Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on October 19, 1892 · Page 4
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 19, 1892
Page 4
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So. 708 Cumberland Street, sSBISHnj^lnipi^^^^^^pp^^^ftl. Are Agents for the iT&CO. |||«rfold Hygienie Underwear! 1 ALSO, HEADQUARTERS FOR OTHER FINE ; GOODS IN MEN'S WARE. ajatln s\cirs *i •^ ~. »W. UOUT £ SCHKOl'P, THE COW GETS A BED) HAS ISSUED A LKTXEB AOCBPTXHQ THE JTOMIHATIOH. Tlu Tariff Beeiprocity and Currency Que<- •ianB Ably Diseaued—President Harrison's Splendid AdT SDjpSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1892. FOB TOO AT. i0r.ganCo—31u*iual Instrument!*, es—Cut Fiow.rs. g5;j.;i~.iEWEHT8 TO-KIGHT. J«i»U—Acme J-odsc Xo. 427. K. of P. n Ea«le Hall-Lebanon C«lie, No. J34 Sjg»;: r^Weather Today. K£ "--» :i —1 Press to the KEWS.I 8 p. m.' Thursday. For priijRennfylvania, New Jersey and jSsliRht «howcrs today; fair erly winds; slightly cooler JOHEBTOWK ITEMS. « pole for flag raising in the yard of ' '"•sSchool building, at Jonestown, | B:- laches in diameter aud is ' if-genuine American tin and will led. .The polo was kindly pre- ^"^'-IJr. Samuel Weiss, of Leba- is procured back of the Little : "am, of Mou-1 H,a Repoblican and Demo- | A Diicovery that ii n«ffli»g th* Medical Ken of Boston. A dispatch from Amesbnrg, Mass., says : Samuel T. Woodman, the well- known South Hampton agriculturist, is out with the following statement: Tbe subject of this wonderful discovery is a cow, her eye entirely removed from its socket a year ago last April, and since then the gradual growth of a new, perfect eye. W April, 1891, Mr. George R. Palmer, residing about two miles from this town i u South Hampton, N. H., bought a cow uiue or ten years old, with an injured t-ye, of Frank Currier, of the same town. The eye, instead of improving, grew rapidly worse, and it was deemed necessary to have it removed. Dr. M. L. Miner, veterinary surgeon of ihis town, was called, and after putting the cow under the influence of ether, removed tbe eye, leaving a cleaning lotion to be applied in and around the socket occasionally. In about two weeks after the removal "*embhng a little bubble, of a «' n 'sh shade, in the centre of the socket, »nd called the attention of Mr. Palmer to it, who at first was about to remove it, bat decided to let it remain. Tnis was dosely watched from day to day, and the result was the gradual growth of a new, perfect eye, with which . ..we know no party, "N o I . South, no Eaxt, no West, but ! " always the beet." ; Tobias, an old veteran of j brought the polo wit.h lais | The Board of Directors! 0j£eac-berfi the day, in order that j ^"participate in tbe parade and | SSf~f' : -'i."-' —-— J J .Brought to This City. BsHJidy of John Bai'ry, who met his "^W^ibeTailroiid at Harrisburg, on j yilght, was brought to this city li*>cloek train and taken charge ! flertakcr Frantz, It was taken ; nee of John H. Ely, from j > interment followed at 3 i ptftThe funeral w as in charge of: od Army. Tbe deceased was a f this place and was married to r Attempt. correspondent of the jS?i';wilteR : 'Oa Thursday evening nt -took an iron rail and It with chains on tbe -n.j.™^,- tn the- covered bridge jj$j»> fiwatara, evidently with the Jl^pf:.Wrecking tbe train. Mr. who happened that frjftheobstruction and had scarcely *" ei';3>eforo train time to loosen tgfcjv.:. / . , Want a New Station, ""lie living between Jonestown n,got up a petition oontaiu- guers which they intend sending .evident Bonzauo, of ring that a now station &t Rnoads, half way be- ( named places on the nand Tremout branch. Pant More W»Ur. CUjdonderry water company is ff aarieslan well in Jno. S. Bom- (Jfield near the reservoir ofJIrs. "L. Palmyra is without water T of the time. Should afire out there would not bo water a steamer 20 minutes. ;g; Bamboo Canei. K. Houck, proprietor of gN£4tpMon South Eighth street, ^•received uiue dozen bamboo i will be carried by St. Mary's fs societies in the parade Cluh. of the Lincoln Republican Itotty, -will be held this evening ifJMHie of perfecting tbe arranger tbe organization of a Marching bd«lecting a captain for i f „,,.,,... J.Johnson, pastor of St. sBeforaed