The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 26, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^"*^ V0[, XXVII—No. 138 lilythevlllo Courier, _B_:ytteville Herald, BlythevlUe Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. HCHTER; .RI11S SELF WITH GUN Tupelo Man Runs Amuck; Wife and Two Other Children Escape. TUPKLO, Miss.. Alia. 2C. lUPl—A double slaying, thai of a 55-year- old fattier who seized a butcher knife and murdered his six-year- old daughter, Ruby, later killed himself, aroused this Hitie Mississippi coininunity today. Tile father. A. A. Rolion. killeo" himself in a neighbor's home near lieie late yestt-rday. Tan three chil- drn were alone in the house with I Mr father when the killing occurred, Sherill O. T. Trapp of Tupelo was told today. Tiie Bolton lann is located six miks we.sL of here in a rural section and news of the killing was I'.ot received here until late last As Air Races Opened at Chicago BE •*», m,YTHI''.VIl,I.E. AKKAN8AS. TUESDAY. AUGUST 26, 11)30 IN W; EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS IEN1H BIRIM OF Hcv, Kniiic! Ooinii On Me! : Women Take Stock of' Accomplishments since Receiving Freedom. Mis. Bolton escaped Ihe anger of her husband by seizing Ihe t \v o small children who ran screaming _ lo where she was working in a gar- \ cien back of ihe home, and rush- inn to a neighbor's home. Bolton laier killed himself wilh a sholgi.n after he had broken info ihe home o[ Jim Maxey, a neighbor, and had barricaded win- j (lows and doors. His body was discoveied by Maxey laler In Ihe evening aficr he hod taken pan in ihe search f-jr Bolton. Neighbors caring for Mrs. Bol- | ion have not told her of her hus- j band's death, fearing it would be | loo much of a shock. She was pros- I traicd by the slaying of her dangli- j ".SPIRIT OF THK Alii"—While roariiii: airplanes .soared overhead, and Ihousfinds Inert- the streets, a colorful parade marked the upenini; ol the 10(h animal" Nalioiuil H) MARTHA WASHINGTON, AH*, w. tun— li was cnrly on the morning of Aug jlit. len yi-ars HBO in inc library of j his Washington reMik-iu-e, . with onlj one wllni'sv present. Dial Sec- ic-laiy of Slate Bainbrldgc Colby sltni'il i] historic. dorimient willi as little ceremony as If it hnd been n loutine Slate Department order. The document was ju ofllcta: iruclanullon lellhiK Die world Urn'. thv :)Clh D| Ihe 48 .sluti;:, Tennes.-•'v. hud ratified Ihr- snlfrngi aim-minimi (jivliiR American women Hie riijhl to vole, milking Ihe iimpiidmcnl a purl of the Consti- spcctalora' union of the United Slates. a't ' Chicago. Hcic you see a group of fair "pilots" aboard a unique lloat depicting the "Spirit of the Air. 1 * J'' 1 "' 11 , of lllc l» 01 - 1:lm " llj »'s . 1 -iB'i- 1 v | i int. As soon us Ihe p.ip»rs con- -STuPOEli jDiscbver Distills Rebuilt ter and v.-as und?r the care of a physician today. , I Aces Speed Toward Scene \ „ .. : ,., , , i c \i • Raids apparently inenn little in I 0! National KaCCS tl'Om 1 Ihe daily life of bootleggers in the ! river bottoms seven miles soutn- i wesl of Osceola. When Sheriir W. W. Shaver and his deputies re- LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20 UJ!>> — | turned last night to Ihe site of iwo Los Angeles Today. Local Justice Is Named Official of Of!icers' Group i a gal Four trim monoplanes sued east-. big distilleries captured Friday ward to Chicago today in a non- | night, Ihe officers found that both slop air derby, competing in the' stills had been repaired and opcr- lainlng official notification of Ten• ntt-scc's ratification 1ml been re- (eived at the Slate Department I I Ho .solicitor took thorn lo the Sel- jiL-laty at his home, tlir signature 'was infixed and the sullragc nmend- ineni became part of .ihe Conslitu- 1 firm. I I'lie tenth unniversaiy of