The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE (5, 3fa BL\"i'illWU-K, (AUK.) COUHIKIt PACK F1VH CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION bally rale p<i lino for consecutive Insertions: One time pel nno 100 Two times per line p«r day .. MJC ""hree times per lino pel day . Wo 6(x limes per line per day ., 06c Month rate uer line ........ gflc Allnimtiin cnnrgc 60o Ana orncreo lur tnrce or »lx times and stopped before expiration will be charged for tlie number of limes the nil npncared and •"•UuaUncnt or lilt marte. All Clns-sincG Anv.crtlsliiB copy tubiiiltlcd by persons residing outside ot me city must be accompanied by cash. Dales may bo saslly computed from above- table Advertising ordered lor irregular Insertions take the one time rale No miKiiuiDimy will ix> token for more than one incorrect lo- icrtlon of any classified ad. Keal Estate KAlt.US I' (oni]:olH[on tiiw June 10 ilntlon have listed me;iMirciii:>nls for n M-yom'-uM lioy upon vvlilr KKWAKI) for irlurii i>[ chilli's"nil" pi'rlrclly ilevi'ln|in\ boy," , is spoiiBon-d by tin.' llwy , for fcllii'r njju i'1-ui'ixs will Ire bused, ;' . I.'oumlnllun of New Yorii Business Directory \ Money on Screen Work of AH Kinds Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 Cccl front liKDIiOOM. Iteasoi!- nblo, ness Hall. Cull 280. ticktl 2 newly decorated uiituriilslivd rooms, adjoining bath. I'dviilu untriinec. Couple only. Call itt Sltf S. Ki-iinklln aflor 5 p. in. 3-p-u 5-room nnfiirtilMu'd house, Oil l-«';u<'d smitlu'iisl Missouri CTllKI, U, THOMPSON CiU-itllier.svllle, Mo. - 331) S, 111- li'imiits. HAK-i' at, Inst at vitj- , m d'i- Htvday nl[;| 1'ilillljw. call 030 i'«nl;iiiniif; 'lltlljjl:;, TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. Pianos $1 up PHONE OG1 Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction 19M I'XIIII) V-R ii'HIi Trunk, 1!WII licrm-r, Nfvv I'aint A Sent Covers §:!fl!> 1033 l-'O'ltl) V-8. New I'uint & Si'ilt Ccvrrs. Nc\v '1'ire.s ?'.l7.'i 1933 oin;vnoirET TUIWU. Molor A-l. A wad bay ?2S5 1931 CllliVKOUn' CO DTK «iOi KmnMe S'l"il. Motor & Tires O.K. 5173 MONEY HACK CUAKANTiiCl With Kvcry It. & ('•• or Square Deal Car lieiiRlit From Phillips Victor Co. Ulicml AlltnniiKc On Your rres- rrt Car Low finance Charge Through U. C. C. Co me by ami try any of Ihe above Cars on cur -18 Hours Money Back Guarantee, Oj:rn KiTliinqs for Your f.'onvwi- HTCC-. Olive liy I.uts anil Gel Ac- qiiitinlcil. Call 810—811 fur !)cm- uii.slration or liiCorir r :Uion. Atk for Craves, Shales, Calvin or PHILLIPS USED ; CAR LOT - All our 1930 Patterns WALLPAPER now on sale at Greatly reduced prices. