The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1930
Page 3
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UESDAY, DKCKMBRR 16, 1SWO -- HLYTIIKVIU-E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Brrr! And Ho, Won Mis Bet! ub.'ic Hysteria, Dus lo Ashville Failures, Blam- H bv Bank Official. RALEIGH. N. C., D.'". 10 'UP'- v.eiu' banks in North Carolina lu one in a bordering tcunty in iHh Carulin had closed ti'.i-ir i >::s tcday. ! Wi'ii tl'.c exception cf ih? Firs: ' aticnal Bank of Gastonia, all; en state institutions and have, •kcd '.I'll state hanking (lenait-I tut to take charge. 'Icdu'/s cl'iing"! involved approx- j nalely $4.350,00-0 in deposits and ] iingb to 15 the total number 01 I inks' to clos2 in two days. Resides ! jur -Gaston county tanks and live j thers which already imported |itniielvc:. rioted. Che following rental they had censed business: I'urmntsoa Rank and Trust com- iny. Swannanoa, N. C.. Bank of [ietcher. Bank of Franklin. Tli» mil's Bank, cf Waco. The Bank Clyde, The Clayton Banking inp'iuiy, The Bank o( Oleander, id one bank in Yoik county, 3. C., also clo?ed. GASTONIA, N. C., Dec. 16. (UP) ive banks, four in Gaslon coun- Nprth Carolina, the fifth in York nty, South Carolina, failed to n.lor business today. Total deposits of approximately 25.000 are involved, 'hey arc the First National bank Gastonia, deposits S2.-100.0-00, Stated al 5500.CCO; Bank of over. S. 0., deposits 5500,003, cap- stock $300.000; Gastonia Loan Trust company of Gaslonh, posits $75,000, capita! stock $25,Bank of Dallas. N. C., deposits .000, capital slock $30.000; Peo- I s Bank of Western GastDn cmm- deiiosits $75,000, capital stock ,000. The First. National Bank of Oas- nla" suffered an 5800.000 depletion de"posils in the past thirty day.s, esiUenl Lee Robinson said, at- 3ittab!e to hysteria. Failure of : American National bank of heyille November 20, which was aded by L. I. Jenkins, vice prcsi- nt and largest stockholder of the rst; National bank of Gastonia, is .blamed for the alleged hys- ia'by President Robinson. Cctton receipts at Arkansas compresses continued to decline last week. The Utal for Ih? slate was M. 330 bales, compared to 21,041 the week previous and 30.C53 Hie mine week u year ngo. • Up to last Friday according to I he Arkansas Cotton TracV? associations v.eckly ivmprKs report, Ar- kniiHn? compresses received 124,217 baleb of 1930 cotton, which com- parts with 1,176,953 bales to tiie same <tal? last year. Despite the eieat decline. In re• crlpts frcm last year stocks on ! hand In Arkansas compresses are ncurly equal IT OiOfo of a year uijo. Shipments last week were 23,050 i bales, bringing the total for the season lo 400,253, and leaving r;lccks on hand of 310,404, compared to 383.021 at the same dato c!ii ago. r.lOT.-lny arc receipts for last week and for the season at lendhu: Arkansas compresses: During the warm days of last summer, Walter Secosh of Milwaukee bet a friend that he would take a plunge in the Milwaukee, river ih December. When December finally came, however, Milwaukee' was enjoying zero weather and the river was covered with ice IS inches thick. However, Secosh set- out to win his bet— and he did, after friends had sawed a hole in the ice. He is shown here plunging into the icy water, with his friends standing by, sympathetically shivering. Llltlt Hock Pir.? Bluff ... McGehee West Memphis Nuwpm-1 Helena 1,437 Blythcvlllf 1,411 Eudora 1,024 • Forrest City '. 860 Hope 812 Mnrianna 670 Walnut Ridge .... 620 Negro Janitor Stars As Radio Broadcaster The Editor's Letter Box Milan Cathederal, Begun in 1386, Is the Largest Church in Europe A Relief Plan (To the Editor:! Thb ; -lwo grand old parlies at asbington ave running true to rmj passing the buck and pliin- ng[ for re-election. Mr. Woods, r. Hoover's job expert, hath eper- st into thin nothingness. Sinclair :wis has spilled the beans over in irope, and the thermometer is due go down several degrees 'twixt >w -and spring. The exigencies of e occasion require lhat some ac>n JM taken. The Red Cross has made its drive id the amount collected is not mmensurate to its needs. The nerican Legion is trying to find 5 : .where there are no jobs. The inlsterial Association can't con- rt their good intentions into cash th which to help the poor. The sanitations noiv functioning are a sporadic and indefinite nature, need something more systemic and permanent. A Christmas sket will not suffice. It's not good llcy to fill a man's stomach one y and let it go empty the next. s hot conceivable lhat the