Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas on March 26, 1984 · Page 51
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Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 51

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1984
Page 51
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Battles flames A Boston firefighter battles flames from a second-story window of a burning duplex Home in Boston's Dorchester section, Sunday. The cause of the fatal two-alarm blaze is under investigation. * Today's TV listing r, tf- ^ * s, 6:00€D''9) Entertainment this-Week — The Pretenders are eniovirig the success of their nev/ single, "Middle of the Road,'".Which is quickly climbing the rock music charts. Their popularity is doubly sweet for lead singer Chrissie Hyndo, who struggled to rebuild her band after two of the founding Pretenders died of drug overdoses QDf0J KAMC Action News 6EKJOJ Star Search (3J Siskel & Ebert at the Movies r<|; Alias Smith & Jones f.6j Cover Story (R) (14j ElMaleficio (15.1 News Update f1«j News 9 Weekend (]7j "Safari 3000" David Carradine and Slockard Channing race across Africa in an international road rally. Nudity, language MO) SportsCcnlor • 6:300 i]Jj A House for All Seasons — "Innovations" A look at some of Ihe latest and most promising home energy technologies 60 CO) Classic Country '. f.3) A Look at the Cubs— From the Cubs spring training camp In Mesa,'Ariz. . r.£) NHL Special Edition — New York Islanders at the Washington Capitals (Live) IHJ Ml Secrotarta ijd) Islanders at Washington <2t) "Penthouse de la Muerte" 6:35r2) Down to Earth — Comedy about the misadventures of the Preston family and their "special" housekeeper . 7:OOO (12) The All New This Old House—(RepeatsWed.) (CC) OJfOJ Dlff'rcnt Strokes — "The Van Drummonds. A long awaited visit from Drummond's Oulch Cousin, Anna and her son Hans, leads to chaos (CC) £D 00 Dukes of Hanard — The Dukes had believed that Luke's little brother had been lost In a hospital fire while a baby, until he shows up at the Duke farm (R) . €Bf8i T.J. Hooker — "Wallt a Straight Line" Hooker's life Is leopardlzed when an alcoholic cop blunders his way Into a stakeout to take revenge on a robber v/ho wounded his parlner (R) (CO 63(10) Switch — A v/oman who hires Pete and Mac to find her misslnn husband is immediately murdered which makes the Switch team determined to solve both mysteries C3) "White Line Fever" (1975) Jan-Michael Vincent, Kay Lcnz, Group of Independent truckers, led. by veteran, decides to floht the corrupt forces that control the trucking business CC Movie oflhe Week (T4) Conclerto • • < (15) Ncws/Wealhor/Sports 08) ESPN's Saturday Night USFL , Football — Jacksonville Bulls at Memphis Showboats (Live) (20J "The Godfather" (1972) Marlon Brando, Al Paclno. Francis Ford Coppola's Oscar winning epic saga of Don Vlto Corleone and his violent rise to supremacy in the' Mafia (Rated R) 7:05f2) Atlanta Hawks Basketball — vs. the New York Knlcks 7:30Q (12) Groat Chefs of Sap Francisco — Chef Werner Albrccht of the "Four Seasons." Included on the menu are "Crayfish and Poached Quail £005" and "Hlppennasse" • OD (9) Silver Spoons — "Passports fo Pleasure" ftlcky reluctantly agrees to <jo alono with Derek's idea to skip scout convention and find a couple of "older" olrls (R) 8:OOO (12) Judy Sings — Judy Gar- land's original TV musical variety series. Peggy Lee guest stars OK9') People Are Funny —-Flip Wilson hosts this new half-hour comedy featuring ordinary people in humorous man on the street interviews and zany challenges • {0 C7) Alrwolf — ' Stringfellow Hawke and Airov/olf become involved in a potentially dangerous situation between two 'African countries 60CO') Love Boat — "Prisoner of Love" Gopher is held captive by a love-starved woman; "Youth Takes a Holiday" a couple is • shocked when they see their pal with a young looker; "Don't Leave Home Without It" a retired policeman learns some shocking information about Vicki's friend (R) (CC) • SD i-IO) "Lady Carolina Lamb" Ri• .chard Chamberlain, Sarah Miles. Wife of an English politician scandalizes everyone by her open affair with Lord Byron • ([Al El Mundodel Box . . 