The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1939
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VOUJMR XXXVI-NO. 100. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER, nn unUTuwiu'in .,„ .... , . ™ ^ ™ *' r*-f Blytlieville Courier lilylbcvllle Herald Hints At Mediation Of Danzig Problem Circulated By Nazis Mississippi Vnlley lender Blylhcvllle Daily News _DOMINANT NaVSPAPBRQlMtOHTHKABJ? AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI By United Press Nazi?I circulated the first vague hint today that media lion might eliminate Danzig as Europe's dangei- snot Dispatches from Berlin said that , ' L b "'"'t»C' bpoi. -..-...- said that persistent reports were being circulated that some form of mediation was in progress with Great Britain and Germany in the lead-! l"6 roles and possibly with Fascist' Premier Benlto Mussolini or Pope Pius taking the initiative. Tlie real meaning of the reports remained to be tested against Ihe realities of Adolf Hitler's determination to return the Free City of Danzig to the Kelch and Poland's vast war preparations lo prevent mid forcible solution of Hie problem. Regardless of such buck stage diplomatic maneuvering Britain and France 'kept, hard at their task of preparing against Ihe iMssibilitv o f future conflict. With the first of 200,000 conscripts settling down U> six months training in deluxe military camps in Britain, the government sent General Edmund Ironside, new inspector general of overseas forces, lo Poland by airplane to initiate general siaff talks In which tlie French also will participate their purpose is lo tighten defensive cooperation among the three powers. At the same time French ond British general staff officers completed plans for coordinating defenses on the west coast of Africa and on the Turkish coast in the eastern Mediterranean. Great Britain, meanwhile, took a firm stand in negotiating for settlements of controversy with Japan in the Par East. The British government, Chamberlain told the House of Commons, will reject any Japanese demand for reversal of British policy in the Orient as a condition for opening negotiations for settlement of the blockade of the British concession at Tientsin. Although the prime minister said no such demand had been made there had been frequent statements from Japanese military sources in China that tlie pressure against British interests would be continued., until. Great Britain abandons-what the Japaiiesi?''re~- gard as a pro-Chinese policy. 'Insect Hunting' Fishermen Warned Roach seekers are asked to confine their hunting to business districts in the future, it was announced tcday by police following a number of calls from eitlnens In residential sections who have found men 0:1 their premises after dark. Several persons hum roaches used in fishing, after dark willi- out thinking lhat they might, be mistaken for burglars or other prowlers, it was pointed out. New York Cotton NEW YORK, July Cotton closed steady. open high Oct ........ 81G Dec Jan ........ Mar ........ May ....... July 859 849 832 824 811 87G 8G6 845 83-1 825 812 low 871 855 '841 831 820 807 (UP)— close 873 856 842 833 823 812 Spots closed nominal at D58, off 11 New~0fleans Cotton JEFFEBS ..TUP-JILL 1 But Acquitted Preacher's 'Expose' Will Be Of Film Industry LOS ANGELES, July 17. (UP)— An expose of tlie motion picture ndustry was threatened tcdtiy ty Rev. Joe Jelfers, who Saturday was acquitted with his wife. Zella Joy ou felony mcrnls charges. In a sermon at his Kingdom Church last niglu he said that, his revelation oi the "true facts behind tlie countless thousands of casting victims" in Ihe film industry would be told "Irrespective of whom I nmy hurt." He did not reveal tlie lines his expose would follow but promised "startling revelations that cannot be laughed off." With reference to Ms acquittal he said ( he gives "God the great victory fqr.-complete vindication 'on the so-called morals-charges?''' '' E, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 17, 1SW9 Most Extensive Employe Reduction Since Agency's Creation Underway WASHINGTON, July 17 (UP)— Work Progress Administration of- today roll culling agency's Jl % open 884 . 