The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1930
Page 8
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EIGHT Daisies Won't Tell? This One Says M-;w.S "Ljvc at Home" Farmers Suffering Little Now Says' Committee Head. LITTLE ROCK.—Unless all signs fall, the unprecedented drouth of 1930 will result In a new type of agriculture in Aikansas according, to Harvey C. Couch, PrcfldciH ofi the Arkansas Power & Light Com- t pany and Chairman of the State Drouth Relief Committee. Mr. Couch bates his statement upon personal investigation in various parts of the state and upon reports received by the Stale Committee ' from Chainivm of County Hcllef , Crrnmlttees and agricultural work- 1 crs ; " ' ; '-An Inquiry to determine Ihc . posltlcn of our farmers wiih relation to assistance they may re during the winter has rt='._!aw(i,i some surprising farts". Mr. Couch: • said. "Someone has said that the man who farms to make money • will go broke, unless he is a keen business man, while ho who farms to make a living will make money. .Our survey indicates a- more true statement never was uttered. I have talked with farmers, counly • f- . flciais, County Agents Home Demonstration Agents, merchants, .bankers and others In all sections. • of. the state and have, discovered i : that" comparatively few of thore' farmers whose first interest is a! ^livelihood for their families ami .themselves are worrying about getting through .the winter. Need Utttt Help "Such farmers really make money. Farming to live, they produce a variety of commodities and because their operations are diyc-rsifled it is not difficult for them to dispose of a portion, if not all, of their sur' plus. The surplus, c-i course, is pure velvet. The .larger portion of 5 the small farming, especially in: Northern Arkansas, is of this typs.l We have .gone into county aficr] county In that part of the state to •. vu,ncU^,,h!g C 1.ur i New Mif-SOUfi CaVC '""•'• Is vulnerable. Your oppo- i.iills are not vulnerable. Your ') IxnoM; bid three no trump and "'ai:c a small slam, but as they <"!;• bid throe they score only 105 !or Die three tr:cl:s bid and ina-.!e, • ml :is they made three overlrlcks, "core 50 each for the over- luir-auuii vavt May Contain Secrets . < LANAOAN, Mo. iUP)-J. A. .. lit of Noel, k:io-,vn for mny y;a:-: ' as tile "cove man ol th? Gzaiki," soon will open another cave n?;ir [they score'so eacii for "ho"over-' '• n " e - He believes the new cave wiil jl.lcl:s, or 150 paints. As their !revenl vo '"ab!e evidence o! jjr:- iidc was not vulntrable they arc [historic life. : jiilHod to only a 300 point game | Already excavations have reveal- 0!lus - jcd pottery and n stone ax. Th» ax 14) On hand No. 4 the vulner.' ls tilc type used by blulf duelling able ruling says that both sides are ' Indians. The bits of pattery are MiliicrabK. For Illustration, your , believed to belong to early Indium. .'.!<![- bid four no (rump and made i Arrow heads and other stone wea- five. You score 35 each for the I pons also were found. Totaling Uio two columns up at Ihc end of the four deals, we find that you have made a score of 1050 points, your opponents hnve made 655 points. In auction bridge some players are used to carrying on their tally the total plus score that was made, but In contract it Is imperative that the smaller score be subtracted from Daisies, according to the, old song, don't (ell- but here's a Dilsy who says she's going to tell plenty ust as soon as >lie eels a chance. She's Kaisj- D evoe .left). Clara Bow's ex-secrotary. who Is to 30 to trial soon to answer charges of theft brought against her by Clara. She 1ms promised to unburden herself of n lot site knows about Clara's love affairs when the case comes to trial. At the right is a picture of Miss Dow. •• • i .ter leed of help through the win : contrasted with others that will be isccssaryi d, twenty-five him-1 dred even, thirty-five