The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILI-E (ARIU COURIER NEWS iATUKDAT, DEC. 18, 1M1 THE LITTLE PEOPLE'S CHRISTMAS eox MAD WAPAIE-D WE LITTLE PEOPLE ABOOT rue DEEP MOLE WEAI? THE OLD OAK TREE AND IT WAS OH THE ROOTS' OF THI5 VgRY • TREE TUATTME LITTLE PEOPLE RESTED.. Into a-Dark Pit BY WALT SCOTT WEESH'S FE6T FLEW OUT FROM UNDER HIM! WEM8LY MADE A G.RAB FOP. HIM AMD HE,TOO, SLIPPED... WOOSH TRIED T O HOLDWEWBLY AWDTHEA) ALL. THREE SLIPPING ANP SLIDING! UNABLE TO SET A HANDHOLD ON THE ICY ROOT; ALL WENT HEAD10J6 INTO THE- DEEp DARK PIT! MacArthur Must Explain Statement and Why He Didn't Tell President WASHINGTON HI — MacArthur will have to cxplnln, if nny explaining is done, why he chose io say "there is a solution" to the Korean \V~nr in a public speech instead or quietly telling President! Trumnn, President-elect Eisenho\v-I or or the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Early on Friday, Dec. 5. ihe news came from Korea thiit ELscn- hower. fulfilling his campaign i promise to go there to look (or-i\ ! solution, had ended his visit tint! didn't think there were nny easy answers. This inny have been a disappointment to anyone who thought Eisenhower could provide a quick way out. That night MacArlhur made his speech before (lie Nntlonnl Association of Manufacturers in New York, He snld he felt sure there is a solution. Eisenhower Imcl gone nil the way to Korea for a solution but said lie found no easy one, This can't be interpreted as an attempt, by MncArthur, nfter learning that Elsenhower wn« offering no golden hopes, to rush In Immediately on a more affirmative note. MncArlhur, had written his speech at least one day before news of Elsenhower's Korean visit broke. Copies of the MacArthur speech were released on Thursday, Dec. 4 —to be published in morning papers of Dec. G. slnco he would deliver it on the night of Dec, 6. It probably had been prepared before Dec. 4 because the NAM Is not in the habit of-Inviting its main speakers at the la-st minute. But apparently only nn accident In^'^lrniriK ( prevented MacArthur from ..getting hatIbh-wlde publicity as" the man who hnd a,solution at the very moment when the whole country was walling to see If Eisen- oAver could come up with one. If the Eisenhower people had wailed just one more dux—until sometime during Saturday, Dec. G —to break the news of his Korean trip, It would have been -MncAr- thur, speaking on the night of Dec. 5, who would have been given prominence in the morning pnpcrs . of Dec. 6. f> As it turned out, the news of the Elsenhower trip got so much prominence in the Dec. 8 morning papers, and required so much Bpace, that MacArthur and his sug- gestion of a solution were burled on the Inside pages of (hose papers which printed the story at all. But MacArthur got back into the hcadlnles quickly when Eisenhower, hearing that MacArthur says there is a solution, arranged to meet him and listen to his ideas. So MacArthur, who told Congress in the spring of 1051 that old soldiers just facie away, hasn't faded away after fill. Feet on Desk Proves Healthy NEW VORK I/PI — Putting your feet on the desk may not be good manners hut It Is hcfiithy, reports the NMioiml Office Furniture Association. A .survey lias sho'Aii that one of every three business men puts his feet on the desk. If more did- so, the ns.soclntlon says, both they nnd their business would be In better shape. One of.the most common «ymp- toms of business worries Is muscular tension, according lo medical authorities. Raising feet to desk level breaks up muscular habit patterns and releases tension on the large muscles at Ihe back of the thigh. The association adds that bust- ress men need not lose dignity by placing their feet on desks. Posture chairs, n spokesman snld, accom-' pltsh the same purpose. Hungry Hornets Pose Problem ROME <m — The bis Orli-nM hornM, Is becoming A serious problem in little Israel. The November plant protection bulletin of ihe food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations reports that this Is because the hornet has nn insatiable appetite. It catches honey bees and oltcn destroys 30 to 50 per cent of the bees In apiaries. It cuts up ripe fruit. Dates can only be snved by covering them with paper bags. Hungry horncls even gnaw the bark of young fruit trees so badly thru lome of them die. Tlie only-poison bait so fnr that has proved highly successful is nol- soncrt meat. With Israel's iimltc meat