The Courier News from ,  on December 16, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE. TWO -. ;, • Bl.YTjlRVH.Lr-!, fARtO COU1URU _N'K\VS Society Calendar Wednesday" Mrs. Carrol. J^lalcetnDre Is enter : tatnlne the new clUb. .;. ; ' wsekly contract who attended the Christmas program ol the Woman's Misslcnaiy society of the Second Baptist church Monday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. J. C. Hanilsh, heard nil Interesting program. Mrs. Lrslie Moore was !sa:lcr o:' The 1 ' Parent-Teacher' association * *" s ""« llfU! '' ra!l !"5 »' l " E at the. school. The; Armorel'school Is having . lock, E. 2. Ncv.-som and W. M. Me- ' j Farland offered prayers. . ! In a Yulclldc pageant Bits of New* Mostly Person.i two weeks vlM'. with Ing n her hmni! In Munp'u.t aftoinoon - aftei 1 ' thrL'e ilayt, with her mother, Mr;. Alfan i 'discontinuing bathing beauty c 1 tests, Gatveston already Is plannhi; t'.er 1Q31 "International P.vj3i!i; rU, : Pulchritude." Dates for tiu 13:'].: i show have been set tentatively far. June 13 (o 17. I'lnns for the 1931 ievi? "•*'•'. f: 1 .a much larger !lst c-f c:'.r.i:;; : .y." = 2 face ana" Conn c:inp: j 'i::::;i I-. • Is planned to have a; lj-,a "5 p American girls and 15 lor.'p.;-. " i beauties entered. ' ' ' with Mrs i.'-A.-.'Leech. t-i W. iiarhain iv.-.i. n' | lull nncl Ben Ilarrls»n twk p.m. led last night Irom Farmlnctoi:. Me. Mrs Harry W Halncs'is host"ss ; Sciltelu:e ' 3ia J' ers a "'l n cdncliidlntj i where she attended the'funeral of to" the Mid-Week Bridge club: " \ '"<»'" * y Ulc " el ' E - z - K ^>™ a "'«*• They Pilgrim Lutheran Guild Is c!oT > td "" ™clin B . ' Mis. W. 1. Unite,, nnd -.I::,,;!,, meeting wilh Mrs. OSsrue Lang. , ln , l!lc f rvl "« of Ul - dcrticlms :-e- tcrp. Misses Knllmyn nnd Con. B SfreshmentG each plan- lieki a I stance, will Icav: ihs of :hii ijlEJUecl taper emblematic o; l^.e i week for Meridian. Mlis. whtrs season nnd In hornnii.,- they will spend t!ie holidays. l)u:l- Have'Cbrhtmas Prrani TMe- Woman's Missionary union of the First Baptist church had 'a Christinas program al the church with ihe program topic. Me ; ;djm"i' ley Denton, whs la a nvdcnl Clyde Eilis, Olinl win i-iiiiiaa 1^1 UK 14 in til mu vi l ill VH \ t • , .. ...-.—.-_. - -. Monday afternoon with Mrs. PleiB • ?, ! °T nnd , Bci ' Jnimscn usslstsd i v.ll! Join them there. _ i-' - - _ . : Ihp rin^t^ke in n,/. p-ir.l-,1 K«,,_ \»>. ««,1 if-- rr . Members of the Royal Neighbors will have a Christmas tree Monday evening when the silver cffcrln-j taken will be given to a n;:dy family. Pinna for this were made al a meeting last evening. The drill- work and ,the bnlbtlng Club to Promote Activities in secoylas leader^ Tom W. £ct i'" 6 "° st <" '" »* •*"' h °"' son conducted the devoltdnal. -.' '•„,,.