The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1930
Page 3
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MONpM^AUGUST 25, 1930 BLYTimVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •iw> cenu 4 word lor flirt in- Mrtloa tod cc« cent » word (or e«c4 (ubtequtxit tnier- tlon. No tdvtrtUeiaeatUken for lea thin Me, Count tin words tnd MBd UM ewb. Phone SW FOR SALE FOR SALE-Bsby Chicks. Cuilom hatching etch week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Cclt-tI Barg LOOK! ains In Used Cars $305 1030 Model Kord Koadslcr New Tirts, 1'alnl :uid top good. Motor met'li- anically perfect. ISuy this one and save depreciation. Only ......... 11KO Model Ford Standard Coupe. . Thoroughly reconditioned. Good lircs, paint and upholstery. A real buy it • ............ §275 1927 Model Chevrolet Imperial Landau Sedan. Original pauit, seat coven, . good motor. Must be seen to be appreciated.. $250 Our t'SED CARS are guaranteed 30 days. Make your selection and call 811— TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealerg I'HONE 811 TODAY Used Car Bargains 1 1329 Ford 09QC Art Tourlnff (Jtil'O.vU 11920 Ford t9ei; nn Koadst^r «p£Oil.UU 11029 Ford tQoc nn Tudor <pOi»J.UU 1 1323 Clicvrulct 4 C/KIH AA Door Sedan «P*tUU.UU 1 1929 1'entiae 4 tfCCA AH Door Sedan $jDUiUU 1 1527 Foiitiac 4 ^OTC Aft Door Sedan Oti'tKvU 1 19/!9 DeSoto <tQCA Aft Roadster «J«JJU.UU LEK MOTOR COMPANY 120 East Main Street BIA'THEVILLc, AKKANSAS FOR SALE—Atwatcr-Kcnt Riulio, like new cost $175.00. First 565.00 (jets it . lOOT.West Asli St. 23pk27. FOR SALE Jly home oil West Main •''St. See me or G. G. Cauclill J. T. HALL FOR SALE—Small cash rcgisler al Cross Fowl Shop. 25ck20 FOR KENT - FOR RENT— Front bedroom adjoining bath. Private liome. P^ione 479-W. 21ck25. For Rent Two stores ou Second street, also cot Ion ofl'icc up stairs witli north skylight. Grand Lender building. Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL COPYRIGHT 1930 I by NEA SERVICE Inc: 0f ERNEST LYNN PAGIFlVt 1 IIBGI.V IIUHI3 TODAY DAS IKIHIMKR, nrltfr Jn Ilull^v4jo4, U !• lure ullli AXSI3 \V1.VTEH, n-kv. lir- Elnnlnjc •» "* cilrp. haii riro- ffrrfird ruiildljr and fan* ljr*n nf- f«rd o cotitrncl lu Crnud United, onr of tlie Inrcfit ot Ibe •tudloi, Anjit llvr» t*IO» nvii r\lrn Blrl«, MU.VA MOIUUSON Hud liVA HAU- I,S-)Y. l-:vn al lluiri U very Ciller, she wurlia only rnrely, nud • he U despondent ovff a Ir.-iclc love c.u'ftlrnrr. I'.UH. LOM.IIIH. »lio \villr. n ilullj- ruoilc column fur n »tr!nK at ni-vv»i>niKT«, mill JOHNNY lUIHJI.i:, lrre Innce movlr prc<« nfjcnt. f>aiu ndvlie Anne nut lo »lGn the contract, Dan due* llki— «l»e. 'i'hcy nrtue thill It !• not enough monrr. nnri II "III tte her U|i fur three ffMn nl a • mnll Dun lilnihcll !• under cnnlrarl nt Cnbtlurntnl I'K'lurca, I'ul he luis lorn Ui« coninivl u]» nnU In- «l[cd Ibc ftludlo m»n 11 BIT, iU[h nhoBi lie cnn't tfel nluni;, I ** itliat bother her. "Johnson Is used] "Besides what?" •cemrin jto dealing with hard-boiled eggs. Oan grinned. "Oh, 1 Ruoss his Look him In the eye and tell hlui [hide's plenty thick." Which was Is-nay, big boy, tx-uay!' It was Eomelliliie ot an ordeal fur lisr. Aimo was afraid lhat Mr. Johnson might get out ot patience with her. ihlnk her an iingralcful upstart, calculating and urcrceuary. Hut lie heard her caliyly. Behind his vast desk, a faint smilo playing on his lips, lio looked like a mnn who could play a very good game ot poker, lie had one question: "Is lhat your father's tidvico, Miss Winter?" .Cool, cusunl. ono hand resting on Iho desk before Illni. 