The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH 24,• 1f)38 III BE TIBRET OF Evidence, of Large Scale "Slealin^" Appears Unlikely However IIV WII.US TIIOKNTON M:A Service Stair Currespiinilrnl KNOXVlU.p;. Tenn., March 22. —-Just lion- «'Hhd:doas a seand;il congressioniil investigators might, Him up union!: ihe storm cliiuds f that hover over the Tennes.sce Va!- j ley Authority, no one t:an fay for lint liic licnu'ii) line of such an investigation i:; clear, nnd it is ix/»:iblf to estimate whul will he Here, llien. is a "preview" of what will he called into ([iiosliiin iti Ihe i r ; cxiHTijnent. in regional develtjiiment now going on in the purls uf seven states tliat lie in the valley of tlie Tennessee river. Bald and direct transfer of public properly to private pocket. 1 ! has not been charged, and probably will not. lie revealed, almost certainly not on a large scale or by any responsible ollicials. Here the forthcoming investigation Ls apt to differ from tlu> Ten pot Dome scandal with tvliicli sponsors of the present probe have compared it. Wnrth Versus Waste The "scandalous" side of the Investigation will revolve around charges of prodigal waste of the taxpayers' money allegedly spent illegally or foolishly. Many of Hie costly projects of the TVA will be pul under the microscope, such as the alleged S4500 ideal jackass" which Senator Bridges insists TVA fj bought nt thai cost. The "model town" of Morris and various social experiments made there undoubtedly will be assayed . against their cost, especially a dairy project now being liquidated at a big loss. Rumors may easily be picked up around Knoxville that, especially in the early days of TVA, certain employes were not above rising inside information on forthcoming policies affecting public utilities to dabble profitably in stocks affected. Certainly the opportunity was there, although all such 'minors are completely unsubstantiated at present. AVill I'rolic Berry Claims The marble claims of Senator George Berry will be threshed over, and an effort made lo learn whether some TVA directors were seeking to compromise for several hundred Ui'ousand dollars Berry's damage .claims of ,$1,600,900 for-Jr.6-underwater marble, later A declared commercially worthless by '^ court's commission. Vast leases : and purchases of phosphate-rock-bearine lands by the Authority will be scrutinized, to see whether a conspiracy existed to defraud the government in the price charged for the land. Ti:ere is at least one case of such n jnirclmsc in which tiie ; International Agricultural Corporation is re]K>rled lo have sold 553 acres of such land I 0 TVA at $078.000 which had east it $150,815 only a few years before. That is a nice profit of nearly 400 per cent, and the iii- vcstignlors inny not be satisfied with the reply of Direclor If. A. Morgan's office that "we bought \l on a basis of what it was worth to us." Justified or Wasteful? Many of tiiese subjects are apt to resolve themselves into a dcbaie on whelher the money spent was wasted. Investigators sympathetic , r< witli the social objectives sought ^ will probably defend most of them; those who are not sympathetic undoubtedly will call them a criminal waste of money. Hut beneath these details, and beneath even the report of acting Comptroller-General Elliott charging improper spending of $5,000,- fjOO in hundreds of items during fiscal yea re 19:ifl and 1937. lies the deeper issue.- the one which has generated the furious attack on _ BLYTIIEVIUK (AUK.) I'OURIKU NKWS Germany Gets Half of ColoYado'TIirongli Con] J HAD THE BEST MEAL ON A FRISCO SNACK CAR-IT WAS SO CHEAP, TOO.' PAGE SEVEN < Knees iHo iiorlitHis of ncluhbo: to the mack Sea diking an area roughly eorresjio. ,tu If , , ''" VI ' 1S «"»<"<' «" "I Wyoming mul .spills uve, If Miller ever achieved his ambition lo extend his Nu/l ..