867 855 . 841 829 816 high 886 859 855 844 833 820 the most ex- irograni since -incut In 1935 low close .! nvolvi "S tlle dismissal of approx- '°" closc inmtely C50.000 workers by Sept. 1. Orders were sent to state administrators to begin mass firing in accordance with a provision oS tlie 1940 relief bill that nil on WPA rolls for 18 months musj, Inke a 864 853 £40 828 81G 882 865 853 B44 833 820 Spots closed dull at 822, off 13. Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 17 (tjp) _ Stocks pulled forward one to more than six points to the best levels in four months today in trading tlisit rose to around the 1 500 000 share mark: ' ' A T & T .................. 167 1-2 Anacznda Copper ........ 27 1-8 Associated D G ....... ... g |_g Beth steel ............. '.. 591.2 Boeing Air .......... . ..... 24 1-4 Chrysler .......... ' ...... 31 General Electric ......... .' 381-4 General Motors .......... 47 1-2 Int Harvest .............. 57 3.4 Montgomery Ward ........ 55 N Y Central .............. J8 5-8 Packard ................ 3 3 . 4 Phillips Pet .............. 35 3.4 Kadlo .................... 6 ,_ 2 Schenley Dis .............. 13 Simmons ........ ........ 253-8 Socony Vacuum ____ .".'.".' 12 Standard Oil N J ...... '.. 44 1-2 Texas Corp ... ...... -is ? 4 U S Smell ..... ......... " o Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., July 17 —Hogs 1300. Top 105. 170-230 Ibs. 690-700 HO-IGO Ibs. .625-650. Bulk sows 400-550. Cattle 5900. Steers 860-950. SI. Steers 650-1000. Mixed yearlings & heifers 900925. Slaughter heifers 650-97$. Beef cows 550-650. Cullers & low cutters -100-525. Chicago Wheat open July 65 1-2 Sept. 66 1-4 high CG G6 5-8 GG low close 65 1-4 65 7-8 6G 1-2 30-tiay vacation. . Officials were uncertain what effect thc new firings would have on the two-weeks old strike, affecting more than 100,000 WPA workers who arc protesting another provision of the J940 relief 'measure— that abandoning the prevailing wage scale for skilled workers. They feared lhat the dismissals might complice the 'strike situation by Increasing worker resentment. Skunks Come to Town When Dogs Are Barred EAST LANSING, Midi. (UP)— The city council's . campaign to keep stray dcgs off. the streets has created a new, and rather odorous, problem. Property owners 'complained that skunks invaded tlie city and burrowed holes in their Ia«ns—and made their presence known In clher ways. Den W. Hayne, research assistant in biology at Michigan State College, said the anil-dog ordinance was the cause. Before the dog quarantine wss established, he said, skunks were afraid to come lo town. BI HULL'S (IDE Arkansas Legion Conven- lipn Hears Louis John- sou; Coslon Also Speak HELENA, Ark., July 17 (Ul>)_- Aalsiiml Secretary of Wnr Louis Johnson today called fo| . ,, maulM defense "so strong (hat oin- poku- lul enemies will think twice, tlnte limes or even 10 (lines before \(o mtmg our rights mid perhaps give up Ilio tliouglit entirely rather limn risk possible defeat." Johnson snld nil patriotic Americans should |. a u y U (,| lm ,, prcsi _ (lent, Roosevelt's efforts to give lliis "ntlon a navy second lo none, un ideciunle nlr corps, tmcl mi aimy lulJy equipped with the best o nodern nuns ami capable of c<c- Kinslon lo meet any emergency He spoke nt the Arkansas Stnt onvenllon of ll,e American Leg- "fn the world of today," he snld a very serious possibility of a lobe-swcepiiie conflagration e\- ats. Today, every nation is fevei- shly preparing. Tlie world is n rmcd camp. "If live we must in n world omlnaled by power politics, we utst sec to it Dint our survival is uarantced. We must look upon nlional defense as n- siercd duty " Johnson warned (lint defeat in major wnr "undoubtedly would irry with il tlie full of our hole parly system, loss of our eal of freedom of conscience, and 'erthroiv of our whole capitalistic system." During the World War, Johnson said, ihe United Slates wns re- (fimled as "weak, pusillanimous and unworthy of serious consideration as a potential adversary." "Consequently," he said, "our rights were completely ignored." Johnson .said Ihut this mistake must not be made again, declar- Snow