Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1914 · Page 4
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1914
Page 4
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r^x '•-• ' #OtJB ;LEBMON DAILY NEWS y *v ?% .'•lou.iioa Sail? ffiteerit BTmaiy) ny NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY ta **"* BnlldiBffi 9onib ftifffcth A. a. scnao**, ttanariar ENGAGEMENT RINGS DAXX,? WBWS H«t»bU»hed 1378 8BMJ.WBJ8Kl.1r HDWfl Xtt*blllh«d 1894 &. BCttROPP. and TrMiliir«r jr. K. R. 8CMROPP. Secretary JStiUrM In th» Poitofflce of Lebanon, ft., M ntcond-clftoa matter PAPS* or ^'mta o«reA»I> oOirtmf Peopla'« 'phone 11 'phono .170 Term* of r »i».vrt 4>1lverM by carrlt-rn «t «lx tent* p«r week. »n,/ subscription. It.oo t>«r year, payable in advance. Btml-Weekly News, $1.00 par Tear, payable in advance. "•" " ' • ... . . „, Rubtcrlbern changing their old sddre«« are requested to notify thl» oltlc* by " tti»jl or telephone, atatlng old aa well tn n«w addraaa. ftet/llttnnee*, Drafts, Check*, PontolTlce Order* and KxpreM Orders ahould nM« payable to the order of Lebanon N«w« Publlthinir Company. Ira,', If frftf-rt-TTi A SOBI.K onnen, Members of tho Lebanon Masonic fraternity held an Interesting and decidedly pleasing banquet this week, the details of which were published In the-"News." It was a notable affair because it wan n Masonic event, ,'btit it was also noteworthy because •there wcro present scholars, merchants, members of the legal and medical professions, mechanics and other artisans, nnd men from nearly all the walks of life, nut «t tho banquet they met nt the festive bonri 1 an they do In lodgo room or olso- ' whore, with u disappearance of tho ,disparities of east or fortune, for manhood, not money, IH an eo- «cntlal qualification to tho creation of a Mason. Millionaires have been blackballed when their clerks havo bocn admitted. Masonry IH one of tho greatest bulwarks of a government (if order, one ot, the stronReHt pllltivH of a moral, -.God-fearing, man-loving society, b> •Ctiu'se Its cardinal tenet IB a belief In .tlio oxlsteaco of a Supreme Hulor "f tho univoriui, and, IIH a corollary to "(hat sublime truth, faith In an In- '.dividual.'existence after death, aiv.t belief that If a rniin fulls to pay an .honest'debt, whether of money or of duty, thIB Hide tho Hhorelpsn river, ho muni Nomohow make good on tin • uthor sltlo, . "_„•'• "Masonry," It IIBH been well said UNUSUAL NAMES.' It Is a fad with some men—especially half-backed schoolmaster—to search tho dictionary for obsolete or unusual words with a view of hurl- Ing them at the heads of harmless and helpless people. A professor em. ployed in the government agricultural experiment station in Nevada announces that he Is about to conduct a series of experiments In "agronomy." Tho growers of alfalfa, the cultivators of bean« and those who stimulate the growth of onions and corn aro all agronomists, although most of them don't know It, and if called such might Imagine themselves Insulted and smite the scientist who thus designated them. Agronomy Is but another name for agriculture. It Is tho art of cultivating the' ground. Why not call It by a name that everybody understands? Why go browsing through tho dictionaries for another name? If this, port of thing IH encouraged wo flhall have soldiers called "aguorrys." and laundries called "alblfication" factories. Can't be too good for the girl of your choice. Blue, Perfect Diamonds, Oold or Platinum Settings, 200 to choose from, fSM.OO to £150,00. Each a matchless bargain. J.C. SCHMIDT JEWELER, 748-45 Cumberland .Street Established J80a lioth Phones STATE NEWS IN BRIEF The United Publishers Association of New York Cltv has Investigated, and certifies to, the circulation of this publication. These facts have been established, and guaranteed to advertisers. .,, ( "t^iiejioB mi that the Ineffable ..... £r-'ijyof wisdom and love permeate* al ;>tV 5 - l tluie- and space. Tho