The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, APRIT, 6, 1949 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WilliomslOur Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc L'UL 8LOV4 A. GA8CIEL TO -v. AND HtAR FAVORITE WELL. INVENTORS FOR ALL. we HB DOES, 1 M\GHT AS. TEMPTATION IS TO BUY ANYTHING* TfWLL JUST TAP THESE RODS INTO TH 1 GROUND AMD YOU HAVE A COMPLETE ROM>SIC>E MACHINE SHOP-PULL THAT BOTTOM HANPL6 ORANGE PEELG H6 AT& MODELS BEFORE HE COULD A LITTLE DIFFRLMT. AND THE SLID*M<3' PADDED PvVATTRESS GOES RI&HT UNPER TH'CAR.AWD- BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOW ' «,•" > • ;• Trade Ta/fcs with Reds Bring Only Barter Pacts HEW DELI'I i.'Vj—Informal Ulfci for a n-^ular Hade ^vcemeni with Rius-sia IKIVC resuUect .so far only In | Uvo bailer a^tc'ejnetU.s. Commerce Minister K. C. Ncogy told o.uestionc'1'.s in Llie legislative; | assembly the first agreement l'e- suited in the exchange of 5.0011 metric tons of India lea for 50,000 tons ol Russian wheat. The second which would be in By Elizabeth R. Roberts H R ATOKYi HuM*lH|C nkart- rurlj !• ifcf **>r »!T«B Mr. »r., Ruhr rln « *"«•"! — ?*r r- I k k kl1 Up*. »lll«cl«rd la A* .f hrnitmitirErm. KAK«T Ik* ^r. •» fcr !• Hlrk««i«c4. KAM> hiM*rlf *>••• «r (he (.-.ll?. )• a f»rlj writh rh* Rfth«-r(., Jim. All ii forgiven Return hoi LIC at once. You will never again be late foi an appointment and lose your job. We promise to buy an accurate new Bulova at DREIFUS Jewelers 316 West Main SI. Blytheville "Meet Dveifus — Wear Diamonds" UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our ['rices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cfeaner-Clothier-Tailor IV T WALKED lo (he garage wilh Roger. Robbie's car was parked next to mine. "You know." opined Roger, "a secian is elegant, but a roadster is swank. Yes, sir. I ticularly a convertible." 1 dashed Roger's hopes, and climbed into the sedan. t.ntcr that daj the canteen called to tell me that an unusuall} large crowd had depleted supplies Though wholesalers would sol butter and cream and bread on Sunday, they were unable to de liver it, which meant that I had lo iiick up the items. Scarcely had hung up the receiver from givin the order lo the bakery and cream cry when Roger came up the stair on the run, zippering his jackel a he took the steps two at a time. He held out his hand for the ca ;;eys. To my questioning look, h replied thai the snow was thaw ing. he wouldn't (eel comlortab naving me out on the slippery :lrc«t alone. I was beginning to •atch on that I was a frail little .ow&r, no longer equal to breasl- -n^ T unaided, the hazards of a .^dlana winler. Or that whal 1 .houghl was a lodger had turned out to be a chauffeur. I mulled over pleasantly the possibility of being able to make heeded remarks re speed, parking spaces— even of the loaf of bread I'd lor- gotten. After we delivered the groceries to the canleen, Roger asked whether I wouldn't be interested LODGER OmiGHT 4Y GHftNtCK: NJILISHil (NsiuiuTED IY wu yavict, H^C n driving to Ihe tlnse ;uid seeing ow iis development was nro- rcssing. We drove to the Base. a similar bridge nl the opposite end of Ihc piu'king space. II was a Ihin crusl of .slush and u-c through which the ear promptly sank, lie il said lo Roger's credit, he was not flustered. If anything, he was even more pleased than before. HP now had a two-alarm fire lo his credit. Crappic or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo Slate Line IKK FIELD was built upon a bench which rises; 