The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1930
Page 4
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Former Giants fNow Wear Bearskins Leaders Continue lo Show. Other Amateurs How lo ! • Play National Sport. ' Continuing the fast pace maintained all season, Gosnell in the, Ark-Mo and Hone in the Chicka-i saw loop remained In the van of | Ihe two Sunday nmatc-u r baseball | loops after yesterday's games. , Gosnell walloped Keiser despite j a sensational pitching performance j by Eason, Keiser hurler. who | struck oul 15 men. The scoro ill j favor of Own ell was 7 lo 5. Yar- ; bro bowed lo Holland 10 to 5 and ! Cooler walked over Osceola In, easy fashion. 12 u> 0. Evadale • \\on from Wilson in a closely con- • tested game, 8 to 0. I In the Chlckasaw loop Howe j "~ mel Ihe Minyard team which hasj They yet to win a game and UK con-. Clll;s ' test between the league leaders, ' and the cellar occupant was one- • lmm sided with Howe winning 24 to 2. Lone Oak finally emerged victorious over Dell 0 to 4 and Burdelte slugged viciously for a 1C lo 4 triumph over Little River. Flat Lake was on Die losing end : Of a game with Promise Land 91 to 1. 1 The box score of several of the j games as turned in to officials ol the league follow: Cooler Byrd Thompson 40-43— 83, one are MrGraw enemies icday. bui ihcy didn't turn trnilor to get away from ti:.? pilot of thi 1 holographed above in Hit ilnynui (hiring the Cub\-Glants serins used to play ball for McGraw Left lo right, they ;>re Hogers Hornsby. Eddie Kan.;l!, Kay Kchnlk, George Kelly, Knelt Taylor •i'.hes ai limes lir? had every one of llirm back again. • Yoik Giants. These Chicago he sold, trailed and released Hr.t-k WiKon. No dcubt Mc- J. Rushing P. Michte .. Juestrlng .. D. Michie . Reed While Ashen Tolals Osceola Slovall Burton — Wilson .... Farley — Hampton . Weldon ... Young — Seagraves . Chesenhall Ab R H ,. C 2 3 .C3l| .. C 2 '1 .433 .510 ..432 ..500 .501 ,.522 . 46 1C 13 Ab R H 1)11) ,YOi: KNOW TjlAT— Pal Malunv once experimented wi'Ji whai he called thi "tape ball." ... Pat slripcd the back of his glove with while adhesive tape . . . His iden was lo wave the glove uji and down nbou ihc lime the ball reach«l the bnltcr . . . thus befuddling the man at tho plate . . . The first day I'a' tried It in a came was wit, 1 Chnck Klein, the big bat man from Philly . . . Klein lias n nasty way of rifling n ball back til a pilchcr, making il prac tically Impossible for a mouuds- nian to enjoy himself much whil Mr. Klein is up there . . . I'ut wound up. let a fast one B' right <lo»n the middle and waved tils black and white glove. . . Bui something went wrong with the idea, because Klein dented Pal's shins with a steaming liner ... Wherewith Pat evac- ated the Held of invention. Ic-av- 1ns such mailers to Thomas Edison, e! ol. Tolals 35 0 4 Holland Utley B. Edwards Jackson ITigaon : Jenkins Kenley Zohner Stccle Kinder. Ab R H 4 0 ~ 3 0 3 5 4 4 4 3 4 Totals 34 10 10 00RS Yarbro , C. Bunch Kolwlck ..' 5 Moore' 5 Wooten 5 Johnson' 2 D. Bunch — 4 Mullins 4 C. Bailey 3 Thompson 2 Ab R H .300 0 Totals 33 5 5 Gosnell ' AB. R. H. C. Ledbetter 0 3 Phillips 4 1 1 Keed 4 1 1 Pitman 4 3 3 Grimes ..' 4 0 0 E. Ledbetter 4 I 2 Bevitlc 4 0 0 Lunsford 3 0 Totals 35 1 11 Keiser AB. R. H. Holmes -5 1 2 Barker 5 1 0 Holmes 5 0 2 Hugell 4 1 1 Snider 4 1 1 Kennedy '.... 