113 polished nails making tittle clicks on Ihe hanl wood surface. ,'iuuo colored. "No. Mr. Johnson, lie lell tho decision entirely to me." 101 exact!}' whai lio had sinned to ay. He thought, feeling again lint strange aulagoulsm toward lio man he had never raett "Who cares whal Sloan lliluks. anyhow?" Dan was going to San Francisco lor a vacation. "An enforced one," explained to lier with a careless laugh. "1 Ihlnk perhaps It's the bcghmlng ot Ilio end." Anno was tleciily conccrue'l. "Why. what do you mean'.'" Ami lie- told licr that several In his department had been given two week layoffs. • , "It's no longer a secret thai Con tlueulul is selling out.. 1 moan It's oftklul uow, And some bit bugs from l.awsoD,I!rolhers have bcun parading around and silling In a A '* LITTLE nod from Mr. Johnson, i mysterious conferences, and pro him, 11 (• rumored (hut Coutl- | nentnl Is in lie 1,-iUrn u%cr l,niv*iin llrulhera. Anne tiilir* tlielr nd\U-e Slit nlio enlU up her ji:ir- enta In Tulni. UUIn . lo link Ilii! udilrr of her fntlicr. »vou 1» nti mtorucy. xow ijo o\ WITH Till-: sroitv CilAl'TER XXIV A NNK lalkcd with her father anil mother for 15 minutes. "There's a nice telephone bill," bile said a little ruefully when she 'Very yood judgment—on the • iiarl ol your father." fie naused. | Then: "1'erliaiis you'd better think over." •. "Hut 1 have thought It dnction is at a tlauihlill." H I5 drew n deep hrealli. "I)e!lc\ ,, ( me, it will be a vellof to -p away from lliat mad houte for tw c wonderful lo got n pkasanl BUT rise. Now, when I think alum' on—aud I'm doing that nnctlcillj I tho lime—" "I'm euru you ave," "—I always think how wonder- ul you are. and how beautiful, in)-" "I hope you have a good tlmo In ian Francisco, Dun. Have you ever efn there hefore?" Her uy«» dar.ccd svilh Uttlo lights of uils- -hicf. "Y ul1 r ' cr ' 1):lu complalind "Kvcry tlmo 1 start making ovc lo you, you let nig down with i Krcal big thump. . . . No. I've never been there, Itul 1 know n couple of boys on tho News." And bo demanded to know n-liy tho always steered him off of Iho subject whenever ho tot serious. "Were you serious, Dan? I'm wiry. 1 thought you wctc iusi foollr.e again." "You always Ihluk I'm foollus," Dan grumbled. "Some of these tluys you're going to be sorry for )UR BOARDING HOUSE ByAherw riT!~. we House-BoA-r, I LEARMEP THAT EPiSoM HELP K(S AMMOAL- Affrflp ' TO PETfeRM|r\lE Trie UATicsM over. !v, celts. Tlie moralo ot Ihe place tsjlrilllni; with my affcctloiw the way Please tlon't ililnk mo iinfirntefiil. ] slinply lihot—morn suys mopins you Oo. I'm going tg innko yuu 'hut It's hardly as much as I made I around aud whispering, and wor- ' " ou Ihe stage." jrying about Ihclr Johs 1 . I'll be "sat; "Uut you didn't have a three ' Islied If I never sed It again. 1 jyear contract on Ihe stage." I "Ijui «hy do you say it'o the be j'-'•'• "I should feel belter If the coil •gimilng of the end? l)o you mean c ™ pay and pay and pay." i tract were for cue year." "Horrors!" Anno shuddered. "You'll see, 1 ' he threatened <tnr;;. '•'•'• A'l'l ho «»s suddenly EcHuun more: he reached across the ,. I Mr. Johnson's cyehrows rose ever so slightly. . really mean It," Aane said, bung up. "Promise, Dan, that you'll [and lio considered this gravely and Mien got up. lie Eaid. with bis faint saille'. "It looks as though we can't come to an agreement. I'm sorry," "I am very sorry." Anne said. and Uc bowed her out. jlliat you liiink they arc going to let you go?" . "Sure. Adamson not forget to loll me how much It Is— or I'll call un the telephone company and write a check here ind now." ' "I promise," eaid ftorlmer. •\Vcll. whaVs the verdict?" bolshevik, anyway." "Perhaps Adamson ItiiuKs I'm a he let out himself." she hazarded, but Dan said he mn beginning to think lhat was unlikely. laislc. lot tils hand linger on neva for a moment or two: and Anne saw In Ills eyes that which caused her to drop her own. "Happy. Anne?" Kho nodded. lie said, "Ko am I, I'm ahvay? happy when we're loscl!:cr." 