The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1930
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT .NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^^^ VOL. XXVII—No. 137 niytheville Courier, BlythevlUe Dully News, Biythevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. lim'IIKVll.I.K. AJIKANSAS, .MONDAY, AUCU8T '>i,. !!):!'! CRAZED FARM HAND HOME EDITION SINGLfi COPIES FIVE CENTS Prisoner's Wife With Jail Break Well---Somethinff Happened! TflWP^ TflKf IIP a L i iiuiiuj ini\L ui ' TMTICS US EH HYDIG Gun Baltic Follows Break at Pulaski Jail; Leach- villc Man in Break. PINE BLXJFP, Ark.. Aug. 25. (UP —Mildred Wngner, 29, wile of Ar- Wagner, who escaped from the Pulaski county jail Sunday, was arrested today for investigation. Officers believe she assisted in the jail delivery of six prisoners by slipping saws Into the cells. LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 25 (UP) — Two men were recovering from i wcund.s iu hospitals and tlie river . bottoms near the city were being I searched for five of six prisoners j who escaped from the Pulaski! county jail Sunday. j One of the figitive?. Virgil Wil- | Hams of Oklaiioma, was cap'.ured last night after a gun baule in which Detective Sergeant Neal Mc- DermoU was shot through the shoulder. The battle occurred when officers came on Williams and a companion fugilive who had l:irt- '• napped and robbed George D. Chance, Jr., and his girl compan- : ion. • i John A. Brauning. county jailer, ! was clubued by the six men who ! locked him iu a ceil when they fled. The other fugitives are: Arlej Wagner, Tucumari. N. M., and i New Orleans, held with Willliams'. . in a drug siorc robbery here. Rob- j ert Barnett, Spiro. Okla., held for auto.theft, Jra Oliver, 37, paroled , Missouri convict, held for boxcar! robbery, Thurman Eltier, . Leach-; vllle, and "Lawrence Turley. Little Reck .held on grand larceny charges. When Wong Was "On tlio Spol" N e w York Chinatown! Wages Own Warfare with' Vice Rackets As Prize. ' i By PAUL HARKISON NEA Service Writer NEW YORK.— No giuis blaze now at the Blcody Angle on Doyer.s [ street, in New York's : Chinatown, i or do knives Hash their message of hatred 10 the hearts of enemy j lonjmen. Th? quiet that pervades j Hie narrow, tv.isted streets is_dts- | appointing to expectant sightseers.; They do not know that It is loo • , quiet— that Chinatown is still all war. j Leaders of the Hip Sing, the ; [Tung On and the On Leone Ton?.; against which al! the others have , teen arrayed, say that fraternal; fusllac'.^ o( f\m\ the scampering feel of iinknov.n a.'sailnnl.s. and hcnor has been satisfied and that i have bcon common scur.iis in cliinalown. This ph.ilo shows clang of ambulances . , that remains for the eslab- sing Trng member, after an attack by On Leong gunmen recenilv IlcrbcH will live— If IP stiivs vinnt nf "r\nrnn*l,Ql ru»f1*»rt" 1 <; , , . " .<*..j.' , , . cf sight until peace tre.v.les are signed. i This picture, taken at her bedside, shows Mrs. Minnie ("Ma") Ken- jiiedy. mother of Aimce Semplc MacPherson, the evangelist, and her which she claims tor famous daughter broke for her in a -_ | fist n sht at the IE-tier's Angelus Temple in Los Angeles. With Mrs. Memphis Razed by Blaze ; Kennedy is Krmniiu Euriicck. her secretary. Another Nifjht €lub Near MEMPHIS. Tenii.. Aug. 25. (UP) ' —Memphis night club lollowers today speculated over the destruction : o fthe "Show B:at," palatial report | at the Arkansas end of the Missis- ' sippi river bridge by an early morning fire Sunday. The loss was $35,000. The fnc was tho fourth here • which has destroyed suburban re-' W7 I i IT I ( . rv i sorts in the past year. I Walnut Kidge Auto Dealer J. H. "Speck" Norton, owner of i Absolved nf Plnmr* in the club, told officials he would j " u!