The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on June 26, 1944 · Page 8
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 8

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Monday, June 26, 1944
Page 8
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hge THE PALM BEACH POST, MONDAY, JUNE 2&. 1944 EX-TENNESSEE GRID IT IS DYERSBURG. Tenn., June 25 (P) Second Lt. Ike Peel, former All-Southeastern back with, the University of Tennessee football team, has been seriously wounded in the European area, the War Department notified his parents nere Sunday. Peel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ike Peel. Sr., arrived in England in April as an infantry officer. An outstanding blocking back, ne played on the 1938-39- 40 Vol unteer teams, earning All-Confer ence recognition his final year. His wife. Airs. Jewel Lady Peel, and nine-months-old daughter, Susan Rebecca Peel, live in Knox-ville. Diamondball League Starts Second Half Play for the second half pennant in the Military-Civilian Diamond-i ball League begins this evening with four of the teams meeting in twilight games. The 48th Street Coast Guard won the first half flag with 16 victories and three losses. Caribbean Wing, runner-up to the champion Guardsmen in the first half, meets the Coast Guard at Bethesda Park, while Boca Raton, which ended the first half in fifth place, takes on Monterey Bar, third place, at Howard Park. Both games start at 6:15 o'clock. Six clubs are in the chase for the pennant in second half play as Ream Hospital dropped out of the race during the first half when the team was disbanded. This move became necessary when a large number of the players were trans ferred to other points. The Camp Murphy Medicos and Marines are the other two clubs making up the Diamondball League organization. STANDINGS AMEBIC AN LEAGUE .' W 1. Pol. " W L Pet. St. Lnuis Stt 27 .WtolWwA'ton SO 88 .47(t Ihicak-o so 27 .51) Unroll SO 24 .4SU N. orlt 81 29 .oUtPhila. 29 34 .40 Boston S3 31 .616iCleveland t 85 ,4o3 NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. I W L Pet St. Louii 41 la .71lrinclnntl SI SO .508 I'itHh ah SI 2S .554 Bolton 27 88 .-'!! N. York 84 29 .52.1 'Phila. 22 8.S .as Brooklyn S3 80 .SL'liChicajro ID Si .tit BOCA RATON BACK ON TOP IN MILITARY LOOP WINS TENNIS CROWN ELIZABETH, N. J., June 25. (IP) Chadwin Johnson of (he Princeton net team racked up an upset victory, 6-1, 9-7, 6-3 over his teammate, Frederick C. Prior of West Palm Beach Saturday to cop the mens Eastern Intercollegiate Tennis crown at the Town and Country Club. . Prior, top seeded in the tourna ment, fell before Johnson's powerful service and accurate backhand shots. Johnson, No. 2 man on the Princeton team, was unseeded in the tournament. In a dispatch Saturday night the Associated Press erroneously reported Prior as the winner. Gundar Haegg Sets New .World's Record In Run STOCKHOLM, June 25. Gundar Haegg set a new world record of 8:46.4 for the two-mile run Sunday in his first race of the season at Oestersund. In smashing his own record of 8:47.8 set two years ago, Haegg was clocked