The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 8, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVTU.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIpAY, JULY 8, 1949 ! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DtllT r*U p*r Iln« lor c<ms*cutlr« IfiMrtlOD; Minimum cnar»« We i Limn per line )^ c a urn** p*r Line per day ) H 2c ;* time* per line per day »c tt time* pet fine per day Vc 1? [HUM per line per day. fie Uonifl per Line 9*c Count lire average words lo lh* Hue Ad ordered tor three 01 six Units and •topped oeiore expiration wtJi DP cliarg- •ff tor ine number oi time-- the aa appearen ana adjustment of Dill made AH CJawiriea Adverminr copy SUD- rnllted DJ persons re.slolr.R out-sidt ol t.h» ctlj roust t>« accompanied by cnsti Hate* maj easily t» computed from the aOOTB ut>le Advertising orjei roi irrfRiusi insertions catte." me one time table. No responsibility *iU oe [aKen to: mure tnan one incorrect insertion oi any classified ad, All ads are restricted to iriell propel cltsMJIcattcm Myle and. type The Courier reservw ibe right to »dU or reject any id. Apurtment for Rent a-room (tirnlsneo apartment, ncwJy decorated <ias equipment, fleetnc te- rri(jerfltor, good In nil lure F Simon. ph 'JIM. 6,^9 cX if M«k« jroui com« pr«tty roi •priof tJiperi Hu* UJeanlug ticrilc* u your* PEERLESS CLEANERS Phone 2*33. B Exclusive CtiHd Portraits by Bob Cijllison. Plione 2«0. 'l,8-j)X-88 Kodak nmsntng 24 lalKENS STUDIO boor service At service. Sir i'lmmy O'BufT. Regis- blonde Cocker Eire. World renowned Storkclole . i lines Twenty 1 Mine Champions, lour generations Pb -J1II6 6 23 -pic -7 ,25 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2028 BlylhcviUe or •107 Osceola 5-2 pk 8-2 Kor nlf tyjjfs plumbing work call Karri' Myers Ph 6349 6,t4 pk 7(14 Typewriter 2-rooni nun is nert spi Kcinseraioi na atiic Ian Coupie only Ph 4152 oi jyi. 6 21-ck-tI a-iooin iLirnished apt EJet-tric re- liigenitor &' stove AiiiornaMi: lioia-atcr neater Good lor.-mon Call Mrs t'ti^ur 1'. Honini I'd jnj. 7,i ck tl 2 room furnished ai>* bath. JJ2 Ntn\\\ 6;ii Pium 2-room Jtinusried Missouri. -a I and apt 106 K. 1,5 pk 1,3 Morirrn ;{-ronm furnished apt. Good location. Ph Juui or 4267. 77 pk 7 10 2-room furnished *pl. Ph Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Curtains PH. 6259 launaered auo 6.21-pk-7[2l Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. W« can nil all ynui neeas (Jet genuine part* Irnto oai complete line ELLIS POULK, OWNEK & UI'KKATOR tiouti) Highway 61 at Sieele Uo Phone St*el* 49 CHAPMAN SRRV1CE STATION Main A: uirlsion Phtine ifiea tkm't endanger youi laaiLJy wltb Iftuny tires— BUY LEE riRRS TYPEWRITERS Hoy a], smilb Cojonii ind Remluj; "DON" EDWARDS i'hr iypewrlter Man 110 N secnnd Si Plion* J382 For Sale. Misc. Hardy strawberry R 7?^ Jaml- 6,iv pit l\l1 ROOFING .AND SIDING Get Ward's low prices I top quality m o mw prlc* Ward'r iispnalt rootlUE And >Hiing IA launratorr lestea tJive.* ions. nar<( service May* uiiglit arid colnriul t'tinvenleni monthly terms Uonltns. s wide Tariet? m stylos co for.' ana wi.