The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Haslimers Have Yet Ic - Beat Applcbaumers; ,', Phillips Faces Grocers recent Idler from Paul Hargrove, who moved to McOclicc, Ark., more than .a. month ngo, Pan) wants to kiiow how the fishing U here since he lefl. Well,* It liaifiV improved much, "HorsccoJlar." . One explanation of fishing conditions during Ihe )ml few' 1 days Is that Ihe moon Is wrong. To ' Ihe uninitiated this -means that Ihe astronomical position of the moon Is unfavorable, prevailing signs ot the Zodiac being Libra, Ihe balance, and Cancer, the crab. Within another week the chang- IJY J. P. FRIEND ling phases of jhe moon should Past line Billiard Parlor faces it's' bring somewhat FRIDAY, JUNK 1930 PUCE BILL Wllsl Mmillll, WOlMPIl .Should Shurlfil UjikMUlli; I'D: ' An urjcy IIY Alt'f KI11CN// NBA' SmicT (Jolf W rl >" Women overswinn us a rule, better ' ashing jet many 'Uipjiotchers take a free " "••- the III effects says •jinx team—Fninous Store—in 'the conditions, but according to • Hie (rll swing wllhau second game of (he Commercial signs Pisces, the fishes, will i pro- of overs'* Ihgjng. Bofttall League twin hill, tonight vail Saturday and Sunday, June : . Mrs, •'Otcnim CollHt Vare •at Haley Field. Phillips Motor 13 and 14, at which time the liinl in uianycasos Ihe real source Company, formerly Lions Club, finny tribe should do Its stuff. v.wlll make a league debut against Zeko Jicdel has no faith In, 1 the •McMullln'.s Cash Grocers hi Ihe almanac, and says so. The reason 'Initial contest, slarllnp, at 8 p. m. is lhat lie caught a two.-and-a, Though able to defeat every half pound bass last week during other team in the !oop, Pastime the light of: Ihe moon. 1 'rival's' 1 Ij.-ul "has never been able lo beat a form; Zckc. lira! fishermen' -Milt Famous Slore tenth in the two ,1111 the moon's dark"to calcli (heir years of competition. Last year best ones, ., ;. ,. Joe Applelraum and his Uavimersj Tlibsc".seeking the and' his/, Hiibbard'.v'.fishing. Wreslling Masler Takes On Roughie in Featuvc; Qjscn Tackles Bloonfield By Barry Grayson NESV YORK.—Glenn Scotey Warner, C5, .is seriously considering undergoing a major operalion on tils left hip lo lit film for his 42d season of football coaching this lull, .... The operation Is made necessary by mi accident Warner while hunting |n South suffered Carolina liippetl "Tiny" cue artists four Glover times, It live straight by healing 'llichi, 5-3, in their opener Hits season. Three of .Ihe games were decided Charles b. Haier, Theodore Short, Damon gan| l^od. Ted King, Abb Kinnlngl ' aric-' 'U>j "«T by one; run. Pastime had .a 3*1. John Ellloll, A. A.' Allen, advantage going Into tlie last Wheeler, C; -O. Redman,!'Elrne'r half of the sixth Mils year but Lanwlon, Jlmmie Peterson, Angle, nirajly netted four scores and the. Hood, Mrs. .Garland Morgan,, Ji I O, Miilllns, Hcrt Maker., Eddie' Hurks. Ilabbit nngan. I'aiiriJyrum, Ilorncr, H. G. Matthews,.1H. ball 'Bamc. Seveial team alterations have been announced by bolh skippers. Jess Joe Applcbaum announced llmt J. Arnold, John, Huchanan, Jess . , , his slur catcher, llnrold "Trigger" M. White ,W. W. Hawkins, Sam ' Wall received a badly sprained Morris, (inkle In a baseball game last Randolph, week end and will be out. "Jimmy" Tiptoti was purchased outright .from East Arkansas nud O. W. Copiinlije, A. C. Haley,- T.' R. Vic lor Stliwell, J. W. Campbell, A. V. Barker, H. S. Sllrltn. J, it. Stov- ; BY J. P. KHIKND Roy Welch, the Canadian Wildcat, victor last Monday In a sensational maid) with the tall Tex- - an, Tex Mobley, will meet "Wild | J " yc ' ! " s , l>ack - Po l> has limped for " "' '" " of - -. '• It did not sturi haiuiicap him years ago, Warner, now In his old home (own, Springville, In western New York, barely is able lo walk with the aid of a cane". Tlie operation [„,.. tile past 10 years as the result Dill". Rush, Nashville, Teiin.. „..