The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on September 27, 1962 · Page 13
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 13

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1962
Page 13
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$15 Million In Road Bonds To Go On Sale All lloiitU Newt Service TAIi-AHVlE - $: in toUi for (MUkliii, litm and l:i-iiv'l:irnl iI J'uhn J ' i, h County r- t ate tt'lnituli-d Ik t em i,a m fatly J,.nu.ry or Ft binmy, otUiii;; l S,im iMufxr, director of llic Stiti I".ii.ul lo-pl.'t Revenue I'rf'jivli i'msion. The approval of a lease-purchase agreement pertaining to t!.B pr..j.t Viai diinyed when 0 Stale Riiad Department l.SKDi and the Sute ivvel-p. tiif! Ctenn'.'v.sjun weie utrnt le t lira out rliliu.j. Jt ) evpr.M, 1,4:11; In Ilri r, 1! nuttier will rf !,iiv l!nd at the IS Ineetii,;; of the ruad Nurd. Sliortly after that a resolution would be offered fur adoption by the Development Commission, a wrap-up resolution wmiM be required from tlie 1'nlin Im- h County Coram si on and a rtrrail omit i;,Ut.n uvuld I reijo.rt-d, pti K.ti'v tn IVstm Tlx' ImIs cotiM I J i.vd in (lip ile.tli l' IwHiU fnuii J(l if to time wit it la-hue ulc, Koliuwir-i aie nwif iinprtne-rmnt projects which are im hided in Die proprwed sale: Monet Road, .73 rule, from Prosperity Farms Raad to U.S. 1; .Sit (MIA, tUke Park West r uiK 1 3 mile. r.or,,U last Ccist lUitinxd to Sft 5 .I'S 1 in North V.Am JVs, h- Ml M ! Tr.tJ. SI !!.: n-th .f Sit T ) It .id' In Mt 110 H h!r, Ml TlJ, S mites fi.ttn .V.". ffl to I S 1 In Rjvn ta I'- arh; wie rmlr, Pumsettia Boulevard, "tti to 53th St. SIl AL. .1 mile, richi-of-way at Fialer Memorial Hndjo and rWlc-r Drive; Sit 7fH, 12 miles from f,i of f.:r Uiiii g ixar IVirrM Avriue tn llic A . Z n-.i 0m Stm t. Sit Ti l lis; r Hive. e i-.iU IVhedite R.-m.I, i'r,;rvvs Avenue la Mt Kit 1. I .r n.ili . a. Kith of Sit '2 tUikr Worth f'.ndi t.Ml Mi S.m.thern fi.xiti v.inl1: Stt K T aoiirr Avemiei, i 5 mi!.1 frotn ot:th of SiL' to SR At. 1 5 mile fiiwtt l!l!it' -'viemttt Sinvi an.i, Sit Si'T U east; I J ni.le. Avet-.K. nvt'i-et tif Mt it 7 t, (J :mt stt li..r Woith: .5 Hue. frwn !.ti Avm:ir N' lth tr l'.t'i Ntt!l, ; M'.i.'.t ill Jj.iie VI. .((I., . n; , fi.iil Ml S 1 1 .' Jt in lL.vr,'.n 1 u h to :t ASA; Ml S7 mile fiTm Sunh;je State r.trkway to S.irtiin Avenue In l lny Bt-oth. One nitle, IVn n K.i't0 Tovid ti NV l.tli Avenue In IWa p..itm; S!t 71. -J ni:'e. ' t nh t. r.jKfe: .5 v . II tt-ii n Avenue in l' .tn iue. ':t Tt i I S:l 1 ; 1 i in,!. . I'ity t!i, in ! t'l M.. ti ti!t ti!. y: ;k. .ns r, a. !nn mi lit l'rtt...i.i-e to Ml 7.9 It'ortieii II;!;a; one mile, lrtmHtie H wd. SP. 13 to SR l.'iA. 1 3 nules, n.vad, Sit 715 to PR Vr. b rtv.!,-s, .s l. ap-phiXliimti ly five nules tuutli of P :'e (: :-i de to f ..(; 15 m, '., S k .r ! 1 It.vtd, Mt li to r.s-t. fuse m ie. he T.i't R.wd. fl 7'. to !l l.S in I i e t.. i e I li.,ie, '. l.:M.irt t".i-.,.l I'i .!. i.i it. r i,i..s.-, i j it.,;. , sit s.) to ikiuth i i:pciitiient Station; SR S.T, 15 mi'ir fivtn Sit T5 at Oktvl.tnu to SR S.7 A tVimstr Rend R 5w"., Z-l riMi.a fiotti Sit KJ7 to Sit W. The Palm Beach Post iVei Bulkhead Legislation THLTuSDAY, SEIT. 17, 12 PAGE 13 I lip teg -; 1 mM V. i WtJ. r-ii Passed By Riviera Council MIKACLES OF MODKKN MACHINERY Oa a tour of The Palm Beach Post and Times plant, members of the Palm Ucachcs Chapter of the National Secretaries Assn. International stop to watch a picture come across the wires, from possibly hundreds of miles away, on the United Press International photo machine, Unifax. Pictured, left to riht, are Miss Charlotte Cleveland, Mrs. Louis Phillippi, Mrs. George Gary and Mrs. Carmine Leo. The tour was conducted by Post-Times Editor-in-Chief Hal Allen and Personnel Director Grady Lemmons. Staff Photo hy Lou Payne In Asking License Law Change Plans Unchanged ROCA RATON A survey tak-en by the City Licensing Dept. In regard to the new licensing ordinance will not affect plans nf the Merchants' Division of the Chamber of Commerce, to Feck amendment of the ordinance, according to Al Sterling. The survey poinls out that, as a result of the ordinance, approximately half Ihe city's mer-rhanls will have their rates lowered, 25 per cent will have theirs raised $25 and only 19 businesses will have considcr-nbly higher rates. "This report is no criterion for adopting anything we have in mind," said