4 0 1 Wilson 400 Tuteall 4 0 0 Etson 400 Poor Tired Philip Truth crushed to earth gathers no moss. Just as sure us headaches after you stayed late at the office to clean up a lot of work, n roadhouse calling card bearing the awful words "Shady Rest" will fall out of your pocket while you sleep and become Ihe subject of a painful investigation by the little woman next morning. Justice will triumph in the end. Thus, do we fearn after anxious weeks of fretting and fuming and fussing, chewing the fingernails to the core, tearing the hair in nervousness, wakeful nights and hot afternoons, that that great gladiator, Philip Snlfllng Scott, was just tired when he lost to Willie Stribling—Just tired, that's all. The Terrible Tluings James J. Johnston who seconded the Soho Swooner in his pasturing with Young Strlb, brings us th? terrible news from London town. "My Philip was tired." says James, "just tired, that's all." So dear Philip wasn't mangled so badly alter all. He Just grew weary of Use whole sordid business and sal down. Like Joe Beckett tile original resting pugllisl. ]Kxr dear Philip fairly doles on sitting down. By the way, why Is it that those British heavyweights never have gone in for tree-sitting on a big scale? Poor dear Philip ami poor dear Joe! My. my. 81; PEGS LOSE )ouble Wilb Two Down Sinks Barons; Pelicans Win and Slay in Plate. ATLANTA, Ga. — An outfielder vlth a crippled hiind. big Joe Hutchinson, pinch hitler de luxe, forced the Memphis Chicks into a lintli Innine victory over Ihe At- anla yeslerday G to 5. iutchlmon'f. blow, a double with he bases lonilcd sent three riimts icrcss the plale and kept the hicks a tremendous nine and a half games ahead of Iheir nearest competitors, the Pelicans. The birds also won with Lee, lefthander, hurling in such fashion that the Vols could garner but five hits and a shutout. The birds won 5 lo 0 with 12 hits. Hilly Maync, Ihe Chattanooga Horseman, rung up his 20lh vlctorj of the season, as the Lookouts pounded the ball viciously for a 10 lo 7 triumph over the crphar Bears. The game lapsed Into com cdy when Hie Lookouts swept Into the lead at the start. Clay Touchstone was in form Sunday and Die Little Rock Trav elers lost a ball game to the Birmingham Bnrons. •! to 2. Touchstone allowed the persistent Pebble.; nine liils but tepl (hem scattered. Big Jim Moore, Pebble ace, pitching his last game before joining the White Sox held the Barons to four nils bul had the hard luck lo allow ihem all In the second Inning. hrce times up. The fielding u'. 'ayne in center bordered on tin 1 ensntional several limus. He maiV evernl long and difficult catches. Memphis ... •Jew Orleans Birmingham Atlanta .... ,Hlle Reck . Whitener Returns Tonight Fiiz Whllsner. Stcele welter, will 'attempt a comeback before local fans after a long absence from a local arena when he tackles Ser- scnnt Wolfe, the steady, tough Memphis boy, in (he feature bout of Joe Craig's fight card tonight. Olio Young, negro pro'.cge of Craig and recent victor over Ler I'aitc-rson. will meet n well known Memphis negro in ihe semi-fiOnal. The popular Tommy Ryan Sea- Ion of Luxora meets an unknown in one of ihe preliminaries. The lull card promises plenty of action Philadelphia 85 Washington 70 New York 73 Cleveland C6 Detroit, UO St. Louis 49 Chicago 48 Boston « .GO Slim Love and Indians '.581 .521 Turn Back Sikeston Team .392 .380 OSCEOLA. Ark—Slim Love linte tro good for the •Jg.W ' Chicago — New York . Brooklyn ... St. Louis ... Pittsburgh . Boston