- . ,- -- roi- in the feature match of the lllc ln J">'y. bl11 & <1W nol start to American Legion wrestling card. ni > mllCil P nl »> severely until Tlie contest will hnvc no time Limil, two best falls out of throe I determining the victor. Ole'y OLsen, "Terrible .Hv/edc" . Paul, Minn., returns to Is not cverswinglna lack swing ol all, D. W. Sellers, C. C. Wood,! wrist strcnglh lo control tlie club may go behind the bat. However, Jack Hlshlp, Gnrland Morgan, : at, Hie lo;> of the backswlug Marvin "Soak" Sanderson, a Mcnnnii Cross, Tliojuas L. 'liealon.l 'it Is.important that a linn grin former catcher may leave Ills J. T. Hood. Roy Johnson, 'Creel 'be 'maintained where the cocking first base duties to Lefty Alex- W. Sellers. W. R Thiclmimn, C. 'of the wrists takes place 11 Is andci and do the receiving. Jimmy Ramey, Lcn Doolcy, Ross Stevens, here that many golfers loosen the Guard is expected from the Uni- W. A. Whistle, R. I,. Logins, grip with Hie result that llic cl«b \eiilly of Arkansas and If he docs, Paid Damon, Doyle Henderson,' J,; fnlis over the shoulders ort cf the latter shift mny materlall/e Weldon, Mose Smith. Percy Smith, control, with "Spiffs'" in short field. J. W. Shouse, U. A. Hill, 'R. u There Hemphlll Glover has bartered Biinnlslcr, J. W. Banister (Ken- Cliff Bevil and Louie Applebaum netl, Mo..) and Warner Hawkins, for "Shoeless" BUI Godwin, from | That list should make any IWi Golfers Qualify Sunday For Play In (Hub-Tourney Ihe Phillips Motor Co., and he ', wary ol grabbing Is expected to be In centerflcld for a free meal. Pastime. Hershel Mosley will be l» right, in the place of Cutchlns, who has relumed Id his home. The remainder of Ihe lineups will be practically the same as used in Ihe last few games, with John Holland and Dan Warrlngioii mound opponents. Manager J. C. Klnnlnglinm has teen quite busy ,in Die Iradc mar>:el since.Phillips Motor took over the Lions Club franchise. Tlie billy changes he contemplates floin Ihe b, my Sanders, Cmndall ham, and Cliff Bcvll hi tlie outfield Jimmy Bmotherman and Hab Roberts will be til wlnU looks like The annual men's golf tournament of vtlle Djytiicvillc country club will begin 1 with au IB-hole qualifying round .Sunday, June 1. First round matches will be •eek., --„— -- ~..ib chain- Klimtng- plon, will not, be required to qualify for play in the cimmplmis'iilp (light. ..,,„. battery, i There will'be sewral flights in McMulllns Casli Clroqery. looms Ulc . loiirnament. players ..... . Brbliped according to their medal i Chicago hltlhig. Ulbk'Haney is the , Ec orcs In the n»»lifyln K round. I n.!." 1 ."" =»— •"• w.n^iupjdn-a r ifzn, ruunu iimLCiics im Ihe regular Lion lineup will played the following week. Abe Kimimgham at nrs_t; Jim-I; n. • A. Lynch, 1935 did for the are exercises ing. forearm, muscles, am player slioutd shorten the buck- swing mill be content with less distance rather than sacrlllce .accuracy, from St. j the local campaigning In the larger cll- ie.i, and lakes on a' stranger, Ike lilouhneld, Los