Ihir iliUtoiic occasion will bs observed j with little more ceremony. Wo- 1 men's organizations are pUmning no national demonstration of any kind, but they are taking stock lo Demented Farm Hand and Child He Abducted Found .. iio \vr IN eai" Lake (jClieva, WIS. 1 figure just what the sex has _______ . ! cimpli-hed in the firsl ten years ELKHORN. Wis.. Aug. 2C. lUP) i ° r SHfTiaBC. -•Less than 12 hours after his cap- 1 Mrs. Rtilh Ife.nna McCormick's ture here yesterday by Slierifl j nomination lo Ihe Senate Iras cll- leading crcrs country event held in connection wilh the national air races as the four pilots raced ] James .Mason, Claude Dellinger, 27, . n fairly active lecoid. of aliens were again under way. ] navy deserter and farm hand, was. slate and national ollice holding The sheriff and his force swooped down on the huge river bouotn stills ins; lime in hope for reaching; Fiiday night and captured seven Chicago early Ibis afternoon. men. Confronted returned lo Valparaiso, Intl., today There have been I'J women in Conlo lace charges of kidnaping Belly, Bres;:—eight slill lliere: two stale Jane Foster, 10-year-old daughter governors; HO In stale legislatures: Five minutes behind him was Lee Shocnhair. in the Miss Silvertrnvn. R. U McKnight of this cily. justice of the peace fcr Chickasawba township, has been appointee! a vice president and member of ihe advisory board of the Sheriffs and Police Officers' Association of America. Justice McKnight will represent the Arkansas 'division on the advisory board.- Resolutions will be read to the j jj Aflt&usas department's convention j rear Al'tNorth Little Rock in September ' Inviting the Arkansas group to hold Womcn Ln S|)oUi Ilt its 1931 convention in this city.. A C|JRT , S WR1GHT AIRPORT j the tanks. Resolution asking tor the state CHICAGO j !em of destroying the big stills, ihe William Bock of Detroit, famous ollicers. armed wilh axes, 'attacked . for his round ihe world flighl wilh the big cookers and mash tanks of | Ernest Schlee, was the first to take i ihe huge 250-gallon daily capacity i:' off from Metropolitan airport here., .iinis. one big copper cooker ihe prob-; 0 f his former employer, a farmer- i sis secretaries of state; Ihree state Dellinger was laken from the tlMS " f "f nnd two assistants; two Wiley Post, of Oklahoma, and his mnn mm v . Winnie Mac 111. nnd Lt. Col. Hos- to haul away carried to Osceola but. the officer.5. {heir cars loaded wilh their equip- alpar; tradition. A deputy and a! or of the girl's father ac- i Notre name's "Four Horsemen" of Ihe 1024 national championship •leveii were nothing com]iared lo what the "Four Horsemen of I55D will be,Judging from (lie determination registered by Ihe yonnp, man pictured above. This All-American fullback of the future Is Elmer Laydcn II. llirce-wecks-old son of Ihe Elmir l,aydan whose dented shoes lore up and down Ihe gridiron for N'otrc Dnmc In the foolball seascns of 1922. 1D23 and 15124. From Ihe milk botllo stage, Ihe young man will graduate to the forward pass and by the Ihr.,? he Is three years old we may reascnably expect him 10 have mastered the dropkick. Career of Famous Movie Character Aclcr Brought to Close Early Today. -•• HOLLYWOOD, Cal!, Aug. 2C (UP) —Uin Clmncy, the screen's man'.of a ihnnsEind faces, died here early loday. i The end came after a hemorrhage of ihe throat at, St. Vincent's hos- liltul where he wai; lakcn last Wednesday and where he was: scii- ously 111. Just a few moments before his dcaih he was conversing mildly with his family. - ' I News of the character of the ac- lor's serious illness was first ECII- eially known In the screen colony f.hoiily afler he had finished his ; initial talking picture. "The l)n! holy Three." !' He had planned lo take a loni; vacation before working again but Is said