The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1938 bLYtilfcVlLLB (AMU COltMEB E ConUnu«d from page 1 liald lo submarines, apparently on (lie theory that they are fo'mida- ble weapons in the calm Mediterranean, she lita 120 in service already and by 1941 will have 110. The nation iioiv Ims 600,000 regular troops under arms in Italy and the colonies. in audiltar, arc 200,000 armed miljth- tu available, fcack o[ (hat is vast, trained reserve o[ j.OOU.OW mid by calling up fresh classes of recruits, Mussolini could add atr- olher 1,000,000 to his legions. Iliil- ians under Fascism begin mure ing and drilling as early a; light years of age and no youth ever «clA entirely away from the martial spirit. During the current, liiuincia year Italy will place under construction 260.000 tons of liplitin craft. It. will include two supe dicadmuigliU of 35.000 each Blytheville School News which, for a time al least, prob ably will be Hie most powerful .lighting ships In Ihe world. Italy's regular defense budget lor the current fiscal year is ?'J05.- (WO.OOfl, but the government, would net hesitate to call for a .social appropriation if needed. Civilians have not been forgotten in the midst of all this warlike preparation. The government is storing cereals . as insurance against possible bad harvest?. U.;D of coal, a precious commodity :n this nation, is being reduced by electrification of railways and industry. " nation Within a Tew years, the expects to inaiiuf act lire f synthetic nibber and cellulose and * artificial wool already is beins ^macle from milk; Scientists are trying to find substitutes for oil and war metals, but, much work remains to be done. The national air clefcrvje union has taken a census to determine which residents shall be allowed to remain in large cities during air raids. All others have been in- slrucled when and how lo leave. HIGH SCHOOL NKWS Trio Announced Results of the preliminary contest for parts in Ihe girls' trio have been announced by Mrs. Farmer England, sponsor of the music con- tiomil tests for (he literary meet at Jones- Utlle boro. Those who will compose the trio are: Geneva Graves, llrsl MI- prano; Mary Nell Patterson, second soprano; and Bonnie Jean Buchanan, alto, Judges for tire conlest.s were Mrs. George M, we and Mrs. Paul L. Tlpton. Sluu'enls Attend Convention Representatives of the National Honor Society and of the Cliieka- fa\v staff attended a convention :<l Little Rock. Friday. Marc!) 18, The convention was sponsored by Hie chapters of the National Honor So- ciety'and the National Quill aud Scroll cf Ultle Rock senior high school. The program for the dtiy's activities was concluded bv a banquet and a 'dance. At tire 'banquet representatives or tlic different, chapters ol the National Honor Society gave a summary report of the year's work ol their respective chapters. Honnic Jean Uucliuniin, president of the local orcani/ation. gave the report lor Blyttiovlllc lush hool, Another, feature uf Ihe banquet was the initiation into tlic National Quill and scroll of nil jour- mlisin :>tu;|cn(s who were eligible for membership. Those aKcndin.. from Blytheville were: Nedrn Uerr.vman, Bonnie Jean Buchanan, Winifred Crawford, Maricn Tourpkiirs, Sue Rauiey, Mnv- joiie warren. Bctly Eberdt, Billie B. M. Terry. Howard I-'ris- by, Thomas Ke.iy and Jerry Cohen. C. Norman Guicc was sponsor ol conference which will be held April 2. at Joncsboro. At that lime, representatives will be selected lo attend Ihe slate conference May 2-5. The state conference lor educa- Icadershlp will be held tit ito'.'k and representatives from each ot Ihe seven congressional districts will be sent lo the meeting. Diivini; I'^ (iives A J'jDgniui On Safely "Safety was the topic chusni tor an nssetiibly program Monday. A skit was given by (he- Hitteiy Club, sponsored by Mr.McKee. Tlic clmraclors were: Charles Martin, the doctor; HmHer iiims, the iliir .toe Burnetl, Junior tane, Jack McOuislon, T'oiu Simon. Till liar- cidents iuicl Ilic precautions lirat should be taken lo dents. prevent accl- \\'ilsou Teachers Vlsll llljlt biltuol Miss Sain Greene Mius Louise Pliltll|>s, teachers in Wilson high school visited Hie illyllievlllc high school, Thursday. March n. 