'Ko urn I, Da::." "He's a smooth article, aud .. . can talk plenty fast. And if hoi "Honest!" His eyes sought hers slays I hope 1 do go." eagerly: he leaned closer. Care perched lightly ou 'Horl When sbe lv;ft lone, Mr. Johnson , ucl .- g shoulders. Anne thouihl, lei "Just what 1 thought H would i ca ii e( j | u bis swctaiy, told her to 1t | ne i, cr CJ - CS rc , st orl |,| m . nn( ] s ), c he." Alluo Winter laughed. "Fa. ther said to do what 1 thought Best. I-'atlicr always cays tliat iti tlie Ions rim. He was awfully proud, "Did he offer any legal advice?" Johnny Riddle asked. He chuckled. "He was in a tough spot. I'd sue it Garry Sloan could have lunch will) him. Dan Rorlmer, when she told him gave Ellcnt considerallon to the problems ho might bo compelled to face should his surmlso concerning what had happened, said, "Don't j bis flatus at Contiuenlal prove worry, lie knows uow that you're correct. "Ot course, silly! Why shouldn't I be?" Rorlmer smiled and sighed. "Oh, I don't know. Only, 1 sorl of hoped there- mlglit be some special rcasou why you should he." "Hut Micro are reasons," Anne .,,,-- • i I Insisted. "For 0110 thing, you can though, and so was mother. They II | SB1 . art _" A nd Jolmiiy Riddle, whom | T | :( . } , ncl . c h: i v | llt Sunday sun- Ijc very nice, It you only knew it, probably call up the newspapers'Dan Informed, nodded sagely. per nl the Drown Derby, tbo place, .Ur,n llorlrner." She paused. "And right away and lell them all about "They'll think a lot more of her she now remembered with n faint | you think of such nice places lo 'now. A little independence doesn't I reminiscent sinile, where she audj|;o. and tilings lo do. And you'va hurt." And he predicted that I Dan Korlmcr had eaten their first 'liecn very kind lo me. Now, dors Grand United would make her an-! meal leather. Then, as now, he. I thai ralisty you?" other offer. [had baeu dissatisfied with things j ltu Dan 8l ,|i,hornly shook Ills "Mn.ue. not right away, but | at Continental Pictures, ' eay. trying to be legal and fatherly at Ihe same lime—and by long dis-. lance in the bargain." "Xo. He lold me it I needed a oul here aud ouY THE OF Ques-floMS TtME!— -T&R HERB ARE oME • rtow cc*.> *5 t-r is TUsic-e AS C ZERO? ---TWO- IF vOA5 BGREP THRU AR-TH.-Ta iHe OPPOSITE- IDE T AMD S6U JJROPPEP TUT IROrJ POWM I VJOOLP IT COME UP IM-fHe AIR THRU "THEOTHER BMP OF -fhl rtoLE 2 E6AD, f HAVE SEVERAL' OTHERS ' t, p*l.orf. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHAT l>\tt'/,K GLORY? By Martin Aune re- they'll come around. She'd he crazy to tie hcrselt up for that kind of money." Two days Inter Anne again encountered Garry Sloan on the set, called, and she watched him gravely whilo he ordered for them. inlc-nt gaze, slopped. but this timo Ihe director did 'not lawyer lo get ono he'd pn.v for it." | slop lo talk. Remarking his cmlz- Itiddlo said, "You might sendizical smile, she..was hotly emlKir- -him a bill tor my services. Tmlrassed. Sloan had-done her. a great j favor and she lia'd repaid him with what appeared to he ingratitude. Anne would have liked to explain pretty reasonable, Anne." "How