The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1934
Page 4
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feLtTHRVILLfc COURIER NEWS TUB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBUSHZR8 . ... ._O..K,BABCOCK, Mltot a W, HAWES, AdrefUitof 86te Natwrul AdveHWnr inc.-, N<fw York, cji!c«o, 6(. louls, Dillaa, JU?»s City, Memphis. PubllEhed: Every Afternoon Except sunfley. Entered as second das? matter at tlie post cilice at B:ytt(eylUe, Ar- kuiisas,; under act oi (XingHCf, October 9, 1917. Served uy tl\e United Pre« SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the wry ot Blvtuevlllc, 15c per week or »6.6fl per year In advance, By mall within a radlua ot 50 miles, $3.00 [>cr year, 11.60 tor six months, Kc, fcr l).rce tnontns; by mail in postal zones two to six, inclusive, «,50 per year, In zones seven and etglit, per year, payable In adv»n«. The Democratic Ideal Must Be Maintained prominent. Knglislunen re-.. united to make ;t public protest against llic rising wave of discontent with democratic institutions. All across Europe—from Gcrninny, from Hti;sia, from Italy, from lesser countries—tomes, a stctulily growiiiB chorus of (tension for parliamenUtry government. Dernoerncy, il is said, is a worn out thing, and liberty is an empty word; only by an iron-clad dictatorship can it people hope to meet tli'e problems of the modern world. All this, naturally, is beginning to slir echoes in the British, Isles; tind these Englishmen, therefore 1 , have called on their countrymen to rally iii defense of the democratic ideal itnd\lo reaffirm their conviction of the supreme imnorluncc of human liberty. Something very .similar might be done profitably on this side »f the water. Europe is a long way off, but this attack on the old, Anglo-Saxon concept of freedom is a menacing and contagious thing—chiefly, perhaps, because we have grown so used to the blessings of liberty Uiiit we take them for granted. j •We i>ick up rmv daily paper, 'for instance; knowing that it will give us a full ;vntl impartial story of the news of the day, and that the editor will sptiak his mind freely about current issues. We go to a political meeting perfectly confident that the speaker will say precisely what ho picnics. * * « If we don't like the actions of our mayor, our congressman, our governor, or our president, we wait our chance to vote against him at the next election—and, meanwhile, express ourselves as bitterly as we choose to anyone who will listen. We read such books as we wish to read, attend whatever church we please, educate our children in the way that seems best to us. We don't look on these things as privileges. They are part of our daily life. We hardly cnn conceive of living under circumstances where such things do not exist. Yet we need to remember consluntly that these are the very blessings of democracy which now arc under al- OUT OUR WAY tack. People fought and died .that we might have those privileges, and, did il so effectively that we no longer look on them as privileges, We imbibe freedom with the very air that we breathe, but a price was paid for it, and it is our task to defend it everlastingly. Under fascism, under communism, under any kind of dictatorship, we would la-io it. Press or Press Agent Bankers' representatives continue to iissiiil Hie pending slock market bill. One of their latest complaints is that it menaces the freedom of Hie pres.s by its penalties for (he dissemination of false and misleading information about corporate securities. Od'huml. one might suggest tiiat this