The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1948
Page 9
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' KRItiAY, MARCH 12,1948 YWCA Leaders To Launch Purge Communist Activity Within Organization Rapped by Committee NEW YORK. March 16 (UP) Communists are attempting to urop aganriize 3.000.000 teen-aged uirls throuRh the You,,,; Women's Chrisl tian Association, a committee of New York civic leaders charged to- oiiy. The committee planned a nationwide campaign "to stamp out Com- *tumsm In the Y.W.C.A." and to Direct a reorganization of the associations national board of direc- "Communism has Ul , ( .,, liim|) . int in the Y.W.C.A. [or a number of years' said Mrs, Eal ., Frcllchj a number of tlie colnmittee. :,)Tne five-member committee was chosen at a meeting of 40 church •qroup leaders and American Le- 'fiiCJi officials last night. .Edward H. Potter, an assistant f>fv York district attorney and member of the national board of the Y.W.C.A.. attended the meeting. He said he planned to retain his office iii' the association white aiil- lng.:thc,. campaign, : •'"The proper place to fight communistic infiltration is within the Y itself." he said. "We realize Inc danger but we also see it in the American Legion and every other eroup." Mrs. French, who resigned last October as president of tlic Q;iectis Y.W.C.A-, charged that the Y's songbook included two songs which appear in I lie ofticlal songbook of the Communist Partv. She sa'cl these were "Drill Ye Terriers" aiid "Sing Alone the Way." Mrs. French also charged tliut the ofiicial publication of the Y.W.C.A.. "Women's Press." carries pro-Communist material. The committee was instructed by the meeting to sec up an organization to carry on a nationwide campaign, both to publicize their views and to actively combat leftist activities in the association. %orld Religious Roily Projected For Hiroshima HIROSHIMA (UP)—Japanese re- liRious leaders plan to hold a wor.d religious conference In this atom- bombed city in 1950. Groundwork for carrying out the project ni)l be laid here in March, when representatives of all religious denominations in Hiroshima Prefecture meet to organize for the event. Japanese hope to convene the conference on Aug. 6. 1950. the anniversary ..of the dropping or tile first.atomic bomb on Japan. -"The atoirtic bomb.bro«o!jt geaie to' the world." said the Rev. Kl'- yoshi Tanimoto of the Nagareekawa church. "The first bomb was droupert here. Hiroshima now lias become a symbol of peace. We believe a world, religious conference I shoiild be held in this city." : •} Premier Is Christian ^ Tanimoto plans to appeal to the Japanese ' - government for assistance in raising funds. He pointed out" that. Premier Tetsu Katayama Is .a Presbyterian—the first.Chris- tian leader this nation has ever had. , r When Katayama was . elected, (Jen. Douglas MacArthur commented on the fact that Japan had gained a. Clyistian leader and expressed his satisfaction. Japanese religious leaders -5f every (aith say this country needs good religious leadership and hope that the proposed conference will give an impetus to the develope- ment of new religious workers.- Stronp Christian Center The Japanese new democratic constitution has given the people freedom of religion, state .spon- BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.y COURIER Wants Greeting Cards for Last Days £?""" S u- e Hi " r "' k l! * yea " ° |CL The dortors *** sh « has only a ^l r,^ ? r m °? lhS '° ' iVe ' beraUSe She has ly"H>halic leukemia, bncran t play, of course, and Hie light hurts her eyes She eels tired ea,.ly too. Donna Sue's only ioy Is readine I'reelim cards! Her address is 9304 Edmunds Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Royalty, but He's Unimpressed Ohio Hamlet's Mayor Is Also Florist And Barber, and Part-time Fisherman By Jantri F.. Helbrrt (N'KA SUff CorrrtpMirirnt) Knglcwood. O. (NEA>— Used to o« that Clyde Fetters Ihousht maybe he was Jusl about, the busiest man In tills village ot 631 population 12 miles North of Dayton. Now he's sure of It. About the tlrtif'he'd jiet to cutting » nice bunch of chrysanthemums for a ciutbjiier. and doliijj them up real fancy with a ribbon, some fellow who overslept would' charge In and demand a 15-mtnule shsve anrl Uo seconds flat.. "Doy, I thouRhl I had plenty to keep nie Jumping then, but Ihal'i before they, slipped one over on me," said Ketters. The one "they sHuped over" on the town's combination barber-florist wa* to elrvt him mayor. And he didn't know he was even running, i.ots ot other people dldn'l either Anywny; no one tiled for the office al the recent election and that In- culded Ira Warner, who had held the Job several years and told friends he was "plumb sick and tired of It . . . all work and no pity." So voters wrote In Ihe names of H candidates and Fellers got 'Ji voles. m s nearest competitor re- celvcil nine. Feltdrs didn't seek (he office, but today nmo'ng hi* raws and-flower P'K.S Imlr tonic and enriched dirt, he M\y< that he has H plan to briiv more ciuerlaliiiiient ,(o Bn B lewoo<i so the young folks won't no, tralp- slnf! to Dayton for fun and frolic. His iwlice force has made motorists racing to Ihelr work In Dayton factories realize (hnt the Englewood Read for Fun, Professor Urges EVANSTON. ill. (UP)—More people should raid for pleasure in- sieud of for practical purposes. s(, ys Jean H. Hngstrnm. assistant, pro- lessor of English «t Northwestern University. Hngslrum said (here was an Increase or 10 to 15 per cent In the nation's reading during 1047;.btit a decrease hV the reading 'of' fiction. "If present trends continue, the art of reading for pleasure is likely '.o die out In America," he said. "The danger is that people look I Boot Put Under 'Arrttf In Suit tor Damages BT. I'AUL (Ui'l — A 20-foot clls- Uim-Iiitllt speed boat Is Hie, dc- fciidiint In a liuv suit (n Hetmepln Ciiunly district, cnuri. 