The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 9, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 9, 1949
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 9, 13<1!> BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Two Arkansas Acts Challenged Unconstitutionally Of Fair Trades and Revenue Laws Hinted LITTLE ROCK, July 9. f/Tj Constitutionality of Arkansas' fa I trades and revenue stabilization may be challenged in court .- :p. J. A. Gfpson of Saline nmly said yesterday lie hud requested attorney general's opinions on the constitutionality of the two acts. Commenting on the Fair Trades Act of 1949, Gipson said he be- ieves there is no more justifica- lon for fixing the price of liquor han for fixing the price of sugar or any other commodity "The revenue commissioner ... even attempting to tell the Ijqtmr dealers what price they ran sell cigarettes for in their stores," he said. He declared that addition of 20 Investigators provided for by revenue from the fair trades act "has been nothing more than the creation of 20 additional political Attorney General Ike M"ri)hy said earlier this week he didn't believe the fair trades act was constitutional but would not deliver an opinion on it until requested to do so. Oip.son said he is ouest toning the man tier in which sales lax is distributed under the revenue siab- f7*tfon act. He said the tax \vns levied to provide for schools and old atje benefits. "However." he added, "this revenue is being challenged through the stabilization act and being used Tor all purposes." Jfteedie Fragment Removed from Heart of Infant LOS ANGELES, July 9, <AP> — Five-month-old Dickie Morse had a close call willi death. Surgeons removed a five-eighths inch fragment of a sewing needle from hLs heart. The delicate operation, the Contempt Citation Is Requested for Union President FAYETTEVILLE. Ark,, July 3_ Wi—Washington County Cluinccry Court was a^kect yesterday lo vote Joe folbom. president of thr Port Smith Building Trades Council, for contempt. The request, filed by attorneys for a Fayetteville contractor, claims Fohom ordered picketitiR of a Rural Electrification Administration project licre in May after tlic court had issued an Injunclion against picketing. Chancellor John K. Butt held five union men in contempt for lioketnig. sentenced them to ten lavs in jail and fined them $50 'ach. At that lime. Judge mm declared hat higher-ups in the union tiad ordered "these stupid men" to vio- ate the aiUl-plckctlug injunction Alia thai they should be punished. The petition filed in behalf of Contractor Carl Tune alleges Unit ''. E. carries, business agent of tie Fayetteville local o( the. Intcr- lalional Hod Carriers union 'AFM and one of the men held in con:empt, did not have authority to order violation of the Injunction Hearing on Folsom's case was spt for July 12. "HONEYMOON"—They Had planned a different honcvmoon Belly Bowcn. 16. and her fiance. 19-year-old Alwyn Ivers. planned • i( as lliej -at in fc.s car one night, two days before their scheduled wedding. Today Hetty's "honeymoon" is a lonely vigil in the shadowed, sitom corridors of Los Articles General Hospital. Alwvn and she got married—but it was a near tragic ceremony at his hospital bedside, where he Inv lighting for his life. While they sal in his car, nlannhv their ho :ymoon and their life ahead, a pistol-wielding bandit suddenly appeared The boy bravely tackled Hie armed man. wresLng tnc gun away They struggled. The pistol cracked llu ee times. On; bullet weni wild. One smashed tmuuoti «jw}i,s ii^i.,; unu juw. .me other kiUed the bandit. Mrs. Mesta Takes Oath as Envoy Before Large, Fashionable Audience By 1! n Hi WASHINGTON. Co wan July 9. I The White House was represcia- «v> —led by Maj. Gen. Harry Vaughan of Its type on record at children's Mrs, Ferle Mesta, Washington's! presidential military aide: John here, was performed last week. And six days later, little Dickie sat up perkily for jraphers. pholo- No. 1 party-giver, \vas s'.vorn in yesterday as minister