Albany Daily Democrat from Albany, Oregon on February 8, 1925 · Page 8
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Albany Daily Democrat from Albany, Oregon · Page 8

Albany, Oregon
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Sunday, February 8, 1925
Page 8
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f AOS BIGHT AI.IIANY, Olti:., SUNDAY. I'HIIH. . 112 ,. u FROM THE DEMOCRAT OF ONE YEAR AGO . February 8, 192J. Horat Ruohllnir. an infant, is the solo survivor of the recent poisoning tragedy and it is thought thnt ho will not bo able to hold out against the poison that physicians are now reasonably sure found its way into his little body. . Independence romped -ever the Albany Legion basketball team at Ind"-pondence Inst night to the tune of S'l to 12. The first half was 22 to 6. Football was declared to bo a fitting caption to tho game as tho referee tossed tho ball into play and then pocketed his whistle nllowine the t;me keepers to end the frame when time was up. ! Albany hpd prcviauslv defeated the Indenendence tnin by a close score on the Albany floor. . High school students who wi'l represent the lnral school at the Fdua-tionnl exhibition at 'O O. A. C. this week are: Seniors. Howard Towers; juniors, Lnn Sen; soniomores. Stewart Ralston; W'lnia Rohrbough will represent the girl's league. . ... . . , 1 The Pirate basketball team plays at Monmouth today in a return game. The dope favors ihe local collegians. FPrv-TRW nKMOCP AT OP TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO ; February 9. 1900.' The cost of the remodeling of tho court house recently completed was $17,600. This equips the building; with five fire-proof vaults, a hot water heating system, large court room and adequate office room. The purchase of the county poorfarm has been authorized and a suitable building erected thereon. The City of Albany has donated a 1200 pound bell to be used as a chimes in the clock in the court house tower. -... About one-fifth, or 1000, voters of the county have registered. s Linn county is out of debt and the levy for county expenses is 5.85 mills and the total levy is 14.50. Marion county is in debt to the amount, of $75,000 and has a levy for county expenses of 10.4 and the total levy is 22.50. Multnomah countv is about five times as much as either Marion or Linn. Albany has the lowest levy of any municipality in Oregon with a total levy of 24.5 mills. Artie Hogan, of Lebanon, and Miss Lena Acl-ermin, of Oakvillc, were married the first of the month by Judge Barton at the courthouse. The tower clock was properly adjusted today by F. M. French and I. F. Conn and will be started tonight. Watch for the sound. . j , Tho Albany Brewery today received a shipment of 40.000 pounds of bottles from Chicago. The bottles came from Chicago in nine days and is the first carload ever, received here. - " C. S. Shedd has been highly commended for his work in managing the recent poultry show. The Oregon Poultry Journal is high in praise of his management and mentions the exhibits of C. G. Rawlings. A. W. Blackburn, A. S. Hart, L. W. Ross, D. O. Woodworth, Alden Hulburt and George Mcknight as being exceptionally good. Mr. Blackburn and Mr. Hart have formed a company to handle their poultry business. . Lebanon ' Deputy Marshal Dell is a terror to the hoodlums of the town. The people j of the community are loud in their : thanks to this man for topping some of the depr"dations that have been numerous of late. ' J. P. Durgec, formerly of Shaw, has opened up a jewelry store and repair shop in the corner by the Rachet store. All the equipment of the cavalry IIOXIE PUTS THRILLS IN GOOD PICTURE Universal has produced a real western picture starring Jack Hoxie that is a combination of thrilling action, interesting story and pictorial beauty, .in "The Phanton Horsemen," showing now at the Ramescum theater. .. In one scene Hoxie took one of the greatest risks -of his tcrcen career, in a remarkable ride down a steep