The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 8, 1951
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8, 1951 FBI Arrests Five More Reds BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGB THREB New Arrests Promised But 'No Hysteria 7 By The Associated Press The FBI snared another-batch of alleged American Communists yesterday, promised more arrests, bi;t Wtald there would be "no hysteria, no mass raids, no roundup of thousands." The latest roundup netted five more Communist leaders in New York, Baltimore and Cleveland. A sixth person, described by the FBI as an attorney for the Red Party, was arrested in Baltimore. All six were charged with plotting to advocate violent overthrow of the U.S. government. This same accusation was levelled against 11 convicted top - rung Communist leaders and 34 more accused lesser Reds now awaiting trial. Federal agents currently are pressing a hunt for four of (he convicteds 'and four of the other defendants. These arrested early today and yesterday were: In Baltimore—George A. Mcycr.s, 33. chairman and organizer in the party's district 4 (Baltimore) headquarters; Roy Wood. 36, Washington. D.C., party chairman; and attorney, Maurice Louis Braverman, 35. of Baltimore. In Cleveland In Cleveland—Regina Frankfeld, 41, of Cleveland, a former organizer In Baltimore. In New York — Dorothy Rose . Biumberg, 47, of Brooklyn, former Arcasurer of the party's 4th district, | and Phi!ip-»Frankfe!d, 44, party organizer in Cleveland, apprehended as he boarded a plane for the Ohio city. The,,FBI, which announced Braverman's arrest early today, pointed out that he has never publicly admitted affiliation with the "party 'but that he allegedly is the official attorney for the party's Baltimore headquarters. Meanwhile, FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover said in San Diego, Calif., that more arrests would follow. Bui he warned against hysteria. Hoover indicated that the TBI Is now working on third level Communists as he Interrupted his vacation to give a news interview. Snare Was Fourth Yesterday's snare of alleged plotters was the fourth since the government first invoked the Smith Act against, the Communist Parts- three years ago. The first group'included the II who were convicted and sentenced to prison terms ,of three to five years. A twelfth defendant; wil- lam Z. Foster, titular head of the party, has not been tried, because of ill health. After the U.S. Supreme Court up- ncld these convictions last June, the government moved against other Red officials. That same month 21 "second-stringers" were Indicted New York, then 12 more were accused in Los Angeles in July. Tour of the latest six arrested were held in bail last night Frankfeld's bond van set at $100,000. Bond of $15,000 each was set for Mrs. Blumberg. Meyes, Wood; and Mrs. Frankfeld. Bail was not immediately set for Braverman. Strike Looms For Copper 95 Per Cent Cut Seen as Possible SALT LAKE CITY. Utah, Aug. 8 (/P)—A strike , which could cut oil [ an estimated 95 per cent of United States copper production was voted early today for not later than Aug. 20. The metal trades council, representing all AFL unions in the copper Industry, took the action at meeting here. Council spokesmen said the walkout would hit the big four of copper — Kennecott Copper Corp.. Anaconda Copper Mining Co., Phelps- Dcdge Copper Co. and American Smelting and Refining Co. The move nearly duplicates, but with a definite time limit, the recent vote of the independent international union of mine, mill and smelter workers. Headquarters of this union in Denver announced on Monday an 85 per cent rank and file approval ol strike action against the big four and some smaller firms. . The IUMMSW yesterday set a wage policy committee meeting for Aug. 15 and said discussions would include strike talks. Union spokesmen here indicated both- organizations would act In concert on the proposed strike. I IUMMSW officials were unavailable for ccmmcnt. THE GHOST WALKS IN "BOOMTOWN, U. S. A."—America's newest "boom town" is Puerto ntco, Uncle Sam's "little nephew" in the Caribbean. Since 1917. Puerto Hico had added more thar. 140 new Industries, creating 20.000 new jobs and factories are being added at the rale ol ten a month. Photo shows construction workers crowding paymaster's window—a sight unprecedented in the old days at Puerto Rico's one-industry (sugar) economy. Die 1 Contino to Face Army Yet ROUGH ON RATS—Curly Rose, age 75, of Marshall, Minn, got himself a job when he raised a rumpus against the city putting rat poison on the city dump. (He was afraid of the danger to dogs and children.) The council, acting on Curly's own suggestion, appointed him official rat exterminator—authorized him to choose his own weapons. Curly began rat killing with a .22 calibre pistol, but, i finding the rats too tvasivc. switched to a rifle. Internal Revenue Agents In Trouble With Wives of Small Texas Town Read Courier News Classified Ads USt 8th, 1951. Irvin Harrison. Administrator Mail Address: Route 1. Box 2-11. BIylheville. Arkansas Reid and Roy, attorneys. 