in 59.5 seconds for the 400 meters; 2:06 for the 800 meters; and 4:01 at the 1,500-meter mark. Haegg, who toured the United States last summer, is scheduled to meet Arne Andersson in a 1,500 meter race on Wednesday. Bra7il has about 500 domestic establishments for the manufacture of medicines. Doris Hart Captures Tennis Tournament ELIZABETH. N. J., June 25. (IP) Doris Hart of Barry College, Miami, captured the Eastern Intercollegiate Women's Tennis Tournament Sunday with a 6-3, 6-1, vic tory over Constance Clifton of Rollins College, Winter Park. Although Miss Clifton took a 3-2 lead in the opening set. Miss Hart found her game and went on to an easy win. The Barry College girl used a drop shot effectively to pile up points as she caught Miss Clifton flatfooted. Miss Hart, fourth ranking national women's star, was seeded No. 1 in the tournament staged during the past week at the Elizabeth Town and Country Club. The men's doubles title was annexed by Frederick C. Prior and Chadwick Johnson, the Princeton team, who downed Robert Miller and Merrill Heddings, Jr., of the American University, Washington, D. C. 6-3, 6-1, 7-5. The Washington pair stepped out with a 4-0 lead in the third set, Prior and Johnson pulled even at 4 all, lost the ninth game, and then swept through three straight games to sew up the match and title. TODAY'S RACE ENTRIES SUFFOLK DOWNS Track muddy. Post 2: SO p. m. KIHKT Cl.j 4 r. o. up: 1 1-U miles. Strawberry 1 12ln-Ti-Hnsmitter 107 Darby Du llSOvamio 112 HI Kid ll.VtVntimplntkm 112 Right Carla 102' Noodles 12 H.i Icy on Buy 112ll'nmlin 107 Still (.nllmit lltta-Travelnlonjr 102 Hiirh Brow 107iCreepy Mouaa 107 Haiti. Bella 102iGrand Day US a Ziunmer and Monti entry. SECOND CI.; 4 y. o. up: ( lur. EILlun 114, Out rront 111 Patsy Fly 104 Sir Tnlbot 114 Roman Nvmph Ulil'atcall US Colleen M. ll4 Dark Mischief 1I0 Hattlestar lHHalipp 106 Islam King UTiRoyal Army 111 Bird Lot Dm Snarleyow lot Wapan 114 .Spar. Tha Rod 114 THIRD-CI.: I y. o.: i fur. Metta'a Doll llllShip Jr. lit Cat Lady 115'Ilark Morninx 114 Gun Deck 112 Ann 11. 112 Sop. I 117 Lovan Day 114 Klymi Connla lMiTttian Miaa 112 FOURTH CI.; 8 y. o. up: fur. Black Buaineaa loSWalloon IKS Lilaon llliiNihby Jock 1 Garter ' 115 Robert F. 118 Chant Thru JU FIFTH Alwca. ; 4 y. o.-tip: I fur. Frilur 112;1ko K.fl lit Johnny Jr. 122 Dream Parada 122 Yaa Or No 117 SIXTH Alwca.: S y. o.: fur. a-Cech Laaa 1(16 h-ldle Fool 115 ChnlU-njrttte 116 Elray 117 a-Star Muedie lofilb-Psyehie Rat 112 PcraiflaKe 111 Fall Brook 114 Dauntlcaa Gal Iu6 A new process for drying the paint on Army tanks does the work in four minutes while the operator drives the tank through the oven. a Gamble and Rire entry, b Merry-Ho and Phllliia entry. SEVENTH Alwca.; 4 y. o. up; I 1-U mil... a-Goober Lad 124 Firat Draft lit Lov Day 1 IV Dinner Party 120 Great Ruah 124 a-Haroque 120 Billy O. in lncominx 120 a Metcalt, Carr and Marmorfteln, EIGHTH Alwca.: J y. o : 1 mile and 70 yarda. IPS1 Hi Raid 110 115 Rlnrk Hunter 112 112 l.iKht Sandwich 12 11! Dog Trot , 1H9 117 Dark Cloud 116 112 Plan Spotter 110 Roy H. Hobby 'a Firit