The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1946
Page 6
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1 t BLYTHEY1LU! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Vital Contest 1 1 underground faoqt stockpiles or f surplus war n>UrUU. Poles, cro&s- | arms, wire and pole line furniture sufficient lor Np mil** of new and renewed electric service construc- Uta are accumulating. ly one sawmUj and one »re In operation as the race PublicaHe* Chosen for Top Award ' lit AMMO! Competition PML^LDELPHIA, April 22, (UP) < -~- - -,...,._ d £ ytr ^ [j^ h _ LSUi annual ex- typography W A>«r Ac AMU,'! ^jc.'hw itten won by 4he Bo-' (Minn.) Post-9u)letin, It 'today. t ' Tht ' Pact-Bulletin was ctiottn 1,300 English-language in the exhibition. • aw«rd was on the basis of e» oellenee t>l typography, maek-up; and .. j Hmiormble m«it4oni were award- «ri U> 11 "besi" newspapers in the folio*ing circulation and format papers of more 50,000 circulation: First hon, If mention, the Courier-Journal, -Louisville, Ky.; .second honor- atole »n*f>tion. Kjciimoud Times Di£- P«tch, Richmond, Va.; third hon- menikm, the Christian Monitor, Boston, v Rphners-up In this groitp were ie ;Kew York Herald Tribune, •hich won the Ayer Cup last year; *--•--• • • — and" The fjSr Jumber from the many thou- Jiaodii of acrrs of new and old groft-th fir begins again. An influx of new residents has ejreated a housing problem com- wraJtte io^Uiat In other p«rts of Uje countiy. The postmistress reports a correal shortage of 25i> rfnUJ faoxee. A fujl-grown news- ^r, the weekly BrooKJngs-Har- PUot, hes been born, r^esii-a^ie property aloug (he pro- downtowii district if chijig- Don Marino Loves The British, Even With Rhumba Efforts BY FRKDKKICK 0. OTHMAN | who taught him thai even he* could MONDAY, Al'KIL 22, 191C United Press Staff Correspondent LONDON, April 22. (UI'l— 1 want lo t*ll you today how tile BiiliMi made a Iwro of Don Mnrlno Biir- leto, til* Cuban Rhumlja King. He tootles with his band In the Embassy Club, a bottle joint cle luxe whei'c lip tries to avoid looking ill Englishmen trying to dance to his s. This sceiu; pains his sen- explaincd. Almost nightly during the war till' bombers c:iine. Tfe whine of .slerns. blasts of explosives ancl crashes of masonry (^ave IDon Marino Hu> heebies. For the first year he fled to tlm Mibwnyg when the explosions started. His baud played on, Icaderless. The dancers continued to dance, _ rhytlimlcss. man believe* tlie city Is a venture' how gay blades of London disport, "Was still scared " I3on Marino worth lnve*(lng In, i ....... i sitive Latin soul. When a tall in inofioc-Je Iui7il>ers his piutnei's toes as IK' hands »t figures that Indkale goes!, Don Marino shuts his eyes. ev«i tl>e most seasoned business-1 I had gone to the club to sec brave. He pointed out tlw doth- ceiling, it once was inlr- boinks," Don Mnrlnp Recruits Sought for (J. 5. Marine Air Corps A finned fighting arm of the service during the war. Marine Corps Aviation, now formulating Its peacctitik' plans, has launched u nation-wide recruiting drive. Klaff Sergeant I-Yed L. Dean, U. S. Marine Corps Public Information PolM Uie;»sr.'lves legull a t hours when it. reported. "Was al so ushaji)ed. Deis strictly lllegu) to drink nnyllilne [cjdcd |f pcppie could dance during .'Tli*r« is < dentist here now nnrt I stronger than tea. The tlmu vat . • S&ndanf-sijte papers of from 10.