The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 16, 1930
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Served by the United Press BDfTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWRPAPPP. r\i? KT>i>Tf»t?ia-r< AUL- A»tc-«n »v,.x o^if^Tm. n .« ' * ' **~S THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVU— NO. 233 BlylhevIUe Courier, Blytheville Herald, HOME EDITION Blylhevlllc Daily News, Mississippi Valley Insider. JUDMS STRICT Y, DKCBMBKK i«. 1930 Harrison Discusses Prob-j Icms of-Coming Year with! Taxpayers Directors. Problems in the affairs of Miss-. issippi county which must be faded : in the ensuing twelve months were' discussed at a meeting? of thq [ax- j payers association yesterday at- ' Icntel by County Judge George j and Zal B. Harrison judge-elect. 'j Mr. Harrison declared lhat the strictest economy be essential to ' maintain a balance m the county's ! All fmancKs particularly in vl«w of the I They'll Get Elmer's Car the Next Time LA PORTE, IND., Dec. 10 tU P)—Elmer Zellers, a farmer, filled his automobile with Christmas presents, parked it at a curb, and went to a butcher shop. When he returned the presents were gone. He drove to the police station, parked his automobile again, and reported the theft of his gifts. When he returned to the car the meat was gone. PlerW I ICdgC e fact that increeascd tax delln- j port to Plan Presented qnency will be the probable after- malh of drouth and low cotton! prices. He expressed a desire for the advice and ccopcration of the taxpayers asslciation, and directors of that organization initiated steps «-p if n n VjOOdielloWS . upon a for its reorganization :stronger basis. Court to Meet in January The A program for the coordination of all local relief activities received tlie approval of representatives of charitable and civic organizations at a meeting yesterday afternoon, I and today an organization was be- Is ex- thc - - , „ ,,.„„.. ,„... Under the name of the Goodfel- \i-hich Mr. Harrison already hasi 1<nvs clui) . the organization which, reached an agreement with a < m former years has distributed toys quorum court committee It is pos- : an< * baskets of food on Christmas sible, it was indicated at yester- j eve . are being enrolled "every. oe'r- day'B meeting, that the court may i son, c ''ib and organization in Bly- also act to curtail county expendi"-! theville and vicinity who can and fures, but Mr. Harrison told thei|will cooperate." Courier News today that he had no | its program, in brief, is to see acting upon ; the county prison program upon 'orithat every case of actual need in county activities it will be necessary to cut down somewhere," he' said, "but I have no present plans! in that direction." gency, or until employment and Will Discuss Farm Plans , i other conditions return to normal. A meeting of Mr. Harrison, the; Contacts Kstablished quorum court prison farm commit- j The first effort ma ne toward ob- tce, and the directors of the tax- ] talning complete coordination of all payers asscciation, to discuss inj ex j st ing relief agencies, includin' detail plans for the esablishment: the Red CroS5i whlca tas born th of a county owned farm on which major part ol ^ burden ^ to employ county prisoners, will:- cnln . cn( ,, the-various civic organ!OI i 7J)Hnnc- anrl tho 1 mat-lr»d« Tantnn prftbably be held before Ihe .1 rooaoiy ue neia pe ore me end ol , ^^ and ^ Amer , cftn £fe gibn he year, it was indicated at yes- ; , Iee emplovment ^rvfe. ^Contacfi on ot county prisoners, has been ' ow ! n *- TeP««ntaUves: . .Amencan agreed' upon bv Mr. Harrison and ! ^ glon : E A,, Rke;.;Amerlcan Lo- Ihe committee,' but questions ' of] £ lon Au!tuiilr y. •Mrs.