noul discerns lOad's presence In every form of btv •IV ing ttiul every manlfoHtutlon of nature;. In tho morning nnd iho evening; in tho spring with Its refresh- lug sjlpwer*, and tho autumn with « , Up rl»h sheaves nnd golden harvest; jrfYif* ' t j V$'i t JH IHo forostH with their infinite va- • I'ioty pf llowor and foliage; In tho .mountains that lift their hoary hcrndh uupvo tho c'loudH; lu tho rivulets that 11 it tlio minlight; and In tho '»mi8 that mirror tho glory of tho I j I'AthaiBm may spread far and \ehyttiiiK out from tho «oul the hope , but while tho Masonic ooniinuoH u power on earth will find a Htiiictuury In Ha runii TI • .'gcieucp toll*; us many useful facts, '.-It Is Interesting to learn that tho recent, high titles on the California yfet ppft|t jvero caused by tho earth belns aegrev to both the sun and the moo:i souBnn of the year, Hut wee 'i * that thorn IH no legal way o un this cdeplial rombin against the owners of Ban loU, science could do a bettor luri, by t?!!infi the Callfornluntt how t bujld Btrousor bulkheads. TUB DLFFERBNCE. Not long ago a Justice of tho peace In H Works county town sent a young man to the County Jail because no uddrofiHed a. young woman with tho familiar cry, "Oh, you kid." How Indignant would she have been If -, 1 . Th ^, r °" o y* ln ' f la th « location of th» City Fire Alarm Boxen: 6— Eighth and Willow 8U. ti— Klghth uiut Scull Hts 7 — Second and Cumberland Bin. 8— Klgnth ana Locust atu. U— Beconu utid Walnut it*. it — Kilth and WnJnut BtA. It — Kl«lilh and ChoBtnut fits. 14 — Ninth avd Cumborlund OU. J6 — Tenth nu<J Wulnut Bta. 16— Cutnberlund and Old Cumberland Bts. 11—ii.iKhUi aj»a Cumberland St». U— Sixth ami Willow Bla. IK — Hixth ana Locust Bts. <U — Twelfth and i''orjse bta. t'd — Klftd anu Cumberland Sto. t\ — tioventb and Cumberland SU, ai) — li'ttth and LoiiniAn bu. Jti — Bevi-iHii and Weidman Sta. ii — J'nira and i.oiiinun at». ft- — Kl«vuntn ana Uuntora sts, !ti— li'iiieenth and Walnut Sid. i.l— Ninth mid Lehmiui bte. »<t—l'Vititth ana i^ehman au. j — Iblcvetiin and cnuroh Su. (> — Ti'tith and Mlltlln bin. > — i'ourtuentli and church 8t«. iiti spruce and Mimin Sato. 1^/nt Ave. and Walnut Street. . e. ornwall K. K. and Cumberland SL U — Kigntn and Aiupio sta 4ii — illBiith and AVUter ati. ii — faiMh and Nortn Alley. tu— 'iuiiin mid »cull SU ol— Jj'irat and MIKliu at*. f IKE CO. PHONES At $50 to 1140, milch eows are bringing the highest prices for years In Berks county. While digging a, well at Boyertown, Jonae Nyce fell into it and was badly bruised. Peter V. Hay has been nominated f«-r tho fifteenth time as chief of the Fire Department of Norristown. A horse owned by Dr. A. B. Rlttcr, of Pennsburg, broke a leg by getting ft. twined In a frozen rut on the high, way. Morris X. Hoffman, of Reading, haft been arrested, charged with forging tho name of F. B. Pedrlck to a check for $35. Thomas Hovel, of Ardmore, was fined $10 by Norrlstown's Burgess tot running an automobile without a chauffeur's license. Despite a drop of 32 cents per dozen for eggs - in Schuylklll Valley towns, chickens are advancing In price to 18 cents per pound, live weight. U IK necessary to keep flres burning In Pine Grove cemetery, Berwick, to thaw the ground enough to dig the graves. John Chefcadee, who has been In the Berwick hospital for four weeks, suffering from a broken leg, wants to go home, but haa forgotten where his homo la. James B. Graham, president of the Northern Central Trust Company, has been elected president of the Williamsport Young Men's Christian Aesocla- fion. ho had addressed her, "Hello, lady." • old THR VITALIZE!