The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1946
Page 5
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Capitol Comment MONDAY, April 22, Wheat Products Will Be Reduced Short Bread Rations Ordered In Effort To Help Feed World BY GRANT DII.LMAN United Press Stuff Correspondent WASHINGTON. April 22. (UP) — The United Slates went on short bread radons today. The cul v,ns ordered by the government as pnrt of a. world-wide effort to beat off the worst, famine in nearly 400 years. Us goal was lo save another 25.000.000 bushels of wheat for export. ., It means that during the next 70 • fl . critical days. Americans will have lit least 25 per cent less bread and other wheat products than they had during the corresponding period of 1345. The bread cut will be felt immediately because Ijrcud is made on a day-to-day basis. The re-, , . ducllon in such, packed und stored:!' .,, ilems as cereals and spaghetti w" 1 ' be felt more gradually. m,rniEviu.K (AUK,) COUUIBR NKWS "I went Into norlliFi'n Aikiinsiis one diiy to appraise n slntc-ownort. forty." (lie coniinis.sloner suid. "1 didn't know exactly whore It wns. so I stopped i\t a eoimlry store niul nsked. 'Why shore I know,' wns lh« answer. 'It's light over jrouiulw. 1 the storekeeper said with a jerk the out district, Wilbur D. 1 Is of llie 2nd, j. w. Trimble of 3rd and W. P. Norrell of lhe. were wasting no time finding ' if th'ey bad drawn lust-minute By HOB BKOWN United fitus Staff Corespondent ljitt](> HOCK, Ark., April '20 IU.P.) *"v anjnrr^vi-jj\.'|. sum \viui a jL'itv -The phone In the office of Secre- of lll e Ibunib over Ills led shoulder, tary of State G. O. Hall rang at 'What you lumtlir It fer'?" 11:58 Wednesday morning. Rankin replied dial he was lite "Washington culling!" Stale Land Commissioner und thui K. C. (TooKi uai gs of the 1st lui W! " ltwl to nppralsc llle land. - •- ' "Ain't no use," wns the answer. '"I kill tell you right now—It's been gr.indinaed.'". I The Commissioner admits (hut he, (oo, was Itxst. So he asked. Hie grocer to explain. | "W«-a-l. it's thls-ii-wny. John So-and-So bought lhe 40 acres next lo thai state firty from his grandma. Then he started to cut. the timber ofl'n his own land. Not, knowiir exaclly where lhe line was, and in order to bc sure und 1st cut $20WO apiece"by""i'ior"haviiic" to lhe slate ' s trees too. That bus hnp- sampaign. Pencct so often in tills country, we Meanwhile, three othei- hirum- cnl! il Rnmilmii-viv now." And Ilankin says lie found the forty—and It luul been "graiid- maetl." opponents in llieir campaigns for re-election. i You could almost hear Ihem mi-' crossing Ihelr fingers when Crip IHall told them llle filing deu<nine "- -' passed and they were "horns free " Kiiowin- exaclly where llie Hall estimated the four men hiul **?• lm<1 ln <" <|C1 l .° bc s »« been saved between $15000 and cut "" hls ow " ' i '" be ''. be jl $20.000 apiece bv- not lmvi,, n tn lhc slate ' s "ees loo. Thai bus , i nwju v^irt^cus OI r A.s a result of the cutback, re- I meeting Lee Whitlake . three oilier Incumbent members of Hie U. S. House of Representatives from Arkansas girded themselves to do political with fiv e former Army officers, Padjo cravens of Fort Smith is former T. Army Air Force sergeant, in the -tin district race. Brooks Hays presentatives of the baking indus- Irv planned to meet with OPA officials immediately to discuss price ni . O oks Havs of Little Rock mcreascs. '1 hey eel bread prices opposed in the 5th district by U should bc raised about a cent a loaf I C ol. Parker Parker of Uardiuicllc to offset the slash in production. | nnd M aj. Homer F. Berry a regular Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Army o , !icct ,, ho ,^ s ^ ^^Ke Commission cliarged that many ba-] ns Mayflower usincnie keries were continuing lo waste | oren Harris of El Dorado, the 7th flour by disregarding the govern- district Incumbent, also faces two former mcnl ban on "consignment selling." Tliis is the practice whereby retailers can return unsold bread to bakeries without charge. In a report released by Prc.sidenl Truman, the commission said countless loaves of day-old bread still were being sold as livestock feed or "thrown into the river" as result of the practice. Nevertheless, lhe commission estimated that tlie government prohibition succeeded in saving enough bread last year