provision menaces nut so much the freedom of the press as the freedom of the. press agent. Do you know how the press agent works, when a powerful pool seeks to boost the price of a certain slock beyond its true worth, so that iU members can ttiiloiul at a profit '! lie circulates phony bits of news about il. ilu lets it be known that the company in miusliuu has landed a big . foreign contract, or bought, important patent rights, or entered into a profitable merger arrangement. It all makes the stock sound valuable, the .suckers rush to buy, (he insid- tTs unload— and, when the smoke clears away, the slock price drops to when; it ought to lie, while the insiders congratulate fhe press agent and bunk their profits. TlwlVi the sort of "freedom" this bill endangers. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark - " " / -- - ---^- -• -- —. — _ | ...This.CURIOUS WORLD Bf \. Ltttetftex 3iscoveHes Have Revealed Menace of Aiiiebic Dysentery ISV hit. MORRIS FfSHBKIN ] transmitting ; trie -disease. illlor, Journal of (he American Occasionally.- However', the elis- that Lindbergh and Roosevelt U Is Indeed smm-lsiiv,; lliul « man of Col. Lindbergh's typo would indulge In u III of weeping bemuse Hie presicirni of Hit- United Sidles Is Inmost eiiouijli to discourage what would Iw Just pl.iin larceny u: 1 embezzlement If llic pur- lies Ijivolvi'ci were just "common folk." Such, it piracy as uncovered by u congressional committee causes us lo wonder xvhy they .send a man lo Hie penitentiary for a little living' like .stcnUrig. n pig or n cow. * * v The grail mujority of the lUiu-rlcim people lire behind President, Roosevelt . . . Col. Lindbergh to llic contrary. We hope he stick. 1 ; to the plan of letting the nrmy carry the mnll. No greater ijcace-lime training could be aftonl- cd than the carrying ot the malls. If we want lo develop acintion, let's develop a defense with it. The army 1ms demonstrated clearly 'tliat It needs just such (mining for the air forces. It. has demonstrated that the air forces bailly need those millions or dollars thai have teen poured into private Industry, not, as a loan, but an outright, gift Irom tire taxpayers. If private industry wants to develop aviation, it wilt receive the co-operiukm ami etxcouvagc- tncnt from the government. But no honest American citizen ean condone the practice o! lil-Jacking the government, even If it is called "Development." —Pine Blull Commercial. 'ttow long would U take me to get into the Big money?" [To the editor':! to C. A. Lindbergh: Good by Charlie; we enjoyed your visit fine. Sorry your dad died so. soon. ' Senator Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma proposes a study-class on money, for statesmen. Poliremen, mallcarriers and oilier government employees must pass a Written examination on heir fitness to serve the public, while officials are chosen on their popularity and party regularity, egafdless ot other qualities. Officers of the Army and Navy are checked up once presumably the Association, ihd ot Hy- gfl*. (he Health Mifdiln*/ Since the outbreak of aincuic ygcnlcry. froni H source in two Jhicaeo hotels, the country lias ccoinc aware of (his disorder, •lilcli formerly was considered a roplcal disease. Insteao of beinj? causen by nil -rdlnnry germ, this condition is stised by a Inrgc type of organ•inv known as the entameba his- olj'lica. Tills .organism . gets - inlo he large irawel, und once fh^re sets up symptom that are : 'i' icedinjly serious. • . Moreover, the ' organism m*y ipveatl to. the liver, particularly, or-to -other organs of - tlVe body au'd Ihr-re set up secondary pla'cep of Infection which . also . are 'a menace to health and life. Although tills condition, ''for- 1 merly. - was unheard of In the northern portions of the Uitltrt Stales, more recent evidence, Indicates that from 5 lo If per ceijjf of all the people' hi tlils country arc infeced. > .. ' ;.' '. vase Is transmitted by Impure vnto'f supply.'