The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 22, 1946
Page 3
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_MONDAY, .April'.23, 194T> Southern Labor Group To Meet AFL Delegates Will Discuss Political Stand On May 11 ATLANTA, Ga., April 22. <U.p ) —Delegates from 11 Southern States representing 1,800000 meni- Kers os t| )e SouFlwrn Federation of Labor will meet in Ashevllle. N- C,. May 11 to discuss co-ordination of their stand on politicil questions effecting Dixie or the nation. George L. Googe. Southmi rep- iteenlailvtt of the AFL, saw ihat, approximately one-fcmrlh of the delegates to ' tlie third biennial conference of tlie Federation would be Megvoes. They will represent nearly' 390.000 Negro workers. He predicted that the eonven- lion .would adopt a resolution In- KistliiB t'lfli Negroes be allowed to vote in Democratic primaries throughout the South; The' matter of endorsing candidates for elective offices would not, be taken up. Gooch said, but would be left to state federations. • Second on tlie agenda. Gooch said, were plans to promote union- maiiageinent cooperation jn Southern Industry In order lo speed Industrial development during the recoriveiBtoi) perkjd. and to assist I" greater industrialization of the South. Also to be discussed were'means to further.gigajiuatlonaj activities. Gooch said that' the convention would band together the AFL unions' for resistance to "the Inroads of communism and subversive foreign policies." He added thaf, improvement of Hie economic and social welfare of Southern agriculture and sup-. l»rt of farmers' organizations will be studied. Announcement of plans for the convention, postponed last year because of the war, were made following a three-day meeting ot executive officers from West Virginia. Virginia, North and South Carolina- Georgia, Florida, Alabama. Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS latk. if Birth* yille Airport Surplus Goods Will Be Sold At Dyersburg Approximately i $19.000 or Air Corps surplus properly Eoe.s oil sale this week in 80 or more Ipl costing *30fl or less, ut Ihe Dyersburg Army Air Base, Dyersburg. Tennessee. This weeks sale, the third of a series inchldes such items as hand tools for plumbers, carpenters, »nd mechanics, chain hoists, wheelbarrows. Hudson sprayers, picks, mat- locks,. •' ' •'• •••••'- The telephone at municipal ilr-l x>rt rang late yesterday aflerno.->:i ajid a resident of (lie Barijeld SIT- wanted to know if any planes from lh« local field were missing. "I Juit saw something that loottrd ike an airplane falling west of liere," U« intovmanl said. A hurried clieck Indicated Hint, I ships were accounted for, aut. lust (o mnke certain a plane was flown over that area. Nothing >c>- pembling a wreclteti plane was se,;ci. and searcjiers concluded thai tamo tiler,must have been doing acro- tottcs which at a distance migiit have given Uie Barfleld man tlie impression that a plane was fnllhn;. Two ex-Army pilots from Bowi.>, Texas, Jolui St. John and John rx, • Bois,- Hying a new Taylorcraft from the factory to Iheir home town, 10- fueled here Bl(ortly before dill* 3'in- day, eager to reach IJllle Rock wtier* they were to sijend tlie nigh;. Without instruments for night Hying, Ihey were-advised against making Ite hop, bul took off anyway. About 15 minutes later they returned to the local (IfId. "It looked'too dark," they ex- Plained, "so we decided we wouldn't 1 Uke any chances." Proud ul their new private licenses are Earl Wlldy of LtachVille, R. C, Hcucliins of Blytlieyllle --Mid A. G. Towles of Steele. Licenses were issued . by Ijisiructor Johnnv PJeUJs wlio attends to such matters here now for tlie CAA. Formerly it w~a» necessary