The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1936
Page 5
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\ PIUDAY, JUNK-5, .1030 BIA'THKVIU-K, (AUK.) COUllllSU NEWS Classified CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally 'rate pel line for consecu- Hve Insertions: One time per nno. lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c Tnrce limes per line pel d,ay . Otic Elx limes per line per rta^; ,. 05c Month rate per lino ........ 6Cc Minimum iumrge BOo "; Aos ordcrca lor tnrce or tlx limes and stopped before " expiration will bo charged for the number of times the od appeared 'and *<JJufitment ol LIU marie. Di ciassineo Advertising copy EUbDilttcd l)y utrsons residing out- Etilc ol Ine clly must \tj<f 'accompanied by cash. Rales'i>in'ay : : Si' eully computed Iran above table. Aflvcriia'niE oroereu -lorr/irregular Insertions lake the one lime rate' No icsponnuuuy will ac taken lor more than one Inuorrcct insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory , Real Estate l'Ori SALE OHEAP-4iOUSES at ™« U;-; 331 & s;ia s. pi- We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work of All Kinds Barksdale Mfg; Co. .«»uK,,«ns,«i« - '•••,. ' \°-• ••.' Land In Mississippi •&. Peinlsci Phone 19 ' I'ijloii, with paying'tenants. BAK- OA1K for . quick''sale. -Part cash will handle. Mildred E. Cox, R. R. 1, Box 24-A. Automotive THICKS cur ox~At)f6~i'Ait'rs Tires. Tillies, Hatterles, Paint, Tools. Motor oil, Floor Mats, Scat Covers, Get our prices before you buy. Save Money I WOl.F AU1AN I'liMic 17C . 128 n. Main TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO.. oving 50c room up. Pliiuos '$l' up. , PHONE 904 All our 193S Patterns WALLPAPER M now on sale at greatly 'rcclucctl ,;' :. •.. • 'prices.' ".- . : '• j E; G. Robinson LHr. to. For Sale Pi'actk'ally new Steam Pressure cooker & sealer, $10. Mrs. B. F. rotter. Call 302. 5-c-k-tf Golden oak, quarter ssiwed, paneled office partitions. Enough to make a beautiful division :n a .store or office. Bargain, Thomas Land 'Co. Coupon BOO<! lor S50.00 payment: on new Farmall Tractor. Will lake S25'.00 -for It. Thomas -Land Co. FOR -SALF,—'Used 3cc Boxes and Electric 'RotriKora'tars. Broadway Sales "Co., -Ill S. Broadway. 3flc k'6 $12!>:00 'Credit 'on Now Chevrolet or used 'car. value '$'400.00 'or murs, to buyer having no trade-in. G' discount for cash. Box'"AB' r Courier News. dh H $200 ei'cdit on new Plymouth or Hodge at 20 ; pcr cent dLsoount. Call 1S8 before June 13. 2-pk-D Good Used trucks 1034—Hi Ton Ford 1!)35— ',i Ton I'orrl Ticli-Up ; I931—IK Ton Chevrolet 5031—1 !i Ton International All have Gnml Stake Bodies TETtMS Delia liR])lcmeiil Go WANTED — ALL KINDS 'JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 to $5 ton * Aluminum, lOc ib. • Brass, 2c to 4',4c Ib. Copper Wlrt, 4c to 60 Ib. Radiatora, 4!tc ib. ' HIDES & TTORS WOLF AllIAN LANK ! Pcmlscol Connlli's. e Prices ' ft Terms OliOliGK YATES Phone ' TO3—liox^ ,'3'22 Salosineu AV anted MEN WANTED lor nnwjlelKri liontcs of 800 fainillcs./Kcllable hustler slioti!