. It has hcen sliotfn (hut _ the cys^s of llic enlameba nistolyticn -rhiy live for days or several weeks In water, depending on (hi• temperature of the water and tKe -number of bacteria iii the 'water. •' it WHS thought in the [«st th'at these melhotls of transmission were of comparatively little importance hi this' country, except in the rural districts where people deposit; their.'excretions on ..the soil, arid where wells and-spfIngs are the chief sources of the^vrater supply. More-. recently, • It lias : befen (oiiiid .that any severe conlarnlnri-! tioii of (ho water'supplyfrra-large building may result In the spread of nmebic dy's'eritery.',wh^t occurred in the _ Chicago outbreak. It occurred again recently when an engineer permit ted'river iv.ater, ordinarily used to fill th6' boilers « a manufacturing plant;-to. get r)to the drinking water -supply- of that -buildirfg.' - : '..' INQlAN'S TEU.S ..... OF^AN HE IS/ fr w isiof GIVEN UNTIL MB EARNjj IT AND IT M& GOOD NAME BUILT UP ITS GSEA.T SAFETY MATCH INDUSTRY ON IMPORTED PRODUCTS/ THE WOOD FOR THE A\ATCH BobV AND THE POTASSIUM CHLORATE FOR THE TIP, WERE 8ROUSHf (N FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. in a while, and officials of the iiorc- carefully than in the past. But 1 set iio - immediate hope or n law to indorse n practical Jiiiminatlon of a candidate for office, as to his fitness to serve the people in the oflice to which-'he aspires. If a policeman goes berserk, his associates load him otherwise prevent him from doing AN Indian is not limited to one name all his life. His birth name, 1 Is uscd.unlil he wins a tribal name. This is Riven him by a chicl, } and he must accept it. However, he is given many chances to 1 im- i prove his standing, and each additional unique feat of bravery brings ] him a belter name. ; NEXT: What is "Neptune's Cup'! ' not right, he Is almost beyond restraint. But perhaps I hr > said loo much. I am nol like t , person who wrote the Blytheville Federal Emergency Relief office. 1 am not sure that I know what Excuse Slip Ban Cut Colds ST. LOUIS. (UP)—The number of cases of colds reported by students attending trie St. Louis University has decreased considerably -. since the health office adopted a;. policy of refusing to give out ex-^l ! cusb slips for cold sufferers. !\| more harm. But if a statesman Under (lie new deal, or an old deal, or any other kind of deal, we must look to our women lo marry, have children and raise them lo be good citizens. —Mayor James L. Key of Atlanta. Bv Williams The .organism .which causey; -his disease multiplies' in the- 'bowel and givei off daughter cysts. These cy.'.ls arc passed out of the body with the escretlons, ond if they reach food or drink arc swallowed, in tlic natural way, They pass through the stomach Bntl small Intestines and then get into the upper portions of trie larg'e Inlestints. Here they divide up and multiply' organisms which Im-ade the walls of the bowels. Ordinarily, the cntamcba rjts- tolytica which infects mankinc comes in food or drink Dint has been contaminated. In the manner suggested. Atlcv R person has had the dls- cnsc and recovered, he may carry Iho organisms in this bowel for long periods of time. and. ris a carrier ot the disease. cons.ta.nUy «Kf;lX IIEBB TODAY PAbi.ITO; a Kn4»i>M! ^•>k« «t 4kn »»l«tl»l V1»H«» hmme ft •Illloulre JIM FIELD. WWn M«;l*'< «»ckt«T, ts- TttM.IO. irrlrt. F«Mil. (alls Im !