The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1949
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 1049 BLYTUKVIl.I.E (AUK.) TOUKIKR NKWS PACK ELEVEN Legion Ignores Cost oi Pensions Vets Group Wants ) Expense Forgotten And Bill Approved WASHINGTON, April «. (/I 1 ;—The Ameiican Legion called on Con gres.s yesterday to make costs a scc- oiutury consideration and paw muiti*billion dollar veterans pension bill. Before a wrangling session of the House Veterans Committee, which received new pension cost estimates running up to $71,000.000,000. Loglou Spokesman jolm Thomas Taylor declared: "I con't tliiuk yon should emphasize cost as against principle." To demands from the commit tec for some legion cosl figures, Taylor re toned that "all figures cause i.s confusion." The committee has before it a bill by Rep. Rtmkm (D-Mf&O to pay $72 a month lo World War I veter- •An* at nge 65, subject to S300Q-a- income limitations for married veterans and $2000 for unmarried servicemen, Taylor endorsed the Rankin at a committee session which also: 1. Received a Veterans Art minis (ration estimate that if all World War 1 ;uul II veteran.*) nre covered it u-o;<ld cosl 317,000.000.000 by the w^year 2000. The same pension was 1 ^9 estimated at $17.000,000,000 for World ' War I veterans alone. 2. Gal irom Hep. Teaguc <D- l>xa.i> an amendment to enlarge the present bill to include World War II veterans, and make eligible all veterans holding discharges other than dishonorable, Othrr Plans Offered 3. Received other proposals from Rep. Rcudder <R-Calif> to put pensions on an $l8-$72 sliding scale according to income, from Rep- Davis fR-Wis) to eliminate proposed medical deductions from income, and Jrom Rep Wheeler (D-Gn) to chanpe payments from $72 to $75 n month. Taylor, the Legion's legislative representative in Washington wanted income limitations taken out of the pending bill, Taylor said the Legion prefers Rankin's original pension proposa of J90 instead of S12. He told the committee he did no' regard cost as a "consideration, 1 but that Congress should first es tablish the principle that the vet eran i s entitled to a pension whci he reaches 65. Ji^ "I don't agree with you," Teagui ™ told him, "I think cost is a ver; important factor for consideration. Teague also took Issue with Tay lor or. the question of congre-ssiona precedent in the matter of pension ing veterans of other wars- To Each His Own led Newspapers denounce Pact As Aggressive MOSCOW AlirIL 6. (<]'.- Hus.M rw.s|iii|ipfs f.'c'in Ihr llultlc l» t udfli vrsUTitii) piilill.slii'd Illc . .el s" v <'i'iiin('iits Hud t lovth ntliuillc 1li';(ly i.s nil iiUKl ivr 'ijlinncc directed miuluM U.SS.K The .illichii .ti'tmiu'liillnn ol s ^IYOM the Hu Arms Planner nrk iuiU'd no mliilu it.' :\loscmv pir .'p.ssion iliui 'he Atlnnlii , (lie Unilci' 11 tit i n |n-o- wh;U UIC : .ciist one, and pi'i lilies r irrrtty-sponsoi inn VI*H- PnclEii- pud und a Mt-d- ,'rrnnpiin or Middle Kusteru put't, MorninK newspapers pubhxtird tlu' Finsslun pr'Hrs'. motnoi undum t<: NVnvm Ui'nii.a' K, Ui\ly uuil ue- ImiiL. but tnutlo no from pane < " >]mn»nl on tlic Wushi ion ci'i'-inony. This lionso-dividcd. still stunclhiB, \VLIS split nttcr an Inccnnrllal) argument l]pt\vccu l\vo laiHllof<1s at \Y'.-wuk;i. Okla., pai:h t>l wluiin owned ; purl of UK- laiHl llic liousc was bliill i>ver. '!'}.(• owjici' ol t!io Unui'r por- •n sliced of! his halt and muvcrt it to a now lol .several block* away P wirephoto.) Adk'isson Named Dean Oi Graduate School At State University FAYK-ITKVIU.K Ark., April C, ' ,'V> — Appointment tif Or. Vin;i! "A Adkiw^on n^ fk-sin 'if 'he Unlvi-i of Arkansas «i nclunlc srlicml atmnimcc'ii yr.slerdnv. Dr. I.rwls Wchsii-r .liirn^. ihi proulmt, said the nnnnimii bi-ntme efl'i'i-iivi 1 Julv 1. •th r. i pni lii'uliirlv Inli-iT 1 - 1 the WllilC H'llIM' 10- nl.sLi al lini !ih-;i In ri'ii- nit ft pay i nil Ui\. < Hit >$& l^VJ BABY CHICKS Hojillhy. Slurtly • liny tlic lifsl O Master Mix Feed NIIIH' l''iiu'r Lewis Poultry 111) Kasl Miiin I'hoiic .Til" UOU R HO 14 V/M Of • 11LI MOM I KfY • THIS WHISKEY IS 6 YEARS OLD l^TILLUMi CO., IAWREHCEBURO, IND. tote Highway Revenues Hit Record High Books were so scarce four ccv lurle.s ago that they sometimes wcr chaned to public stalls. The United States ha.s l.WO.GC miles of Improved roads. Of Bulgaria Is Ousted by Reds LITTLE ROCK, April G. i.