Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on February 22, 1963 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1963
Page 7
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Junior Editor Quli on. FISH QUESTION: Does e «terflth have eyes? Hew else could he find the animals en which he feeds? ANSWER: Starfish belong te a very ancient and primitive K up of animals called "echinodermt," fated by scientists es or than mellusks (such as clams and snails) but higher than worms. These simple creatures do not possess well developed sense organs of higher animals. They don't have real eyes, even if there is e tiny spot on the tip of each arm which is sensitive to light. Probably these sensitive arm tips help • starfish to crawl away from light, which it doesn> like. Starfish eat bivalves such as oysters and clams. Having located one of these, the star wraps his arms around and gets a grip with the little "tube feet" or suckers he can push out from underneath. The clam or oyster will resist for awhile but at last must open its shell. Then the starfish pushes out his' stomach through a kind of mouth where the rays join and gets in. between the shells where he digests the soft part of the mollusk. Starfish locete their food, not with their "eye spots," but by a mysterious chemical reaction to an outside stimulus. Many of the more primitive animals Instinctively turn toward food and away from danger. FOR YOU TO DO: Look up starfish the next time you are In e natural history museum. There are many weird varieties, some with arms 24 inches long. (Carolyn Ann Paulik of Youngstown, Ohio, wins $10 for this S iestion. Mail yours on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of is newspaper, and you may win $10 or the weekly grand prize of a set of Britannica Junior Encyclopedias.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SWEETIE PIE By Nodint Stltztr "Now watch out for school children—especially if they're driving fast carsl" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "Mr. Peters is too modest to tell you himself, but his book is on sale at our leeding supermarket!" "What are you finishing?" TIZZY By Kate Osann •O IS01» Wfc htTM ft* ttl ht OS. OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPLB "Couldn't you stop telling me how wonderful you are, and let me find out for myself?" BUY - SELL - SWAP FIND WORK - SERVICES CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Does Many Tasks for You! Make Life Easier — Use Classified A phone call — 3573 Does the Job State Capitals ACROSS 1,6 Capital of Louisiana llCityinnUnoto 12 Forcible €ncro8chmmt «4 Marble |1S Cut meat 17 Abounding In (suffix) 18 Some states during Civil War fab.) 19 Volatile liquid 20 Lair 21 Copper 23 Pronoun 24 Supporter 25 Kippur 27 Durable wood 29 Old Testament book (ab.) 81 Biblical woman 32 Red or Black 33 Political party (ab.) 34 Exclamation 36 Musical abbreviation 38 Biblical man 40 Governmental corporation of 1033 (ab.) 42 Animal shelter 45 Metal rod 46 In flames 48 Discharge debt 49 Compass point 50 Capital of Delaware 51 Piece out 02 Capital of Colorado 84 Stoppered 56 Remain erect 57 Kind of flu DOWN 1 Capital of Idaho 2 Capital of New York 3 Musical note 4 One time 5 Under (poet.) 6 Coulee 7 Heavy blow Answer to Previous Puzzle Nl HGH urn uss warn casta mam rjwii DM 8 Home of Abraham 0 Of fine appearance 10 Artist's stand 11 2200 (Roman) 13 Contradict 16 Korean president 22 Lymphoid tissue- 24 Pale and weak 26 Dutch painter 28 Above 30 Capital of Connecticut 34 Common contraction 35 Tel 37 Capital of Kansas 38 Retired 39 Deadly poisons 41 Tropical palm 43 Consumed 44 Viewed 46 Arabian gulf 47 Cupid 53 Richmond's state (ab.) 55 "Smallest state" (ab.) IT CAPTAIN EASY Worthwhile Prefect BY LESLIE TURNER TELL ME WOULD YOU RATHER IB MARRIED TO W RICHEsVT MAMINT0WM. rpa, TO TH' M05T P0PUI OR JO TH' M0*TFAMC ffl<feHANteOMEK,6UT JWSJTV *TglCKEN.' r 4f ;ASX SAlO.MASCR, WATER AND 6UNLI6HT ARE ,THE SOURCES OF ENERGY/ WEWE PUT THB. WATER IN ITHE CAM—AND FIVE Ml MUTES /MORE OF SHAKING SHOULD AEPSATB IT SUFFICIENTLY/ OUCH.' X Y/A6 id 9USV TALKING SCIENCS WITH sou i fozeax THE PILL'S.'NOW WE'LL HAVE TO SHAKE IT ALL OVER AoiA'.M AFTER X 6ST THE** FROM. ROOM..' £<SAO, t ?ON*T I'LL RUN UP TO VOUR ??OOM. FOR THE PILLS H GLADLY.' NOUR KEY.' MAKING |A MISTAKE," MASOP?* 4* 1-i SHORT RIBS BY FRANK O'NEAL BUGS BUNNY Umbrella Man PRISCILLA'S POP Nothing to It BY AL VERMES* LIFE MAY SEEM CAREPREE NOW, I r PRisCILLA. =EM 1 40W,1 ALLEY OOP BUT SOME DAY MY LITTLE C31RL WILL HAVE TO <SO INTO OUTSIDE WORLD.' Practicel Application BY V. T. HAMLIN MORTY MEEKLE No Answer BY DICK CAVALLI r RMKTTBPMy* 3 - THATMLV5TBB ONgGFTHtTSe LIW^HAVE \0LrewiFe?' 2-2 2 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS King Size BY MERRILL BLOSSER <9 APENT YOU GOING lb AT LEAST OFFER ME A STRAW, AAASTEP. LARD/ BEN CASEY Just the Beginning BY NEAL ADAM! t.,

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