to have hastened lo New York lo consult a specialist about his throat ailment. Apparently much improved lie returned from the east Ihrci: weeks ago and went, lo his cabin In the high Sierras. His condition became serious last, Wednesday when he entered the hospital here. Mrs. Chancy and his son were, with ihe character actor when tho hemorrhage started. Although It was known the noted were unable other parls of Ihe coe Turner, who carried his pel distilleries. Several of the huge lion ciib._Gilmore,, bringing up ihel rrms_l;,lanks which ...contained '-•-'• . proximately 30.000 gallons of mns'lv \ were half buried In the ground and '. Ihe officers were unabl! lo 3estrov cei by the city council and similar , resolutions from organizations will j da) . ns llle „£,,, follow it is understood. ' : a Police Chief M. G. Goodwin and j ' t( Justice McKnight will probably ex-! lend the invitation in person at Ihe September convention. Aug. 20 lUP)—Women i On their return last night at the \ picneers of their sex.j site of one of Ihe slills. a rudely again played prominent roles lo-! consirucicil small still was in op- annual national i eration while at the second place the fourth I an iron cooker which Ihe officers ! had smashed wilh axes on the first • trip, had been re-worked and swung into activities. miy jail earlv today by SterifT j s ."" e aru(i ' to ": l«rce women incm- .xwell of Valparaiso after waiv- h " s "f «"vernor & CDunclls; one ' ' Male labor department member, ! one s;al£ labor commissioner and one member of a slate induslrial board; ihree members of state wci- ompanied Maxwell lo Elkhorn. James Mulheran, a Chicagoan, ) nre departments; two members of driving through Ihe resort region i state clvi | sm -j ce commissioners- noliced Deillnger and the girl In, ;, ve superintendents of stale pub- Delllngjr's delapidalcd automobile,,; ij c inslL-uclion; one deputy state remembered iiaving read of the! game warden and five assistant kidnaping, and called authorities In i state gnme wardens: one state su- Lake Geneva. [ preme court jusiice. one state su- Exner, a motorcycle traffic of-1 preme court re)x>rter and three ficcr, came upon the car and tri?d to gel Dellinger to surrender. Instead the latter attempted to flee. Exner chased him for 15 miles before the machine stopped and Dellinger submitted to arnest. "Dcn't take me back to In- To Formally Install Local Pastor Thursday The Rev. Marsh M. Callawa . . who has been serving the First i CHICAGO. Aug. 26. (UP)—Mrs. Presbyterian church as pastor | Phoebe Oinlie, Memphis woman through the summer, will be for-j*ho flics for a living, won the wo- mally installed in a service Thurs- i man's Dixie derby today by a mar- day evening. 8 o'clock. ' ! gin of about three hours elapsed The Rev. W. Moore Scoot, sn- , time, perintendent. of Home Missions in i the Presbytery of Arkansas, wil' I Tile l"' etl y 27-year-old aviatrix | preach ihe sermon and preside. nnslle( ' across ihe finish line al The charge will be given to thr 2:I " p - m - C(?n ' ra l standard time, pastor by the Rev. C. M. Boyd. )f ! entiir| S the derby which started in -. _ »• *^. ii'lM UV\..L i t- 11 u. rxtvi 011U 1*U3 UU11 L Lillet- 1LIC UUUtV IU ill. One group o. women derby con-j Rga in in use. Shaver believed thcldiana" he sobbed. "They'll kill me tesmnls already was in port, hav-1 men operating ihe stills were if you do I only took Betty Jane lilt 1 flashed across the finish line in warned of the approach of the of- with me because I loved her " state supreme court clerks. In the federal government wo- nien also have made n place for official rapid succession late yesterday will- Mrs. Gladys O'Donnell. Long Beach. Cal., mother in the lead. ficcrs and fled. The Mississippi county sheriff stated this alternoon thai he \vould I return