to Luxembourg. Steelman, presidential assistant, and Mrs. Steclman. Women in otficial lite and fov- The oath was given by Stanley merly in such positions turned out. The needle was imbedded in the , Woodward, chief of protocol, at tile I Mrs. Nellie Taylor Ross, director muscle of the heart with only 132 [ S[ate Department before a large of the Mint, former Secretary of of an inch protruding. Surgeons I audience of celebrtics whom Mis. worked for 90 minutes before re-1 Mesta has frequently entertained moving th« needle with forceps aft- j in her home. Standing beside her er making a five-inch Incision In ' were Vice President Rarklcy and Labor Frances Perkins and Mrs. Hattie Caraway, one-time Senatoi from Arkansas, were ainoni; these. Present too was Mrs. John L. the baby's back. j Secietary of State Acheson. j whitehursl of Baltimore, a tor- Doctors theorized that Richard— .Mrs. Mesta, > recently listed as mer president of the General Fedi of Policeman and Mrs. Billic D. orie O f tlu , nation's best-dressed [ eration of Women's Clubs. o( San Diego, Calif.—had j women, wore for this occasion |rollod on the needle, in his crib, | white shantung suit. | women rushed up and kissed Mrs. breakin* H and pushing it into his M her throat „ hokcri Mesta. (skm Just below the breast bone. His j . strands of exceptionally larg, r j pearls. She wore a purple orchid Curious Officer Causes Arrest of Men Fleeing From Mental Hospital MEMPHIS, July 9. ia>i—An officer's curiosity about a carload of white men and Negroes brought the arrest yesterday of two men identified as escapees from the isinippi State Flospital. One was injured in the chase, Police identified the men as Ethrnm Clytee Mitchell, 28. of Kilmichael, Miss., and •Lavcnie Yarbroimh, 27. of Laurel, Miss. Sgt. Wyatt L. Patrick of the Arkansas State Police said the tv.o escaped frotn the hospital Wednesday nisht by picking a lock while they were bcitig held for observation. Mitchell was reported in ''lair condition" at John Gaston Ho.s- nital. During the chase, Arkansas State Police and West Memphis. Ark., policemen found him near Marion, Ark., near an overturned car. Yarbrough was In jail at Jonc.s- boro. Ark, after officers stopped him at a roadblock near to\vti. Patrick said he was caught car stolen just after the wrecked machine was found. BatesYille Editor Wins APA Editorial Contest 7--AYETTEVILLE. Ark.. July 9. I!P> —E. O. Jones, editor and publisher of the Batcsville Daily Gi'ard. IN THE PKOBATt COURT fOK THg CHIL'KASAWBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS III the Matter of the Estate o( J. M. Bunch, deceased No. 102-1 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice Is hereby given that letters >f administration, with the will annexed, were muled lo the undersigned, Leltie Ivy, upon the estate :>f J. M. Bunch, deceased, on the 23rd day of June. 1949. by the Pro- liate Court of the Cliickiusawba District of MLssissippi County. Ark- an.sus. All persons having claims or demands against said estate must exhibit them, properly authenticated, to the undersigned lor allowance within six monU'ts (com the dale ol the first publication ot this notice or they shall be barred forever and precluded from any benefits in such estate. The address of the nndcrsigncd administratrix is: Lettie Ivy, P. O. Dox MS, Bljtheville. Arkansas. Dated this 23rd dny of June. 1949. LETTIE IVY. Admini.slraiix with will annexed Shane and Fcndler, attorneys. of July 1948 and expire* on the W day of June 1950. Harvey St*wari NOTICt OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR FEKMIT Notice Is hereby given that lh» Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas has Issued % permit, No. 217 to L. M. Chappell to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 22 E. Main St., Blytheville. This permit Issued on the I day ol July 1949 and expires on the JO day ol June 1950. U M, Chappell NO'l'ICi: OF GRANTING OF UQUOK I'KKMIT Notice Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues ol the Stale of