The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, .MARCH J7, 1934 BLYTOBV1LLE, (ABK.) OOUBtEg Nffff rCiAisif i ED SECTION PAGE .FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per ilno tor cousecu- t!vo insertions: i (Five average words 10 a lino) One time I«r line; JOc Tiro limes i*r !»ic I*'' day •• "^ Throe tunes JKT lhv> per day .. OOc E-ix times per Una ocr day .. 05c Month rale per Unu COc Minimum chirgc 50c Ads ordered lo- inrec or stx liniiu and slopped before cspira- t ; on will be char?'.G for Slie number of limes Ihe uil appeared wiu adjustment of. bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by perso.'is residing outside of tlie city u ust, be accompanied by cash. Rales may be easily computed l:am above taDlc. Ko rcspoiuilbllliy will DC iancn joi niOL'c [bun one incorrect insertion of any clas-:iried ad. Advertising onliicd lor irrejsu- jar insert ions luki 1 the one lime rate. AUTOMOBILES, TRUCKS USEDCAR BARGAINS BUSINESS L. o.>S, Undertaker Service I'hone, M WBAR-liVER alumiiiuiu k bcllei and cosls no nion;. Sulci cxc'.u- sivi'ly at Hnbbard Hnvdware Co. G-cfc-4-5 Repair l>'|i(nilurc How You ciiii «vc inoniy by liaving furniture npjjolstered now mnlcrlala ^re ulieap^r. \Vc lU the old new ajaJn. Free c.5llmafes Complete line samples. Work gunr. r.ntced. Jenkins & Uon, 713 Chickasawba Wu s(>cd:ilue in Flour Sweep Special kinds for special lloors Hulib^rd Hanlware Co. 12C k Kree ligure diJBnosis in sour home Mrs. J. }. Uavis, I'lwuc Silencer Cureeiiere 26c k EXPEKT Typcwrilcr and Addin Mauhine Hcp-iirinc. U. S. Blani. tiuUip.-lIC E. KoiC. Call 163-J. 2Be k3-: FOR iiALE $2-!5 4 dr. Oakland Sedan .. 931 4 dr. Ford twian J30 rojiliae. ...... .. . 29 rcnliuc 'i dr. sedan, .. 531 l>uutlai: 2 dr. sedan ... LEE-COPPEDGE MOTOR CO. Phone -S05 K. Main" ro« HUNT •I1REE room furnished iipartmenl with balh. Mrs. Dozie Mick. 110 v. Aslx 17-ck-i: THREE Room Furnislied APART MENT with private bath HIM nirancc. Phone va-w. Mrs. I. O Wtslbvook. ICp Comfortable furnished BEDROOt. with ssarat'e, it desired. Mrs. P Cooley, phone 117. 16ck2 " llic sandusky Sailing Club has ncreased more (liait 600 i«r cent n recent, years. The Scvndusky elub Is ulUilutcd fill) Hie Intrr-Lake Yachting As- oeLulon ;nul plans lo enter Ihc >iS lake cvenls Ibis year. ail boal groups have becii urgun- zed In I'ort Clinton, Verinllllon, xjvain, Toledo and olhcr LnV.e Hollywood Diet Gett Blame for Breakdowns 2 story modern house on Division, just uorfli of catholic dmrcli. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, rhonc . 