Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 2, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1896
Page 5
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pf^l^p;:^^ Dunlap's . . Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. -Spring Styles.= DBWB.NTER, The Hatter and Furnisher, ill You Will be Surprised To see the suitings we are offering for $25 and $30. We have all the latest novelties in shadow-plaids for spring and not an old piece of goods In the house. We guarantee style, fit arid workmanship to be unexcelled and we will not be undersold. Take a look before you place an order. The Tucker & Sharpe Co. Tailors, 315 Pearl Street. IS THE WELL DRESSED QEN- TLEflAN. When lie has boon fitted out with a handsome now suit bj Herz. There Isnt a tailor In Logansport who. can transform a man so quickly, or raise Kim In his own estimation in.such a short time, as Herz. The clothing fits so perfectly and Is made In all the up- to-date stylos in material, cut and fine trimmings that everyone knows who made It betore looking fit the stamp inside. 409 HARKET STREET. THE FIRSf NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $20O,OOO. A. 3. Murdock, Pros. W. W. Rosa, Cash. J. F. Brookmeyer, Asat, Cash. DIBECTOBS: «. a Rice, W. H. Brlnghnrat, A. J. MordocK, Dennis Chi. a Tf lantis, *"• H. Hurwood, W. I. Wilson, Banking- In ali its DcportiDonU promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customer* and StocknalclerB •ought for. Strong Reserve Fund maintained. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY, JUNE 2, isoo. All siioes shlned t rea at Otto's. Gee. Harrison baa the finest Mnu of Danamocka In the city. Logan Council, No. 21, O. C. F. meets -.In regular session this evening. George Harrison bandies LaDdreth'i 'first class garden, flower - and fleM . . 20 dozen new slili'I waists in Dresden 'and linen effects from OSc npTTdvd.- Trade Palace. . Natural gas bills for the month of June are now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. Don't delay, quantity .limited, prices sncfc as 25 cents, for 75 cent bicycle leggings must attract tho people.— Kaufman & Co. The latest prettyHower hats and bonnets at Mrs. W. J. Potter's, between Fifth and Sixth streets on Broadway. cheap for cash. , i • Look and sec the fine line of wash goods 3Vic a yard and up, and silks at 22>£c a yards and up, 23c for ii yard of crepe worth 50c a yard, In all colors.— Trade ralace. Awarded Highest Konors—World's Fair. DR/ MOST PERFECT MADE. '•'* p-«e Grape Cream, of-Tartar Powder. Fret If r .1 -Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant. 40 Years ti "" TOOK ALL HE HAD. Charles McGinnis Claims He Was Robbed and Files Affidavjts. Charles McGinnis yesterday caused the arrest of .Tolm Courtney and James Harris, both of the Westside upon the charge of highway robbery and larceny. The • trial will bo called this morning at 7 o'clock before Mayor Me- Keo. McGInnis ways that the boys bold him up on Linden avenue near Sycamore street, rlflled his-pockets and finding he had no money took a plug of tobacco. McGinnis is employed as'a section hand on the Yandalia railroad. DESTROYED A WHEEL. Bicycle Hired of Burgman & Co, Demolished By noses VanDyne. A bicycle rented by Mrs. Nancy Van Dyne at Burgrnau's exchange was re- tTirued to~thii establishment la to last night by the police, In a badly battered condition. .The machine was takcn'om by Mrs. 1 .Van Dyne in place oC her own bike, which was being repaired. -The police were notified Inter that the lady's husband, was'tearing the bicycle to pieces. It Is 'claimed that he cut the ti'res ia.strips, and with an ax broke the- machine to fragments. The Burgman company will today bring proceedings against him. ADDITIONAL LOCAL, On account of tlie serious Illness of one of the members of. the Junior