Cruiser I<W Antarctic 1 SINGLE COPIES'FIVE CENTS Long Conference W i Legislative Aides I Ulnmant Amendments Offered To Refunding Plan; RFC Help Expected 18., I.ITTI.E WASHINGTON, July 17. <up) - KccoiislnicUoii Finance Cor- Sermte Democratic Under Albc ))OI'iltiOll "woilld ' Ing that "strongly armed, we arc tree : to promote the Ideals of Americanism and to protect our people nnd our boveinmeiii both against boring from and James G. Coston of Osceola told • - - against attack from without W. Bitrklcy Indicated today. X White House conference wit President Roosevelt and Secrelur of Stale corclell null, t i llU • | night try (o keep congress In sc skm until action ou nculrnlUy Ic: station has been obtained, The conference—Mr. Roosevelt •egiilar weekly discussion of 11 eglslatlvo situation—wns one he most protracted of rccci weeks. Those narllclpnUng In Ihe (Us cusslon were Hurktcy, Hull, Vic President John N. Clanicr, Bpcnl cr William B. Unnkhcad nnd nous Democratic leader Ham Ray-bur The conference lasted nearly n hour and n half. Hartley, acting us spokesman fo thu group, snld Ihc conference re viewed the, whole legislative del 'Of course," he salii, "nculralll Is (he crux of the whole and everything depend:) upon whn lie power Diesel engines. Piieumntlc-tlred wheels will be" driven own motors-ami Individually conlrollcil. Interior working quarters clone abo\il Everything sllil In lhe study singe. That ap plies lo neutrality legislation, Hi will have livliiK by Icmllnjj-spewlliur, proposal ami tul 'orxing quarters for from four (o six men, scientific laboratory 'avenger "Hying laboratory", will be carried on cruiser's roof' onnei- Governor Is Wit- legion •members at breakfast' ll/n't there is "no-winner" in war. ' '.' : JSSf'---, ,, • "The winner is even lhe loser- S* y nt ' ; 25 he said "because of ihe lives that ? nltln * - 111 tllc arc lost and tlie money that war costs. 1 ' slon: said the world war.had ; Ainerica $67,000,000,000 • and would cost more because of patients in, government hospitals. More than 500 members of- the Arkansas American legion had registered this morning and others were arriving hourly. Dell Woman Bitten By Snake On Sunday DELL, July n.—Mrs. D. L. Goff received emergency Ircalmenl yesterday for snake biles received yesterday morning when she step- lied on a moccasin. : She was leaving her house when she stepped on Ihe.moccasin hidden in the grnss. The snake bit her :hree times. She is nble to Ue out tcday. Hail! Postmen Bearing Checks Music Box Tune Answers Church Quartet Hymn NEW ORLEANS;(UP)—A Negro church quartet rose to sing the old familiar hymn, "What You Going to Do When Your Members Do Wrong" They had lo sing loudly, for . across the street, a honky-tonk I* music box was wailing, "Forgive I Me, Babe, and I'll Never Do Wrong Again." Chicago Corn ness^At "Executive Session".Of Body BATON EOUGE, La., July 17 (UP)—Former Qov. Eicliard W Leche went before the Baton Rouge larisli grand jury Investigating the ^M^Sls^.of- Louisiana Slatc-r Unl-, a.m. tcday, alter courthouse for uii hour and 35 minutes. Leche, who accepted Ihc resignation -of -pr. James Monroe Smith as president of L,'. s. U. with the ainncuncemonl lhat gubernatorial inquiry had revealed shortages of several liiinrtrcd' -tiio iiisiiiirt dollars, was Ihe lirst witness today. The grand.jury called Leche Into an "executive session,' 'excluding the district: •aHoyncy ami tlie'sten- ographer.': : . "i I None Critically Injured In Accident Near Holland , Saturday Night .Four persons were Injured In a highway accident near Holland •Saturday .night when a car, driven .by W. H.,Edwards, 78, of Holland, ^collided with • -another ,' machine, driven by ifcmcr Mounts of Cooler The condition of Mr. Edwards' "'lip Is at thc. Blythevillc hospital, Is fair today, lie has chest Injuries and abrasions on' n> head, hand ("id knee. It Is believed lie will recover. Mrs. Mounts, who has chest Injuries and cuts on her body Is resting very well nt her home as is Mr. Mounts, whose nose wns broken. Mrs, Prances Perry, also of Cooler, who was in thc The grand jury wns expected to I wlUl Mr - mltl Ml ' s - Mounts, received question