The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1930
Page 5
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A TUESDAY, DECIPHER 1G, 1!)30 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word tor first l!!K'itlon and one cent a word for each subsequent insertion. No advertisement tikcn for less Uian 50c, Count the words and send Hie cash. Phone 30G BLYTHKV1LLK, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS ANNE AUSTIN FOR SALE PAGE FIVE 'llll- DUCK PIGEON . "1UG AVliNGlNG PABJOr "MURDER BACKSTAIRS* OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern KOR SALE—Something nice for j Chrislmas presents—owing lo my I •A'ife's death \vi!l sell G singing can- j ary birds. 3 cages, all for 820.00! C. H, Burns Store, 530 Sixtli SI. j IOP-KIB! [•'OR RGXT FOR RENT — Modern four.rcom | house. Newly decorated. 307 j North Broadway. Call 1512-F-4. 15P-K18 FOR RENT — 2-rooin furnished apartment, swam lieatcd. 201 Lake SI.. Phone «3. 13P-K17 m:i;]»' IIKIIR TOIIAV •Cir flilrl MiKlH'fH III Mir mnr- rirr of J1 : A.MT.\ SUJ.I.M, hliut nt u IjrIOirc |inri>- by n unit lieliiHBlnif 10 .11 Illii: 11 M1SIIAI.I.. liir Innil- !i n! to v.hmu slii* ptild nu rent, „,<-: I-'I.OIIA )1II,1-:S, In Mln'» ulnnH nl tllf limp nf fb» innrdrr ri':iJ!nu n inili' nlilrli »lip Ililnk. 11 i.-piii her lillilinnili IH'.XTI'.ll Sl'llAt;ri':, \\tut \vrulc Hull luitr, Mill Mini Itrit'U Ml:i In \c\v Vnrk :i:i:l rnmi' In Iliiinlllnn :i1 lirr *\iz- ur'l.'nn: unil I.VIIIA, ibr iu:ilil. J,>illn MIJH slir liMOd Mtrl. mid 'I, tliotrlns M'lM'I.U, IXVBSTI- l-.'ivi- liir uiirn VllA<:i:V Mll'.i:*. in:i< nt Ihp unexlii, reliirua ID ln!;e 1 ydln li, lili lininr, ir In' 111117. Ilil-.iili-i* n-llfc lirr nf IliU, unil rrtlil* Ml:,'* \\\\\. I-.-.-I1 [UK rvi-r.vth!nK to l,>dl:i, nlilrh »l,m<» Mlii'n frnr of [!-:illi, tine) iziie* l.yilln ndillllnnnl lliie-n was "Sow, Collins—Harmon—" Dun- dco whirled upon llic two silent |!li'.lnclothesmen, "t want to know it you suw in tlicpe rooms when you searched them early UiU evo- nliig that you don't see now. You looked Into llic closela and drawers, of course7" "Yes. sir." CfdlliM answered. "And lliey was all em|ity. Dundee." "£,'wp(y.'" Dundee echoed. "Arc you Biire? . . . You, too, Harmon?" "What arc you driving at, loy!" Captain Slrawn asked liiihilEcnlly. FOR RENT—Two rooms arid bsih. furniblied c- inifuiiiii>lied. closo i::. 700 West Asli St. ICC-Ti T'OR RFMT—Six room modern res- j idence, furnished or tinfutnishell Will rent cheap to permanent] paily. Also five room framo build- 1113. Dr. S.iliba, Phone 410.' 10C-K17 >.E: ' O-IIK 1 In Ilniilillnil. !.'i:nil? t . lr:ir:n frnni r.jiUn llml M". nviil mi ivilli HAI.l'll JIAJI- MIIMI. In Inn- ullli U<T unil mt«»- 1?':: from llit- imrlj-, Thnr.Mlny i-lsln. n-il [Vldnv iilitlii. Hit tilKlit 1.1-1' in~ilr Ler tvlll. »n\v NiirnKilP. \\-:*;> Icfl hfr 111' Dunlin- nsUK Mllvi If hi' Key llnliili ill Xfln'n niirnln.s, : ,,i,l Mllr fli FOR RENT—5 rooms and bath, '.25 Mo. Aye., $20.00. 4 rooms and bath, 1222 Holly, $18.00. E. D. Ferguson, Phone 100. 15C-K18 FOR RENT—Five room ho-.:s? and bath, nev.'ly decorated and n'ce- iy furnished. Servant's house, garage. 130G Ch!ckasav;ba. Call 83 or 280. 1GC-K10 ni-lo:-!<i-il. I Hill':': !il:ii'| , Unit- I, Ml;i tun. lull IlLlll lint:- Mllrd her. lll II li-uo. .