„, ^- c , , llM , r , The'songs-"Joy- -Ib the World"! i>j. in xmas Tree and "Silent'-Nlght" preceded thesa' . talks: '-The Story of the WIss-Mcn,: Mrs. J. W. Bishop; "In W. M. P. Paths," Mrs. E. B, Alexander; "The Star Leadinj to the West," Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer. Mesdnmcs R. W. Wooten, T. E. King, J. \V. Bishop and Miss Cordelia Wllhlte offered of one now member. cbmplciteTtiu- pr&yers and there was n vocal duel business session -.<»"'"i'! LH - u » u "0 Little Town of Bethlehem," by Mrs. C. E. WUsbn nnd Mrs. Paul L. Tlptoh. In the business session It was announced that gifts should be ssnl to the church 'today lot tho orphanage at Montlcellb. . ' ' - - • ln m cirort to |jrQm -. |( , mm ^ Presbyterians Will -""" 1 "" C "' S lllc mcu of [ "° Fi ™ Have Christmas Parly. Circle 3 of the •Woman's Auxiliary In the First - Presbyterian church spent Monday quilling at the church prior to the business meeting aiid Bihle s!njy in the afternoon. ,.. .. ... - . The quilt .is i : ' .• Ui/irt orphan home. 'a. .'•• • '• •'::> ArK. Mrs. James if. yru>.-.^ A-uitdticied the Bible study. . - • t • Plans were formulnled for ' a' Christmas'party - for the ndults'of the church 'Monday evening p.t Ihcr church. This affair, to be sponsored \ Service. Phone 555 - recently; they are residents Galveston Makes For 1931 Bathing Revue Mr. and Mrs. II. [Paragould, spent the weekend v.l'.h their son. H. O. Partlow,- and farn- .'Mr. and .Mrs. Jim B. Eviarri have rchirned to their home in X;vvi York ulty alter a visit ivi'.h Mr. Kv- rard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Evrarrl, bltvln Rr.blnson, who has b:cu | HI several days. Is slightly Improved. Miss Jluth Herring, of Jones-1 boro, Is visiting friends lierc. i - . . . , Marvin 'Chappelle attended to' Cn " t?r vlsll °. r : feceutly. business In Joiner tocliiy. ;• ,Mr. c-.ncl Airs. Amos Ilullcy and Mis-; Laura Crnfton, of Kansas ! A large number ol Sleclc basket Oily, It (lie guest of her swcr, 1 b:!! funs at|e;iciccl the, Ccoter- Mrs. George M. Htmlor, for two! SttoJe Biimor, hen- Friday pvcniua weeks. . •••; I Tlie grndc.schpol will 'render a Mrs. I. Uosenlhnl.-of St. Louis, ' Christmns program, which .^lll.alPo arrived yesterday nfteniiion f:- 1 a ! incluilq a. Christmas tree ''(or the Presbyterian .chinoh the Man's club i vlslt wllh Mt ' fan - Pml1 "• ""^'n-. Eirmll..c.hilili-En. iMlTICtE NO. 7C I opened the diamond suit which , BY W.M. E. McKENNEY | would have slopped two no trump, Semlary, American liriclfe League I but as It was West's openine, lie Wo have hcaird a. great deal i playert -the four of hearts which lately of. psychic bid.s con-|forced East's jack, Soinh v.