mountain, slope, jumping his pony over a sheer bluff into a treasherous sand pit. i Tho result is a thrill for the most blase fans. There are outdoor shots which make this, picture unforgettable. The story was written by Isadore Bernstein and filmed under the direction of Robert North Bradbury. This litorary and directorial combination is responsible tor soma of iioxte's best pictures. The cowboy star was supported by an all-star cast which included Lillian Rich, Wado Botcler, Ruby Le-Fayette, Tei McKinnon, George Williams, Ben Corbett and others. "SAINTED DEVIL" VALENTINO FILM "A Sainted Devil," Rudloph Valentino's second Paramount starring picture since his return to the screen, will bo the feacure at the Globe Theater Sunday for a fun of three days. With an excellent supporting cast, a story, of dash and color ,und rich settings' whteh depict tho Argentine and' life in the Buenos Aires, A Sainted Devil" is raid to surpass even "'Monsieur Bcaucuire," which was received by critics and public alke with great acclaim. In this piture, which Forrest Halsey adapted from Rex Beach's story, "Rope's End," Valentino portrays the role of Don Alonzo' Castro, a spirited young South American who travels up and down the troop, except uniforms, has arrived. Guns, pistols, saddles, belts, etc.. all brand new and of excellent quality will bo handed out to the men of the troap in the near future. Dr. Lnniberson writes from New York city thnt he tried to sec the Goddess of Liberty but that the keepers would not let him speak to her be-(wuse Sam Garland and Dr. Foley were there last summer and attempted to flirt with her. Rrownsville ' Horace McKinlev reports having seen two snow white deer in the mountains near here. Fred Bruckman, a bottle maker, of Piiiinview, said that ho would put in a creamevy here if tho people of Brownsville would furnish the lot on which to build it and the cows to keep it running. Both requirements will be met. Wallace Gray writes to his mother, Mrs. C. Gray, from the Phillipines thnt he believes the war to be nearing an end and that ho will be home by tho first of June. Sclo Mrs. Albert Cole was in Albany this week selecting a stock of spring and summer millinery. S. W. Dugger is in town saying goodbye to his many friends.. He has sold his business at Independence and is going to San Francisco to live. The Scio Creamery company will add a full outfit cf cheese making machinery and will add that product to the butter product of the plant during the coming summer. Messrs. Colter and Husk, students of Albany college, were visitors at Munkers over the week end. The i former acted as a waiter at an oyster supper served there Saturday night. Mrs. A. G. Prill has resigned her position in the school and will leave for New York City at once. She is going on the strength of a message from Dr. Prill from a point in Texas in which he asked her to go to New York at once. FROM THE DEMOCRAT OF pitTY VF Rf ;o February 12. 1875. Mart. Payne and wife have returned from San Luis Obispo, Cal., where they have been spending the winter in the infcrest of their health. Cass Humphrey, a former employe of the Democrat, and his partner, Bro. Quivy are enlarging the Corvall-s Democrat, which tcy are now publishing in the neighboring city. a Hunting is rrood in the Sweet Heme country. J. Watson and Thomas Settle each t illed an elk near there recently. Charl"s Mealey has killed six wolves nar his ranch in the . last few weeks. North Brownsvillians now turn 111 their respected nones at Liverpool. England because that city is not incorporated and North Brownsville is. thanks to the recent enactment of the state legislature. Chinese new year was celebrated with mich eclat here on Feb. G. with the entire Chinese population of Albany and many cf the "Meliesns" en-t-r'p into the noise making- and feasting. , . The scroll census in Albany shoos thnt there arc 282 males between the aees of 4 and 20 years and 290 females. Tie increase over last vear was f3. One hundred