The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1948
Page 3
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' FRIDAY; MARCH 12, I Arab Leaders Ready to Risk Million Men to Win Holy War, Prevent Division of Palestine Hy Rulim ('. .Miller I'nilfil Press Sl:iff Correspondent _ Arab loaders say they expect to lose " a million men" beiore the strilc in Palestine is OYIT. they predk't a throe-month hlit/lmujr lioirinmno- within 24 hours afler^the Hrifisl, K j vo »„ U K% ^Ulte j,,^ BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS They have repeated their determination to resist to six mo'mh !0> Whldl trios '" I 1iivtiti <>u I'ale.stine." L^.* ," " l * na ". ••">* ihreatsi. . . s [.-mild have been ridiculed b v Mid»il!e Eastern observers Today are beln e lice-tied niirt thev ^yliiR areas, for ,imb :on communications 1 The Arnlta linpe nnd raids presume fvoin 'Protective Custody' also has the complete support and I'licrc Is no slmnufip of volunteers backing or iho A ,- ab League com- i f01 ' lhc Arab aimlcs Tribesmen posed of all ihe Moslem states In ljom all over the Mitiifle fast have Ihe MMaic East. .sii-nimcd In to vnlumeer. shooting liickei in e Arabs Unite | " "'!" hns lll «'ays been preferred Seldom i" x«™,i...,' >,•.,<„ „. i • lhc Arabs to nociilB corn. in Moslem hJilory lias' anylhinR united the warring, bick- '. f ering Arabs as hns their opposition .,, , .... - ; lo partltionliiR. H has a.wuniert all V , ^ !lt ', UUs Security Council Ihe aspects of a Holy war wVd) .. . their leaders swenr Ihev will fi..|it e until Zionism is eliminated and Professor Finest! iieiuiinen. R Munici|ial Councilor hi ll-nlsinki, Finland, The Arabs have expressed » will- i w- 1s broken 1111 by the Communists nnd oulkT. Police Inter took Ilonlimo •ivle|,lioto—Tclepliolo from ACME pornibli- In Helsinki t<i ACME receive radioed to New York,) lo .st O ]> fiRhtillB once the decides implementation of parti- is impassible anit refers problem hack to the addresses anti-Soviet rnlly, wlnrli n into "protective custody." IN in .Stockholm, Sweden, from where "Inc. democratic stale establish- i oellcj ' ! " Assemlily for further con' . ert in Palestine The Arabs are at th siriernllon. They swear, however, that they will opiwfe with force any at tempt to establish the Jewish extremelv bitto . United Nations ami ,l, c : ^e"!?, P^leS' 1 United Stales. . They arsue that j ' """''""'• America pre.ssured the United N'n- i tions into voting partition and, therefore, the vote was not an lion- : est parliamentary action. j Tile Arabs have been conducting I A ntt ^t I mile II small-scale guerrilla raid* on Jew-• n ° lil * U °UIS U Ish settlements and cominuiiLfations for the last few weeks. They plan to step op these activities in ihe coming months. Originally the Arab Mrutegy was to arm quietly and prepare themselves during the Winter months, but to give no indication of tllci;- Enter Semi-Finals NEW YORK. N. Y., March 12. (UP)—ToiJ-sccdcd Wcsiorn Kentucky's reckless riuniin' Hillloppers and Hi. Louis Uni\-cr.sicy'.s jwjised and poli.shed Hillikens were in th strength. Then, once tile British -soini-linals of the national invita- evacuatcd. they planned to close In . lioniil basketball