* A critic of one of tho church Catechisms says that It Is a meaningless jumble of words ujid ho advises that It be subdivided and vitalized. If a man sincerely tried to govern his conduct by it for a fow years ho might find that it still con tallied enough vitality to keep him busy. BELT, PHON1S 807 Union "US Pcrnevcranoo *0l JLtherty SOU no: 1 801 t>OUJ BOOJ AMERICAN PHONE ...... t 31 .j 6D 95-ti 70 146 302 44 483 Koscuo Cloocl Will Choinlcnl Hook and Ladder Chief Klre Dept. We know of many princesses who danco the tango divinely whoso mother sat up <>' nights to mend her only calico dress or put u fow stitches n her kitchen apron. IHDWB ITEME. If a fow more Mexican armies re- root acmes tho border Uncle Sam will HOOII have all of the artillery he edu, thus enabling flon. Leonard Wood to Hleop o' nights. , H would be fairer to the banks fLtt* )H*ey k »ew the make-up of tb board before agreeing to on- new system. Without thla it IH a leap In the dark banku ought not to be re to iGrippe and Cold fit v. r, ^M Cure , you ever used. flar wor4 for H. Mosey b»ok so, ioo pack* IHcGOWM fl?-^Wr SF T^ ^^,wB» W * Secretary Bryan says ho would lika o be Senator from Nebraska. With \lt» present job, In connection with ho Senutorshlp, aud doing the yodo- llng act on the Chautaurjue circuit, ho would be a fairly busy man. The ruction lu Congress over the allow blUs Induces tho remark, what the aliens? The astronomy sharps are still quarreling about the sun spots. Why not leave it to the ground hog? The "Nowa" IB aiw»y» pieaaea to receive IIOWH Iternu, social not&s, sporting ueww, personal* wid ooinment of public Intarusl, but all »uch communication!! must 1)8 «i«ned with tho writer-* name, not necessarily fpr publication, but e.n »n evidence or good faith. Anonymous communications will bo lenorud. Hlg'h water nlong tho border, so that the Wo Grande could not bd forded, would do much toward bringing peace out of chaos in that part of the country. " » O » i ... Virginia will go to law to recover tho will of Martini Washington. According to early history the Father of HlB Country would have gone to no such The Colorado woman who ban just captured the chairmanship of tho Democratic State Committee Is, of course, preparing for a sweeping vie- tory at tho polls, If you see two or three of your friends gathered together and excitedly discussing something, it Is the Income tax law. Andrew Ehenlnsky, of Hazleton, who claims that he entered tho tool- boiif-e of. tho .Slavish cemetery, at Laurel Hill, to sleep, Is under arrest charged with setting the building ablaze. A Sunday school formed by members of tho Lutheran and Reformed denominations at Greenowatt, Berks county, may result In the erection of a church. • At a special:'election, Bast Greenville will: decides whether or. nob; a $23,000 loan for*a.-new school house shall be made, a previous vote having failed. i Fleetwood's Board of Trade, which will apply for a charter, is agitating the organization of an up-to-date fire company and a new bridge over the Willow Creek. ' John H. Witter, of Newmanstowi*. has slaughtered two Poland • China hogs that weighed, -dressed, 629 and 730 pounds, and has a boar 3 years old that weighs 960 pounds. Hearing a noise in his cellar, Samuel Fryer.-of Pottstown. found a fat 'poasum lying sung and warm on n shelf, and ho believes the animal got in last November, .before ho closed tip the windows aijd, doors for the w-in tor. iii The Saving of Money by the,use of ^ Royal Baking Powder is considerable Royal is economical, because ft M sesses more leavening power and goes further. Royal saves also, because it always makes fine, light, sweet food, all digestible; never wastes good flour, butter and ,Thcrc Is no eggs. baking ivvr • "•"!«> * .MI powder so- More important still economical is the saving in health. ta practical Royal Baking Powder matter how adds anti-dyspeptic Uttte others i* • .