poor e going to stroll out In some otit- -the-way place and topple over, iciety will have lo pay the price. s belter lo do it in an orderly liy. Pelasc allow me to suggest (is plan to run until March 15th. Blytheville has a population of thousand, allowing five to the Imlly there would be two thou- liid families. Take the known de- Indenl families, say two hundred. Iduct Ihis from Ihe whole of two lousand. You have eighteen hiin- |ed families that are able to live give a little something. Dest»'(e Oils as group A and the two mdred dependent families as oup B. Now divide group B into oup A and you have the number ne. NINE TO ONE. So it would the business of nine group A milies to provide the good for one onp B family. Now what will this st? A family of s j x has just inded me the average of their :ekly grocery act. It is three dol- and forty-five cents a week, d there is not a healthier and ettier family in BlytheviHe. They y everything they have. Dividing rce dollars and forty-five cenls nine we have the sum of thlrty- >ht cents per family, cerl-ainly an impossible amount. it the ministers of Ihe city, In- iding both races, organize class I into groupi of nine families con- pruous to one another as near as islole. Assign lo each of these ups one family to be cared for. It this family agree to do what- ler work his group may want |ne at the price of fifteen cents hour. Certainly each family hid have as much as Ihlrly-elglu •lls worlh done a week. This uld. be scientific and cooperative Ip and not charily, simply help- a man to help himself. ;iien Ihere Is wood for the cold [mills. The wood is oul there for asking, the unemployed can cut I look out my window and sec •e neighbor houses. Each has a Ic pair of mules that are pawing 1 the lot for the lack of some- ling else to do. I know my neigh- FORT WAYNE. Ind.-(UP)—Kimball R. Black jr., negro, scrubs floors in the daytime but at night lie is one of Ihe most popular broadcasters on .the air over sta- ticn WOWO, according to the managers of the station. Between Jots at janltorln Black composes many of the songs he sings at night. He has neve'i studied music. Three Moilem "Wise; iMon"! There is a more IM DOING CHRISTMAS SHQi'PiNO EARLY WHEN PRJCI'S AND SERVICE ARE: BET1ER,ANO WHILE IHE SELlXTrOMS STILL GOOD/ • I'M BUYIN.G NOW, AND ALLOWING A LITTLE MORE R)li. SPENOlMGIMOUKR. TO HELP BUSINESS; Way to correspond. One tfcat your personality. Longdistance telephoning hat never been $o fast, to cfteap, •o satisfactory. NOW TO AVOID THE. LAST MIHUTu rUISH AND BESIDES, IT HELPS THE SALES PEOP1E, AND THE POST/MN.TOO/ wlia UnlvctMly endowment, In 3,612 82.104 3,200 12.B27 2,285 31.010 1.638 55,646 1,589 24,420 PAPER CLIMBS BUILDING SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)—Early morning strollers in San Francisco arc ustounded at times by seeing a newspaper seemingly crawling up the face of a towering uptown apartment house. A second glance usually discloses an elderly man leaning from a fourth floor win dow pulling the morning paper up wilh a fish line. The newsboy make; Ihe paper fast to the siring. PUZZLED BY CURIO HUNTERf OAKLAND. Cal. (IIP)—Anmteu urio hunters have long been upes o Maurice Learner, head of a nil specializing in wrecking ships He can't explain, however, th The Cathedral at (Milan : ' '" By NEA Service ' • '; Milan is the chief financial', center The cathedral al Milan ,«m- • and'. the wealthiest commercial structed through many centuries of I and manufacturing -town ' in the a style of elaborate Gothic, is Ihe j country. From the calhedrarroof, largest church in Europe: | the fertile countryside', presents the Built of brick cased in marble, i appearance of a vast garden' divld- Ihe church covers an .area of i4,-|ed into square - plots • by r rows-'of 000 square yards and can hold 40,-', lrcc5 000 people. The tower lifts skyward 356 feet, the interior is 1W) feet wide and 48C feet long and the nave is 151 feet. high. The elaborate roof is built of block; of marble and is ornamented with 4400 turrets, pinnacles and ' slatues of many styles end periods. SsS The roof is supporled by 52 pillars wilh canopied niches for slatues. The church was begun In 1386. i _„_._, Among the more notable of trie i V?