church, left to-day to sion of Synod, in session . "He will remain away over ' evi-'v Try the same as the otber eye. To brir.g this new wonder forcibly before tbo pubic this cow will be seen on tbe agricultural grounds this weak, not as a side show, but free to all who risit ihe fair, so that each one can have a chance to Jiee for himself this wonder, which is destined to evolutionize the For we know now there is a possible growth of a new eye under proper surgical and medical treatment, and it will be the duty of every medical man to search deeply into the mystery and find the condition under which this new growth can be promoted. S. T. WOODMAN. To further verify this wonder Mr. and Mrs. Palmer have signed a card stating that they affirm as to the truth of the above, and this is exhibited with tbe cow. People are coming far and near to see the curiosity. In conversation with the "Globe" correspondent a medical gentleman stated that reports of similar cases had been made ia years past, but had always been proved to be untrue. lie is, however, compelled to believe the authorities quoted here. To further verify their statements Mr. and Mrs. Palmer exhibit Dr. Miner's bills for extracting tbe eye, and as any one can see i he new eye who wishes, they think that further proof is nnnessary. Plant Trees. The PennsylvaniaSchool Journal for October wisely and vigorously favors making Columbus Day a time for planting trees throughout the country, and tbe idea is ably supported by the Lancaster Examiner in tbe following words. Especially should the country schools attend to this matter; and if nothing else oomes of the occasion, let the bare, cheerless and shadeless rural school yards be ilecorated. Time goes very quickly. It seems but yesterday when we were rushing to the Centennial Exposition. That year, in certain localities,tree planting was made a feature of the times. Sixteen years have quickly passed and the centennial twig has becomea great tree—a thing at beauty and joy for half a century. Slany people refrain from planting trees because they feel they will never see them in full perfection or are overcome with tbe thought that they grow so slowly. But time goes quickly and makes great progress because it never stops. Looking forward is slow, but let the man of seventy look hack and he feels that his school-boy days were but yesterday. Plant now and keep on planting, and even the man of seventy may live to laugh under memorable trees. There is nothing so fast as time, and nothing grows so cheaply as a tree. IP? i.)?: Battled the Case. I jBie assault and batter}' case against i e^Oboper, brought by 51. F. Engle, i |«J£lderiuau II. G. Miller, has bocn ! ' jiajJby the defendant paying the I •Band Engaged, iricksburg Cornot band will i the music on Columbus Day at > In the rooming aud at Fred; in the afternoon. - ' Seal Estate. |(*M»»« 1 Albert Smith purchased from r Hooker, a house and niue acres of Jaiear the railroad depot, Myerstown, %«». _____ ^ Purchased a Hotel. er, cigar dealer of this y, has purchased tbe Bordner House, fc Aetna, for which he paid S2.000. It is an Actual Fact. 1 think Dr. Esterbrooke can not tteeth painlessly, go try him. Beyond a Eoabt. at Dr. Estebmoke can extract a painlessly, there is no question. Polling Booths. The County Commissioners this afternoon shipped the polling booths to East aud West Cornwall voting precincts and i<> those of South Lebanon township. There are still a number of booths hi the Court House basement ready to be ship- pod to other voting places. « Buff Leghonu. Geo. B. Ulrich, esq., Annville, who [is a great chicken fancier and possesses some of the finest strains in the county, this morning received a cockerel and hen from the yards of Mr. A. W. Gardiner, Springfield, Mass.,that belong to the Buff Leghorn breed. Store Bobbed. Burglars entered the^^., disc store of J. L. Groflfof Stondsburg, Lancaster county,and stole goods amounting to $300. They gained entrance through a door. There is no clue. Cloth- ,.. i Arnica Salve. KB BEST SALVE in the world for Cuts, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Tetter, Chapped Hands, . JTBK and all Skin Eruptions IposftivolycTlrCT -Piles or no pay re- It is guaranteed to give perfect _lon, or money refunded. Price B per box. For sale by Dr. Geo. Working Extra Unto. ^, The Palmyra Shoe factory is so hard pushed with orders that some of the departments are compelled to be worked overtime in order to get out the work more promptly. All Free. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and thos«,who have not, have now the opportunity to try it free. Call on theadvertised Druggist and get a Trial Bottle, Free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pills Free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor. Free. All of which is guaranteed to do you good and cost yon nothing at Geo. Ross & Co's Drugstore. IDS. BOWMAN & CO, •n, / 525 and 527 \orth Mnlh St. ^ Buyers in Furniture, whether they want a complete outfit „ l single piece of Furniture, will do well to come and see us. |fejare offering better bargains than ever before. Style, tone SLbeaoiy, combined with low prices, are found in every line of ~ M ~* A ° That \ve have the largest and handsomest selections : of all kinds to be found in Lebanon, and that our • are the lowest are well known truths, which are proven t , iday by the volume of business we do. We will take pleas- JK in showing you through our warerooms. "W3ITELA\V REID. NirwYoBK, Oct. 18.—Mr. Whitelaw Reid, the nominee of the Republican party for Vice President of the United States, has issued a letter accepting the nomination and pointing out tbe issues upon which the Republican party appeals to the people. The letter is addressed to W. T. Durbin, chairman of the committee appointed to notify him of his selection. It is a rather lengthy and able document, discussing with great ability the vital issues of this campaign. It shows the attitude of each party on tbe tariff question, and gives a picture of what would happen if the Democratic candidates should be elected. Reciprocitv and the banking questions are discussed at length. The letter closes as follows: "In addressing to yon, in accordance with usage,these observations I have preferred to confine them to the questions of policy, of present and commanding importance on which the positions of the two parties are absolutely antagonistic. But I take this opportunity to repeat my adhesion to the resolutions of your convention as a whole. "The administration of President Harrison has been generally recognized as honest, able and safe. Considering the number of important subjects of both foreign and domestic policy it has been compelled to deal with, and the satisfaction that has attended the results, It may indeed be prononuced brilliantly successful. Abroad it has adjusted difficult questions with consideration for weak nations and with courteous but resolute firm ness to the most powerful. It Las protected the honor of the flag and the rights of our citizens; has preserved the peace and secured further application of its principle of international arbitration- has removed long-standing prohibitions on unjust charges of unhealthfulness against our food products; has opened new markets with our neighbors and promoted a closer intercourse. "At home it has refunded a portion of the remaining debt at the lowest rate ever commanded by any nation in the civilized world; has largely strengthened and improved our navy; has greatly enlarged the free list at our custom houses, and remitted over one hundred millions of duties on a single article in admitting sugar free. Not to enumerate further, it may be fairly said that the present .condition of the country and tbe general public confidence in the administration combine to form the strongest protest against subjecting the people to tbe shock and needless risk inevitable in such a change. A sudden reversal of policy is not what either tbe suggestion of ordinary business prudence or the obvious and general contentment of the people call for. "I believe your declaration of principles and your renomination of a prudent, spotless and successful President will command the popular approval at the polls, and will, under God, iuure to the continued benefit of our country." Big Strike Anticipated. fBv Associated Press to the NEWS.] KAKSAS CITT, Mo., Oct. 18.