•><:•'. Iliinilrr « KllrlK-n dnnr hn« lii nl Ho, Mil- ni nil Inlrnilrr. TiRIEFLY, wllh disappointment " IkiKcnIlm his voice, Dundee told of Ills n'ndins tlio kllehea door njar, after ho lied made pnro li was locked on Ills firsl roiimls of Ilic "I worked It out this way," lie continued, despite Strswn's Rrln. "Dexter Spraxuo was in tlio liatilt of Fiir-ndhiR Ilic nlslil litre whenever Nitn woiilil Klve him an cvc- nins of her company, lie w;is liore laU luislit. according to tlio maid, Lydia Carr. Is'lta sent her into Hamilton tu a iilclnre show. Nlta n Itierr I'OK KENT—Nice light housekeep• ing rooms. Cheap. 118 Soutli Tianklin St. 1GP-K19 y,7lTII t::c ilirlll c~ 'u!s disc •'' s-i''?ir^ lilitliely aloiifi j;mv <;o ox WITH TIM: STOHV CHAPTER XXIV discovery !IK 111: i::-.'V-. llnnnlo nupdee. sna'hil in- vc.-!i?:ilor for the district attorney, !-r.'l lit Prat luissod (he intenliou of folbv.-liii; Hie ii2w Irall nlnne. Hpiln't Captain Strawn taunted i'im nil ton pood-im'nrcdly about hi* alillity lo eel alr>;m without the Siirasuc tiuarrelecl hat nlpht, tliat sho hud tieen tnken eomiilelely by fitiriirisu when Spra>, r ' from Ihe rear ot llio house! "What's more, slio betrayed lier- ^elf ami 111 in by admitting Unit tihc was snriirised. Then—becnnsB the slrl is iimkmulcdly in love willi Sprngue anil was morlally afraid he liatl killed Nita Sullm, Ghe tried chilly lo throw suspicion on l.yiliu f;ui, \>y IclliiiK how I.yilia lind fulled to answer Mrs. Dmilau'ii fin-l ring— Hood! Wall n minute! I waul lo Ihlnk!" ho lu- ierrii|>led lilinself lo exclaim. AFTKIl n full minule, whilo lio **• bad Klood very still, with tils fliv-'crs pre.-scd ngiilnst his closed eyc-s. Dundee licfian slowly: '•I liclieve that's it ... l.liuen, boyfi!" lie turned to (he Iwo plain- C10111C3IU3H, uiKOnt pleadliiK In Ills •oicc. "Would you liolli lake yotir oath tbnl UILTO was no br.K—Pfiy a "mall (Hailstone ovcrnlRlu bag— inywhero in liieso rooms when you icarcncil Ibem (bis evening?" Tlio lv;o detectives gbnceil at inch other, their faces reddening. H wr.g Harmon, llio older nl the I'alr, who swallowed haul before lint I am iwsltl'/o he snent the ntK here anyway. Certainly there was no actual rupture, since Sprague {worded his noli lo her as he dlJ. I ), ave another strong reason for thinkiniT his ticloncluRs '.vere here it least until noon today, i.nt that can wait for the moment. Furthermore. I am positive tliat Snriig'ue descended by the backstairs and went around the house to join the cocUlall party." T Penny Ornln ^>nl Nlm li:::l follow her Into her bcdrouni, n as xilu eol homo? II, It's my hunch liiai N'lta l.ydia If finragne's ibln:;i were nono whon sbo cleaueil llioro rooms tlits inoniiuc mul Unit I.yili.i said no. .N'lla llien probubly lubl l.yili.i lo pack (licm herself, ami 1 foci luisiiivo llml l.ytlln dill ro. i-.r slic iiiiiat buvu felt Fafo when 1^10 prou>tcil to 11:0 l^at SpniKUu w:n 101 Nlta's lover. I aito fpi'l siao bnl SjpraKiio arilved al leasl l:nlt in linur lieforo ho fiaid in? dhl, liy hack padi aero** llio mc.i«iiiv.; llml he ciuno up to llicso in'i'n [bsl he confililercd litf. found Ills s packed, bin went nln.'