<l start;' earning $25 weekly and-increase-rapidly, Write today. Rawlelgli. Deiit. AKE-27-S. Mcm- plils. Tonh.. ; ; .':"•• Barber Shops : HOI/1"S liAUHKR SHOP 101 Sontli 2nd St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVE 15c: Hath—Close B p.m.—Shine PHONE 17U 128 E. MAIN Shoe Repairing BUY 'CLOTIIKS NOW! Pay out of your bonus. GEO. H1UIK. Tailor 201 N. 2nd' - AT MISSOURI STATE LINE •Open D?y and Night FKESH CRAPPIE "35c Every Pi'Way, Saturday & Sunday OUAI.ITV SHOE SHOP Men's Half Soles COn. We, SI ' Men's Rubber Heels 25c. '3Se, '50s Men's Full Soles and Heels $2 Ladies' and children's Half Soles SOc and .C5C. 'Quality Materials Laces any color. Free delivery, service.'3 FREE Shines wilh'halfi sole. LTON & TEXACO : OAS : 10.8c gal. Clgnrettcs $1.25 Carton BIG BASEBALL GAME F.VBRY SUNDAY Phone ;i505-F4 or 143 Certiiied Potato Plants Tomato, Pepper & Egg Plants 'G. C. Hawks : 'Cor. l,a!:e & Main or 590 -Madison BEAN •& 'll'OMATO' STICKS, 5 & 0 FT. -LONG, IVtc EACH. CHICAGO MIIjL. Always iin the Market 'for SGRAPERON WOOL Rags, Mcial, Hides & Bones Blythcvillc Iron & Metal Cn. - •••"* 221 'W.' Cherry \i »i '* '*••. :•. '-• H >. •-. ^ •. , .. . Call MB Shoes Half Soled, 65c& up Strings with Job, Ic -extra SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TRUE JIUJi; SHOE SHOP Next to B.- T. Worthy's AltKANKAS. t. ('. Land Cdmi'uny. a nirpoia-l .»|. 5 ,., 1LJ lien, and John (I. lloyt, 'ivusioi 1 .t" i'lalntiffs. ' ' lly A. !•'. Kinltli, 1>. C. vs. \YAiiNiN<i ounicit J i< il Armnnlroul, l!ul)>h Anmm- triiiii; Ki'unk Kdwiu'ds and his '""' non-i'e.'.ldent dclciulnnl wllr, Mrs, Frank l->lw:ii'(lti, ne-i"- Klrshnpi 1 ,' Is .wnriii'd to Inuiunls. ' [in Chnm-cry.'Court lor tln> Clik-l: WAKN'INC OliDKi: ti«\Wli;l'.-I?hlvlct. Of ) appear In the Chini.rry Oiiiirt \vllhln Itilily days mid iiiisii'i'r I'Diiiplnlut of plaln- Uil, H. 0. Land Cmnpiniy. . Ci.iinly. M'linnsas, wlllilu •foni'l and (lie fc'al tliercol this .•Sill di'iy of June. TOii. II M. CRAIG. Clerk. IlJ A. P. Smith, n. O. . 11 luller. • .Sollijlloiti for Plalnlltr. Drs: Wert & Wert ;1 Ol*rOMCTKISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Storo "WE MAKE ' 'EM SEE" Ihl Ihsl InU'rniii combustion win. doslsniKl atoiit UK Kir 1CUO n ml were miule to opor- ]0ll 'guhpowihll'. (iviv liled niinlnst him I'thn't; by tin 1 Amt'iicim •Ufi 1 1n:uir<uu'o Cumpnny. MD-Year-Old Ita;.ur 'Used HORTON. Kns. (UP)—John F. Bnyd, 82. ctnlins to have Hie oldest straight-'edEc, razor in use in America. It is 300 years old and was brought from Scotland by Ills great-great-grandfather. Boyd has. owned it since he was 18. Komnncc has faded for Mrs:, Michael Cuihiliy, 5ibo\'0 t singe jind screen nctrc'ss' nnd (lancer. Slii' lias announced in Los An- ficlcs that she will stnii suit for separate