hundred fan)-' llles if the weather becomes severe. ...''In those counties, where the ma-1 Jority of the small farmers farm to ; make a Hying and not to make Borey we have found something else, of prime Importance, they owe toe banks and merchants comparatively, little. Vtrually all of the! money Ui«y rewivs for their sur-! plus products can be applied to| their debts because they produce, almost everything they eat and the purchase of foodstuffs, as a consequence, Is reduced to a minimum. Wbtre the farmer purchases everything he cnsumes he travels a rocky road. Nothing good can come from, the'practice of Immediately spend-1 ijiK'cvcry cent received for a crop 1 for .something that might be pro-; ducfd on the place. " • '-"Qua of the most noteworthy ex-! amples Arkansas might profit frcm' Is! supplied by Colqultt county, j Georgia. Five years ago. the. ma-' •jpilty of the\. farmers la that coun-t 'ty. were In extremely bad shape.' Their farms were mortgaged to the limit and' there seemed to be no way. .out. Bankers who held most of Ihe mortgages called a meeting; of farmers and proposed a plan under which they would carry their notes fcr them one to three years, one-horse farm of s the banters urged that operations be.carried on as follows;! "Com, velvet beans and runner peanuts, 10 acres. Oats, followed by pea-vine iiay, 3 acres; sweet potatoes, sugar cane, sorghum, 2 acres; tobacco Spanish peanuts watermelons, pimento peppers, and special!?^ crops, 8 acres; cotton, 5 acres; highland pastures to be' cultivated In grazing crops for brood sows and pigs, 2 acres; pcr-| manent pastures on waste lands or wel ground not, suitable fo? cultivation, 3 to 5 acres; two or three mulch cows, two brood sows and 50 i pure-bred hens. I "Every farn:._r to whom this plan was submitted agreed to it with the result thnt the farm population ol he county was lifted from a level of' downright poverty to one of at-' flutiK?, Tho same method, in prln-' clpal. r.lrcady is being practiced by! mauy smnll farmers in Arkansas,' Srfl one has only to travel through the' ^ northern portion of the state to'- vou become convinced of this, and I am ; br![! confid-.nt it will become widespread before another year passes. We have too many examples right here in Arkansas to escape the not- ici? of the fanner whose sole - ,. ..„. 10 UJ thought heretofore has been the P ! -vot a:id progressive parties. D RIDGE AIITICI.K .NO. 73 i" W.M. K. McKi:N.\EY ry American Bridge League sterdav's article we s/iowed br«se for rubbers. There are a B reat m!ln >' wl '° "cslre to play Contract In, their own' homes, play- ;n:! four halll!s °" d »' f " ^"^g'«8 partners. This, of course, is the ' amo P rccwl " r * =mnll fanner will forget about profit and farm for a living for his family he will earn a c : ish profit in spile of himself, because pccplo must rat and UIMC who are not on farjns must purchase their food from-there who produce it. "There is no question "out the number of Arkansas who hcretofcrc have brcn . p c , , "p" : com ' " , ,i for this type of it cf rubber bridg In rubber bridge a s : vulnerable when ne. This game can be made not: in one hand or with the aid cf food; partial scores. In pivot and pro- lErrsslve bridge, before the start i._ ; ° f play ' tnc Players themselves determine the of each hand, durc is to' play or all ^^^^^S^^'^f^ sf^irs &s-^^S^^ ^ ^ pronounced way only during recent! nr . ra '^ c -x-iuur JCL vui- months and for the farmer not to' take advantage of it Is little short! - -• ------ ers side vulnerable on!y. able featurrs. All example .of the coring of four hands is given, below: We 90 50 We 70 150 First Hand They Sfcond Hand Third Hand They They 105 150 MO Association Plans to Aid Interests of New England BOSTON. (UP)-With the promotion of'New England's educa.