.it tif; and cliiinylnf; Ilia r.hirt :.r,d cullnr. re^nrdluii!. I alsn fc;l snr< that I.yilia follnwcd him ii|inlnirs lo cs|ihiln Hud JiU'^re^t upnn i:im tli'i! Nlm linil meant wbat aim cald. Ami II is qulto Ilki-ly Hint Mic v.js not through iili'klns; uii nffr hii:i iklifa ho ilesceinU'il by Ihe 1 bl'iir.i and siirpri:=rd .1:'!U'. I'. iy- moiul yn HID front pjrcli. That accuimlH, of course, for hydlaV iji^ ticarhiK the kltclien lioll liie nu-t llti'.c Mrs. Unnlap rnni;," FOR RENT—3 room furnished apt. COS N". 5Ui street. lOp-Ml. WANTED~ POULTRY WANTSD—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery. 210 S. Fourth St 8C-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Drown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF LOST AND FOUND LOST—White Setter named Dan, with black ticks, blaek ears and spot on top of head. Information leading to recovery will ce rewarded. Scott Harris, Phone C36. 16C-K19 l!i:t lie wr.s r.Iadi lioth selfishly i:r.selfi:i":ly. when, balf an hour hi'.:". l:c Ihvt-w open Ihe front donr nf d*r.:l Mlta'.T bonne In, the chief i..f ii'.e li'i:;iicide sriuad. Carrawny, ti'c r.::" 1 ^:[ninl exiiert. and the two j.iuiiu'lt t'lci-irsen wiio bad searched the ccji firnr lor (lie ininjins \7^?.-rn or the munlercr himself ?co:i r:ft?r Ihc murder had been crimniitl:il. For if Ktraivn nceilcd his— Da iV.-o's—help, he npcil-.'d Ihc e:.!'.r:t macbiuory which Slrawn j c.:y,: ii::r'l. Anil il was good (o feel the i;rirj of gratitude in the old cblef's iiandclasp nnd to see the al* mcst shy tv.-inkle ot apology In his ILC.VI! ol:l ?r;iy eyes. Dninlre Ird tbe wny ufi the front to Ibe unp?:' tloov. "Hew do you make that out, Tlon- nlc?" Slrawn aske:l, his grin wiped r.way. "Try to rememlier how Sprnsuc s-jinewlicre!" he laiighed. looked when you llrst got here," Dundee suggeslcd. "[ saw him 20 minutes atler yon (C'd, lull—lio wai; wearint; an Immaculate litiff colhiv. and liierc r-.~e M\\ traces of tnl- cuni iwwiler ovev a ciosa nc.v slmvc! And yen v/Ill remember lliat he faid lie iiac! mads a L-silf- I'.our's trip !-y 1ms, and had walked tl'.c quaiU-r ff n mile from Hie hus stop on Slieridau Road to this house. It was a mighty he;, afternoon, chief!" "Not conclusive," Slrav.-n j S row] ad. I ! "Then here's another slraw lo j |aiM lo Ihe weight of my concln-1 "We'd licsn told lo look for n nmn WiHn?, anil for a sun—" Then he squared bis shoulders as If lo receive the hlaine like a man. "Yes, sir! Tbera was a llltlo hhick Kr!|i on the cluset «licU. I wonl EhroiiKb II mj'self, hut Ihero wasn't no KUI in il. Just a pair of pajamas mid a couple of shirts, olio of 'em dirty, suine socks and collars and a ahav- Inr kit—" Pundec drew a Jccn breath, and c];!;i['Cil iiio rcd-faceil detcclivc on the back In high gnoil humor. "There Bimply Mjfl tn be n baj; ThiB la tlie way of II, Sfrnwn. . i > Nlla end Sprague rowed last night Spia^Ke irloil lo rnnko It np, but Xlia inns! have been Uinniyh wllh lilin. Probably lohl him last night lo clear ills tilings out and not cumo buck. Slio thought ho hail FC: probably he did leave before- she got up. Al any ni'e, she •..ris so sure lie was sone and his iTTMM," Slrnwn grnnlc-il. "Wl-.nt ^S—W~ aboul Ilic proofs yuu'io h.!!'J- l^i^SK/^ tbSims v lib him that she unil Dydia. went lo tov.