—It is reported here that the Gnlf, Colorado and Santa Fe is employing operators to take place of the strikers. It is apprehended that this action by the railroad company means suspension of negotiations with the strikers, and that it will result in a strike on the whole system which this time will be no joke. Knocked Oat Before the Election. IBv Associated Press to the NEWS.l HAKRISBUBO, Oct. 19.—In the case of Edwin J. King, candidate for Legislature in the Third district, Philadelphia, Judge Simonton today decided that his nomination papers are invalid. William J. Reed, under this decision, has no opposition. The Eight Way. The best rule for Republicans to observe in marking ballots is to place a cross in the square after the word "Republican" wherever it occurs. This is no time for any experiments that might result in the entire ballot being thrown out as defective. A Meeting for Jonestown. Chairman Sshock of the Republican county committee has called a' meeting for Jonestown an Saturday, October 22. Fine speakers will be present and from 8 to 8 o'clock a mock election will be held. > Accepted Position. Mr. Simon Bretz, of Middletown, has accepted a position with the Metropolitan .Xiife Insurance company and will shortly move to this city. Will Hove This Week. Rev. Charles Bauer, the newly elected U, B. minister at Myerstown, is expected to move into the parsonage this week. Deed Conveyed. Col. Jacob A. Shindel, who recently sold the Ely property to Mr. L: E. Weimer, for a consideration of $20,000, today conveyed the title to Mr. Weimer. Specimen Cases. S. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis., was troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism, his Stomach was disordered, his Liver was affected to an alarming degree, appetite fell away, and he was terribly reduced in flesh and strength. Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured him. Edward Shepherd, Harrisbnrg, 111., had a running sore on his leg of eight years' standing. Used three bottles of Electric Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve and his leg u> sound aud well. John Speaker, Catawba, O., had five large Fever sores on his leg. Doctors said he was incurable. One bottle Electric Bitters and one box Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured him entirely Isold by Geo. Ross & Co. Today. Hood's Sarsaparilla stands at the head in the medicine world, admired in prosperity and envied in merit by thousands of would-be competitors. It has a larger sale than any otber medicine. Such success could not be won without positive merit. Hood's PUls cure constipation by restoring the peristaltic action of the alimentary canal. They are the best family medicine. _ How soon the millennium would come if the good things people intend to do tomorrow were only done today. , 20 North Ninth Street. are the only Jewelers in the City that have ; CHRONOMETER TIME. Please stop in and get correct time. German Hewipape n Publication Hot a Legal Publication. The question h as been asked whether publication of a legal notice in a German newspaper is a su ffloient notice. The attorney general c f the state has decided that applications for charters of incorporation from the state most be made in 2 English newspapers of general circulation. Clara for Sore Throat. It is said that a gargle of salt water as hot as can be used is one of toe best and simplest home remedies for sore throat. That, with a carthatic to clear the system, will care almost any sore throat that is not diphtheritic. Engaged as Counsel. Jacob E. Reinoebl, esq., left this morning for Ephrata, where he will appear as counsel for Henry Wagner, who is one of the men arrested for being implicated in the burglarizing of the store of Mr Schaeffer, on Saturday, the 8th inst. Shooting Hatch at Womelidorf. ^ A shooting match for $50 a side and at 60 birds each will take place at Hinner- bhitz's hotel, Oct. 26, between Dr. Reu ben Schwartz, of this city, and O. II. Hinuershitz. MARRIED. MILLER—FTXICKA—In this city, on the 18th inst. t at St. John's Reformed church, by th« pastor, Kev. J. Warrt-nJIohnson, Mr. Grant L. Miller and Miss Lizzie Hyuicka, both of this city. STOCK AND GRAIN MAEKET. Reported Daily l>y J. Z. Bentz, 773 Cumberland Mreet, LEBASOS, PA., Oct. 19,1892. Open'g Hlgu't Low't Clos'g A.O. O Atchison C C.C.