*lnhis Chnns* touay lor nn attrflctivp hon^» c.t low cost MONTGOMERY-WARD fl ib ck t: lorn tiawyei paint lot quality ROLUSON [.UMREH CO Nortn lUlt) A: Camp Mnultrle U Loans Money to Loan Uo you neea A loan co repaii oi r«- moclelv No down payment no mortgage, no red tape FHA APPROVED HAi'£ i% ASK FOR OE'l AILS Max Logan, Realtor Lvncb Bulldln« BlTtn«rlJI« Ark V 23-c AtJTO AND e'URNlTUKfe LOANS Prompt Per.stmal ijffrrlce CSenera) contract Purchase Corp 106 South Stri Phnne 803 FAR1I LOANS See us for one of the best long time, easy payment farm loans to be had. Low rate of interest. •Money to refinance your farm or help in buying one. 1 RIALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones 3322 or 't 139 7-8 ck tt Li Ib suip naiiuiier. drill press & •uipiy. hand saw nnd rip saw. plan- ti)4 mar nine, J [>hn*e 5 n.p nintnr J n motor, niut lots or SHIR]I tools Wllf st'l] any piece ot all fll a tiFtrgitln li.-nry Krtgln, Front Suetii Leach- vilJe. Ark 63D pk 7|14 I'm hrcd hlKck A: white Ccrk^r Mrs N C! Jeionie Ph U10I 1i2 ck 7.9 Croiclietect spreads tor table or bed, iuulsoinc weclctlntf |irp.sent Mrs O . t'ftlllips Housccar across Iroin Uly- uevlLle Compress. 700 N. BroacLwav. . 1 5 iik~ 7112 xtra nlc* Jersey Hflfer. Will fre.-ihen about two weeks. Price J150, Jo* T gle. HlK>iwAy South 61. BlythevlUr. . 7 5-pt-T National Window Guards furnish silent, sturdy barriers against burglars. Ask for an estimate at HU1LOKRS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 243'!. 6-28 ck STEP to i lie phone nml nsV toi Km a t-oarn rug and upholstery ck-ai Deal's Paint Store. 629 ck 7:211 1 New Standard Brnnd. I piece lo complete with M-:U ft net fliUni',5 Still crated. 5^5.9i. Phone 3456 or 3765. 1-fifi. McCrnry meal wilU sc-a i'one 2391 or 4152. 7,7-ck-lt liomi Con (III Ion. AUo rotnry mower MathlB .So. SI Highway, ailer Sale 77 jik 14 Hetonil hawl h^\h ouiiu. Ooori condition "Pete the Plumljer". Pimm 2731. 7,fi-clc-t like new, Ph 11 pk 7 1C Propane gns stove After the 4th CAR SPECIALS AT YOUR BUICK DEALER'S • See These Cars and Trucks • 1!HI Hiiick l-l)i»n Sedan, in every way a very sound automobile. Hllti Df^nlo l-doni Sedan, a one-o\vner, cily-driven vai . . ei]ui|ipetl with radio, liraler, and new tires. HI 17 .Sunk-baker i-cbxn Sedan, hilly equipped, a cily- dri\en car willi very low niileai;c. 191^ Dodge Ill-Ton Truck. .. .will give you lots of good service. HMO International 3 1-Ton Pii-kup... priced very low Hilt I'lymoulli 2-door Sedan, lias healer, seal covers, and a new engine. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, equipped with radio, seal covets, and good fires. 1 M9 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, new engine and new tires ---- in truly excellent shape. "When Heller Cars Arc linilt, Ruick Will Build Them" Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen Otho Stanfield W. J. "Bill" Wundcrlich Langston-Wroten Co Walnut al Kroadwav Dial 555 loi Service TO KEEP YOUR CAt THIS Comftfc SUMMER CONDITIONING • Hi»h rr*n!cc.M mm wMi Summw w»\gM • CJ-. ^l- 3 Plus Engine Oil and Materials ompang 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 4U Acr«« ol |ood land, Vj mile oil «1 Hi«n*«». Oood «r»nl road, '.i inll< rom city limit. Has nice 6 room home ana barn, mail »nd wrhool bus route*. Electricity und phon« tervlc* mid running water. Thli IB * choice farm with good tertm. Also have urrral nice nom« in town thm will carry 100% lx>an. BKRT ROSS. REALTOR 209>i WKST MAIN PHONE 2(15 or 3816 VS-ck-13 B1ATHKVILLK RKALTY SI'KCIAI.S WK.ST KNU— Uarxuerlte Street. 