-.Neill Reed; Rcd Roy Walt on; ministerial ' association, E. K.. Latimer; civic clubs, John Walerrhaiii' colored people, Df...W. B. Green. • Mayor Neill' Reed . has accepted site, financing and other details remain to be worked out. Enlisting of more members in the taxpayers association to make Ihe organization a stronger and more representative body for ad- ™ e chairmanship -of (he association vising and assisting the county i ^d personnel ' committee, which government was declared necessary Swill'have" charge of obtaining con- at yesterday's meeting, and a cam-.!trlbutions of money, -clothes and paign for that purpose will prob-jfuel, the investigation' of applica- ably be launched shortly. 1 'Ions. A meeting to perfect. an or- Iganizatlon for this phase of the jwork was-in session this afternccn at the city hall. Cdmmltt«8 Named Cecil- Shane is the chairman of CLEVELAND, O. (UP)-Howard | ^ , Ir ?f s P° r tation committee, Francis Seely, professor of litcra- j * h ' ch *™ ' D ?f hra?c m the. collec- lure at Ohio State University, de- "? n and -.O'fWbuiion of supplies, nounced Ihe presenl system of so- Other corami ««s and their heads Professor Flays Present "Intensive Reading" Plan SINGLE COPIES FIVE.'CENTS Fair God" of Old A/tccs Supplants Santa in Mexico Participation of All Mem-j bers in.Annual Board El-! eclion Urged. i Eighteen nominees, from whom' nine directors of the Chlckasawba district chapter of the American Sed Cross will be chosen at an election set for Friday. December' 19, have been selected by a nomin-! ptlng committee. ' The election will be held at the chamber of' commerce room in the city hall. The ballot box, in charge of Mrs. J. B. Clark, Mrs. E. E. Alexander, and Mrs. P. L., Tipton, will be open from 1 to 5 ; n v xi;,\ Service P. M. Friday. All members of Mexico C ity - This vcar UKTC he Red Cross arc urged to vole.! «- m be no Santa Clans 'in .Mcvlco. in order that the board chos.-i Sauty lias been chased out of tho 1. Ky be rerjusrauitives of (he f .'ii- 1'ie membership. of Ue; seiner-hat abbreviated name Q-.iel- A. Rice,; zaicoatl (pronounced kels-alli/atl). The nominees were chosen by a' ins place will be taken by n nai conimlttea of six consisting of E. ] live mythical deity who bears the; D. .Ferguson, president of tlie chamber of commerce, E. A. Rice, commander of the American Le-i Qiietralconll, the " gion, Mrs. H. A. Smith, of the j Mompzuma's people, who wris nom- parent-teacher associations, Dr. H. i Inaicd to the elevated post by the S. Davis, president of the Rotary | Mexican ministry of public educa- club, Crawford Greene, president lion, will i-.iake his debut Doccm- of Ihe Lions club, and Roy Walton, I |»r 23, when he will appear In hu- presldent of the Red Cross chap-1 maiilzed form to the children 6f ter. . . I Mexico City. : In recent years it has been the | The occasion of this initial uiani- practice to mail ballots, with re- festation Is to be a Chrislmas "fies- j turn envelopes, to all members. This involves considerable expense, however, and for this year it was decided to save this money and lie "Plays Heur" So Well lie's Now in the jlospilal JACKSON, Miss., Dec. 10 (UP) — Amos Hall, a youth who was shot by himtm while "playing hour", was rcpotiod Improved at u L«tkes-1 nlle hos|)il:il today. The boy wns returning home from bchuol i:cnr dusk OIK! seeing two hu'kU'M hunlers. decided . to! ploy bi'ur. Ilu winpcd his d'cuti mound him and crawled from some 1 bushes, emitting imitation bear! Bicwh nil I grains. \ A hunti'i- haw the r-liniigc crvii-1 lure nnd llml. More lluin 100' number (i shot were removed from the buy. country as an "undesirable for.sign- ; Conferees Insist Hoover Retain Authority to Allocate Money, WASHINGTON, Dec. 1C. (UP) — The issue between President, Hc«- vcr and the senate was drawn clos-. er today when house and senate conferees on the $110,000.000 emergency employment bill decided'to .