to give 10 loaves each to 46,467,000 persons. Tlie savings could have been still greater, it said, if all bakeries cooperated. Tlie commission called on bakery officials, drivers and retailer to wipe out Ihc practice to prevent needless waste in the current food emergency. It also suggested that Congress might look into the pos- sibilily of drafting legislation lo make the prohibition permanent. The government was busy wllh other programs to increase food shipments lo starving areas. It has offered farmers a 30 ccnt- a-bushcl bonus in an attempt to hire 125,000,000 bushels ol wheat and 50,000.000 bushels of corn out of farm storage bins by May 25. President Truman lias renewed his suggestion that Americans save even more food by going on a "starvation" diet two days a week, when they would eat no more than people in the hunger areas. Former President Herbert Hoover has warned that unless the world comes to their aid, some 150.000,000 Europeans ami countless millions or Asiatics must live with the daily spectre of starvation. UNRRA director Fiorcllo H. La Guardia already has taken • steps, however, lo sec that food reaches them as rapidly as it becomes available under the new global conservation program. k LaGuardia said experts now were ' checking grain ships at sea to find out which ones could be diverted to more critical hunger areas. They also are trying to line up additional shipping. He said available supplies would bc channeled to those countries whose present stocks will not last ibevond the end of the month. It also seemed probable that tlio r ar eastern commission would ask the United Stales to reconsider its decision lo send Japan 150,000 lon- of food a month for the next three months. Acricullure Secretary Clinton P. AnricrsOiy said he "personally" had assured veil. Douelas MacArthur the shipments would bc forthcom- ine without consulting the combined food board. The board usually has a say in such decisions. Some hull- pry allied nations resented the action. . Army officers—Air forces Capt. Brjicc Bennett and LI. Haul Green who served In (he' China- Burma-Indla theater. And so. as the federal races settled into campaigning for the primary on July 16 and lh c run-ofi on Aug. 6. the Statehousc turned again to state and district races In which the ticket closes at noon May 1. State Land Commissioner Claude Rankin says that most of the state- owned lands- some 700.00(1 acres- have mecn "granrimaed " and I doubt if Webster ever heard of it either. So I asked him to explain. Maj. Hugh Himmer—who bought his first automobile from Klute Revenue Commissioner Otho A. Cook's father In 1928 mid drove the car lo California—Is visiting friends in Arkansas Ihis week. The major was recruiting officer in Liltle liock from 1923 lo 1328 and has been living In San Francisco since his retirement In 1920. He lived in Newport for three years, in Liltle Hock for two years and was commanding officer at Fort Hoots from 1907 to 1910. Byrnes To Leave For Conference 'Big Four' Ministers Will Tackle Problems Involved In Treaties B> KDWIN NKWMAN' llnitrd Press Staff rurrcxpoildml WASHINGTON. April 22. (DPI — beerolary of State James K. Byrnes leaves by plane for Paris tomorrow lor Hie lili; Pour conference oil peace treaties for nve ex-enemy countries. Byrnes and the French. Drill-ill and Utiiuilnn foreign minislers are selieduled to nu'el hi historic Luy- emboMiy Palace on Thursday lo uckle (he knotty problems Involved In treaties with Italy, Finland, Bulgaria. IhuiKary and Homanla. i, i, !."' c co °l lc '»<lou between the Un led Stales. Hrltnln and Hussln. and possibly even (he fate o[ the Un ed Niitlons. may hinge on their nullity to find satisfactory scltle- •nieir failure lo do so could con- eeivab.v lead lo separate pence Ire.i- lles with the former Axis nation:!, a development which would deal a s agtserlng blow to hopes for a continued united front by the wartime BIB ihrcc... What (hat. In turn, could lead lo Is something most dip- mnats and government officials dislike even to consider Byrnes will be accompanied hv S>en<>. loin ComiHllv. D Tex and Arthur Vnn<lenber B ,R., Midi.?*h,"!