-n Ihls morning and IcEt Haipli llamnionil here to go througb place as freely as he liked, 'C'pnio flloiirt'. chief-you. lui*. Carrav.'ay!" Dimiico nniuvrrcil, unil llio way Into llio hut'iiio'jm. "I roll sure lln>se rooms v;o ' • yleii! i\ very Osfinln chic, even SpraRiie. v/heti he snon.kcil back to- ulflil lo i;cl Ills lell-lalo pnrcutly m.vle cvory effort U v.-ip> liiii !in:4erpr!tils off l!:u funijliiro and lialhrooin lixlureif. . . . Xow, Carraway, If you'll step iip-jn lhi.i llllle stool anil look ^lons ill* lop of Ibis medicine- cabinet, you'll llnd what 1 founi 1 —ontl wblcli 1 didn't loucli." 'i'iio fingeriirljit e::iicrt iltil ay bo was inhl. Vi'ben he Eilepped down iie was holdhiB, helwcen the very lips of his finder;', a safely ra^or blade. No ilusl on II, yon sec," IMinileo polnlrd oul. "X'ow If you don't find Hosier Sprn.sue's fliiKcrprinla on II, my v bole Ibeory lopplcs." (MS TfeU-A CAMS |M A LIMOUSWS AW ficrf BoUGrlT WORTH OF Faop FC.R ?OOR AM 7 LWEMPLOVEP! TOUD uis -TIME wriew He WAS so He •) TLAT MOSED PRESSES LOAMEP us EYPR65S AM' ALL WE DO 15 CRUISE AROUMD •tow(A AW "PARK IM TROUT OF MARKBTS-, PEOPLE . "REST' ^v WE GOT OF TOOT oultfs CLUB .is -To A BRCftrlER ^ HELP ftLL THIS BIG r fell MOUTH WITH FOOD AND FEED MANY LITTLE ONES l 'Hjv, - am I solus to litiov fin jrrnir! ills thoy arc (111 whoso we BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A WEIGHTY PKOUI5EM! By Martin "1 ptiEjs you've gol il all doped tsion," Unndee went on. unshaken, on: wlio tlie Solim woman's gemle- ms:i friend was," Btvaivu eom- mcutctl genially, as ho follov.-ed PERSONAL NOTICE to whom it may concern. I have pcsted my farm, iNVVi of Section G, Township 15, Range 13 East. Mississippi County. Ark. Trespassers will be ' prosecuted. J. H. Anthony. 13P-K17 COMMfSSlOXER'S SALE NOTICE is hrrrby given that the undersigned commisrioner, in com- IJliance Mith the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery CourL for tiic Chickasawbn District of Mississippi Counly, Arkansas, on !he 13 day of November. 1930. wherein American Building & Loan Association wns PlaintifT. No. 431G vs. nnri Ada Rcnjan. were Defendants, will sell al r.nbiic auction to the highest and best Ijidtlfr. on a credit of three months, nt (he frcnt door of the Cimrt House, between (he hours nrrscrlbert by law. the City of Eiylhevillc." Arkansas, en the 22 day of December. 1930, the following real estate, lo-wlt: Lot three. B!ccl; twenty-Jive. Biylhe Second Addition to Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. SAID sale will be hiui to satisfy said decree in the sum of $1,518.71. with 10 ner cent interest from Julv 1. 1930. THE pinchascr ni .-lid s.i!e will b" require:! tn execute bond with niiprnvert security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, iey into the big hcd- room. making his estimates on l!ie jou of fni.'hisg up the other half .-.( this f •;:.-. And Hali-li— But let that v-' 1 ';e moment." "You remember lhal Janet Ray- *>'•>•: •...