class of the high school, the entertainment to be given tonight, nt.thejhlgh school building to (lie Seniors, will not occur as announced. The Aultman company's train of thirty car loads of machinery from the factory at Canton, Ohio,.on its way to Chicago and the west, will reach this city at S:30 a. in.. .Tune 4th. The train travels only by daylight. The Ilev. H. A. Perclval who Is at Saratoga -Springs, N..' Y. writes that Uiere. is the only place In the world where the more man drinks the better lie Is. The Rev. Perclvnl will be at home some time this week. A "coffee" was given last evening at the home of Mrs. Blanche Skinner on High street, by the ladles of the Broadway Methodist church. There was a good attendance, though the ladles predominated as usual at these events. At the wagon yard on the corner of I if Hi and North street a number of lady bicyclists took a lesson'in handling''a wheel Jnst night. There was an interested audience at the session of the r'id- Bg class. THREE STRAIGHT Ottos Take the Last From the South Bends. GO TO KOKOnO TODAY Baltimore Leads the Big- League With Cleveland Next. .Sunday was the Ottos', turn to play for a-shut-out, and they had the Senators from • St. Joseph county badly scared about it. Inning after inning passed and the young men in tlie pretty maroon suits stepped up to the plate and. while they hit tho ball, it dropped in a pocket every time, and They.could gut lio farther than.third. l.t x ,lu:i-ipwied •Hiat way until the eighth-inning-, when' tlie visitors struck, a lucky-streak and after Silvers had'popped up :i'l'iitle aue to Stints';nid retired to the bencli, Goss followed liinn with an ea?y oiie tn llack- i'tf. With two -meu out Cross.hit,far a base and McCarty followed suit.-Cross stole third and scored on a hit by LIpps. Neenau folia wed with a- hit 'and bj; good running McCabe niid LIpps scored. Kapp rapped out a-safe'one and Luther hit to Brntou,'.wlio . ovei- threw first, and It looked as though two more runs would be added to the South Bend string. Smith spoj'ed..,.it by-a short bunt to Sh('wmou.''w.ho. threw th« ruimcr out at first. '.'',',„'.',', .'' "' In the half of the gain^'i.n "wjilch the Ottos were at bat it was. ( a,,soi:t of hammer and tougs affair. The.bome. batters hit Silvers often and hard and,-'aided by three errors, scored four runs-in'the iirst. They repeated the dose hr'the' second but failed to score in the third.'i'l'te fourth netted three runs, the.; fifth'one, the sixth a blank, and four.' inbri! were added in tho seventh, which ended, the rim getting. • ' •-•<:> ••••• 'Young Shewinon, the pitcher, 'of tlie a.matetir clnb, the Boston- Light*;-was' given a trial in the box and'Tiia'cle'a very good showing. Eight'safe hit's are chalked up against hiir^"aud''jl)"e,..gaye but two bases on balls. The team played a gilt-edged game behind him, however and it gave him confidence, which..Is half the game with a pitclier. •'•lleyivas 1 handicapped by a 'sore arm, but'fov'nll that he shows a world of speed'and Ills curves are deceptive, though not .'wlde.^ His speed was what fooled the Senators. There were some sharp iieldiiis- plays made that called for cheers-from :he three hundred rooters In the grand 1 stand. Bruton had two hot grounders; that looked'good for a hit. blithe saved' both. Shaver made a sensational catch of. a long line drive from Silvers's.'b_ar. In fact, it' seemed that the infield was . stone wall! and if the ball was anywhere within roach the lads in black ind red saved it. Following'!*•i'ho j dfli- ial score: OTTOS AB R .II PO A Sremlor, cf -1 StattsJ 2b 4 Ladies' Bicycle Leggins 25c Wortli T5c EVERY "it EM OF ABSORBING INTEREST a bonanza for economical Ladies. Cheap shoes for almost nothing. Fine Shoes One Half and One f bird of actual selling price, amongst the lot of French heels Finest imported Kid at One Fourth Value. 