-inning flJwtbr ol liacl ' while - lhc y w P rc used a ! wltl > "*' ^ce. A small spade was ii mnifimr h - v ' !e »>. n . u .ctlpn. they, never, proved ; led to dummy's king and a small spade rsturned, South winning wkli tile ace. So'uth returned the nine of hearts. West covering with the queen, dummy winning with Ihe klnj. A small club is returned from dummy and won in the South hap.d with the ace. The I OALVESTON, Tex. (UP)—Whiic Atlantic City anrt other plncss are Evangelism; Foreign Missions, Hoi,., , ,. „ „ Missions, Christian Education nnJ jmorrtV ack -of spades was The first player .to diamond/ "discarded ' led and a from the i . sreat succe'ss dunimy,--:we£t discarding the ei?hti ' by the auxiliary, will b;sln nt 7:30 o'clock. Transact piisiaess.. ij'. •'''•'' Final bu"sDiess/6f''tl\e.'yearJ was closed at the meeting, of tlie woman's missionary society of the First Methodist church Monday 'af' ternoon at the church. The-conference pledge and other obligations were paid In full. . . Plans for the new' were taken *ip wilh Mrs. W. T. Denton, president, presiding In the business session. Circle 4 had'a luncheon at .thfe church with Mesdnme's U FJowler, E. B. Dickey jr.. MarCus Evrard, J. E. rjrilz and J. L. Guard These appolnlc'Jl leaders will me:t with the execiHlv; boaid Friday !'j>V lb (Qriinlcllni,' of plans. .• .J ;; ••••>. .::':-• r News Notes Mr. anct. Mrs. Paul Cooper — -,... , v.mncr'bf Severn! national' clianyi Tlie. -declarer could now win Ihe | • tmiotl fioiu Pnnv;<iu!:l v.hw s-h.- U ^ S U j spent, the week-end wilh her par-! —r=.~ tnls. —,... an- 1 i^irs. K. C. Palton siipni , L ., lt -,., , , , , tiounce- 11:,; arrival of a bab> sin ' day in Memphis. She v.a.s nc- i ille dl ' s!r:ll)lc niul mnk(; fo: ' ll --'- Ult born Sunday cvtning nl thci: ; hom L .' companlci! home bj her neplu-v ; 1)|U here. , .,.', > Muster Perry Cox viio ul n vi ,:,' fully planned menus are of llie ::l- M\s. F. U. Waters, Misser. livaihcr for stvsral ctnyb. ~" mi'st imporlaute. \\alkcr and Hiuel McAdams. and 1 J. Mel: Jr it v»n,,-„_! For .ci-iuiii-ics rich foo;li alui i II has been the writerV pTlvt. lejc to play with Mrs. Sims sev- j eral limes, and following is an in- Siinple, wholesome- meal-, nl-.nj-s teresllno hand that came up in a| ... recent 'rubber game. Tlie writer, ,^ M ' S - -George Sheppard was the' ig the holiday season care- !he:d the Ecutli hand v.-hile Mrs. : BHest of Mrs.-C. W. Gotham, Sun-l Lake News \ Sims lield tlie North hand: . . ., rci'-n-. Charb; McClani and Abner Ash- illit to Memphis today n'.-.w < cv .,',.-'il j fcilsti "S lmve bll -' n tradiliL:].ii with v , E3r craft.j\pre. all shopping In Blytt:.--- i dnvs stay with his [wicnis " ' I tllL ' ''olltiays. but too mu.-ii s«cel I f 1Qr , !"'!; Saturday ; MiFS gadk- Clark Coniicl'l 'leiinn- allct rich Io;;c! Mil;11 l> :Uls ;i!; ' 1 l' lr; "- ! " - 7=j" S—K-5 H—K-IO.5-2 Miss ftlnry Little was siiopiini; in eel to' her home in HiiK'li''Yt'is'-i ! everyday f;vrc iimsl b.e fortlicom- Slesle, Monday. ; yeslc-rdoy after a visit wiih Mr'':'"»' lf "' nairislilng "and .vlri>jr.» Mr. .anci Mrs. Cecil Wtniilieli! I am] Mi-s. r:. II unli 'itiiel is niahilained. •»•• >"\ 1. C—K-G-3-2 ScaMilg^S'" 1 "" 1 C '"" °' ""'"t '- «ta,,, : ;:ler riano Rccllal Give,,. Mr . R11(1 M r5 . j ohu McCU , r ., .