Sterling, who is heading the move to amend the new ordinance. Sterling, one of the 19, said, "I'm not mad at anyone. I just don't think that this ordinance was thoroughly examined by the commission before they passed it. I think it should be made more equitable." Commissioners are awaiting a written document from the merchant's division before taking any action on amending the ordinance. The merchants are to meet today at noon at the Ebb Tide Restaurant to draw up such a proposal. Members of the division have voted unanimously not to pay the tax until they could do something about the ordinance. They must pay a 25 per cent fine if they are delinquent after March 1. However, the licensing department reported Wednesday that they had received at least a dozen payments four from the 19 most affected by the ordinance. Contract Expected Aqua Skimmer Eyes Navy Job BOYNTON BEACH Aqua-Skimmer Inc., a local firm manu facturing a revolutionary new type of boat, is expected to sign a contract with the U.S. Navy. John Tetyak, president of the firm which is located at 325 N. Federal Hwy., said a company reprcsenlatiye would be in Washington to meet wilh naval officers Monday. Monks Give Precinct 48 First Votes Dclray Hold Is Fined In Liquor Case DELRAY BEAC1 1 The State Bevcrace Dept. has levied a $100 fine against the Mayfair Manor Hotel, 211 Venetian Way. A Boyn- ton bar was also fined. In violation of the botel'i special restauiant license, alcohol continued to be sold after serving of full course meals was discontinued, the department said. They also placed an unauthorized person in charge of the business, the department continued. Morey'a Luunge, 20IS X. Federal Illrfiway, Boynton, wan given a $100 fine for placing an unauthorized pernn In charge, ftfinng liquor after hour and aelliiiK beer lo a minor. In Lake Worth, Harlem Square received a $25 fine for selling after hours; the Mambo Bar, a 30 day license suspension for having an unauthorized person in charge and allow ing gambling; Ted's Liquors a $50 fine for purchasing liquor from an unauthorized agent Renewal of beverage licenses will be due Oct 1, the depart ment announced. Those failing to renew by the deadline will be sub ject to a fine up to $125. 'j7 U . . . .... .- . r ., ?T"'-. s , !- ' V v ,- i ... ... Now Tetyak, tlie Inventor of Ihe Aqua - Skimmer, said the Navy has been using five mod-Flu for "testing and evaluation." Ho declined lo say how many Imals the Navy wanted, but Indicated It would be a "sizable order." filling the government order will require a large increase in the number of employes, Tetyak reported. He said that the boats are being altered to meet speci fications set up by tlie Navy. The Skimmer has a five foot, fix inch, two-piece modeled fiber- plass body with either a six or 22 horsepower two-cylinder gaso line engine. Tim rider lies ventral ly on a platform that protects the lower body, with his legs extending Into the water and the upper part nf the body resting on a roncavlfy in the hull with his arms resting on fins. The non-military uses for the skimmer include a base for skin diving; pulling a water skier, fhip to shore transportation in rescue work; a life saving unit for beaches and as a float for deep- water swimming. Schools Have Emergency Plan County Civil Defense Director Col. Ellis Altman stressed preparedness in tlie face of emer gencies at the first meeting of the Home and School Assn. of Holy Name Parrish Post Office Dedication Set At Belle Glade BELLE GLADE Dedication ceremonies for the new Post Office here have been set for Sun day, Oct. 21. This date was chosen to insure the completion of the street in front of the building before the festivities, accord ing to the postmaster, Mrs. Rosa Nash. Tho Chamber of Commerce held a special meeting Monday to work out details for the afternoon's activities. Tentative plans call tor tours of the building conducted by postal employes. Dignitaries scheduled to attend include Congressman Paul Rogers State Rep. Emmett 3. Roberts and C. Banks Gladden, regional director of the Post Office Dept. from Atlanta. Special invitations will be sent to county and city officials. Final plans will be completed at a committee meeting Oct. 15. First there were none, there are six. That's the story on voters in Precinct 4S, in North Palm Beach east of the Intracoastal Waterway. All of the new registrants work. at