and ten attend ed 'ch'-ol last vear. 44 t college and 20 in nrivnte schools. There are 280 voters in the heal school district. a , A yorngster at Brownsville passed out crackers in church the other night and because the annoyance became unbearable the yo'ung man was fined $10 and costs. scale of love and who fights at the dro pof the hat for the woman he I loves. Helen D'Algy has the role of Juli-etta, a dark-eyed, raven-haired beauty who captures all the space in Don ,Alonzo's heart despite the efforts of iCarlotta, played by Nita Naldi, Dona jFlorencia, Dagmar Godowsky; and (Carmelita, Louise Lagrange; who try jto win him away. George Sicgman I has the colorful role of El Tigre, the I wild bandit of the Pampas, an l other J members of the cast are Antonio j D'Algy, Jean Del Val, Roger Lytton, ; Isabel West, Raphael Bongini, Frank j Montgomery, William Beits, Edwafd iElkus, A. De Rosa, Ann Brody, Evel yn Axzel! and Mane DHler. In the picture Valentino is given an opportunity t odo the Atgentinc Tango for which he has gained considerable reputation and hu has fights galore with bandits and bad men of the Argentine. The hacienda life of the Argentine is shown in this production as well as the smart life of Guenos Aires the Paris of the Americas. NEW HARRISBURG COUNCIL IS BUSY HARRISBURG, Feb. 7 (Special) An extremely busy council meeting was hold here Monday evening. Some of the highlights touched were the silencing of various objections to using the siren as n curfew wurning by ordering the M. E church bell tolled each evening at 9 o'clock hereafter; ratifying the appointment of L. E. MeKellip a?, councilman In place of O. V. Shumwalt, who has returned to Portland to reside and reappointing W. G. Trill as the city attorney. A time extension was granti-d on the city's franchise to II, F, Meis- "CUPID'S CAGE" TRAPS P. O. COUPLES . They Enter Single and Come Out Married . POSITION IS MUCH SOUGHT AFTER til : rw'.v-;-! mm- ii Why Wouldn't the Couple look at the Camera? Ik-cause They Are in "Cupid's Cage," Trapped, as it Were, for Romance and Marriage. It's only an Ordinary Office Cb;:o Itut Something Huh Imbued It With Romance I'ntil Now It Is Legend thut All Whu Enter There Single Shall Come Out Married! SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7 "Cu-1 murks, and eventually to "I will" and nid's Cage" they call it in tho San '"I do" at the altar. Francisco post office. j Tho why and tho wherefore of this Officially, it is the central accou"t- I strange post office romancing seems ing department but romantically, ' h'1 ''' "no explanation. I'ost-nnd popularly, it is more famous for i master John Power says it is 'close its output of marriages than for its : proximity. output of accounting records. I T"" Kirl and the man get used to For whoever has entered the cage - ?"11' ?"' mar"W single has come out married! , j'Toui-tsvemairied folk be-It seems, that the accounting de- jn(! pain, jn the cage, with all the rartpient, handling remittances from : nii f tnc cmnloves betting on how 1700 western pon offices, must have inrs thcy would hold out against the two persons check the money and rec- !uiti;rn(o ad each time the ultimate ords . Usually, n man and a woman ,, Kvn the same' are assigned to the job. "Cunid's Cage" has Iwcomo so fa-The man reads the figures. !ramn throughout the western division The girl says, "Check." Uhat lonesome single persons employ-And such prosaic exchange of led elsewhere n'o applying for the job word?, leads to casual personal Ve- ' in the accounting cage. dorf, water system owner, who is mak ing preparations for laying new mams where paving will be ordered. The suit betwen the town and Peter Viig was stayed by agreeing to leave settlement to the mayor and recorder. Viig'r. lawyers offer to settle for $400. The recorder was also empowered to sell the Tanton property for not less than $550. Both properties, Vigg and Tanton, are right of way h:ndrances. Surface drainage, traffic regulation and