The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1966 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1966
Page 13
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BIythevllle (Ark,) Courier Newi - Monday, May 1, MM- Pag* Thlrtett OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William, OUR BOARDING HOUSI — With Major Hoopl. irs ear TH' GBAMP CANyflfJ PEOPLE WORRIED —TOUBISTS OS MAMDIM'TELB- VISION.SET* OMTH' MULES! WS'VE «TILL SOT bM,V»*,80y«,1W6 HflOPlE LURS PUT ° * E4> ™ *0-T«BT MORE *3E MUST K VYUSS THAN I THOUSHT-- THAT <SL)V AIN'T SATIS FIEP WITH A POOT HUNG UPIWTH'STIR- BUP! BUT IS STILL OTHER oeyicES SACK to we piswtt HAAK WAWM6RA./ CF COU^E' W -fAfWTO EDITION WAS 3UST A C«JOE PILOT MODEL— BUT TM£M A MORE • R9U6HED VHWfcl WW5HT BS ALWOSV tOO BE AOLY AND MISHT 66 8ANUED M 3UST PASSSO '" * BLUR/ , WELL. WMERESTHE THEY'RE pesrop D ,. HAVE ONE SHIH7 TEAMS WERE <30IMe"fo WUAABEROM6 IS,.. VOO TALK TZJ6 MUCH] MX) HAVE 7UJO MAJOR FAUCT3! television—Tonight, Tomorrow—WREC Channel 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 WR£C Channel 3 Mon. May t «:30 To Tell Truth 7:00 I've Got fi tiecrtt 7:30 Lucy. Show, 8:00 And? OrUfltb • 8:30 fiazal 8:00 Talent Scout* 10:00 News 10:10 Weatner 10:15 Late Motl« 11:55 N«ws & Wither 12:00 Sign Off TUGS, May 3 «:15 sunrise Semester 8:45 Above the Ciovtds 7:00 Good Morning 7:50 CBS News 8:13 Ktmgeroo 9:00 I Love Lucy 9:30 Real McCoys 10:00 Anciv, or Mayoerry 10:30 Dick Va° DT* 8 11:00 Love of Life 11:25 'CBS New* 11:30 Search Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 13:00 Oec. Bride 12:3rt AS Wnrlrt Turn* 1:00 PasBwora 1:30 HousepRrtj 2:00 To Tell Truta 2:25 OB6 Newa 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Poc^rnt. Storm 3:30 Earlr Movie' 5:00 WREC-TV News 5:25 \VHKC-TV Weath. 5:30 Walter Cronktte ft:oo Amos *N' Anflj 6:30 Dab tart. 7:30 Red SkeUon 8::30 Petticoat Junct, fl:00 CBS Reports 10:00 Tun O'CiocK News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Movie . 11:55' News fc Weatber 12:00 B'lgp Off WMCT—Channel * Mon. May 2 fi:00 News Report 6:10 Trl-State Report 8:15 'Weather Report 8:20 Sports Report C:25 Camera 5 6:30 Huimoaioo 7:00 John Forsyths 7:30 Ktldare 8:00 Andy Williams 8. 9:00 "-un lor Your bile 10:00 hews IC'.lS Sports 10:25 Weather 10-.SO TonlKtlt Tues. May 3 6:55 TV Cnapfil 7:00 Today 7:25 Today in Mid-S. 7:30 Today 8:25 Today with Pe* 8:30 Todav 9:00 Eye Guess 9:25 NBC, News 9:30 Concentration 10:00 Morning Star 10:30 Paradise b»y 11:00 Jeopardy li:30 Let's Pl*y Post O. 11:55 Midday Report 12:00 Looney Zoo 12:30 Let'E Mftk* Deal 12:55 NBC News 1:00 Dayi of our Lives . 1:30 The Doctor! 2:00 Another World 2:30 Tou Don't Say 3:00 Route 66 4:00 Mike Douglaa - 5:30 Huntlcy-Brlnltley 6:00 News Ttpoon 6:10 Trt 8tat# Report «:lft WeatntT Report 6:20 Sports Report 6:25 Camera 5 *ept 6:30 My Moth., the Car 7:00 PI. Don't Eat. D. •7:30 Ktldare 8:00 Tue. w Ue Movie 10:00 The Reporter 10:13 Norm .Brewer 10:20 Today in Sports 10:25 Weather 10:3u Tomgnt snow 12:05 TV. Ottarel 12:00 News , WHBft—Channel 13 .Mon. May > J:30 Maverick 1:30 12 O'clock BUD 7:30 Jesse James 8:00 Mon. Nile Movls 9:30 Movie 10:15 Mld-Sotuh N«s 10:15 Moving Weather 11:30 Law saow Tues. May 1 6:23 Dnrrr worn fi:30 Agriculture 7:00 Cartoons 1 .D:JU Jack La Lanne 9:00 Town 5s Country 9:30 Where Action Is 10:00 supermkt. Sweep 10:30 Dating Game n:00 Donna Reea 11:30 Father Knows B. 12:00 Ben Casey '' 1:00 Conf. lor Womto 1:JO A Time for Us ZtUU tiS2* r »< BUSDltft 2:30 The Nur«e§ o:00 PUB Bou^. 