The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1938 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TEN HLYTIJRVIIJ.E (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Hitler's Nation Preparec From Top To Bottom For .Next War Editor's Note: Adolf Hitler Is building Germany's armed strength ami welding Ihe "home fronl" inlo a sharp weapon for Ihe next War. Twice he has used Ihc threat of his make (he rest of Europe bow to his will —when he re-oceupfed (lie Rlilneland and when lie absorbed. Austria. In the following - dispatch Frederick c. Occhsner, ' manager of Die Berlin i bureau of the United Press, writes tlial Germany loday.Is preparing for a "totalltarinn war" in 'which the bntllefront will lie as deep as the nation. } » * * BY FREDERICK C. OECHSNKR United Press Correspondent '(Copyrifhf, 1938, by-United Press) BERLIN. March 22.—(UPI—Once inore Germany is arming for "Der Tag" nnd Ihls lime she docs not Intend to be on Ihe losing side. She has drawn blueprints for •what may turn out to be Hie mosl powerful war machine in Europe, and as fast as factory wheels can turn, those paper plans are being transformed Into ships, lanks, airplanes and forts. .'. In the next war Germany's bailie front will be as deep ns the ntition. Women will be subject to conscription under the defense net. Every wheat bin, dairy, brewery, electrician's shop and even farm animals will be part of the nrmy. Ludendorff, in his grave, no longer counsels the German general staff out of his experiences In Die World War, but one Idea he offered them persists. It is the idea of "Tolalkrieg" — totalitarian war — in which every unit of the iialioii almost down to babies is considered In the lighl of Us military function. For example, Germany must not think of a horse as an animal lhat pulls a plow or can be ridden to hounds, but In terms of hauling a gun carriage or cnrrylno- a cavalryman. Among some Germans Ihc iden still endures Hint in the World War a victorious army was humiliated because of the collapse of the home front. That is why so much emphasis is being placed on welding all units of Ihc nation Inlo n weapon for the next war. It is not a difficult task, for Germans nre a military-minded people. They like parades, martial music and uniforms. Under Den Linden swarms with uniformed'men. On week ends the field gray of the army predominates, but a stroller nlso sees air corps rnen in steel-blue; the black Wlforms nnd berets of the lank corps; the navy's blue; mid the oiack and brown of S3 arid SA men. Those uniforms arc a reminder that Adolf Hitler probably could throw 12,000,000 men Into the scales of llie'next war. No nation is more anxious or more able to guard its military secrets. NO embarrassing questions are asked in the Reichstag- no opposition party man questions the wisdom of n military appropriation, because there is no opposition Party. Adolf Hiller speaks and his words are the law. •Foreign observers say thai there now has been accumulated a secret war chest of 1,000,000000 relchs- marks in gold. Mobilization lias been worked out to the most minute detail and civilians as well as artny reserves will know exaclly where to go and what to do when war starts. One phase or her military preparation that Germany cannot Keep secret is the elaborate system of 'autobahnen," high speed federal highways along which troops can move with a speed hitherto linknown to Ihe military mind The rapidity with which German troops moved inlo'Austria the other day is an indication of what Germany's enemies can expect. The army has between 600000 and 1,000,000 men with one class to reserve. A wealth of military brains Is available despite Hitler's •bloodless purge" of the high command, and many military experts say the German general staff is rivalled only by the French. The average German is a good soldier Austriane Move Out as Germans Move In JTHURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1938 Weekly Sunday School Lesson -.'