Bark Sleed Up Risktnn Boy .an ARLINGTON PARK Track fait. Poat 4 p. m. FIRST CI.; 1 y. o. mdnl.; I 1-1 fur. Dorothy A. 115:Valriale 118 Alvan llSOdd Pair 118 Fayerbanke HHileorey 118 Nellie Weed 115 Kaohi 110 Bleacher lljl'immy 115 Bnlo Gray 115'Mi.a Stan IIS Muaicale 115 L Maria 115 Uray'a Bay 115 SECOND CI.; 8 y. o. up: ( fur. Sprinx Drift 105 Kodea K. 110 Valdina Disco 115'Joe Schenrk 111) David B. Jr. 116 lirown Mask 116 Time Waa 103 Running Sua 111 Horizon UtlBriaraon 110 Sport Lia 110 Anxiety 105 Happy Hunting 118; THIRD CI.; I y. o.: 1 1-16 mile.: (on turf). The Anawer 9iWog 105 Duole lllTErazal lot) Boaweco 112 Glenwood Boy 109 Paaaan lU'jStooKie 104 FOURTHCI.; I y. o.: fur. Craay Horao 116 Purple Heart 105 Pleaaure Hour lll'Sweepinjr Ahead 113 Aunt Sia UOiPlay Grier 116 Rlack Shot 113 Reward M )n Robin'a Crown lll'Bolo Fube 103 Marfraret T. 108 Lady Juliet 99 Hemit 113 Campanula 111 FIFTH Alwca. : t y. 0. fll.l I 1-1 fur. Twoay 109!Hlue Skimmer 111 Roaau H2iCarotina Ann 112 Lady Kentucky H9 Valdina Trial lot Surosn 10Mlu Tartan 111 KIXTH-Alwea.: S y. o. ip; I fur. Briirht Willi 117ISameron tl Pirate HSilell Menow ' 105 Armed 104jOccupation 120 SEVENTH Alwra. : S y. o.: 1 mile. Leavenworth 1 10' Wrijrhtwood 114 Twixt l!4!Mv Nluht ll Quaker 110'a-Natlve Fni 118 River Port loO New Frontier 109 Inver Fox 106!a-Old K.nluck 114 a Walmaa Farm entry. EIGHTH Alwra. : 4 y. a. up: t 1-1 ml Knnnpolia lo0Super Justice 109 Urol Ion lr'IOpenlnx Bid 109 Blueberry Pi 1 1 2i Heaping Gold lot Dcaeronto 109 NINTH (Sub.) CI. I y. o. up; 1 1-16 milea (on turf). Private Howi InS'St. Jock lit Valdina Lov llliReeallina 111 Pidxy H2IWeat Ho 111 Air Rink 1"." Queen Echo o8 Cincinnati 116 Royal View III Cold Fancy lOJlGrevill 111 Dorothy D. K. 1111 AQUEDUCT Track fait. Poat 1:15 p. m, FIRST Cl.i y. o.: 4 fur. More Win 116 Play Duaty 121 Plucky Boy ll.VSunnip 122 Te.t Flight 117;Littl Mllly 11 Ruay Madeline 107a-Sammy Angott 122 Michigan Smart 12 3: Lady Olga 111 Hindu Princ 1221 a Glbboni entry. SECOND CI. J 4 y. o. up: 1 1-1 mile. Tnpleaa Tower 10 Powerhouse 119 Roman Governor lMShaun G. 114 Honflrur 108 Faint II 114 Lady ranar 108Laat Steel 114 Wiae Brava 114!Panthorn ' 108 Blockader IMi.Sting Pal 119 THIRD Hdli.: I j. o. up; about 1 1-1 mllea. a-Sunday Puirl. H5 Not. 137 Iyngchamp 11 . 142!a-Pennyparker 137 Nnview 142 b-Boiled Shirt 146 Fox Hound 142IPeat Moaa 137 Bell Tower 142 b-Fleetfox 138 a Greentre Slahl and Phipp. b Stephen, entry. FOURTH Mdn. I y. o. fil.: I l-l fur. Golden Cloth loalSavant D'Or 110 Wemit llK High Vallia lit Nuala UeiTop.y Koae 115 FIFTH Hdrn.: 4 y. o. up: 4 fur. wimmin Hoi lia'Anibraa 112 Alforay 117!Fir Warden 107 Ariel Lad I-1 Piccadilly 120 SIXTH Hdcp.; 3 y. o. up; 1 1-1 milea. Tola Ron 10. Waltabit 114 Prineeouillo 1181 SEVENTH CI.: S y. o.: 1 1-16 milea. Seou-h Iri.h HSiGlohal 113 War Dreailng 1 IX King Of Caatl 111 Minnn'a Agent 1131 EIGHTH Alwca.: 4 y. o. up: 1 1-1 ml. Perfect Rhyme Dfiiry Lady Sticky Kitty Fre Air 109 Dead Level 108 Van ke Girl 115 Green Apple 1151 109 103 108 RESULTS By The Aaaociated Prea NATIONAL I.KAI.l K St. Louis 2-5: PlttabuiRh 1-5 (Second game railed end 9th; Sunday law). Cincinnati 4-0; Chicago 3-5. Bnston 5-1: New York 1-4. Brooklyn 4-2; Philadelphia 1-1 (Second game 10 Innings.) AMERICAN l.EAGI E Chicago 11-4; Cleveland 0-3 (Second game called end ?th: wet grounds.) St. Louis 5-5; Detroit 4-2 (First game in innings). New York 4-5: Philadelphia 3-2. Washington 5-0: Boston 4-4. 