tournament today, with a series of surprise attacks and ' really to test their opposite styles « ',erwhelm the Jews. . . . Their propaganda, however, had ». much greater reaction on the the select roilnd-of-four Monday emotional Arabs than was expected. Immediately after the UN aetcd on partition, spontaneous riots broke out in Palestine and elsewhere In the Middle Bust. These attacks tipped the Arab hand and the Jews immcdialely prepared for h long, lough fight.' Strategy is Revealed The revised Arab strategy is to train in Syria and neighboring Arab countries, troops for guerrilla warfare. The training schedule has been completed for thousands of these men and they arc now filtering across the border hto Palestine. Headquarters of the Arab liberation nnny is near Kabltis, deep In Arab territory and surrounded by the rocky Samaritan hills. These troops arc well equipped, armed with rifles, automatic weapons, grenades and machine suns. They are highly mobile units, designed for hit and run attacks upon Jewish settlements In the 0111- The hardy boys from Die blue Class country Knitted Ihc semi-finals with a. rouRh-and-rcndy, frcc- shooling 88 to 61 victory over LA Salle College of Philadelphia in tin: lourney'.s opening ^anie at Madison Square Garden last night. Ponrih-seeded St. Louis, clicking with a precision-perfect fast-break. ing and sharpshooting attack that had the crowd of 17.179 gasping in adrimation, walloped Bowling Green of Ohio, 69 lo 53 in the nightcap. Deod Fighter's Family To Benefit From Bout CHICAGO. March 11. IUP>— Jack Begun and Irving Schoenwald, Chicago sports promoters, said today that Ezzard Charles \vill fight Elmer Ray in tile Chicago Stadium April 7 in a benefit for Ihe [ami!y of Sam Baroudi, who died of injuries .suffered in a fight with Arkansas Parks Put in Shape for '48 Tourist- Season LI1TLK ROCK. ]'2. . put in bctlet 1 . shape Ihiiii t-vcj- l)h'- forc. \vith the ^n-atesL ioiu Lst trade year in hi.siory coming tip. according to Iicntlrix Uu:kry. director of thr Resources and IJc-vel- opnicnt. Coinmi.ssion. Lackey explained Hint the eimi- nilssion i.s usin^ funds prnvidett bv the, 1047 IcRi^lauire f ..... -"Movements on a widespread (rout.. He 1 said the park divr:.. i lu~t.s' cleared the entire nioa at Ai ku Lisas POM State Pin k. iti addii inn to in^tallUu: electric liyhUs in the butldin^K and on Uin pic-nic yiouiid.-,, At Devil's DPD park but fine jins and autunintic water heaters him 1 hcnn instidlcri, floors of cabins have been relini.shcd nnd new ]nrni<- tables nnd firephiccs Jiave bet-it built. At BuffaU) River PnrK, eler.trlctty, butane uas, automatic hnt \vater tanks i\nd cookinc tacilitirs li.ivr been placed in ail cabins anil in the lodge. At Crowley's Ridge n new ucli has been dug, and ihe patk lias been Charles lust Feb. 20. Charles, a Cincinnati Ne^ro r:u\k- cd as leading contenrtcr for the light, heavyweight championslnp, apieed after Baroudi'.s death to li^Iit, a benefit with any .suitable opponent and pioinist'il to *!ive ;\ S5.03D lo Bnro;uli's family. Schoemvalri and Bcann also announced they v.ou!d \:i\c the family S.T.OfJO of their .ihare of ihr proi/eed-s, boo-sting the total to S10.QQ3. 