Cincinnati . Philadelphia National I.eajrue W. L. 74 48 08 52 09 56 67 56 03 34-; . boys and Osceola won lought game score 1 to u. ^mj j 20 m?n faced T.ove in. the nine in-1 59 67 U7 83 Ark-Mo Lragur W. L. Gcsncll 9 4 Evadale G 3 Cooler 8 5 Hcllnud 7 5 Wilson 1 6 .533 P C t . niii"5, 18 oi them going out on .G37' slr i kes - 2 hits were gotten oft his 5U7 delivery and only iwo men rench- .55? cd first base. Joe Bradshaw, ex- Brooklyn National Leaguer, pitched good ball for the visitors and allowed the Indians 5 hits, thre? 01 me oy Gcuc ri.,I L: , who was re- ccnily signed by Ihe Tiibe. Slotts] scored Ihe only nm of the game | in Ihe first inning. Afl?r reach-j ing first on a single, he was Cape Group Avenges Drubbing Here With 45-34, Win Over Missouri Course i Golfers of (he Blytheville coun- ;lry dub were unable to lost iheir i"ruad jfnx" yesleiday although 31 | members of the local elub journey- led lo Cape Girardeau where they | last an inter-club tournament to the country club of t!ip Missouri ^•lly, 45 10 34. I The tournament was played over ithe nine hole course of the Cape I country club, overlooking the Mississippi river. The course Is considered one of lh? most beautiful and one of the sportiest courses in tliis section of the country. The Cape Rolfcr.s avenged an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the Blylhcvillc golf leam earlier In ihe summer played on the local course. Yesterday, Johnnie Pepp, diminutive pro of ihe Blytheville ?club. playing as a member of the local team set the paw wilh a low medal score of 7C for the 13 holes. He was closely Iralled by Cole.of the Cape club v,ith 77 wliile Clifford Cavelle wilh an 82 held the second low score fo r Blytlviville. The largest, group of Blytheville golfers lo participate in an Inter-club tournament this year played yesterday with 30 matches in all. Marion Gray, one of the inembers of Ihe Blyihiville group, jwa.s forced lo play under the colors of the Cai» club as the Missouri group was not sufficient to match completely the Blytheville array Incidentally Gray scored two points for the Cape club. Matches w,;rc scored by the point system with one point alloted for low medal scoie fcr Hie 18 holes and one jwint for match play winner for each 9 holes. Results .of (he individual matches follow: Pepp (B) 33-37- -7G. three points, defeated Wells to 46-40—8C. Lenti IB) 41-43—84. two points, defeated Cofer <C) 45-45—01. Black (C) 42-38—80, two points defeated Lynch (B) 41-45 -85. on? point. John Candill (U) 42-43—85, two Sikeston! points, defeated Hely <C> 48-43—91. a hard Baxter iBi 45-43—88, three point, 0. Only j defeated Juden (C) 49-45—94. Gramling (C) 37-42—79, two defeated Kartells point. Cole ICI 41-2G--17, tlircc palnls. defeat^ Thomas <B) 40-45-01. Springer '01 42-42—84. three points, defeated Phillips (III 45-43 -88. G. G. Cauitlll (U) 41-44-85, three points, defeated Winniugham id 44-45-83. Meyer <C> 45-47—32, three pDiru. defeated LintJ'.enich <13) 43-47—95. Newman iC> 43-40—83, three points, defeated Sndbury '!!) 50 48-98. liartin <CJ 43-40—89, three points MONDAY, AUGUST 20,_!»-'«) ~~ m Pollard i U) 42-45—87. one point and Lampkln >Ci 43-45-88. one point, tied. Owens (C) 45-41—80. three points defeated Giimes 'B> 49-53—105. Keck IB) 47--1C—93, two points defeated England 'Ci 47-51—58. Youiig iC) 45--I3—88, two points j defeated Goodman <Bl 48-43—91. Stiver >Ct 44-44—88, tv:o ]K>inls defeated P.