•10^™-!""'"'"""' " U d«'<-!". "'"' . V " KaS '" Via -'" s llo "" li '' w °'"«' «'»'l«'ii« po\vor.s such 'is l-"nyliin(i l<'i"iiu>n i 11 i ' ' f' ' ' '" ' HI HI I [111 V. in C oninit i'l<?jm \i-iH, .I.,.,,.,),..... power should ue gc-iieraled, and what should | )c done with it? To «'l:al extent should the TVA invade the field of power generation and distribution, which has traditionally been « private fj P | ( i j,, t | ljs -•ounlry? 1'VA Aft Is Vague Here lies the dispute. Chairman A. E. Morgan, primarily an "engineer and flood-control man, has back on extension of the TVA's power business. Director David Lihenthal, a former public utilities regular and public power advocate has aggressively promoted extension of TVA's power program. The question as' lo ivhich view- Point is closer to the rather vainic directions of the TVA Act on Tlie subject is the one that is going lo go merrily round and round when Ihe congressional investigator* meet, it is the fundamental difference that split the TVA board into a hopeless partisanship, and "'Inch lias drawn the most furious attacks,on the TVA program •Senator Bridges charges that a great share of the TVA power "is not .getting to the small farm and home consumer whom it was In- lenrte.d to help, but has been sold on long-term contracts to such companies as Monsanto Chemical Aluminum Co. of America Union Carbide and Carbon. Victor Chemical Works, and Arkansas Power 'i Light Co., anci sold so cheaply as to amount to a subsidy. Estl- mntcs have been made that between GO and 80 per cent of TVA power is going to such ciistomtrs "Short I'ants Hitler" Further, small farm customers hare been "blackjacked" Into buying expensive equipment they could ill afford, Bridges charges adding that Prcd Moses, former University of Tennessee football star, now a field man for TVA has made himself the "short-pants'jm- ler" of the Tennessee Valley by coercive tactics with prospe'etive rural customers. TVA authorities will laugh o(T j any such chnrgM, itisisling (hat Moses is an $1800-a-ycar employe who has clone no move than carry out a reasonable policy of making ceitain lhal demand for current will justify tlie proposed line, which simply good business. The whole subject of public production and sale of power will be cracked wide open, wilh opposition investigators maintaining that •i-y kilowult of cheap electricity willed for "Tennessee hillbillies'" A cojil company, feurim; loss of revenue from steam power plim, if TVA is extended, is oll'ering $1000 for a concise statement of just what TVA power costs. Nobody knows, because nobody know,-, how much of Ihe vast TVA opua lion is properly chargeable to power; and no livo accountants agree. The whole personnel problem of three equally-powerful dlrectois each a zealot in his field, who clashed and brought. In nn Imp-ivse Ihe greatest social experiment of the New Deal, ivill be ilioroiighU aired. Weeds Blanket Sitting Bull's Resting Place BELLE FOURCHE. S. D. <UP>— The grave of one of the most fa- moiis Indians in history is almost never seen by visitors to Ihe Standing Rock reservation at Fort ' Yntes. I It is the Just resting place of Sitting Dull, ntlrblt Slonx'" chicf= tain 'who wiped out Gen. George A. Ouster's command {lining the famous "last stand." Weeds cover Ihe concrete slab and almost obscure, the four Iron posts marking the spot. ment to the memory of the five Indian policemen who died in the sortie which resulted In the death of Sitting Bull on Ihe Grand river reservation as a result of 'he him! following the Indian Napoleon's bloody encounter with Custer. That was 47 years ago. Many oldlimers contend Sitting Hull wns really a patriot, a shrewd general and highly respected in his day. They say the Sioux chief would have spared Glister's