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H IN DOUBLE Ell Boca Raton Bombers went back on top In the Military Baseball League by virtue of a tvln over the Coast Guard Sunday afternoon at Wright Field and the Guardsmen who were leading the league dropped into a second ulace tie with Camp Murphy Shamrocks, victors over Morrison Field Indi ans In the first game of the double-header. The Indians are now on the bottom of the loop. Murphy beat Morrison 8-7 and Boca Raton defeated Coast Guard 10-8. Both games were full of action. The Shamrocks went into their half of the last inning trailing the Indians 7-4 but pushed over four runs on five hits and one error to emerge victorious. Camp Murphy showed early foot in the first inning when Russell, whose stick work played a large part In the Shamrock vie tory, poled a homer to 'eft center. Morrison took the lead in the second when Young singled. Nu- citu walked. Young scored on Broome's hit and Nucitu came over on an error. The Shamrocks tied in their half of the second on a series of wild heaves coupled with an Infield out. Murphy drew away (to a two-run lead In the fifth. With two out Russell doubled, Wilson dittoed, then Cor-rell singled tallying both runners. Morrison put over a pair in the sixth and three in the seventh. In the sixth Odeski was safe at first on a bad throw after two were out. Brooks was hit by pitcher and Sproehnle trippled to left center, clearing the bags. The Indians' three runs in the seventh gave them what seemed to be a commanding lead. Nucitu went safe on an error, Broome walked and Clements bunted safely, filling the bases. At this point Cosgrove relieved Seelcy on the mound for Murphy. Sommers struck out, but Riedel was hit by the pitcher, forcing in a run. Odeski singled past short and two more runs were registered for the In dians. Camp Murphy appeared un daunted by the Indians' big lead. Russell doubled to left and scored on Wilson's single. Correll hit a two-ply smack to left and Wilson scored when Brooks dropped the throw to the plate. Ippolito sin gled to center, scoring Correll and tying the score. Sowell went in to pitch for the Indians. Keefe sac rificed and Hammond bunted safe ly bringing Ippolito over with the winning run. In the second game Boca Raton Bombers got a two-run lead over Coast Guard in the opening in ning, when Bundy and Whitner scored on two wild throws, a fielder's choice and a hit by Milsovich. The Coast Guard went runless until the fifth. In that stanza two walks, an error, fielders' choice and hits by Hetrick and Brenner brought in four runs. Boca Raton garnered two runs In the third and one in the fourth. In the third Inning hits by Hettis-heimer and Whitner. Syby's long poke to