„. , , I force thc a?nnle lo vote again on When Spanish revolutionary forces,! disputed points , Inklni: ndi-niitngc of tlic strikes! The house conferees refused to ml BCIWL.I unrest that have besot llcc( , |)t tllc » mcm | meia of Senator ! 1C ' of . Ul «. 1'f'nc'iwl. cities, bcgnn Joo T . Rob |, l5 on of Arkansas, Dem- la" to be h-2ld al the National! Stadium under Ihe auspices of--the newly appointed, Above is an old Ailcc ilec rnytholos). At the rijjht Blyllieville Area Suffering from Practice Says Asso- cialion Secretary. Ginning of colton conlnlningex- j ces.sive moisture has created u problem lhat threatens to have an adverse influence upon CM marketing of northeast Arkansas and southeast. Missouri cation, the Courier News has been ndvlscd by i'W. S. Turner, vice-president and i secretary of the Arkansas Cotton Trade Association, In a letter enlarging ti|xm a. recent association ui | bulletin relative lo weight varla- will be accepted. Those desiring \ n ° Breat importance is attached ! evcr . 'his blond stranger, who had to vote by mail simply clip the ' - •• • -• - • --following list of candidates from this paper, scratch the names of nine for whom, they do not de- j serrrinl. At the llfrc - He was the god of the winds named Qi:ctzalcoatl, went to O j the Aztec Indians, and Is usually j sea . si:irtcrt to walk over the waves. weights." This, Mr. Turner says, hns not only caused buyers to depicted in the form of a plumed. I ""<! was never seen again. Only' withdraw from this territory, but San Juan Toot!-, his memory remained; the memory hns "suited in threats by ship- sire to vote, clip the list to a- piece ' ' lll:lran archaeological field near ° ! a i"«" who had been kind. of paper bearing the signature of ' hcre llle Principal pyramid, the The occasion of Santa's banish- tiie voter, and mall to the Red " Tc ">P!e of, Quclzalcoatl," bears the I inenl from Mexico is a far rcacli- Cross Election committee"; City Hall i fiBure of a llugc feathered serpent. ) ing nnUonnllzntlon campaign car- tn time to be counted with the rest depicted in his humanized . rled on by the Mexican B°rern- t of the Ballots Friday after- • £ " rm ' howcv '' r . b >* the ministry of ment. This campaign Is still rtl- n ' j public education, Quetzalcoatl is a. 1 reeled with greatest energy toward It has -been suggested- that tnchi K< "'R 11 ' 8 ra 5". ntl M personage -wlthj-scliools. Mexico feelhiE that by in- voter include In his nine selec-' a b * ard not as l0 " 6 ' as ' ttetr ° f .the]-Btl111ng patriotism In the hearts-of tions at, least three women Fol- ! banished S: "'ta Ctaus, and with a; children, a m:-re loyal populace a lowing are the nominees: Mrs. C. W. Afllick, Mrs. J. W. Bader. Mrs. Ed Hardin. Mrs. Howard Proctor, Mrs. S. S. Steinberg, Mrs. Ross Stevens, ..C. R. Babcock, Rev! marsh M. Callaway, J. Louis Cherry, A. B. Pairfield. E. D.- Ferguson, Tom W. Jackson, Rev. E. K. Latimer, J. A. Leech, T. J. Mahan, E. A. Rice, Dr. p. L. Tipton. Roy Walton. long, formal robe instead • of the generation later will result. Nntion- j j?lly sports attire of Santa Clans, al idsas. naticnal art, national lit- i Olil Aztec tradiions speak of a- eraturc are to icplace foreign ones. man, tall and blond, with a gold-' So a national Santa Claus had to en beard, who spoke sweetly' and te found. : Eurerma Threatens French i Leader, Now Partly Par- j alyze^l. called "intensive reading" used In are: publicity, C. R. Babcock, O. C. A| Sam Alexan der; fl- high schools in an address before *™» and f arc " s Evrard ; «««»Ihe National Council of Teachers !P 10 >™ e »t. J - L.