-itlon till 47-42—89. Waterman <B> 50-49—59. uvr points, defeated Kentphan (Ci 5945—104, one point. I.amkin <C) 49-43—82. thrcf I»ints, defealcd Gee (13) 50-40—9G Hilton <C) 43-43—8fi, three points defeated'Branson IB) 40-49—95. Carpenter iD) 54-49—103. tw points, defeated Cunningham (G) 53-49—107. one point. Oliver (C) 46-48—U4, three point; defeated Morse (B) 43-50—DC. Wolfort iB) 51-55—10G, Hire points, defealcd Oliver 1C) 53-59112. Morris <B) 45-39 (latter score for eight holes) three points, defeated D. Oliver (C) 52-44 Ualler scorf for eight holes). Giay 1C) Gl-52—113. two pionts. defeated Harold Sternuerg (B) 5365—118, one point. Danny Taylor's Steal Home Is Classic; Nats Defeat Mackmcn. was .545| 5") .43 i .325 Manila Team Leaves Field In Game with Monettc Nine Totals 39 Howe Little .. Eanford Earls ... Smith .. Davis .. McKay . Crane . Buys 7 4 6 5 4 G G Alexander C AB. fl. . 6 2 4 3 I 3 3 Kciser 2 Yarbro -3 Osceo'.a 0 ToUls 50 24 22 Mlnyard AB. R. H. Grioe 4 0 t Floyd 1 P Graham 4 0 1 Thomas 400 Hardin * 1 ' Hoehkr 4 0 C Yelton 3 0 C Brown 3 0 I ,:j-.yard 3 0 1 Tolals 33 2 Speedy Schaefier Passes Through Blytheville Today "Speedy" Schaeffer of East St. Louis, who will be remembered by local sport tins as the flashy toe ho';d artist who opposed Boris Demitrcof In the days of the wrestling shows here dating bick. several years was a visitor in the cits- tod ay. Scnaeffer was cnroutc to VIcks- burg, MUs., where he sa'yj he will meet Bobby Chick this-week. XIncalled for Rudeness James J. Johnston, though, was most impolite with his |xx>r dear Philip, according to journals froiv London town. Afler Slrlbling had bent. Phil's ribwork with a most :udc shove, the seconds in poo- Phil's corner were hard pressed to restore their fellow to the vertical. Jame.s J. Johnston's efforts \icre labeled heroic by the British writers. He uppcrciit. hooked and jabbed Phil us the Phalntir.g One fat on ihe stool in the corner in a comatose condition. In fact, uo arc lolrt James J. is the only hvinx person who ever knocked a BriiisX. heavyweight conscious. When the bell rang, Phil rushed out to face Slribling. but It war James J. Johnston's itide handlinc from which he fled. Tom Webster drew a cartoon showing Phil fleeing from his manager and tormentor. It's a pretty state of affairs, indeed, when a British heavyweight cannot exercise his God-given prerogative ol sitting down even in his own corner between the rounds! « • • Perish ,lhe Thought! I'm afraid I'm going to have r r.orrid dream about all tins brutality. Maybe I'll dream of watching Babe Ruth being wheeled to the plate In a large plush chair, nlur.k Ing an enormous lapsls luzull baseball jusl out of some simr.Dkm outfielders reach and lx-ir,» w ; ipp!- ed around the bases briskly while the umpire snores resonantly as 1- reclines on an umbrella-covered chaise-lounge. And wak screaming! MANILA, Ark.. Allg. 23. — The first game of-a three game series between .NfaniUi and Monelle for he championship of Eastern Arkansas came to an abrupt ending '.he ninth inning, when Ihe Manila nine left the field, with the score 4-3 In their favor. The game was a pitchers' duel between Robert Porter, erstwhile hurlev with the Vicksburg, Miss, leam In the Cotton States, and Slim Eason. young slab nrlist from down on Flint Bend, fourteen miles south ol Manila. Manila and Moncttc tiad played earlier In Ihe season, anil were n gBiue vlclor over each other. A rift had come between the management. 