The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 1049 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uttiijr KM P* 1 tin«t roi cooAccutin e«ruon: Minimum unarg* 1 time per line i time* pei line ptr day 3 lime* pei emu pet day 8 tlmea per line per day day 12 umea pel line p«r MODtb per Hue wv " Count tive average 'words to the line AO oraereo loi Uireti 01 six tiuit* auo ctopped oerore eipirutuju^wlli DP ciiarfi eo (or me Dumber of times in* &d appeared ftuo: adjustment ol Dlh made All Olassuicd Advertising cops submitter D)' persons reMdiug outside oi me city must DP accompanied b? c&sn Hate* ay oe easily computed from tins a Dove uioie. Advertising oraei lor irretjuiai insertions lakes tne one time mt«- No reaixm^tmity wilt oe tuHen IO» more tnan one incorrect inFtrtion oi any cJas&uifcd ad. AU ads are restrlctea to men propel classification, st'fl* and type The Courier reserve* the rlgbl to cilH or reject any f»d Services iiodax rimamag 21 noiu ««rvic« ufeifc.fc.Nb tiTUUlu ij«-c*-l) 1 will service a limited number ol clocks at '">' home. Clocks ol all typc.s \vui bo accepted Industrial. uov«ltLc«t>. nutiquos, perpetual, cAk'iulnr, »lc CftarJos Upton 125 W. Mo. 1'h- 4232 i'lease call after 5 p.m. M I'K 4;1« PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2029, Ulylheville or 205, Osceola 3-M-ck-4-M ELECTRICAL AND UEFU1GERAT10N SERVICE STABBS BROS. New Location- '110 1C. Main Oay 351 Nlgllt 2550 Notice We wish to express cuir thaults and appreciation 10 our many friends inicl relatives lor their KltKlm'fs i^iicl byin- uatliy sliovvn \K durlus tile Illness and Qefttll OI our beloved Husband |Uld Airs \V. O. House and Chtldron 16 PK 4,7 Apartment tot Rant Tractor xvorl: for hlic by hour or aeie. I'll 3361. 4;4 PK 4;18 insurance Furnished upt \Vilt>>- SllU' h. 226 K. Kentucky 2-rootn llylit housekeeping ajit. PK 4S I'll. 2 jurnlshed nnls. 40V Dovigan. 45 PK 412 t iul bath. 411 N 4|4 CK 4;7 a furnished rooms Broadway. Atodcrn cabins and apartments Boy courts Pr) '.'51 3,"' s-room modern furnished apt. 150! Honru. Ph. 2903. 4,6 PK 4 13 2-rooin furntsncd apt ami bath Ph 43M. 322 N. 6th. SI, 4;i-,-S 1 smnll 2 room furntshe'. armrtmrui SOI Norlti Gin Strcci. 4;l-|ik-4 8 For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Polland Agency Planned Protection ULENCOE I10TE1 UUIL.OINO 121 W ASH BT Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Hoyai. ttniltn Cortina aiid Hem LOR DON EDWARDS I'ne rypcwrttei Man HU W Kecond at Plume 33av HjltS-Ck-t Apt. 401 E. Ash. Business Service Directory For Sale. Misc. USED CARS At Very Special Prices Ford Super DC Luxe 'l-iloor, bciiulil'iil blue, clean inside and out, low mileage, has liud cxtellt-nt ciii'e, c(|iii|)i)ed with radio and hculcr . . . $1595. l!)l(i Kurd Super DeLuxc 2-door . . §'J95. 1911 Kind 2-door . . . only §795. 1!)H Ford 2-d(ior . . . special price . . . §595. 1U10 Mercury Town Sedan, new piiint . . . 5-195. 19;i7 Plymouth -1-door . . . $195. l!1<ll Ford 2-iluur ... a real value . . . S<>95. boater. . .only S895. 1911 iMcrciiry Sedan Coupe, equipped with radio and Maybe Rationing Is the Answer burs 5 li-|v motor, cost $13795 ell lor S'JU «.llsh. PH. 3170 or 2325 •15 I'K 8 Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W« CUD till all your needs Oet gonulDe part* Irom oui ton* piece line. ELLIS POOLB. OWNER <t OPERATOR Boutti Ulghwa. 61 at Sicele Mo Phone Steele 49 11(12 -ct-U 2 spcf'I liuiotuiillc Irourr. Nnlloiiul ciiMh ct>yl!,ler, H, C. Allen ucUHiiy niacmnc, used Ice box. Pli .^98 4,5 PK 4 L 0 FKKTUJZRR we hnvo several tone of 3-51-18 llml ruvve not hern spoken lor. J'LANTEna COOPERATIVE UIN HIUHWAY 61 KOUT11 PHONE 720 CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION uon't cndanpet yout [amllj « EUlty tSie»—BOX LEB TIRES Loans Phiniblng nt:w nnrt usrd. Also plutnb- Ins work done L. C. tlolllson. Plume Jontl-Uccro nuartlebuslor G uuract[c I'none JD2 5fh at Walnut Phone 4453 Black Cockct pups OKdeti and Arksoy. W. A. WJilstlc Esinio. I'lione 2652, Rose- Jiimt. 