to Ihe site of Ihe stills with | a supply of dynamite and blast- Ihr Mrs. Omlic Winner CURTIS - WRIGHT AIRPORT, big lanks and equipmenl late to riav. Belly Jane, weak from lack of food, seemed somewhat dazed. Her fons. Grace Abbott is chtef cl the Children's Bureau, Labor Department, and Mary Anderson of the Women's Bureau. Jessie Dell is a member of the U. S. Civil Service Commission, Mrs. Bessie P. Briiggeman, chairman of the U. S. Employes' Compensation .Commission. Dr. Louise Stanly. Searcy. and Dan McQueen, well known business man of Jonesboro. Washington, swung through thr southern states and finished in p will charge the congregation. j burst of applause as. the nalional This service is lo replace the ! air 1 ' (lCes - •I'sual mid-week prayer meeting' scheduled for Wednesday evening. TO BE y,p, President Will Be Republican Issue i Dedicate Shaft on Site of Pioneer Religious Post RUSSELLVILLE. Ark.. Aug. 26.— A stone shaft rose above the Elect in Longression- lons. Payment of Income Tax face was 'pale and there was a bruise upon her freckled nose. Otherwise she appeared to be unhurt. "Please lake m.; back home," I chief of Ire Home Economics Bureau. Agriculture Department. Maj. Julia Stiiuson. head of the army nurse corps. Beatrice Bowman head of the navy nurse corps, Ani ila Phipps, in charge of women's she said. -"My mama and my papa j ac i lv Uics. war department; and will want me. And my brother and ! Mrs Rlltll B Shipley, chief of thr sister will be lonesome." passport division. Slate Department. Chicago has a woman collector of internal revenue and Iowa. Hawaii, Utah, and Tennessee women customs collectors. Boston has a woman commissioner of im- migralion. Five women have passed slate tiepartmen! examinations for for- Democrats to Gather at Hot Springs Sept. 1 1 LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 26. IUP> — Mom than 1.200 Arkansas Demo- Hot Springs September 11 and 12 fcr state Democratic convention, Adjutant General E. L. Com. pere. Attempts to End Life Thinking He Faced Chair PINE BLUFF, Aug. V, (UP) -- ieorge Tucker, 10 year old Inmate of ihe Arkansas Boy's Indu.nrial school, recovered today from poison which he took in an atlcmpl lo cud his life. . He beUevcil the electric chair awaited him in' Texas, "where I pulled a robbery Job wilh firearms." His home is in Bowling Green character actor was suffering from caicanoma of the bronchial tubes and that his life was. to be shortened by that form of cancer, his passing was unexpected. ':.... Physicians did not believe he could live more than several months, but they considered he wns temporarily -out of danger when a blood transfusion was made successfully after a hemorrhage last ; Saturday. The Improvement appeared so pronounced late yesterday that Dr. ! Webster • in an official bulk-tin said, "Mr. Chancy spent the best. afternoon since lie came to the- • hospital." . .,- ; .-' Chancy was born at Colo/axlo •Springs. Colorado,' April i, ; .lM3'."Me v :< always lias been Interested In the ! ' ' stage and after' State Relief Committee to D A' 1 J L |G J'- "J'*" ,""" *""" ."-vnpictuilf Ills i.'jj be Aided by rapeedingyeducatlon Jn.CoIor«doire,.went.Into-M jl rp ,'•••' " sloclt company. . " op ol Lonsti'uction. —r—_L ? ,_ Will Return F. P. Carter Here; Condition Critical eign service two have teen appointed to the diplomatic corp and tour to the consular service. si'air'chaTrm'arT said"' today" i Threc ^ Commerce Department WASHINGTON. Aug. 2G. (UP)—! The.slate Democratic central i lrndc commissioners at I President Hoover has been offered ' committee the meet, September : thrco are clcrks lo lratk ' issue in the: 10 tllcrc wncn , thc convention will! commissioners and six to commer- WASHIN'GTON. D. C. --Inc tax payments from Arkansas and j ard , the congressional election campaign certify and declare party nominees. ™ m ''.apparently wilh his own knowledge |adopt a" platform and select new r.t. committee members crumbling foundation of Old according to fiRUres released for Uwlglit Mission today, ccmemorat-' publication by (he Internal Ri-ve- ing the 110th anniversary of the j »«e Department. fcunding of ihe pioneer ' T "" post. relWous ' Income lax payments in Arkan| sas totaled S3.037.S42.90. of which The marker was placed and dcdi- 1 SI. 141. 