The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1948
Page 8
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KAUE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS i Published Evtry Friday in the of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section, FARM NEWS-FEAlbRES FRIDAY, MARCH12, 1 P48 State Continues 4-H Frozen Foods Program fn 1948 Announcement has been made that the National <-H frozen fowls awards program is being continued In Arkansas this year, tt Is conducted under the direction of the Extension Service. The program encourages •!-!! Clu» members to Irani the loc.i! /nods best adapted lo freezing mid to develop skill in preparing and packaglUE lliom (or placement In the home freezer or community Joekcr plant to lend vnrlrty lo the family diet. Awards for holiest rating records nf achievement in freezing foods I include honor mednl-s to county I winners and a S5D U. 8- SavlnRs j Bond lo the stale champion, In- I irriiiiiionnl Harvester Company al! so will provide educational trijw •'—~~ Su««.toM For Better Farmin, Featured For This Section* STessive Farmeri. DO YOU WANT TO SAVE MONEY? DO YOU WANT THE BEST SERVICE? Of Course You Do! Then Don't Cheat Your Tractor By Using Anything But Genuine — Farmall Ports — GKNIIINK FARMA1X PARTS AKK KNOIN'KKKKI) TO CIVi: VQV THE BKST IN OI'EHATIXG KKCICIKNCV AT I.OWrST POSSIBLE COST. TAKE AL>VA\T.U;K OK OUK CKANKSUAVT EXCHANGE 1'I.AN FARMALI, B n.6r, Outright Complete Sel of Kail .1,1,1 10.80 i:\cluilife Main lir.iriiii; s.95 FARM.Vl.I, H 2Z.:ln Outright Complete Set of Hud and 1").30 E.veluinB*' Main Bearing IIM"> FARMALL M 28.05 OiidiKlH Coniplrte Sri nf Hail anil IS.flO KxchaiiKr Main IScurini; 17.15 These crankshafts are Ketiuine Kannall Kactnry excliannc. Don't Be Misled By Inferior Substitutes Insist on Genuine Farmall Tractor Parts 3/2 SOUTH 2!L° ST. PHONE 863 Quick Delivery— Anv Time, Anvwher* f HA Stresses Food Production Mississippi County Borrowers Hold Annual Conference Farmers In Mississippi County who are purchasing their Innd tlmniRh loan assistance from tlie Farmers Home Administration were urged this week during the annual inertlng held in the Dogwood Community Building to pince greater ; rmphnsls on a llve-at-home pro- jRi'am. Davltl G. Neal. Mlssco supervisor for FirA, said yesterday. He suggested that food costs (or flic farm family could be reduced at least sn |Wr cent by Browing more ol the incut and vegetables coins Into the dally diet. The food item today Is one. of the nnjor expenses or the year for the farm fiunily. he said. Mr. Noiil alM) suggested that far- iners set. coals for the year and r.vtenrl every effort to clear their farms of indebtedness as fiulckly a.s possible. •Siul .Manwnirnl IHscussrd 1 The iivr-rnge borrower In this county' paid approximately $1000 on his fiinn ill the year lfJ47. lunv- ever, tills fiRiire varied from $100 lll> to $2000. Special cni])ha.sls was filvm to the innml'alnlng of ,v-,i- rnte farm and liome t records *-ul their values pointed out. A dlsciis- .sion and demonstration wero given on soils management by Keith H[l- hiey. farm agent for North Mississippi Comity The two main deficiencies In iMi.stilralppI Coimtv soil were polnled out by Mr. Bilbrey. One Is n shortage of potash in the sandy lands In the Western part Of the county :md Ihc other is a shortage of nitrogen in the Kns- trrn and Southern part of the coun- • ty Recommendations wore made to Mr. Hilbrcy on supplying tliesc rtc- liciencirs with partirular emphasis on good crop rotation ns lh" basis. | and hi extreme eases the nii'lica- tion of the iipproprlate commercial fertilisers And No Seconds! and a (ew vitamin pills. READY-MIXED CONCRETE STEPS For new homes and home Improvements—Insures a good job ... saves muss ... saves money For an enduring, economical, good-looking job it will pay you to builcl with coficrcic —ideal for driveways, walks, steps, porches, terraces, basement walls, garage floors —and firesafe new homes. Helps your Builder do his Best Ready-Mixed Concrete cnaMej your builder to do highest quality work at attractive prices, tvery truck loud is carefully proportioned to the. "mix" needed. Trucks dump concrete neatly into the form-; without leaving a mess to clean up. W« will be glad to recommend a good builder for your job. FOUNDATIONS HUGHES & COMPANY Ready Mixed Concrete — Building Materials louth 10th at Railroad Phone 3531 Arkansas Oats To Be Grown in Great Britain FAYETTEV1LLE. Ark.. Mar. 12 — A dtscu.'i.sinn nn pasture develop- ; Two vivtietios of winter oats bred in Poison Hazards For Livestock Merit Attention LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. Mar. 12 — Seven livestock