The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BTATIIEVTUJ: (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY', APRIL e, 1949 Lawmaker Seeks Spending Curbs Saline County Man To Take Issue to Court- for Decisiort LITTLE ROCK, April 6. UPi-Kep. James A. Gipson of Bentou said here today that he would start court action Thursday In an effort to naU use of cash funds by state Institutions. Gipson who was here today conferring with Attorney General Ike Murry. said he would file a taxpayers 1 suit in Pulaskl Chancery Court Thursday against the State Hospital. The Saline County legislator opposed unrestricted use of such cash funds by slate institutfons durins the 19«'lefi!slature. He .laid today he would charge in his suit that expenditure of cash Junds. obtained through sale of croixs, equipment and from fees, has not been authorized by the legislature ES required by the constitution In addition to the Slate Hospital, nil slate cplloses have cash funds, which do not go through the state treasury. Gipson said there are 25 people employed at the state hospital whose jobs were not authorized by the legislature, but who are bciiiR paid out of cash funds. Dr. George Jackson, hospital superintendent, was not immediate. 1.V available for comment. ' ' Gipson said he was basing his court action on an opinion by former Attorney General Guy E. Williams. That opinion, issued last year, said that "when the legislature has fixed the salary of any officer, clerk or employe, no officer or board or Individual can Increase the amount of said salary cither by an attempt lo supplement the appropriation by payment out of cash fund or In any other manner." The opinion also slated that "the legislature does not have the constitutional power to determine the number of officers or employes or the amount of their salaries. This must be done by the legislature Itself." Gets 180 Days -Sen. Glen Taylor, Idaho Democrat, said he would appeal all llic way lo the Supreme Court, if necessary, after a Birmingham, Ala., circuit court sentenced him lo 180 days at hard Inbor and fined him $50 for his brush with Jim Crow laws last year. Taylor said he was "pleased" with the verdict because he hopes lo have Birmingham segregation laws declared unconstitutional. House Members Approve Parkway Survey Funds WASHINGTON, April 5. iVPi — The hoiusc passed a bill yesterday authorizing a $250,000 appropriation to pay for a survpy of n route for the proposed Mis.sLs,sippl River park'.vay. The survey i. c to be made by the National Park Service andilhc Public Roads Arimini.slrnUon, Air Force Buys 41 New Bombers 36 Long-Range B-36s And Five B-47 Jet Craft Arc Ordered WASHINGTON, April (l_yi>)_ The Air l-Vwt* imnu'inrort yesterday it is urdprlriK -^ iutditlonnl ImiK-ranuft H-3'i hoinbt-rs ami five more H-47 liinh-spvcd i<H bombers It has cancel led an uixior for -13 B-54 lour-ciiKiiH'd hnmljiTS, dlverl- g iho money lo Die m-v.' ortlor.s. The tt~'M>. bnill ))>' C'oiisolicliilcd-1 Vultcc, w [jowrml with six conventional type rnuJiirs :»"»<' is designed for a lO.miO-niMo litnj^i:. With Die nc\v order, thr Air tt'»i«* kill have about JtiO IJ-:Ws cl/liverctl or on order. The H-H BoHiiK, classed as a UjjhL bomber, holds the Iranscon- tmrtilnl sprt-ti ift'ord. Powered with [our jel.s, the TJ-17 is mlrti nt above 5DO mites an hour, with n radius of action of over 81)0 miles. The Air Force now lifts two n-47s, ntul has ten product ion mmJHs on order. The new orders bnnu lo 17 the total number ordrrc'd ~or delivered A long with the shifts in orders the Air Force iiiinnmurd Uiiit. the strength of Us (our heavy honibcu »ioop,s of H-1ili and *\vo Inmi-ran^i 1 reconnaissance Krmips <if B20 wil he inerrs^ed from 18 lo 30 plane* : for ciirh uroup. It is said thn extra j pinncs will "step up the capabil- ' ilios of the tironp^ with little change" requited in the number of personnel. The B-54 bombers, for which orders were ennrellrd. aetually are new desiRiis of Hie B-50. Pope County Levee Project Is Approved DALLAS, Tex.. April 6-fA'j—U. S. District and division engineers have recommended construction ' f levee on the north hank of the Arkansas River in Ihe Holly Bend BoUorn area of Pope County. The office of Ihe division engineer hi'j '<• announced yc.sterlay approval of the project, which also be considered by the thief of engineer's and Congress. The levee would he approximately 5.'2 mile.s in length and about 9.6 in height. Conditions of the appros'iil were that local Interests provide without co,st all lands :md right.s-nf-u'ay irce.ssary, free Ihe government om any construction damages and nalnhifn and works after completion. Composer to Wed BFA'ERLY HILLS, Calif., April 6- IV—Jimmy McHugh, 54-year-old composer of "I Can't Give You Anything But Love," announced today he plans to wed Anita Lhocst, 17- year-old swimmer. Moliugh, sponjsor of the annual Southern California AAU open .swimming a no diving championships, and the blonde Miss me acqaiuntctl through their mutual intcreuils in music and aquatics. In addition to holding the national soniof ICO-yurd individual ]nc(ilcy swim record, i.s an accompli. 