-Cherry and Luther of English convention here recently. '• J^^L/""^ 1 „*"; Nel " "Tile works of Shakespeare and • many other world classics are ba- j ing spoiled for high school stu-i ".? " cor "' ,"'. . . dents of today by teachers who as- i, hC '/' Cunningham, chairman of sume the role of literary mission- ^°,°^' ( ;" 0 f c|om " ll «^ «'hich arics and insist upon pupils dissect-' ?° thc T ™ '" f"? 1 " 8 about ing the books word for word in l 1 ,? 6 , 0 ^ 1 " 181 ' 0 "- ™P h <>sized today class" Seely said ' tllat thorough investigation of ev- A'heated discussion look place!' 17 , ^P^lon for relief would be by other members following his | nslsted "POn. The problem locally address. Several delegates defend- * s ° f™ 1 ^^ m "st be coned the extraordinary amount of flncd to thM8 who are wortn >' oncl clas. 5 discussion on" the ground ! are " ctua ' resi * nts ° f '"e corn- that It was necessary to give th-| munity ' 11he , Eald ' and tho utmos t COTT1 CuTISJ Co-op Has Program \Vhich ip! Will Operate Through 1 Poincnrc Iost th - usc ° f nis "Bht c, . r* • Brm (vllen ne suflcred a first stroke j PARIS. Dec. 10. (UP)—Raymond I Pc-tncare, wartime president of F. mice and veteran statesman, lay half paralyzed- and critically near death tcday. Increasing danger from curenita threatened Polncare's life. The same affliction caused the death of his wartime collaborators. Marshall 'och and Georges Clem;nceau. Short Change Artir.l Shows Skill in Court i lEVANSTON, ILL., Dec. 11 CU .I- 1 )-—Arranged on suspicion of being a professional "short change" arlist. Waller A. Butler was placed-under $200 bond which he furnished in cash. When Butler left Court Clerk Tvan Reubiu counted the bond money. He had only $195. command of (he K overim,eiit forces .•" lmldp " 1C nlosl « n >Pl°y™nl- by— lllnrk Drouth 'Kellcf Meanwhile drouth relief le'glsla- llon was tied up In the house where Democrats yesterday thwarted .efforts of Republican leaders to bury without a vote Ihe senate's SQO.OOO,-. 000 measure In favor of n S30.000.- 000 bill, acceptable to tho president. The house agriculture committee met to consider the senate's measure but failed to reach any agreement. Republican msmbsrs refused to vote or refused to set, a time for a committee vote on the $60,000 measure. They decided Instead to ! call Secretary of Agriculture Hyde i and W. 1 W. Wnburton, director of agriculture extension service, to testify again. Thinks 530,001) Enough Al Hyde's office the United Press was told the secretory still thought $30.000,000 was sufficient and that' '•*' to retain the senate's bill providing Premier General Damasco Ucrcn- for loans for human food came in-.?r, fhoivn here, who sent 10,000["perilously near doles." loyal fighting trooiis auaiust ,the' Representative Aswell, Democrat, rebels. During his eleven months' Louisiana, sponsor of the $60000000 pers to bring suits for recovery lu cfricc ' U) c growing republican I bill in the house, charged 'in 'the from the compresses as the fedcr-! ilnd nnlt-moimrchlal sentiment ESV-; committee al charters under which they operate make them responsible for the weights as shown in the receipts. He cites instances of claims by shippers of weight, Idsses averaging as hluh as 0 and 18 ixjimds per bale. Picking and ginning methods In this territory are responsible for the condition, Mr. Turner believes. There Is no evidence of dishonesty on the part of anyone, he nays, but picking and ginning of wet . cotton makes weight losses Inevitable. Care to avoid picking cot- Ion while it is wet, protection of the cotton from molsiire until It reaches the gin, refusal of gins to accept ivet cotton or the devising of a drying out process at the gins, , , , , •--- meeting Republicans cral limes has fiarcd almost, lo op-1 were seeking lo delay acllon until en revolution. He was expected toiafler Christmas assume an Iron-clad military die- .. Tms vmM ^ un forlunale tutorship In opposing the rebels.