7c for Ladles Shoe'Polish, worth 2-">c 20cfor Ladies Wide Housfl slippers worth T"ic 48.0 for Ladies Fine House slippers worth §1.00 4Sc for Ladies Dongola Pat Tip Oxford worth 81.25 TOC't'or Ladies Dull Dongola Button shoes worth *1 %~> 89e for Ludies Fine-Dress button and luce worth $1.00 S9c for Ladies Dress Oxfords f}l.!"iO nae for Ladies T-in Oxford §2.00 98o for Ladies Pine Vici Kid, Tan and Black Oxfords worth $2. SO 9So for Ladies Heel and Spring Heel Lace slioei worth $!J.OO ' . ' $1,29 for 'Ladies. Hani Tnru button and ]ace shoes worth $2.50 $1.!)S for Ladies 20tb century up-to-date and all style* • thoes worth $400 Jjil.'lS for Ladies Razor and Square toe shoes worth $H !)So Oor Old Ladies Lace Dongola shoes worth $1.50 08 for Old Ladies Congress slices worth $l.!iO OSc for Ladles Large ankle shoes worth 2.00 $1.19 Paclen Bros. & Co., Portsmouth. O. worth $3.03 .•f1.23 for Ladies Razor and Narrow square oxford* worth §2.30 $1.4S for Ladies ITinest oxfords in house worth $3.00 Kaufman & Co. Bargain Slice Store 320 Market St. Jordan Hecht's Old Stand. 5PRINQ NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE Hackett, Ib ..... ,.4- Brutou, ss 4 Stokes, 3b 4 Shaver, If ,,..'.. .4 yens, e 0 Bolim, t-f 4 Shewmaii, p ^ 1 . 1 3 3 2 44 •'2 '• -I- 1 '?'' 0 ''2 4 1. 0 4 .0,., .5!, ',3-' '9. : 0". .0 Totals ...'..30' 10 14 27 SO. BEND AB R H PO ross, ss ..' d 1 1 ' 3-' McCabe, 2b ......4 1 "1 0 ' .Ipps, 3b, c 4 .1 1. 0-' leeman, rf .......4 ' 0 2 6 Rapp, cf ...3 0 1^ 0. .uther, It? .......4 0 1 0 ; - .0.' Smith, c, 3b 3 00 ••' : 4';-;.i- ( Silvers, p 4. 0 0 '.0^:,'3 ; , Joss, It ....'. 4 0- 1 2?; 2 14. A ..„••: 0. P' 1 ; '0. : 0 Totals .....32 S 27;Ji-"8 Score by Innings: --. v,r:.r-;'.-.'• Ottos 4 4 0 3;T O'i^O" 0-10 South Bend ... .0 0.0 O.',0/0..(|;;3 Q^ 3 Earned runs—South Be>id'.3;' ; Otr69-5; wo-base -hits—Statts( 2),, ^tokesjtb'ree- nse hit—Bolan; stolen" bases—South iend 2, Ottos 11; double : play-4BrutbJi o Stntts to Hackett; liflse.'!.'pff,liailS-on; •livers 0, off Shewmon 2; sthick out—^ y Silvers 0; passed balls--l,lpps, I.'.ven;' ime of game, 1 hour, 40 mlnnte-» ; ; l -:'l:7ui; ire Johnston. Attendance .300:' 'V. •"*•'• GO TO KOKOMO TODA;S^. /- ' " . - •' .,'. -'-'t^ ^ Number .of Rooters Will Accpiupany • The Ottos Tliis Aftei-nq.on.';-' ;• , The Ottos go to Kokomo this -at tor-; noon to open the base ball sea.sfu.i in that city. The Kokomo people have an -In- closed park ready-for playlug^and-flie.if team has been 'organized,:. wl'tlij j , l s6m8 good, sti-oug players In it. Tliptr t'esiin will line up as follows for" the'.'opcnin? game: . • '• <• ' i';.'"-";"'' 1 '. ' Murray, c; Faurot, p; WhiteiuhD,,'.llv. Klmmlh. 2b; "'Lynch;' ssr/..'ilpi'?;')).."'3b; Boyce/ If; Connors, :cf: .Cartwrlght/jr-T; Ream, sub. . '.-. '"'.X.,.^'''' ' •''"'' The Kokomo clubiwilI.-ineet'i*he : Ottos- at the train with a^band, and ; -b'ptn.,clubs. ''will rqake"a street cn'r I ;pariiiae' 1 -ln. uniform. The Mayor of the city -will- pitch .- .tlie first ball across.the plate/jiiji^ from': that 'tin It will, be hot wo'rk'..;l'L'yen. or Fisher will pitch, the first,''game,, wlthi Bolan behind the .bat.for the home-team/, Speaking 'pif'.the.opehlrij!r.'.gflni 1 e#ithe Ko-' komo Diipatth says " The players ai-e' T i i'."-«(-i, ;...•' • i Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date i .]' • . i 426 Broadway. P. S. ff you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. ,down ;to hard practice 1 ; and some fas work was shown'yesterday. It is be lloved-flint they;;wi)l .bb'able to keej- the.Logausport'la^l^.very busy in the ..opening;game, and.a.'beat for.them Is Xarifroin. impossible, .t'hpugh they are .without'question tlie-ASpeediest 10:111 among: thc-Hoosicr Independents." Of ttio, players, whoso "name's -appeal as members of the Kbkoiino clnb a number have 'been '.seen, here.'