*«•• "Ilk ken l'«h!lli> kx»w> Mfklu •( kf« p.ffml^^i (Hit* K»liUi»an ami n (rrvnx ctrt. tit mtkem hl« nlik NOR HI!) NOYKS. iTHrifc^ for A iHVrder Ttmrn nfo. S»7«» fl»^» ' lake* a ftvciit ot klw. • rahllt* . m4«r. K«r> t Flrld'ri ttixle 1* ' « ttmitr Ar««««< «• ft tBTc- a MKvqHerair: at » trt Eilcllr. T>trt Imvc jKrve kc^weea T*r »«»it KitVI PaMllo •<rlfcr« a Twna Me.fc«jl lift* Mlvtrentlar A cklldf. Me iklilu.tke »ii f» «»d. I.OTTIB. ,,( BHAll, trto thlerrK. Have Yotii Noticed? That • the - Ox-carl, '.the .sulkcy, the horse and. buggy, .the bull tongue'plow, log-rolling house'-r*is- Itig and barn dance are .in, the limbo, of forgotten things. .We.noiv have the Radio, Flying,Machine, Automobiles, .houses made-t'o-order, people rolling, their own, also making It—Yet as of old. Folks' are Folks. ' . ' ' That Sunday is the day.of-rest, yet to some folks it appears to be the busiest day of the week. That a Tailor would be of very little'help to a bob tailed dog. This would also apply to a retail store. They say a cat Ims nine lives yet. It-only lives once. that the bride Is often given away, and the' son-in-law taken' in HOW SHOULD I KNOW wriy ALL THE NEIGHBORS DON'T TAKE MILK OFF THE SAME ' MILKMAN? IF wt£ ALL DID, VJE'D ONLV 8E WOKE UP ONCE BEFORE DAYLIGHT. WE JUST GET TO SLEERAFTER OURS LEAVES, THEN, CLICK-CLA.CVC-CLICK- CLACK, HERE COMES OUR NEIGHBOR'S MILKMAN! I'M GOIN' TO MOVE OUT ONTO A MUD ROA.D - WHY CANT THEY is able to transmit it to other peo- ' pic. cntly mild symptoms of arc the ones moit These carriers, who ' ajipar- are healthy or who have the infectipn, concerned In ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier Nc« has been authorized to announce the following as candidates IOT piiblic office, sub- Jtct to the Democratic next August: For Member at CLINTON L Sets Model Plane Record PHILADELPHIA (UP)-The UJl official national record for -smal model airplanes was broken lieri recently when William Latour. .19 year-old boy-scout, kept his . ma hine-in thc'air for seven'minute nri 22 seconds. For Sheriff »nd Collector' CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Ten* For County Treasurer JOE S. DILLAIIUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Cirtoll Court Clctk HUGH CRAJO ADDISON SMITH For Cfrtinty Conrt Cltik FRED FLEEMAN For Ke-Elcctlon for 2nd Term For Assessor R. L. (BILLYi PAINK3 0. C, (IKE) HUDSON For C«n»UMe nt ChlcKaawba Township JACK ROBERTSON Tuesday, April 3 8. '. Rr'liT MtcKKIu H t ROSS BEAVERS w Ctly SUt . Tke a^xf <hiM^ riibliro • iM a aiotur kaat ^vit !TiHB' 'Silver •*• found," Fi Fire Department 170 Yrs. -Old HADDONFIELD. N. J. .(UPJ — The. local volunteer fire department celebrates its', noth .bifth'day '.this month. .It- .was organized here in i/; 1764. •:• ft- still JposscsMs-' Are '' . 'J htiv.tver , '.it uses • modern inb- - - ' • •Read Courier 'News .Warit. AOs. 5 kMonji ke ! tkric lira. Brad k|i« » E«n anil till* r«hti<« to kr«< ike kbit l»r faint. A I Ike FlrU koiic »r.rrk keel.", l,r fahllfo. J( It kelferrd kr kinrd TKII IKITRIES and Htole tkr JftfTlrm yrarl*. MAK- (-1A THli.