-} tor U ie people ot the south," he it-aid. "They must know before Jan] uary 1 y/ j Is to be done If the .[ relief pri/muJd Is to do them any [good."' .,.,•;::;-;- —:;••*:-~^" Three Fined, One Held to Jury for Shooting . r , • ,, A ,f Three participants ill the brawl at Loyal Army Keeps AltoriSO a Stmdy Ridge danco last Thurs- Safe on Throne: Strike Called Failure. MADRID, Spain, Dec. 16. <UP)are steps suggested by Mr. Turner j The-throne of King Alfonso X1TT to remedy the situation. day night which resulted In the shooting of R. J. Pillow rfere fined- i In Justice 'Oscar Alexander's court, [here yesterday. A fourth man, Will Klngletary, at whose home the dance wns held" and who is alleged Negro Churches Active lo have shot Pillow, waived pre- | four i in Tuberculosis DnVO '• With the entire country under j strict martial law and troops con- That the negroes of Mississippi | ccntratcd In regions where troubb ; j county arc taking an outstanding i '"'Shi be expected, Premier Gen-' Campbell entered pleas of gi-llty to charges of fighting and were fined one dollar each. West Carcum stood on a similar charge and was been one of tho instigators of the_ general fight tary shot Pillow .through ', after he had been knocked i the fight, it Is alleged. He with Intent ported improv* o. . r • otate Lommittees. pupil understanding of thc period In which the play was written. 11 . care w! " b to prevent Department Called to ;ity of those who support the relief ! program. i Check Oil Heater Blaze j Two KiUed, Four Hurt City firemen were called to the F. E. Fox residence. 1309 West Ash street about 2 o'clock this morning when nn oil healing system bs- canie ignited and threatened to get in Crossing Accident NEW ORLEANS, Dec 16 (UP)' *-'»•*'» lv * *JC J A program to adjust cotton acre- of paralysis Saturday. A second .stroke Monday completely paralyz- hls condition was due lo cverv.ark. Poirjcare \varnc: 1 American Wton Gro^; s Co-op i tthr!li " ! , OT } ^ Mti ^ ™ M »,, ,, «nw.u v.v, vp. ^^^,5-fi | n rnnlninn t---t-iM»-i erative Association here last night. lo continue rvritinj. Program for Reopening Institution Complete Except for Check of Books. With virtually evcrythlnj essential to the reopening of the First ave ssocaton here last night '' Nntlcml bin* arc-MtmlMicd with Details of the plan will not be ' P«>fessor Gulllain. chief of the ; ^ tlcn31 banv arc mplishcd with announced unlil thc first of thc ' met " C!l1 staff of the Salpeticre hos- | thc exception of ths audit, officers state committee meetings, which Dlta ' 3nc ' member of the academy • and directors of the institution to-i will probably be held here 'in Jan- . of medicine, consulted with Dr. Bol- uary, C. O. Moser, secretary, said. - dln ' atte nding Polncire. Tnis niDrn- " part in the nnti-tiibcrculosis cam-l cl ' al Damasco Bcrenguer and min- palgn Is evidenced by llic henlth Islers of the cabinet conferred with bonds purchased. ' i-the-- king at the heavily guarded The Pilgrim Rest Church '. and • palace today. , the Negro Baptist Church of Saw- j "All is tranquil there," the prj- j u"c]ViTeed"wit duct Bottom, In this city, the Oscc-|mlcr told thc United Press as he; tn H',, %,,,„„. ola Baptist Church, the French. | left thc palace. I L, man Bayou Baptist Church ami; "Complete tranqulllty