'J'!n> bonl owned by Fred W. Johnslnn, si. Pntil, la beliiR siifd Jin- $4:;i!) because of a r»]||.«lnii at nearby Lake Mlmir(onkn last slimmer. Suit ts brought under a little-used rluusc o( the. slate admiralty law. Johnston's boat collided with « cubln cruiser mvned by Arthur E Hnldon HIKI Duncan llnnioni The Inlter are risking $i(i<t („,. ,| nmnRC tn their hom, $],.|no lor l»,s\ 0 ( lisa "t their emit, nnd »'>.05(i for Injuries to l.amonl. Dcpliiles seiuvi'd papers on the defendant boat ami are holding Ihe craft In custody pending outcome of tho litigation. Civile IVflcrs I streets are not Ihe Utiih Mill flats. What with holding mint, nttpud- inu cmmcll meetings and' listening to citizens demand llml the .street be repaired in front of their houses Potters decided Unit he's millv busy now. . . But not even (he crush of \? fn \, Itles. blooming violets nnd fnney linfrirlms .stops Krttor.s from R»- Init IlshliiR every Wcdnosdiiy Even ] when he has to fish (InouBh the upon reaclliiR more and mere as u ulillniiiin fuiK-litm," llut;s(inni said. "Tract iral rensims, slirh as j miilliiK about lin.s,sliii) rol,-iti< ms Ihe houslnif slinrliiKe ,„• ,oRy, "re nil liuhl. hut they should 1 not choke out iviidlii K for fiijoymenl." lime • "•••'••^.nuui<K«li-a>u«uia^BHm^MMV '. Queen Klizabclh blossomed out in a new and unusual hat at London s Ideal Home Exhibit, but the puppy at one of the stands doesnt seem Moo', impressed with either the ribbon-bedewed chapeau or the royal attention. At right are Princess Margaret and King George (partly hidden). Ex-Pupil to Have Voice In Running High School CHAMPAIGN, III. (UP)—Champaign high, school officials are giving "old prads" a say-so in planning the curriculum of their alma mater: " • Graduates in all walks of life have been asked, by questionnaire, to tell what high school courses sored siiintoism Is now forbidden. Each individual is free to worship as he pleases. Hiroshima is one of the .strong Christian centers in Japan. Tbo influence of Catholic missionaries was felt here many years ago. Many of the residents of the city have been converted to the Christian faith since the war. Buddhism, long the leading religion in Japan, is gaining many of the former Shinto worshippers. were valuable to them and what courses proved of little benefit. School officials plan to tabulate the information, revamp the present course of study and do a "better Job" of teaching future pupils. IHSTANT RADIO SERVICE AU. JMAKKS We Specialize in F-M I-atest Mixlcls of New • Weslinghotise • Crosley BLYTHEVILLE SALES COSI.MNY 1M E. Jlain Phone 36IB They're Ohli-r Knrllest :uit|ieiitl(! records of the } pipe 01 i;an 'do not «o bn'oiul Ihr second century. II. c.. bu'l riTords of bngplpes and ]iiin-|iipes [•xlcmi to a more remote period. First National Insurance Agency FOR COMPLETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd .St. BILL WILSON - CHARLES-BITTOER" Read Courier News Want Ads Cllnlo 511 Mai,,, Illylhevllle. ,»rk., Plron* PERMA-5TONF t I •• -.—* ...— „.. w . _, L^ AN Ih. oHritxjt.l .' o l(»n. 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Main St. I'hones: Dav -1677 Night 2986 The PERMA-STONE CO BABY'CHICK TIME • BUY EARLY • BUY THE BEST A Complete Line of Feed We Buy Poultry' Lewis Poultry •119 E- Main Phone 91!) When In Need Of Shoe Repairing Call -13-17 Free Pickup and Delivery! H A L F 0 R D SHOE SHOP 106 Sooth 2nd St. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Wafer Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. «'« Deliver Phon« 691 I Have On Hand At All Times Several tractors and equipment . . . both new nnd used ones JOH1I DEERE, FARMALL nnd cither mnkcs. Also, I have for sale at all times 70 to 80 head ol mules. Terms can be arranged will trade for mojt anything you have. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE 1 Mil* g. «( Bran.tlodo PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug SforeS Concrete Tile S*wet TiU Si/« <, 6 »nd | (nth' Culyert tile Bi/M 18, 12, IS, l». 21, Ji, M »nd H Inch A. H. WEBB H»T. «l at St»t« Lliw Pfcon* BlTihcrlll* 71t RADIO REPAIR i AND 2 DAY SERVICE an ANY MAKE OR MODEL RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP, PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Aolhnrbrr! Motorola Rail!* S»!M »nrl SprrfM 106 South first St. CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second FARM (M LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. IOK« TENM FROMPT C1MIM4 KAI.I,, \\mrt OR ,SK« US *AY WORTHINGTON S S.. -Ihlrd SI., Kljlhevlllc. Ark. hr This S-.-Uo,, a , y^n, J H,, r , u ,,,. ,.„„„ j, a , Mlm . ,„ ISSIIKANCK COMI-ANV OP AMRXICA IF YOU SUFFER • -WITH DIABETES Try Il,|,, n,,!,,,,,! llW . , t , m ,,( a |,, Valley Mlneril \\alvi- (,„,„ || nl Sp,l,, K s. Ark. l>»cl,,n, have pr«- MTllird II fur SIOKK THAN fiO YKAKS. tor Frcf Booklet Mounfain Valley Mineral Water Co. CROSSTOWN WHISKtY SHOP M.llll llllri DlrMnn iilyllievillc, Arfe. fO**fM M&CVRY SMICC ALWAYS Slill & Young Motor Co. 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