tlie same job Passionist Fathers in a recently built mon-astary. Half of Ihe voters will be officials at the Nov. 6 election, says Supervisor of Registration Daniel Gnrham, since all election officials must be from within their precinct. Precinct 48 on election day will operate just like any of its larger counterparts. Gorham says a voting machine will be located in the lobby of the monastary. Polls will open at 7 a.m. and will stay open until 7 p.m., or until nil registrants have cast their ballots. Precinct 48 has 50 per cent of its population registered. The other six monks are not jet qualified, Gorham says. It should be a close vote in the precinct Nov. 6, the first time a ballot has been cast there. There are two Democrats, two Republicans and two independents. Lake Park Awards Insurance LAKE PARK The Town Com mission met in a special session at 7:30 Wednesday night and awarded contracts on three in surance items. V. K. Cushman Inc., received two of the policies, Ihe comprehensive liability general insurance policy for the town's employees, and the Workmen's Compensation Insurance policy. The town's automotive compre hensive insurance was awarded to Marcus Gilbreath, Nationwide Ins. Inc. 4 I 1 .JfchJIWMtawakvMM 'U.J . J TKOm AS A PEACOCK" OVER HIS GANXET . Seven-Year-Old David Kip Admires The Rare Bird His Mother Found On Lan tana Beach. Staff Photo by Bill Allison Mrs. Kin Seeks Museum Home For Rare Lost Bird Tennis Classes Planned At Boca BOCA RATON Dick Bradley, author of "Instant Tennis," will teach tennis classes being formed I by tlie Recreation Dept. Anyone Altman showed a film on civil can learn to play with the "bal- Road for two weeks. defense in the schools and toldilistic swing" that is tlie basis of Mr. and Mrs. Lou.Stine re- Carrolls Move To Jensen Beach JUPITER-Mr. and Mrs. R. .K Carroll have moved to Jensen Beach from Jacksonville. Mrs. Carroll is the former Judy Bar-den, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bat-den. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Min- ear announce the birth of a son, Charles Wesley Minear, Jr., in Astoria, New York, Sept. 21. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gunter of Edwardsville, 111., are house guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C. Jack O'Brien, at their home on Cove Tropical Storm Ruled Out In Latest Report "Conditions north of the Bahamas not favorable for tropical disturbance," was the report of the Weather Bureau at Palm Beach International Airport Wednesday. An earlier report said that the condition had disintegrated into a broad band of shower activity some 400 miles off the South Florida Coast. Wednesday there was no indica tion of circulation or any develop ment into a storm. Highest winds were said to be about 35 m.p.h. Schedule Chanced DELRAY BEACH Men's activ ity night at the recreation center will be changed from Wednesday to Thursday effective Oct'. 4. Table tennis, pool and indoor horseshoes are offered from 7 to 10. I By WOODIE VAN VOOKHEES Taint Beach Tost Staff LAKE WORTH - "I guess I became emotionally attached to the bird because he was still warm and fluttering when I picked him up." The bird was a gannet, rare in this area, found on the Lan-tana beach by Mi's. Don Kip of 1614 Tropical Drive. He died not long after she found him. Now not only the bird's spirit pervades the Kip household, but also his beautiful downy, white, grey - beaked, web - footed body. For tlie Kips fell in love wilh the noble bird and had him stuffed. The gannet was first found last March by Palm Beach Po lice. Louis F. Gainey of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission identified the blue-eyed, blond-headed bird, which was soon released. The next day Mrs. Kip found it on Lantana's beach, exhausted. The bird was probably blown here from its habitat Bona-venture and Bird Rock in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and islets off the British Isles during last winter's severe Atlantic- storm. Although Mrs. Kip just got the bird back from Bobby Davis, Lake Worth taxidermist, she is already seriously considering selling it. The mother of four recently emerged from a three-month enforced stay in a local hospital. "I understand not many museums have ganncts," Mrs. Kip said. "I don't know exactly how to go about it, but I'll contact some to see if they want him." "Besides, there's another