Arkansas lias issued a permit. No. 221 to Harvey Stewart to sell and c!i;<]>eme vinous or splrit- lous liquors lor beverage at retail on the premises described as 2IU A E. Main SI., Blytheville. This permit issued on Ihc 1 day NOTICE OF GRANTING OF UQUOK I'KKMIT Notice is hereby given that the Commi-ssioner ol Revenues of the Suite of Arkansas has Issued a permit, No. 220 to Russell K. Marr to sell and dispense vinous or spirit- nous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 109 South 2nd St.. Blytheville, Arlc., Mississippi County. This permit Issued on the 1 -lay of July 1949 and expires on the 30 day of June 1950. Russell K. Marr 1.2-8 TKAKFUI, MOTIIKK DKSCKIItKS MISHAP—Mrs. Lucy Ccbilllos night) tearfully describes how her two-year-old son, Andrew Celwlius. Jr., opened the rear door of the auto she was driving ami tumbled out into the street at Lns Angeles. Call}. He was taken to a hcspilat with serious head Injuries. lAP Wircphoto). House Approves Pay ( Raises for Federal Officials WASHINGTON, July 9. Wj— The House voted pay raises yesterday lor cabinet officers and 230 other high government officials. An attempt to cut Congress members In for a boost was blocked by!,,.,., , , ,.,, a parliamentary objection. - i'' J. 0 " 1 . l " k ! 11 Before passing the bill by voice 1 S10ni)() 1]0 " (I vote, the House chnngcd It" to set the salary of FBI Director J. Edgur Hoover at 517.500 a year. He now gets S14.000 and the bill, m recommended by the House Civil Service Committee, had proposed a raise to SI5,000., House passage sent, the bill to the Senate. Charge of Murder Filed Against Judsonia Man SEARCY. 1 Ark., July 9. </p,_ A charge of murder \vas filcci against J. C. Rhcvv, Jndsoniii, yc.stcrd.iy following the death of a Little ' Rock \\oman. Rhcw wns arrested Sunday after | fiurnell Biainlclt. 31, was found, in a critical condition in a house here lie was chnrgcd with assault with and released under bond. Rhcw was arrested nftnUi this morning i-nd was held without ball when the charge was changed by prosecutor Herbert. Moody. One Fish Helps Minnesota a " a { l<ls " cllsc bcci ' <>» "--tali on the Legislator Catch Another P ' e '"" has been named winner of the editorial contest in connection with the recent Arkansas Pi-ess Asso- After the ceremony, many of the i ciation meeting here. He will receive S15 for his ••Friendly, Pro- nofcher said he had been ailing for j about two months. The broken i which hud been sent to her by lson |needle apparently worked its way ] M ,. s vvoodvow Wilson. Mis Wils, 'hroush the heart sac and into the; is m a , lcj was i ma ble to attend. |- sc ' e - Old-timers around the State De- Dickie, now a husky 14 pounds, is panment said the audience was :hedule"d to go home this weekend. Hie largest they ever saw for such an occasion. IBoll Weevil Infestation In " lva - s °° v - Rn - v Turner of If C* * LJ' L. c~ i ji j ! Oklahoma and a delegation frotn [»f» itOtC Highest Since 41 that slate. Mr*. Mesta »rcw up in UTTLE ROCK. July 9— I/Pi— Boll Oklahoma where her father, the late W. B. Skirvin, struck it rich oil. He late husband, George Mesta. president of the Mesta Tool •weevil infestation In Arkansas Is Izreater this year than at any lime Hsince 1941. Dr Charles Lincoln of |PaveUevilIe. said here Thursday. Dr. Lincoln, extension cntomolog- tune. |st with the Agricultural Extension [ Attending the met with Pulaski County ' cabinet officers and |:otton farmers. members of Congress. Co., Pittsburgh, also left her a lor- cereinony were Mrs. Mesta told reporters she expects to spend some days in the State Department to be briefed for her assignment before leaving for Luxembourg. She said she is "delighted" to be able to represent the United States there, and added: gre^sivc Fayetteville." "I expect seriously." to take my job very GOP Strategy Group Names New Chairman WASHINGTON. July 9. f/Pi—The Republican National Strategy Committee yesterday named Arthur Stlmmerfieid. Michigan National! ~~ '" ' executive Committeeman, its chairman. Summerfield replaces National GOP Chairman Hugh D. Scott. Jr., who withdrew as chairman of the group after Tom Coleman of Wisconsin, its vice chairman, resigned with the complaint that the committee had not done any work. As head of the group, Siimmerlieid will be in charge of a program to get local, state and national Republican organizations working together in the 1950 election campaign. Kansas Town Seeking To Oust Its Mayor TOPEKA, Kas.. July G. I,T>,—An application for immediate susiien- sion of Mayor Vernon C. Axtun of Parsons. Kas.. has been set for hearing at a a.m. Saturday. July UK by th.