poisoning hazard?, some of them especially critical the Spring seeding and pas- mcnt was eiven ijy Hay D. John- j Arkansas for use in this state are i '"re s'enson. were listed' today Mon. supervisor of Dyes* Farms He pointed out Hint properly handled pastures to fit the farm needs could be made the most profitable acres . on the fnrm. Vnriou.s pasture seed- ' fni? combinations were recommended (o fit the various types of soil I Also, temporary (jnslures were recommended to sm>|>1y much needed feed for livestock aloni? with the crop rotation. Other speakers on the program were Vance R. Dixon, farmer and chairman of the conn- i ly committee Of the Farmers Home Administration, whose talk was on the opportunities ottered the bor- roivei.5 of Ihl.s county, and Prank B. Dean. Sr.. county commlttecmnn, Hiving! eniuhnsls nn fnrm records. Gletm T. Boyd. field representative of Furmer.s Home Administration In Mtttc Rock toof: nn active part In the discussions during the day. ' ;oing to be tried out in Grent Brit- nin. A request for samples or the "'' V Farmer Beats High Corn Price by Using Peanut Candy to Fatten Swine RIOUI.TRIB. On.. Mar. 11- {UP! — Live-stock producer Paul Munich riisi'lnsed today lie had found a way lo beat the high cost of corn Munich snlrt he Imcl bought 52 i tons of peanut candy for $50 n ' ton lo fatten some 1.000 shoal*. The candy had soured in storage, lie said, but the syrup nnd • peanuts still mnke a pood hog fond. "The piss love it." he said, "nnd its cheaper than com." Farm Agents' Tips IT'S TIME TO — Improve your drainage svslem by unstopping and cleaning out that to the 1948 National -1-n club Congress in Chicago and S200 Fowler McC'mmick scholavsiiips to four Jcctioiwl-nationnl winners selected from the state champions! Experiment Station through (he British Embassy in Washington, ac- associatc director of the station, j The two varieties requested are ] Traveler, the most popular Winter [oat in Arkansas, and a new Winter- hardy oat with upright which is still in the experimental stage, according to. Dr. Bartholomew. Both were developed by Dr. H, H. Rosen, plant pathologist for the Experiment Station. A representative of'the British government who visited the Experi- I ment Station last Fall Mas impressed 'with the work bting done here on developing oat varieties suitable for Winter grazing. Dr. Bartholomew reports. The two varieties requested will be grown in observation trinls at the University of Wales to see how they perform under conditions in that country. farm field ditch. Use high-yielding hybrid corn that ha.i been proved in county on all corn land. See that planting machinery In good working condition. speed! warning bulletin from the American Foundation for Animal Health. Valuable livestock mny be lost the organization declared, unless farmers are careful to protect their stock against these dangers: <1) seed oats treated with me-- cury preparations to check rust and other fungus diseases. Mercury poi- imcr- i sollln S may result if nn animal ;rowth mis lo ° m » c " of : this treated grain. 12) Rat poisons. ANTU, '1080' thallium and even the relatively safe -red squill" are toxic to limn animals • H ntl pets if sufficient amounts are. consumed. 131 Lead poisoning from fre.ih paint or-flecks of old paint. Cattle, especially, are sbject to this danger. Ml Chemical weed killers. Now widely used, these should be checked to determine, whether they contain substances poisonous lo sto:n. If they do, they should be handled accordingly. (5) Grasshopper poisons. Arsenic- treated bran is commonly used ~o control grasshoppers. It should not be sprinkled_ on pastures. B.igs of poison bran' should never be left where livestock may get at them. (6) Hedges sprayed with lend arsenate to combat plant parasites. 11) Highway surfacing oil. Heavy i rains may wash dangerous amounts I of oil off the roadway and into pas- seed : your ; is CLIPTHIS CLIP THIS CLIP THISCLIP TH!S CLIP THIS CLIP I This Ad $D/"\ This Ad ^ Worth i&\J Worth On Purchase of Any Used Tractor In Stock i Placards Mark Price on All Tractors | No Price Advance, These Are Our Regular Prices - Cash in Today! —SEE DOUGLAS LAWSON— 6 FORD TRACTORS ON KSsr* TRACTOR Easy Credit Terms On All Purchases! — X a. 3 U THIS o. Ij U v> I H Q. 3 o n -i I U CLIP Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Hiahwav 61 _ • OOOD/YEAR ^ TIHES " • WAXIKUM TRACTION - ).,. .lip. „<,,. pu || with ,„. lu«l. •MOM WOHK. lESt RPCNSE—,<TTN lir... l t( ,c1or and .quipm.nt — do., acr* work p»r hour. • COKSTAKT mrtATIOM — no | 0 .. |h. r «, r around _i n itorog* or UH. Non-lr»«iina. • PRESSUIE »UIUJ» Wf a. load lncr»a.