Leche about the delay in arresting Smith after - Ihe educator hud resigned. .. -• With n new $5,000 fund to fur- n sprained nnklc nnd cuts on the wrist. She is at her home. Both cars were badly damngeil. Tlie accident occurred on Ktgh- ther its Investlgntion ami lilre'wy 01 nt the Save-On Service" sleuths, whose identities it has' stallon. It L5 said Hint the Mounts kept, secret,? the grand jury indicated n sweeping'Inquiry of L, 8. U., WPA nnd slate affairs. Eight, persons already arc under 33 indictments, ranging from Smith and the parish lender to L. S. U. ofllcinls and Smith's relatives. Fire Damages Truck Slight damage was done ruck Saturday noon when It caugl afire at Ihe Blylheville Mnchlnc shop. The accident occurred while some welding was bCing done. Cily firemen made Hie run. cnr wns coining- south lo Blythc- vllle when Mr. Edwards made u turn into the station and the collision followed. Motorist Gets Broken Nose And $100'Fine C. E. Cooper received n broken Journment," The presence of Hull, who usn ally does not ntlciul Hie ' Icglsln live conlercnee, was liidlculive o Ihc emplinsis Ihe iiclmlulslrntlo conlinues to place on neiilvalM revision despite the opinion' i o many senators lhal congress wll not ncl on II this session. Hartley said that lienrlngs woul begin soon In the senate, on 111 lending program nnd lhat possl bly he might suggest soiiic chnn gcs In the administration jira posnl. Local Ginners Attend Hot Springs Meeting Pour Blytlieville men arc jn Ho Springs for the three day convcu tlou of the Arkansas-Missouri Clln ners' association. They arei" B. a . ston and n. ir, They were nccamiinnlcd by J. Massey of Manila. Room Service Prompt, SoY Guest's Departure NEW BRITAIN, Conn, (UP) — Room service Is n great convvn Icnee lo some giicsis, but Ihe .ninii ngemenl of Hotel Biirrltt foun oul there's such n Uilug ns over doing 11. One guest, utter registering, .or dered n meal and a box of cigni sent to his room. When n watte returned lo collect, Ihe Irny, it wn discovered Hie guest hnd departed wllhoul paying ills bill. Oberlin Scholarship Won By Brazilian Lieutenant lo n c OSC i '" n hi S" wa >' ncoldcnl early , D C Sequcira, a first llculennn .tight Sumln y morning which resulted in tllc Brnzlllnn nnvy nnd a nnllv his being arrested on a charge of driving wlillc under the influence of liquor. He was fined $100 In municipal court and appealed. He was driver of a ear which collided with another machine In which several negroes were riding ST. JOHN,' Wnsli. (UR) — Mr*. T1 'e accident occurred nbout 1-30 Jessie B. Fisher,,I o'clock Sunday mornltio- on '- bravcil (lames that destroyed tlie "'"" "' "-- --- •" St. John posloffice to save $100 in federal funds. After she recovered the money, she discarded !wr heroine's role nnd fainted. Heroine Acts, TJiea I-'nSnts way 0) near the country club. No one else was Injured except for bruises. He was admitted to the Blythc- vllle hospital for treatment. Company M Wins Honors In Competitive Events At Camp O. (UP)— Tlie Soutli American scholarship at Oberllr College here— Intended lo' promole iiellcr cultural undcnitnmllng be, \vcen Norlh and South America lias been awarded to Domiclano t In 'c of Rio dc Janeiro. The scholarship includes board, room, and tuition. Officer Wounded in Bloody Marian fey, «t Camp Joseph T. nobmso, i . omso,,. C near Uttle Rock. Captain Wendell tain Phillips* eondu' let? U e reg M Phil lips, commander of the Iccal mental school of Instruc ions iu ^l 0 "?,,^!:.!, 1 !™,.^-""" n.ri«f Ihe machine gun^uci- enlisted men arrived by truck. Highlights of the annual encampment showed the local company leading In most all competitive activities. First Sergeant Paul O. Dainc-n, with an average of 01.5. led the entire regiment In machine _• the machine •„ tenant Arden B. Crowder was in command of thc pistol range. First Sergeant Paul O. Damon was in charge of the Supply & Mechanics school. ^Tlie 153rd Infantry Is composed three machine gun companies. July open high 43 1-4 44 1-8 Sept. « 3-8 45 3-8 low close 43 1-8 44 1-8 44 3-8 43 1-4 W "" C "' nc rl(1c connxinles one howl zer n with an average of and trench mortar company three 95 G