8'8-15 MARSHALL. Tex.. Aug. 8. f/P) — Marshall housewives who had then- bank accounu attached for social security taxes they refused to pay for domestic servants say they'll ask the Internal Revenue Bureau at Dallas to give the money back. If it won't, Kenneth Abney, husband of one of the women, said they would ask Rep. Patman (D- Tex) to introduce a bill in Congress permitting the women to sue the government. Internal revenue agents this week attached the bank accounts of some of the rebelling women—and got »36.03. But nine of the 18 women involved had withdrawn all their their money In anticipation of the federal action: Tax agents didn't say what they planned to do in these cases. The wntncn claim it is unconstitutional to force (hem to act as tax collectors by withholding taxes from Ehelr domestic servant's pay. Can-Can Girls Again Greet G/s U. S. Stalls War , *To Build Self-U P/ Russia Claims LONDON. Aug. 8. (API—Russia accused the United States today of stalling on the Korean cease-fire talks while moving up reserves for a new offensive. The official Soviet news agency Tass made this charge, in a dispatch from Pyongyang, the North Korean Capital, quoting "\veil - informed Journalistic circles." Tass declared the insistence of the United Nations truce team on establishing a no-map's land north of the 38th parallel "proves that the American imperialists have no peaceful desires, but predatory plans." Mrs. Jim Crofton Named by CM A A Mrs. Jim Crafton has been named president of Blytheville's Civic Music Association for the 1051-52 concert season.' Other olticcrs include L. T. Moore. Jr.. first vice president; Larry Kneas, secretary; Rlly Jones, treasurer; and the following vice presidents: Dalton Fowlston. M r s. Dick White. Mrs. Harold A. Davis. Mrs. R. H. Kirby. Dr. Alfred Vise and Mrs. W. L. Horner. Appointments to (he group's board of directors have not been completed. SEATTLE. Aug. 8. (/p,—The cancan girls are back in the line again for the beys Just out of the line . . . and how the GI Jots love it. The fancy-kicking dancers, their skirts swirling to give a peek-a-boo glimpse of shapely legs, made their return appearance at dockside yesterday as a transport brought 1,553 soldiers home from Korea- There were wolf whistles and cheers as the combat veterans lined the rails ol the Pvt. Joe Martinez. The dancers had welcomed two of Seattle's nearly two dczen rotation troopships,- but their routine was dropped after letters .of pro- Belgium Awards Hiqhest Honor To'WWI Agent BOSTON. Aug. 8. (AP>—Belgium has given its highest war award to an Allied secret agent In World War I who once posed successfully as no idiot to escape detection behind German lines. Dr. Albert Navez, Belgian consul, pirned the Knight of the Crown of Belgium on the chest of John P. Vranken yesterday in belated recognition of nearly four years' opera- lions in Belgium between 1914 arid 1918. Vranken. born In Belgium 58 years ago. now lives In cast Boston. The medal is Belgium's highest award Vranken was detained by Ihe Germans a number of limes. In his closest brush he pretended to be an tdint. The enemy assumed he was not responsible and did not press him lo explain his lack of Identification papers. Vranken said six of his colleagues were shot. test were received by the semiofficial civic group, greater Seattle Inc. Back they came yeste'rday hi answer to what an official of the group said was "popular demand." The CH's in Korea had read about the girls and wanted them on hand. NOTICE In the Probate Court of Mississippi County. Arkansas. Estate of William Daniel Buie, deceased. Last known address. Route 3 Box 358, Blytheville, Arkansas. Date of rfeath June 30, 1951. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above named decedent on the 3rd day of August. 1951. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published Aug- Do as so many do for skin improvement—use Resinol Soap (or daily cleansing you'll enjoy—medicated Kesinol to soothe pimply irritation RESINOL 0 HN I ADD SOAP SALE Complete scl of extra quality cafe fixtures, Including tables and chairs, counter wilh 14 stools. 6 ft. bob-tail soda fountain, large stainless steel electric refrigerator, complete Hotpolnt electric cooking units, eleclrlc refriftcrator sandwich unit, electric hot water food warmer (both of stainless steel), large bakInj: and roasting unit, (uses ?as fuel)—docs the best job of tiarbecuing meats, cooking bread and pies, gas grill and range, rlish washers and many nlhr-r Hems to make a complete cafe. Will sell all or any part of 11. RENT YOUR LOCATION Have a store room at 411 West Main will rent to anyone buying Ihc entire fixtures lo operate this cafe. Building 20 feel wide by 75 feet lonfr, ideal size for these fixtures. Will Mil lo responsible p.irfy on reasonable rlown payment and monthlj payment on balance. Your chance of a lifetime. See ns »l once. Phone 2323 or Write TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. Blytheville, Ark. PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE 860 On Your Dial August 9, 1951 MORNING 5:15—Sign on 5:15—Musical Round up 6:00--News 6:05—Farm Fair 