problem," she added. "To keep the bird in good condition, we'll have to keep him in a glass bell, which is another expense." But, she said, the space problem could have been worse. He could have been stuffed with Ms wings spread to his full six-foot span. Anyway, the Kips hope they'll eventually find a permanent home for the lost visitor from across the sea. Medfly Spraying Scheduled Today Over Two Areas Weekly Medfly aerial spraying continues this morning. According to Ray A. Long, dis trict inspector for the state de partment of agriculture plant division, spraying will begin in Areas two and three at day-break The Golf View area will be sprayed first and the Congress area next. The operation is expected to take between two and three hours. Residents are reminded they should protect their automobiles, cither by getting them under cov er or washing them off immediately following the spraying, and not to hang out washing, since the spray harms clothing and auto finishes. Not Guilty Plea Entered In Slaying Judge Hugh MacMillan ei.tercd an innocent plea Wednesday in Criminal Court for a Pahokce woman who had little to say about a second degree murder charge against her. Mrs. Virginia Forbes was scheduled for trial Ihe week of Oct. 29 In the fatal stabbing Saturday of her husband, Leonard Forbes, 35. Way Cleared For Negro High School RIVIERA r.EACI I Willi- out opposition, tlie cilv council adopted new bulkhead legislation Wednesday night and clouted 1he way for a new Negro high school sou tli of Tate Park. In other action, tlie council: I'ecrivcri rcvlciiHljon, fnmi I'olice Chief Kugenn II. I'ulrh and (1. II. Ki-IiiiIU, liairmiui of thn city rimming llonrd. Adopted mi orillnanre In establish an insurance Ixiaril. ' Passed legislation netting 1)00 feet as tlie minimum distance between liquor dealerships and be-hveen the dealerships and clmri lies or schools. Presented a certificate of appreciation to the Chamber of Commerce for its work in bringing here a branch of the University of Florida. Kvchmigtsd fnrcwi-IlN jlh Foster II. Ilrown, who I moving In Square l-Hko outside the city and giving up hi council post. Tlie council adopted without oh- jex-tion, legislation to expand tlie bulkhead line frotn Palm Beach Isles to the northern cily limits on tlie east side of the lake, as recommended by Palm Beach County. Tlie legislation also extends tlie line from 25lh Street lo Blue Heron Boulevard on the west side of the lake. To permit the Board of Public Instruction to construct a new hith school, the council passed legislation vacating certain plat-led streets near Tale Park. Vacating the streets will hold good only if Ihe board builds the school, cily officials indicated. Cniincilmcn said an acting police chief will be selected from thn detriment to replace ruldt, who submitted hU resignation Saturday. The council accepted the resignation effective Friday. Councilman Max Hammer said the new man might serve six or eight weeks while the council screens applications. The procedure also will enable Pulch to go inlo his planned business immediately, the councilman noted. Councilmen named no immediate successor for Schultz, who said he would leave the planning hoard because of personal business interests. Questioned by telephone, Schultz said he Mould return to his old job as an agent for Mission Development Co. and that this would make it mandatory that he leave the Planning Board. PTA Meeting Set DELRAY BEACH Mrs. Ever ett Houghton, Delray Beach Jun ior High School Parent-Teachers Assn. president, will introduce oth er officers and committee chair man when the group holds its first meeting of the school year tonight at 8 in the school cafe-torium. Investigators said Forbes was stabbed in the chest during an argument with his wife in their home at Vandcrgrift - Williams Farms. They said Mrs. Forbes admit ted stabbing her husband. Expansion Program Told For Utilities Subsidiary Hospital Reports Hobson As Tair' the estimated 200 parents attend ing that Palm Beach County schools have a definite plan and pre prepared for emergencies The general school plans for tlie year were discussed and the f u-ulty was introduced to the group. Preliminaries for the annual palloween stek fry set for Oct. IS were discussed. "instant tennis," according Bradley. Classes are being formed elude a scries of five lessons, a new tennis racket and a copy of Instant