placed first In record fire of battalion headquarters, one medl- the ,45 caliber automatic pistol with cal detachment, and one band Screcant Damon coming In for a | Major Ivy Crawford cf Blytlieville cose second. In competing for j Is ccmmahder of third battalion ' Postmen of Miami, Fla, recently « ^ 1——« wi uwn*}ji*Lij« in, uij/iuv placed two regi-1 vllle machine gun company; Coin- were laden with ' checks total- J mental champions In boxing. James, pany I, rllle «m»anv of nine ing $3,600,000 for 100,000 cus- ' Scrlvncr won ihe lightweight cham-! Bluff- ConZiv K of Lh n, lomers of lhe Florida Light and pionshlp and Henry Meury won i "'" '. Co '" pany - K ot Walmlt Power Co. The firm was making lhe wealhenvclght first, Thc local- KC> rlflc company; and Corn- refunds a fter losing a long court y company ranked high In efficiency. I Pan? L.. rifle company of Bates- battle over rales. The Blylheville company wns cs-1 vllle. Capl. J. L. Hansberry, above, national guard officer from Hopkinsville, Ky., was shol, seriously wounded in pitched battle at Harlan county coal mine as Department of Justice agents were dispatched from Washington lo strike-torn Kentucky ))OI'iltiOll "woilld assist Ui e '''' ' '.'.ftf,'.: '.Arkansas -iir re;- ..,. . - Imanciiig a pproxiiiia tcly ?MO,000,flpO :.of oulslimclihg road bonds at a lower inler- ost I'ftlo, He raid lie had conferred wllh Cloy, .carl E. Dnlley of Ark W , SM and other state officials relative 10 Ihe denl nnd tlmt he understood they were negotiating with various New Voile banking houses. He snld the two might eventually nkc us much ns half of the refunding bonds with private Institutions purchasing (lie remainder "We would like lo help Uic slate get a lower interest rule to which we think those bonds aio ciiUUed " Jones said. Joues said ihe bonds now airrleil nn average Inlcrcst ot .|.oa per cehl and that Unlley hnd lolil him |f the bonds were properly rcfiuidlng 11 would menu rclensc of froiii 40,000,000 lo 58,000,000 annually for new road work. , • i This money, Jones said, would represent savings the slnle clfected by n lower Interest rale on Ilio bonds nflcr refunding; Jones declined to sny what lie nought Die on tlie new ndojitcd would . which prohibit- bonds .sliould be except tlmt should bo "siibslanllnlly tower." He »nlil private bunking; houses were unable to hntitlle the entire refunding Iriiiisnctlon bccntuc of the total of bonds Involved. Special Counly, Judge Jesse Taylor Grants , Aclditioii OSCEOLA, Ark., n._ A , ., ._ . tlllou presented by residents of Die west end of Osceola asking annexation of lhal district lo the City of Osecoln was grnned Ihls iiioriilng In a hearing before Jesse Taylor of lllylhcvlllc, who wns appointed county judge by Oov. Cnrl B. Dailey lo conduct Ihc hearing. The case will be appealed, II tnc refiimlihg of B bonds and !>!ace n nmximum of three per cent on the new issue. One of Ihc amendments would make the ne w bonds earia,ble- 'Hie committee, after hearing the amendments read, voted to This Bill Gets Its . ' Usual Quick Action UTTLE HOCK, July 17. (UP)— I'Uiifige of House Bill No. One wns assured Jor this afternoon ns inojnbeis of the. house prepaicd lo reconvene after' the week cud recess, The IjlH woulil authorize Ihe secretary of slate to pay mem- boi-S'.or Ihe general nssembly lliclr salary for llie next 10, days nt the rate of six dollars per day. delay consideration of them until the IJtM was biought up in the house wheio (he entire membership would discuss them as a committee of the whole. Vcazey, In seeking to strike out the refunding of B bonds, sug- < gcsted thnt they be paid out in 10 yoais by depositing of .$250,000 annually In a special sinking fund for that purpose. Another of thc amendments would abolish lhe present, state nuance board as an agency to handle, any bond deal and replace it with a refunding board, similar to (he one established In 1034. ; "The Olty ot Memphis only a short time ago sold a $17,000,000 [fowl Issue at 2.90 per cent .interest rale and I feel sure Arkansas' can dlsnosa of Its bond's at "a three (jci- cent role," Veazey r.ald. • Bond men of Ilio city were ques,-. lloned by (he 15-memucr commit"-" tec this moinhig as lo the possibility,, of tlie .state' Issue, -being soUlvr • ' rate! 1 , W. '"w. "Mitchell,' 'slate'' 'highway ' director, appeared before the com-' inUlce and declared that in his opinion $3,000,000 a year.for main- , " three, per 'cent lulereal< v " -•-—•-•'-r ---- •*, .