500 feel re the level of Great Kails. The oact which led to it WHS & riglK- nglc turn oil Ihc main highway. Army roads were built high with eep drainage ditches on each side, ncl when snow covered the round, black flags placed on ithcr side of the road at frequent ntei'vals marked its course. We irove fro tit and center between he black flag markers down the \rniy road until we en me to a rge parking Lot near Headquar- crs Company. Here Roger nego- iated the narrow earthwork which nidged the ditch and joined the )arking lot In the road, lie sprang out of the car, not before he had given the horn a lap that brought :icEtds to every window- Roger ran into his office; slaved Init a few seconds. When he came out again, heads were still at all Ihc windows. He regarded the big sedan from every angle with proprietary inleresl, then, satisfied that all was well, he slid into place behind the wheel. He stepped on the starter, threw the cnr into reverse, and promptly backed into the ditch. A loud gufluw went up from the audience. "It's all right," Roger assured me. "The motor pool will have us out in no lime." Forthwith he again sprang from the nnr. swinging his arm? importantly. He strode into the budding to call the motor pool. In a very few minutes a low- car with a hoist appeared. As it hooked on to the frunl end oE the car. Roger watched with as much pride as any small boy could possibly exhibit at scting (he firo engine he had summoned put out a blaze. With the car once again balanced squarely on its own lour wheels, Roger stepped on the starter, threw the car into low, and headed for what he presumed was A operation this month related to the supply by India, of 5,000 tons of raw ulo, 5,000 tons of tea ant! 1,000 ;oii5 ol castor oil in exchange /or 81,000 tons of Russian wheat. For Lxpcrt PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Call 1601 NICHOLS DRUG Fresh Dressed Hens & Fryers Fresh Country Eggs For Sale at All Times TOP We Also Pay PRICES MARKET For Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho. 4107 W. H'way 18 >|t PAN6OLIN, OT \NDIA, FttOS OH ANTS AND TERMITES. WITH rrs URGE. Cl-AWi IT 15 ABti ft) BREAK INTO STRONG ANT HILLS. Don't let shabby, dirty, torn shadrs detract the beaiuilii] appearance o( your home. See DEAL'S PAINT STORE for mod- cm, efficient, durable Venetian blinds. While you're here . . . dont (orget to Investigate our famous Rolltcreen windows. Yrm'11 place your order for them, too. COTTON FARMERS Chemically dellnttd cotton seed germinate quicker, plant and plow the jame week. Reduce chonpinc ixptnse »nd produce mare calton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE D. A P. 1.. No- 1*. Per 51) Lb. Bax »IO.OO 1). * P. L. No. IS, Per 50 Lb. Baz 10.00 SUneville 2 B, Per 5» Lk. Bai 10.00 Stonevllle Z C, Per 5« Lk. Ba« 10.00 Rowden 4I-B. Per 5« Lb. Bag 10.00 I Hall & Half IHibred). Per 5« Lb. Bit 10.01) (Joker's 100 Will Resistant, Per S« Lb. Bag 10.00 PanU, Per 59 Lb. Ban 10 - M Empire, Per 58 Lb. Bar 10 00 Come in tnrt nlace your order or fcl Tour supply toil.iy BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytherllle. Ark. Phont »57 Leaehville. Ark.. Hornrr.svlllc. M». and Senath, Mo. .STUDEBAKER GIVE YOUR CAR Spring Sparkle Tnsitle and out ytnir tar should he given (he attention of expert mechanics who do the kind of job you want done. Motor lime-up, lubrication, brake-adjustment, whatever your car needs to perform its best we'll do at Chamhlin's always rrahoiuble prices your car lo 109 CAST MAW srwfT BLYTHTVILLE , AftKAHSA Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 'STUDEBAKER KltKCKI.KS & HIS HUKNDS lly MKRKILL BLUS8ER Unhappy Your* CKOOUIH& 4r ASSEWBLV I... /HAPPX, LOOK AT we! Tie IIWR COMMD, SHIRT TORN' STEPPED OH. KICKED IN TIE SHIMS. . WHISTLED AT,OR CHASED: NOT To "THE LAVW»N. MIVYBE ! BUT Tb A CROONER. IT SLOW MUSIC AND PLEASE OMIT FlOWERSl Sometimes I feel that if I don't get out Mere and commune wild nature, I'll scream!" \P IT WOULD MAKE SOME: POOR K\O HAPPY I'LL BE GLAD GIVE UP PLACE/ CERE'S ANOTHER PiCCE ABOU^I THE CROWDED CONDITIONS AT SCHOOL' WHY ITS 50 BAD I HEY CAWI EVEN FIND ROOM FOR 60MC OP THE. MICHAIOI, O'MAIXUY mid RALPH LANK ,1HAr...THAT WORM ; HAVE YOU HEARD FROM HIM GINCt VOUR LITHE WITH EVE (OILY? THAT CAN WAIT, 8UG5. MEET Mt HERE A15IXP.M SATURDAY/ YOU KNOW MY MOTIO, FOG-NO OOOR TOO THICK. NO LOCK TOO SUCK. I CAM GET VOU INSIDE JIS6ER JACKSON'S HOUSE EASY. WHAT DO WE DO WHEN WE GET IN? QUESTION. VIC, I IVIW IS (00 CHANNEL OFfEBING US*fcO.OOOMORE tflSY. O1D BEAN. TEH FLINT ABOUI OI1K INVITATION OUT CHANNEl'9 IARMFOR THE WEEK LESLIE TURNER WASH TUBHS BETTER IftLK TO HIM fttONf FIRST, EASV. I'LL BE AROUND IF VOLI WANT ME LATER. THANKS FOR THE- "N/ VES. HE M»Y SEEM ' M>VICE, BEkl. SO THM'S I MOEMM NOW, BUT HE-;-; WILTM, OUEB TUEtfE?,/ & VECV SICK MAN. WEk! .V AVID PIWSICALLV... LECTURIHa Will OtiW RUT IF VOU WILL f ORGET THE UMUCW PREJUDICE (VQAIWsr AN AtCOHOLICi VOU (VHI> CATIW CfcH HUP BCGTORE S CONFlOfcfJCIr AH[> SCLF-K itU I THINK HE'tL CO-OPERATE OHEM Easy YYfUKS U TIIE SOLITAliV FIGURE WHO SO MUCH TO CATHV.... By PUED BARMAN YIPII Ol 01 f Here, liov QUIT SKOVINV/GWE 'EM ROOM.' STEP BACK IN TH' C\ BUS/ MORE COMIN'ON.' STEP BACK PLEASE / V. T. HAM1.1N NOW START MAWN' LIKE By EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HICK HUPPIES BOOTS rr- FEW muttered comments and the crew of the wrecker, on by the hoot*: und e-nlcaHy of the now completely u it jealous audience, hooked on again, this lime to the tear bumper for a change, ntui drew us back lo Ihe parking lot level. 1 indicated to Roger that I'd be glad lo drive it if— He 'nterrupted n je. He would now talie me tin n personally escorted tour of the 13use. He backed slowly for a tew feel, made a half turn forward, got squared away lo the little bridge, and, encouraged by the loudly cheering hoi pollof, drove successfully to the run road. While we were in the Post Kx- chnnge, Roger asked what lilt things he cuvild picked up toward our dinner. "Oil, we rtnn't have dinner on Sunday," 1 replied. "We just have a pot-luck supper," "EnUr.cly civilized," he agreed. "Bui gelling back lo my question: what is there you would like Hint I might be able to contribute?" Ignoring rny look, lie wenl on, "You must let me gel the supper. Sunday should be your day off. And you'd be surprised at how handy I am." He wasn't handy rn the kitchen only; he was handy in the bar, which he pre-empted while I was hanging up my hat nnd coal. "Sub," he said to "lob, "what can I make for you?" Noting that I had entered the room, he added gni- ciously, "And for you, fair lady?" He made three highballs and he kept on making highballs until the balance of our quota of rationed whisky for that week was gone. Then he lent me a hunn" in the kitchen f and he later helped with the dishes. No reference was made to the antics of the afternoon; wailed for Roget\ to Icll on himself f but he didn't seem to consider it a subject for conversation, (To Be Continued) Urine

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