1 -:lied The period in which the cave man lived is most often called the Mons- k tcrian, taken from a cave In -soitth- j ern Fiance. Le Mousticr, where re- 1 m:iin,s of Hie race were found. Head Courier News Want Ads. CANT SIN PIN-WORMS cause Fidgeting and that awful ITCH! LouhiK &lt'i>i>, almost RoinB mad bocauee of a toriiK'ntinK. rmliarriminK rrelal lU-tiT Tliis may wt-ll lie a wjiriiinK «UKn °" 1 > n ~ W.jrmj. ugly crraturra lhal livr ai.i Brow Imiilr the liumiin body. Anil Oils common condition fun rauM. 1 more HfrLOUS trouble tvcn inlornnl Innnmrnation and bkcdins. Tlu-rr'B lit* urcd lo lake I'liances with thi> nnity pest. A jir>v. jrlcntlfic treatment -Jo,r,.'» P-W V«mifo S »-nr.« olTcrji real rrli.-f from Pin-Wornw. P-W contain, a t..«tod. mcdifiilly-al'pn'v"! <l™« '. lial <"«! ,l,os« I'in-Wornu in tlio intestine and rrmnvra tlinn Irum the lioJv. Ko don't Kamldi- with I'in-Worra». At the firftl siirn o( infi'ction, ask your drUKKIst lor P-W,!, «s>-to.tak( tabli-U ppr- teted b>- the (»mous J»yne Co.. «l.oci»llsU in wo. to rcrncdii-a for n>'cr 1011 yrari. ll,ol 1t<K: P-W (8 for P«.W«rm.l The bill now goes lo the Senate. roiinlry. Drivins SI10 miles a day. a person would have to drive lor more than 7 1-2 years to cover all the 1.4(10,000 mites of improved ronris in this State College Press Association to Meet CONVVAY, April 6 — W)— The annual convention of the Arkansas College press association wMll be held at Arkansas A. and M.. Mon- tlcello. May 6 and 7. This was announced today by Paul Farls of the Hendrix' College facutly, sponsor of the association. . • Raps Churchill f '.^^^KSy^G^F^^ 1 BEAUTIFUL HOME FOR SALE ALL MODERN CONVENIENCES 5 room house Tile hath and kilflien Hardwood floors throughout Attic fan Two gas floor furnaces Electric hot water neater Two car garage I.ocated'in city limits of Steele on Highway 61. See MRS C. C. HAZEL Don 'f Miss the New Phone 213-.T Slcele, Mo, PUSH-BUTTON" RANGE Your choice of Built-in Pressure Cooker and Reusable Unit or TWO OVENS! And that's only (lie beginning! Minute Timer. SuperfaM Calrott* More wonderful new General unit* throughout. I-lcciric VSjyced Cooking" femure* All thit — fiiuj the greatest cook- we could ever name here) Ing ease you ever saw[ Cnnk hv Auinniatic Oven Timer thai'* like pushing huttoni! Come in and iee! CVira help in [he kitchen! New «IHADI-HA«K *»a.u.t.r*.-r.arr. Hurry/ laf us pfv* you er demonsfraf/on of this newest Genera/ Electric wonder! HUBBARD &HOKE Appliance Company Sen. William Langor, " above, North Dakota Republican, called* \Vinston 'Churchill "a cunning foreign propagandist" who is here to persuade the U. S. to uhdcrwrits the British Empire. He also renewed his charge that the former British prime minister fought against the U. S. in the Spanish-American War in Cuba. Churchill slated Langer's charge was "devoid of truth." See the new decide on any other car at J ;• '-- <• ,..,•"> • • • HQW'S your car running lh«e di>»* Doei irha\t rhe Pep aod Po*er lhat it d'd when r,<*> Do** it look lm» —«ryj trt you proud to drive it? 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The Mrrring \\3irrl ilor?u*l liit ynnr knot's. You've on cltair-hi^ti seals, so ihiil yon £c\. all ttie bench I o[ llie larper windows and \\itulshieltl. ^ nu\e got ful! fticlfh-oiil frp room, fvonl and hack. And jou've got more Injigagn space in ilia! DE SOTO FEATURES THAT MEAN MORE ENJOYMENT EVERY MILE * T 'P' Toe Hydraulic Shilt with Fluid Drive Assessment NOTICE The law requires that each person assess his or her personal property and real estate each year, between January 1st and April 10th. This is Hie year for assessing personal properly and town lots. Failure (o assess your own properly at my office in the Court House makes it necessary for the Assessor or Equalization Hoard lo set the valuation for you. Please cooperate by assessing before April 10th. HERBERT SHIPPEN Tax Assessor, Mississippi County Court House — Blytheville & Osceola or Inmk lhan you cvor ilrr.inird of hrfi>rc. r-S l)e Solo i* lower. 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BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS NORTH TENTH Powered by quick-starting 4-cyc1« gasoline engine (1V^ hp or 3 hp). * Full adjustable (governor guarantee* aceurac«, dependabte speed control. * 24" blade cuti right up to tre« trunks, shrubs, fences, etc. * Seamless steel tubing throughout frame insures light ruggedness. Precision construction tafecuards See the MASTER MOWER today at Blytheville Machine Shop Dealer ARKANSAS GROCER CO. Distributor I Have At All Times For Sale itveral tractors anil equipment. Unth new anil used I have John Deere, Farm:ill. Ford and other makes. I nnw have new Ford Inictors and equipment re:id> for delivery al dealers' price I will Ira lie for must anything you have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C CROWE L mile south of Braggadocio. Mo YOU ON DEFEND ON DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH ot*u« FOB oetAi CAB;;, nm stevict, A SQUAHE cm . MOTOR SALES CO., Inc 110 W. 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