„„,! l "° llths Pupils of Mrs. Annie Duncan's* MIL- M ay ,,„], Z:ihl]ln . tt .,. ; ,, • piano class presented a number of phyy j n myi] ltv |llc recenllv interesting selections in a recital QJJI;. n lluml; ,,.' from ,,;, v Monday afternoon al the Lange school, attended by parents and oilier pupils of the school. Mrs. Duncan played Iwo selections and olher features included a left hand solo by Margaret Lrd- S—Q-6 H—J-8 D-K-08-Q-2 C—1.9-B- j day. :-.. : . A liirgc crowd -from here nttentled! ! cmirvh .at Clear Lake. Sunday. I 'Miss B. Stovall was the Sunday 1 guest-of .-Miss Allenc Cctham. Mr. and Mrs. H, Shoemak/? had: as their yucsts on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Alexander. Mir.pes Ajlene Cctham and 13 Stovall-were Litxora visitors Wed-j nesrtay. Servke, Inc.; Look At Your Hands Ey'eryoii'c else docs. No nun or woman can command much esteem or make a jjood appearance with untidy hands. Visit this Shay WEDNESDAY anil you will be gi ve n a coin pi i/rttn t ary $L50 Facsa SpccLil Scalp Treatments nnd tugenc rennancnts Phunc for Apiioinliucnt Elois Beauty Slioppe Washing & Greasing Phillips "CG" Gas and Oi! j Quaker Siato & -Aicbiloi)-l. Gnoilrich Tiros &. Tubes j Storage by wetk or nionth|i Tire Repairing. Service Across slrect fro^ii Hotel X I: better and a solo by Marilyn Jack sen, six, who has taken music but three months. The auditorium stage was attractively decorated in foliage and ferns. number of y?ar.=. . Ms; . Edna Hed week-end in the Sleek- miglilor Oy.iters are ideal for si:pp?r anr! luiu-liecii parties. They arc full . liotli sicics ' were vulnerable and I of (owl valui-'aiul lire .very easily Newsci to iii alrplniiiv 'writer opened the bidding with i wiien |>roperiy Salt codfisli is another possibil- syade : v,-riich VVcsi passed.! Mrs. Sims hadl'a nice no. trump dis- ,, _, _. tribulion'but VMS' weak in dia- »OUI1£ ^lail itelievcd Of Sfoniiirh Trouble And "Ner- trump' less tended the funeral of Mr. and Mr* ' Ohns Johnson. Mr. ruid Mrs. Tom Hnlfnnl ami family are movinc: to Cottimwucil Palm, ihis \ve:k. Thev hnu- bu-n vousness — Engerly I'raiscs Nc«- Aleclicina s. c dianior.ils. hoping to force llie writer into a no trump declaration. East was well salis- __.. and . ... ,. ., i-.ii.ul. [passed. Tho writer then went to Mi:«:dcd cabbage with :i French i\s!d?:iti rf nils rniniiu Dentis STEELE, MO. Mnry Ellen Slcvons! M.r.-'ore; Mil- ''' anil Vivian Dii;.ihu:.[y ]1; r.. : j, in Memphis two r , 0 ,,.„„,„ whicll closcd t he ,\LIU !lc^^ I radishes, when -he n M,- S . sims n!ul bid no . r( , mp niters them, make a we!- i, c ,c c i f . East wcl]1(1 ctT tainlv have i change. ' ' I Phone 85 c:nr.ns m.-.rket COillt Apples in, almost any f;i=..:o:i !i-.;'.!;i.