1 ; of the two clubs, and relations were severed. After two months Ihc clubs n^rml to meet in Ihc series to settle once for all the championship that both clubs had claimed all summer. One of the largest delegations of Manila fans ever to accompany the home team motored to Monelle lo v.itnoss the game. A large number of Leach ville, and southeast- Missouri fans were there, and all were pulling fcr n Mnnlla victory. In the ninth Inninit with ivfanil; leading a dispute arope over tlv- declilon of Umpire Rebecca and ttie captain signaled his men to leave the field. Pans swarmed onto the field ar.d arguments became healed but lit violence resulted. Snider of Manila who served a one umpire and Rebecca who alsc served in an umplrlcal capacll gave conflicting decisions. Chickasaw League W. L. Howe 11 2 Promise I.and 9 4 TJIII" Oak 8 4 Liltte River G 7 Flal Lake 4 8 Burdette 5 8 Dell 3 10 Mlnyard 0 7 PCI .C02 I vanced lo second by Lowrance who .GOO sacrificed. Hale hit one into right, j .OIC field fo rone base and Stotts was .583 held at third. Foreman, next up, n?!d lor one base and Slotts was scoring after tli^ catc'i. The ln. lians play Cherry Valley "at Osceola Thursday- The Cherry Valley buys with Henry Kelly pilch- ing defeated the Tribe at Osceola last Wednesday and the Indians .840 are aff'r i.;vcngc. GGfl points, defeated Gulp (B) 45-45—87. - McClintock 1C) 40-41—two points deieattd Cavette IB) 43-39—82 one point. McCiuarty. (C) 44-41-85, Iwc points, defealcd Roe (B) 43-48—91, one point.' Bannister (B) 44-42—80, tw. points, defeated Baumstark (Ci 4741—88. Strohm 1C) 45-44—89. three points, defeated-Gooeh IB) 51-45— 96. Terry (E) 43-45—88,'two points CardweU High Ball Team Loses to Hornersvillf CAKDWEU. .Mo.—The CardweU High Shool boys baseball leam was defeated by a Ecore of 15-5 by thr lomersville High School boys Friday afternoon at Hornrsville. It wsa the last game of the season. Cardwcll's team was composed of B. Mize. c; J. Griggs; c; O. Mize, >; O. North, p.; and Ib; U Stewart, Ib; N. Stewart, 2b; C. Sjrader. 3b; J. I-'errel, ss; P. Waylarid, If; R. Collins, rf; W. Whitson, cf. •?orth made 2 inns, Ferrel 2 and Strader 1. The high school starts .football practice Monday. The first game is scheduled with Hornersville for September fifth. The CardweU High School girls baseball team lost to Hornersvill High School Friday afternoon with the score of 24-9; the game being played at Hornersville. The Cardwell girls team was composed of G North, p. I. Blakeney, c. E: L. Collins, Ib; L Martin, 2b; A. Martin. 3b; B. Lambert, ss; L. Hinesley, ss: I. McCoy, rf; C. Giimore, cf; V, Lester, If. Mr. Collins of CardweU.served'as umpire. Hornersville High School .won the 'ennts games thai were played at Hornersville Friday afternoon. The CardweU girls were represented. by Frances Riggs and Louise Fields: the boys by Earl Fleeman and Owens Fitzgerald. NEW YORK.