3 room, city water. Priced 12000. LAKE STREET. Near sOloo], i room iome. Priced J3ioo. Terms. NORTH 10th. Grocery etore btllldlnK tia home, corner Jot. only »V72:i. ATTENTION FiUVKRS I and FHA—We build, you plan nouge. oil your lot or our lots. I'HONE FIELD 2394 7;e-p1c-13 (nsuronc* Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W.'J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W Axb 4* GLJTNOOk HOTEL BUOJUNO *•-«« Grocery store & restaurant n connection. Owner must change climate because of ill health. Will sell stock & fix- cures & give on buikting including the house. Tliis store s well located & doing an excellent business. See or call Cales-Worthingloii Co, Realtors 115 S. 3rd Street Ph. 2751 Blytheville, Ark. 7-G ck 7-10 Voii'H have a home with an Incnme m this duplex on West Reran. New A: mmUtrn 2-lied room brlcSc nome on Missouri Si. Large tot with lirict RRriRe As nprvant.'s hmise. A real buy on Chlckasawba Ave Cannot be replaced for sales price, 9-rooin house on Ash Sv. East of niv- y-bedroom home on 1st St. •room house on L-afce Si. wo notifies on \y acre plot near arg« jot on HI way fil North Inside .' MmHs with cliy water and fiewft™e ood location lor home or commer ^or mote informaUon call DAVID RKAI. KS'J'ATE INVESTMENT CO. Plione 3633 — Night 2486 Sam Godwin, Salesman rUonc 4124 For Sale. Misc. OIIP su cu fl. Hoi Point Hi ixcelleiu conciUlon- Cull 2371 BIKE, cheap C*U '^0". 7,6-pk-Jj H. Federal tnetit tltspla)' cases. iuiary seftU'S Mem. Dloi'V.s. OHO- \? ise Jneav chopper, o/if fritied-mlsi air oiulltlonril dLsjiliiy one walk-in oolpr tixa. All these nre pructlcnlly new [ict at u sacrUlce Ph. S900. 76 ck II LJSKD RKKUIGliRATORS AND JCE BOXKS $10 to §L2o \ 50 Ih Ice Hot DKI/I'A IMI'LKMKNTS For Sale. Real Estate ~~ Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANC for Sale, Keal Estate U Interested Gill Agency REALTORS 'ecil Earls F. B. Joyner llencoe Bldg. Phone 81!) Good (i room frame iiouse iiiul bath in restricted COUNTRY CLUB .AREA ADDITION, is'ew servants house several other out buildings on acre of ground. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME yet it is ir town. Priced $10,600. ,S 10,000 Gl Loan. BEAUTIFUL 6 room house and bath on 100 fl. corner loi un KENTUCKY AVE. Screen ed front and back porch. This is a nice home and extra wel kept. Priced 58,800. Gl Loan BRAND NEW MODERN 5 room bungalow. Floor fur iiiice, attic fan, disappearinj stairway, 5 roomy closets, con cvele walks and driveway. Lo 75 x 190 ft. out in Coiintr; Club Drive Addition. Nothiiij was spared in the construe tion of this roomv home YOU'LL LIKE IT! Pricei *9300. 100 r b Gl Loan. JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. Rusiness lot on North Ili- iy 61. Near Corner. Pb. 2!)57. 7-7 ck 1C He.iutiuit j-Oedroom tiotne on AR Street Call F B JOYNER ph 3205 fiil? pk 111 The first almanac in this cnun try came from Bradford Press i Philadelphia In 1687. BEAUTY SHOP In I.uxora rhone 4 O.sccoln. Ark,, Kathryn LAmb 76-pk-l NOW! New Low Prices on Good Used Cars & Trucks! 1!M7 PlymonlVSpecial Ilcl.uxc Tudor Sedan, equipped ivilh hrand new lircs, seat covers, radio, healer. 