- s.ttisfuc'.jry de^^erts' dinners. f:;:jcr b-.c::;!. baked ap;,:es v.jth I -ivo ',Vnl^ Cits)} i\0tes Business Women Have Xmas 1'prly. The annual Christmas party of' nrsclay the Business nnd Professional Wo men's Club was. given Monday evem'ng at the . Cffl Hotel wltJi Misses Minnie Matthews and C<va tee Baldridge and Mrs. Sadie Crews as hostesses. For the paA two months each member has had n secret "Pal" hto.1 r.s tii2 Garner. Hiit-:r; Woois who lins spent s;v-i Sa>ll Hciiris has .„ .. 0 - eial days visiting relatives, near Memphis where, he sp : -.u the wr-k- cr sour rro " m dressing, crisp eel- | contracting. Camden. Tcnu.. has returned home jend. " ny. ''aw carrot straws and new ~" and Will nc(i»c spent Wc-ii- \ at Bwihi /T/-J nnd Thursday feint. Tenn. Horace' Hayiuo asul ttouehlr-r.' Edna, were visit rs en tlie MarLn Driver Grove Mr. Eclivavi! Kynu r: u-st the uiir.M (if fip M;i:uu:i, K:it- ucil.iy night. Mi«s Opal Iflrhani--:' "iMsy niglil v, ilii M : i : Christmas gifts which ladened a gaily Secorated tree. Games, the "story of "The Gift of the Mag!" b'y O. Henry, told by Miss Clara .Ruble, and music afforded entertainment. Delicious refreshments were served. Thomas Gaincf. Chnvlrs Sp:in,-- ! r:r. Odean Watson -.\r.t\ Eum'sic Watson spcn! Si:n:' ; p.y aftcii'io-n. with Charts anci *"ioy liicham. , Mrs. Myrlle Knifht !;n:l IK l-.-r; ; Stir 1 ;! Sunday, Mtr. Ma:it!e S;-.riir\-, j S'.inrir.y af;oni-,cr.. ... ,- ,- Episcopal Guncll Mr5 . R , 1rii! , , in[! nll; , the final meeting of the year | spent satuvfisy nlcht i.-i-,h Monday aflernoon with .-Mrs. Olto ! Mniide Springer. " Kochtilzky. .. j ^j Q ^ j in j] nl]( . ||]n Tnv _ The results, of Ihe dpll bazaar „„._ to Nc .. M , or i Mo : it j ;iV 0 ,, b : ; '. held Saturday and plans for the nets. new year's work consumed the | . business session. I Dainty refreshments weic served. Mr.: Ccm:cl] Members Wcrk for Red Cress. Members of fc "> of the First Cm cred clotbcs ai-^ the Red Crrss <. •.'.. ilutead' of liavin.; ISIacU Walnuts—lilai-l; Shr Ruftis Norton. Tip Mi-.irn::-.-. r.:i: \Villic IIen(!cr;C!! m-!.,:-,,! : a Hol- hnd. Mo., Sr.r.c!.r,- Ml'SCS nnd M..-;•- Rym, "i "".t. last week ej-.d i.i i)ji. Mr. (Mis Wi!dt:;i,:r r.nn fr-.miiv i of liurJette ?f.3nt s 5-^-.: •-, M:V:>.'. 1 wilii Mr. Tom Nc;;i>n :,-.., f.:m.iy. i Mv. Paiki,- Cox :,iiii ,i ..i;,-; si,:!::. •.were tho Sunday r.:r' : ,-; M;--.-; . Amiio Hell r.r.ri F[fn' M.n> HVHII. • Krcir.y nijht witli Mi. : i-;;,'ib"' J idan. Mi-. Holtcn C.;:ii!-r > • --.-u: ... J B'.udcUr. R;in:!ay arti-vnc. j Mr; Wa'icr Rypn I; .s u ' this community to I. =.' Mr. Howsrd Cnrlcr :• , C-.irncr visited i:i L:ii'.: c; • civ ni' r. 1 : 1 .'. ?:it i:e,»m, app'.e pic with clr'<v,- or :n-.d Cleo ol the many apple pi.ri;iiiig.< ;KJ- r,n iisrtecable chcicr. inv and poor's rice j::::!- aro homey detsi-r;-: th'.-t ;-T.)',-C i ft. McaN ol tills type are ::v;:cm 1 r.r.d veiy easy, to proper,. *v^. ; .