. .-.'Cai'twright and-.Lynch played '.Iwltii.,"the Otto: when the flub \yas.llr>;t organized..Faurot is Hie.speedy.,young -pitcher who played' -with Mnncle,'- and .W'hiteman was also with, the Miineie club, as was .Boytie.: Jvimtriitr'was-^'ith' the Frankfort 'club hi the early'piirt of the season. , v '-THE CHAMPI.O.NS, LEAD, Baltimore Wins and 'Qfej-eland. Loses '• pinclnuatl,, Brooklyn and New. •""'•..'•.--. • York .WJn.ov , . . • • York Cleveland dropped' -a-'-^ame- to 1 the Senator's-'' yoste'rday.--'lt"-) follows .that either, tlie Wuslilrisrr'qir club 1-5 p'.ay.ing better b:^ll than u'sunl^ or.tiiat the Spiders ai'c 'losing.their gi;ip..By'ltiniore won •from'tlie.P'ratt'S.and,therefore step i:ito first place, 'while Ciacinnali. hangs to third'position with a dealli'jrrlp. Following iU'c'the scores of-'y^sterilay's game;-'. : .At .Washinpioii—Clovelinid •>. Washington r>. ; " ' " . ; „.,,'.'•.-/...';'' ' .. At- i: :Ba-ltiinore-^pi'ttibu%,- C- Balti•more'.'i): ... . . ••• ..•;•-. ..-I!-,-.:,--.-. .-' At Pljiiiadelphia—Cia'ccUinati S,Phila- delpiiia ! 4.' • ." ; •'•• ; '^ : >' • At BoWon—Louisville l-1;.'Bosthn-14. At Brooklyn—St. Louis 2.''Brock:yn 15 •At Nejw Yoi-k—Chicago 3;".New York. 10.-,.j- -. y • . .'.,-.:\.:: . ,./ v -•'; •• STANDING. OF/T.^E CLUBS. ' ': Clnbsj ' Wou.'..jLost Pcr'Ct. Balti-mojre ' 2J 13 630 iCleveland 20 12 0,2" Cinclnnnti 23 14 Philadelphia ..22 15 Boston 21 14 Pittsburg IS ' 15 Washington 37 .IS Brooklyn ,.. v .-«.-.17 18 Chicago IS 20 New York 15 21 St. Louis 11 25 Louisville S 28 .021 i .590 ! ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of •° 71 Clerk of Cass county, subject to th« ,04.1 .450 .480 .474 .417 .300 will of the Republican nominating COB- vention. JOS. G. GRACE. PROPERTY LISTS SWELLED Boone Township Assessor Increases Value of Taxables. ANNOUNCEMENT. , I will be a candidate for the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention, G. W. BISHOP, Jr. V. Vaughn, of Bobne township who Is the only Populist assessor in Cas* county, has completed his task for this year and reports a-gain of .f27,15u iu personal property over that of last year and a gain in real estate of $0,220, making a total gain of ¥33,375. The properly was -not' listed, any higher than on previous ycarS but Hie increase is the result of a natural! growth and to tlie energetic search made by Mr. Vaughn. In one case .fLTOO which-had never bo- fore been asses-sod; was linear!lied.. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate f«r the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. BEN F. BARNETT. A BROKEN ABM. A laborer employed by Patrick Koar- uey,'the painter, fell from a step ladder yi'Slerda'y morning and dislocated his eft arm nt the elbow. 'Thpre'will be five Logansport men ar. :Jio Democratic convention iir Chicago who will have a pull. These are Tolm H. Fox, Miller Uhl, Charles Tl'oll. John IT. Hend). and John Schwerdmau. They have been appointed ushers through the'good offices of the Hon. S. P. Sheerln, and will have an. eye out for .their friends from Logansport and :as's. county. ANNOUNCEMENT. •I.will be a ocdidate for the office of County Commissioner for the First district, subject to the will of the Republican nominating convention. J. W. REDD. ANNOUNCEMENT. I. wish to announce that. I am a candidate for the office of County Clerk oC Cass county, Indiana, subject lo the decision of Hie Republican nominating convention-. A. R.flOTROYER. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office off County Commissioner of First District subject to the choice of (he Itepubllcai nominating convention. JOHN W. GERHARD. ; Clay Township. Subscribe for. the .louroal. 40 centt i r month. • .

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