—One of the most dramatic thrills in baseball—a steal of home in the ninth Inning two cut—decided a crucial and desperately foiiKlu game between the Chicago Bruins, National leader?,, and the New York Giants, second place battlers, in favor of the Cubs Sunday at Chicago. In the American circuit the Nats reduced the lead of the Macks by a game but wire still more than :.even games behind the Maekmen. The hard fought sjame at Chicago packed all the thrills of a world ieries encounter with. Bash and Fit/Simmons and lloving battling in a Inirlini; duel until the fateful ninlli when raung Danny Taylor walked, stoleNjccond, galloped lo^ :h:rd on a bad throw and literally"^ flung himself across home plate as' ileving tossed to the Giant ca'.chcr. The score was 3 lo 2. The Hoblns idled but the Cards ivhilped the Phillies twice, scores, 9 lo 4 and 6 to 4. The Cardinals used their base hitr. lo good advantage iix the'opener and beat the Phils out in the nightcap although: outhit. The Cincinnati Reds snapped Piusburgh's seven game winning streak with a 2 to 0 victory in the second game of a double header yssterday. In the first contest the Bucs won, y to 6. Kolp allowed the Corsairs bul.five hits in the second game. The Washington Senators trimmed ihe Athletics 7 lo 3 but remained far in Ihe rear. A triple oy West in the sixth inning brope up a lie and sent the Nats lo the fr.ont. Crowder was the winning ind Walberg the losing hurler. Wes Ferrell chalked up his 22nd rictory of the season as the Indians :>nd game of a doubleheader. The >eal the Yankees 4 to 2 in the sec- Cleveland ace allowed the Yanks but six scattered hits. Puffing held the Indians in the first game while his mates grabbed a 5 to 3 decision. The St. Louis Browns ended Earl .Vhitehill's string of successive victories at 11 straight when they .landed the Detroit star a 1 to 5 defeat yesterday. The Browns used three pitchers in overcoming the Tigers lead. The Chicago W,hite Sox paid iheir last visit to 'Boston this year and divided a twin bill with the Red Sox. The Boston aggregation defeated the Sox 2 to 0 in the first game with Milt Gaston giving the Pale Hose only -three, hits. In the second game the White Stockings pounded Durham hard enough to win, 5 to 4. .33" .33' .000 .HOB .231 .WO Mandav and Tuesday .eachville Lions In .... Big Roar Over Victory MANILA, Ark., Aug. 23. — The Leachville Lions Club won the deciding game from their fellow Lions of Manila yesterday. 6-4. The game was the best played among Ihe three of the current series. Manila had won Ihc first 22-2. and dropped the second game 11-10. Green who had pitched the first game came back to lose the second, although he only allowed elglil hit*. Errors by Manila Inflelders. and mlsjudg- ments by outfielders HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday CHARLES 'BUDDY' ROGERS IN 'Safety in Numbers" most of the visltcrs scores. Hiulns .stars for Lcachville was Roderick with a couple of singles in four times M bat, and for Manila Snider. who secured three singles In Talking Comedy and Sound \c\vs. Admission Matinee 10c-:iOc Admission Night IBc-IOc Lifetime Guaranteed Pathfinder "EUl flflff"Jit I- K »*«JIglHMjjpg k 09x440 S5.55 y 30x450 S6.35 - 28x475 §7.55 29x500 $7.95 31x525 §9.85 32x600 $12.40 10-l'Iy Heavy Duly Truck Tires 32x6 $34.55 Crawford, al?o Western. Admission Matinou and Night lc-25c Greater Values Tliaii Ever Before? Rubber is cheap. Goodyear is building: a larger share than ever of all tires sold— MILLIONS MORE than any other company. Result: Still higher quality at history's lowest prices. Come in and see the new Heavy Duty Goodyear All-Weathers— super protection at ordinary. 6-ply tire prices I 30x.l50 S12.00 28x175 - S12.40 29x500 -- S1S.25 30x500 $13.00 28x525 . SM.GO fiOO-18 S17.50 Car Washed and SI.50 Greased MAIN SERVICE STATION Corner of Main and Fifth. Rlythevillc, Ark.

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