823.55 was paid by individ- cated y.?slerday by ceremonies ot| l ' nl ^payers alllj Sl.8ao.119.35 by church people of this vidnitv and i corporations. The income tax totil state disnitaries. Congressman P ut Arkansas in thirty-sixth posi- Heartsill Ragon was principal ! t . lotl amon ° lhc 48 stalcs anci th tncakcr. State Historian Dallas I airccl , mco '" e tas I>™«ded (he bnlK T. Herndon was one of the visitors. :0f 1 last [ new chairman of ihe Republican national committee, made it clear lie considered the president's lead- receipts by the bureau The history of Dwlght MlMlon l as miscellaneous taxes tolaled onl; started in 1819 when the Rev.! Cephas Wasliborne and several j,...,,, H families were sent to Arkansas by Ihe American Board of Missions. They arrived August 21, 1820 at a , , thj , Mvi , 1(m spot in Polk county which they! p - - duision. called Dvright in honor of the Rev. Timothy plight, president of 1923 anrt 1929 . res p C( , Uve , v . a { T ns Yale college, the first numbers or; foHcivs> S4.223.701.38. S3.557.20D.I3. revenue receipts for 1930 .156.507 34 against S3,- 1 ! 073.315.47 for the fiscal year 1029. | Arkansas was put in forty-second ilcce in this division. Comparative receipt. 1 ; from In- I come lax durliiR thc fiscal years Hold Services Wednesday for Paul Jones Russell crship. policies and occomplish- j p a ,,i j on es Russell, 55. died at nieiils a particular question before the people in the election for the new congress. VKTERA\ ORGANIST MQRP.IS. Mtiiii. (UP)—A 30-yeav caret r as a church organist during which lime r! e has never missed n service will be broU7ht to an end soon when Mrs. B. H. Batters moves to Minneapolis. Mrs. Betters started playing the organ In 1894. She plaved wedding music at the first marriage ceremony conducted in the first church built here by the First Lutheran congregation. American Board of Missions. Their task was missions the Cherokee Indians, Aged Wife of Paragould First Optimistic Report Is Issued by Babson Group I Phvsirian Dies Suddcnlv WESLEY HILLS - Masf " Aug. 26. rnysician uies ouaaeniy , UP) _ Th j, Babscn statistical or- Iganizalion today Issued its first PARAQOULD. Ark.—Mrs. Matlip (optimistic market prediction since Scott, 69, wife of Dr. F. M. Scott, |i ts foretelling of the 19M market cued suddenly al her home here |Cr ash ]KI night, after only a few hours' of acute indigestion. Dr, Scott is president of Th? crganization tcday advised Its clients to "use a small nercenl- the age of thel r liquid funds to buy Orrene County Medical association (stcck." The Babson orgsiiKation and the couple have made Iheir gave out a. list of 12 it recom- homc here since 1R8.3. |mpii(lcd for purchase by it-; clients AERIAL SHAKEDOWN JOHNSTOWN, Pa. lUP)— Ambi- ous fliers arc advised not to attempt at least one stunt—the 'aerial shakedown." In doing this stunt, one Pittsburgh flier is said to have lost his pocket-book. Home Needed for Nine Year Old Boy Wanted: A good home for a brown eyed boy, age nine years. rKirther information may be obtained at the local Red Cross cial allaches. In municipal governments, wo- me nalso have made a place for themselves. Only one larger city Seattle. Wash., hr-.s elected a woman mayor, but thus position hae KILLS 5[LF Farmer Brooding' Over Relations with Eslraheied Wife Fires Shots. PARAGOULD. Ark. — A 1 frcd Qulnn, 30, farmer, succumbed Monday afternoon at the local hospital from self-lnflictert wounds after he had seriously wounded his es- iranged wife. Mrs. Opal Qulnn. 