\l>\VAT liannii 1k)» i* Wo( 'me' bat temrm •caadill 1C Jihc trIU Ike tratk. SOW (iO O.V WITH THE STOUV CHAPTBR XV er Earl' has been Field announced ni joined the group. by Jo Janvier who's headed for Hio in hia yacht. He wire lessed." "Eipply?" Ma'rcia tislte'tl. "Ves. Signal -U|i — pefliaps (01 iiclp. It wss well below Cuba." "Can Pablito a*im7" ricld laughed. "S«im?" U> »rliocd. "My Ood, can he swim He',: t fish. He was one of tlios ilocV rats, the sort yon loss coins lo wlica yoii aail for Havana." "Do you think he's'iq Havana? \Vili they look for him there?" Marcis aakcd fMcrisliIy. She. could at least wurn 1'ablito. Thank- heaven sbe had .enough money tu liuni tor him and tare tor him if llic need arose. Fifcld said, "lie couldn't swim o Havana. The tli'ebry is tbal the boat got Ualt vay tlierc and then an out of gasolene. Someone clac nay have 'picked him up or he nay have jumped ovorbOHnl, sec- ug sonicllilng bearing down oa ilni. lie Wasik't * coward. He once licked big Zefc'c, who bad all lie utlicr Hccvauts uCrairi yf littu.' "J|m," Marcla said, "why arc you so.frljlitluliy cerfalu I'alilito — JoB'. 1 " She could not lib.brcal( in her voice nor (he bcjllallou bclwocu the « orris. • * « « he oM chap—and lliis fellow's child described I'alililo: It all ties up—hot a doubt In tW world!" "Perhaps it was Nnyta who dia It," Marcia pcrsislcii. Field lauglictl. "iN'oyos!" he said nnd lauBhed again. "Hcmembor ilm, Vatlncf!" he asked, turniug .0 the man at Ilia riglu. "So eaay- ;oinff he-'d do anything to avoid a fight!""Then Iiow did liu murder auy- one!""OK, Lorfl!" Field broke out as Fortney drawled a lar.y, gio- sloweil, "Kather gocd—como to think of it." rcia \vas lappiu-.; a toe on the and lonlciim down. "It's no sign tlie bny dM it because lie knocked down an old man," slic KLlW. "i'ablilo was in a big hurry," Field poinled out. "And lliere's auollicr thini;, tun. Nobody l>at I'aMlto coulrt run the 'Silver D.irt' for more llian 10 feet lately. Tbc damned tub had developed a heart leak. So you see?" "Jim." said Marcia, "if you don't mind I'm i;oiiig on to Havana. The carnival's starting a 1 think il migiit do me good." "Flying over?" Field questioned. • * 4 "V'ES." Slic answered (|iiickly. and her face grew keen. She could gel tlierc promptly, she realized. Klic fell herself respond Ing lo the premise of aclion. She conlrt warn J'aulHo, rrolcct Iiim •rj-BAVUXMO.TAYLOS .CIOM ttel^vKE.IKC realized tkit It was not «»fe for htm to atty IB.or nesir Ilia elittek. He-Sad fcfept_ there after-ha had teen Knocked put, robh'ed ind taken to a hovel 'in a pino woods from which he hail escaped a<ier two long, misery- packed days. Noverlheless ho hail J conia bacic (o set the I'ennell ttch- j! Iriff and the Winslo* Hoftior • water color. Ho hoped to sell ono or tho other or h'otli in order to got his tars to Cuba Wtere l'n\i- '. lilo', whom ho eo. deeded now, would be Tfaitiiig for him. Htdins himself, Noycs liad .' licarri nolbing about the tragedy : at the Field camp. He peered nervously troni ths doorway of, the shack toward U\a mainland, suspecting that ll<9 once wLite human vulture that had already picked his bones might be following. But the vulture had quilted him to go ou . to another carcass. ' • Then Noyes looked farther a:id oil the water saw a boat beanus toward the island. He poked tlis etching and the waler color under an oilcloth table cover and wriggled through a small rear window of the shack. He knew, as liis heart pumjiad Imnl, that they were.after him. That was during the early ail- ernoon when Marcia Trea'dVay. with the arrogance of tliosc wlio cau buy whatever they want, commanded an airplane ami 131 forth for Havana. That was when persisted despite all the testimon that made it .