115) News Update ri7j"The Sword a the .'Sorcerer" Lee Horsley. Advenlures and wonders await the hero talon in the ancient kingdom of En-Dan (Rated R) ,..-'• (2.U "Ml Ultimo Tanso" 8:10(15) Freeman Reports 8:30Q}r$) Mama's Family —- "Dear Aunt Fran" Fran takes over the J paper's advice to the lovelorn column '" -' • '••'''. <?:OOQ (12) Austin City Limits , a)f9) Yellow Rose — "When Honor Dies" Par! 2 of 4-part episode. , Roy clashes with Juliette Hollister, newspaper editor'and daughter of Jeb, the Champions' bilter enemy (R) CB <T1 Mike Hammer — Three women obscure the.clues on a pho- ' tograph which is Hammer's only lead to solving the murder of the photographer . 'QDC6J Fantasy Island — "The Gig Switch" A wife wants her husband to learn what it's really like lo be a v/oman; "Hooker's Holiday" A prostitute wants to be a "normal" v/oman (R) (CC) f.3'J News (f5) News/Wcather/Sports 9:20(2) The Unknown War 9:30(4) Specials (6J CBB Player of the Year (R) (IGj Rangers at Hartford (Delayed Broadcast)' 9:45(21; Boxeo' .0:000 (12) Teaching Students with Special Needs Q) f9) OD (7) QD C8~J News 61) (10 Twilight Zone C3) Easter Seal Telethon (Contin,;, ucs until 6p,m, Aprill) '. GD Western Endowment - . "CO) Night Flight — Take Off To-.,. .'.Women in Rock'-. . • •*' • (M) '/La nave'do los monstruos" (Comedy, B&W) Plporro dfj Sports Tonight •,.'•".' (fJOBcsJ of Bizarre 37 (CO (18) SportsCenter ' t <2ffi Not Necessarily the News IO:20C£) TBS,Evonlng News • 10:300 (12) Footsteps Easter Seal Tetelnon — C, KCIUI, l . (ft) PUS, KTXT, Liililmck (Cn CD CltS, KI.HK, i.iiMinrk (ft) SIN, New York ( . Liihlioflk <CnM«) ' (ff>,(:i\N,Atim>iii(O.i>i<-) .,©) WOK, Np.w J.TM-.V (Cnldr) .Knrly Morning 1:00£Df.tO) INN News .'• Ct} Bachelor Father (Iff/ Joe Franklin 1:05(17)'fTho M«nn vyho Couldn't Got Enough" A youho sox-starvod. or- : chltccl finds his personal problems arc bcolnnino to oivc him an . f20),H«lil(- Urjx Orriri; (I'"? Oi (jJJD'CiiInvl.lor) (I'iiy Cnlili-) EVENING JOURNAL, Luhbock, Texas—Monday, March 26, I984— D-7 Woman accused of killing son described as 'loving mother' "edifice complex." Adult humor 1:15(21) "Paula, Lagrlmas del Primer Amor" 1:3010 (7) Nightwatch f4J Life of Rilev . : (15j Crossfire ' l;.«rie) SportsCcnter 2:00f2j "Blondio's Big Deal" (19-19) Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake. Dagwood invests in a fireproof paint and uses the boss' house to demonstrate r?j INN News fib The 700 Club r~6~) The Year in Tennis ( R ) (15) Freeman Reports fl'6) Religion flei NCAA Division III Men's Basketball Championships — From Grand Rapids, Mi. 2:3(K3J Laugh-In uf214GrandesNovelas (R) (14) Grandcs Novelas 2:35fl7j "Safari 3000" David Cnrradlne and Stocknrd Channinci race across Africa in an inlernational road rally. Nudity, language 2MOI20J "Second Thoughts" (1983) Lucio Arnaz, Ken Hov/ard. An attorney becomes accidentally pregnant by her sometimes (over, an unconventional street musician (Rated PG) 3:00r31 The Protectors ' (15) NewsNIgh! Update (2f) "El Tango en Broadway" 3:30f2) Rat Patrol f3j "Come Out Fighting" (8&W, 19d5) The East Side Kids get mixed up with gamblers while teaching the police commissioner's son to box f4 ! Ross Bagley Show ("6) Sports Probe 4:00f2") Candid Camera f6j "Friendly Enemies" (10) News • 00) Billiards'— Women's World Invitational 7-Dall Championship <l:10(17i"Shoriock Holmes Faces Death" An ancient family ritual is the key to a brutal triple slaying (No Rating) 4:25:20; Not Necessarily the News (HBO Comedy) ,4:30f2} Jimmy Swaaaart C<f) Another Life (15) Moneyllne rJ6) Joe Franklin TV channel key C£) WTIIS, AtlmiliilCiil.W Taj WON, ChirnpofCiililiO C4J Virniiiin, (> \i,ni.