The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6, 1949 BLYTHBVILLB (ABIC.)' COURIUB NHW« Oi Pact Is Urged Stn, Connolly Sqys . U,S- C«"'t Afford «y To Wail Too Long Py Jar* pell WASHINGTON, April p. tvpj - Scnutor 'Connally <p r '}'e)p yester- tiny ca'led [or "high priority" in Senate action nn ihp North Atlantic Security Treaty." But 'he timing reniaified uncertain "on the Swale decision to afr lirm o- ptpc(: this country's entry into the 12-nation defense alliance Senator" tuuas of I|lliiq}5, I he Democratic leader, would" pronjis only that tlie historic treaty wi| reach tte Senate floor ''In this *es sion" of pongrcss. He sa|d there | much pressing domestic" logislatioi ahead. Tlitrc had been boine talk of de laying "action on the pact until suni mer! wjitn the Senate could rf ijiaip in Washington'to work on tl) agreement \y|iile the House goe home. Can't Afford to Wall Cor)pally tpjd reporters, howeve hu doesn't rjclievb the Senate "ca afford to wait top long" to let tj' wqrld know tills country's fina stand. '1 wo-thirds approval of Sci ators voting is needed to ratify t( treaty arid make it officially effe llvg fof'tlte United States. ' Thj Foreign ' Relations Coujrnlt- <W? t»'Ued" iiifpnnaljy'.'ajjbut" tlie Treaty" at" a nieetiiig' yesterday. But did not decide on a date to open public hearings on It. Chanman Connally told reporters "Tlie treaty hasn't beep sent t(, us yet. We'll decide what to do v.'lieii we get it." ' President Truman is expected to send the treaty to the Senate before the enil of the week. Sena(oiV "comments indicated mostly favorable reaction to the step f .akcn py Secretary of Slate Aclieson in signing for* the United States. Two Missouri Towns Report 4 Burglaries AJ/I'Otf, Mo., April 6 (A>)—A series : burglaries and attempted burg- Hies here and »t Kcsli^ono .loiulay night brought about on< ( the greatest concentrations at aw enforcement offices seen In Oregon Comity i'n msny years, Sltcriff Charles W|)kersc)|i s I burglaries ur alternated Inirg- arics had been reported in the two o\vns. At Alton the Alton Bank was ntered through a rear yiindQW but o far as could be rieteriilliied liotlir ng of value was taken. Also In Alton an atteippt ^as ninde to enter the post qffiee. 'J'he post, offjce at KoshUonong »as entered b>H postal Inspectors declined to say if ttn'ytiilim \\'S5 taken. The Frisco railroad statjoii iii Koshkoiiojig also vas liurelar- Ized but special atcnls for lilt rpljioad, en'roi^e t))cre ? ronl Me»>- phis, Tcrin.I >veii to 'investigate thefts in that building. ' In addition, tlie sheriff said, lei qt)ier (justness places In tlic two towns were pntcrccl or entry wa atte'jppted! '{'he lotiil loss, howeyei is'not expected to be great. 'Dirtiest Ship II Ever Sow" Senate Rejects Restrictions on Use of EGA Fund y.'fri r f x)r n 9' . t'nfl Ty.'o cearnen examint ttie battered furniture In Milwaukee, lend-lcase cruiser recently returned to. t'nflidclplili l>y the ^ijssians. f\ naval doctor reported that thi V050-tor| vesstl, which sofyed jiV« years in Hie Hussian navy, jya? lin l!""d,(ftlf<Vs!ilP 1 ever "taw." Ipspectors fmind filthy i-rew nuarters InfesteB ' wiih rats and vermin snd lli» galley coated v.-ith u greasy filrp. Four Contracts Let for U. of A. Pint; Arts Center FAYETTEVIUjE. Ark., April 6.— (iPl —Coptracts tqtajjng $846,657.30 :or canjjtruc^iQ|t of th'e fjrje if Is center at'tlie University of Arkansas were let yesterday Ray. "Qfr, Fort SniHh, cliairmai of a cp'mriiittee a'u'tljq'rtzcpi to let contracts for the protect up to $1,•^000,000 said contracts for construction of a concert haU in connection •with the building were withheld for fiction Ijy the board of trustees. He pxplRined thai bids' for work on the concert hall tqtaled around frO.OOO. Orr announced the following con- Oerieral construction, Harmon Construction Co., Little Rock, |656,000. Plumbing, Ree* Plumbing Co.. Jonesboro, S29.923. Heating and ventilating, G. W tracU were let: WASHINGTON. April 6 Iff)— Tl Senate yesterday voted down 6 to 22 a proposal