The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1948
Page 11
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FB1DAY, MARCH 12..1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams | Our Boarding House BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUR1KR NtiWS WHO PULLED THAT BOMEHEAD? SEND HAP IN MCRE--6ET DICK TOO--AND BRING DAVE FROM TH OFFICE; I'LL —n.L-- ANY MACHINE; THEY IMVEMT TO GIVE HIM TREATMENTS WILL (SET TREATMENTS ITSELF. E6AD,G^Ur-FY.' I'M IN A ^W I DOti'T EMW YOU ANY QUAWDARY/—/WY PUMDS (\ (W5R6 TV.ft>>i 1 OO AtiE WBLTir46 AMD OSCAR 16 EATIMS tivifi A CIRCUS . TRAIM .' SHAUL I BRAME <? MARTHA'S IR6 AMDTAK&) HlW HOME UMTIL T CAKi < ORGAhilze- d>R.T(?AIM|MG) CAMP -TRIP ?.r-v_p_/ THE ELECTRIC MACHINE GETS MORE ELECTRICITV FROM THAM HE DOES t : ROM T: ANYBODY GOt A BUCK FORA FEW POL& .. SOT MAYB& |T6 THE OJLV OUT.'-.-. I HKS'eK GOT At-JV MORE MCWEV 1^ MY POCKET A . • OOGVAT TO LOVE MAKTWKS COOKING By lone Sondbwg Shriber DiSTRi^uno^Y NCA Scftvice INC With the Courts Cham-pry .Dorothy Kirby vs. Olan Kirby, luit for divorce. Ruth McDaniel Phillips vs. Aubrey Phillips, suit for divorce. E. R. Wells vs. Cona Jean Wells, suit for divorce. WAKN1NO OliDER In (lie Chancery Ctmrt for (he C'hlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Bert E. Ellison Plaintiff vs. No. 10,410 Sam Barnes, el nl Defendants Notice Is hereby given that there has been filed in of the Clerk of the chancery Court, of Mississippi County. Chlckasawbii District, Arkansas, a petition to confirm and quiet In the plaintiff Bert E Ellison, the title to the following land in the Chickiwawlm District, Mississippi County. Arkansas to wit: "Lot ten of the Sam Barnes Subdivision o{ the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, being carved out of the South-west quarter. Section six•|ii. township fifteen North, Range SRven East." All persons claiming; said lands or any interest therein, are hereby notified and warned to appear 'In said court on the 12th day of April, 1948, at a time and not more than six wects after this date, and show cause why the title of said land should not be confirmed In said Bert E. Ellison, the plaintiff in this cause. Witness my liana and sen! as the clerk of said court, this the 26th day of February, 1948. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk (SEAL) By Betty Peterson. D. C. C. \V. Barbara, Ally, for Pitt. 2;27-3 5-12-19 I'MK SIOKV, rrrr«r-»lrivlic* A n ii It tint- roll E* c-onvi nrrd noHir. out- In iirf ottii r>itu,i hold i» rry- <nt: in jLiurLft-i i u -, :lllj IIIIlkr f t ili-m 1 hr ,,>u«r»* .-c»,» i*-r IcimiUT i.nurfr't (limn-: mill Minna.. Ann'* n hi i r leu n nmi iiuuo-r- Kiu-«t A ii ii Hrsi IIVUHII in *H«nrri r««l nl.-ijr trhfii ^J» ( . Uj.niM. r i.i| ihui «0tiirnn* bntf tinxrd iht- ««ttr* of h<- r nr*. **<»«••, rvlili till* ki. t >l»K * t , Fried Chicken... Croppie Dinner -BEER- 7 Doys a Week! , Blanchard's Cafe Portageville, Mo. Owned By.Stanley Keller Porto Rico KIZ.N DRIED SWEET POTATOES Delivered to Your Door Phones 4677—29S6 Buck Meharg Produce MI E. Main St. Inio rirrrl,,n,l ^„„ ,, k . „ •;,.,.[; drllvcr > pnruno nnd . nnir. Mir ivrlu-ft n inter in Enn* »nr- ton. *cr nlfnrnr-T. lokiniE him in l»~.l Iht- ran ol «ni Inr nn-^er- lirlniv riuT Trhrii «hr «t»».» u, l,u)k •r.,r Ihe MJH. ii s £< m «-. XV11 CLOIVLY she got to her feet Her heart was beating heavily She moved oul of the closet, uno the bedroom. Someone had taken the can of wax. WHY? . On n sudden impulse she turned to the closet again, to look once more, to make absolutely certain she had not oeen mistaken. But her search svas fruitless. The can of wax wasn't there. She wondered what to do. There must be something she should do, some proper procedure she should follow. A few questions to the maids, perhaps, to lind out who had been m her room this morning? Quiet Questions that might tell her who lind had the opportunity to lake the can of wax. Bui she realized almost at once that