-') GO Nirl«-t<n!r<>ti, ') u.m.-d p.m. fSJ I'jlfrlroiiir l'rojmiiiini!iiji Guiilr (Culilr) ' • Q rus, KTXT, i.ui.imrk • OS I'SA, NVw York (Cnl)li-) CO (iBS, Kl.nK, (C.ihlc) fJ3 Ai»:i KAM'C,- G£) Nlic, KC»n, (fi5) KJfAA, lrnlrpcnil('nl : (21 |[oiir>i)('(-iil)l'-) QD A»f., KAMC, 03 KJAA, Indrpoiirictil, irli MILTON, Fla. (UP!) — A woman accused of murdering her paralyzed son was described in the first wccft of. her trial as a "loving mother" whose life was filled with tragedy, but prosecutors said she was a calculating killer who'wanted to collect $125,000 from life insurance policies. : " Judi Buerioano,'40,'of Gulf Breeze, Fla., is charged With first-degree murder in the death'of her son'Mi- chael Goodyear, 19, who drowned on ' a canoe trip May 13,1980. ' ; ; . Testimony, which hegan Friday, was to resume today. •' . ' Prosecutors say the former nurse and manicure shop owner was "a- shamcd and embarrassed of her son" and plotted his murder to collect $125,000 in insurance benefits. In opening statements, prosecuting attorney Russell Edgar told 12 jurors that Miss Bucnoano poisoned her son with arsenic and then dumped him, wearing heavy braces and no life preserver, from the canoe. The victim was paralyzed from the elbows to his fingers and knees to his toes but had limited use of his arms and could operate his wheelchair. • i Doctors have testified Michael's paralysis — which a witness said developed in 1979 — was the result of unidentified toxins, but they could not determine their source. Volcano island gets rocked by fiery eruption VOLCANO, Hawaii (UPI> — Hawaii Island Civil Defense officials blocked off a road and put staff and inmates of a low-security prison on 'alert today as-fiery lava flows bore down from Mauna Loa, the World's largest active volcano. ! ' . The 13,680-foot, volcano's 'first eruption in-nine years occurred at 1 a.m. HSt Sunday (5 a.m. CSTl 30 miles from Hilo, the-main city on the island of Hawaii, with a population of 35,200. Curtains of lava up to 500 feel high produced two flows late Sunday, one heading east in the general direction of Kulani Honor Camp, a 10,000-acrc facility housing 55 inmates and staff. The other river of molten rock headed northeast toward the Saddle Road, which runs between the -giant volcanos Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea to link the city of Hilo on the island's eastern coast with the northern city ofWaimea. With the flow nine miles away Sunday night, the road was.closcd at both ends as a precaution and to keep out sightseers who flocked to the area to catch the eruption, said civil defense spokesman Bruce Butts. . The prison'camp was put on alert . as the flow slowly approached within five miles of the camp. Officials mapped out contingency plans to . move the prisoners 17 miles to the village of Kcaau, where they would be housed in a lent camp set up in a ballpark. Monks harbor Indian family WESTON, VI. (AP),- And on Sunday they rested., . A family of Guatemalan refugees settled into their :new home, a five- bedroom house-on the grounds of the Weston Priory, after being delivered during the weekend by a church group's cross-country "overground railroad" that defied federal immgrationlaw. In their native Guatemala, Ihe family of Mayan Indians, a farmer and a weaver and their five young children, normally arose as early as 4 a.m. in the highlands village they said they had to flee because death squads were looking for them. But after arriving amid pealing bells here Saturday, the family slept well past Sunday's 5 a.m. ch'anls that mark the beginning of every day for the 12 Benedictine monks who have offered them sanctuary indefinitely. The family, used to sleeping together on straw mattresses in their one-room adobe hut in Guatemala and more recently in sleeping bags on church floors in this country, slept in real beds in separate rooms for the first time. Drug smuggler's art pays off in auction.'-; NE)V YORK (AP) - Th'c'u.S/ Trcasury'tbok a gamble that paitj off : handsomely over the weekend when; an auctioneer appealing to patriotism sold a drug smuggler's prl/.cd Tiffany collection of art glass for $1.7 million. The .auction on Saturday of 273 Louis Comfort Tiffany vases, potter-, y, lamps and furniture wijs the fjr.stj time that the federal government had consigned a collection of (Confiscated ' 'art to a, ,,non-gpvcrnmcnt;'auction house. ; : v, , ; /:-'i'>.\ . • ,' i '•' The collection .was sete! two years,ago from -Barry VV-iToombs, inow serving a 15-year prison term, by agents 6f..the. Drug Enforcement Administration, 1 ,, ''r', I; '•>..-." ; Defense attorney James Johnston told the jury Miss Hucnoano is "a fine person am! a loving mother" and did not Kill her son or anyone else. It was just coincidence, Johnston said,.that Miss Buenoano's son, husband and two boyfriends died.during the past 12 years. :'• In addition to Michael's murder, Miss Buenoano is suspected — but not charged — In the deaths of; Her husband, James Edgar Goodyear, 37, of Orlando, Fla., who died , •Sept. 16, ] 1971; her boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris, 37, who died Jan. 2R, 1978, in .Trinidad, Colo.; and another boyfriend, Gerald Dossett, 48, who died Feb. 4, IpflO, in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Johnston said the canoe trip was not part of a murder plot but a pleasure trip to give Michael "the one thing he had longed for." He said the canoe capsizing was an accident. ^|f CIRCLE DRIVE IN SSIh&Q 7X4-M84 All Tickeli 11.SO btlorc t PM Mon.-Frl. All tlckeli »?.jo Sal. & Sun. lor Iho HI Show only IOM SULKK LAMITEB OD Mon.-Fri. 2:00-4:00-7:00-9:00 Sot. & Sun. 1:00-3:00-S:00-7:00-9:00 Weekdays 2:00-4:30-7:00-9:35 Sat. & Sun. 1:10-3:40-7:10-9:45 Mon.-Fri. 2:10-4:15-7:04-9:10 Sat. A Sun. I:05-3:15-5:2S-7:35.9:5C Mon.-Fri. 2:15-4:20-7:20-9:30 .& Sun. 1:15-3:20.5:20-7:25-9:35 The First Turn-On Strange Invaders 5 BBS: HARRY & SON The Right Stuff Fanny & Alexander A Film by Ingmar Bergman 50 BARGAIN PRICE AUSMWVSO(IOnt6PU MON 1HWIKI s*iuno»y i SUNDAY MTOI SMWVOMY TECIINICplOR'HEHSESANDPAMArt.CX 18 CAMERA BY PANAVISION*>.» Distributed by Ducna Vlsla Distribution Co.. Inc. © IWM ij.mj viu» Distribution Co, inc. '5:30-7:45-9:50 ,v. Just don't call them when you're in trouble. A What an Institution! A LADD COMPANY REllASl 5:15-7:15-9:15 SEAN'-l'ENN • EI.IZAHETH MrCOYKUN • NICOLAS CAC i finf/n-ith Ihrtyjoon 5:30-7:30-9:30 FOX0 V/hardnlhstltufion! Stephen King's CHILDREN . OF THE CORN , 797-3815 t2t5 19TH STREET Racing With The Moon S&! A 5;30-7;30-9!3Q I 5:00 7:00 9:00 1 5:30-7:45-9:00 SPLASH! die;! 793-3344 6205 SLIDE ROAD In JAMES GARNER A UNIVtHOAl. Si1S-7:30-9;45 TANK Against Aif Odds 4:30-7:00.9:30 See A Totally Spaced Adventure! 5:45.7;45-9:45 '</ £M%%&$$£$$&$;^^

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