4;4 FK 4]1B For Rent, Houses For Sale, Real Estate No? (tint llttiu junior Is crawl!» Lirocory and p[\rnyc completely stocked. <«5W). Walk out S-1.500 Iras shoji rquiprnciit. 11 nice Living rooms ln- chuleil. Lot [>0 x 210. Abstract on pro. L). D. Cannon Rlvcs. iio. a-roorn (xirnlshcd coitaRC. 1708 We Mnin, ' I'll. 2046, 4]5 I'K 4 :I-IO<HII tiirnlahed house with bat arbro I'h. 717. 4 ; 2-p Something'of a record was hung up by this Intnb. owned by J. K, George, of Thayer, Kans., when she gave birth to scxluplcts. Something of a feeding priority problem was created, too. George Is trying to curb the dinner-time rush. The little black and white fellow, last one to arrive, seeme to be strictly out of luck. For Sale, Cars & Trucks 34 Kord Pick-up truck. Good (jon- IHlon. Cheap Q01 N. filh 4,6 TK. 4;li NEED A CAR? Here's a Real Special! 1946 FORD $995 Sewing BKLTS. iiUCKLES. covered buttons on linn unjcs Mae Mil lei. Aliuu Ba&s 1:1 urowclci t'tinjic 353U If no air swer. 46 m J2 (Klfl N Sth St S|l5-pk-4|lS 4 door Sedan Has '49 license you'll llncl many other honcst-to- gooannss values in Used Cnrs ai 61 Moor Co uo yourscll a lavoi and see us beiore you decide. Notice xoc-p itie rugs clean wllli odorlcs,-* Fin a l-'oatn Deal's 1'alnt Btorc 3|9-ck-410 ADTO LOANS FURNITURE LOANS 'Quick Persnnatlzod Service Uflperal Contract Porch its e Carp • 1O6 ao.^Flttb Phone W2* '" ', 8j7-ek-lt Money to Loan "Do you neea B Joan to repair or remodel? No down payment no mnrt- gHg.e no red tape FHA APPROVED HATE 6% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor - Pnone 2031 Lyncb Building Blytn-vllli Ark Make your nome prexty for fiprluR Expert Rug Cleaning Service' is ynun< PEERLESS CLEANERS Pbone 2433 ttlrtbernie \ Hnrrowa for sale Let us sharpen jout plows now A%'oid die nisli Henry Wcsthmok's Sl^op 225 N 1ft. Lliiy I'none 41(51 Sight Plionc 4132 3,15-ck-tl Lit tip hone sp«ttf'd Pnlniifl Chlim Kilt*, tint! 'i ninlcs. I'll 422C. -16 pk 13 For UvMtli HIH! style buy n Spctircr phone -nu'.! bpforo R a in. or *Kcr e Mrs JoJm K. Lout;, Kjicnccr Ociilor. 4 6 PK -1 13 Read Courier News Want Ads. One -J-tnir[irr Now PcifccUon oil «>ok stove with oven. "One - Oak Unl- Flicrt tlcsk-Stnnll-SuUnhlp for of fire 01 rtrti One-1930 Clirvtolct coach-Clrnn CnsTi sale only. Will st-ll separately I'tionc JH2. Alter 6 p.m. phone 2940 46-ck-U Household furniture Clood contHtlon Ci\Ll 4^52 nttcr 6 p.m. 4,6-])k-9 Stonpvlllc 2B cottonseed second y from breeder SH5 00 per ton Charles biemacK. ''« mile cast or R n crow Clear Ivvkc Rd. 3 25-pk-4,8 For This Week Only • 1939Dodge $ 625 Other Real Values 4-duor Sedan, unusually good condition, has M9 license. All set to go for only BARGAIN 5 room residence. Two rcn- il houses, chicken house, urn, r.'ce orchard, strawber- patch, one one acre of cround adjoining city limits, 'ricod 3G500. 11C. Campbell Phone 444G or 2930 '1'1-ck-tt ATFENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up .free oi charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD AN IMA! DISPOSAL CO. 2-14-ck-4-14 61 MOTOR CO. Norm Klgliwaj 61 Pnone i!4! 19-U U\Uck tiulor seclnnettc. Ph. 3223 C. W. Hnuicy. +,* PK 1,12 Personal inuly minute OdlKENb d'i'UU pntMstnuc sendee lO 116-cK-tl Help Wanted. Mvte Lots For Sale 3 choice suburban lots on Highway 61 North, lot size 85x200 and 100x200. East fronts, large pecan trees. In tew Country Olub Drive Addition, just north ot Camp Moultrie. See or call—• JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone 4111 Res. Ph. 2506 wo repair watches Try us for last sci vices Moore's. 