troops if the general's aides had "not losl their heads before Ihe start of the famous battle." Slew Revenooer, Agents Contend j Longshoreman Becomes City's Trade Barometer ASTORIA. Ore. (UP)—William Hill, a stocky longshoreman, who has been in and out of the city jail 05 times during the past 15 years, is Astoria's "business barometer." The charge, against Hill is usually intoxication, and when times are "booming" he paj'.s S20 fines; when FRISCO LINES Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey-Gives You GRttT VAUIE! Buy it...Try it today! Yes sir, — Green River is today's big mohey's worth. One drink will convince you. On sale at your favorite package store. 2YEARS OLD $185 I QT. Oldctyme Distillers, Inc., N.Y.C. Inlm-sl In L'ljisliition Wiinino; and In Stales [ P . . s uainnig nv nitia: worn III\<;TO.\'. jjj. I'nlli'il I'l-i-ss Cnm>!.|iomU>nl U'JTI,K DOCK, Atk.. Mmvli '.M ( UI'> As hilcivsl In Id'Miitltm is iv.-niiim mid what In clfi'lUms Is In- <r>:iMuu. Hit! stnU'hiniNt' iillnilltm wiis ji'liiiiiini; \ o mn d"|iliii; -not iioin H, t . curtncrif ["'in-., luit I'riiin tin- jmilU'U'd led- Aiiiilci-lv'wiindi-i'lim in mi out ,,| ""I" "I iJulilk'iilly-ijilndi-d mm. "!•>' tiilkini; fli'rliun iiilhrr bllK Mill ri'S<llllllmi.x, t|||.s If. tiojjr thut (un hf i'.oltru: lj llullcy. uithoiii'h 11,. would i< i i tin lor lii-iiu-Muiil i'uv<:r- uindil" inobubly will run tor •!• ihli-l rxeoutlveslil|) "du,- to u u . '•'in: tinil mill |)i>i,slili'j>l wi'tiif, it!, mid udvi.soi:*," ""II- I* "rii ut tor at- nimy I'.i'n.Tiil rljjlii now." Oils •luinni'iiiK inilluilf iirciil indt'ols- "II. :il)d till' ^l)t;nsl llt'lmiiry tuny ii"l liini siloni! i'.nbi'1'imUiviiil u.s- >Jl;uH:;.l ( ':<il K. tlaile.v fippuiriilly will »i! run ;or uiiyllilnu, ui'oordini! to HiK'iit minors, H, A. Cook Is H dcllnltc (jiiun- iHturiul ciindlttnli'. Hon. W. F. None)] of Monllccllo I'liuis lo 1IU> h| s corrupt prncltcc.s WVdiii'sdny for Die conifre.s- ixwt to be vuciitwl bv John Mi-Ck'lliin of Miilvi'rii when (lie liilter inns (or U. K. Senate., nyiilnsl Mrs. llntllc C'nvnwny. Ross Vuinble, the first to nn- iimnce for mvylhlnt;, is propm-lni; ionic speeriii's In Inlercsi of lib ii'iuiti- rate lo deliver to legislators -inwlded tliey don't eluso sho|> md no home too hoon, Nuiiieiwis ic'iii-e.seiitnllves have idiiiiited they huve designs on 'lull' senate post* aim the number it tlioso hoptuK for promotion. Is iivelllns encli dny. A bis "It" hinges iiround tile ii'iitcmml governorship. If Bob Bailey seeks re-election to Una >ost II niny Interior with the plnns or some prospective t-andldutes, Siwnkcr of tlie House Jolni irnusford of Lonoko and Son. .J. L. Shaver of Wynne both are rumored Io be onmlldiile.'i for the (losls irovldcd Bixlley doesn't run for It. Should Ibe lleulenant governor •un for re-election, both legislators irobably will do likewise, re|iorts ndiciite. Is that remorse or defiance on the face ol Wash Talum, above, 28, Tennessee mountaineer and suspected moonshiner being held in Chattanooga on chorees of having shot and killed U. S. Alcohol Tax Agent William F, Kerry during a raid on Tatum'a f.-abin? The youth surrendered after federal officers trailed him will' bloodhounds for 12 hours. Berry was Ihe second "revo- noocr" killed in 10 days. they are just fair he pays $10 Hues, but when a depression strikes Hill serves the entire sentence. Since he was bailed out (he last lime, police believe the recession is on fhe wane. A Slippery Party in Senate Restaurant „ ' " U K I> Mamln« ,« ,„„. "'' ' "> »" i-flort lo compar, ,„ re idiove. In Ilir U. s. Bciintc rostmiraiil. Opciilng tip """'I' 1 Islxml oysters with the Chreuneake Hay variety are Vice Prcsl- .leiit .)i,l,n N. linmiT. |,.||. 