similar matters were discussed. The county court submitted a $1,000 offer for the city's interest in the local rock crusher Mayor McAfee, the recorder and Councilman Burton were authorized to settle the proposition. The mayor appointed the follow ing standing officers: streets and j puDtic property, i anion, i.arson ana Burton; ways and means, Shisler, Gil- bar! and McKcllip; ordinances, Mc- i Xeili-; sewer and drainage, Burton, w""u "ppm's '- anipiu, uuai-Gilbert an l Tanton; license, Gilbert, ' c expect a broader demand and Shisler and Tantn. j frecr buying than has characterized Mrs. John Donavtn of Junction I lne tra'lc for the past three weeks. City ,v.'as here Monday calling on her mother, Mrs. RachBcl 'Widner. Charles Haynes arrived Sunday from Power?., for a visit among his many friends. Mrs. Vivian Cartwright, Mrs. Chas. Morris and Mrs. Ddette Martin were visitors in Eugene Tuesday, s Mr. and Mrs. 'F. L. Beard of Eugene and Mrs. Blaine Colburn and son were Sunday guests fir dinnering back to Pendleton, his home town, at the home of Mrs C. L. Morris. He reportr. having encountered no Jim Willoughby was here (.pending trouble, despite hb advanced age. a few days at the home of his brother this week. Mrs. Lester Thomas returned from the Albany hospital Sunday. POULTRY ELS AT LOWEBB,CLAI Tu,n : -i .e " I Vu .- "'"-iue"e;js easy, entails no dieting or cxercis- in tho live poultry situation. Receipts jK amJ n4!) tho aiAuA udvuntage of are moderate and market is steady.! cheapness. Prices to producers, have shown jioniol Get a box of these tablets and start advance. i .. , ,.V- Unking them now. Within a short Little is heard of any sickness ex- me you will be getting rid of fat isting among the fowl at producing i ndily and easily without starvation ,,. . . ..' . ".diet or tiresome exercise. You will centers. The embargo on the various comforta,,ic fflml abie t cnjoy the western states is still in effect. Rcp-,f00d you like and want. Even after resentatlvcs of the bureau of animal ' taking off many pound, there will be industry of the department of agri-inn flabbincss or wrinkles remaining, culture continue to carry on the work; You will feel 100 per cent better. All cf disinfecting live poultry contain-; lru "l01'CR the world over sell Mar-ers as a preventive against disease, i P10'" Inscription Tablets at one del-rpi. ,i..u,i . ,..?. i I i i' '' for a box, or tho Mnrmola Com-ThD dressed poultry mnrltet closed. y f,t,ncraj mton liammi )e. caRier at tho week end, Withdrawals , troit, Mich., will gladly semi them from storage continue about the r,nmct(i you on receipt of the price, (ndv. and stocks in storage In Chicago, '; York, Philadelphia and Boston, are largo or 37 per cent more than at this time last year. With improved Industrial conditions in the larger consuming centers, no concern Is felt by the trade on accotmt of the lurge excess. ' .: ... . ' . I Frcah egg receipts continue to in- 4. i tTiT8?5L8aimU8utMaMtaMKl crcase, and buyers punuie n restricted purchase policy, buying only day to dnv requirements.." Lower market pr:ccs have been obtained, fresh current receipt egg quotations in Chicago, Saturday, Jnnunry 31, being 47 cents as compared ti 55 cents Janu-ry 24. Prices of storage eggs have declined with the fresh. Stocks of these arc so small that they tease to be a factor, only 64.r8! cases remaining in the cities of Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Boston, Saturday, January 31. The butter market registered a substantial gain in price tho past week and came as a surprise to many In the trade. Quotation on 90 score standards at Chicago today is 39 centa, as compared to 371 cents a week ngo. I Production does not show much dange. f orc:gn markets are nigner, 85-YEAK-OLT) I'M ATM, I A MAN DRIVES MANY MILES William Blakcly, 85-yoar-old Umatilla County resident and former sheriff of that county, was a visitor at the of George Wright and family at Albany yesterday. Mr. Blakely drove his car all the way to