13c-tf BEUKOOM for i or 2 gentlemen, B01 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 5-ck-lf BURNISHED bedroom, 1011 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardln alter o H. M. Ic IlOOiM & BOAHD ROOMS or room and bo[ird or nenis. Good itiral, cJoini rooms, rates lo\v. Olose In. Mrs. Ixillin ^1 S. Second. a-ck-4-S WANTED U N F U R N ISII E D Three-room apailment with Call 306. bath. Close In. WANTED TO BUY We J'ay 5',i Cer.ts for Nu. 1 Beet Hides "Matlbews Sfurr, 606 N. 6th St. J6c BARKED cured alfalfa hay « per ton; tew tons hall anu lia: cuico:\ seed. E. V-.Hill l7-[ik-2( We Pay $2 per ion /or Scrap Iron, Also buy hides, brass, copper, iead, etc. \VolJ Arian, Phone 176, I2b E. Main. 26-ck-3-26 Tor &ilc CHEAP: New Vitality navy blue PUMPS, 7 AA. . Call 306. ^^ ONE BARBER CHAIR CHEAP. Mrs. M. \V. Lee, Joiner, Art:. 14j) 1:4-12 CORN" FOR SAI,E Slanlon A. peniwr, imnman, Ark. 13pkl7 1 Oliver rov: crop tractor, one •! rmv planter, one 4 row cultivator one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 roiv bluster ivi'.h marker. All in first class condition. Gay and Billings, Inc. Cc W-6 TWO good muJes, priced reason able. H. A. Smith, 51U W. Main. 2o fctl AUTO.MOXJVK •170 rtilictling lirc^ & 'CnUs, Kciilacc- liimt p.irls accessories ol all kinds fu- anj make uf car. /Hiltimothc Utjjl., Hubli.ini Hdw. Cn. Ic k3-l Aitlo Glass All Kinds Irsl.iilcil The Ark-Mo Lumber Cu. lOr, M-10 I'OIJF/1'KY At ICGGS I'rcsh rsi;. 1 ) d.iilv. K. I. Red selling i-Kgs. t'irkard Slurc. 1011 Chirka- saulM. 811 k!-J(J I!AliV CHICKS All Varielk'S. C-'.Klim hafehin^ Kolicilcd. Ut:t r.u'h TiK'.sday. lntcl\ each Wt'(l!ifHl;iy. fllAUH.YN HATCHEKY. Halcl'.ciy Code Ccr. Ko. 85 Will 1,3V me for heavy HENS Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. '*• n. I'i.-h?r. op;>o^itc Nazaronc Chuivli. pkl? COAL it WOOD I'nal and ^^'0(M^ Kcnuirt:y Cgs COAL S6; slag $3 per Ion Ash & Railroad Sis. I5ck2<! Tl THIE A; UA'lTtKY STATION Me I-.3-M |{ IvV 1 rKS ^ 2 \ lr~ i'or Nate: III f.'.ist Davis, an cx- 'iii'.^iJc home; nolhtnt; prcllirr in I'lytlMivlHr. AVill sell on Icrius it G'"'. Call our ollicc for nppoiutincul. " - 1..VVB COJH'AXV, snlr c!2-tf Want lo buy all kinds Used House hold Goods, Stoves. Highest insh prices. Leighton's Second Hand Store. 320 E. Maul. SEEDS & PLANTS SEED Polatocs, soy beans, field peas and alfalfa teed. Get my [.•rices. Earl Hatcher. Call 635-,). 22-cfc-3-22 "FEMALE HELP WANTED LADIES—list Jiames and addresses .spare limu for mall order nns. Good pay. Exocrierjc^ un- ne.ssary. Stamp brings dclails. Hott Service, Nichols. N. Y. Great Lakes Yachtsmen Turn to Sailing Vessels SAN'DUSKY. O. u;rl— Navigation of sail hauls on Lake Eric i; exprclcd to react a ncv: modern peak during 193t. Revival of -the ancient art ol •ailing began dm nig the rtejircs- iion years wiien inke boat owners found the of (Xm'cr boats somevv'hal oxprnsivr. The return of !lir irim canvas-topped cratl icmlndcd old-timers here of ths rs iwtorc HID age of speed had exlcndcd to the waters of the inland lakes. Rail boating lacks llic dash und noise of spew! i-oaling, but recent ticvntecs have ionnd it inorebxiited :o pleasure crutsing. Membership Held in Killing For I'lade: City properly lor farm LAND, Mrs. Ed ilariiin. 