«00 Ui S0,6«0 circulation; first honor it* mention, Durham Morning Herajd, Durham, N. C.; Second l^oho^able mention, Rending Eagle, Pa.; Third honorable Rutland Hernld, Rutland, a 1 ..second doctor ha$ hung out his dllngle. Ac addition to the consolidated school ts being mulled. Nav.ifullonal Improvements at the mputh of the Ghetto River, where one the lumber schooners loaded their cargoes, are under consideration and fishermen are watching for developments with interest. V. What brpugh about, this start- line inetamophortis probably was ii revived activity in the lumber iijdustiy. But natives, of Ihe area belle\ r e they can present a sus- ained economy that will keep the comnnmlly growing for yeart lo acme. They point to their sheep, dairy cattle. b*«f, pork and lumber U fellabk, negotiable resourcs. They are prone lo bring oul the mild coastal climate that makes the country q dcliGhtfu] ycar- rifound place for the outdoor lover. Also not to be overlooked. Ihe old- Tt, Z . : Standard-size papers of less than |0,00» circulation; First honorable fientlon, the Oweiubpro Dttrulrtr, pweflsboro, Ky.; Second honorable fientiou, the Antigo Daily Journal, intitp, Vfis.; th'il honorable mcn- ta Fe New Mexican. San, N. M. - Ruhners-up in this field was The Rhlnplander /Wis.) Daily News. Tabloids, regardless of circulation^ The Gazette and Dally, York, *»• 3' JdOges were radio commentator Low«3l Thomas; Harold Van Doren, ipdlMtrial designed, and Laurance B. Seigfried, professor of graphic artst'and head 6f printing at the Carjjsgfe institute O f Technology. Tfe newspapers entered in (he eompe«Meri-wlll be exhibited In the ^Ayer galleries in Philadelphia Presentation pf i b* ^iade .later. . the Lumber Boom Brings Rebirth To G host Town : BROOKINGS; Ore. <U.P.)~— Fran hpmb to boom is the siuprising s little community ff'S, "1942, the press wires the first aerial bombing o eontasental' United States— neai ' Brokings, -where a small plane presumably Japanese, dropped an ' trying to start a * mldnlght, long aflel all public ics- timrants )ia<l , clo««d, but 1 could hear the throb of Don Marino's drums even us I was becoming a clubman at the door. My name on a sheet of paper made me a member and gave me Hie right, in my own club to order from the Express Wine Service, Ltd., a Jug of drinking liquor for my own use. Tile waiter took care of the details, hocus pocus made it lawful, and there I was in Hit- midst of riotous gaiety. Perhaps 200 people sat at tables in the softly lighted room, mostly Just, staring n l each other. I was informed ihat they wore not as glum as they looked, tliat they were enjoying themselves. Occasionally a couple rose to dance sedately. At Interval.; Won Marino squee/*d tight his peepers al Lon- Aiau nv^' tw vc uwci ILMJIVI.U, mt r uin- j • , timer wll) tell y*» is Ihe flourish-.? 01101 ? /ox-trolling slowly to his ' ' ' frenzlcd thnmnrLv ihmn.i ti,,,,,,., '/Ing and lucrative floral trade tl^t si>eclalizc.s in azaleas u'lid rhdodendrons. i^Tnere Is ix>-doubt the transfor- matioti to Utls thriving, forward- looking community from thft arushland that 30 years ago Used to be leased at 50 oents per acre per year Is little short of mlrncu- WARNlNd OKDF.K In the Chancery Court, ChlikJ- ' cause frenzied thumpcty lhuni[ "Is brutal." Don Marino said later upon being introduced lo me I asked him how many. He considered carefully and replied: "Two. Don Marino added that he hoped eventually to watch without shuddering customers having fun. This. he said, was important to him bc- ijoom-booins, could rush out, help Injured, come back with soot on faces and dance some inore, then Marino was what you call It louse. "Bit lip. always scared, but stuy- ed on band stand. Was no more coward. Felt better." ' That is why Don Marino love's his enslomerfi. Their bravery mado a Ulan nf him. That also Is why he hopes he can quit wincing at their t^rpsichore. "Is not polite to shut eyes on good brave friends," he said. My story should stop here on s climax, hut you nm' also be interested in the price of London for the wild today. tate of Arkansas Adoption of the special enlistment Plan Is new to the Marines and it was devit-:*! to encourage men interested in the Icchnteril and mechanical side of aviation to .sign up In the Corps "for duty In aviation units," Sergeant Dcnn .statt'd. for duty with an aviation unit | the Recruiting station. Those In- f l . | U "| de '' E ° |lccrult l™l'"»l!. teresled in enlistment may write. . f . . , , — - . - --, D'ltLitoivu 111 viiiioiJiicitv Iliuv wt iK: After thai, he will DC assigned to phone, or apply, at their earliest an air unit where his special skill opportunity, It was announced, can be. put to the best possible l-'ull information on the require- | Rcad rour ,, r New* Want Ads ments and opportunities of Marine Courier News Want Ads. aviation is available at the Ma- MERIDIAN, Miss. (UP.)