«.. • INCREASED DRAWBAI ?OU. — up lo 500 Ib.. mot. with no wh»«l w«!ghl«. • KIORt COMFORT. LESS 1OOHCB— pro,id« a wootb- • r rid«, I«n latlgu*. • LONGER TIRE tirt — w«n I. muck !<•,.. b.cau« •I minimum ilip and conttant cort»« pr««iui«. Arrang. lor our Goodyear Solution 100 Servic. .now to gel ahoad in your workl County Agent Offers Tips on Farm Drainage Although Mississippi County leads the state in farm drainage program, drainage can still be improved on sotue farms in (he county according to County Agent Keith J. Bilbrey. Each farm has a different drainage problem. Mr. Bilbrey pointed out, and the following suggestion.-, should be gcncrnlly helpful in aid- mg farmers solve these problems After a heavy rain, farmers should locate the nniural drains from the field or area in need of drainage, he stated. Then stakes should >ie set for convenient markers alonn the path of the natural flow of run-off water. Estimate the number of acres the natural drain is servicing and then measure the depth of the water left standing in the field as soon us it stops j-un- This, plus a feu- additional inches .should give a ditch depth enough to carry Hie water and give proper droiniiKe. V-Type Ditches Freferred V-tyne ditches, which are easilv maintained, arc desirable' for shal'- J.ow fields, he stated. Outlets for the-field'Tiilchcs ire necessary and al-e usually dug with draglines. However, in many cases, existing outlets are still deep enough to service the fields, lie explained. Tor best results, a farm or engineer's level should be used lo determine the exact cut needed at all stations along the drainage ditc-i By doing this, the width of the ditch can he figured by noting the area to be drained. i By keeping weeds mowed in the ' shallow V-tlitcli, longer service will ; be obtained before cleaning is necessary. Mr. Bilbrey stated. Spoil uanks irom dragline ditches which are allowed to grow up in weeds and bushes will partially fill th- • ditches themselves. Spreading spoil tanks makes possible better maintenance of dragline ditches, he said. NOTICE j •- Notice is hereby given that the ' undersigned will within the time fixed by Jaw apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for it-permit to sell beer at retaU at South Hfway 61, R p I>. No. 2, Blytheville? Mississippi sunty, Arkansas. The undersigned states that he," IK « citizen of Arkansas, of good , this state, or any other Uat* inoral character, that he has never Ing (o the sale o ? alcliolln i' been convicted of , felony or other a 't°"£. crime Involving moral turnlilude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted ol violating the laws of »t- llquors. me this llth day of March" 1948°™ Mrs. Marshal] Blaclcard. VL A Notary Public. i commission expires March 9. r<?FAH (SEAL) :urcs and fields. Several cases of cattle poisoning from this cause linvc been reported." If a suspected case of poisoning occurs, farmers were urged to call their veterinarian immediately. -Emetics and otlicr treatments may .save a poisoned animal's life," the Foundation declared. "A diagnosis may show that the trouble is caused, not by poisoning, but by some infectious" MOBH IJ-WU«,ir.l.»,tk2,-,,„,. *>H«blarf» l*n9lh»-3-, rf*plt. 14- 3 -| OM , . ttod.l , ,),.„„ ., , ^ HERE'S A LABOR-SAVING MONEY-MAKING MACHINE ...with an Eversman you gee land in top condition q-.ckly .ncT easily Ev crsm a n . leveled fields irrigate them- itlvts. You save time, I a bor, water, grow bx-tter crops- mechanized equipment works faster, more efficiently. The tversman levels land AUTOMATICALLY—when wheels go on high place blade lower, to take a cut, when wheels S o into 3. low place blade raises to release dirt. It levels the land, breaks clods, firms and packs the surface, forming t finely pulverized seed bed as the m«> chine moves along. w? Same machine is fastest dirt mover on the market today for power required. Excellent for rebuilding fields or reclaiming land. After dirt is moved it can b< graded do^-n and AUTOMATICALLY LEVELED with the same machine. Here'j a 3- way machine used not only for the initial job of dirt moving and leveling, but for maintaining contours, »oil conservation work and preparing seed beds year after year. INTERNATIONAL- HARVESTS 3/2 SOUTH2»°sr. PHONE863 I use QUALITY CHICK SUPPLIES Good chicks, i««d, and supplies Pay off in life and growth. Com* in and see our fine line of spring-time supplies. A FOR LIFE AND GROWTH FEED CHICK STARTENA \m OYSHB SHELL \KKfU Putt* t OYSTER SHELL 39% pure for strong e?g shells. CHICK FOUNTS Many ulyles and sizes. Du r a b I •. suruy it /*-««*;* now,' OteCen, DISINFECT THE HOUSE Help guard chicks ogainit di«*ai«. 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