The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1930
Page 4
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A fnninuK djrvcfor tinned (jAR- IIV S1.DAN tin. .1,0.MI ><jme Intcr- rxt ID Annr, hrtrdlr enauitk, how- trvi-r, In lYKrrnHt imr hick kopc*. .Mtnimhllr*, Anne 1» mnktaK K<iod tit fti-jind Untltil. Sloan ntem her <m Ibc »ei one day aid Mk> her II uhr ha* n cnnirncl. When »be MI)-* nn. hr unyii lomclhlntf muit lie ilnne aliout that. Thai U ihrllUnir new* far Anne. Elnl till* cri^o If ItikrM off It when klip Iplln Eva irnd Monn ihol rre- nfng. 13vn ft* NO dlncouraKrd that p>hc Ihrrntenfi tu lenve HcllyiTond. MIIJI:I Irllft Antir of a Irngle love NOW GO O.V WITH TIIPI STUItV CHAPTER XXIII AN.N'B slept badly that night '*• awoke fitfully, lier thoughts oc cunieil with -Eva Harley's sorrow as llmiiKh li were lier own. Evn was lier usual quiet sell a but she must havo re Tiio executive fffioked as they alked. And finally bo brought up he subject of a contract; explained ts terms, its advniitngen. Told her lie was to lie congratulated on chaining a contract,- especially with an orgaulzatlou like Grand United. Not many succeed in. (lotos what you've done, Miaa Winter." listened quloliy, conceit- I ration forming n tiny frowa between her eyes, 'Well?" Mr. Johnson ?a!d, and Anno blinked a little and smiled. She said, hesitantly: "It Bounds pretly wonderful, Mr. Johnson, I'd I'd like to let my father know about U. He's a lawyer, Iu Tulsa. I feel that ho ought to know nboul It." "You'ro not a minor, aro you?" "No, I'm 21." "So I understood. . . . Well, do what you think best." And ho smiled. "No harm In consulting your lawyer—especially if he hap peus to l>o your father, too." Mr. Jolmson arose. "However those are our terms. Miss Winter \Vo wouldn't feel like chausiin, tliem." ,,,..., , , Aml llc cEcorteil lier to the door grclted Ihc disturbance caused liy| Ehool . h!!lu j s wUh )lcn lier despondent outbreak, for her mood was lighter, and when Mona and Anne left the house she bade them a smiling goodby and waved to them from the doorway when they looked back. Anne thought Eva ought to get out ot the house more often tlian she did, and she told ihls to Mona. "I feel n little ashamed, thinking of her staying home to do the work. Why doesn't she leave some ot It fur us?" "Eva doesn't mind." Mona argued, "any more than 1 do, or you, wiicu we're not ivorkiny." It was a lot better, anyway. she The contract, Mr. Johnson hr.> explaintd, was for llirco years. In iicr sudden bewilderment aud In decision Anne wanted Eomcono t tnlli to, and sho turned to Da Itorlmcr. She souglit a lelephom "I -ant to talk with you, Dan she told him when ho answered. "Can I ECO you this evening?" "I'll eay you can! How aboul having dinner with me?" And lie FOR SALE My home on West Alain St". See me or G. G. Caudill J. T. HALL J,OST A1XD FOUND LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN— Small black collie white ring around his neck, white feet and. tip ot tail while. Anyone knowing ol whereabouts of this dog notify Dr. i>. L. Tipton at- Blylheville Hcspital and receive reward. 23ck25 FOR RENT Phone lDck26 said, than wandering around from one lot '.o another, looking for Jobs that weren't there. "Eva and t used to do that, but we gave H up. When you call Central Costing In the evening and they say there's notiiing for you, you might as well stay at home. It didn't take me Ions to find that out." That afternoon a studio messenger readied Atiuu "Winter on the stage and told her she was wanted, as soon as she was at liberty, in the office of one of the Grand United executives. Something about a contract surely, Anne told herself will! a tcelius of triumph. Garry Sloan, tbeu, must liavo seen to II that 'isomcthius was done about It" richt nwa". Khe was kept wailing for an Im prctsively long period in a care fully guarded outer office. Then there was a quiet buzz, and the pretty secretary looked up witb a smile and held open the door for her, and Anne felt as if sho Tvere approaching a throne. ?.Ir. Johnson -was not hrief. He shook hands wltb her, led her to a comfortable chair and, leaning back from the largo and inagnifi- added, anxiously: "Nothing's wronf, I hope?" "No, I lust want some advice." "I'll pick you up at tho studio, (hen. Ulve me a ring when you're ready." And laler, sitting beside him In ho roadster, ivlth a grateful breeze fanning (rer hot checks, Anne told him what bad happened. 