left and Mulsovich's drive accounted for the scoring. The Bombers' fourth inning run developed on a walk and hits by Bundy and Syby. Boca Raton tallied twice in the sixth, the Coast Guard three times and the score was tied 7-7. Bundy, of the Bombers singled, stole second, scored on Het-tisheimer's double and the latter registered when Mulsovich hit safely to left. The Coast Guard's three runs resulted from an error, wild pitch, hit by pitcher, catcher's interference and a safe bingle by Hetrick. In the Bombers' half of the seventh and last inning. Mcnoberts walked with two out. Bundy and Hettisheimer singled scoring McRoberts. Whitner hit to short and when Hetrick heaved wildly to first Bundy and Hettis heimer scored, putting Boca in the lead 10-7. Coast Guardsmen put over a run in their half of the seventh and the game ended with Boca on the long end of a 10-8 count. The next game will see Morri son Field and the Coast Guard tangling at Wright Field at 8:30 Wednesday night Box scores: Morrison Flrld Camp Murphy White Sox Climb Into Second Place With Wins Over Tribe CHICAGO, June 25. (IP) The White Sox climbed into second place in the American League Sunday when they swept a clou bleheader from Cleveland, 11 to 0 and 4 to 3, before 26,442 persons. The second game was called after a 50-minute wait because of the wet grounds. First game: Cleveland .. 000 000 000 0 8 3 Chicago 030 420 02x 11 13 0 Harder. Poat (2), Gromek (51, Kleine (8) and Rosar; Dietrich and Fresh. Second game: Cleveland .... 100 002 03 7 0 Chicago 010 021 04 11 1 Klieman, Heving (7) and Rosar: Lopat, Maltzberger (7) and Catino. ST. LOUIS, June 25. (Tt The league-leading St. Louis Browns won a doubleheader from the Detroit Tigers Sunday and swept a four-game series with the motor city club. The Browns won the first game 5 to 4 in 10 innings and took the nightcap 5 to 2 before 12.056 paid admissions. First game: Detroit .... 000 000 040 04 7 2 St. Louis .. 001 001 002 15 15 1 Trout, Gentry (10) and Swift; Potter, Caster (8), Shirley (10) and Mancuso, Hayworth (9). Second game: Detroit .... 002 000 0002 7 0 St. Louis .... 310 010 OOx 5 7 Newhouser, Mooty (71 and Rich ards; Hollingsworth, Jakucki (8) and Hayworth. Second game: Philadcl. 000 001 000 01 10 0 Brooklyn 000 100 000 12 7 0 Barrett and Peacock; Melton and Owen. NEW YORK. June 25. ) Bill Voisclle picked up his 10th victory of the year, allowing the Braves three hits in the nightcap, to give the New York Giants a 5-1 victory and an even split in the doubleheader Sunday. Boston won the opener 4-1 behind Charlie Barrett. First game: Boston 301 000 0019 8 0 New York .... 001 000 0001 7 3 Barrett and Kluttz; Feldman and Mancuso. Second game: Boston 000 000 0011 3 1 New York .... 020 010 lOx 4 8 2 Tobin, Cardonl 18) and Masi; Voisclle and Lombardi. BOSTON, June 25. (P) Before 6.230 rugged. cash customers, the Red Sox and the Washington Na tionals split a doubleheader Sun day, the victors coming from be hind to win the opener 5 to 4 and the Sox taking the second 4 to 0. I The Sox had the Senators shut out 4 to 0 until the seventh inning of the opener when they broke the ice with one run. They scored two in the eighth and in the ninth they scored two more runs at the expense of reliefer Mike Ryba. First game: Washington . 