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. WANTED — M;I, KINDS JUNK* Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2c to 4Kc Ib. Copper Wlrt, dc to 5c 11). Hadlators, 4','.c Ib. II1UES & FOKS WOI.F AltlAN t'UONE 116 128 E. MAIN :. Uoasonn'ule. Call 2U(I. 3-c-k-lf! OAI^I !>• ' 5 room initiniilslied house ot m!)!'"'. llll .'."" r - Mildred K. Cox, H. !.!i;out LcarfcrS Moasiircincnts Vine. Call 208-J. 11 r<«tm fiirnlslied apt., newly omtod. Mrs. 1. o. WrMbnxik. • *' (imi'K ;,au-. ['an, ca^i msa ot m'J vi " lu "" 1K '- Mildred K. Cox, H 2-i'k-tf ! 'i_i'__ 1!ox --'-A- * room house', fm-nlshed or nnfur- nished. Mrs. Edwin llobjiuion. Call 27-l-W. M-c-tl 3 VimmstlKl) liooins. modern. Sink In kitchen. OH Hearn. COO1, liedioomn, ieasciv.ible. Mrs. Jennie Cruis, 000 Mnln, Phone 770. I!UV OLO'I'IIHS NOW! Pay oi;l o( your bonus. Oi:<>. MUIlt, Tailor 201 N. 2nd 8 room house, fnriilsliwl or unfiir- nii'netl. a tatlis and sleeping porch. 911 Walnut,-, c. J, Crane. Call 88 or 20. c . k . 13 3 room PURNISILEO uparunejit, modi.'.-n. im Ash. Mrs. UCOIKG Maltiicws. Call 294. , ck-tf HARRY BAILEY'S AT MISSOURI STATE UNE Olieu D?y and Mgl)t niESII CnAI>l>H3 35C Every PHilay, Saturday & Sunday Jlh & \Valnut I'licuc 810 or Sll Open al Nifflit LKW '& TEXACO GAS 18.8u snl. Cigarettes $1.25 Carton BIG BASEBALL GAME EVER!' SUNDAY Phone 1503-P'i or 143 Always in (lie Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Mcial, Hides & Bones JJlytfocyille Iron & Mclal Co • -221 : \V. Cherry Call -i'lli And Save 19.15 Uliuilcr Chevrolet Cnar'i. \VIiilc sillr.-mill I ires, 7.00U mile*. City L'JIVCII in35 He Luxe rivmnulli Toiirin; Srrta,,. CC^OQ A Heal Buy w,.jvju 1.133 Do Soto Krnuglmni Spccinl. Clean r;ir, nciv tires BarksdalcMf g, Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired I'HONE 10 Broadway Sales" Company 111 S. Broadway For Sale Praclically new Slcain 1're.wure cooker & sciiler, S10. Mrs. B. P. Potter. Call 302. 5-c-k-tf Golden oak, quarter sawed, paneled offi'-e partition!.. Enough to make a bcEiutifii] division in n store or olficc. Bargain. Thomas I.nnd Co. Coupon good for $50.00 payment on new Farmall Tractor. Will lrJ:c $25.00 for it. Thomas Land Co. > TOR SALE— lc? Boxes nnd Iflcofric Red igei atom. Broadway Sale:; Co., Ill S. Broadway. 30c k6 512S.OO Credit on New Chevrolet or used car, value $400.00 or nior?. to buyer having no tracic-in. G 1 *) discount tor cash. Box "AB". Courier News. dh t( $200 credit on neiv Plymouth or • Doclse nt 20 per cent discount. Call 158 before June 13. 