• 'i nv \v.\r. K. fiiuioy, j). i). j Kilfloi- of AiK-nm-e This lesson deals with about as ] .large u task as could anywhere be I fiiccit—Hint of corn-flint; wroni; ,'i i Ideas of religion. ; Thi- inorc v,-e study tile work nnd ; li-achlngs of Jesus, Die more we must realise dial this was very largely whut Ho had lo do. Hi' pointed out iif-nlii ami again Dial lie had nol come lo destroy but to fulfill, and Hint lie was not so much offering- a ni'iv leaching as endeavoring to bring home lo men ihi! realities of the truth concmi- mg God and man tlial they had !»il<-<! Iti put into praellcr: in daily lile anil ii-lalionships. What wen: tJi« wrong ideas </! religion lhat Jesus i-ndcavorcd to correct? 'flu-re was, first of all, the idea that religion consisted ol outward and external thinus and in- iifetence. upon forms and rituals. Kvon in so Important a mailer us <-li-anlilicHi In washing tin- hands .Ii-.'.us Intimated that, one could at-' I !:ir:h liiuch murn importance (o it as a mutter of iltua! and cfroimmv ,./> fan us a matt,,- 'of ac i,al c e - not follow om- ptmlculur custom I iiElrlc by souii! formal code or fn the second place. .Jesus eor- rrc-led the idon ihul religion con. . —. .. form of worship. 11 ]., ,jie religion of tho he.iit is OK- i-ral religion, n, is In the observance of the Commandments of find, nol in bowing down in profi-sscd obeisance that. ihn true worship of God is found. '» Ihe third place, Jesus insisted upon ihc (lill'L-renco liolsvetii irtilll ami tradition. The fact that a tlilni; had been long tmight and prucliccd did not make it true. The truth of ri'liijicn had | o U( , i cs t,. ( | by .something higher limn thin nations lliat entered inlo the fan be engaged in actual though by avoidance of ihc ui'ciaratkm of war they profess— technically, at least—Hint they are not breaking the pact. Jesus found l:>-> .'•am..- thing in cxtst.'iKo i,, n is <iay in relation to the di-umnd.s of Hi'- Jewish religion. Tile finest IcuehliiKs ;ui<] idcal.s had been M -t :mde by convenient practice that modified or ignored them Hut Jesus was not content simply to (.-direct wrong hints of re- Itt.ion. liather, perhaps, we could «iy that He corrected wrung ideas l religion by asserting true ideas ami Symbolic of Hie conquest. of Auslrla by Adolf lii'lle 1|1CM twn »'"' ! « ever met. it would l,o combat only. offensively and defensively. German chemists arc working night and day to make the nation sclf-sufllclont In time of war nml perfect new weapons for the irmy. one hears, without connnn- itlon, of iilans for "germ warfare" of army units Hint can cover nn entire rotnitrysldc with artificial og, of new and more terrible Bases Outside the realm of rumor, two hings arc accomplished fuels The army already Is making wide use of "buna", an artificial rubber niid enough synthetic gasoline is belli" produced lo nil one-third of the latlon's peacetime needs. Experts arc confident that by 040 Germany will be independent of foreign supplies, she no«- produces enough food-stuffs lo be ilO >er cent self-suinclcnl in the terms of peace-time needs, bui. some observers believe she could not conduct a war for more than six nontlis on (he basis of present food stocks. The German navy, handicapped by post-war treaty limitation'! is beginning [ H come back, in the lext four ur five years Germany will hare -120,000 tons afloat ft vill Include eight first-class battleships. 