>' nroor. thai II was mond vns on Ihc front pore;.! :i?riiai:; v'.:a stayed here ai:d not watching for Stirapuc. wliile the ; :ii^ ibjiiiioud hoy?" Slvawu inler- Mealli band of. bridce' was lielns j r.ipted shrewdly. Ililaycd? . . . Ob. she tried to liro-1 "I'm coinini; to (lie proof," niin- ralher, the al- .eil I lot me :h I At "1 tulieve 1 have, but I need tcct him. . . . Wait, I'll rc:nl you I dee assured Carrawny lo pvove my hunch," Dun- the nolcs I made when 1 1 was tines- j rest of the. proof lliat I haven't : dec acliKL/v.lcikeil. Itiouiui; her. 1 lonked (hem up ready glve-ii you. You're damni Ksiseriy, s-.viftly. he displayed his 'While I wailing for you. . . . hard to convince, chief! But Ic fi-.vt IMLdbln finds—Ihe open win-i Here! f had saiil (o Misa llaymond: ; :;o on with my theory, whi I. lu- I I AV <icws. iiio drapes snic-llini? of ciga-!'Ybu observed ,Mr. Spraguc toilins nt Einokc. the eveniny jiaper of itloivn tlic rul(y road, hot anil weary, the ilay U^'ore, Ihe faint cdor nndjbut roinnntie in the snnt-el? 1 And preasinesj oE !>arli^r's pomade upon i sho answered, slnninieriny, '.'. —I the pillov.- case of b?d. which had dcailv huen ^lopt ID .linen Hie AnJ I wasn't looking that way.' . . . r s!:n wns Ivinir. knew think covers the- facls. . Innelicon, when NKa. received llial note from Spriigne, r imagine she jrot a hunch that he hadn't taken Iwr briionsly, that ho liaiJ not re- ninrcd his uelfinsinm: You re- hold of fepraguo?" Carraway uskcd "\Vc don't need liiiu —for Ibr.t imr* pose, al least," Dundee ns.iiircd him. .r.s in ;hQ living iniiin, u:i i-li;ile (ai)lc In llio southeast corner ot Iho room, you'll find a lillio red glass ash Iniy which no iincj hul Dexter Sprasno nscil all evening. II was ck'iin nml empty svben I paw him n?-e il first. 1 liilnk you'll find on II all Ihe prints you need." "So yon Iliink SpraRiie lilllcd her iHicain-t: sin 1 was through with him?" Shawn asked. Dundee sl::iok his licad. "Sinco T don't like Ilc-ster Sprasuo n llttlo bit, chief, I'd Uka to thinl: cu, but—" (To !!i; CuutliiuctU. COJIMlSSIONliR'S SALK | with 10 per cent interest from NO- NOTICE is her.eby given that Ihelvember !, 19213. undersigned commissioner, in com- ] THE purchaser at said sale will piiance" with the terms of n de- be required to execute bond County. Arkansas, of November, 1930. cree rendered by the Chancery Court for Ihe Chickasawba. District of Mississippi on the 18 day wherein American Building & Loan Association, was Plaintiff, Ni,. 4821 vs. and Ada Heagan, el al., were Defendant.':. will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, on a credit of three monlhs. at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blythe- vilie. Arkansas, on (he 22 clay of December. 1D30, the following real estate, to-wit: Lot Sixteen. Block Twenty-four. Blytl-.e Addition to Blytheville. Mlsslfr.iypi County, Arkansas. SAID sale will be h?.<1 lo .inlMy raid decree in Ihe sum of $893.93. witn 10 per cent interest Irom •New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 1G. (UP) — approved payment and said security, to secure the; cotton closed uarely slsady. of the money, lien will property a; be retained upon I additional secur- i' Open High ity for fh'c iiaynient of such pur-1 D CC. old chase money. ' Ja "- » ew WITNESS my lir.nd and the seal ; J a ". o!d ol said Court, on this, the 1;' '" day of December, 1930. 'W. W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in chancery. 