Angeles, In the opener which will start at 8:31). These' two will opei-ale on the two best falls out of three basis, and a % minute time limit. In matching tne two toughlcs, Welch n net Hush, promoter Mike Meroney slated lhat he had two reasons In mind. First, Rash has been 1 rather cocky, uiul needs a. taking down a peg. Secondly, many fans suggested that Hush lie given a real lough wrestler who,was able ami would cope with the methods as employed by Hie Nashville Bull of the Woods. It, Is an open secret lhal lie-en In the good graces of the cash customers became of his methods and many are attending the matches lo see someone beat, his ears down. They feel that Welch is Just Ihe man to do that very thing, since Moblcy, Knox and Owens were unwilling lacklc him at his own though Re.x and the ' did win. Mcroucy said twc fans a(ler Ihree weeks' Is. calculated lo put him on f.ii! job ' "t Temple University m September hi top shape. doing under the knife would prevent Warner from taking in his ithird Olympic. Games, something he would regret exceedingly, particularly In view of the fact thai ills name Is being used In connection with two different European tours, Football's foremost play- maker planned to make the trip with his old Stanford star and current Temple line coach, Fred Swan. A young Sac and Fox named Jim Thorpe made the first Olympic junket of Warner, then ath- woods it i k>lic dircctor °< Carlisle, a memor- Riish hasn't " |>|L ' one '" Stockholm I" 1012. Derby ference contests, but the Buckeyes also will take u Christmas holiday tour which will find them apear- ing on bolh coasts wllhln a period ol 12 days or so. Two engagements with Southern California and one with California have been baaked wilh skirmishes with Nebraska and Utah on the way out Included Following the for western Jaunt, t'no Buckeyes will return to Columbus for a coulpe of days' rest, and then entrain for New York, where they are to collide with the New York University array at Madison Square Garden. So the new slogan In Columbus is, "Make t'nc basketball team and see America first." So prevnlenl im s tobacco- smuggling become on the Franco- lielnian border that "daralc guns" are being used to circumvent, it These fjims throw, for a distance of four miles, a geam of !l°hi so powerful Unit It will temporarily blind anyone in if; patli to Baseball Standings N'ashvlltc ...... Cbnltanooga Little licek .'., lllrmliigliam . Nc\y Orleans Memphis .... Knoxvillc .... National us ,1 potential threat 'with" im- pioicd liltlii latest IilUer to sJlow his former Lorls . York being | Pittsburgh already clouting the ball and added good pitching by t!. Eu- lianks have, transformed the Oro- cers into a s'moolli working club. Hancy. moved lo Ihe hot corner, and Higdoli at the keystone sack, appear to -lie getting results, both worked well at the new ixxsls, especially Hancy. "IJook, Line And Sinker" By BFN batting form. With Junior Barker,' PaVatrnnM Wine nun, Jimmy Hlgdon, and Harmon dm'y rara g° u "li WpS UVCr Osceola On Thursday Paragorld's Rebels look 'n 10 to H decision from the Osceola Indians with Manager Olln -Collier of Pnfnjould recording II strikeouts In turning back the India ns. The Newport. Cardinals defeated the Batcsville team, 1C lo 14, ]h n free slugghij 'game at Bale's- ville. Albright of Uatesville lilt two home runs, a triple null n double while Gordon of Newport crashed out two home runs nntl a triple. Cineinnntj . liosioh ..... llroohlyn ... Philadelphia w. i,. 