&St.L... Chicago Gas D. L.&. W D.&H Erie Jersey Central.... Lake shore ouls. & Nash Lead Mo. Pacific Northwestern N.Y. Central New England So. Pac. Pit North American.. Pacific Mall Rock Island Reading Richmond Term.. St. raul Sugar Tenn. C. & Iron... Union Pacific..... Western Union... Omaha Silver Manhattan O. C. F N.C. O Colorado Kdlson December. Wheat Corn Oats January Lard Pork May. Corn Wheat Oats TODiT. Car lots—Wheat, 400; Corn, 434; OatS,179; Hogs, 1S.COO. 1 TOMOttHOW. Car Lots—Wheat, 510; corn, 535; Oats, 230, Hogs, 21,000. Visible supply—Wncat. Ice . 3,334.000; corn, Dec ,851,00(1; oats Inc.. 305,000. «S-New York Exchange will be closed Friday and Saturday. aa-Chicagoadmnrns Wednesday 19th until Saturday October i2d. *5U The New York market closes Saturdays atl2M. Chicago ht 2 15 P. M. PHILADELPHIA MABKET8. Hour, Grain, Feed, Hay, Potatoes, Now and Old. 4c. PHILADELPHIA, PA., Oct. 19. FLOUR—Dull and easy; Pennsylvania supers, «2.00a2.S5; Penna. extra, 82.25a 2.75; Penna. No. 2, family, $2.75a3.25; Peuna. roller, 88.50a3.75; Penna. patent, $4.10a4.40. WHEAT—Quiet and steady; No. 2 red, 75c; No. 1, Penua red none here; No. 2, Penna. red, 75c. CORN—Quiet and steady; No. 2, 51a52c for local trade. OATS—Quiet aud steady; No. 2 white 30c; No. 2 mixed 3Gc. BRAN.—Quiet and unchanged; winter, $15.00a$16.00; Spring, $14.00a$15.00. BALED HAT—Firm and in good demand; timothy, 414 00aa$17.00; mixed, «11.00a»14.00. BALED RYE STRATV—$13.00. BUTTER. —Scarce and firm; Penna. creamery, extra, 27c; Penna. print, extra, wholesale, 29c; jobbing 30a32c. EGOS—In fair demand; Penna. firsts. 23ia24o. CHEESE—Firm and fairly active; part skims, 6Ja8c; full skims, 2c. POTATOES—Fairly active and steady at 58a75c per busbel as to quality. THE LEBANON MABtnrrg, Butter, Egg«, Potatoes, Dried Apples, Lard, Etc., Etc. Reported weekly by the Produce Committee of Lebanon Reetail Merchants' Protective Association: Butter, Jb jg Eggs, doz ;;; 20 Lard. B. g Shoulder, ft , 7 Potatoes, newj bush".III".'II"im"II"III 50 Dried appfesr."""""JJ."rrr"im"l"miI 4 Weekly Grain Market. The following are the paying prices of grain. Corrected weekly By A. Strick- lers* Sons, Lebanon, Pa.: New. Old Longberryred 77 go E9.H? 75 98 70 75 55 _ NEW^VDVERTISEMENTS. CUT FLOWERS, We Grow Our Own Cut Flowgrs ?i K e onlT , Cr °> m Lebaaon that do; and can sell them cheaper than eUewnere ii the city or county and will do so. oc>vuc " ! m lne LOOK AT THESE PRICES AND SEE WHETHER WE DO AS WE SAY : Carnations, all colors. 15 cen ts per dozen Kosea, Gontlers or Bed, 30 cents Ser dozen Koses, P ' ° . cn d Roses, llermets or Pink, S elms p« d«IS Kememoer, these Flowers are grown in your ° Wn ^dM-a^rfh 8 '^ B. P. WYNINGS, Floral Depot, 121 N. 9th St. Lebanon. Pa. A house that has no music in Is dull as any prison i-age. Go get a MlLLtK ORGAN In; Tiie finest Organ of the age. Or if you prefer a Piano, we are at yaufsenke with the STEINWAY, DECKER BROS., KRAKAUER BROS., HAINES BROS., or any other makes you desire, at Bottom Prices. All kinds of Small Musical Instruments, Sheet Music, 4c., at our Store, 821 Cumberland St. Miller (Juan (Jo. PRIVATE SALE : OF TWO : VALUABLE PROPERTIES! . The undersigned offers .it rrivate Sale the following rt -scribed properties. w*& ; A '" t ? t wound on the North side ot Walnut street, near 7'h strict, frontin-on >Valuur.s!rect 20 f,-et ;ind 4 Inehes'and extend ing in depth over two hundred feet to Straw- 5 The improvements are a two-story frame dwelling house. 20 f.-et 4 inches by 30 leet " eSSy "b U uht"""^ne- fr^n e "STf Heavy White Pine Ld"s donble plashed ^Vin^sc'l'ty 1 " 6 " lost """fatlal fmme lhfhtn'd 1 SSSJSS«j£ ^SffifSU'efflS of alley !68 leet of Eighth street, and exS ing clear of alley 282 feet on Locust street . Ihislsav-rydesirabl- plot of ground having a total frontage ot 450 feet. beinK near the > What is the n Use ? of going to market when you can buy choice meals from me at the same price, delivered daily at your house. W. W. BEOOKS, o-19 North Seventh Street. Brussels Carpets are the best made. The styl are new and inviting, and the prices no higher than you may pay for inferior goods. $135 FEE