>u -'> ( - a 01 L.ainc in name the person who started the. Death. fire at an official investigation. ] . j MEMPHIS. Aug. 25. —<UP>! George R. Hopps, automobile deal- far of Oifirial v,ar or uincia .„ nf Wfllmit Ridge _ Ark rai . go Bombed at Calcutta ! Wlth mur(i( ' r '" connection wiUi itie _ ! death of his half bro:her Hubert CALCUTTA. India. Aug. 25 (UP) ' Pop ,°: Me '»P llis ™«x alesman, once •-The automobile of Police Com- '" H °P» S ™P'°1'- was exonerated missioncr. Sir Charles Tegert was ' airclca . cd lotla V- bombed today as it moved through I h . , T '* a ' tion w5 '» kpn n section Po|w . s dc;U1| Ang|]3[ ^ ^ . ed with murder after officers di.s- Peruvian President Quits Job all lishment of "perpetual peace" is Ihe affixing of tlie great seals and thc drinking of n little rice wine. | But police hav.? been detailed; .thickly throukh the quarter, and, plain clrthes squads are constantly en the alert, al the long frontier. They know that a scrap of • paper, no matter hov: many Clil- ] i I'esc call ii a peace treaty, is still j i a scrap of paper. They know that! the tongs ar.j gangs, and that i-ac- j kets are Fightin; erni7ed !cording traditions. ' iSaid -one. clcV.. police, sergenl; v "riv-?se birds just can't" get to-! LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. 25 (UP)— Aether. While one toug is enter- C-unty dnv.itl: relief organization .tainln' Ihe dove of peace. thi> wa-_ further effected trxlay under enctnies is havln^ bird's nest soup." the auspices nf ihr .stale central relief comunuep. Eng Yins Gong is a Hip Sing The meeting of county judges Tong official who. having seen from 15 Arkansas counties, called many wars, now is a man ol by Judge Jciin C. Sheffield of Hel- pcace. He is an interpreter, the ena, preside;!! of lhe Counly proprietor of a restaurant at NJ.'Judge's asr-cclntl'ii. opened a week 1 Pell street, and perhaps the: of mectiiias continuing .the plan cnly Oriental who can and will! for drouth it-lk-f initiated last week talk about long wars. Sipping by Oovernw Parnell. Thc county tea in a sheltered corner of his Judge of each county was named deserted rhop. ha voiced the hope ex-officio cluirman of the county cf establishing order. 'drouth relief committee under the happened to Herbert Wong, lllp E vaii gel is l among their activities.-(; oun , J | McgtillP methods have been mod- •' ' and commercialized ac-i Wllh Stale Relief Board to the best underworld I , r ,L I) tc rurlhei I iwram. Ten Year Old Givl Lured [ from Home by Promises ] of Candy Is Belief. : VALPARAISO. Intl., Aug. 25 (UP) : —Blo-jdhoumln led aroused cllixens through swamps and limbcrlands near here loday searching for :t partly clcmcnled farm hand and a len year old girl whom he onllced fiom her home with promises of candy. The kidnapper was Claude Dell- ingei. 27. who was employed about, • u yenr ago on the form-of Ernest ; Fosier. The missing child's name ; is Betty Aim, roster's daughter. Bellinger visited the Foster home yesterday and remained for supper. In ihc evening Mr. and Mrs. Foster : left home to visit a neighboring family. Soon after they left Dell : Inger drove away with Belly Ann. Foster returned home to find a not signed by Bellinger saying "I've got Betty Ann und I'm going nway. It you set Hie sheriff on me I'll 1:111 her." More than 100 farmers, armed : with shotguns, scythes and knives, began the hunt through the woods. H was believed Dclllnger could not get far awny In his dels>,pldalcd car. .Almost Sleal Show from Men; Another Group Headed Northward; • v EAST ST. LOUIS.-.!lli\-'-A«8r.