to require Viat countries receiving Marsha)] ijati aid mijst boost thcii 1 'pijffliiises" of strategic materials for Aniericatl use. The present economic cooperation act provides that ECA iiatioi]s must set aside not less "thaV} five per cent of their so-called cq^iitcr- part funds for purchasing critical and strategic materials needed by this country. Senator £Ilcnder (D-La) proposed raising Ihjs to 25 per cent. His amendment was voted down as the Senate plodded slowly alopg toward a final decision on the adn]ipistrar lion's request, for $5,580,000,000 in new ECA authprizatipiis. The so-ca||ed ''counter - part" funds work like this: Kyery li|pe the United States makes a dpWar grant to Italy, 'fflr jniitarice, t\\f Italian gpyernment niust deposit an equivalefit amqi]nl of Italian money ' in' an Italjan bank, Tjiat Italian money can be i|5ed o;i|y fpr projects approved by EO^. Bl|ender aimed to see that more pf was used to stjrnuVate production of strategic materials. OpppsjiiB ElJcjider's amen^nient, Scpale administration lieutenants contended it would -slow up Europe's recovery. Hollywood the Jack 8«n(iy theiyie. I d,°P' 1 think Colnuil apprecja'ted tli« humor. Shorter t'jlms M-G'-M ;s lalklpg abpitt a series ol films winch would run. approximately one hour. They could be played, tlie sti|dlo figures, instead of s|\orlii. . . . Television sponsors are so sctrtc in Hollywood that one local station is offcrine, seriously, to erect a statue in the studio lobby pf the fiiil person cornering three sporriors. Rjta Hayivorth's ex-husband. Eddie Judsan, is gohig places i|i t'Lor- ida. Viith Peggy Rabe, blpnde lieir- ess to a b^ n ^M19 fp^ u !}e. . . • Here's Die reason local ghiippr dolls |)ave failed to jn)press lylunlgomery Oleft. HLs big heart interest of five years standing is Anne Lincoln, a Broadway ^c^refs. "' * ' • • Sain qqlriwyn is lopkij^if fpr iff title fof "The Milwaukee pl°for obvl'mi^ reasqiis. Alj the actloi take* place |n Ofigqn. » . .^ j Susan Peters, still paralyzed Iron t)ie waist dow(: as » ffsult ft[ tjl» Gltis? Mcpjij'c'fie'' In 'sununef stqc: at fjprwicii, Coiin.'gl|e'|j play |1| ^iiljc Hayrjer) iple in, » lu-nry Knnrla will remain "Mlslcr Roberts" lor Its Broad uay duratlpii anil has thrcr-ycar least on a Greenwich. • • » An agei|t was t(-ying to sell pvq r ducer Robtrt Wflcl) pn a "new «e- "Blie's a great beauty," the agent enthused, "except," \ie \y|ll have to lit careful aboii|. cjose-npf —she has brfices qn her teetl)." ••) know."'said Welch. "I've seer her. Whe|i 5(15 ^nii|c^ she look$ (|ke the Iinpt end of a B|!)ek." Read Oqurler News W^pt Ads. Shjrley apd Sqn, yap fiuren ? I-'ayettcville, $94.237. • Elec'riral work, Stewart Electric Co., Fayettevtlle, 466,407.80. General construction is tci be copi- peltcd in 305 days. TALK ABOUT STOMACH AILMENTS, WFAK K/DNEY5, RHEUMATIC: PAINS, ARTHRITIS, NEURITIS Drugless Health! 1SQ MATTER hpw long yojl ha"ve been suffering from stomach, kidney and rheumatic "^l r f 55 ' fore, yoii can, now, hope for relief if you lake GEO-iMINER AL. With your eyes SEE the results seven d»ys after jou start taking |(. DRUOGISTS, Chemists cannp} maise GEQ-MINERAj,. }t comes from the earth—Nlture's Ubora- tbry. Cohlams NO dope, NO al- cohc.1, NO op. ONLV Nature's minerals-^the oldest, most reliable remedy for rheumatism, arthrnlc, kidney and stomach ailmcnls. Wonder Minerals FOR; THOUSANDS of years e, Underweight, Dizzy' SpeiYfi. Colon Illg^trations THE COI.qN is out nl the I nig4]}& at our bdily. foliauinK il|ii&lral|Dns blinw colon in vafiqiis Jarnrs. as on^k ditlon in hralt^i'may be. You ask: How j^iny Fo|pn7 post velt used to go to Warm ._ In Georgia. He was helped or would not have gone there regularly twice a~ year. ~ WE 1{AVE all hpard of the miric.ulnus springs o( Lourdes, France, and famous Thronion in ancicri^ Greece, where, accordin. to legend Ifcrcules, the god o ctcrna! strength arid youth, drank its wafers and bathed to be forever young. IF YOU ARE a sufferer, and can not go to the minera springi, try GEO-MINERAL