YARD We have them also at $i oo and §1.15 per yard. The pat terns are old, that's the only difference. McCallum & McCallum 1012-1014 Chestnut Street, PHILADELPHIA. OCU5-39 ODONTUNDER The most troublesome period of the year on the teeth—FALL—is about here. See to 1 tbattnat>ou avoid that unnecessary annoy ance and pain 1n time. If you have any flilin] to do, have it done at once. If you have teetl to be extracted why ODONTUNDER has two trlends today where It had one a month ago. It comes to us that other dentists In this vicinity say they have a similar preparation Let me say right here that no dentist hi the county lias or con obtain the right to use ODONTUNDER. Dr. L. E. MILLER, 813 Willow Street, Miller's New Building aug31-tt ARE Ton LOOKINS FOR You will find just what you want at 847 Cumberland St., (second floor), in any grade. Carpels from Home-Made to the Finest. Also, a big stock of Floor and Table Oil Cloth, Druggets, Rugs, Window, Shades, &c BOTTOM PRICES. A. C. ZIMMERMAN aept!2-ly Successor to J. M. Shenk. ArelouW- Gentlemen who like to dress well will be interested to know that Our New D ( R-C- B. WAGNER. DENTIST. OFFICE 723 Chestnut street. ne21-tf WANTE D Wide-awake workers ev«y „, .... w....H..ySrf e JL° 1 ' :? h . e P.P'sPhorograpos Corn............ Oats Some folks advertise merely for form's sake, and doesn't much matter to them what medium they choose, neither do they study how to catch the public eye. This is not intended for such persons. Others, however, and they j to the great majority ot live, energetic, successful —statiments; mammoth illustrated circulars ana terms free: dally output over i«m »«i,,™,,. pHIITIiri) »Dlle with success M£ „„„,„ ...w rnUlUurlArd!) TnosL Martin Crntrevllle, Texas, cleared $T11 In nine days'- Miss Rosa Adams, Wooster, no Till? WnDI ri O.,$23mJOminutes: Kev.J "r Iflfi "UHLU Howard Madison. Lyons, N. Y., $101 in 7 hours • a bonanza; magnificent outfit only $1.00. Books Pbtodefp^p b a^l^^^^ JAPAHESE CURE A new and Complete Treatment, consisting of Suppositories. Ointment in Capsules, also in Box and Pill.«;a Positive Cure toi^Kxtefnatln. ternal. Blind or Bleeding, Itching, Chronic Ke- cent or Hereditary Pilfs. This Keraedy has never known to f ail. $1 per box, 6 boxes for $5 • sent by mail. Why suffer from this terrible disease when a written guarantee is positively given with six boxes. To refund the money ft not cured. Sendstampforfreesample. Guarantee issued by JOS. I~ LEMEEKOER, [Druggist, Sol. Agent. * tebanon,P». Call for Samples. -•-••• maya-ly O CTOBER COfJKT PBOCLAMATlOJf. whereas, the Hon. JOBS w. SIMOSTOS, President, and Hon. Jons B. MCPHERSOS Additional Law Judge, of the sevrral Courts of Common Picas, in the district composed ol Leb.non and Dauphin, and Judges of the Courts of Oyer and Temlner and General Delivery, lor the trial of capital and all other oRences of said counties, the Judges of toe General Court of QuartrrSesslonsol the Peace and General Jail Delivery. In lhe county of Lebanon; and Hon. ANDREW LIGHT and ADOL- rncs EEJNOEIII_ Judges of me General Courts or Quarter S-sslons, of the Courts of oyer and tn nK ; Terminer, General Peace and Jail uellver?, iu uu-j lor the i rial of capital and otner offences in I said county of Lebanon—through ihelr pze- cepts to m* directed th» 11 day ofJuiy A D Trip Nirtvc ic tVio r»lrloc«- Aillir ' 1832, to hold a Court of Common Pleas for the 1 lie 1\ t\\ b IS Ule Olaest daily ; county of Lebanm. on the in the Lebanon Valley—it has! „.., ™^ 2S?*?* 0/ , °^ r ' 1S3i , . . , , ' ! which will be lith day of said month, to con- kept going right along, grow- tu >,s e ONE week. . ".. & s . ° . .&' &„ . ! Given under my hand. In the City ot Leba- ing better, improving in all Its S??!" 1 * 17 *.? "lay of July, to the year ofour . a " & Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninetv- departments, increasing its or- twa - M H ««>w"*« 01—.- j culation. Old, reliable, firmly established newspapers, like old wine, need no tricky devices or catching schemes toukeep in the front ranks. They have been tried, stood the test and gained _ the confidence of the people. ^^^^^^S'uroS^ FOR MEN ONLY! 1 o-lOSIcrPAUJSO is READY. Over 500 styles to choose Foreign and Domestic makes. Come and make selections now while stock is complete. B. F. WARD, THE TAILOR. Suits to order, $20 up. Trousers, $5 up. septl-3m 3 r HOESES EOE SALE! Live Stock Bongbt, Sold and Exchanged. AVON Dffl EXCHMGE STABLES. sepZT-lm NOTICE.