would be tutile. Every member o£ the household had been in and out of the room last night. As for the maids—well she could ask them if they had taken it. Maybe they had—maybe Susan had found the closet door standing open and seen the can of wax and returned it to the back hall broom closet where it belonRed. She drew a long unsteady orealh and wem to ihe oack nail. She ! opened tne oroom closci. The jcloset was crowded but neat: there wns a vacuum. brooms atiij .brushes and mops. uncl. standing against the wall on ihe shell above, cans ol cleaner and wax :ma furnilurr oolish. There was a can ol floor wax on the shelf and !/U>n stretched to reach it. She ,brought it down and tugged al the lid with cold Hrmers. The lid came ofl and she looked Inside. She ( wax was more than naif used up. -This was not the can ot wax that (had been in her closet, • • • I CHE went hack to her room. She r- 1 held herself under rigid control. She tried to think. Tried to marshal her forces. Her shoes! Of course The shoes I were still in her closet, in tlieir original oo.v. She hadn't touched Ihem since yesterday afternoon when she d ntii them on to go lo the club for lunch. The wax would still be on the soles of her slices. She went Into the closet and gol the box. She carried it oul into the bedroom, crossed to the chaise longue and SRI down. She took Ihe lid from the box, lifted the tissue from the shoes. The shoes were placed in the box ns shoes ordinarily are, turned inward, the oows face to face. Gingerly she lifted them oul. turned them over, looked at the soles. There wasn't any wnx on the soles. None at all. Unbelievingly she scratched the leather surface wilh her fingernail, but there wai nothing there. No wax at all nor any trace of wax. The fear crept insidiously into her body, chilling her. It was one thing to be afraid someone was deliberately planning your murder—but it was something else again to wonder if you were—if you were— •She fell rather tlian saw someone watching ner She looked up. Laurie was slanding in lilt doorway "for heaven's sake. Ann," Laurie said almost aucrulously. "What arc you cJuing? We've wen .wailing downstair; and Rinda's pjomj! 10 miss ner train. What are you doing willl your shoes?" Ann said. "Oh. Oh, yes 1— J'm sorry. 1 didn't mean 10 ucep you waning, " "Rmda said you wanlcd to send a package into town," Laurie said. "Whore is it?" "Well. II was the— the shoes," Ann said, wondering cra/ily now long Laurie liad oeen standing In Hi? doorway, watching ner. "You know 1 told YOU they hurt me. 1 thought maybe I'd return them." "Well, then, give them nere. Hindu doesn't mind returning Ihem?" "It's probably horrible of me to ask hei but she will be downtown and I've had them a week." "All right. I'll uive them lo her. Are Tommy and 1 supposed to pick up Hie groceries?" "It you will." Laurie icft (he shoe box under her arm. and Ann wnk bm-K in the chaise. She felt exhausted, depleted. drained of emotion. The can of wax had vanished mysteriously and now the shoet were gone. But she hadn't been able to think ot anything else to say when she'd looked up and found I>aurle watching her Irom the doorway. If Laurie had been there more than a lew seconds she'd seen Ann examining the shoes, looking for traces ol Ihe wnx she knew had been there yeslerday. If Laurie had put the wax on the shoes— except that she didn't dare think a thought like that! Then she reminded herself pililessly that she could not exclude Laurie. Not yet. Laurie had the same opportunities as had the others; Laurie had possibly a stronger motive because Ann controlled Laurie's inheritance. But it didn't bcur tlilnlclng ot. Madness lay in thai direction. Madness. • (To Be Continued) For Service On TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES Call 2513 JAMES STANDRIDGE Norris Printing Co, Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. L MABRY «23 .MISSOURI ST. 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