--a5r. (Ul 1 '—Mrs. Phosue ralrgritve Omlie. Memphis. Tctin., landed hen 1 a 111:25 n. in. today lo lead th:; Washington lo Chicago women uir derbyisls in the Memphis to E.tsl St. Louis lap. Mrs. Omlio's unoilicial flying lime' from Memphis was en; hour , and 57 miiiiiles. Hoover Turns Interest To Republican Campaigns WASHINGTON, Aug. 25 (UP) — President Hcover turned his attention to Republican congressional campaign matters today upon his return from his Rapidan summer camp where he received Republican Senator Fcss, nea r . chairman of the new Republican national com- i miltce. . • ' 1 Fess wenl lo the camp yesterday 1 Jft-KHT-rL t.B.the.:fresident,;.pn con- -1 dillcns in tlie "middle 5 vFeil" which ''' he surveyed In a rccenl (rip \; through the Great Lakes area. He returned to [ho capital with tho president. - WRIGHT AIRPOR'l', Til? Rev. Samuel "Peace should come to China-, central ccaniii'.tr-e's plan us outlin- j |:rnfessor of Ihr- chair ol English town—to every Chinatown in Am-: cd by Chairman Couch. Bitle at the Austin Presbytvrinn •—-— ' icrica. The tongs have fought Icn Repieientalives of the freight I Tneological Kemlnniy of Austin. LIMA PLRU, Aug.. 2o (UP)—. 50 y 0nrS- S(j mc time Ihey must traffic de|ia:tment.s of rjllroails i Tex., who will condm-t an pvau- Presidenl A »Si^lo B Lcguia has Ieorn t , )at war is not good for' perving the s'.atc will meet. Tliurs- I grlistic meeting at the First Pies resigned and tho government is , clll ,, r s i,] c Every leader hcpcs to consicier means of expedit-1 bjurhm church bcjinuing Sunday, now in the hands of a military. th wnlx w(! , „„ am i t hat ihe.ini; seed shipments to stricken lo- August 31. committee. The president lefl thc! lon lh - emsc i vc . s w ill go. We do. calities. ccunlry on a warship, officials at! the pie.sidc-nt's palace said. inot need them now." ! Eighteen are dead and imore have been wounded . V//W- P tffio ' cnv "« l a I1o;p '» Pope's auiomohilr- i OlOCA r iCVS , which named his half brother as' ' A. T. and T Aviation Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Fox General Electric General Motors Grigsby Grunow f. T. and T Montgomery Ward .. Packard Radio Simmons United Gas U. S. steel 2107- 8 T- Slaye ^ 0 1-8 28 jAslc School Board to Investigation o Revenue Agent's Near Mot Springs in 1928 j^ 0 *™ C. jj. Chamber.-, extension worker many ; of the agriculture department. a II:.? | Washington. \vil! meet witli state .last outbreak here and In other t agriculture workers, and Red Cross cities. Police believe ii arose from , workers will meet national repre- ithe narcotic racket, the theft ol . senwtives al St. Louis regarding $100.000 worth of drugs and tho i distribution of aid to stricken Ar- subseqncnt dramatic murder of a ' kansas and Oklahoma areas. long president in a crowded thea-. : ter some weeks ago. Internal po'i- Pij-cf I oa J of fottnn (ics and heavy campaign expend!- nrSl Loa <J OI ^-0"0n lures are said to be at the bof.oin J 5 Brought to LllXOra cf oth.^r killings. • . "But the police, tire mistaken." LU.XORA. Ark .— Friday, the 22 aid Eng Ying Gcng. "When Ihey c w P ,- cn !i55. a tenant'farmer on Roy Rescues Child From Cinder Pit ! CHICAGO. Aug. 25 <UP)—Women I rode Ihe airplanes above Curtis! Wright field today taking their Ifkel D D Pl" crs willi Ihe world's finest men " aviators as participants In the tenth annual national air races. The outstanding feminine event scheduled for the day and one of the cutsiandlng of the entire- ten day meet, was the arrival of the women's Pacific air derby. It was a day for the women at the air i HIT::, but they did not. "steal the .show" altogether, with such flyers ns Al Williams. Marcel Doret of France 1 , and Jinuuie Doolitllc pres- i cut. | Doict and Doohltle thrilled the I mvA of 15,000 persons Sunday as : few crouds were ever thrilled be- foiv. and never had any crowd seen some of the stunts they per: formed. Hayes Lansford. !^. ln::no^i ahon'. Ihe feet ar.d ankles lotl.iy heroic Mrs. Omlce Leads MUNICIPAL AUiPORT, MEM and ' , ; "° Lnrt Lk " I ? matio » Eli/ah:;!!' i PHIS. Aug. 23 (UP)—In the face of ho! cin- , clear Hying weather, five women air derhylsts. entrants In the Dixie derby Fifteen Negro Cotton. Pickers Hurt at Manila HELENA. Alk.