4:30 wotwy Woodpk S:00 News 5:10 Weather 5:15 News 5:30 Matrricfc 8:30 Combat 7:30 McHale's Navy 8:00 P Troop 8:30 Peyton Piac« 9:00 The Fugitive 10:00 Mldsouto Newo 10:15 Moving Weatnei 10:30 Late Sho» Continued From Kreceeding page Taka orders from Puller Brush customers In your neighborhood.; Full or part' time work. Average earnings $2.00 per hour. Phone PO 3-3830 ;. . 4*21 Ck If Sec., receptionist. 25-35. good typ-, 1st, shthand i; It.,, booXkesping. Must havs polie. tact ds-good person- am?. 40 nrs., ralseE, vac,,, pension, plan. Ideal working cond% Rep!?. living. quAUlfcitlQU c/o Courier Sews7.*OJ 66. 4-13 P* 5-18 Open For Business. Bill's AUto Salvage. Used cars & Parts. i,4 mile out of city limits on S. Elm, PO C- 1783. 4 - 3 P k 5 ' fi .ouiekeeper to live In home, cook, keen house, care for Invalid. Board, room, salary- Ph. PO 3-3378. dh Business Opportunities Medallion Swimming Pool Dealership' Available in BIytheville Area. This opportunity can he yours, to establish a profitable enterprise with a proven and acceptable product. Hundreds of pools In this price range have been sold throughout the Mid-South area. Protected area. No franchise fees to pay. You simply purchase one pool for display purposes. Sam B. Story, Delta Pool Company. Ph. MU 3-47S4, P.O. Box 412, Charleston, Mo. 438:4. 4-29 p|c 5-29 Modern Texaco Service Station »vatiabl« for lease now. PO 3-3391. 4-27 CK a-S Km. A b«r«, men. »17.SO *». •W. Ash. Mn CaMlHy. 4-23 r* S-»3. ~irt?M» nursttj 'full-part'time.'. 110 week, ?2 d»y, 25c hr. PO 3-0723.. 1200 E. Art. . <-22 P". 4 - 3 °. "COTTON CHOPPERS — experlene- td. grown .ecese, S2.50 en. E. W, Rob. •rtion, Ph. S61-4891, v«"»" The • MmiMippi county • M.sslon 'n«ed» your lurpltu cinthine boueebold lUmi. nardware, fum- Itur., rtc. Plenw call PO 3-8380 or brini «o MO « M»tn «-!« «*_« Itcnlnfi «<m«. «M t. Walnut PO I-OB17. <•" P* 8 " 13 Arkan««» Gazette - For Horn. MIW PO MM3. i larty K fou'rt nargiln .hunting, com* ttt u* at Blyttuvllle Mobile Home I.IM located on the Alt B»s; highway. W« B»M » larja MlMtlon of new A UM4 Mofclle MomN. pall LX D-MM 4 ' 14 ck '•'* Chllil ctr» in my home, 2 yr«. or tin. PO 3-7395. <-n PK 5-i(i Chl'i c»r. 4J4 I. Cherry PO 3- •yu ' 4-S pk B-0 Eltclwn AW pl«B«««lier» V tt. Form Cabinet & Vnnlty Topi Xn Stock for Immediate Delivery Hiory Woods Cabinet Shop 1M3 W. lionltrle Dr. LEDBETTERS DISCOUNT SHOES AIR BASE HIGHWAY 3-11 ck « BILL'S COIN SHOP new hours • •' 10 A.M to 9 P,M. T <Sa5£ a wee* We buy and sell coins. SuppUei of all binds. Located In Hotel Noble Loboy. 3-22 ck « Expert repairs on all makei of sewlnj machines. Tne- Singer Co Plaza Shopping Center PO 2-2782 2-1 cfc tl Wanted to Buy Wanted to buy: soybeans & new crop "wheat. Call Tyler Durbin. Continental Grain, cottonwood .Point. ED 3-1881. .4-16 ck ' 5-lft Political Candidates The Courier News has .been authorized to announce the fol- lowing'candidates for office in tlie forthcoming . Democratic Primary election: Legislative Post No. 2 BILLY NICHOLSON .'