1(IU , srnntor Theodore F.Clrcon of lihode with every oyMcr .sliding home EH Island. It wiiLi a uo-dcclsion affair, Honorary Card Oi Legion Goes To Former Foe MAltENOO, In. I UP I — Frank Illukehnun. Mnivniio linker, was born In oenmmy mid wrml Ihrormh the World Wnr wllh llu- Oennmi niiuy, but now lie's an honorary member of (he American Leijlon post here. 'i'lie Waller A. Winidlhiif post voted him un honorary mi'inlwr- p HI H recent inct-tlntt. lie hud aided the leijioniiah'es while they worked on (heir new qiinrlcrs, even served (hem a complimentary hmeh. The legionnaires relunu'd the complemenl wllh Die honor. I'osl members said there was no ro<>.«m why Tllnkcliniui shouldn't enjoy (lie privileges of legion membership. lie is an Aiiu-rlcim clll/cn and besides they explained, "lie Is a veteran of (he World War." Tinkelmnn served In the German nrmy l\rsl In an InliuUry reglmrnl on the rtnsslan front, iinil ff^eoaSt^Uff^m M$0$ ~ Amazing "3-on-I" Test.-*. Proves the Norge £lecfofo Rollator Compressor gives you T!ie ivootl used In piano manufacture is seasoned from three lo five years before being used. A G 0 0 D PLAGE TO GET YOUR Gas and Oi! And have Your Car Tested Free For BRAKES LIGHTS BATTERY WHEEL ALIGNMENT GENUINE Ford Parts PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Jlh & Walnut phone 810 Let us give you the facts on (his remarkable test before you buy any refrigerator! Learn how the smallest Norge Klectric Kollator compressor —the surplus-powered miracle-mccli.inisni of refrigeration—keeps three Norge refrigerators cold.. .how Norge gives yon unfailing cold—less wear—longer life. Sec the Norge before you buy! 'W5? 1 ROLLATOR COMPRESSOR A Shaft Tumi—A Blade Movei—A Roller Rolli . . . and there's ICE! 10-YEAR WARRANTY on ihe Koli.itor* comprt'iiiort mm you hii)'today will still be in cffca in 19 (8... Only Norge rus llic surplus-powered KolUlor com- prcssortlnt makes cold by revolving slowly in a permanent bath of proicciing oil...'I hat's why the Kollaiur compression nnii—exclu- sive to Norge — carries a in-Year \Varrant)-. , BM u s M , „,, Sec full color "3 on 1" display in your March 2fi Salurtlay hyenmfj I'nsf. Sec, also, tliis "3 on 1" display operate in our ' HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Phone 233 J. W. Adams, Mgr. Slain & Fifth fronts. He the Aiistriiin-Kmminlim Pike's Peak undoubtedly Is Col"v «un nuiiiHiuti mrce orndo's best known mountain, and times bill, never no .severely tint ''""B'" 1>cl < k runs a close second, i,,. u.,ic ,>., .„ ,-- . I'" 11 ' '">tli of tiiese must, look'.up wrvs uouiulcct • wns not returned lo snvlee Im- U> numerous other .vimmlt,s of Col- or:ido. F.xlrii value in I In; form of exlnt safety is built into FIH V, S T 0 N K STANDARD TIKES. Extra vnhic lliBl ordinarily costs you more—hut Firestone cnn hnijil ljii» firHl-rn!;i)i|j> tire of top grmlc materials mul sell il for k'sa inniuvy, liccmiao Firestone, controls cotton mu) rubber supplies at their sources, Jiiiiiinfui'liirfs wilh greater cvflidency mid distributes ut lower foal. Look (it Ilicso extra Viilne, safely i'citttircs. PROTECTION AGAINST BLOU/OUTS— liccnnsft by the Firestone pntcntcil dun-Dipping profess dniigcroitd interniil friction and heal llnit ordiiiurily ciuiso blowoiila are t.-oiiiiivrjiclctl. PROTECTION AGAINST PUHCTURES- l)e<\'itiR« under tlie tread arc two extra layers of Gnni-Dipjicci cords. PROTECTION AGAINST SKIDDING— lii-eniise llic lre;id i« si-ienlific.illy ilesi gned. STANDARD r Cnrs -1.50-20.. . •1.75-19 .. 5.00-19 . ... 5.25-17 .'., 5.50-17 6.00-16. . Ci.50-16 . . : 88.55 • ».15i '•' 0.75 • 10.55 • 11.10 • 12.55 • 14.15 • 17.40 I u^i * lt >np. _ '« «*«J \ WATCH YOUK s\ /,i«i<-ri lo il,n I'oico «j firetionc fcotii'iiiE KirtmriS Crooks antl Mar, spcatt}, Hondaf citnings over a iVctiomcii/o A'.B.C, Ret Fifth & Walnut Phone'810

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