• V /• r i may cost, qualities to the bod. as the Royal TWENTY YEARS AGO | . The Birdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Company is making a largo diving bell, to be iifi&d along the coast of Florida by moving-picture operators, who yill be, stationed Inside thn bell, covered with glass, and photograph a diver as ho Ughis a shark. SATURDAY, FEB. 10, 1894. Tho Weliner machine 'works havo received the contract for making the metal frame work for marking the borings on Diamond Shoals, off Cape liatteras, North Carolina. Clerk Snyder bas received the paraphernalia for the next election, including the return • sheets, tally sheets, duplicate return sheets and certificates .for tho election of Justice of the Peace, and as soon as ballots are printed, will arrange them for delivery to the different election districts. The sheriff's election proclamation occupied tho fourth pago of this Issue and an Item, stated that it crowded* out a number, of the best items which came, in late in the day. Today the employees of the. C. and T/. railroad company were paid their last, month's wages by A. D. Hoffer, esq., treasurer of the railroad. Tho Sons of Veterans this morning received four drums and a diwi major's bpjton. They dlejplayed them in the window of FranU Bros., gents furnishers. The Rtobesonta Iron Company, of which William C. Freeman, of'Corn- wall, is the' manager, shipped forty- two cars of Iron from'the Robesonla furnace to SteoHou on Thursday. Reuben R. Wenrlch sold his property, No, 352 North Tenth street, to Mason J. Albert and possession will be given In spring. Terms private. Mr, Wenrlch has purchased a property The Meaning of St. Valentine's Day By RUTH CAMERON This Is a big country and there will always be big business. Vo nrgue otherwise is very small bust- ueiss. A lot of talk in Washington about this aud that proposed by President Wilson. Out when is he going to take a day off and reduce the hlgn coat of living. What a lot of guff and fuatlan all those promises were? Corset niauufa cturers claim that the lango is ruining their business. Probably by making glad the waist places. English Beauty Tills Complexion Secret* It is now claimed thut radium will euro the man who has hitherto upeut bis We trying to get something Iw that case U is ("Kllse" l» American Home,) Throilirh u fortunute luootlnjr with an isllKh luiiy, noted for her daixling ooiiiplexlon. l recently learned the full nieanluB of tlmt old ud»ge, "Bcttuty is i>ui skin ae«p." Sh« taught nnj how 10 reinovo my mti.Wy old skin, rcvfsllntf the young and heuutlful Bkln uiuloniwh. 1 n« prw-esa is so simple, harmless und in*xj>p»slvc. I'm suro you'll be glad to know about It. .Mist not an ounce of ordinary merfollred wax at nriy druR.. etor* fimJ apply nightly, like .-old cream (or a week or so. Every morning in washing off the wax, liny particles of worn-out cuticle oome off, too. The action la MO scull* and eraduHl. there'*, no discomfort. It's H wotularfnl treat- ineut. as ji not only pcel.s uff tho faded or discolored Bktn, but all of its d«- fet-t?, «M clmpij, roughness, frwklos, piiu- plws, oJotches. blockhead*. 1 »m iud«btad to tho Mime l«dy for * r»m»rk«,blo wrtnklo-removlng formu* 1». On« ounco powa«r«Hl sosoJUe Is dts- solvea In a li»lf pint witch h»Ml. u«wi *« » f*ce b»th. tht» is «o elective EXTRA SPECIAL New Victor Dance Records 175^6 ,„„„ 17628 17520 35355 36361 353bb— 35359-- 85360 Irresistible—Tango Argentine. . .Victor Military Band Brazilian Preams — Tango Argentine, Victor Military Band Amapa — Maxixe Hreslllenne. .. .Victor Military Baud Sans Soucl — Maxixe Bresiljenue. Victor Military Band Sqmo Smoke —One-Step, Two-Step or Turkey Trot, Victor Military Banl Leg of Mutton—One-Step, Two-Stop or Turkey Trot, Victor Military Band Maurice HesltaUon Waltz ...... Victor Military Baud The Poem— Valso Boston ...... Victor Military Band Girl on the Film— Hesitation Waltzes, Victor Military Band Ade|e WalUes— Hesitation pr Boston, Victor Military Band Queen ot the Movies — One-Step, Twjj-Step or Turkey Tr °t ........... . .......... .Victor Military Band Maurice Matlchiohe — i Brazilian Majcjjte), Victor Military Bond Too MUch M.U6tard-*-Qne-Stop or Turkey Trot, Europe's Society Orchestra Down Home R«g— One-Step or Turkey Trot, ' Europe's Society Orchestr* Irresistible — Tango Argentine, Europe's Society Orchestra Amapa — Maxisa Bresilien, Europe's Society Orchestra Miller Organ & Piano Co, *•*•'"«.