19-17 Chrysler Coupe, radio and heater, new set of tires. 1916 Chevrolel, 4 door, black, with excellent rubber. See now! 11137 Chevrolet, 2 door, new paint, complete in every way. 1937 Ford, <( door sedan, come in today and see this bargain at .$225. 1917 Dodge I'/i Ion. green color, excellent rubber, cab and chassis, 151 inch wheel base. 1!M6 Alack, Z ton truck in excellent 'ondilion, good rubber, 161 inch wheel base. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main phon« 2122 Private Rooms Light noiiBelceeplne raom. Pboue Bwroon;—private bath. Phone 4643. Bedroom, colse In, adjoining bath ormanl liol uater. Phone 20«2. 7.3-pfc-ll Personal i'airty mlDut« pAOtn«t*Uc wmec oTKJsr, s iiuuio l>«-c»-n Salesman Wanted OI'ENINO in BlyUievUlt itrritory ror ood snle^man. Cnr necessary, tjivt ^e. opcrleace. llties sold. All replies ein coillldenllal. P. O. Box 215. Paris. U. 718 nk 7.9 Female Help Wanted EwccJloni Income for [adles full or art lime. Wrlle or phone Mrs. Arlle >'reiHrli. A]>ar[nieiu 179—VetcrRna Hoiw- yuarteta. Phone 6629. 7;S-pt-li Excellent position available to competent steno^apher. Good starting salary, pleasant working conditions, 40 hour week. Call GMAC, ph. 848. 7-8 ck 1-12 'for Rent, Houses Modern 2 bedroom furnished home Attic Inn 1507 Chlckasawba St. Phone -ronin linuirnlahect only. 'IU1 Jamlscn. ER. ArtnH 1.6 pk 7, New- o-room brick house, lardwootl floors, modern, uev-. ir been lived in. For quick ] 'ale, $6,500. \Vill stand-almost! hat much loan. RULES LAND CO. W. T. Barn ell Russell Riales 3322 — Ph. — 22G2 7-8-ck-fl 5 room urnlshed house. Electric rptrlgerator and stove. J50. Mrs. Llovd PH. 4S97. Yarbro. ^ 1 uk'l' Lost Notice Notice taclory 01 Piano ..ami tiinui anrt bulklt-i « lot ovel L^'eilty yt-ars OERAL.D W r'UtjLE 1U3 West KtMittirky St ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fjillen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-28 Ixjst 4 keys and drivers licenses In Key rln». Ph. 6280. 77. pk 7.10 for Sale. Cars & Trucks Save Money on These USED CARS Business Opportunities WANT TO JjiKE MONEY? Butane AA cloalrrshtp with re.sponsltoSe coin- ai\v open In . BLythKYilLp-O-sceoSa territory, s o m p' mvf.sctncnt necessary. Wrllr ill West 16th. Street I.lUle Rock ror Ilirtlier Information. 7 7-pt-tO foi Rent Wonted to Buy est price paid ror CHICKENS- ,\sn Street Grocery A- Market Asn «j? ck tl Wonted to Kent FURMSHFD APARTMENTS WANTED Truce or lotir rooms by family ol o^ir. Have furniture for month old laby Permanent resident, steady tn- :omr am rpTerences Contact" furl Thompson nt Conner News or Cobb ierR] Home alter 4 o'clock. 7.8-rk-tf 19-48—Jeep. Low price. 19-12—Ford. Exceptionally good buy. 1941—Ford. A Bargain. 19-10—Chevrolet. Radio, heater, a truly clean ear. 19-11—Chevrolet. A bargain 19-11—Pontiac. Radio, hcat-j cr. | 19-I7—Kaiser. Radio, heater. A real buy. 1940—Plymouth. Radio, heater. 1940—Buick. Radio & heater. •1946—Chevroet. li/> ton • truck. Steel bed. Good~825 x i 20 tires all around. i AJso several others to! choose from 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway Gl Phone 2142 6-16 ck U 1946 DODGE CUSTOM MADE SEDAN. . . Radio, Hcatov, all extras. In excellent condition.;? 1,395. Harry 11. Levitch, Ph. 87-13. 