187 Non-Combat Nary Men From Arkansas Killed in World War II WASHINGTON. Mill 1 . \'2. (Ul'i The i^ovei'imn'iit li:is rclntseri a list "l \SM'I Nuvy iiirii who Inst tlioli 1 lurs uoin mm-combnt ciiusi-.s tlur- in--' Jhc /uc vi-urs U< l twccn J'<':nl lliuhrir nnd (lie- olficiiil trnnlniiKon Of llOStiHlil'S. On llii' list wi'i'ft llie nninc'.s of 187 Al k;ills;uis. Ainiiiip, HH- Aikansu.s niin-c'tunbin di'iid \vns SU'Wurd's Mute SMIII Suiilli of lilythc'villc Bars 'Uncle Joe' Stalin From Sharing Estate PIULAUEU'HIA IUI')— Knzilllir Hkiv\ailiis, (i3, \\;uile<i n sisler In Litliiinniti in .slim 1 !- in liis SIO.OO) e.uti-. InU hi- uniitccl tn niiike smo Unit ]i,)iie (if il \\-eiu lo "Uncle Jnc S;;ilin." SkirvLimis' uill. tiled for prohnte hen;, clltcc'lrcl ihal Ins r.state l>e ilivicletl btft\vcrn ]ii.s Ki.sliT, Annn. \n Lilliuiini:!. iitni i\ Inolhrr ami another sister hero. However, tile will \)fovide(l that if Atma "residc's witiiin any poblL'al svilj-division (if Sovi't Rlls'n." (hi: estiltc \voillrl lie tiiviiird bcween the bloth.'r and si.sti't 1 livin:: ht'ro. ] Clinrlcs K. C'hr-loilen. iiltoniey ami cxecllloi', saici liiat. "st) lar fis '\'c Preacher Finds Out How Many Listen l-'OiiT WAYNK. Iiul. iUI>i The HCV. Krwin Kinlh, p:<slcr of the liedi'cnuT l.nlheinn Chmvh. won- dercd how iminy of his parishioners lenlly listened lo him. In llie course of n tiundiiy sermon he stuck In, "The chinch Is too hot." There was no clum^e of expression in any face. A few sentences Inter he rc| tliiit iinci added: "Yon see, iniiny of you iiliriidy me asleep. If 1 continued in Ilils heal. I loo. shall be. asleep and then 'you will awaken. Please, let us have j some ventilation." | have iieen able to ascertain, III" I sister, il alive. Is now in I.ithuimln and under Russian control." He ; added liiat il would be up to the • orphans roilrl here to decide [whether any of the money wouKI So lo he:. Police Rescue Girl Held Two Days by Negro NKW VOUK, Mm oh ll> lUL'l — Tin- pK'lty. liloiim- iliuiKlitrr at n McK('l'S|l(lM. I'll., holl'l muilT WHS rcMTiicil (mliiy (mm u limoklyu fmliKlii'il ruiiiu wlir-rc- polli-i> .s:ild slit' liuil IXTII liolil nipllvir liy n Ni'Ki-o UilnuiiiT. Wllfurd Jenkins, an, UK- NVuru, vvns imvKlrrl on rliuijio.s ul klil- imiiliiK illinlniiUvr ln>m> l'i,]i|i. 2:1, "n Mun-li 10 In iMcKmiioii, Tin 1 tiirl told imliu! l in, i Jenkins MlluliliM her win, rllicr. itii'ii brmiiihl her to New yurk in uptown rxjH-ii.slvv butt; fiinvcrlHile. Her Inlher. Andrew !'n[i]> owner nf tll<- Ttllr.l Avenue ll.,1e] In M C . Kresport. noilllc.l New York pollru ivlio (niniO the eiiiiple. Miss Pnpp luld pnlieo Jenkins llnd not molested luM'. 1'nllee Mild Hint jfiiUn.i, n salesman. hml eonte.ssed Hie itluliirilitn. Miss Pnpp, ul 1 1 i.ini- h unnvrved by till' oicleul, wus iiiilniriiieil, piiliee Mild llu-y BxiiiM not ullmv hrr In lulk to irporU'r:,. Ill MeKeespoK. llie nii'l 1 :. bmllipi-. Joseiih. snM n\e kldmipimiu look plilee iibnnt -I u. in. WYiliii'Mlny. 1'npp .Mild lie heunl his .