supply, this costs too much. MORE HONORS FOR FERMI •—Dr. Enrico Fermi, above, former Nobel prize winner, will be awarded the Rumford Medal by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, early in 1953. The University of Chicago physicist, who pioneered in nuclear research and development of atomic power, will receive the Rumford award, for his studies and research concerning radiation theory and nuclear energy. DELIVERY SERVICE Phone -1507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with Delivery (o 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main St. Woman Coaches Harvard Choir BOSTON Mv-For the first time In the 150-yenr history of Harvard's Hnsty Pudding Club, n woman wil have a hand In Ihe annual show. She's Dolly Neggemcycr. a former British dancer who Is now a top choreographer or stage, screen anc television She taught the first precision chorus line seen on nn American stage nncl also the first dancing line on TV. Now plumpish, Dolly Is helping get the boys of the Harvard chorus line In step. This L her first experience with a male chorus line. r SANTA'S NO DUMMY—K Joan Walden Is representative of the helpers at Santa Claus 1 workshop at the North Pole, it must be a prelty nice place to work, even for'big boys. Joan, an ice-skating slar, lakes time out from her rink chores to manicure this eflity of the merry Saint. The gnome hails from Nome, Alaska, and is only comfortable In the Icy spaces of a skating arena, when he's 0 visiting this far south in Now York City. More Money in Circulation Than Ever Before, Board money around than ever before. Whether you have'your share or not, there's a record number fo lollnrs in circulation—30,370.000,000 of them, the Federal Reserve Board reports today. Money In circulation Jumped by 90 mlllion_rtollars In the past week. it sayspas Americans started their nnminl- Christmas trek la the nation's stores. Money In circulation means U, S. currency not held in the banks or the reserve system, but presumably In thfi jeans of the citizens. Almost everything else bearing the dollar sign is rising to a record, if seasonal, peak. Bank loans to business continue lo spiral upward. For the 14th straight week, lending New York banks have lent increasingly larger sums to businessmen, 1 for an increase of one billion dollars since midyear. The loans have been used by business. Industry and agriculture to prepare for the Christmas trade, to move tlie crops, tq finance the big fall spurt In industrial production. To help the nation's bnnks get the funds that depositors want tcl' their Christmas shopping and that businessmen want to finance trade and industry, the Federal Reserve System Increased Its discounts by 161 million dollars in the week to bring these bank borrowings lo the highest level since July, 1921. The Federal Reserve also boughl 271 million doltnrs more of U. S. treasury securities. Some of these were sold to the system by the WARNING ORDER fn the Chancery Court, Chicka- saul>a District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Ross Swarner, Ptf. vs, Lillian Swarner, Dft. The defendant, Lillian Swarner s hereby warned to appear within thirty days in Hie court named In the caption hereof and answer th complaint of the plaintiff, Ross Swarner. Dated this 28 day of November 1952, Harvey Morris, Clerk By Cherry Sue Barnes, D. C Claude F. 'Cooper, attv. for ptf. 1H29-12-6-13-2 detail Sales Up 6 Per Cent In 8th District ST. LOUIS VP> — Department store sales In the Eighth Federal Reserve District were up six per cent for the week ending Dec. 6 over the same week a year ago. But the gain was not general among major cities In the district. Louisville sales dropped slightly below that In 1951. In Memphis sates were up 4 per cent and in St. Louis 5. IJUle Rock showed the biggest gain for the week with 21 per cent. Small cities averaged 13 per cent larger than in 1951. For the district as a whole sales the last month have equaled those In the comparable period a year ago. In Memphis and Little Rock they'were up 5 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively, but they were down 1 per cent at St. Louts and 5 per cent at Louisville. Cumulative 1852. sales are up about 3 per cent over last year In the district. U.S., Warplanes Bombed China, Red Radio Says TOKYO M?