—J. D. Robinson, negro (nick driver, whose truck is report 3d to javc caused the tvreck of the truck carrying 23 negro£ cotton pickers Saturday night on thn Elaine road near the Slraub plantation, is/in the coun- :y jail after having been arrested ay the cheriff. J. C. Barlow, and Deputy Sheriff Blue Shell late last night. No formal charge had been preferred against him today. Fifteen of the negroes were Injured so badly (hat it was necessary to bring them to the K?lena. hospital for treatment, and four of them are likely to die. Scenes at the hospital were re-" mindful of the day of the cyclone Ihat swept Elaine in the spring-, killing and malntning many .ne- 7 groes. The entire hospital staff was busy for into the night and two doctors worked feverishly caring for the- wounded. ' Fire Sweeps Little Rock Building, Loss $35,000 When they ask who lost. son Tllo L1T.TLE ROCK. Aug. 25 (UP) — Onr- minute later she was follow- 40 | who pick cotton can help R atli"r| " 1g ns !0 '»*. staymg or Govern- L • * m chir 247-8 tho crop and no; have to m!a £0 »)£« ,**?"', rm >' ^ , 19 , 28 ' after ' new and alarmir.i 35 1-2 much from school. H has not b »»ii '""""'" """ 167 l-4|decided Just what action the "board i from fctipral i will take but at least seventy-five | Arkans «s. fflttnn ? cr c " nt °' '^ e student enrollment ! \J l/l'C'l/fl ^ j c j-ftmnncn/l nf i\,n nl*;!.]...... ..f fl.^ [officials had received information investigators frcm warfare. picking will be In full svrin» In mir.g note in lor.g of the fields s>nd by the middle of Octcher it will be practically over. business is ter. i is composed of the childre NEW YORK AUK 25 (UP>- i lonant farmers and they will be .compelled to miss al least the first Cotton closed steadv? Open High Low close Oct. .... 1109 1133 1109 1139 Oct. new 1080 1119 1080 1115 Oec. o!d 1120 1150 1120 1150 Dec. new 1102 1130 1100 1129 Jan. old 1165 Jan. new llll 1141 1111 mo Mar 1130 1157 1130 1156 May .... 1148 1175 1H8 1171 .... 1165 1187 1165 118' of school i! i not delayed. op?nin s , lhe .,„.,, rible. Nobcdy comes in after dark. R.JiJ.l, T,.nnnc fla-ri ? kllled , . n ' I am for pcac3." ' „,. , «P • .„ . rin B 5wlllle - With \VarZir Warriors ' who seemed r»»ttl i,t».u*» uLMifc^^i.,. ns the Weldon brothers. When airested here Weldon ad- PESHAWAR. I _B r ltish ticsps T. A. Davis of -120 West Ash street. who were riding their bicycles : near by. They jumped into thc ! cinders but ycimg Davis nas un' able {o reach !!••; Slrvens child to be cetiir.j deeper. I Hayes, after icarluns; the little r.di.i. Aug 25 (UP) !B !r! - walked bsref o'.n! thrmigh clashed with war- !sico!derln« ashc.^ vim; tl'^ child Leachville Revival Still in Progress j Much interest is being manlfesi- .. ........ .... ....... . !«d in thc 'evangelistic meeting at Spots closed steady at 1145. np 20 i Leach\illo, conducted by lhe Rev Orlean* Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 25. (UP)Cotton closed steady. Oocn Hig.i Lw close Oct. 1087 1115 1085 1114 Dec 1104 1130 1103 1129 •'an 11)5 1139 1114 1139b Mar 1130 im 1128 1151 May .... 1H9 1173 1140 1187 July .... 1178 1190 1114 H85b Snots closed quiet al 1090. np 18. i P. Q. Rorie. of this city, pasj ' ers to the conclusion of last night' 1 Possibility Tcngman Gong looks to be less than 30 years eld. but he was born in China in 1888. As a wide- feet of a fugitive hatchetman, Lcn da> . whllc n[ i vnnc i ng hostiie^forces ! a sain. Jung, and hear again and again, a i ong the Irrdcr. 1 He is the 51 how he had kill;d the mighty Gting Ttlo ]3 r j t j;i, troops wcre disarming j' m > Jing Doy, San Francisco vice l:rd na tives in villages when the fieht-' u ' 10 Ilvf ' 5 nl '— ..... .