Los Angeles last fall and is now lriv- Safe Fat Reduction Why be fat? The answer of most fat puople is that constant dieting is hard, continua: exercise is tiresome and exhaustive than then, too, it might bo harmful to force the weight down. That, was the old-fashioned idea. Today in Mnrmolu Prescription Tablets all there difficulties are overcome. Just a pleasant littlo tablet after each meal and at bedtime causes jik 10 vanisn. ini. moucrn meinou CHICHESTER S PILLS TIIKIHASIOSII illllA.VO. A Laillcal Aab rur IlruwUt i,U.fh'-:rr I M mnn d Ti rand, I'llUIn UA rfl Uaid nUUic waifil witn iiiu HIM, 1IAM4INI ItltANII VU.iM.1m 4mi. ifnti iii.i iii'HTPn n ynriknownatlleit,Kirett,Aliviv(Kellitil SUIT BY DRUGGISTS EVLFYWHKC I NEVERS BIDS FOR ATHLETIC CROWN PA 1.0 ALTO, Cal.. Feb. 6. (!)--Eniio Nevors, tho 200-pound blond athlete uf Stanford university, is pressing for honors the best all -round alhleteil in tho liyunls of tho went. . Novel's Is u star fullback n the feiitbnll team, one of Stanford's best base! all pitchers.' . plays n rattling good game lit forward on tho basket-ball team and. ran throw the pnvelln, He has given little Attention to truck lu'omisp of bis baseball activity, i In lOi'il, Nevor's first year t vnr-xity football, his" team lost tho bit' game Willi California, but not until lifter he had ripped the lino to niorei repeatedly and win a pliu'B on Waller Camp's third nil-American team. Nev-era got even In the spring when his twirling helped to win the crucial bull series against California. In the foil of 11)24 Nevors hud hard luck, lie was hurt badly before the first scheduled nines and was kept n the sidel'nes ivost of the season. But he got into the postseason game with Notre Dame at Pasadena and. though his ankles were weak, played until tho final mm. He and Lnyden, one of the Four Horsemen, were proclaimed the heroes of the i!ny. While the Uoekne Ramblers woo. Never ciimo pear halting them sinrle handed. After the Pasadena gnnio Never was elected captain of the 11)25 team. His admirers exnect hi Inst year ti bo his best. Incidentally, Nevors stands high ns n student. Nevors' record is reminiscent of I Harold (Brick) Muller at the univer-1 sHy of California a few yenrs ago. J For tw) straight years Muller was , ore of Camp's first string ends on the ! theoretical all-star fo itlmll sipind. Muller also was n strong contender in the field events, lie competeill in the hrpnd and high jumps, threw t h t lavelin and the 'discus. In tho lil'JOi Ok-mnii- trnim-a hn nlucctl In the biirb ! jump. Muller is now an assistant f- ot ball coach at California. PLAY, BY TANGENT HIGH ENJOYED BY CAPACITY HOUSE TANGENT, Feb. 7 (Special) Staged entirely by Tangent high schoid talent, tho comedy-dramn "Lighthouse Man" wo decided success when produced at the Tangent I. O. O. F. hall under the direclim of Mrs. Delmnr Gildow Friday night. Tho house was filled to capacity and as a result tho net receipts were $ilS, which will bo pluced In tho Tangent high school student body trensuiy. Applause by the audience indicated tnat the production was received with more than usual enthusiasm and approval, and the work of the charnc-teis througnout was such that no single actor Pas been singled out lor greater praise than was received by tne rc3t. Harold Bailey as "Ned" and Vernita Clark as "Nan" took the two leading parts, supnorted by Mnriunnc Specr as "HorTensc," Walter as "Mr. Enlow," Claud Wood us "Ichn-bob Buzzer," Merle Slate as "Mrs. Buzzer," George Mackie as "Sir Arthur Choke," Vcrle Snylor ns "iJuty Choke," mid Bert Gillet as "Injun Jim." Between the first and second sets Miss Frankie Pierson gave a reading, and Vera Cclby and Curl Dunkle entertained between the second and third acts with a dialogue. Orchestral mu.sic was furnished by tho Central school orchestra of Albany, under thu direction of Prof. W. T. Nichols. OthcrB who contributed to tho success of the affair were Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Bailey. Mrs. Bailey