-NOTIOB 13 HEBB- M e » n th , a * a° application will be made 0 ' Common Pleas of Lebanon jj> me i/uuri ot uommon Fleas of Lebanon JiS 1 ?*?? T Monaay, Jfnemlter U, lia, under l h L A ^ C °'•"J««»Biy tntitled -An act to pr" Xii?-? the hieorporatlon and regulation of certain corporations approved A oril 29 ISM to"b Ba ??i'fT n ,S- % »° I«e"'ea P <SrporaMot &&3$&£i ^^JR'J**??-?""- one om- ' It " i character and oo- Dr. WM. BROCK'S C r. . ATflRRH REMEDY. . This disease la now a very common one and has heretofore resisted all measures for fa PRICE, »!, ATOHIZKK, »1. Dr. WJL T. BSDCE, ' Horn. Ph»r.. no s. Mntk St.. Lebanon, p». T K. SA.TJDKSBDSH, - -A.GOO u JM "UAJTB . BOOK-KEEPING, 8HOKTHAIO), (Private • Lessons or Class.) ninS n SS M 51 dl i 6 ^ , and ^Jnsted. Book. a aprg-tf A-0. 130 80CTH SIXTH STBEET. JOSEPH PETJEKS, Painter and Paper Hanger, Dealer in Wall Paper, 983 Chnrab. tttnet, lunei- FRANTZ FOR The Latest Styles sf FA L.L HATS. TO REDUCE STOCK -S*r i WILL j^ELLat REDUCE_D_PRICES THE FOLLOWING GOODS: TOO Nickel Alarm Clocks at j^c. 50 dozen Silver, Triple Plate, Knives and Forks at $4 a dozen. 50 8-day Strike Walnut Clocks, from $2 50 to §4.50 each. A fine assortment of Gents' ^>lid Gold (10 kt) Vest Chains at $10 each. This is a Genuine Bargain, and there are only a fewmore doz^n left. My stack ot Sterling SilverandCut Glass is replete with choice and new designs and low prices prevail. JOHN K. UUDERMILCH, 844 Cumberland Street. Lebanon, Pcim'a, OYSTERS! WHOLESALE & BETAIL AT J.ESkgar'sCasliGrocery, 821-23 CUMBERLAND ST. FamUies Supplied with the best Oysters in tbe Market at Short Notice. sept23-t[ QKPHANS' COURT SAli. Or VALUABLE ML ESTATE I Pursuant to an order of the Orphans 'Court ot Lebancu county, will be sold at Public Sale, on SATURDAY, Oct. 29, 1892, at the Win. Penn Hotel, on the corner ot Seventh and Cumberland stree's, in the City of Lebanon, Penn . lhe following Valuable Keal testate, viz: AU those two com IKUOUS lots of ground situate in Nortn Lebanon, lownshlp. In the village known as "Sweet Home." f roiling on the north side ot the Berks and Dauphin Turnpike, along which they extend as a whole Forty-four (44) feet aud extending in depth of equal width. One hundred and seventy ftve (175} fe*-t to Spring alley, adjoining property ot Joel Bewald on the east, and property of Levl H. Tlce on the west, being lots numbers 9 and 10 In the plan of U. T. Hoffman's addition to Lebanon. The improvements on lot No. • 9*' are a two-story frame dwellini: house,20x'J8 feet with two story frame bick buUciug (with balcony t. 12x12 feet, a pig sty aa£ otber necessary ouf buildings; a well (with pump) ufnevi-r failing water, is on the line between the two lots No.s 9 and 10; choice fruit trees and grape vines on the premises. The lots will he sold S'paratelv or In a whole to suit purchasers. The Electric Street Railway passes on the opposite side of the street. Being only a mile from the City of Lebanon, and in a ucsinible location, these premises are well adapted for private residence. The property Is comparatively new and In good condition. Sale to commence at one o'clock, p. m., when conditions will be made known by DARIUS A. GRETH, Administrator of Johns. Greth, deceased. sept21-id PILLSBURY'S BEST! REAL ESTATE! —ON— SATURDAY, O7T. 29, 1892, The followi-i" ivropcrty of A. O TJ<".li:(t: No 1—A Lot of Uruim l un Hie L-KS .s j e ol Fr.nt.s-ri'Ht aboir. ISrt feet North or Lehman u on. t»i; i».ti.'et u:i front street, ami havli>i; a <l":)ih nt 150 fret a.ongKlini struct to au alli'y. No. S—A LotofGi-omiil on Hie north stile ot Lehman street, about 151 t,> t rnsc ol Front, fronting Ion foot on Lehman, and having a ik-pthuf 138 feet on it irthastievt to:m alley • OO.3—*VLot of Oroui.ci ou Ihu vest -li!e of Front >treet, soutli ol Ciiutburliuitly fronting about l±!)g tort on From .street and nuvine an average depth of about 6.