2-pk-O Good Used Trucks IWt— IK Ton I'ora IMS— !j Ton fonl I'ick-Op mi— 115 ion Chevrolet IH3I-1J4 Ton AH liavc (Jnorl Slake llodics Co Certified Potato Plants Tomato. Pepper (.; Kgg Plants O. t;. Hawks Cor. Lake & Main or 520 Madison BEAN & TOMATO STICKS, 5 ,t C FT, LONG, I'.ic EACH. CHICAGO MILL. Character Loans from $100 to . $2000 repaid over n period of 12 to GO months. No rcVl tnjjo nml tow yovcrnuicnl interest rate. See E. C. Robinson Lumber Co SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Wall Paper SKW PATTERNS— LOW PRICES CANVAS, PASTE AND TACKS A s K ABOUT NEW PAINT FINANCE PJ.AN The Arkmo Lumber Co. I'hoiio 10 Free Estimates Wanted - Used Furniture Spot Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co, 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson STOVES STORED FOU SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Blnck But I treat Yon White JOHN BUCHAiVAN—PIIO.N'n ',01 GUARANTEED K L E C T III C A fj WOKK, rensonahlc. Frank Gable, Phone 218, Osccola. .Mrs. J. J. Davis — Spcrtccr Corscltcro Call 421 r W.for apiwlntmenls Salesmen Wanted 3 men with retail clothing experience wanted at once for permanent. iiosUions. Opportunity •i ^sUiblisli business paylni; up to S5.000 annually. P. H. Davis, Dept CH-G, Cincinnati, Barber Shops HOLT'S BAnBER~SHOp 101 South Slid St. HAIRCUT 200. SHAVE 15 C Bath—Close 8 j>.m.—Shine 2 bedrooms or n two room furnished aparlment. Reasonable. Afrs. J. T. Collins, 102C llcarn. ONFUBNISHED 4 room apartment with bath. Call 327, or !>5 ai niBlit, 12-ck-U Furnished 3-room House. 508 N Fif U' ^t. Couple Only. dli • Room Apartment, 4 rooms furnished. J. Jl. Snu>rl. Cuil 805-J 2c ktl INGRAM iipartmcnt. Inquire nt 1'arklnirst Co. VOH HALK S«ll»;i!HAX l.dl'S— I'AKJI I.ANH I and in M| S1 i.^ippi ^ Pemiscul Colllllll'.'i. Hi'asoii:il)U- Prices ,v 'IVnns ! be (ho ™.,J WI of a "" in eo-npi'iiitlon with llni NDW York Hoard of Kdurnllou. Ni)il-:.i'inil» us well i\s sioiils lie- luwn lln> necs of ):; ,, nil 1(it Mll , ui'i-riiBi! a«e r;rn : :i- ol iii L . n ov .Srcii:l,s o[ Amerlni. will ruim,,,^ J«r die Illle luul I lie Cluulra Atliis . Poultry IT'S TIIRIFTY TO BUY AT They imi: he-ljiln, c fivl. .| I a -J-t iiiclii's; Ihlftli, II) j inclies; rnlf, ID J-4 Inelies; wuhl, j 'Jil Inehes; chest (normal), 31 Ini'hi's; ehest (i-xi'iimlcd), ;iij Inelm;; hl|is, in Inrlu-s; iiwk, l-'J Inc'liivi; fntvjiriii, u l-\i indies and wrist, G Indies. i. Wert S.Wert OI'TOMKTRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' stort "Vi'K BIAKE 'KM SEE" Phone 6JO "Hlra-ii n-sirtl. linm-il Hoc It; While Hnrks, Kcils, 1,1'^101'D;:, etc.. ion ...fn.w. |>j-i-|«il,|; live ill--! Baby Chicks HAY '01,1) fc STARTKD nny day MAHILYN HA'J'CIJliUY Casli Feed Store Pays Top Prir.os For Eggs & Poultry 211 K. Muln Shoe Kcpnmng QUALITY S1IOK SIKH' ' ~ Men's ]/a|f snlivi «Cc, ISr, $1 Men's Rubter Heels 2nc. nfir, 5(1': Men's Full Soles .and' ll<\<ls ija Lndles' and Clilldrim's Half Holes l-'on! l-'onl Tudor il OjiJdiiiid ,S('(i;i!i .... ('lu'vi'djol 11 ; :_, '[',, I*/? Tdii Ti-ddc " _]"' I'XJK QUICK HKIiVICK ON Washctl SAND ONE STOP' SKKVICK STATION 'I'OK YOUIt CONVKNlENCIi' SINCLAIR GAS AND UJ1MICATION WYSI-J I'lMltY in of .Sorvicn Ballcries JJE-ITEB BATi'Eay SERVICE Call J. B. Clime At Tom Jackson's Service Station ALLEY OOP ..