14 cruisers, lira aircraft carriers, U destroyers and torpedo boats and 23,000 tons of submarines ranging from 500 to 1,500 tons each' The German air force is noi strong numerically compared to others in Europc-/2.,600 plnnes probably would be the maximitm- but it is composed of first class fighting ships. There is lilile "dead wood" in the air force. Almost every plane could take to the n |r tomorrow and be an efficient. n»hl- '»g will. Wo where that the German noes <locs lie escape Ihc plans nnd pi'ep- nratlons for "Der Tag". Gas masks designed for civilians and selllm- for slightly more than $1 me available almost everywhere, If he E ocs out lo what used to be the olvm- inc village—once dedlcale<l lo inter national, gooil will-he finds it has been converted Into an officers training camp. The huge canteen where athletes of the world once sat down to body bulldin^ meals now Is a hospital dedicated to Ihe repair of bodies that will be mangled when war comes. Immoderate exposure ( 0 the sun can bring on various skin diseases including n form of cancer 2-1 HOUR FRIG! DAI RE SERVICE Only Authorized Sen-Ire In Mississippi Couuly or Ilesidcncc Jobs Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. E. n. Gcc, Mgr. 1M S. Second SI. Special Introductory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New Polly Gas 74 Octane With the purchase of 7 or more gallons of this new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade Motor Oil For Paid) SAVEON GAS CO. Holland, Mo. Highway fil Holland News (WMirali-s fi.'tn! Ilirlhelny Mrs. l^nnnlc Colcinnii cclcbrnlcit lit'i- 63«| bli-llidaj- );isl Thursday tilBlit wild n hirtlulny dinner. 'I'liose prcsDiil. were Mr. mid jirs. Pole Colcmnn and KOIIK, p. A. nnd Joe, Mr, nnd Mrs. j,. j )( -,.,,j, (lm: son, Konnctli, Mr. and MI- S . p a ul Coo]x>r mid dnugltters, Peggy nnd Jane, of Cooler. Mr. nnd Mrs. G. Crews, Mr. nnd Mrs. Noble c/npc- liart find dmiBUler. Dlnna. llnpflsl rallies IV. M. S. Meet ' There wore live members present wlien the Unjillst uidies 1 W. M. S mpl Wednesday nl Ihc home of Mrs. Luther lo hold (heir weekly nieellns;. Those present, were Mrs. I), w. Stivers, Mrs; Ruby Porter. Mia. Ray E(!w(ir<ls and Mrs. C. J. McCormlck. The next weekly nicellnij is | o be ivilli .Mrs. Ji \\r Stivers, Mrs. Verne Friday Frnncls Mnrpliey nnd l»i Kiddle wore in Joiicsborri visiting friends nnd rcla- Mis. .Ed HnmiHon Jr., of Osceob was tlin guest of Mis. I^noixl Richard over the \vei_-k end. Joe column. Geneva Dost, nnd Mildred Kdwitrds were home from Stale Teachers College over the week end. Miss Edwards \vas accompanied home by Paul Jones jr.. of Slke.slon. u-lio spcnl Sunday afternoon with her. Miss Georgia Mne Best. Mrs. Claude Edwards mid daughters, Claiidine and Sylvia, of si. Louis were gucsls of Mr. nnd Mrs. ,i. D, Best over Ihe week Olid. Mrs. E. N. Bliimcr and son. Edward Morris, of Cnjie Glrardeaii. were also week end guests. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wade ctiamiell were guests or Mr. and Mrs Ben Leslcr over the week end. Mr. nnd Mrs. V. u Vitley mid son. Minion, nnd Mrs. oil Sandford and daughter, Ann, were in .Memphis Saturday. Caruthersville Society — Personal Head ComiL' Woman's Chili Mel Members of Hie Woman's club met nt (he home of the president, Mrs. A. L. Prey tag, Tuesday afternoon. Diiriiij.'