about me?" said Collier. Anne laughed. "I wish," said, "lhat 1 had more nerve. she I'm going lo have cold chills running up and dowii ray spine tomorrow when I lell Mr. Johnson that I've decided tho contract Isn't satisfactory." But Da* ulil ah* shouldn't lei to him that it was uot, but be was not alone. She could not even thank him. "I thought of Ihe saying about Iho serpent's loolh," she told Dan, but lloriincr scoffed. "Why should it make any differ Mice lo Sloan? I hope you wont lose any sleep over it. Beside* Tiic waiter ! , Uorimer turned I ••sad. "I'll lell you my reason, AJUC. Would yon like lo hear it?" speak to her, encountered herj^- *™ STJ.S'Yt tiiat were just as elicclivo as .1 definite- jly spoken refusal. And though ho met her smila with one of his own, lie was hcavy-hciirlcd, realiilng that beneath her lightness aud her de"Why tlie brown Bludy?" mrindcd. "Oh, I was just thinking.' ."About me?" "Yes," she admitted. "That's a break! 1 hope it was nice." "I was thinking lhat, for a young man about to lose a very important position, you certainly wero tlie embodiment ot indifference." Dan laughed. He said ho was very disappointed, "i'on sec, I was hoping it was something elso you were thinkiug about." "What, for instance?" "Oh, I don't know; but It would Anne's method of refusing to bear hiai, he reasoned, W.IH her way of letting him know that 6U? did uot waul to hurl him, and that she wanted their relationship to stand as It was. on tho samo easy, comradely basis. Anuc, ho knew, preferred it llial way, aud th« thought held no solaco for him. (To He Continued) Siianc Apartment for rent. Phono "Reliable lady to take orders for i tenl white woman. Mrs. Brown, 441 or 29. !Bck26 well known Watkins Products in BIyllievilte; customers established; FOR RENT—Furnished apartment excellent, pay. Write C. H. Wor- 108 Kentucky, Phone G83. '2lci;28 | ey , fO-SO W. Iowa Avc., Memphis, FOR RENT—T«o furnished rooms.' Tcn "' Mrs. Ted Green, Phone C5G 25pkl; 704 S- Lake St. 17ck-tl NOTICE . Bids will be received en Lone Oak school building at WANTED Married man, experienced book.- 309 Solltl1 Franklin. keeper wants office job or other r-ANTFrf" work. Address "F'' Courier News. w " D ' lr ' 1J 22pk26 Lifeguards at Seaside, Ore., us< an airplane In rescue work. Tin craft carries a toi'nedo to which is fastened a long rope attached to a life prrfcrver. The crew drops til WANTED—Three or lour room modern honw in good localion 13ox "H" Courier News. 25ck28 When tempted to reach for a Luxury, reach for a HOME first. And when you are on the downward slope of the Mountain of Life you will find that you made a LUCKY STRIKE Yours truly, E. C, Robinson Lumber Co. preserver to pcrsons in distress, anc rtcnt at 10 o'clock a. Gribt Mill and Poultry House will buy your corn mid do cus- Will USEO buy your FOR SALE -120 acres timber land chickens and eggs. T. n. Shepherd, The locks on the North Sea Ca nal at Ymuiden arc 1,312 feet Ion and 161 feet wide. These are con Washings, per acre. compc- I vlllc, sidcred the largest in the world. SNAKE IN THE GRASS! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IrA AHX10OS To HC HA? To SAV.'.' VoO'LU MltA AT 7116 CHAVlcEb -^E£ P.SDO1NG ) t^O US£ CROSS] M' \N1LL DetfY US O\)JMS \ OOR BRIDGES SS£(J lllfA AEoUMD " •«sG.'«-ftST-j SSG'OF. TO.V/H.' > THIS KfJiFE 7WW TIE P.KCZ OF B'-AOe FITS WISH? SAV FCXJKSD £ DO? AFTER V4E TAUi THE MCHTLY HROADCASTKK "X" UP l.A'ST \ SWY8C. 1 XOU'Ii UWt 1O CWC OVtLR v SOMt BTilBGt BUT XOU MUST \IMC BE.CU OUT

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