'I wanterl lo see you about It." "That's great, Anne! don't kuow how glad I am. you you'd do it, didn't I?" But ho said, "Ot course, it's not much money they're offering you, is movie salaries go. Maybe you'd ont building. "If you don't mind,' II slip In mid put on a Treik shirt, lile one's rather the worst tor eat. Wnnt In wait here, or will ou como up? 1 can offer you ometlilng cool, and It won't be bad, Kher." ANNE Eiut>d. "It I'aul home?" *• "Very lllcsly, unless bo's got a ditto wllli 60iuo actress. He onorally tries lo wrlto his column jeforo dinner, so lie cau have tho venioss free." Paul was In, Imnglng OH hts typ* writer. "Company!" D»ni.. «u- lounced, ushering Anno In, 1 "Paul, foil cnn get busy with the shaker nd entertain the beautiful y'ouoi ady wbllo the master ol the house dons fresh raiment. And You'can all up Johnny Kiddie and tell him 0 meot us hero at clgbt o'clock or .liereabouls." "Wliat's coming off?'' Collier ivantcd to know. "Can't you think up anything else for me to do?" "Anne'H tell yo\i all about It,' Dan called from liU room. Some minutes later bo jolnci Auno and Collier In tho kitchen Ho bad (slipped into a freshly pressed light full, and Paul, look ing Mm over, Bald, "Johnny's com ini;. My, but you're pretty!" Coliicr added that Aaut bad tol him the news. "I'm going to d a column on her, too—tonight,. At 1 Invited to dinner with' you?" "Well, I'd rather not -have you Dan eald with a grlu, "but I sup pose you can come." I'aul appealed to Atme. Ills hands.were busy.with the shaker and ho gestured with his head. "I ask you, Anne, it ho Isn't a tough guy to get along with?" And Aune laughed and said (hat sho thought UR BOARDING HOUSE he might be. "Oot any swell pictures of yourself, Anne?" Paul nskcd. "Yo'ii know, to go with the story. What's b» something cle« than she Is. ut I still think It the had a for- EH label on bcr «he'd do better." 'She might try II," Collier snld, Jiit It wouldn't bo anything now. "vcrjriblng's been tried In Holly' OOQ." • • • \ND ho hesan a slory aboul » * young girl wlio bad como to lollywood anil hail had lllllo or uo UCCC3? as an Oilra. H became cctBSJiy for her to Co to a bos- Hat for ar cvicratlou, aud while here ulie decided llmt she would merge from tho hospital with a new uamo and u now persounlity. "So when she cnino out of tho ?t!ter she was Sonla or Olga FOIUC- hliig-or-othcr— I lonet Ihe ncliiul name now. Sho put on n swell Itus- slim accent, and she got by; com- Uctcly fooled ono producer, and ho gave her plenty ot work, linl Ibo iroiiiiccr went broke, and then uho 'ell in lovo with some guy and went back lo New York. I guess Hollywood's lost track ol her now." Kv» Ilarlcy, Paul added, might Iry llm. "I)iit 1 think H wmlu l« pretty hard to put over now." They went to dinner then, ami shorlly alter they returned,lo Ilia apaitmcnt Johnny Kiddle came in. "HI, folks." ho greeted "Whin's "II the Bhootln' "for!" "I'll lell you." said who was at il:e lelephouc, "as HI.MI us 1 [ml In Ihls loni; distance <^!l in "'i:lsa. . . . V.'hat's the nuuiin-r. Anne wont over to slnml lie<idp Im. and whuii he Itung up she tuld lldille abo'Jt her offer. , Juhnny said, -coolly: "llnw niich?" anil -when Annu liifnr:ncd n:, he bliool: his licod. "N'ol oiinush," lie saiil positlvtly 'It you havo any luck at all you'll north four or five times iliat WORK MOMPAV, I HAV/e 16 POTfC CRAUIL So wacH I T M HIJACK BOOTS AND IIEK BUDDIES . X.MARKS THB.Sl'Ol 1 cent and severely tidy desk, asked her many quesi'-ns. he Share Apartment for rent -HI or 29- FOR RENT—Furnished apartment! 108 Kentucky. Phone fi83. 21ck28 i FOR SALE OR TRADE—The 40 acres and nice hcrr.e beyond Chicago Mill known as Cra:g place. Trade equity for house, or Jots. Big bargain. Thomas Land Co. WANTED FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath. Privats home. Plione 479-W. 21ck25. c- I. ciis- I Grist Mill and Poultry Hoiu will buy your corn and do torn grinding. Will asso buy your | chickens and eggs. T. R. Shepherd, 309 South Franklin. 