exists thru- I thc Wilson Nesro Congregation i out Spain," added Minister Leopold ! have each bought S50 health bonds, i Mclcs. "I have talked with the j Judge George W. Barham, counly : principal provincial capitals a!i;l , chairman, addressed these groups j al! authorities said their regions j recently when the bonds were pur- arc normal." , chased. [ Meanwhile government advices The newest activity of the com- : fnid the general strike in all In-| mittce is the distributing of S400 .duslrlal cities was unsuccessful.: burning and sinking of the Eureka in stamps among citizens who are j Private dispatches tended to ccn-^ 11 whlcli tcoi a toll of four lives asked to return money al the' firm the official reports. Workers! whcn more than im passengers rate of one cent for each stamp, i were returning in northeastern re-l antl crcxv members leaped for safe- NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 16 (UP)— i eacn stale. Two were killed and four of j — their office companions In the' . . , , . - Mcser said the plan provides for' 1 " 33 bull «t lr i said "The ^tuition is committees of five to administer unchanged. No modification Is pas- jthe acreage adjustment program of Ell> ' e before two or three days." cnntrol United Slates engineer's office here Promnt „ n" i. u i werc "itlcally injured today when ihcjvxf, • ? y a mem ° ;' he auto ln whlch tne y were r|d -i suLTv n , ^ " C '° Sing C(I the ° i! in ? was £truck ' supply averted serious doma: Is believed. : Negroes Held to Jury for Cotton Seed day were still awaiting word from Washington thnt will authorize accountants lo go lo work on a check of the bank's books. A telegraphic inquiry vcsterday rt(t . . , , lf;llCial inquiry I . p. i into fiUrCKa MIAMI. Fla., Dec. 16. (UP)— In- opened here today into the , Thesc stamps arc to be used on gions where there were disorders : '- v Sunday nijht. all Christmas packages nnd letters. , yesterday and Barcelona was qubt Federal steamboat Inspectors wera .under a heavy guard. $1,000,000 in A&rphine Seized Aboard Vessel i Partial Relief From in charge of the inquiry and issued I subpoenas for virtually every fter 7 : ison who was aboard at the time of j the disaster. WASHINGTON, Dec. 16 (UP)—j Seizure of a $1.000,003 shipment of! Cold!sJ)ue Tomorrow; Lions Entertained Today by High School Students MEMPHIS. Dec. 16. (UP)—A; , , - - - engine of » | the Illinois Central railroad. Mississippi Educator . The accident happened as the group were enroute to work. Miss jRuth WhfJov, a stenographer, i W ft I ldtcd lln slantly and Alex Erlckson at new Urleansidiea a short time iat«. Willie Howard and Lonnie Mat- I there was nothing that could be ; Suspect Incendiarism in Malibou Beach Fire MAUBOU BE^, Cal., Dec. 16. ^'L^T' SSj± Id .£' er ^ ! 'hopeful"hat" ij''',™;! (UP)—Fire which swept the exclusive motion picture colony here causing loss of about S400.KO, may i"""",?' 6 ^ 7 T"" V'V"""^ """* ibl11 th « unanticipated delay is be-! „,., „ | v^gS^rK 3ln ' in -rr™"--^^ to mke thls appcar un -\ Wlll ? eop ^^r / ! was announced today by Assistant strcet comers driving all but the' Members of thj Blytlieville-Lions Treasury Sccretrirv Seymour Low- br ' lvo inside, brought freezing. ciub were the guests at luncheon i^an ' ' weather to the tri-slatcs last nijht today of Miss Frances Parker and The morphirc a 1 ICO pound and today cloudy skies promised i her home economics clsss at the n,'T Tw" r Ehipment from'Turkey.'was seized snow nnd continued sub-ncrmal j high school. nh^M 5 by customs officers' iast night/ temperatures. ; Following the meal, prepared and ne xranci jury. ,- , ' ," s ! Lowman slid • Eetorc dawn loday Ihe mercury served by the girls of the class, on charges of grand larc'ny. The y i £?