-,i..,|ei' MTCi'mliiR In tnml ol t!ir M U:I || linh'l whlel) Hie fmully upeiales lie looked mil n window uml MIW Ills slxtm lirtiiir loived -nn, ha- own lUitoilNibtU" by a NV|;io l'ii|]|) Mild he leeoni/'ed II,, 111:111 us "Willie" Jenkins, :, NITIU \, h,, lint! 01 ice nlteinpletl I,, obluin n HBK license to many ,\liv; l« nmrry hor, ivlin notified --- ...... k ,n j I tlin klclniijiinB, said he hurt lined Jenkins some money p 11 I'ontL'ctloniiry store, and Imil refused lo rcpny the PAGE THRgg ' Church L*od«r Ota '. NASHVILLE, T«nn., M.r. tt- <"P)-Dr. Waller M. WhlU, T», Christian Church leader «nd tor- mcr pastor of MemphU 1 Linden Avenue Christian Church <U*d mt his home here last night' , Southern Cornbread made with- spread with- delicious DIXIE AJK TOUt 010CIK rot It'i • Southern favorit, .., tt«*m- ing ho* cornbr««d. Mid* wifti DIXIE tnd tprnd with DIXIE you gel double the nourishing food v«!u« tnd rich fUv« o f Vi*«mi»- (ortifi.d DIXIE. DIXIE i, m«d« of »K« fmeit f«rm ingredi.nh, «rvd •very pound th. ye*r tround « fortified with Vit»min A. DIXIE MARGARINE Paii The brother N,I|,I M|. is ]. il|lp | ll[(| | miltihiK In do with .Jenkins 1 nl- GRAPETTE ! ^cnenilly d'-;mcd up. The wimo is true ;it Mount Nt-bn nnd Petit Jean, \vL1 h ;ulc!uiunnl work bi-tni; . ]>iiuim i d ul ivtit Ji'iin. i And, in addition. L»rkoy snirl nil pjirk nrcus have brt-n clourcd of Inush atul clr'tvis niul ro:=ris \vlt1iln 1 parks have iK'ni imprnvccL DISTRIBUTED BY L. D. FLEMING Blyrhcvillc, Ark. See Your Pontiac Dealer for Glean, Goodwill Used Cars: 2 Door HydramaHc 19420ldsmobile'8 r - - $480 4 Door uown 1942 Chevrolet - - - - $440 2 Door HydramaHc Down 1942 Oldsmobile '6' - - - $320 Sedan Special 4 Door — Low Mileage Down 1947 Ponliac'6' - - -$795 See Us For Pontiac Parts! Smith Pontiac Co. 726 South Lilly St. Phon* 4371 404 East Main We Deliver N UNNALLY'Q GROCERY & MARKET tJ Phoi-c 4200 Blytheville, Ark. :u 83 Pure Ciini 1 SUGAR Marco Rraml MUSTARD ...... , ..... , 10 Siuir or Dill Gal. (i!lc PICKLES ,,,,,,,25 lihic rlitfv — 12 Ox. 'I'u — . DAPPLE JELLY 18 No 2'/> (.'iin in Hi'avv Svrnp PEACHES 24 Nu. 'I(K) Can in Heavy Sv vii[) PEACHES 15 No. 2 (;an Muslanl or TURNIP GREENS 9 l v 9' icwih Kull Quart PEANUT BUTTER ... 49' (Jreal Northern BEANS Ih l2i Brer Rabbit or Delta TABLE SYROP G!I , 88 Big Jim LAUNDRYSOAP 25 P& (J White Naphtha LAUNDRY SOAP ... lmr 9 Rcrl Trinni|>h—101) Ihs. ^:!,;!() POTATOES ,,,, k 69 linxik's IS O*. Hot lie TOMATO CATSUP 19 COFFEE EGGS BACON BEANS Ground Fresh Fresh "A" Grade Sugar Cured Pintos . No. 7 Grade /6s. Doi. Lh. Lb 550 FRESH FRUIT and VEGETABLET LETTUCE Crisp. Salad \Y»rlh.v CELERY Kl 15 .Fnicv. Vnunj; BEETS „„ 10 Iceberg Head I'ink in Yellow .Meal Tender, Ymniir CARROTS , lrf , 10 10* GRAPEFRliJT ,, 5 I li.'l Sixc APPLES ,,,,,30 2(10 Six.c ORANGES ,,,,,35 HNEST QUALII Y FRESH WE HAVE GRADE "A" STEAKS S(reak-0-l.ean SALT MEM ,„ 39 .1 leafy NECK BONES ..,„ 19 Fresh Meaty PORK CHOPS 55 Smoked for Flavor JOWLS ,,,35 BUY FAIRY FLAKE FLOUR 2 Pound - J MiiMU ni>\ M(* PRINCESS CRACKERS m 23 We Stock-Feed, Seed and Plants Osce NunnaUy, Owner and Mana 9 cr DAY RECORD EXCHANGE Opening Saiurday, March 13th. With Largest Stock of Used Records Any Where in Mid-South 100,000 USED RECORDS AT 250 ea. Select all those old favorites you've been looking for ... this stock includes ALL labels and ail types records. Popular, hillbilly and race. 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