«ccm impossible. "Will yon muke my excuses ID gone on lo Hav And that, oddly cnougii—suc.l- octd tbingj do happen—was at th.i New NorniK and say soodby to her for i '. p l'"" imal< -!_. tl "! B "icV" slio asked, turning lo V'icld i, • ,'. "" , sllsl1 "t judge she's too busy to see ', '?", t _7'"' f" 5 ' when, in JH ot sr£<»t .----„.-- gray, lifeless h'Jir ,, lc - co |that had OIR-C been blond was ia- "She's nitlicr absorhcrt." he ad-l **' Brln S » '»«lcd dclectivc'8 n«-'- mittccl. (t-ownitii,- ••ftelle's miiir. i """' Tll ° ^tccllve had aaksd. HI. This ,ffair lia, ups he i i" 1 "".^ 0 ^ ^W"! \? seems that she was fond of Tab-!" s ' r1 ' blr A<">rcyT »»« «<* liUi. Ho harl taken her boatius ! UiigUshriian replied,' "S" di'lBcul: a good deal, t tl,l,,k Norma would f" say '. >' .. knt) ] is—er— know m'yselt!" uol want to leave licr." Kortney looked aflcr Marcia " ll '° Knjllsliinu.n in New Yor'i as slic turned to go back to her! wandered out into the crowded bungalow. Watching her ho said, streets. Here he signaled n lasi- , dial Tlierese Jertriej lost iN'E o( tli'd men aliidied liisi were her pearls and rings." * ciRar Ihougblfully, (ho oilier The Implication was u looked out lo aca. Flold thought, "Steady, old girl'. You're giving youryclf away I" He said more liajlbntly aiid slowly than tvas usually his way. "1 know ha did, Marcia. His foster father fa a man named Noycs, wanted for a murrtcr years ago. Jeff saw Noycs on one of the, small l>eya ami recognized hirn. He thought iVoyc: recognized him, too. Noyes must have lold Tablito about it and -the boy obviously decided to seal Jeff's Hips ones and for all." "i (nlnfc'ib'u'fe ijprlilni on very little,'' H«cia e»l« cSatply. "My de»r," Field answered Irritably, ."tljt whole thing'* cldr. W 'hire the proof in Pablito's wait* my .«wft $oor little Eirl rccdtnlzed Ibis morning. There's the Uct, too, that the boy kEocVtd 4oV$ sn old trj-d-to tto| hlta— <1?5< to'kiHed under- cab and was whirled toward a hotel wljleh faced on an aveu'ji known as 1 Park. In Hie hotel ti: settled in a deep chair lo look at '.'I'm glaJ Mania's gelling out."! a newspaper but he saw 11 not Field stated bluntly. Theu lie tor-i a " - 1Jo tj °" ld llliuk on 'y of ( E"t lier and hd- intcrcsl In the 5<>""S thing for whom he-' lalo Mr. Jeffries who had been so scarcliing. He Iclt that, from utiwUo as to iilijEvt t« a strnnger'i! ironic gesture ot (at* and b«c«'l" ordain.; the smnll B;,fc that held wife's peurls. Kicld forgot lii Alvarez wa.i hurrying toward him. an Import;. at mcssasc making )]| s lean faco keen anil left his guests to lowanl Alvarez. "TEiero ia news, "A ftsh -last Alvarez h1m ot'lho wickedness of his J° u . lSl : his KCnrch would result-In -.uioliitr Kirl. He almost nt a piclnrc which. (lq_atlnj through his mind, s» ve , vision ot nve hloud, ronnt dutiful daughlcrj. 'Hfs d«siro for a son mounted but the s'n<W c ° n science that was'lls >»d mads liluj decide tlut, no m«tter what »» <><> tb« the only tnlil {«* * ' . . ••xiti.iiuujl IflCL UI£,UI. - - ,. j LJ» taw a light in the shack wli«t« the sei ot (he chil4,'0» Pablito TiVed. It is (nought tbst *" "'"" M H " <fc« oror he has not left Florid! at all but, IB order to set us ott oi i false trail, he tlarled the 'Silver world to At'. He was tlr«d o£ the Hi «!8»«* thing: at and i,",,. ii^^LdiL^u tae oii«er uart to i * L ^ *i« i*,^« ~- --- -. i , . -, rea with L|s red tath— If It was bis contusion areund hi? tea a* wif ' ' -IU4 ts the I. I'te over to ths ah»ck to eearcl — "- by o'ls ._•_.,_ (To'B< fi*??B*

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