-;• bill little of tiie i.-. : 's\ u;ivd .:! i Hurl and give h.-r t-v.:u Iv.urs :- inuresl?. r:< vc linqinncl boiled ci::-.:ifr. rii?p :::y. ho:iic-in.-.,ie pic:<:.-. :.-.:p:,i- Mitii cl-.ccse. ir.ilk. eollr^-. i\.-.ts; sn.ire ribs, n-, t:-!-,,., -, ., ( _ i'.-.,t.T kraut, carrot Mia-.v> .,ud i-i-.-i-.c.-. apple f-ance anci _•; . .td. iniik, c:ilVce. :-.'i' i--\ili^h cl'.nwdci 1 . 0-,)' .-:!^n t'Uciciiii':. iv.ilk, coiTu- l'.:-;-jii bukert bean.-. E'. L --.-.,,-, SANiA CLARA. C3l. (UP- biack walnut c! Cnklariiin :-. |ir;.->- ' ji-'Ri IX crly'namr.i b;c?.u-o u i; ^ ;-,:.•!.; : t-.^,'« r '"cn •"if c! tl-.c walnui l.nmly. -•;"•• v-c-riimij io i. K C'-ic.;.. y.iri'..i Ci;;.-.i .-•;.• ..-.Icounty liortif.;;ti.val cuir.'.uiisi-.'p.-. --. i- >r::oon jliic bbcl: wol-.-.-n s'..e',l ;-. hard t.- i:.-i,.ii weekly | crark to tlie nuts nre r..-,i ar:f.)L- mectlng.,The use of cna autano-;ebls commci-clally Li-,l ij. ; a;- .-o bile and luftc of U-o members v.ll! !«£«;! j->- crnameiunl p.upftcri T::"he giveij cadi Minciay' Afternoon result :D tl-.s 1 il.'-o Ire--- ; 'i'"«•'•• for this ."work. ' :' i ir.stancrs h:co:r,e breedii !fur pcs'/s '.shic!-. .-.-res:'. I? imercial grove> r.t Ei:-^:;; Havft Christmas I'rosrani. The IS members and two visitors ! Irees. .il:;iCL-t cxr.c-lv Irnu- in tho Kl inen. their c-h: : ,"r.^i:i quit: ,;, n;.:o :or ill? the cliliio. -baiid. 1 Ti.:y .n to find a 1 .;! ' n eoulrt i,0's : L' cl al'.cv biv. 1 ... Daily Menu " THE HAPPY E nx EBB D I U between 301,13 there and writing there is telephoning. Quicker and chespertha.ijoinj. friendlier and easier than writing. Try i.UNCIIKON - - of.-«.U. .'Instead of enjoying the health thai :i young man should, f was inn dcran and in 111 health", said Mr. Clyde Barnes. 1C Third Scree'.. Venice. Illinois, near St. Louis. "Stomach trouble, no doubt, was the cause of much of my sut'e:-- : inc. Food did not aaree with mo: !T was nervous and irritable. ai-.;I ' worried over trifles. I suffered jwith pains in my arms and back of my neck. , j "1 can't say how glad I am that I tried Konjoia. My stomnc:i is r.ow in poo:l concision and foo.-l. no matter what 1 cot. flints'.:, as it should. 1 am gaining ri7hi alonu | in streiiBth and weight. I si:icm- : ly emiuife Konjnla as thr mciii- o:ne every sufTn-rr :ho:ild try." Kcnjola is sold en its recorri—not vain promises nr claims. Although Konjoia dcc> work Cjiiickly and c,- , fectively. a treatment of from MX , ro figiit tollies is recommended . for bos! results. : Kcnjol.i is sold in Bl; thtville,' i a; Kirby 13mn Kto.-es.' ! ami by a;] ;iic b;it dnujisis in e-il \ towns tlireughout thii entire s.c-- i lion. i In line with our policy oi' ,~miir we arc now ready to each all Slerii- IHT^ ("ollou Co. ('lurks drawn on the First iNaiional Bank and will | appreciate your bringing them in innnedialely.

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