for the CAA inspector to come here from LJttl* Roci to give tests and issue licenses. Latest member of the amateur flying clan lier* to surrender his sliiii- ta|l is Leon S|ieck wlw soloed !n the C\ib aftej- ;V series nl under Fields. Dave Silencer stood at the bus station in Forrest City Saturday :il- ternoon, waiting to begin his l-ip to Holland for the weekend. .He looked ai the white clouds in the blue sky and suddenly had the ui'tjc to fly. Well, instead of taking the bus. he called the Forrest City airport, engaged a small plane and' n little while later was at the Blyt.hi'- ville uirport. ."It .was wonderful dying or. n spring day like Saturday,'-' the shnp forenluil for Ih* City iievAs- paper c(>RimenU;d. f • • • A four-place Stinson iwoved interesting to the hangar, crowd yesterday afternoon. It was flown iier« by Leo Valvoda of Nfemphis. passengers in the big comfortable ship were Mrs. Valvoda and another young lady. Anotrier Memphis ilier here yesterday »i'as Ralph ~ who Hew a small / Illness Is fatal To Lord Keynes British Economist < Suffers Heart Attack At Home Yesterday I-ONDON, April '22. lUPl— John Maynnrd Lord Keyne.s, n director of the Hank of England and one of the world's trading economisls, died yesterday of :i heart utwck at Ms home hi 'niton Pirle. Sussex, lie was 6'i years old. Lord Keynes returned (o E»E- Jand two weeks «KO from Hie inter national Monetary Conference at Snvflnnh, on. friends snld he iiad bn n under a "grent deal of mental slrn'ln," and that the trip from Kouthamplon on i\ crowded train had left him ill. His physicians had ordered n complete rest. Dentil came at 10 a.m. Sunday. Lady Keynes. .» former Russian ballerina, was at the bedside. Prime Minister Clement Attlee, when informed of Lord Keynes' cleulh. said. "The- country loses in ,him its most, brilliant economist mul n man or distinction :n many und varied fields of activity, ills'serv- ices to Hi Woes Offered Overseas Duty This Summer Honorably dlsclnirged W«c« w'lo iloslve ID re-enter the Cur|)s (or overseas duty In Ihe Ruruprim.T1i<!r>> Ire of Oprrallons must have- liicl/ 1 :i|iplini(U)ns (lle;l with their liiru: U. S. Army HocnilUnK Station by midnight, Thursday, April 'X. tliu , War Department iinnounces. I .•Since this comlngcm of Wacs is due to leave shortly utter May '-. j (ormer Woes anil those still In service who enlist for overseas In the recently announced 'Interim" for llu> duration and six months, are required to have thcii 1 |)uj)ers processed Immediately. The Kuiopean Tlwnlre of Open'.lions lias letiuisilloncd the War Department for enlisted Wucs In five specialist ontegorles. Tlie inllll-ary Dccupailonal npeclnlty skills ci'lll- cally nootled" ; ai'e: stcnoKriiph'.rs. clerk-typists, liciieral ekrks, lele- i |)hone swltclitxinrd operators, nixl teletype, oiienitors. The new pi twain to re-enlist econcinics honornbly discharged W»cs is In tended to u.sslst in m-Ulny n»en hiiino from overeas who have served slate us an adviser on I mid urdiioiisly. The enlisted t and, financial mailers i held at the lime uf discharge i restored upon re-enllslmenl. und us a negotiator were invaluable. 1 lost In him a personal friend of great charm. " In addition to his accomplishments as an economist. Lord Keynes was noted as an historian and a patron of the nrls. He was a collector or rare books. Agriculturalists knew him as a successful farmer and an expert on the development of grass feeds. Lord Keynes was credited with responsibility fov the spending policies of the Roosevelt administration in the early 1930's. lie was an advocated of deficit spending to create full employment, which he said was the only way to in- national lncoii% '.