which contains » blind of the same minerals thai can be founc at the world's best springs. The minerals In it may work (piracies Amaiins Results WATOH your elimination from your bowels two or three days after you start mini GE0-MINERAL. The waste, black as coal, will break »w»y and you will SEE It! Atto examine ycnr urine. Yofi rnsy ><• impurities—polsonpui w»«(e— coming But of your kidneys, and feel the relief. Be sure (o watch for all (his to mllie the nricelesi »»lu« of GEOrMINEKAU CiEO-MINERAI, is net a physic, and doei not Interfere with the foods in the inlcsllnra. It gets down to the root, cleaning and purifying, throwing away poisons — gM. toxins and bloating. Not like physic*, oils ant rathartlcs do, but In a Natural, harmless, sate way. 100% GuarantMd! WE UKGB you ia try GEO- MINERAL. <3s to your drug store NOW and get one bottle. Use it seven days. If yon are not 1M per cent satisfied, WB will refund your money In full, TKYITI It nay be the rtmtdy yon NEEDI . . . and making ihe best iRTntmcnl far ;»«r health. It «ay e)o wondn* far yom—make you feel, eat, st^ftp, work and en- Joy life r KIRBX BROS. DRUG THIS GASOLINES THE 1111341. COLON. . . refftct Health {irisseEief a cn|on tbls'vr "firm 4!"* reiular, iyllh riinctioni^g piusclt. ?"; ; : / > -i n in like well CONSTIPATION | t the caMst of" this atonic abnormal condition of this colon. IMPORTANT: K«p colon free from poisonous waste matter. : vl--' Phillips 66 is "COW7ROUED To Give You Year 'Round Power, Pick-Up, and Ptpl Do you move away from the stop light or p\trb with a smooth even surge of power? If you're |h« kind they have to honlc at—you'd better switch to Phillips 66 now! You see, Phillips 66 is controlled to give you smooth, even performance every season of the year. Try a tankful, Stop at the next station displaying the orange and black Phillips 66 sign and see for yourself I SPASTIC CONSTIPATION—Pinch- Ing down of the descending colon. Thli conriltton often caused hy over use of harsh cathartics, phyilci, GEO-MINERAI, Retail Fric« 1 Biin, 51,10 6 Hollies (8,00 STORES Blythcville *fHHUPS 66 6ASOUM IS VfSISHtl FOK BNIFOKMLY Hm-itm PCRFORMANCl AU YIAK TtOUHV. \ PHILLIPS ££ GASOLINE Uprd, clsor, tranipqririt finljft; Won't cMp, vyh|| M of pMlj Flni (or floori. f QoJ. 4,39 - Pflfl I" i |, . $.07 REG, !, DOOR CLOSER '.v ad|Hit» |p»«d al doling loose-pin, bullon-llp. 3'/j fay du||'|irq|| " 49c GALVA.NI3ED 10-QT, PAIL H«avy : gaug« ilttl, galvanized (9 r*!'«l r>J!l qnri «prr»iion. Sidt coiiu'golid For llrsnglh. RE8. 1.1? DECK PAINT WARPS IOW CPST TILIIOARW 09 Ol. Withstand! isvffii vyialFier and hqrd w»ar. Rfililf chipping, r**\\fq, * Ktt- W Gal. 3.14 REG. 4.29 ROIL BRICK 088 Asphalt siting, |oo|;i liV.e roal hiick, coils much hti. Al|racliv«, lasting. *Covtrs 100 sq. ft. for baaulilul, lotting wallf at coit,Won'lt'acl- ( ehip or pe«l. h<)k» pf co|qr». R|S. J1.50 CAIINETI I95 IQ if Whll* comenitnl. Hot 16x22* mirror, i'/, ' ildiliohll. Bulbi «xlra. MO tf« COHON SASH CORP 67 e A glcjztd, pliant cord mad» ol •trong whit* collon Fabric . t i |iv*i long, duptpidoe-U w*arl REG. 7.75 HANGS COMBINATION ^97 Both main and branch funs In a ilnal* «abln*t, lli-J30-v»lt 60-amp 3-wif» toN ntulral. REGULAR 4.98 SUPER HQU$i P A!NT Prplacl your hpnn y^itl) YYpf^ b^*l f9V«'ln8 nif-cloanlng Supiir Haul* Painl, "Suppr 11 yj your hPrnv riaw-lookina ond Whltt (Of "«nr^ • Tough ; ; dufob|» ; ; btpytlfi/l, ff)flt'» l Tab. Extfi? |l)k|( aj pi)||, gly«| your fop) f)oipi» ih» pFo^ciian of .ordinary Ceromlc-sur(ac«d. *Cqvfn 100 jq. (f. REGULAR 1.00 FLAT WALL PAINT Specially reduced for Ihli solel Designed for ^^ ^%C greater cov«rog», hiding power and wash- fl fl ability. Ideql for living rponi, bedrqom er ** ** hall. •fog. 3.19 CeH'on,,.." 3,f7 REO. 114.50 ELECTRIC WATER HEATERI 107 50 On T*r»ifi 10% Down, Covirsd by Warc/i 10 Ytar Prolecllon Plan. TonV»qulpp»dwitri mog- n»iium onod« rod. Pr»- v>nM corrosion, n>sl. AA Wards lor d«loill today. Completely ou- lomallc. 50-gal capaclly.

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