..*""* * District Prosecuting Attorney RALPH E. WILSON Wheelchair - adlustaOU lees Call after 7 p.m. PO 3-6100. 3-11 db t( Indian relics, arrowheads tomahawks, pottery, etc. or will trade BLYTHEVILLE IRON 4: METAL CO. 1200 S .Elm. PO 3-6886. 3-4 cK « WANTS3: OMd rui-nitufe Halite! t White. Pb PO 3-6038 or PO 2-JMS Personal TOMATOES ' PEPPER EOO PLANT Bhirp, 2208 Carolyn, PO 3-8433. . . 4-30 pic 5-30 . TUPPERWARE — For parties or orders call Janice Ertel PO 1 3-9««. 4-21 pk 3-22 Sandy yard dirt, 13.50 load o> llvered. PO 3-8493. 4-18 pk .5-18 Receiva Presnell co'unenr at 933 S. Division. Oioc.. fc.-iaos S. Division, ; 811«I1 : Stttlon. 3-J6 ck U Privit* Roomt Comfortable bedroom, adjoining bath. 901 .West. Ash. PQ 2-2209., . . 3-31 pk J.3 Lost * Found Found— 1 pr. prei. (lauei, bm. trim. Owner can call tor at courier News. «-30 dh S-2 ROBERT MYERS Plumbing ft Hiating Sales & S«rvie« • «4 Hr. Service , • Up To S Vr. Pninclnf • All Work Guknntoed •" Call Today For Frc« EttimatM PO 3-7243 Seat Covers CUSTOM MADE $25 - $30 - $35 FACTORY MADE $13.50 to $22.50 Truck seats Exchanged, Boat Seats Exchanged, Custom built and covered. Complete Auto Upholstery Gilbert's 600 E. Main Ph. 3-6742 GENERAL MACHINE WORK & WELDING • TOOL AND DIE WORK • HEAT TREATING • ENGINEERING And DESIGNING Manufacturing and Machine Works PO 2-2911 ., - , ,. „ ^, _, .,• "Tommy's teacher, eh? Look, Helen, why haven't 1 "Mrs. MacCarthy has sworn off TV. She says she * ' bwn <j ra ff» 9 d here befort?" learned more than she ever wanted to know about ^^ headache remedies, cigarettes, deodorants and laundry products!" BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway Make Memorial Day — 'Day of Remembrance Prepare nowto choose a beautiful Barre Guild Monument to memorialize your departed loved one on Memorial Day. We have a wide choice of monuments guaranteed by the fiarre Guild. Monument* Jno.C.McHaney& Sons, Inc. OPEN SUNDAY AFTERNOON So. 61 Highway — Blythavi'Je, Atk. — Ph. PO 2-2601 HE'S SPEMT YEARS WORKING, HAS HAPPENEDTOUPSET HIMUKETHB' EWI^yOU MADE A MISTAKE IM MARRV ING AW IRRESPONSIBLE;ilrJPISCIPl/NEi>, IMMATURE...9C-PRODIGXWHOSE PRESS Y' FATHER! STUAKT IS ACKNOWLEPGEP ONEOF CLIPPIN5S HAVE GONE TO HIS HEAP. A THE FINEST WUH6 CONDUCTORS IN THE WORLP... I'VE OWCr* DROPPED IT CARDrXE. NOT TO BRINe THAT SHOTPUT IN THE HOUSE! I'M CARELESS SAP, I CANT MAIL TIU. I QfcT STORY; IVE RUN BONE PRV or IPEA*I, AT LAST! I'M IN SHEER DE«PAIR,,,ANP ' THERE'S NO DESPA1K SHEERER THANJI COMIC ARTIST ON DEADLINE, WHO MUST CREATE,,,AKIP CAN'T! LUCKY POS! WHY CAN'T I SET A BREAK LIKE LISTEN TO THI5 WIRB FROM MY OFFICE,., ''MO STRIPS RECEIVE? SINCE APRIL 21. ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? IF SO, HAVg YOU. MAILEP YET I' HE STUDIO OF WAS PATAtCgV, COMIC STRIP ARTIST NOTHINS, SIR! WE )/ WP ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH HIM! HE JUST- ALL RIGHT, BARON, MAYBE VOU'RE REWYTO PO / ME...WH«rPII» YOU P« WITH THR B»4_ SAXON? TRUTH IF-KJU DONTWOT PIKES OF TOUR SKULL 3CATTEREP ALL CVER THIS PART OP BRITAIN IT K >i I/, '.i » " '"Tr . !•. tf <l»~-. ^ "- W '" ?• "- *• OUT ON A . I MANHUNT. THOPWAPPLE, . _ . LOT CCM6 AKXWP «5i?E!

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