(lie business session (he women discussed the welfare work lhat they had been coiidncl- mg among the crippled children of the coimly for several years. Announcement was also made regarding n. meeting to be held at Cape Girarrteau State Teachers College on Tuesday, April 5. The subject will bo "Chnrncter Development to Overcome Crime." The State Federation is sponsoring a series of these meetings over "the state. Mrs. Chas. Dorroh gave an itiler- tf lalk on "Folklore." The next wilt be held Tuesday. April al Ilu; liomi- of Mrs. Jf. K, Ki-til. H * r. W. Club Met Dr. Edna Nies of Blyllieiilh'. Ark. was a unesl ;i ,ul ilu: iirineijiul speaker al llio inccling of the llus- Itiess and Prolessional Womun's club held Tuesday eveniiit, at, tho Til]) Hat on Ward Avenue. Before nnd elm-ing n,,. m eal Hie group enjoyed singing with Miss Bermce ChiHon at Hie piiino. T) le program that followed was under Ihe direction or the Health Committee and they presented r>r 1 Nies, who talked on "iiunniixr the lied Liglits Down tile His;h\vav of Health." foupk. was attended by Mr. and Mrs. c .M. Puce of Memphis, Mrs. Pare being a childhood friend an«' school mate of the bride when th6 Bakers made (heir home in Arkansas several years ago. The bride v.ore a spring suit In gray w jti, black accessories. Mi 1 .,-. Jolinston ha.s made her lioiin.' in this city for n iiiiiiilier of years. She vvus <!i-adunt«) from Hie Carulhersvllle liijh school in 1033 and lias since been employed in this city. The bridegroom, a resident of Memphis, is Hie son of Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Johnston, loii" time rcslricnls of lids fily but now of llonlplian, Mo. lie is also a graduate of Hie local schools. be!;ij, a membi-r of the class ol ly.a. fie i.s connecicd with Hoichman-Crosby. a M(-ui]ihis firm, in the brjnkkei-p- In;; di-parttnnu. •Mrs. Johnston rcturtu-it honv Sunday and will continue lin- \vo/i '--,, here fur M>JJII> tj w e. I,aU'/ Hi« yoij - ft couple win m;,!;,- iiicir Imiai: \^js Mr-. Eli I/K.-kard and son, Don, Mrs. Curtis liryanl and Mrs. Harold Hamiiy and little daughter spcni 'J'liMdfiy afteniooti in ])ly- llievillc.. The ladies shopped and Mrs. Dckard visited v.'ilh lii-r mother, Mrs. Doziev. Scottish red deer, taken lo New Zealand, to improve the deer herds of thai country, frequently lire found far at, sea- allc'iiiptini; l<i swim hack lu Scollniicl. Johnslan-linkcr Miss CaniiDii Baker. <!alighter o f Mrs. Lois M. Baker of this city, and HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 IBS. A DAY Motion say your kiJni-ya rojui,, 15 m i]« o tiny lub« or Wins whh-h lirlp lo i.urify ll. ( liluoa and tc c| , you | lr!1 |lliy. M,at l, c o,,lcl pas, »l».ul 3 pints a (fay or «lmnt 3 poun'lj of wnttp liKiiiriit or Bcanty Datiaua v j||, smarliiw Rudolph Johnston of Memphis, I iSi .1 tnirmiia ilio , jewc nons »l'.!i your Ulney, or l,l»,|J rr . A., cicn, of acjJs or J.UL-OM i,, your Mo, ,-IIBII duo to fimclional kidney disor-lcts HID vmu4« D[ Tennessee were married at Hernan<lo. Miss.. Saturday, March ID, 1038. The ceremony was performed by and in the home of a Methodist' minister in that citv. The voungj i . ••**.& "^".t.icjii;, n , leg |>aiio, 1ms of IK.,) «n<l ener your dryKKkt Jot Doin'e P|>y rV-liol an.! f.itt lift,, Die USED CAR PRICES LISTED BELOW $194 Late 1934 Ford U-8 Coupe $167 Good 1934 Ford tf-8 Tudor Model—R, and (i. Money-Hack Guaranlce— Looks iinrl runs like new. Special Sale Price—Onlv Reconditioned—Looks and runs S(i7 down—§11 ]>er month fine—Sl;ilc Tested. $187 BUY OR TRADE YOUR CAR FOR A BETTER CAR J!)35 INTKKN'ATJONAL PICK-DP A-1 Condition—Ready to Go Only $211 mi nnjviioi.KT -I-DOOK SEDAN '"•>'s. .Motnr.Appcaranrc Fine in:5fi PLYMOUTH 2-DOOR SKDAN A Heautiful Car—Fine Condition Only $269 2 FORD V-8 TUDOR SEDAN ]{e;ifly to jiive gootl service. Only $98

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