000 000 1225 11 1 Boston . 020 110 00O 4 12 1 Wolff, Lefebvre (7), Wynn (9) and Ferrell; Hausmann. Carras quel (6), Ryba (8), Barrett (9) and Partee. Second game: Washington .. 000 000 0000 3 0 Boston 103 000 OOx 4 8 1 Candini, Lefebvre (8) and Guer- ra; Hughson and Wagner. PHILADELPHIA. June 25. (VP) The New York Yankees edged out the Athletics 4 to 3 in the first game of a doubleheader Sunday after knocking Jess Flores out of the box and scoring four runs in the first inning, and then went on to take a 5 to 2 victory in the second game before 29,197. First game: New York .... 400 000 000 4 13 1 Philadelphia 000 003 0003 9 0 Borowy and Hemsley Flores, Harris (1) and Hayes. Second game: New York ... 000 101 2105 14 0 Philadelphia 010 000 0102 10 1 Bonham and Garbark Newsom, Black (8) and Hayes. BROOKLYN. June 25. (IP) The Brooklyn Dodgers made a clean sweep of the four-game series with the Philadelphia Phillies by taking both ends of a doubleheader Sunday, 4-1 and 2-1. The Dodgers won the. second game in the 10th inning when Kd Stanky doubled, and scored on a single by Frenchy Bordagary. First game: Philadelphia 000 000 0101 7 1 Brooklyn .... 002 000 llx 4 10 1 Schanz. Matthewson (8) Finley; Davis and Owen. PITTSBURGH. June 25. (IP) The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 2-1 In a pitchers' duel Sunday and the teams were tied 5-5 when the second game of a doubleheader was called at the end of the ninth inning-to comply with the Penn sylvania Sunday baseball law. First game: St. Louis .... 002 000 0002 6 1 Pittsburgh .... 000 100 0001 5 0 Munger and W. Cooper; Sewell and Davis. Second game: St. Louis 031 001 0105 9 0 Pittsburgh .... 000 000 1135 5 0 Jurisich, Schmidt (8). Wiiks (9) and Odea; Starr, Ostermueller (3), Roe (9) and Lopez. FRANCISCO SEGURA WINS OVER TALBERT CINCINNATI, June 25. (P) Tall Billy Talbert of Indianapolis Sunday extended Francisco (Pan-cho) Segura, bronzed Ecuadoran, to five sets in the finals of the men's singles In the Tri-State Tenuis Tournament before going down to defeat, 9-11, 6-2, 7-5, 7-6, and 7-5. Segura, who last week defeated Talbert for the National Clay Courts title in Detroit, piled up point after point by using his two-handed forehand drive with chalk-chipping perfection. With the score tied five-all In the deciding set, Segura, who now makes his home in Coral Gables, Fla., broke through Talbert's service for the advantage game and then went on to take the match on his own service. Dorothy Bundy, National Clay Courts champion from Santa Monica, Calif., came from behind in the first set to defeat Pauline Betz, Los Angeles, 7-5, 6-4, in the finals of the women's singles. A capacity crowd of approximately 2.000 saw Miss Bundy, behind 5 to 2 in the opening set, change tactics and start rushing the net to overpower the strawberry blonde who holds the National Singles title. CINCINNATI, June 25. (IP) The Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs even-stephened a double- header Sunday, the Reds taking: the opener, 4 to 3. to give Bucky Walters his twelfth triumph of the I year, but dropping the nightcap. 