6:15—Musical Round up 6:30—Gospel Gems 7:00—News 7:05-Yawnln' In Mawnin 1 8:00—News 8:15- Blng sings 8:30- -KOSE Kapers 9:00- -Woman's Viewpoint 9:30—Tin Pan Alley 9:45- -Dearest Mother 10:00--News 10:05- Modem Cancert Hall I0:30-Meet the band 11:00- News , ' 11:05—^arm Frolics AFTERNOON ;00—News : 15—Noon Serenade :00-Behlnd the World News :0a—Matinee Melodies :30—Stars'On Parade :«—Navy Band :00—News :05-Hillbilly Round up : 00—News :05—Hcptime :00—Newi :0i— Murray's Madhouse : 00—News :05—News :00-KOSE Scoreboard :lS-Public Service Program :30—News :35—Evening Serenade i:45—Sign Off SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 8. (API —California's director of Selective] tch.i Service, Lt. Col. Kenneth H. Lcit. says accordion player Dick Contino should have no difficulty entering the Army after he gels out of Jail. Contino was sentenced lo lix months in prison yesterday lor draft evasion and told to submit for induction when lie's Ireed. He also must uay a $10,000 line. Lcitch said the 21-year-old musician's felony conviction will not automatically make him a 4-P and thus Ineligible for the draft. "Felons placed in A-F, which covers those mentally, morally or physically unfit, are men convicted of crimes involving mornl turpitude. 1 Lcitch said. "Draft evasion is not considered to Involve moral turpi- t de. 3 Hindu Gods Are Appeased SINGAPORE m— Three fllnd' Gods were appeased by a sacre bath in milk and coconut water a dawn in the Sivan temple here "Siva" and "Ganesa" and "Sub ramanya" were disturbed b thieves who looted the temple du ing the. Japanese occupation. Th Kumbabhtshekam Ipuriflcation ceremony lasted four days and In Actor'sEx-Wife : o//s to See /lew on Love LOS ANGELES, Aug. ». (If)— Acor David Brian's ex-wife, MM. Bonlta Feldler Davis, told a Jury he doesn't exactly understand nil heorles on sex and love. Testifying In a paternity suit In vhleh she seeks to have Brian lamed the father of her 16-months. old son. born eight months after their divorce, Mrs. Davis told thli tory: She and Brian were intimate four times when he visited San Francisco May 25 and 26, 1949. He can-.* there to get her to sign documents preparatory to his obtaining a Mexican divorce decree. The child was born March 4. 1950. Brian's lawyer. N. E. Youngblood asked her: "Did you discuss the lact :hat you were making love, even though he had gone to San Francisco to get you to sign divorce papers?" "Yes," she replied. "I asked Brian how he could make love to me like that and still say he was no longer In love with me. He said that sex has nothing to do with love." Brian Is now married to actress Adrian Booth. eluded non-stop chanting. Old men and women filled brass pots with (he holy water which Ilowed over the dletles. S URE, a trim new Buick makes a mighty pretty picture when you see it in your driveway, or watch it wheel by. But if you could get a mcchanic's-cye view of this big, broad beauty as it sits on a lift, you'd see an impressive picture of rugged brawn that makes good-to-look-at Buicks give such a good account of themselves on the road. lou'd see the full-length torque-tube drive that firms the whole power relay system, and steadies your going like a giant hand beneath you. "\bu'd see big sturdy wheels with really wide rims that provide surer footing, give better car control, make tires last longer. "Vbu'd see all four wheels cushioned by stout coil springs that are completely service-free, practically brcakproof—and a principal reason for the ever-level Buick ride. But mainly, you'd see the massive foundation that backbones every Buick — the deep, wide, X-member frame that's rugged as a rock, and a brute for strength. So when you look at the beauty of a Buick—the big mileage power of its valve-in-head Fireball Engine — and the moneysaving ability of its Dynaflow Drive*- don't overlook the tough stamina that goes with it all. And don't overlook the fact that a new '51 Buick, with all its heft, costs less per pound than any other car of comparable size, structure and weight. Better come see us first chance you get—and find out what a smart buy this is—from every angle. KO OTHER CAR PROVIDES H.LL TBISi — DYNAftOW DRrVf *—tavetifrnjn on drivtrandtor DUAL VlfmiAHON-euliid* air ltd tcpa/aM/ fo rrgW flttlBAU ENGINI—(irgn-compriiifon. <"'•" °"">»'«""(""'"""» more milet from every Ionic of fuel Sllf-CNCRGlZING DR4KF5-f./rfrouli'c-.-nulf.'plx pcdof- c, imor) ilyf, end p, e , SUIO |i». l«n<i ol trot, drum PUSH-BAR fORfFRONr- vniurpoued protection WHITf-OlOW INSlRUMlNli-grtaltr thlily of nlgti OREAMUNE 5TT lING-Fopmed, cor-fenolA Itndtrl, TORQUE-ruB! DRIVI - ,.„!, ,„„ <(,„„; ad,., ,«„, 9 ' eo " li ' ls r ""r'f'°" '" """' ™ Mi improve, d,,v,n 3 conlrol p( ^ j c | ( , oc(ing I a33a3 , fid, Sl.pOn po*n 3 brcto, 4-V/Hffl COIl SPR/NGINO-culhbns ond l«v«li Id. rido. Iwo-woy i a nilion foci, 5oW/-8idi> rimj, (fj-Pciied «ngm» Wyat icrvicing (oslt mounting. Body by fijfter When Idler euromobilci ore buill BU/CK win buF/d ificro tttrrriit. triii u LANGSTON-AAcWATERS BUICK CO. Walnut & Broadway Dial 4555

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