--The thief who jobbed a Meridian park- Ing meter must have been a suivr- nian. .The meter pole was pulled from its concrete base. rlnc Corps neciuitlng Station, Room 302, Post Office Building Jone.sboro, Arkansas. Gunnery Scrgeiint William T. Homer, a native of Haytl, Mo., Is in charge 01 BABY CHICKS ,., „ Finest f|iiarily at :ill li'mes. nnnohill/atiou of aviation per-; Complete line of uoilllrv sound has already created seiions r.,„/ , v . ,. , P" UIlr / .hoiluges of trained men whose! I"" 1 ' J he «»mliest place 111 nlight Ije filled by civilians being released from aircraft, In- recruiting program is dustries. The new ctcMy,iK'd to offer men from this group an opportunity to put their special technical skills lo work with Ihe Marine air -arm. Under the plan,, anyone accepted' town. "We Buy I'uullry & Kfss" Chester Lewis Poultry '113 Kast Main SI. JOE B. EVANS Certified Public Accountant Member of the American Institute of Accountants ANNOUNCES the opening' <>1 his office in Room 202 Lynch Building, Blythevillc, Ark. Phone 3661 bottle clubbing. So mny the gentlemen In New York who soon will be auditing my expense account. Here's how it adds: T;vo dollars to Ret in, $16.50 for »; Ijottle of scotch whisky, J2 for soda, $3 for a tip. and $4— (so help me—to get hom t - at 3 a.m. cab's don't run after midnight. Swarthy gents in baby Austin antes charge what the traffic will benr. llt.l..*- , L—l.Jl; 1*IV\ h\l;lU LIIC •/sawba District, Mississippi (.'oun- —7 ty, Arkansas. Vfiljna Roblnso«> Plaintiff. ', vs. No. «6M Merle Robinson Defendant. The defendant Merle Robinson Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of tint iiluintirT Wilnui Robintscti. - Dated this 13 day of April. 19-1C. ;• HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Prelda O'Neal, D. C. W. Leon Smith, 1 Atty. for Pltf. Frank C. Douglas,_Atty. nd Litem. were the same OIH?S SKIN SUCCESS SOAP and OINTMENT Double Enrollment COLUMBUS. O. (U.P.)— SiBll ot tfie times-. /There now are 15538 students at Ohio Stale University, more than doul^ the total enrolled dnr- In* e sjrintf quarter last year. You Need a GARMENTAIRE The New Method of Home Storage for Wool Suits, Coats It Saves Storage Fees! Let us show you lliis wonderful new home storage method now . . . and how easily and safely you can store winter clothes in your closet. For GARMENTAIRE. Home Cleaning Supplies and ELECTROLUX Cleaner /* II 'JLCf^ MRS. UO1JT. M. GRAVES : 'Breokings wa* a sorry, dilapidated ttHle settlement - then—a ghost of flft fabulous Northwest lumber exnteltatibn^era', now undergoing nbiaMi in a pxwtwar lumber boom. P»«^ably in the Pacific st is receiving such a going over as this com- piunity or myriad memories. : Ff*n that day some 20 odd yenra Ko^.Jhen the-tiuge, sprawling saw- milfgjjf the .giant California & Oregon J_un:ber Co. collapsed and Ihe IRirtpicn wtlked away without, even^stopping ,.the machinery O)- hauflfig the fires from under the boile^.ljo.just recently Brookings lay -i>«MJiiiijt, <mpldlag 'and meditating oh its colorful P>st. , •..''.;. Twon Is Rebcrn .Today those who stayed on and shuffled, through the ruins of a 1 Ipst ;eBipire, together with a surge of new clood, rte wiping out the fast remnants of bygone days iind jesurrecting Uie dead. - Where once stood the mill, lifeblood 'of the community; where once spread the miles of railroad |.rack, the many wood camps are now springing roads and new buildings. Hocie tiles have been tt&ked out, city streets planned fixl rock" foundations already laid, peveral milet of hew sewer and »ater -service mains are being put BUILDING COSTS HAVE INCREASED! How about the increase in replacement value since you last arranged your Insurance? Stop in or phone for a