- lonal, cultural and aesthetic Interests as Its goal, an organlzatoln to be known as the New England Association of America has been cre- ':ed here. Instituted by men prominent in atural science, business, philanthropy, and civic development, the )urpose of the organization Is to ncrease the knowledge of New Sngland through the organized efforts of American citizens who mve New England ties of birth, ancestry, residence or education. The association will be under the general direction of d council of 100 members, representing the six northeastern states. ; We HO 50 500 I'uurlh Hand They of economic suicide. We have the drouth to thank for calling our attention (o It and if our peopto will profit from the lesson learned this Second and third ::ands—Deal- Fourth hand—Doth sides vulnerable. In pivot or progressive bridge year Arkansas farmers, within thc you are required to make game in 'wo no trump and had four nek (1) On hand No. 1 we will say that yon bid three sp.ides and :r.:'.de four, therefore you scorer 90 for the three tricks bid and 5! for the overtrick. As you did no 1 bid game, although you made it you cannot score the game bonus (2) On the second hand you bid next few years, will become among'cue hand in order to re"celve at"' one hand.'YOU score 7(f.'f"cr"th the most prosperous In the coun-!?ame bonus. Thc gams bonuses [two tricks bid and 150 for the tr >'-" are us follows: 303 points if de-jfour aces held In one hand You elarer's side is not vulnerable; will notice that one the two hand 500 points if declarer's side is you have made 90 on the first, am vulnerable. 70 on the second, ond althoiigl It Is not necessary to keep an these total 100 points-more than above and below thc line score enough for game—you canno for pivot and progressive bridge.', la '« t':ie game bonus as you did MADISO.N. WIS. (UPI — Disciplinary powers of the dean of men and the dean of women at the University of Wisconsin have been , transferred to a faculty committee. | Dr. William F psychiatrist and : which Includes i, 0 rcnz. noted Prof. John L. alien, sociologist This committee will be expanded to include more experts hi tho science of social conduct 1 ...— ....*. [s.wsitooiii; ullugL,. """- v.ic £uiuu UU1IU3 us YOU (HI An ordinary score pad can be used i "ot bid for game in one hand —one column headed "We" or i ri > other words, the total of par "My Scor»" and the other column Hal scores does not count toward headed "They" or "Opponent's I Bame in pivot and progressiv Score." Let us sav that we are | bridge, playin- the four different, vulner. | 01 On hand No. 3 let as sa> Blocks n f crc ,l b ' 0 "™ } T. f hea-v } set In a et pavement In y withstood ] In Glasgow, Scttlahd:) Ladies the Telephone We're here to make it easy for (he woman 'motorist. Just telephone when your car needs oiling and u"S?' nff '« rcpairs or "'IJustments. \\ell call for {he oar and have it back to your home at thc hour prom- lv 11 f s , ,"° cxtra char S c for this call-and-tlclivcry service . H you want to see a clean shop jus pay us a visit. We are careful to keep Rreasc from your steering wheel and upholstery. You will nnd our mechanics courteous and capable • —our charges, very low. Washing and polishing, -fires, accessories', anti-frceze service. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Blytheville, Ark. Phones: 810-777-S1] SAM MEISEL Painting and Decorating Co., Inc. ih. 0 anlUHmcc to thc P«blic in lhal we have opened a branch office for painting and decorating. \Vc have an assortment of vral paper from 21 wall paper mills of the United Stales and England, owned and controlled hv S V Maxwell and Co., Chicago. " ' We have the exclusive agency for the entire wall paper output nnd we have selected thc cream of all the wall paper stock at (he very lowest price. We also do the hanging of the paper, for cash or monthly payments if desired. . Will be open in a few days at our store, ill S. second ot. Phone 348 Glencoe Hotel Building You may inspect our stock at any time for 