23 According to reports. Mrs. Quinn LITTLE HOCK, Aug. 20 (UP) — The stale drouth relief committee had two tangible promises.*flf aid through employment of stricken farmers today which coincided with its plan of hastening construction nnc\ oiher employmenl giving prospects. Two auditors of the comptroller's staff at Washington were enroute here today to confer slate highway department officials regarding Arkansas' claim for reimbursement for repairs to roads after the 1927 flood. The amount allotted Arkansas in the bill presented by Senator Joe T. Robinson, nnd passed by congress, is in dispute. Immediate payment of the claim, state officials said, would provide employment for thousands bonrd has au- P. P. Carter, sr., manager of-the. Blythevlllc Cooperage . company,' will t.: brought home tomorrow afternoon from Macon, Mo., where he lias been ill at a sanitarium for six weeks. His condition is' critical. . . Dr. Carl Nies and E. M. Holt, of the Cobb Undertaking company, have gone for him in an ambulance. Mr. Carter has been in ill health for some time. falVicr and Ihe next with her mother. The Quinns h.rj been scpar.ued dnce July 2G nnd a '.-realenrd Milt for divorce and Hie custody of the child is said to have led Quir.n to attack his wife and shoot hioiself In n note to relatives. Quinn is said lo have Implicated Lowell Branch a farm hand, in the separation of the pair. building program which will employ thousands of men. filled by^woineii in jnany jFoUr Escape Injury V/hdl Auto Overturns Sunday his home In Ihe Lone Oak community early this morning follow-1 st. p e ter and Hinckley. Minn. smaller communities Including Re-1 dnnrto Beach. Calif.; Onrber. Mo.; | Eslelle Manor. N. J.: Casa Grande. | Arb..; Grover. Colo.; Ciilmore. la • Farm Group Will 'Visit Marianna Station Thursday At least R farmers and their wives from the northern' part of Mississippi county will go to. the experiment station at Marlannn Thursday for a one day study. Miss Corn Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, and J. E. "Crllz,- agricultural agents, will accompany them. ng a lingering illness ,'ears duration. Funeral services will of seven ] Chicago has a woman commissioner of public welfare and scv- be held eral cily councils have women Wednesday morning and intermenl members. There also arc many will be made at Maple Grove ceitic- [ v,'omen city nnd county school ,su- :ery. The Cobb Undertaking com-jl>eriiilendcnl*. and municipal elf rk.'. | miles soulli ol V.'il pany is in charge of funeral plans.: treasurers, clc. . - . . _. LUXORA. nocn Misses Ark— S;:n<Uy .ifter- lleleu lloulon an:l Carrie May Hires ami Mcsscrs. Bob Oillespie of Lnxor.i and John Thweatt of Tenn.. narrowly escaped .-orlous iujnry whcn their car overturned n few :i on liryhway is drivini; th; in atte:iip!m': to p I 61. Jol:ii The deceased Is survived by his | tn county governments, Miss An- 1 car and widow, Mrs. Minnie Russell, three ! n te Matthews. New York County parked car tost contra! of his own. sens. Mitchell, Leon and J. W. and' registrar, stands out. She is paid | due to the driver of t::e pjrked car fcur daughters, Irene and Odess;*. 12 ' 000 * - vear - ln Gllr y. Ind.. Mrs. j starlinK 1m car Russell. Mrs. Gary Sweat "and Nl'rY. 1 Bcsslc B - Ros ? is county recorder Vcra White. ™<l received a salary of Baptist Begin Revival ; A5500. an additional $5000 for the [ heavy volume of business passing . through her cilice, and M5.3RO in Service? af 1 uvnra "Jrhnnl i r ° e5 - ln flvc 5lat " lhcrc Il9v; ' at mxora acnoof becn women 5 heriris . .-,-,,_ As regards legislation, many state i LUAORA, Atk.