- Kansas Supreme Cutin. The suspension is sought bv Attorney General Harold R Fatzcr pending the high court's ruling in a suit to oust Ihc Parsons mayor. Hie ouster suit charges Aston with wilful] misconduct and willful neglect to perform the duties of his office. Fatzcr alleges the Parsons mayor conspired to extort money for I he privilege of violating stale' gambling and liquor laws. NEW YORK MILLS, Minn., July lifi— Minnesota goes the mangles-dog routine one better—a fish iclped catch a fish. J. A. (Turp) Anderson, member if the Minnesota House of Hej>- -csciHativcs. .vas fishing on ncar- >y Rush Lake and hit a school of bass. He cast a ping and caught one. Another toss, another fish. And so 011 until four were boat•d. The fifth casl and another bass hooked. After a wide sweep, .hat fish tossed the lure high into the air. As the plug, straight from the motif- of bass No. 5. hit the water, one of his mates hit it aiirt was successfully landed. Mayor John Marks of New York Mills was rowing the boat. He swears It happened. Read Courier News Want Ads. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the unricrsigncd has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell ises described us S. Hhvay No 61. Osceola. Mississippi County. The undersigned stales that he is a citizen of Arkansas ,of good mora diameter, that lie. has never bcci convicted of a Iclony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to jell beer by the under .signed has been revoked within five, years la.s'. past: and iliat the under signed lias never been convicted of violating the of this state. 01 any othtr slate, relative to the sale of alcoholic Ii<]uor.s. | Application is (or peiiiit to be issued for operation beginning on Lhe I day o! July 1949. mid to expire on ihe 30 (lay of .June. 1050. O. C. St. Clair Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8 day of July 19.J9. Mrs. Marshall Blackard notary Puiiltc My Commission expires: 3 9 : 53 7-0-40 NOTICE • LARRY KNEAS • I'UIiUC ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR Has Moved To COOPKU BUH.mNCJ \Z\\ N. 2nd St. Office Phono 6308 t'AHKlKS BAD SKWS—It w;is n li[!lit-lip])c<i. &i'l^ed Sir Stafford Cripps Chancellor ol Britain's Exchequer, who told Bn- tnin tluit further commitment.' lor ijurctu&cs in the dollar are;, must be halted except where "urgent national interest" is proved Decline or British sales in tin United Suites was cited as thf reason for the neu ruling. Ciipps denied that Britain hnd any in tentkm ol devaluating the pound. i/\P Wircphotot. THREATENS REFINERY Dense smoke rises from a storage lank containing thousands of gallons of an inflammable (luid alter the |anlc Ignited at the Gulf Refining Company at Philadelphia. Flames 50 feet in the air as firemen fought to keep the lire conlincu "\he one lank, surrounded by scores of fuel oil tanks In the aria l/otc the lop of the tank at right, apparently blown oil by an explosion lAP Wirephoo). i BRING YOUR TRACTORS TO US FOR Major Overhaul and Minor Repairs Work Supervised bj 18 Exper t Inslmcforv "N 0 charge for laoor repla 'ement parts at cosl." DELTA TRADE SCHOOLS, INC. 635 Hernandn St. Memphis Phone 37-0181 NOW For Immediate Delivery FERTILIZER Ammonium Nitrate Blytheville Fertilizer Corporation $ Per Ton F. 0. B. Plant We suggest lhal you till your requirements now while the material is available. 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