2!1 15 M 111 23 21 Ul 21 21 10 23 25 21 Pet, .471 .151 the strangle hold, hitting low and cyr gouging were t;rred niut the atch would be the survival of nitesl. Olscn, somewhat Inclined toward e modern trend "of the mat me, is one of the real clever > nicn In tlie business. He is a eat defensive grappler, a line •ulegist, and a capable pcrform- , He has not been beaten In e Dlylhcvllle ring. Nothing Is lown about bis opponent, liloom- 3ld; except Hint Mcrauey said lie as lough as (lie proverbial graml- Iher's boot, [le Imsn'l been in circuit long, but has been irking In tlie Central states bc- re coming south. 18 2B .331 Aniijrlcan Loy Welch spent some time this week sitting by an open window with a far Away look in his eyes, fondling a copy of the Alabama Deep Sen Rodeo News. , There are pictures of tarpon, king mackerel, bonita, speckled trout and other s.ea-go'ng members of the fsh family. iTicrc arc pictures of schooners .launches and , cruisers and the calm waters of tlie famous'old Mobile. Bay, where the city of Mobile will'stage its eighth annual deep sea rodeo August 11, 18 and 19. Tlie pictures hold more than an ordinary interest for the local cotton man, who has been invitee! there this summer by his . brother. Loy admits that "maybe I'll go." This column acknowledges a Northeast Arkansas League Parnjoutd at Jonesboro, Wes'. Plains at Osceola. Il.itesvllle at Ncwporl, New York . Boston Cleveland ... Detroit- Washington . Chicago — Philadelphia St.. Louis .... League • W. ... ;« ... 2!) .... 24 ... 25 .... 24 :..: 21 13 .... 13 L. Pel H IB 20 22 •23 22 .617 .545 .5:12 .511 .488 -Norlht:ist Arkansas T.i-ague W L. Pet — 15 n 14, 11 West Plains .,.. Cscecla ': Newport 14 Parngoiild 13 xJonesboro n lialesville 7 x—Ntgltl game. .5Gf .520 .458 BASS and CRAPPIE FISHERMEN! rr-COSTS NOTHING TO UEGISTBR TOR OUR DIG • • FISHING CONTEST $10 IN CASH J'RIXKS! Hubbard Hardware Co. BIGGEST SELLER IN LOUISVILLE. KENTUCKY 1 •'^^^^^^•••'^^^^^••^•^•••^^^^^^•••••^ • •' TRY IT.. See Why Bottoms Up Won the Nation's Whisky Capital! "AMAZING LOW PRICE FOR SUCH ' GOOD WHISKY," Say Kentuekians ASK any Kcnluckianl He'll Icl PRICED WITH THE LOWEST you that whisky'made lik. Bottoms Up—the slow; old-fashioned unforced way—yields /ess from, tin mash and costs more to makel But i' makes a richer, heartier whisky tha fasfcs better. That's why p 60 ?'? " Louisville, where hundreds of whiskie arc made, prefer Bottoms'Up! Bottoms Up KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY • BROWX-FORMAN Diaillm Co., Louisville, Ky THE GREATEST NAME IN WHISKY Baseball Results Snutltrrn League Mcmuhis 2, liirmingham 1. Alianla 7, Knoxvllle 2. Chatlanobja 15, Nashville 3. New' Orleans at Little Roek layed as double-header. June '>. IMU.sbiireh 7.'Boston 5. Cincltinatl 5. Plillii<lclr,hii\ 3. Chicago 8. New York 5. Brooklyn 4. SI.. Louis 3. Jockcydom's Browii Withheld who were so willin» to hand Jimmy stout the 193C Brown I Derby of jockeyclom by his handling of Oranvillc in the mile and a quarter Suburban Handicap at eanif ' Belnloia Pi "' k withheld it when the «"""-•, rider explained the heart-breaking camera decision against the son of Gallant Fox. Stout fell from Granvlllc at the start of- tlie Kentucky Derby. He- was caught napping in the Woaa Memorial, which went lo Teufel. an cntrymate. and again in rhr Preakness was nosed out of first money by Bold Venture, all be-' cause lie appeared to let a loafer loaf. The consensus