5 to 0, victims of Claude Passeau's four-hit pitching. First game: Chicago 000 100 0023 6 1 Cincinnati .... 000 200 20x 4 8 4 Fleming and Kreitner, Easter-wood (7) Walters, Carter' (9) and Mueller. Second game: Chicago 220 000-010 5 11 0 Cincinnati .. 000 000 000 0 4 0 - Passeau and Keitner; Gumbert, Delacruz (3) and Mueller. Rapid Fire Features Pistol Training Work Much of Sunday morning's work by the pistol training class at the Palm Beach Rifle & Revolver Club consisted of rapid fire at silhouette targets and some excellent shooting was done in spite of the handicap of a stiff wind. The final session of the current pistol class ! has been postponed one week and will take place on Sunday, July 9, at which time the qualification course will be fired. The afternoon rifle shoot for club members was won by R. O. Sinciaire with a score of 387 x 400. Mrs. Annie Dease took second with 384, W. E. Wright third with 383, which outranked the same score by J. T. Dease, who finished fourth. R. P. Philips was close behind with 382. Mrs. Wright and Lt. Reynolds, of Morrison Field won the other prizes. The club will be host next Sun day to shooters from Miami, Ft. I Lauderdale. Hollywood and Belle I Glade. Events will include a four- i position team match and an Army i qualification course, as well as other matches. Shooting will com mence at 10 a. m. promptly. T E MIKE'S 1916 Sonth DIxU No Cover Charge AIIStarShow THE ALBERTAS Sen$ational Dane Comedian ODETTE M lbs. o) (1 rain Dazzling Danre. CONNIB JOHNHON la Bonn Voo Lv. BKRH JAroKSKN'S ORCHKSTEA OTHER STAR ACTS mmm (AamjoaKViartnB' Japanese women make burial shrouds, which they first wear and when they are married and then I at burial rites. Cant. 1 to 11 F. M Sr Tax Inrl. rniffliiiipg TODAY and TICSDAT Exotic Love! MONTH FJ :V -4 ABHOA1 AHHOA Onrush 4 2 1 SRu.M-ll.3b 4 S 1 0 2 t .Wilon,cf 4 2 11 0 0 0 Y,rrHI,. 4 it 4 1 0 0 4 3 9 0 0! Ippolito c 4 13 1 2 0 IWman.lf 0 1 1 0 2'0'Con'or.2b 8 0 1 0 0 0 Ciovun'i.rf 1 0 0 X 0 liFurmski.rf 1 0 1 0 0 0 Hitm'ond.rf 2 2 0 iSeolcy.p B 0 1 iCosjrrnce.p 0 0 0 lFteft 0 0 0 Somri.8i 4 Odoftki.rf 4 P rooks, c S aSpronlp.!!1 4 Young 3h S Nucito.rf 2 Broome, p 2 So well, p 0 Total 2 S 19 71 Total St 13 21 8 Butte, for Bowman Morrison UUi (120 002 87 Camp Murphy U0 0U0 48 fcrror. See.. Bowman, (..orrrtl, i ion nor, Brooki: run, Russfll 3. Young, Nurltn 2. O Connor, wi nn 2. Ortenkl. iron km. Broomr. Clmmtn. Corr?ll. Frltjuicht: runs batted in, Hroom. KussHI. heeiry, Wtlnon Corri'll. Sprnehnl , Otlrnkl Z. Ippolito'; two has hit. Rumell 2. Wilnon. Kritenche. Correll: three bast hits. Spnx hnie ; home runs, KiKseli ; utolrn baite. innolitnt ac- rificen. Keefe : double playi, Wilson to Ruv ell; Correll to Fritwrhe: left on ha . Morrison Field 5: Camp Murphr 7: bae on balli. off Set-Icy 2, Howell 1 1 struck out. bv Broome (L set'I'-y 1, (sorov 1 : hit. off Broome. 