•*• I HAVE often wondered what was the oxact origin of, our celebration of St. Valentine's day, what St. Valentine's connection with it was and why the information on this subject which usually appears In our magazines and newspapers about this time of year is always so vague and unsatisfactory. "This year, for your sake and mine, I took'the radical Step' of looking the matter up, aud as my valentine.to you, let me tell you a few things aibout Valentino's Day. In tho llrst place, the reason no one ever tells us clearly about the origin of tho celebration and why it is called St. Valentine's Day Is that no one knows. There aro two Valentines for.whom this honor has been claimed. The first is Saint Valentine, a pope of the early church. He was a most holy and austere man and was cast into jail for his faith during the Claudlan persecutions. While ho was there he cured tho jailor's daughter of blindness; subsequently ho was beaten with clubs, then beheaded. The other Valentine was a bishop. 'The chief thing known about him was that he choked to death on a llsh.bone. For some reason people afflicted with epilepsy pray for him. Any possible reason why either one of these men should be chosen for the patron saint of lovers no one has been able to find out. '">ers no The celebration itself probably comes down to us from the old Roman times, for in tho month of February festivals were held to Juno o7!he an iri an rVm° ° f ^ ^^^ ^ ^ "^ b ° y " l ° draw t^o naiw The Christian fathers disapproved of this custom and tried to Induce the young men to draw tho names of saints instead. The idea was tha? each young man was to imitato tho virtues of the saint whose nam« he drew m connection with this custom, it is supposed that Saint Valentine somehow got mixed up with the day which npw bears hlg nam« There are many traditions c onn e °ted with the 14th, of February is that it Is the day on wbi.-.h birds choose their mates Hence lug of names by the young men. According to an old English custom the man or maid who «r«*< member of the opposite sex by being the first to say, "Good mowoV 'tis St. Valentine's Day." could claim a sHt. "»v»r°w, us Another idea was that the first woman seen by a man on that and vice versa—was to be his valen tine or sweetheart. ' Of course, the immortal Pepys has some interesting little to contribute. Valentine givers will b e interested to know that this mw die class gentleman gave his vaienti" 8 a dozen Pairs of gloves and «*i* ot silk stockings. Quite evidently the cost of living aould not what It is now, Again, he tells us how Will Bo^or came to be hfs wife's "She having (at which I made good ^l 10 ^ to myself) held hei the morning:, that she might not bee ^° painters that were at ing my chimney piece and pictures *« m y dining room '• Doesn't, that bring a hundred y^w ago cloee to u«» n wij^^r^ :&&*£ on Lehman street, near Seventh. A superior quality of clay was found last fall on the lands of Robert H. Cole'man, along the C. and U ralN road, and a sample was sent by A. Hess to Crisholm, Boyd & White, brick manufacturers, of Chicago, III. After a thorough test of the clay and the manufacture of a Dumber of ed bricks a sample w«a gent to tW» city and the firm stated tb»t Jt was of sufficient weight tnd demMty t» be used for buildings 15 to 18 stories in height. The firm Bube«que&tly plao, ed one of the bricks 0 « Krt,i( at the Columbian Exposition in Have you ever taken t ho trouble to lnvesu«ta the quality "and merits of «*>•»•* CelebJiUd QyaUr* Bottir Crickus uaferwente^ an 4 unatJuHerftted Pure, ojean, nutritious snd -wholesome Best Known w$ B PQVU M «» Blit ' Manufactured eicce ' r ™ ' ^ T t, i , ». J <, , * ™ V' , * *ta V ( T ^ ^ "^ ^, * T ' •» f ' * •* ^ ( . t ^ f > f{ jft* \ '

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