-- • H ""(I ranking minorlly member, ipccllvely, of the Semite fr'uivlg;i ulloiis Coinmltlee. His pnrty also will include Stale IX'uaiinwnl vowi- scloi' Hen Cohen; H, Freeman Matthews, director of tlie Offlcj of Kiiroiwitn Attiiirs; und specuil assistant Charles Bolilan, f Tlie principal problems which UK• orelgn ministers must overcome nre: 1. Whnl to do wllh Trieste 1,11,1' nne Ciliilla, to which Ixith u,ilv anil \iiKoslnvi:i luy cliilm. -. llussln's demuiul (hat Italv Pay $300,000,000 In repurullmis one", (mitt o[ (hem to her. The Umle.l .Stales contends ihls would mei'i Hi elttcl thul (he U. S, would be /oiillin: (I,,, bin. "• a. Wliai |o do with Ilalv'.i colonies. Tin, United Stales would like '" see all of (hem under United Nations trusteeship, but Russia demands sole trusteeship over two- li'ipolltunia and Krltreu HilMIn nlso covets some Itnllun territory' •I. Trude ivlallons of rinintrios "(her than nussln W | t |, n,,, n, ( u. |V ., rouirtrles. with whleh Hussln been seeking and making, pioch'- slve arraiiBcmcnls. 5- The slxo of the iirmle.s lo be allowed the Hulkaii countries. Th" U. S. is pressing for nnncd forces big enough only for Internal oaky "ml Iwi'der defense PAGEriV* l>»nr Ills Itrsl SIHtlN'OFIKLD. Mass. IUIM- Al (he age of 80 Michael Ducan Has retired as » Western Union messenger. "Now dial |i u , intiupower slioi t- nis« Is over, I guess they enn nel ulong without me," he commented Vesuvius is only mediocre in si/e, but because of Us violence, it is Ihc wo'Id's classic example of explosive type volcanoes. Read Courier ricws Want Ads. House Group Would Reform Army Courts WASHINGTON, April VI. (Ul'l-. A House Military Affairs Subcommittee, recommending u drnxth; prWiim to correct "injustices" In coin-la martini proceedings, disclosed Saturday Mint, 142 Army men huvc been executed for rape, murder nnil deseillon since 1'eiirl Harbor. An addition :i:l.74l have been imprisoned, for lesser erlmes. Uieliiil- !HK two who wi're seutcneed lo lir» for Mnlng AWOlj, Hip snbeom- mll(e 0 stild. The .sulK'ommlltee's 25.000-word re|K>rl, buwd on six months of secret InvesllBiillmis. bristled wllh cliiii'Ki's lhal (he ininy loo nflen uses the system lo "enforce discipline" Inslead or providing Impar- (lul Jnsllcr for the licensed. "Bonio of llie mosl slrlking mls- carringcs of Jiishee." |t chniued. "have Inkcn place ubrniul" where llie army liopnl to impress the locill |)01»llalinhs "Tliere have Ijeen many excessive senteiiees. The mosl trngle. ol course, uro (he death sentences licit commuted and about which It Is so difficult lo obtain Indirniiidon." ComjKlcnt observers, the cohimlt- lee said, agree that, In jencra) »r- my courts "err on the side of severity." "Most professional officer* re- linrd Ihc xystem as u means of enforcing discipline," It, «»ld, and in-' vestluatlng offlceu, trial judge advocates und defenie counsel pc*- slbl.v "feel the heavy hand of their commandlnn officer upon them." •i ^-T •• f • m^if* V V^ Day, » (our-ytM wtte* »t Oi«,DniVCTi»ty at be rt«um<<l w tth a j_. M and 27. About <• expected to nitcM Includlnr aati . at UM state »nd circuit Judc*» la the Head Courier^News. Want Ads. Pecan nut» jrow oo hkfawy' ii«n. AMOTONUVM ft^Vll CHICKS'OS MMMtr M* iljtlr.^ Z* j «M«Ck«l«>MMM»*r .5!"! rac rvoon IMMMNT lfN.| — "- "*i— —,.__ wjyjjJWBrowAMHr^ iy, ffy ^^^, ATT • A P« •BfflCHiCK CO. f^ J. J-i^X^J ••^••B ~-,rfAJt -»liA.Mj, . W KIUNUI O»H n.ltftt THE BKAUTY CLINIC Mawirrt ]>«n Hmllh, Owner Intram Bldi. Phone 3274 Read Courier News Want Ads. THREE GOOD REASONS uli> 'rft. JtuH'ph Aspirin is ttio clioEco of millions. (1) ItV/is pure as in'Aticy t'tm Iniy ('>.) Goes lo mirk fast with BIX-CM! im- Mirpassotl in fU-ld ol :ispiriu (:i) OITers real economy in either sizr. Get St. Jrtscpli Aspirin, world's lai^flt, wltrr ;tt Hie. .Save rvpu more in 100 tribltit SIRC forHfti-, KB you yot nearly 3 lablcta fur only lu. You'll Enjoy Attending THE YOUTH REVIVAL All This Week at THE BAPTIST CHURCH Eighth and Walnut, Blythevillc Weekday Services 15 A. M.—7:55 A. M. Come by on your way to work or school. Iheme of Tuesday Morning Message: "Tliv Will he Done." I'niyer Groups and Junior Choir 7-00 P M Evening Service 7^30 p' jyf PREACHING With a Purpose : SINGING Thai Inspires WELCOME You'll Really Be Glad You Came n i , r, ,*! EV> H - (X I}ARKE «. Evan KC |i s t RiillJh D. Churchill, Singer. Mrs. C. M. Smurl, Organisf We are Now Contracting for Crowder and Purple Hull Peas Delivered Price in Pods $ 65°° Per Ton Blytheville Canning Co. Inc P.O. 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