*!» CnCC ,f 15 , b ! \™ , ? hr 'f m " 5 ', —- dr °PPed five degrees below f, ; «. ; the club wa, entertained. with a • DUt the unanlicipated delay Is be- „,.,, „ , , ,| nB . snow fell over parts of east- program which included selections cm and northern Arkansas, in some by a juvenile orchestra, trained by t , , n ' , the acl ° n ° ftlu; gran " Juri to open In time to mail Christmas i Tnwoctifr-il : nn Thurufiav' places reaching a depth of three.Mrs. J. G. Triefchmann, second'r-,r«"1 pi T7^^^^^^ .-Z^t..™-'~=tf«^ ±±t l ; r—•—- *• -: littu Ma ~ CMd -^^'^^^ - - — of the loading educators of the ^,? I , FTS . I '. URGH ' . Dec .:. 16 - <up '-| — Uiue manning Child south, died here'Tfter'a brief 1 ness. <UP)-| armed with shot ^IA uu(.uiii Hiineu wiLn snot guns '- if it i PT* 01 land pistols held up the Manches- i Hubbard TlfC Shop Is j ter Savings and Trust company to-1 ! day. First reports said they escarwd ' wilh an amount estimated at tao.- Dies Today at Wilson: A . E. . erles already made, ine audit Is re- ; K^-.'r 55 ^' '° this definitely, school, and brief readings by high school pupils. thc conduct of Fed- ' Cf _;K. r ,. J CU ftn . Harrv B. Anderson, | utrIKe UUarOS STlOOt Memphis, will leave tonight to re- Plan Reorganization of Closed Tennessee Bank; 000 TROY. Tenn.. Dec. 10 (UP) — ' Plans for reorganisation of the Bank of Troy, which closed here Monday after a run, arc proceed-! TOLEDO, O., Dec. 18. (Up)— The Jn* rapidly. The bank was capital- •• condition of Charles "Buddy" Rou- Ized at $!8.430, with $10,000 surplus, ers, recovering from an appendicitis HeposUs were approximately $16,000! operation, U "greatly Improved" to- ;. Scolt and J. E. Shipman, Isumc Us Inquiry f° rm er bank'employes involved I Hearings are tl'.fre Thursday, i srheduled for Driver of Liquor Car DANVILLE, Va., Doc. 16.. (UP)— WEATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy and unsettled ''Buddy" Rogers Better , , "greatly Improved" toot Ihe last sufcment, jday. hosplU! attendants said, Entered by Prowlers Funeral se.A-li-es are b;ln? held I In thc 550,000 shortage, remained ! Thursday. Friday nr,d Saturday. • Lo'c'kwood"^^'^!' ^••"Wo't'anl' ably rolu Wednes *»y wanner In at Maple Grove cemclfry thii af-'ln county Jail Yierc, and adjouni-' 'critically wounded" ' earlv ' todav extr "iie northern portion lonl^ht, r&rs £s^ f ss?V^H^S: s^^^^s^^ BWW House p«i. :— „ ftM te Mt hl s ^ ~ —- night but ning, who died at Ihe family home them, made ihe course of action to i in Ifonds Ol Receiver The Hubbard Tire company, 218 West Ash .... . Wednesday. no articles were taken, Raymond ln Wilson at 3 o'clock this morn- be followed m their Smit'.i, manager, reported to police, ing. tain, At noon today no word had ; iTARTCT-mn fv-vi n»c 16 (UP Entrance was gained by smashing The Infant is survived only by been received from federal authorl- ; _p"^ irultlj ' ^-" • ' ' ' . Charles Ph!lllp$. The Sixly gallons of liquor were found ' maximum lemperature \vas 45 de- €l^i:ij?f3£"=^J^'^ Bauery company shoFhastone", pany I luchar^ n!ld N ' CT ' York clllcs 'i md strlke disturbance which y«r ago (He rr.lnimum tempera, tered twice this winter.' ™n« mm £ g lv±,'°,L C ?°,.' .IS" ,"?'..?'*" ln -i w » receivership today by acllM oci^ert the stationing of troops. lure was 62 degrees and the maxl- r- jvcas to report he findings of an In- jW85 tn receivership today by acll.m vestigatioii he made hst week. O f the slate banking commissioner. commissioner.' here. ago (lie rr.lnimum tempera, troops j lure was 62 degrees and the maxl- I mum, 71 dtgrees; rained .21 Inches,

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