7-6 ck 7-9 CHEVROLET SERVICE Give* You the Protection of Reconditioned USED CARS - ON OUR LOT TODAY -^ 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has healer and a 1949 license. 19J2 Chevrolet Special Town Sedan, beautiful blue finish, equipped with radio, outside visor, and 1949 Arkansas license. 1937 Chevrolet Coupe .. . al a price you shouldn't miss. 1939 Ford V-8 Tudor ... the motor, tires, and appearance are excellent. See if today. 1037 DeSnlo 2-door Sedan, has 5 tires that look like new, spot light, fog lights, and 1919 license. 1929 Mode) A Ford 2-door ... a good fishing car at • ffive-away price. TRUCKS .. . 1940 to 1948 models, large and small, long and short, 2-speed axles and regular, some with bodies, ',i and '/2-Ton, stakes and boxes. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal al SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 \Vesl Walnut Phone 578 Need a Truck? Get More for Your Money At Lee Motor Sales 19-17 Chevrolet l'/i -Ton Long Wheelbase Truck, has", bed, 82o.\2(l tires, 19-19 Arkansas license. . . $1195. 1917 Chevrolet I'/,-Ton Short Wheelbase Truck with 2-spced axle, 825x20 tires, a very clean (ruck. .. .?895. 19-18 Chevrolet Short .Wheelbase 1'/2-Ton with 2-speed axle, 900x20 tires on rear. .. .only §795. 1941 CMC IVi-l'un Long Wheelbase Truck, has • good l>ed, an excellent motor....a bargain at $195. 1917 3/J-Ton Pickup, has stock rack, t-speed transmission, very clean. .. .$875. 19-17 3/4-Ton Pickup, low. mileage, excellent condition. . . -S875. 1 !).'!<) Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pickup, clean, has perfect motor. .. .$395. These (rucks have heen carefully reconditioned and are in excellent shape. And, of course, each may be financed through GMAC at a very low cost. ' LEE MOTOR SALES 309 East Main Phone 205t Read Courier News Want Ads j Drive it in ... or Drag it in ... We'll Trade for More Id.'!? Plymouth 2-door Sedan in A-l condition, has radio &" heater $395. 1332 Chevrolet -l-door Sedan, the price is mighty low. ISM I DeSoln l-Honr Sedan, equipped with radio, heater, seat covers. .. .has new paint. . . .$695. 1917 Ford -l-door Sedan, in excellent condition, has heater. . . .make us an offer. 1!MS Ford 4-do«r Sedan, lop condition, equipped with heater. . . .you'll like the price. Many More to Choose From CABOVERS—CONVENTION ALS—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES Blytheville Motor Co. Broadway & Chu-kasawVia t'hiine 4422 HERE'S THE PRICE... Now Come In And SEE THESE CARS 19-12 I'lymoulh 2-door Sedan, has bright, new paint job . . . only $745. 1939 Ford 2-door Sedan, new motor installed . . . .$115. 1911 Ford 2-dobr Sedan, newly painted . . . §715. 1910 Packard -1-door Sedan, equipped with radio and healer, has new paint . . . S5J5. 19-16 Chevrolel -l-door Sedan, radio, healer, and while tires . . . $1195. 19-17 Mercury l-do«r Sedan, equipped wilh radio, healer and new tires . . . $1295. 1919 Ford 5-PassertRer Coupe, less than 3,000 miles, equipped with radio, heater, and seat covers . . . special . . . Slfi95. 1939 Plymouth -1-door Sedan, R bargain if you tver saw one . . MANY OTHERS, OF COURSE STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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