-Sunday Rev. L , ] aw - s | Uv c been sponsored or aided I O. McCracken. pastor of First Bap- j by women, and at the national I ust church, began a revival meet- ; capital their influence also has I mg. The pieachlng services are ten felt. They were Instrumental 1 conducted by the pastor in the . i,, passing the cable act in 1922 i school gymnasium and the son? I which guaranteed American cltl7»n- service is tinder (he direction of J. I s hi p to American women nrnry- i IH. Majors. j | ng f orc | ?ncrs . a ,,d also the amend- | ment to that act signed by Presi- signaling. Miss How'.on Mr. Thv.'calt were cut and bruised, bu; the o:hcr occupants of the wore uninjured. Hold Services For Vaughn Baby Funeral services are being conducted this afternoon al Sawyer cemetery for William Carl Vaughn tlirc-c-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Vaughan. who died a 1 (he family home .al Promise Land Monday evening. C:30 o'clock. Thr : baby is also survived by one brother. Curtis Vaughn. Blythevillc Undertaking company is in charge of arrangement's. Dr. Washburn New Tail Twister for Lions Club f Dr. A. M. Washburn was elected I tail twister and F. B. Joyner sec- | ond vice-president of thc Lions j Thomas J. Colling of Kennett and club at Ihe regular weekly lunch- i former Blythevllle high student. INEXPENSIVE RACE dent Hoover July 3, 1930, which ex- j its benefits to women whr. W ' Va ' (UP) . • H, Perry's ac- jji&d' marriod foreigners prior to its I count in • hl s campaign for school j passage In 1932 commissioner slwwcrt one Item as follows: "One soft drink for pros- lieclivc supporter, $.05." -r hc gheppard-Towner materniiv and Infancy act. which extended (Continued on page three) Steals Toll Phone From Hotel Booth Taking scivantace of the night rlerk's cuv.onury "lortj- winks" during the e.irly morning hours today, an unknown "customer" entered the lobby nf the Gotf Hotel here, snipped the wires in the public telephone booth and walked away with the telephone and toll box containing approximately S10 in Anoiher 'pl:one and toll box is beinq installed today—wilh bolls. Farmers Will Hear Driver This Afternoon MANILA, Art.. Aug. 2G.-A large crowd Ls expected to hear Congressman Will Driver speak this afternoon at Mutton's Grove, three miles north of town. Farmers and business men from Manila,; Leachville. and surrounding terrl-: lory are sponsoring the meeting, which is In the interest of the proposed cotton otlice at Blythc- vllle. The meeting Is sponsored by the Lions "Clubs of Manila and Leachville. All stores in each town, will be closed during th? address. Former Local Boy Is Missouri Honor Student r-cn of the ch.b at the Hotel Noble today. The feature of the session was a thrilling recitation by Joyner. Several Impromptu talks added to the variety of the program. wss announced last week as one ol Ihe honor students ol the University with other upper classmen honor students. He made 332 OM of a possible 400 in scholastic rating, it wss announced. Max Reid was named chairman ! I!e is a son of T - J > Colling of of the entertainment committee j Kennett and received his A. B. De- and Lions Crafton. Daly and Ro-'grcc from the University this year, land were appointed to the at-; tendance committee. Charley Wills of Bluff City, 111. was a guest, of the club. 1 Child Falls in Path of Mail Truck; Killed Walker Page Renamed | jack'oiiiispie. ii, was killed iato To Tariff Commission »•«»«««»*« he W1 "™ a »«• WASHINGTON. Aug. 25. lUP>- Thomas Walker Page of Virginia Democrat, once chairman of thr United States tariff commission, was renamed to that body today by President Hoover. ing on the Arkansas river bridffa Into the path of a mall truck. WEATHER '' -' Ffctr'- tonlBht and

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