maintenance against the 28-year-old heir to meat packinc millions. They were innrricd in 1933. Mrs. Cudaliy was May Jscklyn Bomx, known . on.lhc slasc as J my Inuul us ,Ctnk ol .Wliiicss my hiind as cleil; 01 said ""imiiRf^TOlur^""** TOlLlffLE CHEVROLET-CO. Whi'lhtT ytm jll<lj;e pritixtl-ilv >hy lllll'1'iirillUT, Ijy anrr. liv mm y—lhr V*ri\ Cais hern SIHASlJItH 01' llnjn.v Mtcmnnii-al, L'ridi'fiil TninsporlMion In utu> of our Hsi'il 'C;u>i. l!);!. r > C'liuvntlist Master C'oupo. Tlii.s car hiis hiut tioiwlly jjixid can 1 . Driven very low miles. lisiinl.; Hen! l!iii'K:iin ill .........,::', M 1 ) 1 1!W> (,'hevnilet Sliindiird Ooadr'... '.':...„,.,;....: '521 'li'!! I'oiiiiac Sed:iii, imly . .',, .;.*,:...:..'..:..:•.*..,..:'..'..:...'. ?1S!> IIK'-I Fonl Coii|i« ..,'.: :'. ,.: Sli.'lfi Hull' Ford Tudor ../..: l!):il t;ii(;vriikit T'/.. Tnis Tnick S'Mfi !!W2 Ciitwrolet I'l/. Tiiii Truclt ..^'./Jlliil 1 ( J:M Ford,'Closed Cab Pick-Up Truck '.,:.,• r ? :i!ir> MAiS'Y OTIIlCliS TO CMOOSM l-'HOM . TCI LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. if OK QUK;K ON Wnshcc! SAN!) and RAVE Coal ci Aiming (;„, And \ve liandlo nil brands ol' High Grade I'loal — Siimniitt, G Brilliant, ONE STOP SliHV!CJ3 STATION •I'OK 'VOillt CONVENIENCE 1 SINCLAIR GAS AND .LUJJKICATION in of Scrvieu Dcpiuinieni, I.'.'iH. .IOIINSON in chai'ire -»ATT);itV SEKVICK -KAIHATOU KHl'Alll '— HO»V \VOKK Nmv Ixicnfutl at 101 North Srcoci'l ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAIIUS, 1'roprlclor taken ui rctiullt TyiKirrlters, Adding IMncnltic* *nrj culnlors—Kcpulrlng—1'url: \SS lNSTAI.IiHI> —AUTO 1'AHTS W. T. BARNETll AUTO SAUBf. noilRo A 1'Iymoatli '*' Dcutcr \*\ 1'HONE 888 — HEAR! HEAR! 1C you have n burial iisMcintion ccrtilicatc of'''; any lund on yotir loved 'OUCH 'wlien Hicy pass '• iiwny, wo will accept it at full •.valuu on the funeral, ' in-oviilcd you buy as •much us ?nO or more in < inevcliiiiHlise, ' ' ' * COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONK -2(! Barksdale Mig. to. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 19 For ftent 2 newly decorated unfurnished rooms, adjoining bath, .private' entrance. Couple only. Call at 510 >S. Franklin after 5 p. m. 3-p-G 5-room unfurnished house, 511 Park. Reasonable. Call 280. 3-ek-tf; i room nnfnrnisliert house a! 123' Vine. Call 208-J. 2-ck-tf. 3 room 'furnished apt., newly decorated. Mrs. I. O. 'Wcstbrodk. 30-ck-tf' 2 room FURNISHED apt. Call C83, 108 Kentucky. Mrs. Elvn 1 Poc. 29-k-5 3 room FURNISHED apartment. Mrs. Mary HoUingsworth, 021 Cliickasawba. 2D-!i-k-5 4 loom house, (urnishcd or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin Call 274-W. Robinson. 23-c-tf 3 FUR.NISHED Rooms, modem. Sink (11 kitchen. 914 llearn. COOL bedroom;;, icnsonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig, 000 Main, Phone ,. no. 8 room house, furnished or unfur- iiis'ned. 2 baths and sleeping rmrch. nil Walnut. C. J. Crane. Gail £6 or 20. c-k-13 3 room FURNISHED apartment. modern. 