Mnin street to Chaff. Lemons." - • ; • • Blylhcvillc Is to hftvc a park—il plans formulated by the loca.l lAons club arid County Judge aeo'rge.W. Barham malerlnllze. Tlie county court 'will sponsor the Improvement of the county property west of the court, house yard, Into ?. modern .park, judge Barham said today. , There are approximately tt),000 independent oil prodiicei's In (He United States, as well as 638 rt- fineries, 10,000 jobbers" and 25<).000 retail oil 'dealers.'

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