— ,._j.^ ,_ ,™= n^n . .__... » s t rfC i T n( , parent RECEIPTS UP Ind. (UP)— anc f lorlg leader. In 1905 Gong the Jefierfonville( we , u to Seattle and attended a" and eight soldiers, were"killed bridge over the Ohio river may be American school. Scon he was act- , hc j kirmlsn . Tne casualties among freed from tolls In from 12 to H lng as interpreter for the Hip thc {i - ibfsmm L , nol knol ™ a ™ 0 ' u f years instead of 20 y^ars, as orlgi- sm?Sp arid j 0 i ne( j lhem officially n natives were arrested nally figured, were seen nere when u , jgio figures 'of the bridge's earnings He hat) m , 1n y nfl rrow .?scape s i" n , 117 i i • , were revealed. Revenue fromJolh; the bl t t er war which began with I'lCet Worker Injured Slightly This Morning HOT SPRINGS. Ark. 'OPl—A flower show will b? an added fea- Hire to the annual Garland countv fair to be held during the wpel; o' September 29 to October 4, jr. \v Clarkson, managing direrlor, has announced. in the first nine was S280,-! t: , e stealing and slaying cf Bow 000 or 470,000 in excess of the K1m prelty Chinese slave girl. : amount needed as part payment for Tlmt f eu d drove thousands of 0:i- ihe 20 year retirement, Edwsrd H. ental5 eastward, and Gong went B. C. _.. .. 0 Wsst, secretary of the Louisville a i on?i to become, for distinguish- M °-. was severely bruised In a fal' of Bridge Commission, said. The White House Is equipped with lightning rods. The Capitol « not ed rervlce in Chicago, the Sing president. It was 80 this morning while working with a construction crew on the Mis^ls- lj, c slppl river. He Is at the Biythevllle hospita (Continued on page three) where examinations us Injuries. disclosed ground Minnie . empl-vo o! :!:•.- Golf hotel. Soiilli Sixth of ilie Stev- cm child op(-ra: ? tel. S'.evens ho- War Against Typhoid Continued By Unit Mississippi since Friday a intd-v.iie med:n<j a! Os- ceob Siturdny. ittr-r..lod by 23; a conference with M:s.- Mary K:mm Smith of V.:i\f Rr-.-k r.; il-.o st.ilc bcnrd o! iie.ilth j:ic! tl'.f Activities of tin 1 County Health unit tion of 250 for prcvrntioil of !y- phoid feve unit Sat- cd by Mrs. Phoebe Fairgrave Omlie. [)wpllpr<t in Memphis aviatrix and winner of | uwellers ln the derby last year. Olhers fol- Apartment Routed by Gas owed the two leaders in one minute intervals in order of their landing here last night. C G. Smith Speaks at Luncheon of Manila Lions MEMPHIS, Aug. 25. (UP)—Gas fumes which floated from the basement, of the Almaruda apartment building here early today after connections on electric refrigerating equipment loosened, routed 100 '• dwellers. None was overcome, al- MAN'ILA. Ark.. Aug. 23.—Several ] though first aid was administered visitors were present at the weekly I So several women. meeting of the Lions Club yester-1 day. C. G. Smith, Blytheville, who 1 0 n is connected with the Mid-south | Storm Brewing Near Cooperative Association made the; Pi R'/. T« ' principal speech during the noon i TOttO MCO IS ir.tir. He showed the advantages of Mississippi county having a local office, and advised the business men WASHINGTON. Aug. 25 (UP) — The United States weather bureau , of this town to cooperate with the j reported today some evidence of a organization to secure as many tropical disturbance about 400 miles ..... northeast of Porto Rico, apparently moving northwestward, but m' information was available as to its intensity. . . ' bales to be pledged as possible. Oiher guests during the duncheon were Ben Phillips. Chester Caldwell. and Reverend R. E. L, Bearden. There ts to be a joint meeting cf Manila and Leachvllle citizens Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock at Hutton's Grove, near Poplar Corner. WEATHER ARKANSAS—PftrSly .cloudy .to- and Tuesday.

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