1111 Ash. Mrs. George Matthews. Call 29-1. ck-tf 2 bedrooms or a two room furnished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins. 1020 Hcarn. UNPURNISIIBD 4 room apartment .with bath. Call 327, or 55 at night. 12-ck-tf Furnished 3-room house. Fifth St. Couple Only. dh Room Apartment, 4 rooms furnished. J. II. SniKrt. Cail 805-J 20 !tt JNOKAM apartment, Inquire at Parkhnrst Co. 28-ck-U Chaniclcr Loans from $100 $2000 -repaid over a ipcriod of !2 to 60 'months. No red tape nnd ow government Interest nite. See E. C. Robinson Lumber Co SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND -INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB -PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Wall Paper NEW PATTERNS—LOW PRICES CANVAS, PASTE AND TAOKS VSK A110UT riTTSBUR_GH'S NEW FAINT FINANCE The Arkmo Lumber Co. Phono 40 Free Estimates Wanted -- Used Furniture Spot Cash Paid Wade Furniture Co. • 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson STOVES STORED FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black But You Wliite JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE GUARANTEED ELECTRICAL WORK, Aasoimble. lYank Gable, Phone 218, Osccola. Batlerics BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. Clunc At Tom Jackson's Service Sla.Uou Lost rs. J. J. IJMIS — Silencer Uorseticre Cal) 421-W for appointments s, Poultry Baby Chicks DAY OLD & STARTED any day MARILYN HATCHERY REWARD for return of child's navy blue coat, lost at city auditorium Wednesday night. Mrs ElissslI Pflflllus. Csll 030. 4-ck-8 Cash Feed Slore Pays Top Prir.cs For Eijgs & Poultry 'Ml E. Main MUH?WHAT5 THAT?.'fid, IMDE_ >-ou VVOMT LET AULISTMT EVEM OF UH-HUHl 'v^. '-il'VOLI LOOKWFOR -;ANY W- ; OH, MO-I CAMT. HAVE THAT.' 1 WOULDN'T TMINJ1-C YUMMV'-THAT A SWELL WHO SAYS WE CAW'T GO/.? 5OOLA AM' 1 WILL BE GETTMJ'OklOUK OO1TA GET BACK HOME ARE YOU« PLAW5 FOB TODAY 3 H " / T ' •• --^^ T^miTM V.-t.'^f (f, • *• * V feresaO4,r»lF' fcei ?» HOOTS KNOWS F1CH11V! t.\.\. iO.OM\ TOO V.ON6 ' yoo OWE ARE. VOU 01MG, QOOT6 '? BACVi TIME R\6WC'. OOMT WORRV WASH GTiTS THE DOI'IJ! lOAHO BUTCH ESCAPED/ BLASTED TURTLE CREEK COPj LET HIM GET /'EVERYTHING'S &ONE VVKON&' AND IF VOLI UOSTTHAT r - 7 ^-— x rH'DF.TR(C? HOLPUPMONEV,VOU PUMPV POCDIE BI1&, I'LU- AND THE OTHER 80V-THE ANY IiMpOR- MATIOM* , THE ES-TATE'LL-BE WORTH MLLLIOW ' SHEEP.OF THE FAMILY-WAS \. TAKE SIX MONTHS TO SETTLE PICKET'S' ' ATTORWEV'5 HO1.D1N' 1TFOR PROBATE COUPf VViLL-LEAVES EVtRVTHr\J& TO TWO GROWN/ ' ~"~ ^~ <:!! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THROW ~jlK BOWE OVER THE HEDGE AMO , BE ABLE GET AGAIM SOSH.HES HEADED STRAIGHT R>P THE HOUSE.WnH BOWE. AWD-VtHJ'KrJOV/ \VHAT MQM SAID! DID....DID THAT BONE! KWOCK DOWN WELL, TAKE IT' AWAY FROM HIM ! _ .fJOT, TAG.' OKJLY COWARDS

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