-. HS- < , ,, tenance would not be enough should (lie slate's highway mileage be Increased materially. J. O. Potts, president of Ihe Ut- tle. Hock Cleaiing House Aisocla- lion, appealed as n piivate nidi-. ,'idual and snld thai In his opln- .lon the proposed bond Issue wa<i 57 of the 117 acres of fnrm lands nken In, mid J. ;r. Lovewcll of 3sccola, «'ho cwiis the icmainhig The legislatures, committee voted to. meet' again tonight lo'hcar any protests from private •.•citizens. land. Tlie territory annexed Includes Itailey he section on irlghwav 40, where - I.TTTI.R nOCK' Julv 1T(DP)— > number of new residences have palling the House' and senate into icen erected within thc past few a Joint session this afternoon, cais, tlie farm land and rosldon- Governor llalley sharply criticized al property across the road from t mcmbera of thc general assembly lie Eniicn •cemetery, thc Delta w ho are opposing his refunding Queen night club and Osceola pro-ram C'cmimiiilty house property and Ihc Bailey' said his program would cum iilng section on Highway 61, result In a gift of $2,500,000 from .ist o the present clly limit,. lhe t c acrnl government for roads This Includes also residences of in Arkansas and cancellation of uin cjinm, A. J. Worida and E. R. $41,000,000 In mortgages resting on ''mtth, who represented the 17 pe- homes and farms In 62 counties ' itioners and numerous others. Jce Ihcdcs was Ihc attorney. Police and fire protection and eduction of lights, water and fire suroncc rales were given as ren- ons hr wanliiK; to ber-ome a pnrt f Osceola uv lhe pelltioncrs. Counlv Judffc S. L. Oladish reused himself because ho Is a resl- ent of the allcclcd area. lie criticized Individual senators by . ' name and listed counties. debls -of their low Eats Money, Is Only Start 01 Farmer's Loss ROME. (UP)—There is one fni- icr In Itnly who has learned to ntn cows. The farmer, Daniclo Alshesello. ccently hung up In n stall next i the cow n vest containing Ills altel with 4,000 lire (over 5209) thc pocket. Tlie cow the cst nnd ate it. In thn houc of recovering his lonev Dnnlelo killed lhe cow and ramified Us stomach, but did r.ol nd the chewed money. So iie sold ic meat at less than cost. Now the local authorities have ned Danielo for kllllnsr a cow ilhout a license for butchering. This Isn't a Holdup," judge Tells Defendant YOUNGSTOWM, O. (UP)—"This n't n holdup," murmured Judge arry Hoffman to a defendant, ho held up bolh hands while beg swcrn In for trial on a speed- lit charge. "Just your rii?ht hand, olease," e Judge asked as the defendant crslsted. '•This Isn't a holdup." he repeated. "Oh. isn't uttered. it?" thc defendant The defendant was fined $10 and costs. Pathologist Gives Tip On Killing Fever Tick PHILADELPHIA (UP)—A method to prevent infection with the dreaded lucky Mountain spotted fever by woodllcks has : been advanced by Dr. Damaso de Rtvus, pathologist of the , State Department of Health laboratory at the' University of Pennsylvania. Dr. de Rlvns 'said that licit is observed burrowing into the skin, the simplest and safest tiling lo do is lo touch it with the lighted end of n cigar or clgarete. When singed, Dr. de Rlvas said, the tick will drop off of Its os'n accord. If it, Is pulled off, he pointed out, it lull take a.fraction or an ounce cf flesh with it. Singapore to Enforce Monogamy for Chinese SINGAPORE (OP)—Chinese have been aroused by the decision of the Straits settlements' government to Introduce into the British colony a system of monogamy for the iion-chrisllnn Chinese, who hitherto have practised polygamy. The Chinese women are .mainly opposed to polygamy, but the men are maintaining that It Is an ss- senllal Chinese custom. WEATHER Arkansas—foir tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Tuesday, slightly wann- er tonight.

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