The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1951
Page 9
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TUWIUY, AUGUST T, 19B1 BLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS . PAGE NINl Our Boordinq House with Moj. Hooplc , . MICE- CATCH? DM/ I'M AM Olf> ROD-AMD- 6ELL HIM? CAM MMJC TH6 FUN CATCHIMS 'EN\.' I-'Ve EATCM SO /MANY FISH Trie IF WAVED A FtV AT MB To AT IT/ 66-P0OMD GALAPAGOS OH ~i- MIGHT TJKOPA LINE.' CERTAINLY A REASONABLE PROPOSITION 7;r« MISTER- s -. 7 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams VOR5E--WOE6E.' V THAT THIWO IS SO FULL O' COCKLEBURS WANT I VOU PtCKEP THAT LAMB UP OVER NEAR SHEEP WALK--W6L1_,THATS TH' FIRST TIMS I EVER SEEN AMVBODV CARfP/ A ,_. (SENTLE LITTLE LAMB f?>\LI«e IT WAS A LOCOEP LlOM/ * There was EL young bride, quite sad, Her biscuits tyrned out kinds bad. But her inan, a nice guy, * Meyer's Bread learned to buy, And now they are happy and glad. REPAIR SERVICE All appliances:' refrigerators Freezers, ranges, ^gd washers Radios and imall appliance*. Al oar work Is guaranteed, Adams Appliance Co. iT\ (STOPJ V-V w WILD WEST CHARITY STANDISH BY CHARLES JUDAH carman vm n MCA snvm. MC V 'H was sott. oui to Duke Rogers excepl Duke Rug- was a bell tolling doom. Get The Best Cor Service! All Makea and Models! No matter what kind ot- car you drlvt. you'll save money DJ getting the personal service at T 1 Seay Motor Co. We'll care for vour car u 7011 would yourself T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chryiler-PlyiBOHth Dernier 121 I H.I. rh.n. 2111 ers, Angel, ihe stranger and -'harity Standish edged away from '.he lable Rogers tempei was mourning "What ll 1 don't reel i:ke taking your bet?" he snarled at the stranger. ll Then I'd make such an attractive oiler that no honest man could resist it. I'd t»! $5000 againn :he lady's 1. O. U. and the money riere on the table that 1 can throw 10 double-aces in succession. He tossed the dice Surely enough the double ace came up. "One." ne said. Duke snatched at the dice, but igain ne was too slow Quick!?, *e't without apparent effort, the ither retrieved them and threw again. , "Two". Three. Pour Five—" j DuRe Rogers realized that he was not only being exposed as a "heat' but made to look a loot as well. The former did not matter 50 much since everyone in San Lorenzo knew that he trimmed the visitors from the East and the vis- tors themselves halt expected it. lut he could not aflord the ridi- rule. He would be laughed out of \'ew Mexico Territory His mind worked rapidly. Gun play was well enough, but he preferred to nave his opponent off balance when it started. He leaned tar over the table and spit. The stranger wiped his fac« and threw the dice. "Six::-Seven—• Men were crowding towards the door. The stranger was not stranger to anyone but Charity. He was. Kenneth Montijo, and though San Lorenzo had long speculated on the outcome of <;tm fight between Ken and Ihe Duke no one was anxious to witness it. "Eight. Nine—" As he called wch new rolling ot the double ace Montijo's voice -Ten!" There was a oriel pause. Charity's note and the money we're still Ihe middle ot the lable Rogers reached towards it A knife Bashed past his nand. Speechless, the gambler stored at the wickedly blade that to the tab!* pinned the A moment winking 1. O. U of thick silence was broken by Angel. "You cheap, dirty louse," she screamed. Keeping his right hand free... Montijo swept up the money, anc with it Charity's note. "Remember your manners. Angel." he admonished, indulgently. • • • RUT Angel had sloughed her disguise as a lady. She was beyond shame. She was angry. Angry with Duke for having permitted himself to be outwitted even after she had warned him hat Ken Montijo was in town an meant trouble: angry with Monti] I Suddenly Kenneth Montijo laughed —and San Lorenzo was obliged to , postpone learning whether he or Rogers could draw i gun Tster, "Good idea," he roared gleefully, ounding the war whoop of th« .paches, he fiung himself acrou he table. Chanty's battle wa« bitter but iriet. When the mists that had louded her brain lifted she found ersell