Tennis. Adult classes are scheduled Wednesday mornings and classes for children Wednesday after noons. to j turned Monday from a vacation up the Indian River, inj Aulo Exports Up FRANKFURT, Germany (ITU West Germany exported 6.XI.V1 automobiles in tlie first eight months of this year, tlie German Industry Institute reported Tuesday. PORT ST. LUCIE General Development Utilities Inc., which services water, sewerage and gas at the eight communities (including Port St. Lucie) which General Development Corp. is building on both Florida coasts, is engaged in a major expansion program. Harold E. Schmidt, manager, announced Wednesday that the utilities subsidiary, which now owns and operates 10 water plants, 10 sewage treatment plants, and four gas systems, is spending close to $.")00,000 on new facilities in General's Port Charlotte. Port St. Lucie and Port Malabar developments. Many additional miles of wa ter, sewerage and gas mains are also being laid to keep pace with the rapid growth of these communities. At Port Charlotte, a new sew-ace treatment plant has been added to the existing system at an estimated cost of $100.-000. This expansion will bring the rated capacity of this system to 5.000 homes in the southern area of the big west-coast community. Two new water plants to serv e South Pert Charlotte and North Port Charlotte are on the drawing boards. Scheduled for construction in the spring, they will cost an additional $:00,000. At Port St. Lucie, on Florida's East Coaost, a new sewage treatment plant costing an estimated $65,000 is nearing completion. In addition, a new well and high service pumping unit costing $10,000 will add to the capacity of the modern water plant serving the community. At Port Malabar, General's booming community in tlie Cape Canaveral area, new sewage treatment facilities are being constructed at Pn estimated cast of $70,000. The plant will serv e some 800 homes. Water storage and pumping facilities costing another $ri0,000 are also nearing completion at Port Malabar. Forest Hill High School Principal Frank O. Hobson was listed in "fair condition Wednesday night at St. Mary's Hospital after suffering a "mild" heart attack Monday. A hospital spokesman said Hob son, 51, was improving. Hobson, of 7111 Venetian Way, Lake Clarke Shores, has been Forest Hill's principal since the school's opening in 10."8 and served as principal at Belle Glade High from 1942 to 1958. He was a teacher in Pahokee from 1931 to 1942. Assistant Principal Herschel Chancy is acting principal until Hobson's return. Without discussion, the council amed George Poston, Karl Griffin and Dick Smith to tlie insurance board. The board will guide the council in placement of insurance. Chamber of Commerce President Dan Haselmire received the city's thanks for the University of Florida branch, which provides graduate sttidics. Mayor Pat Knight, who made Ihe presentation, wiitl, "We are one of the smallest cities In Florida to be able tn boast of such an achievement." Council Chairman Robert H. Carlson presented Brown with a certificate of appreciation and said, "I hope you will not feel I am being facetious when I say we realize we have a big scat to fill." City Manager Keith Chinn reported that the Corps of Army Engineers has arranged a new schedule to govern opening of the Blue Heron Boulevard Bridge. Unless good reasons to the contrary are presented, the bridye will remain closed to boat traffic from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., beginning next month, Chinn said. New PTA Group To Meet Tonight PALM BEAD! GARDENS Adoption of by-laws and election of officers will mark the meeting of the new Hnweil Watkins Junior High School Parent-Teacher Assn. RIVIERA BEACH A d r e at 8 tonight at the school, accord- to benefit the Inter-City First Aid ing to Mrs. Herbert E. Rachcsky, Ambulance Service will he held at temporary publicity ih iirman. !8 p.m. Friday at the.VFW home,! A talk on procedures of forma- according to Governor Hl Ham- tion will be given by Mrs. Janet mond of Moose Lodge 2010, spun- Pate, president of District n, Flor- Bencfit Dance Slated Fridav sors. The VFW is donating the hall and the Society Musical Enthu4- astic the music, Hammond said.'pitaUty committee ida Concress of Parent Teachers Assn. Refreshments will be served by Mrs. M. Brothers and her hos-

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