\tll of Osoeob Society—Personal •—T.—. -, l_ - •jl Mrs. I'uul Ulsler has lelUriH'd from • Milwaukee, Wis., und (jhl- Khe was nocompanlod by Mr and Mrs. W. I). McOnrvlty, Mr. and Mrs. Tom MeOnriily nnd dinighter, Mary, nil of Meinphl.-.. Mr, and Mis. T«l ToiiKiite spent the Easter holidays wllli Mr. und Mis. w. K. inmlap nnrt fiunlly of UUigely, Teun. Mr. anil Mrs. l.llburn llowlon litivi' I'etmnod to Uielr home In Kvi.nsville, ind.. ufU-r s|K'H(lln« ^evcrnl days wllli Dr. und Mrs. I,. IIOWUJII. Deletjiites fiom the Osceolu Chapter of 1>. K. the Convention ill Honors, were Mrs. D. H. Unify und ' O. -Sisterhood to A M Last Rjtes ^t Manila Today For School Girl Tlilit«'ii-yeui'-ol(t Belly Jeun ^hulsur was not m Bluckwiitpr scluml UKl»y. She died«i\tuy niovnuiB ul the home of hor \>;\r- onls, Mr. und Mrs. Alex Jones, whu live In Uie liluckwutcr conmumliy .•vnilh of Mnnllii, I'neumonlu ciuixed her ilruln ul 1-M -o'clock. UesUU's her inirents, she is su: 1 - ylved by a slsier. Ixmlse, atul u bvolher, Bobby U>nl.s. . Cadet Is Promoted '• UOONV1L1.K. Mo., A|>rU 22.—S;j:>- clnl order number 33. publlsHd 1 ul >leiuli|\iarlois, lieseive which r«port«l the b«- In fetter* -(our Inch. veuu'ii '' s lil»lir • , The first day,' 12«' . ptrwmi wullu'd Ground tilt sitni Into the Million irid uJcvd where tlie triif- tie blirouu was located, SCHP 8CMKHII £...1 If dry •oAlu Jkh**>Ub ou * L -J Ww drop, pf Uorolia* H*lf H*lp« rmov* loow, _ * .iK_i.^k.i' • • • i*M FOR Coocntte Cii&rt tatr „ , •*«*-*, jTi.rt** A. H Webb Hwy. 81 at Bt*t* Umc vk.. Tniltilim Cor|>s, Ktmpet .Irs. pi-liuol here. |>vumoU>d today Jolin Godfrey 1,. Whlto. ' | A..While', niytlievllle, to the Uuycl Willie, Muclenl nt Unlver- tit eadi'l slun scrntMiut for duly sily of Arknnsns. rayellevlllo spent '•.vllli Cadet Company 11, Hie Easier holidays ,,t Ills ' liome l " "" " l» Osceoln. Mi.s. Mamii lo her home vlslllug her crease tile nation. He was one of the principals In the British delegation which came to the United States last fall to discuss proposed $3/7. r )0,(XH),0<X) loan to England. Lord Keynes. although a business man himself, wa^ an opponent of •e policy oi' "LiiisseK-Faire." Many of the economic controls which he advocated \vcre incorporated in the Roosevelt New Deal, but Lord Keynes was unsuccessful in his attempt to bring about a similar program in Britain. Lord Keynes was a member of the British treasury mission to the Paris peace conference after the first world war. lie first gained world attention' by his resignation from the mission and his opposition to the Versailles Treaty, which he said woulfl prove more harmful to the allies than to Germany. Sewing Clinic Planned For Club Members The- sewmg bug has hit Mi:;jK-| slppi County and Miss Cora U'C Colemnii, home demonstration a^'nt hns found Mint women all over tin; co-anty are pager U) learn the ilHx- esl. easiest methods of home BP«'- liiB and dressmaking. As a result of many requests for help on Mwlng moblemn, she invlt- <•<! Miss Sue Marshall, exteuslcm specialist in Clothing nn<l House- lioltl Arts, lo visit the county and help the leaders with this wort:, A meeting will I* held at the Dogwood Club House tomorrow nt 11:30 a.m. All dothing lenders :ne invited to attend this meeting fur pot luck lunch and demonstration. In the inurnliiK Miss Marslwll and. Miss Coleniiin will go t'j Goc- lu-ll to help the 4-H Club clothing memlx'rs with their problainii. !,H(le iius reliimctl In El Doruilo, after HiuuiUlmif.hU'r. Mrs. Tin«ce Kamsi'y und friends. Patriciu uul Frances Ounehower. Miss Emmn Cox Jr., Miss cileiulu Marie Maxwell und Miss Patsy Miller. :ill Umlenl.s at SI. Cecilia Aciuk-iny. Nashville, N"!iil the weekend wllii their p'iv- i-nts. Miss (^ox hus as lu-r HUL'SI Miss Sybil Clark, aho i student at HI. Cci'llla. ton of Jonoslxiro. A sanrlwieli supiier will be served. The public is Invited, It was announced by the Rev. U. I,. Hunks, pastor. Read ^Courier News Want Ads. piclu're screen IB x 10. glass beaded, roll up), tile, dead skids,' electrical equipment- (bulbs, florescent tubes, switches, wire, boxes, insulators, heating elements), plumbing equip- vineiil, (pipe fittings, flush valves, 'floats, Y's. Tees, goosenecks, globe and check valves, various sizes traps, etc), compresses fo»- refrigerators,-air filters for air conditioning, arid many other items of engineering, equipment. The -size and type of lots have been • so designed as to Kive veterans,- other individuals, and small businesses a chance to purchase urgently needed items. Tlie above listed items along with many others will be open to visitors fbi display between the hours of 9 a.n).*aiid U:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 4 pjn.) Monday, April 22 llirougli Friday-. April 2«. Each lot is otfered on an "all or none" basis. Bidders fill out a simple form requiring only his name, address, telephone, number, the number of lots for which he is bidding, and his bid. Bids must be in the hnnds of the Salvage Officer by 9 a.Jn. Monday 29. April 1946. Successful bidders must pay cash and reiviove article from premises within five days of, .notification. Bert Lynch Jr.. of &'t' Louis who With his attraclive'-wife visited here for the Easter weekend, took advantage of his visjt to do a bit of flying in Johnny Fields' .new Aeron- ca. Hjs mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Lynch, also took sightseeing, flights In the new ship. • • * Bill Crawford, local cotton mini, went.jnto the air Friday with sonr; important cotton samples which he liid LD put on a plane in Memphir-. He made the connection and soor. his samples were winging their way to their destination in the East. ... • • . Kejtpn. Francis, working toward his piivute license, made his dual cross, country flight last week, pro- ing to • Jonesboro,' West Memphis and return. 9 • • A nunilier of sightseers were o'.it at the Hood field on Barfield Road NOTICE! We Will Close at 11:00 a.m. Sunday April 21, 1946 MARK'S AUTO SERVICE Ash at Second Wreck Vi.qtim Dies;;Spturdqy ; At Newport, Ark. NEWPORT, Alk., April 22. I UP) —Charles Barhum, 38-year-old Metropolis,' III., resident, died in u Newport hospital Saturday of injuries suffered In n two-car crash t - 'niglit. Tile accident occurred one-mile north of rossum Grape, Ark,,; 011 Highway C7. Two other persons—Mrs. Daisy Barham and Guy smith, owner of the cur—\vere injured. SuUth was released after receiving emergenty Sunday to sec the new Cessna t\vo- place ship which Gene Fireman and Grover Snider brought here from Manila airport. Plans are 00111'.$ made to take orders here for I lie Cessna. Ernest Halsell is enthusiastic over the new model, may even trade his old reliable Luscombe in on CHIC. Plan Church Meeting M There will lie n charge-wide nicot- liiB tmnorraw night, 7:30 d'cloi'k of Ihe Gosnell-Hiilf Moon charge' of Methodist, Churches. Guest speakers will |je the Hcv.'J. A. Gatlln of Jonesburo. district s'u- pcrintemlciit; tl>e Rev. G. A. Mi-- Kclvcy of Nettleton and Mrs. Mn!- .. . . i'ho aceldfnt occurred when II Smith car. driven by nurhuVn, -Vns sideswipcd by an unto driven liy Eupeiie Wills, 42, of -Beaumont, Texas. Sliite Patroliunn Curtis Hubble. Jr., investljjiiied the crash. Wills was not injured. The liarhaius were eii routn lc Denmnik. Ark., lo visit Mrs I3«r- hnin's. parents. Mr. nncl Mrs. c. M. Hickmun. I.OlttNK'S RKAIITY SHOP ma W. Main Slrcct fHONK IM1 Ijorene Hamilton Gcurglu Hi:dsun Cuik't While serves In u cudcl •• iilUin of over OtH) HO'I'C iiieml»>r.i. iy. Tcnn. iu.l'.