kneeling on top of Angel, ensing ecstasy in every fiber of icr being as her thumb* pressed eeper into the tender defenseless hroat. Slowly she relaxed. Whal poor scrap of a thing this beaten ngel was! If she were only a; nsolent as she had been an houi go: "Your Douglas will swear the night it day, or day night, if 1 but whisper it in my sleep," she had ' io»sted. "It's midday," Charity said. Anrel stared at her out of «ye« that >egged dumbly for mercy. "I say t's midday," ihe repeated. It can't be," Angel croaked, 'the night—" Charity's flngere caressed tt« hroat. "It's midday!" Angel thought she was mad. "If you say so," she conceded. "And white's black if it pleases me." "White's black," Angel repeated obediently. who stucK his nose Into other people's business; angry most o all at Charity, who, though crushed, humiliated and sobbin only an hour or so before, wa now. without the sense to know what it wa§ all about, the cente of attention—with two of the mos dangerous men in New Mexico on the verge of shooting each othi over her. Charity did not know the mean ing of all the name's Angel callec her, but she recognized enough o them to guess the remainder. A a lady she was insulted. All th fury of the past three days tx ptoded. She was avenging Doug las: she was avenging outrage love; most of all she was aveng ing the degradation of her own re cent tears As the women struck and clawe< the two men relaxed their mutua wariness long enough to star CHARITY sighed. It wai i ster- Vl lie same. Sh» got slowly to her feet. "Lie still till I tell you to move." she commanded, and looked acro«* the room. Duke Rogers, back wai b*nt like , a bow against the gaming table. The point of Ken Montijo'i knife wu pricking at Duke'i throat. "Don't," "Charity cried, forgetting her own recent lust to kill. "Why not?" -• "Murder." "Would anyone care?" Charity touched Angel with her foot. "She might." "Isn't there a better reason?" "You might be hanged!" "That's an unpleasant possibility," he admitted. (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Freud Stork Guaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores DRIRV QUEEN JUNOAI J Cnillt Dim QUEEN I SilhCHK • Hlir$ • 5 6UHRTS • flHTS DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61 Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverti JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 61 Hlway So. BlTthrtille ,P*t f OOMl. IM 1 »¥ NEA WKYTCt. • . T. M. RFQ. H «,.PAT. OfT, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER So Long! TOftPEOO£Dl'H*NO EM cmK i -• SO YOU Seer WILY "Trouble with th* world I*, too many (mart alecks want to run it instead of looking for p*ac* and contentment like thi>." PRISCILLA'S POP Cool Reasoning VERMEER WOW! JUST LOOK AT THAI THERMOMETER MUCH MORE OF THIS WEATHER AND I'LL GONER!! HOW COME THE HhAT DOESN'T BOTH VOL), PR ISC ILL A MAY&E IT'O BECAUSE I'M OO LITTLE TO READ THE VIC FLINT The Away BY MifHARl. O'MAI.I.RY and RALPH LANE THEY'RE G&TTING AWAY/ WAIT/ TH&Y _'__. ANOTHE-R GUY/ CAPTAIN EASY Wash Spot LESLIE TURNER ...YOU CAM IMUGIWB IAY SURPRISE, ! YWJCEV LOW DOWN CROOK! WHY, I DUMFOUND EC SeeUnitedlnsurance Agency OW THE VERY flRSf DftY OF YOUR MEW JOB1 IF, VOU'D \ I W.S MEMORIZED THAT COfMilHWOT) IIM SUCH MIO DESTR0VED THE PAPER, I (1.BIG (KS I TOLP VOU.TIMS.WOIJlDN'T/HURfW TO V HWIE Hf>,PPENEP! vou rORSOr...\ BUT DOWT WORRV. v HERE'S ANO IT COSTS \TH' POLICE WILL HMIE \ A 6ql!^D IT BACKBV MOE.MIW'!! |Ci\R MOW! THEV'VE GOT H DK ttMBETHEV HWE NEWS BUGS BUNNY Happy Upset Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Milct Extra Power Get The Best 'I Sell That Stuff" G.O POEFZ OIL CO. 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UEAllWjORWE'LLIAYlt'DLIKETOKNO'A' ONTIIATPOOK.I ACOUPI= /OUFO TH'LIKES Or YOU DOWN TO SIZE! WE'VE PLACES TO BOOTS AND HER HUDD1KS Hoy, Look! plKiAR MARTIN WATERMELONS I.VMS 750 WHOI.KS - HAI.VKS • SI,ICES As Low 7C.4 Each As only 3c Lb. Not Iced 4c Lb. Ice Cold Blytheville Curb Market — HO E. Main — a ^*^a^~*-+*~^f^'' 3 \O-.JO .TOO '. <=>hV\MY WtW «; ,\VO Vt. •• *ffs*<tt ' t-r

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