12 in t inning ; Se?ley. 7 in i CoKHTov.?, 1 in 1 ; Sowell, 1 in 1-H inning: hit by pitcher, by Keeley (Brook. : Costrrove (Riedel): wild pitchn. Seelry 2; Broome 1 : winning piteher, Coxtrrove; losing pitcher, Broome; umpirei, Wilson and Ligon j scorer, Carus ; time, 1:50. 802 South Dixie West Palm Beach, Florida Bars Raton ABHOA Rumly.2b tit 2 Hclrlrk.., HrChr,. S S Whitner. If 4 1 Xvhy.rf 4 1 MiloVh.Sh S. S Johntnn.e 4 A' I 0 Rlri' 4 1 M'Rob'ta.P i 0 0 2IHrenner.lf 1 OiDe'ri-Ut.Sb 0 OIBrantlon.c 0 2'Ellia.rf S 0 Mvk,.!t) 1 0!Klein.2h 0 OlYouncrf 1 2 Sproul.n I'Dennii foait Onaril ABHOA 4 : 0 4! 4 110 4 12 2 2 0 S 1 S 0 1 A S 0 I 0 0 8 2 S 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 27 21 t Hotel George Washlogtoe AIR-CONDITIONED DINING ROOM "COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN" BISINKSN MKN'S . LUNCHEON 85c Frnlt Juirc Choir of One Meat To Vtcrtahlrs Deasert or Salad Drink Holla and Butter I (i. I. NPKCIAL DlNNfcK '1.25 Roup ar Frnlt Juire Choir of One Meat ' Tws Vegetables Salad Drink Roll and Batter Dessert Hotel Mayflower ON THE LAKE FRONT PALM BEACH DANCE IN THE MOONLIGHT ON MAYFLOWER PIER POOL OPEN NIGHT & DAY 25c for Service People and Children ' 40c for Adults (Slight tncreas In tvenlng prices) NO 30 TAX NEW LOW PRICES ON DRINKS SPECIAL SUMMER ROOM RATES Total, lie 12 21 HI Total, Hatlrd for Mrrkl in 7th. Boca Raton 202 102 3 10 Coat Guard 000 043 1 8 Errora. Hi'trlrk 2, 8proul 2, Demourrlla, Bumly, Hf-ttlftheimer, Whitner I runn. Bundy 8, Whitner 2, Hrtt iiiheimer I, MrlioK. arts 2, Mreks. Younc, Sproul. Hetrick, Brandon. EHIa, Klfln, Pemourclle i runs batted in, Mlloaovich 2, Syby 2. Johnson, Hetrick 4, Brenner 2. HettUhclmer 2, Ellis; two bane hita, Hrttl.hclmer I stolen baart, Klli. Meeks, Bumly, Whitner double playi. McRobcrta to Bumly in Clank I Bundy to Clark : left on base.. Boca Raton 0 . Coat Ouard 4 : baae on bulla, off MrRoherta 5, Snroul 8; atrack out. by McRoberts 8. Snroul 8 : hita, off MrRoherta, 6 In 7 ; Sproul, 12 In 7 I bit by pitcher, by McRnb. erta (Brandon) I wild pitches. Sproul, Mc Roberta; winning pitcher. McRoberts; los ina- pitcher, Sproul; umpires, Wilson and Lison ; scorer, Caruf. Washington is the Westernmost State in the Union. IT COSTS NO MORE! to enjoy your luncheon in the cool AIR CONDITIONED Rainbow Room Of The Pennsylvania Hotel B. 1. JAECKEL, Manarrr DAII.V SHOPPKH'S SPECIAL 50c BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCHEON 60c Served from 12 to 2 44c o I Tax Incl. Coat. Ml FN ill i: isosc TODAY and TOMORROW FIRST SHOWING IN CITT lU DONALD AND PEGGY r isii WW DONALD O'CONNOR PEGGY RYAN ANN IIYIH ) '.'.'.i.wwwr. ARCADE Dally Ml 4(M4e Tax Incl. LAST DAY Grace McDonald-Leon Frrol "HATCH Kt'K HONEY" PLUS Ana Harriinr-Leslle Brooke "NINE (ilKLS" RIALTO Cont. Ml SSc, Tax Incl.. LAST DAY CARY GRANT "DESTINATION TOKYO" ALSO Lynn Roberta-Arthur Lake "GHOST THAT WALKS ALONE" PARK Open Today 1:43 30c Tax Incl. LAST DAY Betta Davis-Miriam Hopkins "OLD ACQUAINTANCE" K LAKE ' Dally From 2:4.1 40-440 Tax Incl. LAST DAY CHARLES BOYFR INGRID BERGMAN "GASLIGHT"

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