copy of the Handy Building Value Chart, and make your own estimate — it's easy. FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS flauUd fi >m Ktale Or 11 (led Sett 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay D. &P. L. 14 Cotton Seed EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phone 635 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. —Insurance Department — "28 Years Dependable Service" —Phone 312T — 4% FARM LOANS Farm loans made to fit your individual needs. Our re-payment privilege granted all borrowers. Let us explain our Pre-Payment Reserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES - NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we arrange a loan with you it is good business for us lo make it fit your needs because hirm loans are a good investment only when thej are good for the farm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Glencoe Bldgr. Phone 3131 Why A RAINDROP! - Easter . Presents Gift Wrapped i FREE ThefGift Shop Moss Bryan |103 E. Main Phone 2254 No. IS »f u Strips Watch lor Hirm each Tuesday. W. SfMciflfiu in Ft«th Fruits . and Vegetables . Wholesale or Retail Curb Market fhone 973 Why are there raindrops, and why doesn't- water fall in sheets or a continuous stream? It's because each raindrop is a globule of water surrounding a tiny speck of dust or matter. As the minute"particles of wafer-vapor condense to form liquid water, they form around these tiny specks of matter, thus creating the drop of water. The air is crowded with these tiny dust specks. Just a single puff of a cigarette releases more than 4,000,000,000 separate granules or specks of dust. That is why the air is cleaner after a rain or snow—the specks hare been borne down to earth. Even over the middle of the ocean it is estimated there are as many as 750 particles of dust in every thimbleful of air, while in the great Cities these dust specks number more than 200,000 or more to a thimbleful of air! And snow crystals, too, have a nucleus similar to a drop of water. Don't forget—water is YOUR CHEAPEST COMMODITY! Use it to promote better health for you and your family. Blytheville water is pure water with all th« impurities removed. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, M*s»i«r "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity/ 7 ' ItY KXl'KKT MECHANICS For All Makes of Cars Our complete service includes . .. Motor Tune-Up, Motor Overhauling, lirakc Adjustment and re-lining. Electrical Rcp;iirint r , Radiator Hepairs, and Oil Change. Don't Wail! We will pay you the (op cosh price for your car. Drive in today. Gel the cash. We Are Approved filylheville Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS and carry a complete stock of Genuine Chrysler and 1'ackard-Parts SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—Owner Corner Franklin & Walnut Phone 880 or 3">34 BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAXI SERVICE CALL 96 8 y ^ Railroad Street Bill Wunderlich — Kcar Knbinson's Dm; Store FRESH DRESSED DAILY FRYERS CUT UP Buy the entire Fowl or "Just the Pieces You Want Ask Us for Our FKKS1I Infertile Yard Ffjjs. Garden-Fresh Produce Received Daily We Stock a Wide Variety of Pickles, Olives, Jams, Jellies Cuts ;uid Spears ASPARAGUS All Green All While Sl'KARS Tlic Variety Grocery—Come and See PickarcTs Gro. & Market Phone 2013 1044 Chickasawha Avc. WASH TURP 0 On the Trail RY T,EST>TR TTVRNICR ILL SEE ViMf NATURALW THE BASSOS vVEEE IWPRKSED B'J THOSE ceroits WHICH THEVD pa EVEB SEEK PUSU5HEP. HC« ABOUT SOU GOING THttLIOLP THEATK BILLS M THE I7RAMA DtPAKTWENT? SEE F 'Oil CAN FIND ALWA6OROO POMS LISTED IN THE CASTS OF M« IGINWCVCUP AT fH= HOUSE WHfBE TONI'S LIVINS' V*UOEWO£ HOUSES BUT THEBE'S ' Np EVIDEk'^E, : . T«Ar ro*;: oe OCM-IS DID BEWJ UP ON TBJSE OLD NEWS End of the Trail BY FRED HARMAN NO TRACE OF TH* S1AGE AT THE 6OTtOT\AWD THE owes SIDE is TOO FAR TO JUMP BUT I TrtHW 1'Ll TAKE RD^ RIGHT F INTO Trt' OOSSE

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