>— 1X> prople belit've In sliiUK? No. snys Memphis p'.ilU'O. When the truffle buu'ini heiv win. moved the iK'llce crci'lcd u x'i'-roiil. slni» W front of |x>lU-c> stnllon. iVrsons cnlerlii« Lho sttitioii hud to walk around WHY BE FAT Eat plenty yet weight with delldoiM candy reducing plan Him' u Ik-nJtT. i;i»«(ui I*. ui<! Ni> I'Xi'it'ijinif Nu i.iiali NtMlruii* WithlTi<-fiiini! Vluinlti Camly KoliKi vmi (tun I cul OIIL inn ftlmvlK 1 *, |M»t;itik-B- iiir.iii I IT vim iirn|ily evil llirl ll' what you culny eld idem fvitmmii rWiil'id) AYhS ciiiKl ELECTRICAL CMTMCtHK Let ui figure your total contract including labor. Service and Repair on wiring and occes- sori«i. • . ,i Appliance Repair. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. Sec. Phone 3371 for Riy«r-Wo«».»d SAND and GRAVEL • , , / Phone KIKiBY BHOH. IIKliri HTOKK Is It Out of Order? • Our nit'dwnii'S tire Not Factory Trained—bul They »rt GOOD! • Their work in CUAKANTKKO! • Their Prices lire HrOASON ABLK! • They arc well equipped (o <lo Light Repair \\'i>rk on any make of Car or Truck! • They OiuiranU-e to SATISFY! NKWT SHOUT in Churn* «' MARK'S Auto Service Phone 2611 Prompt Rood Service Washing, <Jreaslliir, I'ullshtiijc All Standard I'rndutt.s Ash at-Secimd We Alto Ml Good 0fo«fc Sandy t«om Ob* tor Fill* Larkin Service Station 219 Eatt Main St. K. M. K (}*• '*$•< 'VV*-4 ; *V'.3?*;r**j . 1. ^^T iV4 -%''^ '.!'•> ') -r ^^^^^^/^^^^ \ i—inn r-^ <..V\ci i f —t, rtA'/^ > 1 -, '< ,-> r/r*-.*^,'*, J--i.*iJ<? ,H^* ^ r '•i- USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If yof are going lo keep your present car let us give you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body and painting. Credit terms can be arranged. Tires, Tubes and auto and home radios for sale. Lee Motor Soles, Inc. OWsmobile K«st Main St. CMC Trucks Phone 519 you Of course you want your harvesting to go off Mnoothly. And that's why it's wise to take these Mep* now: Step 1. Check your combine to see what parts are needed. Step 2. Make a li«t of (he parts needed. Step 3. Give us the list, or-bring in your combine for service. Well have you all re«dy to go before cutting starts. MeCOIMICK-tEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY •lytfcfrHfe, Arfc, KcCORiflCK-DEERING MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE 10«I STMUl Of S«»IN6l TOM iTMiot or n«»ic[ ™* v ' ' < " ' " ' - r> f <,^\**. {' 5 t IV " ''Wi •' ___," " * •'' - **' * ' * '"- ^ ' * «*^ 1 Copjrijhl I9<0—Cliewolol Motor Diviiim, CWrxral Motor j CixiMrition Thi» IMW Ch«vro4<rt it Ihe big quality-car of low price—Ion*, large, roomy, wUh Big-Car ttyiing, Big-Car comfort, Rig-Car performance—and it tav« you money on gat, oil «nd upkeep os wed. Renumber—only Chevrolet bringt you Chevrolet's famou* Big-Car quality ot lowest co*t! n TM owt tow rticio («• WITH TWM KS-C»« KOI II riSHE* VllVf INMEID [NONE CMvMIl KKIC-tCIISM CtlDtNC HIM LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Blythcville, Arkansas FOR SALE! 1C (ia. CWrurated g(««l Calvertu in 16 Ft. l*nj[<h» with Connecting«. They're LlghUr than Coacret*, Basltr to Install wd WU1 Lart a Uf«li»«. , CALL OR WRiTE— . LEE WILSON & CO1 CELLAR DRAINERS (Sump-Pumps) • ' a '. Are Available Again • - : ; '-':'AT.; : : ; '•-•': :' ..', -'. - PLANfER'S HA ROW A RE CO ike. FOR SALE 35TONSofD&PL Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Office Phone 2348 JtesMence 2309 FOR SALE 100 Tons D t PI. Cofton Seed and Treated. $125 ton FOB 2000 Bu. Ratsoy Soy B«ons. Weight. New to«» $3.50 Eren Lee Wilson & Company ' ArkMMM

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