13ckll Farms for wlc. 20.^ .• ilown, balance like rent, KUicl li. Thoupson, Ca- tathersvillf, Mo, 8pk3-8 Charged will) raurdcr, Hrs.'Jack KevDolds. wife ol tbe welter- weiglit v,-restlliig cliatnplon, Is fbown bere alter her arrest in Cincinnati. She was seen wiih A guo In her band tftcr ths slayinj of Philip Cllron, alleged handbook operator, and j«m«t Jleyers, politician, 1 in » Cincinnati cats, wiueatea uld. • New York SUlc College of Home prits lo irp. thin 1,400 u day, slio Increwed Pottibilitk* of Hatching |ier cenl, by luriilng eggs 96 times dally. According lo T. u. Charles, poultry htvibnmlmuu, this points lo Ihe ijosslblllly of automatic The Hollywood diet, she oul. provided lor a Wile. diet /or any purpose, us MO Iq 800 CHlorics u day. 1T1MUA. K. V. IUP>— Thtjimicll modified in ((iwntlly tar tlio thin DURHAM, N. H. (Ul>) — Buby c ifi!-''lfill»(! devices bcine -used ill icks of the Jiiuiri; ma liuve connection with incubation. H»van» lies fm-thrr norlli chicks o e iiuiri; may "s»n legs" i( uoullry fimclm he'.'d the advice of research men of the the ial person why wanla tc lose. or the sick person who wanls lo us among lo reduce, accordln to lintli Bcnncll While ol Hie gel ndl. Any diet .should not reduce cul litii' to erosion, (lie lirlnk of •mtcimbim/' ras titmuta JU .^'o^SK 1 ^^. Mosl of Ihe insects of the earth Eric ports recently. OUR BOARDING HOUSE <JU1KT VISIT A VS--!Z, •ITS HOUSE ,B^L, ILL YOUR nweif,OF 50HETIM5 AGO, WHEN FIRST oc OINNV vw BROUGHT HOME TO snow- so. CttP t* T« rOMST.VJHERE HO ONE COUV.O StE ' I ilEO Til 1 PtN05AW,WW VINES,TO A TREE' AT001 Atf UNARMCO, I EMTERFD 111' TQM N- OUWTOS 51EM \ WM.HED VJ1W A VI11A.- HEAPED FOR HOME -A OWE 1M Til' HILL ~~\ OH. ueu.0,\ Vf ( WIURG VOUy MICROSCOPIC rAV WE WITHOUT rvMSSING BEE.U SORT OF PET TO KA£ t 1 WAS WOOD OF THE WQTH5R (N 1 SCTtR AH'.MOIUER Mi 1 'UKETOfEUOVER.'iKN 'THEV FIHED A 6W BANQUET OF CHOICE BITS OF CIKM wticii i Kvouotn wtuAii'viri-.t.M'urtui/ ' KGGED ME TO TE1.1 SO.FIIUD ftKlft OIOV) ftN' rHUHQ JUST SWtLL, : TIT-PCO B'.CHTOStW'EM A G1OHI005 YARN, """' "" " f\«u.0f^^An^A.' ^^?^lb|g """ "S**^°fe ; "" RIIVES/ IN THS LIFE . BOOTH-SY « BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE SHOW HEGIN3! DICUfl SEE ATGCOfJ| ' GIEL? SALESMAN SAM IiV KVKRY FORM IMAGINABLK! 8uTr""\"iCHic'KEN,Ftve ovsfiTb SOUB. HOU^: TELLU we've, MAO IT AT TH' wouse. ei\j<=- Tttte-s THIS FRfeCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WOLF- IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING! COMG 0 B.<,-'-C -rbu COOP ' IM WOT c>j;:* TO F>bT YOU OUT OP on,MR.Semite, so HAPPY, IK SIMPLY BESIDE MYSELF " "... Y-Y5HJ....YOU /oN'-Y T1WG PABDLY HWM .WHAT Tc> SAY, •MR, SCUTTLE 7 1MF05M ,'^£ T.'AT t V-AVCI , BUT TAk£ IT L-AVC.' TKff oto" BOY ISU'T GMNG /".WAY FOB' THE HOJSE AW9 TURU tT CVER To. ME .... A WO III. PA/Voj GOING TO BUY YOU OUT I!

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