-Tl i-katiiiis received a iTcord S^ti.'lti .9 in highway revenues during the xinrt yer.i ended March 31. the State lighwny Department j'e[jOflcd yes- erday. The amount WHS mare thnn S'2,- 00,000 lilghcr than revenues foi )ie previous bond year, the lonth period fixed in tlie 1H4I hit vay bopil refund''ig act (or coniput- R liitjliway revenues. Govoiiioi- McM^lh's highway pro- am, approved both by the ] egislnuire and the people at a special election, i.s based on anuua lighwav revenue-s of $2H,DOO,000. The legislature passed an in creased truck license bill cxpectei o produce about S3.000.000 annually tHowe\>i. it authorised tax refund of S^fiC.OOO annually (o farmer.s. The slate's highway revenues hav increaaeu steadily In recent years l-'ginviy revenues, was S1G.738.000 in the 1945 calendar year. $18,373.000 in 1947 and S19,98B.(K>0 ill 1S48. Other highway revrmie conies from motor vehicle licenses and other Ices. SOFIA. Bulgaria. ApiU 0. (>!'*— ':aich.> Koilnv. deputy premier nnd iir-niher of the Bulp,'AL - li\]i Pol it- urr. ha;- been fired for nalionalist cndcni" ii j s mid poiiL'ies unfriendly c the fiuviet Union. The Comimm- sl Pa 1 TV announced tlie ouster yesterday In .\ Denunciation reminiscent nf he atl'uk bv lh ( -* Cotinnform Cnni- ir\in ( -st L agnms* Prcinicr Marshal rlto ol YiiRfxslavla, the central coin- n.iUei! of the parly blasted Koslnv an .ntrigucr niminp nt dissension within the ranks. Kostijv ()ft?n has been Bxilgaria's si;okesit>an on Imsxirtnnt interim- tionnl ->.sue& Besides belli)- rcmov- i/o from (lie -leputy-prctuiership inn tlic iio'Jburo. lh I? party's top governing body IIP was fired from the prp.sidv-iity .if Die important Economic *nd Financial Cntnmitlre. The Action against him \viis lo • gross political and anti-party cr tors. . ns well n> for incorrect nicth cds of leftdcrxhiQ and govcrnincn applied by him" the parly annoiui ced. of the drpiirtinent cil M^thi'miili' 1 . 1 -. will supcecd Or. ,)nlui C'lmk .Inulan. .Jordati, \vfio has l>t't;n \\ ith ilu- university ;tO yenr.s mid lias IMTI fU\\n of ihr uriulusitr school vinc it wa.s ornanl/ed iu 1U:'7 will rt'Ui June HO. Adki.s.^on has been a mnnbiT i>f Ilie Arkansas l-'acxill.y sinco lli;uv Hi previously was nn instnu'lnr al ihi Utiivei'sily of Pcnnsylviinlrt, lion which ho received n Ph. 13. druri' in Miithenmlic.'i. He is a imtive of :inta Uosit. Mo. Read Courier Vuknn, Die statue in Binnins ham. Ala., is 53 feet high and weigh: 120,000 pounds. The American Cliemlcal Society has more than 5fl,000 members. Harry Bogan Distributing Company Blytheville, Arkansas are proud to announce their selection as Wholesalers of The World's Biggest Selling Beer from the World's Biggest Brewery J The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous 506 West Ash Street nf Sl.-Hr l)t»:ui Ai'tuiycin iihu'i- ollin;il uf Ihu in-i-s It.'.sriurh ]tn;iMl, (l)i Hi'' Norlll All.iutic TriMly. Suon lo K IV (u'fnie I'ciiLun'Ss, llu; p[iv.:L;ini will ;i ullloL i/*' ^np- Mii-uls i.f ;u m.^ to wi-slorn lui- I'upr u\-i'f a )HMKid cf vr;ns Hecslth Insurance Message Drafted For Congressman WASHINGTON. Apltl (1 .,t'i •« Pi i .-iilriu Ti't 1111:111 now Is \vnj'klnn oti ii UM'SMiMc lo Cnnnriv^ fiiHIiiK fur ii hncul ti:ilLon;tl licullll Llisnr- nncr pms'.iimi, Scniilnr ]*rijpci 1 ' D- Klu' Uilt! ir|v'i h-i •; ufier u While Hotisf inll ycsicrihiy. A Wlnte llimsr s|H)he:.inan suld RATrtide} \^DANG£R Art */ Crey (irci'ii Trado for \amoai Flreilon* Do Luxe CSiimpioDi and SAVEI Bvon if your proiont lirot 4r* )only parity worn you'll got f : ULL ALLOWANCE for <ho unused miloagoE Trado danger for tafsiy-—got your car r«ady '(# *( for >afo ipring and <umm«r driving! Don't dolay TRADE TIRES TODAYI Grny . . . Sun Copper niatli Patent . . . (Jrcen 5A95 AMERICAN GIRL deftly applies die li^it coucli to these sucdc lovelies ... in wliispcr-sofi vfcight specially designed to accompany your sheerest fashions! Nalionally Adveitind in Glamour, CKafm, So Ladict' Horn* Jovrnot, or\d V.if« Today - loodo.d of V<,I<J« Family Shoe Store 312 West Main Phono 2342 ' LET'S Chech Tliese fxfro Values . . . NGEK, SAFER TIRE MILEAGE Excluiivo Now Flroilono Pluj-Mileago Tread Rubbar. Flotler, Wldor, Salll-Grip Tread. CHEATER PROTECTION AGAINST BLOWOUTS Excluiivo SafM-Surflfd Gum-Dlppod Cord Body. .GREATER PROTECTION AGAIHST SKIDDING 5,620 Sharp-Edged Anglef Grip !l(o Rood. LET US EQUIP YOUR CAR WITH LIFE PROTECTOR SMETY TUBES ike fl = @ i . "riifitKs loivouf as :,^^ as a Slow leak EASY BUDGET TERMS 207 W/Main St. Blytheviile

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