supervised the make-up and Mr. Uailey attended the ticket booth. Otto Anderson and Morton Kuer of tho University of Southern California, have been ftntlmll and track athletes of exceptional ability the lust three seasons. RftMESEUM TODAY ONLY UMtVCHi-At. WHiOVS Would You Marry a Failure? She loved him, expected big things from him as the nswly-olncted sheriff. Why hnd he not captured this mysterious, rider? A breathless mystery romance of the adventurous West with fighting Jock Hoxie In his riiliirj, moHt ncliiinfiil rolet Jack Dcmpscy Feature ' COMEDY "All Swell on the Ocean" Prices 30c and 10c, ; Hunt's WASlIINtrrON--Prisldnt Coo. lidge'a limuguai'allou March 4 will bang up to his credit u new tecoid for ambitious posterity to shout at. When ho lakes the oath of office ho will have been Inaugurated Into high officii eight times In nine yearn ii record never before achieved by any in nn reuching the White House. This concentrated record of rapid Inaugurals Is duo to tho oiie-yenr term for governor mid lieutenant governor In Mnssachusetts, un ti four yenrs ago, and to the death of President Harding. Coolldge's first inaugural Ion was oil Jan, tl. limi, when lie took the oath as lieutenant governm1 of Mnssiichu-setts. Subsequent Inaugurals have been: Jan. 4, ID17. lieutenant governor. Jim. 'I, IIUS, lieutenant g.ivernor. Jan. 2. 11)11), governor. Jan. 2. ll)'.(t). governor. March I. li'JI, vice nresident. Aug. 3. 1H23. president. 0 From the record of these previous Inaugural. weather dopesters for March 4, IP'-Ti, when he will take his eighth on th In nine y-nrs. nio predicting clear and sunny skies. For f.jir weather has marked every inaugural of Cnoliilgu to date. ' And since, ns president, CoMldge Is now bo.s of tho weather bureau, It does look us thou'rh ho ought to bo able ti amim'o for a simsblev dav. ALBANY. OHHGON ' 8073 "True Blue" Shirts Cut Full Many Neat Patterns New, well made Shirts for the yomip; fellows who don't wear lilou'scs any more. I.rc: ond rooniy. k There are solid blue and' grey cltamltrnys, assorted striped clinmhrnys, kliaki twills, scrviccibli; percales, Idnck sateens. "TruB Blue" niou also lor boys. In material itirnliourd above. Made will) the amc care. Attractive p.iurrni. Sm; low price. V1 Sfi AfCSCNTCD in AOOIPM ZUKOR ADO JlSSt L.LASKY VALENTINO as.a fiery young blade of the Argentine. T Ji c type of whirlwind romance that made him famous. FELIX, THE Evenings lower floor Balcony 30c ' Children a art cWashirigtoti Letter A few fncts about Hps hiivo been evolved by Congressman John N. Tillman of Fnynttovlllu, Ark., former president uf tlui University of Arknif HUH. "A lie," snys Tllliiinn, "moves like a meteor, It can travel 40 miles hllu the (,111th U getting lis boots on. "A He travels faster thun the truth hceatiKU It meets mi many friends whu give It n llde, "Truth gels up In the rthi, gray dawn ami has to knock four llniim before ho din get n door tien. "Hut n liu is grouted with th glad hand, Is rreiitned anil eoffued, fed nnil petted, laughed lit and slapped on the buck mid then sent hurrying on thu awlftcst iiutomobilu on the pliice," IMnlum " Hold Centennial Fair ! llllltkiul,'! . i llv MnllV ll'l A- world's fair Is to takii plnco In HeU I'ltlin In, til comuroiiMriiin i the IDDth anniversary of the founding of tho kingdom. Brussels slid Ant werp, which at first wte rivnm ior ,1... i,..,,,... I.l,iir Nidi'ftt'd ns the sent of tho fair, hnvo burled tint lint-diet mid iierced on i"l rotulse by which exhibitions mi) to take place In both cities, , "Motor traffic ifi'U worm and wntsi', " raid 'M! old Ind'.' In Ihe cltyJ "Keiille. nowaday It Isn't safe to be u I'teuliyteilan," ' :' AhImiI has hem put on the French market as a sulwtitut ) for the banned h-lothe, ' Every Shirt is Croat Big Value t only . j .. i .... j... 3 .rlL TODAY CAT, COMEDY ROc. Matinees 30 c Dime Anytime , . jl(iiiiiTTjW 3P r Joseph llenaberu vtS&lyi Production , ' i

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