'UUti-LJOa East Main Business Opportunity WANTED: /x miin plumbing rnaiurlals experienced Ln hardware Mothballs and Oi! Recommended As Blow to Nesting AUCKLAND. New Zealand liT) — Do birds dislike molhb:il!.s? Will .s[n(.'lly oil clamppn their enthusiaKin to bi'ild Ih.pit 1 nests in hydro-electric \x>\vpr installations? The New Zealund State Hydro- Electvic Departiiieiii hopes the an.s- tt'ers are yes. j America heard about the bird ' Iroublfs Augiist. No\v seme alls- : wers are reaching New Zealand. Two writers suggest mothballs. Mrs. Fir.tna Brinkniann, of St. Louts. Mo., writes that she used to be troubled with birds on her porch- Then she kept cheese cloths filled with mothballs on the porch anci has iv-l been troubled since. E. P. Palmer, a teacher, also ol St. Louis, suggests the use of smelly oil. perhaps crude oil. He says that a few years ago a Missouri town was havim; trouble with a flock of about 10.000 blackbirds. The birds nested in a grrnin of tries in the center of the town. They defied nil attempts to dislodge them. But \vheu a garage stored greasy, second-hand machinery under tin- trees, the flock up and left The New Zealand State Hydro- Electric Department is going to try Where Customers Bring Their Friends •More Used Car Value• 1917 Chevrolet S-Passenjjer Coupe ; has radio, heater, defroster, and 1919 Arkansas license. . .special §1495. 1910 Chevrolet Town Sedan, ht-atcr and 1949 license. 1911 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has heater and 1919 license. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, gteen color equipped with radio, heater, scat covers, and 1949 license. 19-11 fiuick 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and defroster $895. 1910 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, equipped with heater. 1912 Ford 2-door Sedan, a real clean car. 1937 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, a real bargain at only S195. 1SK17 LaSalle Sedan, radio, heater, and 1949 license •...5295. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Buying! Buying! Buying! proposition will bn offered the riRht man with crmnce for txdvance- inent Address Manager, Box 100 Blyincvllle. Ark. . 4,1-ck-tI West End Cafe, 1914 West Main. Good location. Doing guoil business. Owner selling due to ill health. Can contact owner at any lime. 4-5 ck 12 Female Help Wanted Excellent Income (or ladles. Full or part time. I'h. or wrfte Mrs. Arllc 1-Tcncb V. H. Q. Blylhevllle. Ark. Ph Htjzy. 4,a PK 4.a Help Wanted 1936 Fonl (2 curs), both in very good condition, each has *•!!) license, special pik-c on each car . . . 1931! Ruick Coupe, lias good tires and good motor, equipped with both radio and heater . . only $525 19:i9 Chrysler Royal Tudor Sedan — motor, tires and body in good condition, has 1 9-1 Si license . . . $(i!)5 lit 10 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Tudor Sedan, has new paint joh, body, motor, and tires in excellent condition . . . $825. 193t> Fotd Tudor Sedan, h;\s practically new motor and tires, equipped with radio & healer . . . $595. 1939 Ford 1 -Tun Truck with 19 IS Mercury motor, body ami bed in first-cl.iss condition, has new 700x16 S-ply tires . . . S«!):V 1917 Ruick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, neater, and seal covers . . . very low mileage Guaranteed (o be in excellent condition, and offered at a very good price. 1942 Dodge '/2-Ton Pickup, mud grip tires, excellent condition . . . 5795. OTllOSTANFIF.I.n W. J. "BILL" \\UNDKKUCH "When Better Cars Are Built, Buick Will Uuild Them." Langston-Wroten Co. WaSnul at Hroadway Dial 5S5 Io, Servic. FARM LAND! We nave several cash buyers for farm land, who \vil take possession January 1 1950. Rl ALES LAND Co. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnett E. E. Williams ! 