1 ; 2-9-16i I May .... j July .... Ocl 93C 9-i2 ^ D4() 980 1C05 102-1 1046 046 9!0 1012 1028 1053 I/KV 927 942 920 940 953 980 1000 1022 Close 945 040 949 947 975 1002 1020 1045 Spots closed steady at 900, up 15. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 10. IUP)- Collon closed very steady. Open High Low Dec fl 18 052 Die Jan. .... 918 954 Mar D15 QBIi May .... M7 1012 July .... 1017 1023 Ocl 1039 10J5 927 949 975 035 1020 Cbse flH 948 072 onii 101C 104lb Spots closed steady al 923, up 18. Read Courier News Want Ads. ~HIS " A pencil eraser will polish a gold : piece and make it look fresh Accordini: to (he practice now prevalent in monarchies Die wife of the reigning king docs not succeed to the throne in case of the lalier. dcalh. ft^KtO Mt TOW ! HE MJ\<TO ft OfS\1t, !! No and a lien will be retained upon I Ju! 1 ' 1, 1939. said property as additional secur-' THE purchaser nt sair\ sale will ity lo. ihc payment of such pur- chcsr- mnr.ey. WITNESS my hand the seal f;f said Court, on this, tlic 1 day o: December. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. in Chancery. 2-9-lfi I.oial ami Ions distance hauling. S|:mr,l r.iles on carload lots. Team fur local hauling. i;. WASIIAM Cliii'li.-isawl-.l TKANSFKU 1'hone 851 be rcqnireci lo execute bo!id wilh approved rccurily. to s:curp the payment of the purchase money, and a !lcn will bo roialncd upon said |iropcrty r,= additional jccur ity for the payment of sncli purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal cf raid Com:, en this, the 1 flavor December. 1MO. W. W. HOLf.TPfrTER. Co::miissioncr in Chancery. •2-9-16 Call WALPOLE l''nr Klcctric Work i Mi one 314 Why J'uy .llorc Thiin Hiilf 1'rk-c For Aut» I'arls? JACKSON AUTO 1'AUTS 2020 .Mah, ' i>hoiie (if, TIIK BLACK CAT COH'KK SIIOl'J'K X»\r announces neiv monthly rates fur rcjular [latrnns. 3 regular meals daily— S35 [M-r inonlb. ^in?Ic Jlral—:,0i-. Sunday Dinner—75c. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that Ihc.: undersigned commi=s!oner. in com- j pliance with the terms cf a cic- crrc rrndcrcil by the Chancery j Court for the Cliickasmvba Dis- itrict of Mississippi County. Arkan- |jfa;. on llie 18 day of November, 1930. wherein American & Loan Association was No. 4S63 vs. and C. H. Garner, ct. al.. were De- endants. will sell al public auction lo the highest and tost, biti- d«r. on a credit of three months. al the front door ot the Court '. Ho;iEe. betv.xsn the hours prc-1 ] scribed by law. in the City of Ely- thevlHc. Arkansas, on the 22 day i of December. 1930. the following' real estate, to-wit: Beginning one hundred twenty- five feet East of tlic N'ort'neasl corner of Main and TionL Streets, thence Norlh to the J. I,. C. iV H. Tight of way; thence East fifty feel; i i thence South to Front Street, i I thence West lo place of begin- ' I nine, in Mississippi County, Ai- • knn^as. i j SAID ?alc will be had Jo s?.tKv ! i sain decree in (he sum of $'2,103.03. BY THAT BULLET OF YoOSS 6LAMCIS1' OFF f^' 6ETTIM' in THE CHEST Line A HOSTISD.... OUSHT To BS p, BUT TWiS'LL- BE ABOUT AS BAD.'. 1 I WHY® KM£RiCi\MS P,U£STILL VMUOOWd IT ] I'^ftn-, OM&tt TAt CEB.TWW S[\VE Of WtVROf ESSOR'S \NMENrioN. | ip^iili I w-v \ ROCLK THRU oar. \tV WOK 1 . T.EP '!>~_TL^— •^^=^ : - f^ =^l r-~ _>-,--—*,>T^ \ Crane

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