21pk2S For Rent Two .stores on Second slrcct, also cotton office up stairs with north .skylight. Grand Leader building. Apply on premises. I. ROSENTHAL Married man, experienced bookkeeper wants ofiice jcb or other work. Address "F" Courier News. WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S- Lake St. Ifck-tf WANTED—Skilled Lumbermen in all capacities to communicate willi us at once, present future openings. KAI'IDES EMPLOYMENT ' BUREAU, ; ALEXANDRIA. LA- 23pk25 NOTICE From May I to Scp'.cmber 1 3U r dental offices will be closed •ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis-. V. R. WASH AM—Transfer Dally trip-, lo Memphis. WIU pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phons 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT ; He Makes 'Em See CHANCE OF A LlFETlME-Re- liabh. umbilicus man to e.sUib- lisli local business. We finance you. Experience unnecessary. Me-' NESS CO.. Div. 49. Frcenoit. III. Bi^ Ohio Cor|K)rntion reek.s manager for op:u territory. Opportunity to earn S3.500. $5,000 and more yearly. We furnish everything. Experience unnecessary. Fyr-Fytcr Co.. 1986 Fyr-Fytcr Dlldg.. Dayton. O. " 23pk25 SALESMAN WANTED-Espeiicnc- ed in felling candy and calling on general stores and small towns, by Chicago Manufacturer of complete line bulk end cellophane wrapped candies. MuM have cnr I Candy season now open. Get iu! ion the big returns. Liberal Com| ir.iiiions. Artilrc,ss "C" Courier | News. 23pk23. St ock P Royal C. Mills I'ublic Accountant and. Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 Ingrain Bldg. BlytiicvUlo, Ark A. T. k T C:tios Service Ccca Coin Kos Gcncvnl liieclilc Gn:tr.i! Mclc-:.'- Cirictby Orunctv I. T. .^ T Mi,r.!!;cnirr\ W.ivri IM.-kaid . Raciio Simmons . . . . r. . . United Gas ". U. S. Steel KXIPt'. . . .. 'PA' VOEft Of «CWV4' t*' V*& CAVi 6ft OOOW much maybe, nhd tlicy'll have Grand United got!" nne tald thb publicity depart tied up for three years. 10Ot\X, VO&CAOO?, f lie began to name aclrcsses of idle who bud found themselves iu similar predicaments and had bo- comc involved in lawsuits. "Hut Mr. Johnson sold he racut at Grand United had a few.' Ami I've- had some new ones made at Preston Duncan's. "Swell! How's Mona and Eva?' "Oh, all right. Eva's rather wouldn't cliange the offer, down in the mouth, though. little troubled, aaid that was "It you go over In this picture you belter not rush at it. What's the matter, can't she iind ran make a lot more money Ibnn that frc;-lanciiii{. And they know you've got something, or they wouldn't be offering you a contract. I'd bold out for more; that's my advice.' 1 It's mint, too." said Collier. "Bo That's one reason I'm going to call my "You know," said Dan, swinsini one leg across the table corner, •': father on long distance this Eva ought to change much about how things ar« done talk with a Polish independent like. Dan- Itjorlmtr. Ho you've made good before your -year tore his contract up." of probation was up," Dan remind- mean? If Eva had come from War "If 1 do," said Aunc with a doubt lierliu or some place, In- may flud Jobs scarce. contract at least gives you se- He'll be »a tbrilleil over it as I theso producers would be lumping curlty." That, Riilille said alt orer themselves to give her a job." Korlrner chewed his Up thought- "A foreign accent wouldn't help "I'll tell you what. looked oilier tilings more Imiior we'd better get Johnny Rlddla wbolo lot In talking pictures," tant. "Security isn't everything." Tho telephone rang while he was Jobnny'll know what to chuckle, "Jc,huny'll you up right away as a client You all wet, as usual. Roriuir, epringing U p. —Just misses, somehow. (To B« Continued) Ho stopped tlie car at hia apart look at her you sort of expect her holding public office In Mexico, even riskier than being a gangster in Chicago. Recognizing this, the National Revolutionary Party has established life insurance for iu employes and all members holding public office. Premiums will be paid from the party treasury. New York Cotton ] New Orleans Cotton NEW YORK. Aug. 23. (UP)—j NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 23. «UP> — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Cotton closed steady. Open High 1114 1131 1031 1112 113! 1U3 HOB 1127 1H3 1HQ 1116 1130 1131 1158 1150 1165 Low 1108 1085 1122 1100 1131 1110 1127 The vehicular tunnel which is being built under the Mersey river at Liverpool will be the largest of Its kind in the world, providing for four lines of vehicles and a rail- Spots closed quid at 1072, up 3 Spots closed steady at 1125. up 10..I MEXICO CITY.— It's Ux>X ATTUvS..A)JE FoOJOTHiS -. OP STEEL fJEAR-THe SPOT HELD OP IT FITS THIS KlJlF^., AM' TK KUIFE B£l_os!SS To PEDDINS-1 JUST Too« IT FROM His BELT.... H'.f.s USlfOS iT AT THE TAB'-£ I •^MO!JD£R. V4W TO (Aoi-0 US W FOR ?? .VvOSTA "THAT piece OF BLAD£ FITS THIS KUIFE Of REDDiHG'S PERFecTLV ..... CAM •WAT !! COI1COH 1 . INTO I WAVE TO -<OU? VCAWC.GOT A tWCK POLO OH XOU <OU TO GO 1O THE VIOSt .„ __.c_<_j._:;±i 211 1-B .S 3-4

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