> feet.' This property a;ijn;ns that of Mr. .J. A. Bo'.vman on th« north. Iiuiu which it is SKUirattM b>- a I" feet alley. No 4—A LoE of Ground oti ttie south sine of Clicsnint street east ol Tninl, fronting 1ST feet on Chestnut -street, ami having a depth ot 13X reet to strawberry alley. It adjoins Untf of Mr. Jobn Meily on the west and Prune alley on the east- No 5—A Lot oMSrouml on ihe east side ot Third si reer. south or t Ut-atnut, fronting about 7S feet on Third, and havhis u depth ot 68 teet It adjoin* lot of Mr. .John Meily on. the uorth and Strawberry alley on the so'.lth. No *V—The Houwe uutl Lot off: round corner ~" of Nluth and Walnut Mieet*. fronting GO feec on Ninth STre.e; yn:t US feet on Walnut. The mni-i I >il!Uinc Uatwo- dnUa&Ktory do.,ble brick, with a front ot about 4^ f«pt antl a depth of about 32 feet, with back buildlni;, also i-f briuk, ISx.'Ui ten. The house contains II larne rronis, with large nanrvy. batiivi'uiiis. closets, £•_•. A large bara 3Ux3tj feet on ihe property, wiih carriage room wajcon room, granary ami stabling for lour head of horses. L ^0.7—10 acres of land, more or less, at Mt. OJr^tna.comaininj; a valuable saiirfstoue quarry and sand plant \viih a capacity of 10i> toil* per day. two- dwelling housos T biac^smlth shop, engine-and boiler hon.se, sand elus,shedillnS. railroad tracte and trestllr._% larun (iates crusht-r, set of heavy rolls, LO-horse power engine. 25-horse. vuwcr holler, elei'trlc bliistini; ' nattery capabit- of firiUK ; J /I holes, derrick, dumping andtvther cars, and all other ueces- sary (luari-yhij: tool:;. ^al« to beiiin at 1::»0 p. in., when conditions will be made. Known by j ofts-tti A. a. DEHTTFP. D. HAMMOND MISH, FI.OEI3T. , Cor. Fourth and Chestnut Sts, Kas added greatly toTlI»~ stock of Palms for decora-' tive purposes to let to prhrata parties, chnrches, &0-, on .reasonable terms. Designs for Funerals, Tables and Weddings, ,of the Choicest Flowers "made to- order on the shortest possible notice. Dutch Bulks, Hyacinths, &c. PILLSBURY'S FLOUR has become a household word, be- ' cause It has been (ound to be A HOUSEHOLD NECESSITY. The housewife flnds that Better Bread, More Bread, and Whiter Bread can be raad.i with It than I with other flour. For sale by all' leadlnggrocers In Lebanon. , PUm-TB/SAlE OF A VALUABLE CITY PROPER!! The unilcrsiguetl oilers at Private Sale a lot or ground situate on Walnut street Lenit noni.rontlngMreeton Walnut 9treet.*andP«- teu<!in K back to I'nion Alley 163 Teet n <l°Dth fho improvements thereon are a doutill' tvro- story weather boaraeU luc house NM. 812a,,(i814, with ontbuiwtngs ' A"? rear of the lot Is a. . —.."•. wu buvl IL'ilr-Ol.Ule iOC IS & SKS. 1 ,?" 1 ' au 'i,» 6air story house. Jlx-iJfeet. This property ta con- JfS.K!"* '"catecuVi^' «nly tw n o - .wei em onlv t \?nv firm r>i,.* ».,... »_*J™ ... K _,r" .^i: aept27-lm A. M. GARBER, Gen'l TTboIeule SelllnK Agent, ) 3ep30-3m . Salmiga, lAocaater Co., Pa. ' T HB LKBAWON 8TEA11 COHPAHTC i oners for sale Its Coupon Bonds to denom- f mat loss of $5*0, tax) and $100, bearing five (M *f « ce % taterest»j>ayable seml-annnally oo thf fl»t days of April and October o( each year All taxes- to he paid by the Company. I These bonds are secured by a mortKage on • all the property and plant of the Cefanon < Steam. Company, executed to T. T. Worth Snd ! J.B.Karch,Bsqs,tnisteesfortbehondholders S* «? Payable to ten years, or redeemable In t IVB yoATS. . ! er of tho I rola Ule JORACE BB J8^Mfd ] ^,^^ 1 Vk I ^Z- '™%£g®®$$S®&*. 3. HBNET JULLEM. Tfe.i-niivT, O. H. KIIJ.LNGKK, Seureiary. Established 1874. C. ROBT. FISHER'S STEAM & CieauiDi Works» ^* KlL * 133 N. NINTH-ST. 'VeMjuarantee Fast Colors ! •gLOS B; KBHtERT • Successor to I E. Z. KEHLEK & SOW, Real Estate, Kent aad Colleeiiaj '-, i 124-N. 8thSt.,I«b«ioii.i». N°JiSfS^ar^wfifb^pe^?^^ SStol^^i^S ?»? Market House_on Soutf Eighth siSet abfe S^for t°h^^^J??^'^etitfesar v 'ItmeJWy C. E. EAUCH, & Cumberland St., Lebanon,! THE DEPARTMENT OF MERCHANT TAILING is overflowing witk stock. Is crowded with finest staples and novelties. Is teeming with activity. Is modest with ^ prices. THE DEPARTMENTS OF GENERAL MERCHANDISE are active with bargains. All customers will be pleased with our Premium Purchase Ticket* Come get one.

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