£KKi*i masters who designed the structure • t¥ ; were Ainadeo, who designed octagonal cupola, which dales from f^V' 1774, and Tibaldi, who laid the pavement and designed a ba- | rcque facade, which was completed i In 1813 by order of Napoleon. | In a crypt under the choir lies [ tlie body of the cardinal saint. | Carlo Borromeo, who consecrated the cathedral in 1577. It is contained in a rock-crystal shrine, encased in silver, and is vested in magnificent robes blazing with jewels. The cathedral is located in the mosl prosperous section ol Ilaly. bors. Not a one will object to his team going out occasionally and drawing in n nice load ol wood for some needy family. The suburbs of Blytheville are full of just such neighbors. In this way we will be using latent and dormant forces to accomplish this laudable work. Wasted energy in futile attempts will be eliminated. Blytheville will relieve herself of this burden through her only. ability to JOHN R. WEBSTER. BlythevilEe, Ark. KILLED iIN FOOTBALL BRAWL BERLIN. (UP)—Football matches can be taken too earnestly. As the result ol a discussion about the merits of teams they supported. Emil Hermann knocked down Karl Seilz. So bitter was the dispute that Ihe dispute did not, end there. Hermann Jumped upon his opponent and punched him. Sells died In a Hermann haa been iirestcd. Read Courier News Want ArJs. i iAKE furniture, floors, woodwork, smile with gladdening color. The motor car, too! Cosh ! itlie, easy to do by use of Fail-drying,flawle:i cngir-.ol. lacquar lhat"drm in no liir.r." VarniiK lhal •vcn hat watir can't harm. This lloro ii hlodqvartaTf for paTnli —varmih ~~ lacquer — onaraall — bruihell The Arkmo Lumber v ards method used by stole an [\nchor weighing liounds from the old U. S. cruiser Farragul. BEATS STATE TAX AUSTIN. Tex. <UP)—The late E. D. Farmer oC Parker county. Texas, found a way to avoid the Texas Inheritance Tax and do as lie pleased with his estate. He made n will leaving to Uie Board of Regents of. the Unnlverslty of Texns the amount that otherwise would have been paid in Inheritance tax. The state comptroller investigated the estate and computed this to be $200,933.10. The last Texas legislature .passed a bill accepting U as a Covering GO rows at n lime, n mechanical colton dusler used by southern growers Is able to Ireat 25 acres an hour, or 200 acres' a dny. 666 Is n rloclor's Prescription for Colds and Headaches IT IS Till-: MOST SITED* KKMKIkY KNOWN.. G(i(i ALSO IN TABLETS. OWN YOUR HOME • If you are paying 520.00 per ninnlli rent tor Ihe home ynu " Hvc In, at the end of ten years, you will have pulil iml S2400.00, • and »1H have nothing but i lar(;c batch of rent receipts lo show for your money, but !f ynu dt-al with me, al llic rnd nl thai llmt, you »1I1I tx the owner of (he home In which you live. | That's the difference. 1 have more Uiun twenty-five houses In Dlylhevilb from which • you ean make .1 selection. U inlcresler), see me. • C. J. Evrard TREAT FIRE HAZARDS AS A PLAGUE A S THE'medic'al profession steles to stamp out. ; <Jise«e'j'!s'p' -Stock Fire Insurance-tries-to'-do'iway with conditions that threaten'life-and' property- The fire trap, like a cpntigious ctisea'je, Is a threat tp the: H.f«tf and li(e';or the public.-."'•• ' : . : .;.J'v.•.'./' '•'.;; . -' d 3AVING Insurance Cos K your local stock fire insurance agent to inspect your property, review your insurance needs, and suggest ways which will enable you 'to reduce your insurance costs. He may recommend important improvements affecting your rate— or, he may find that you are exposed to danger of heavy loss if you are inadequately pro, tected— You are entitled to this information. Consult any member of the Insurance Exchange of Blytheville W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY FARMERS BAJNK & TRUST CO., INSURANCE DEP IV FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY To [irc*e<ft; .ccunmunitiej. against, fire J: v •••''* ''f.Ll.. •' ..J ./c''hl e '- ., (of waterw&rb . apfxsraluj - and- dcpartrScfrts— r fire alafm t " ' ' 3 — EducaltonsI and With GhjhiWrt.of Commtrc't, schooli, hospitals, city governments <>,id vjriou? organization* along fire prevention lines/ . 4 — M*intenan« of Underwriters' Laboratories, whtre materials and devices by the. thouund are tested and, when approved, are so labelled; 5— Fighting the ctim« of »rson through cooperation with police, fire departnents, fife marshals apd other officials. Building safely and guarding against fire is primarily <sn Individual problem. .({ becomes 4 community problem v/Ken • groups of people are concerned. Stock fire insurance renders conspicuous public service In safeguarding life and property against loss by fire. Slack fir* THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS CHICAGO $AN fUHCBCa MirtlMiK* Ixdwift Mj. A

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