19,11 patterns. larger.' In this case we nnd you have a net difference of points, in other, words you plus 495 points and your op- xmcnts arc minus 405 points. Thc •)lus and minus, scoring must bs ised in contract In order to make t a good party game. The all pins core docs not properly ixmalize n over-ambitious bidder who is always trying for game - or slam ml when they find that they must ak« a minus score '.for their ilunders. their bidding win .be nore accurate. Copyright, 1930, NBA Service, Inc ) Historic Colonial Mansion Will Be Moved 1500 Miles ALFRED, Me. (UP)—Because of the romance and sentiment connected with It, a U-room Colonial mansion, known as .the Dane House, will be razed from its (oun- Home Theatre Last Time Today ' "Laugh Town . Laugh" : • : See Charlotte Greeii- . wood , in Long Letty' With Grant Withers, -Palsy Ruth Miller and Bert Roach. Listen, Look and Laugh at the screens funniest talking, singing farce. Also Comedies. Admission — Matinee and Night—10 and 25c. People of Porto Rico are citizens of the United States, but they are not permitted to vote In presidential elections. The privilege of vot- .iig Is grunted by the states, not by the liallonal government. ' '" ' Coming—Tuesday, ; Wednesday & Thursday — "PARAMOUNT ON PARADE". An All Star Cast. Coming — SWING HIGH with Helen Twelvetrees,'.Nick Stuart, Sally Star and Ben Turpin. ' .-'•..'. dallcn and moved by rail to Ka:i fas City, Mo._a dls!a:ice of a-j proxunately 1500 miles Distinguished us ' Nathamel Dane, 4UIIJIL . _ uu •surer and direct descendant of en? of the s!gnj;-s of ;>••> D™la"'' lion of Indc]Miiden':c, "tiic mans is known as cue of '.ao fin"s' examples of old Colonial archit-el.i--' to be fouiid in Main?. It will lie reconstructed 0:1 i:. new foundation in exact coiifcnnlly to the present slructur?. M-'j Homer A. Beales, wife of a promf- nent Kansas city physician, i-' sponsor of thc project. IWOUTII AIDS TRAPPKWS. CHILTON, Wis. (U^)—Musk'rat' UAV, iJECL.uu^H iO, i030 ! trappers will have an easlcrtivA . this winter because of th= pro'-.iiin led droulli last summer." Mrs'ijssl lhave dried u concentrated .. _.„ are readier victims of ! r.i,r/.f.p,isiK cn\\ n. c . it ! — J. Earl Eib.absth City inews writir, makes a hobby I .of colkcthiB empty whiskey bottles ; 'hat are thrown overboard from ,'ise' steamers and washed -ashore along the outer banks of the Csroiiiu loan. He has dozens of | i rc'.llcs and labels, some describln» ,'.he rare old attilf Cial would make i many an anti-Volsteacler smack his J.ipi". (if he had the original con- iwits). Ritz Theatre Last Time Today He Laugh* and Thrills and ll<>muii<-i>! f. A pack of Thrills! A Million Laughs! Tune in oa "Remote Control", it's an earful (and eyeful) of entertainment. with CHARLES KIXG MARY DORAN- JOHN MILJAN 1 POI.I.Y MOKAX J. C. NUGENT IKG Also Our Gang" Comedy, "Teacher's Pet" and News Admission—Matinee Only—Sunday—Special School Price— 1 to ( Grades—lOc-s-7 to 12 Grades—2ac—Adults '10c ; . Night—15 and 40e. Matinee—2 O'clock and 4 O'clock—2 Complete Shows. ' i, Wednesd aj' & Thuvsday-HarolcT Lbyd Coming—Friday & Satnnlay—See the World in 1980--"JUST IMAGINE", with El Brendel. oxes p^fy o , X£ s °^L\ Their workmanship is of high quality, their sides are strong, and their holly-covered tops are handsome, indeed. Yet we hesitate to recommend them as Christmas gifts. Far more to he desired would have been the heautiful objects each once contained. Empty shelves miil.c shopping an empty pleasure. Of course stocks are much more complete early in December than just before Santa slides down your radio aerial. Newly arrived then, they are fresher and cleaner as well. It will avoid disappointments and stem the flood of future tears if you inspect the holiday displays at"once ... if you do your' Christmas buying NOW! ONLY S MORE SHOPPING DAYS! COURIER NEWS

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