immediately following the Suburban was that had Stout, given the slightest help to a Uiorong'nbrecl that is known always to.let down when In front, just as his sire was wont to do, there would have been' no occasion for the camera decision which went to (he •S-yenl'-oM Firelliorn. Stout admits iic made his move entirely too soon, hut blames it on Granvlllc. While rating Granvlllc three lengths oft the pace of the leaders i In the backstrctai, stout feared hit- mount was about to be trapped. When lie gave Granvlllc his hea-.t lo draw out of danger the William Woodward entrant was so full of run he refused to be rated and nothing but a licking pull could 'nave .slopped him. The pa~e of lliis premature move, in the opinion of Stout.was directly responsible for Oranville's rapid tiring at the end. American .League Hcston 4. Cleveland 3. Oiluigo 10, New York 3. St, Louis C. Washington 2. Detroit 18, P]iilndel])iil:i a. liaskcllrall Players N<MV See America , With Us growth In attendance basketball lias • assumed footbai: proportions In the line of travel. Ohio State's 'noop squad next winter will outdo the Carlisle Indians of happy memory and tin. more restless Notre Dame gridiror Northeast Arkansas League Pnrngctld 10. Osceola 5. Newport IB. Datesville 14. .„.._ 1L . „ c Bliull:)I West Plains at Jonesboro. night teams of the past in the matter ol m= - . I getting around the country. 1 ' Not only will the Scarlet co"e- unnvin formed his ideas on evo-' men play their usual 12 Big Tei ulion on the Galapagos Islands. ' games and l',irce or four non-con- Here are ties selling like hot cakes!! GENUINE PALM BEACH NECKWEAR Ties niutle of Palm lieacli fafiric and tailored in a manner that 5,'ivcs them Ion :;• wear and feel like a feather. They w a K h wilh case and lie in a perfect knot. Kveiy conceivable )!;illern. All exclusively in Blytheville at MEAD CLOTHING Co, 315 WEST, MAIN STHKKT Siiorlswear Headquarter j in lilytlipville Ill-fore Von Buy Any Outboard - Sec' the NEPTUNE 2 H. V. Single t;yl. (Other sizes In 1G 11. P.) nUHHA'RI) T1RK & I5ATTERY CO. i can't survive the summer without one of our new STETSON STRAWS Ilci'o is Amc'i'if.'i's lints I sinisv lisii in [{lyliiovillii's ]tii-i4'i"-,:l Klru-k. A ninsl f(ini|ilele .si'lccliun iintl ;t sixo anil shnjiL' lo fil any man or yotiii); niiin in lilytlu'villt'. Oel unc'loiliiy ;ind enjoy (lie summer su:is(i]i. Other r,marf straw hats $1.95 id $S MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WKST .MAIN STHKICT Bly(huvili«'s SunmiL'ru'i'itr Hciii!(|ii;if(crs It's time to pack away your stuffy clothes and say Hello to cool comfort v: '3*- ft V i./ k *>< ~v ^ < ,, ^. v ^ \t ^ -t.^, ^ V^ /s> * <« ^•i * , ^^^ t $'&t*f"' ^f/r^ f f > «% t*^' ^. f Blytheville's Only Presentation Of Smart 1938 whites - bangkoks - tattersalls sport and business wear newly arrived Select one nf Ihe iiinicsl snils iiv Ihe world „,..,.„ . .^. nswly lonrocd ;nul tailored by Ciontiall . . . new iii piiltern, c', weave . . . and style. See the two-toned fleck uetve - - - Hie Iiffhl-as-air sereen weave ... (he cream Hupsiicli e»ec( . . . U, e sliinimeriu ff whiles . . . (lie dial!; stripe navys. litisiness motlcls and single and double breasted panel hat'k s|inrl models. JTAI^O^.a^v conn .7 ^ L^S^^¥l PALM BEACH STUDENT SUITS ns 73 '- PALM BEACH SLACKS Exclusively at MEAD CLOTHING 315 WEST MAIN STREET Blytheville's Headquarters for Smart Sportswear

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