- Qiiallly Malerhtl.-i 28-ck-tf j 1-ntc:; any color.: Frei' delivery wr- ? i ,, i7"c~i~f Tr-~~o—~ ohoes Half SoJed, 65c& up Strings w ll|, job. h- extra SATISFACTION CiUAKANTKEU TIIIli: lll.lii; slJOli S1IOI' Next to B. T. V/ovlliy's x V OTIIUHH TO CIIOOSK "T Bii.'t SIM S2!)ii ; ; Now Located nt 101 Norm Sccon.j , ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EiiWAUUg, 1'roiwlolor All i,,>k u o, rebuilt Tynmrriler,, Ad.ll.if M«nlnc. .nj CM Call U.s - I'ljouo 700 ioi- Cdiil A iMinin K - ('», And wii iinndlo all loading ln-jiiuls of I'ijili (.Irado Co;i|— SinnuiiU, Gvcjit Hciii'l lii'illiiuiL, Montifutln, etc. 1- U. JOHNSON in clu () f Hoity IJujiarlnionl. Y SKMVICI: -UADMTOK IlKlMHf -iionv WOKIC -FHNl)l!lt WOltIC ~<il.ASK INSTAIJ.KI) — AUTO W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES I>nd(;o ,t I'lymoulh Dc.ilpr I'HONH 888 HEARS HEAR! of COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONK 20 I'D LlkE TO SEE AWYTHIMG ~ OR AMYBODV s -•-— —"'^\ y TO kEEP/l DOW'T THINK OOOI-A AW Y YOU'LL LJk'6 IT ME FROM V,50 WELL, BUT LEAVW6THIS) COME WH ME PLACE (AMDI'LL SHOW SEE THOSE; DINOSAURS '-' WELL, IK SWA WPS THAT COMPLETELY SUIJROUMD US ACE ALIVE WITH THEM/':" ^—»—--r^v-— VOU WOULDN'T STAND/ THEM, HOW-TH' -\ OME CHANCE IM TUN' / HECK 1 DID WE HAPPEM ) OF GETTING THRU ^ T'C-iT IM HEEE SO / THEM ALIVE .. ,--•" : "^ " •I DOW'T k'MOW- " s REASOM, AT TH' TIME, TO ACQUAIUT x vou -r wo WITH T' * —Tu HOW'S AiN'I) IIKI{ CAN'T ~™L.'.Ji'«:!-JEa y-^-JwrJirr.' !!v Uilmlin "M S CrrO PUT IT BLUMTLV, WHy,THAT\ YES -WITHOUT VIRTUALLY \ OUR BIG' _ MAKES US JDIWOSAURS, PRISOUERS' NOME CPUS EVER CAM f V WASH TURKS '£!_! KUW-IIOWN "o'iNM'TCK KT b6>V WOSK-p IW'THE ^l WHO W'A'iV AT'|-1I5 FAMILY SFWN --, OILFJ&tD^ ) 1 ni^iMi >r-r>,-r r^N vfl/^pr Afon i r-Ei-r 'I HOME / ' \CAME m k <•} "i f '•^ AND HIS By Cram HAVIVG YOUR X T , M MEAD COCKED ) S ORPY' !M AM ACCI- / M|S7 _ R ' DEWTOFTKIS J r ' D1DMT " SORT is 140 JMEAHTD __ FUW ! j DO IT .' Hy •„ -^ /OVER THE l-n.ii£j *1 E / TO GET' PiO C- r • / rr! i CUE- s YVJ <-'/(__ JUST HAPFEWKD \ ^. TO BECaw , MSTKHY v^, IS YESSIB.'OUS ! i DOG'S BESIvJ ^ ' DiGGIMG UP '' BOWES .J—-nMOM'S MAD ABOUT •,'^ri' c: L UP BOWES--) RiOMT IMTMIS <^ ~,_. .-— "^ ._ ^ ,"^ .-^ C"< ^Ai C Acio AR Cj > fc.-DST/TM*cr 6WES ) HE AM IDE^/ ^x i.yw ^^; "•H;,, ./•' 15y UIossci STRAMGE THAT- IT" NEVER EWTSR- ED |vjy HE 1 BEFOR ' ^ GEE, rr COULDWT HAvE.MISriER..,. THAT V/AS THE FIRST TIME I EVER THREW IT '•'.

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