'Iheir visit was lor (lie purpose of cbservin;; the manner In which school activities mid classes tiro corulueled here. Junior (iaidou ('lull Sponsors Candy Sale The Junior Garden Club division of (he liigli school Girls' Club sponsored u candy sale Tue.sdny. He-enters Srhuol Cicmlriinc Krccmun re-entered Hlyllievlllc high school Tuesday <Jcraldiiic is In the 10-2 class, and until her return here she imd been intending whool In Venice, Calif. rison atrd Wallace Norman, pit- j Presents I'rogram licnls. The 1'hnraclfr.s discussed Ilie I Miss Iinogcno Warder ot llolly- ditfcienl causes for auloijiobilc nc-wood, Calif., spoke school students Thursday, Mnhslii 17, about, lier Impresilliis of Spain. Miss Wurder. who has recently returned from Spain, discussed Ihe present conditions and the Inliuonco ot the Spanish revolution upon the ttally life of the people and upon (lie nation, SimBllRY NKWS Airs. O. E. QueliiinlB's tlilnt «nule Inis iwcnily lidded two new books lo the room llbrnry. Tills group holies by (lie end of Hie year lo have lidded $25 ivortli of now books lo I he-It- library. Tlil.i (,'roup has funned committees to work on their mill "Uciiull- ful Masterpieces." The clinlrniiin of I lie leading committee Is Patsy Ann Travis; Art cuimiiiljce cluilr- iniin, J I!. Harvey; Wrlllni; com- inlllei 1 clialrinaii, Nejiui IJurks; Uack-uicHind committee, Marilyn Upen; 1'iay Commlllce chalrninn, Jmue.s Murllu. These coin milters are iloinj; splendid wort:. Ench child hns u tint re in Ihe work of these couuuitlres. , lite lollowlng pupils '.n ihls room mule peitccl spoiling scores recently: Polly Yowell. Jotm shanks, Billy Williams, Belly Sue Halle, Virginia Mcicham, Neum Burks, Marilyn Decn, Jerry Whll«, Jamee Mnrtin, j. B. Menehnm, Onela Spencc, Pntsi! Aim Travis, J, B. Mayo, Money Pavtlow, Ira Lee Caldwcll, Peguy, Jenn Brateliw, Joan McOreijor, Jonu i Shepherd, ncn doll, J. u, llnrvey, Omor Bllnni'tt, Frunces Ueauretjurd. 'llils uroui) recently wrote lellcrs lo Patsy Ruth Allen lu I'orlRgc- vllle, who formerly lived liere. This uroup of elilldren Imve Iwo new members, llcih Covluelon and Peggy I'Yccmnn, Tlir lourli, Hrnde room HOI, brinulciisl n phiylet week, 'T'wn to the Rescue". The diameters were; Announcer, Morris Thompson: Tom, Ulchard Kauehl; Cynlliln. Colleeli Heesc; MHrllui, iviulhip BnlHviui: citelclicn, Weldmun; ur, Slcvi'iis, Klco Kl- Italic; Properly men, carl Smllli, J. C. Lcalherwood and noucii I'll- clier. The following pupils hnd u per- li-iil ntlewllmcc record for tlic llrsl six weeks of the second semester: Ullly Dunimiy, nid>nr<l Fanjlil, Billy Hyde, Bruce MoBCUegor, Mirt- tlc L. Browii, Ileciib Perk, Colleon Reese, Ami Weldman »nd Evelyn Wilful.. . Jane .Shellon Is back In school nfitr having measUw. Kiii'llnc Sullivan, i.iyrn v Ann Neely, UorUty Water, rtleh»rd Paught, and Carl Smith are sick wlth-meneles this we^k. Tire filtt giadc has' been bu$y building Mother Goose town. Bo many pupils have been absent w|ll» measles thui U has been necessity to substitute'some -of the builders. It Is planned to hivile mothers nud friends toon to BCC Moliicr Qaose Town. * thrilling tiv» Hory o( (•vrift «n< h*r*lim pltl«J Caruthersville Has 35 Out For Grid Practice CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Mar. 24 —Thirty-five responded when Couch Jack Hopke Issued the call for spring grid practice here Hits week. Hopke's chief worry is finding a replacement, for Clint Murphy. t»w- crhouse back. Nine leltcrmen are lost through graduation this year and other, gaps'to be filled for iiexl year include- a* center, an end' and 'Bronze Tablet Marks Twice Famous Spot SAVANNAH, Cia. (UP)—A broiixc tablet, marking Mulberry Grove plantation—home of Gen, Mallinn- eal Greene and Eli Whitney—has been unveiled on ihrs historic spor where stirring events ot Revolutionary War days took' place. The tablet, points out. that General Greene was a Revolutionary War herb and that, at. Mulberry Grove plantation Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. which revolutionized, the . cotton industry in tlic South. tlic group. Teachers Allcni! Coiifrraife Miss M, Hardy and Miss Winnie Virgil Turner attended an educational leadership conference at Jcnc.sboro Monday. Representatives from tile schools of the 11 counties comprising District No. Oire were there. 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Head Courier News Want Ads. BAKERY SPECIALS Friday-Sat urdiiy- Sunday , All Day Delirious !''rie<l *}(. I'ic.s, Ka. U Clio«)!ate Nul Wafers, Dox. . Kricd Caramel Slicks, Do/. Filled Kaspbcrry Slices, Doz ..... '. . •Wo Spvriitlixe in Special Orders, Cakes, t'aslries, I'arl.y liolls BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. riioiie 110 New Patterns.', Fast Colors! Non-Wilt Collars! DRESS SHIRTS SPECIAL WHIIK TIlliY LAST I'm Models R. C. A. and ZENITH RADIOS KATTERY SET at our WHOLK8ALKCOST LATE MODELS IN USED TRADE-IN' BATTERY RADIOS $099 up ONK l.O'l' OF I'SKI) TKADK-IN ELECTRIC SlSr RADIOS Values Up lo ?ir. $4.99 $7.99 S9.99 $14.99 HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Main & Fifth I'lione J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Jlarf/ain Priced! 44c >'-••, -, iMun, lu-nvs :\ (.'litiinx Diiy.s IwilniX' you can't aliord lo paws up. No ordinary shirts UICKC! Sec Ilium, you'll waul several! ('til full for coinfoii! Stiuirl |>al- lorns—non-will collars! Hurry for your.s! 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