>—The Pelping Radio said last night U. S. warplanes crowed Into Manchuria Dec. 8 and 'rained bombs" on the city of Ta- tungkow, 20 miles south of the b!g Manchurlan air base at Antung. The broadcast asserted that 47 persons were "killed or wounded" and 243 homei were destroyed. Some Insect* migrate, such as the migratory locusts or grasshoppers. Cooler Weather Is Prediction LITTLE ROCK (.fl — The U. S Weather Bureau here said tempera- tuVcs from yesterday through Tuesday will average 2-6 degrees belov, normal. They gave normal minimum for the period as 32 to 40 normal maximum 53 to 61. No decided day to day changes were fore- cast and little or no precipitation Indicated. TV Film Fuss Ends with Shots TARZANA, Calif. (/P)—Police arrested John Paul Amescua, 53, Thursday night became, they Mid. he fired two shots when hti wlft would not let him watch > movlt on television. Mrs. Amescu* wiuit hit. The movie: "He Couldn't Tsto It." No Tenant Lives Hen CENTRALIA. Ill, </P) — A .letter with a bona fide adores* to th» "Tenant" was returned to Centraltn Postofflce with this note: "No «uch person lives at, this address." Beautiful Spruce Christmas n¥ Ql Chriitmai Trees Cand | M B; Backbones Good Ten- • Cakes "««• KI t - ii AJ - _, Fruit Cakt Sorghum. Nationally Advertised Mixes Fresh and Fancy Groceries Glazed Oysters Fruits A LARGE VARIETY OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES EVERY DAY IN THE WEEK. Phone I if f\ I 1 1044 2043 Wft UfclllVer Chickasawba PICKARD'S Grocery & Market • KI t - ii AJ - _, Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries By 8A"M DAWSON i bnnks wanting lo raise cash /or NEW YORK W)— There's more | their customers. Other securities \vcre sold by corporations seeking cash to make their December 15 tax payments. Part of the great demand for dollars has come from business firms expanding their plants and buying equipment. Total debt of corporn lions has nearly doubled since the end of World. War II nnd is now approaching 160 billion dollars. Individuals have been adding lo heir debts, too, nnd now owe a total of nearly 125 billion dollars. Add to the records being set by anything bearing the dollar sign this report today from the Commerce Department: The total of federal, state nnd locnl government debts Is now about 289 billion dollars, an all-time high. For This Christmas And a Lifetime . . . MORE FAMILIES KVTC WORLD BOOK Than Any Other ENCYCLOPEDIA Help your children win mccess! Just $19 down and $6 .'» month brings World Book into your home. Call Bill Fatten at 8890. FRYERS NOW AVAILABLE! Vcs. Mrs. Housewife, STEED'S Famous Sunrrclcan FRYERS arc now available in Blylheville and surrounding territory. They're SUrKKCI.EAN, no (catlirrs, no pin feathers, and • hove all they're not yellow . . they're ALL WHITE! The yellow ctillcte Is removed, making Ihcm while: most Chickens are yellow until they are processed In this manner. Chickens aren't "just chickens" anymore; they have individuality. Ask your jrocor for STEED'S Fryers and see how very Kooil a chicken can really be. Yon deserve the brst! STEEDS POULTRY FARMS JUDSON1A, ARK. Bleed's Famous Superclean Fryers are distributed in this area by— ' NUNN PROVISION CO. Read Courier News Classified Ads. PRESCRIPTION Fresh Sfock Guaranteed iiest Prices Kir by Drug Stores RADIANT CAS HEATERS ttovt tbc luxury of gas beat without ranngxnce. Two »li« 20,000 »cwl 28,000 8.T.U, A.G.A. »p proved tot ill guts. Cone EARL WALKER Plumber Phones 3553—S-133 New Tire •LOWEST PRICES EVER HEARD OF! ALL TIRES BRAND SPANKING NEW! YOUR BIG CHANCE TO REALLY SAVE! U. S. ROYAL 800 x 15, 4 Ply (Only 5 tires in this group) $19.50 B. F. GOODRICH 800 x 15, 4 Ply (Only 4 tires in this group) $19.50 WARD'S RIVERSIDE, White Side Wall, tire and Tube (Only 1) $23.90 FISK820x 15,4 Ply, White SHe Wall (Only 2) $25.00 GENERAL 820 x 15, 4 Ply White Side Wall {Only 1) $25.00 B. F. GOODRICH 600 x 16, 6 Ply (7 tires in this group) $17.25 FIRESTONE 600 x 16, 6 Ply (8 tires in this group) $17.25 U.S. ROYAL 600 x 16,6 Ply (8 tires in this group) $17.25 FIRESTONE 650 x 15, 4 Ply (Only 1) $15.00 FIRESTONE 550 x 17, 4 Ply (Only 2 tires in this group) $10.00 GENERAL 710 x 15,4 Ply (Only 4 tires in this group) $16.25 U. S. ROYAL 760 x 15, 4 Ply (16 tires in this group) $17.75 GOODYEAR 760 x 15, 4 Ply (Only 1 available) $17.75 Find the lire in the size you want? Yon did! Then HURRY tn Horncr-' Wilson ahd take advantage of the low pi-ice per tire listed. Tax extra, of course. Every (ire listed is a NEW tire. Horner-Wilson Motor Co. 309 East Main Phone 2056

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