332^ — Plumes — 4139 ! Blytheville, Ark. 4-6 ck II Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS i is mterwiiea ID Duylos ' or «nintt *e* ;Noble Gill Agenc\ i Cecil Earls -— F. B. Joyner REALTORS Glencce Bldg. Phone 3131 Wanted i E\ppripnccd refined wonmn o woik nurc I»ll tlmo rive days a •TCK. TcnchlUR experience dcslrnblc bin Kit necessary. No travcllnB. Salary de- lenris on Individual and begins niter weeks training. MTC nnys training I unrler Mrs. Wclngannnr. Hotel Pe body. Memphis. EducAUonal work with MnrshnLl Field Enterprises, (rnrt pens ex paid while In Memphis.) Irn metllate employment. See J. Tnrne Hrovvn. EiOlcl Noble 8 a. m. Thurnda monilnB, -i;6-pX- Wanted to Rent For Sale or Trade \ iresh 5 year old Jersey cow Severn J csh and springer nrlfcrs MoninLy Inn lor Ol -I W Blncfcw-pll. StPMc 10 I'nnnn 10P3 3;22-pb-4122 Private riooms Nice Iron i bedroom. Private bnth .lea only 603 West Main St Phone -- out these suggested cures. At one lime, cotton was grown on 85 per cent of Alabama's farms. V/e Need CarS At Once ANY MAKE OR MODEL Highest Prices Paid! No Wciting— Cosh Is Here For You Drive By Today and Our Appraiser Will Buy Your Car Tioom close to bath Ph. 2235. 619 W \lnrn. 3,31-pk-in Hcdroom. convenient to b^lh. 611 W Main. I'none 3325, 3:31-pK-4:30 Bedroom adjoining hath Ph 2338 Bon-room untl KHchnn privilege* « desired Phone JG53 305 * nkn 3.17-pk-l;15 ^rsf comfortable bedroom, close In Men only. 310 W Walnut. 3.26-plc-V2G For Rent Flash cameras for all OSTEEN'S STUDIO occn&lonR. 45-ck-u Kmnll 3-toorn lurnlsricd house. 112 West D.ivl!. Ph 2M4. 4,4 PK 4;? Employrtl Rltl wants to share hp.r 5 room home with a couple or severnl nirnlshed or semi-furnished apt- ' employed girls Call Dell 2TO2--uttei :all KMl. 46 PK 13 5:30 p.m. 4;i-pX-4,8 $ 25 Wanted to Buy For highest prices brlnR your chickens to Purcells Grocery. 125 Ully sued. 4.6-pfc Used 22 rills, anfl 1 A. M Ph S-lOfl between 6 4,6 FK <0 W« bur used furniture Phone 2660 Lost PractlcnUy new Dodge tire and Ll River Oin Reward. Call Harolrt Wake new, ph, SM, *,s clc 1 SEE THESE FIRST! TRUCKS-CARS 1948 International ',i-Ton Pickup 1305 1917 Dodge '.,-Ton Pickvip 1-35 1047 Uocige - V i-Ton PIcKup 1050 1940 Ford 'i-Ton Pickup 27 - s 1941 Ford Sedan Delivery I'-M^ 1910 Dodge ^b-fon Panel 54h 1048 International I'.i-Ton Long Whcelbasc Slake 1195 1946 Chcvrolcl l>.i-Ton Long Whcclbasc 9fl^ 1941 Chevrolet I'.i-Ton Lons Wheclbasc Stake 6hO 1846 Ford 4-door. equipped with heater -V seal covers $1295 1941 Plymouth 2-door, has radio & heater 850 1939 Plymouth 4-door 6'-l> 1937 Plymouth 2-door 295 EASY TERMS See Us Before You Buy Blytheville Motor Co. or more trade in allowance n your old washer, regardless of HiitUe or condition, on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Heal Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. At All Times We Have a Selected Stock of Used Cars & Trucks Small Down Payment — Easy Terms You Can SAVE MONEY When You Buy— You Can MAKE MONEY When You Sell LEE MOTOR SALES, OLDSMORILE — CMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main Blytheville, Ark Hrondwav & Chiohasawlia I'linnc 1122 WHEN MINUTES COUNT Hie prompt and etficicnt service of Owens Plwrma- cists solves the problem KVITV prescriptlo" Illled with meticuious care Free delivery service Phone 2024 OWENS DRUG STORE USED CARS Are Our Business, Too! —SPECIAL THIS WEEK— 1SI37 liuick ? 175 He sure to see this car tomorrow! PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest l*ri«s Kirby Drug Stores 1947 1'ui-d Tudor e<|ViilH)c<l «'" 1 radio, healer, white sidcwall lires, DcLuse upholstery . . . only . . . ?lli)5 1939 I-'ord Tudor, has ncw'uaiul . . §595. 19-18 Mercury 5-Passengcr Coupe, maroon, fully equipped . . . SI 595 1<K)9 Chevrolet Panel . . . .siicciiil S;i75. 1910 Kord Coupe . . . now only §:52S. 1919 Lincoln Cosmopolitan I dnor Sedan, Demonstrator, has new car guarantee . now at R big discount! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY <=irst of Walnut Phone 4333

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