The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BI,YTHEVIU.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1951 WANT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ^FORMATION IBM rt ton: Minimum chargi ., 500 I time per 11 n* 15c 3 times p*i lln* per ri*y lie 3 timer pel lln* p" riny •<: 6 11 me* prr line per dRj 7e 12 time* per Una prt dnj 5c Month per line - -. *0c Count OT« *TerRp« word* to th* nnc jld ordered for threr or fli llmm nnrt Mopptd before expiration wlU b* rharK- •d for the number of tfm« the *d •pppAted iinri ftdjuaim«nt of hill made •iltted by persons reslrflnfi nuiMde ol tha city muAt be *r com periled by cnOi 1t»te« maj PA si IJ b« computed from 4hi «Vx>ie I able. AdrertlftlriK ordered foi Ur^utm insertion* lake* the on* tltiin table Ho responsibility will be tftfcen ror nora lhan one Incorrect Innettlon at •ny cU^sldetJ Rd. All ftds »re restricted to ifcHr proiv-i •IfcMlMciUlQn styl* And UP?- Thr Courier New* re.'rrrt* the right to edit or reject any ad. Notice In memory of my o>ar moih*r. Fruncfs nauRrnnnn, whu p*s*ert away one year ago today. AUK. «, W>. T>«r Mother, no ntlf will ever know How much I mlws you T dirt nil 1 could for you. hut lhal waft not etionsh. 1 «m so lonely without you, And you wfnt »o Midd^nly. Bui I'M never forget your voice When you cnllcrt me Just ns yon nenl RwRy, If U werr not for the tftlth t hnvr tn God. 1 could not Jive., Written by onp who lovrrt you. Your rtnuuhter. ; Josephine Lewis M pk 9 Apartment for Rent 3 rm. fur. apt with balh. 4 rm. un- fiif, wllh bftlh. Ph. 4255. 8.7 pX 14 3 rm. apt., fur or nnltir. 407 Lilly, inquire 517 I.aXe, ph. 3782. ' 8,7 pfc H Small Apartments, furnisher). $8 11^ per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Don't «nd Anger jronr famllf wi Unity lire*—BUY LEK HUES, CHAPMAN SKJIV1CE STATION Aln and Dlflslon Phone 7i63 1213 ck SemctJ Watch and Jewelry Repair tft And rl hy eipe J^w»lrr — 3 rlnj f. Guaranteed re.palrtne.ri I pAT O'BRYANT Main & 'Second T1IK DAINTI-TOT DIAPKKK'ITK Mrs. Erie Hull. I'horle 2S88 8,4 pk 9 4 Jiave your pluniliinn remodeled or a new balli installed. Also electric water system 10''! clown, 3(> mo. to pay.! Orsljiirn Supply, Phono. ;S20 8-1 ck 1 1 ! Prompt. Fip*ri fipr»kn on Commercial REFRIGKKAT10N & AIR CONDITIONING Charlie's Klcctrir Service Phon» 2991 . . ' ReAldenc* JROfl Kxptv* I'liiKJhhiK, oil mov pair ,9\\ woiX gtJnramerii e pimip if- Call Hurry me altrrallon*. Mr* Madge 26(58, 407 E. Roifi Si. 7,23 pk 8 1H S rm. unfur 4 rms, pfiTHt« hnth, unfit Mr*, hot water lur. re«Aonnhl«. 719 W. Ajih. Ph. Ctoee In. nlc* 4 rooms *n<t bRth unfurnished npurtmtnt, a»«. Ph. 2«I2, night 3386. 85 cX 10 RADIO & TV SERVICE Your *«t on th» blink? rot Iwa «ert' 1re CAll Mann^er Carl Ixing >k BLYTMKVII.UK Television & Riulio Service lit',-, w u>in rnoiir net 1I!IS cX I TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO One duplex apt. 4 rooms, with bath, electric not water heater. 132 E. Vine, call 62(51 or 2223. 8-3 ck tf 3 room fur. Hpt. elcc kJtchrn. IQfl W. Kr Ph..3109, R ; 3 pk 10 Modern npnrtmrmU. Rft* floor fur*««, prltatr-bath, til* floors. Rearon- •bTn rent. BUF **rvlc« »t door. Ph (1021 •r «I07. fl;2 P* B ' Tbrith. Newly 111 W Wil Plenty of Parking Space room unT nrit.. p Mrmt»'\ Ph flt79. rm unfnt. «pl. good location, r«- »r*t« for perm, renter, call 333i 123 pk &35 Fur. ftp!-. 4 rooms unrt bdth elec- %rte rerrlserntor, SAH equipment, good furniture. 134 W nail*. Ph 3T73 Him on. 7»S ck >f Modern 3-room furnished * purl mi C»ll S(W or 139S. 4|4 ck If Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Pft.iorml Srrvlce Ocnrral Contract Purch»5e Corp IM South 5th Phnne 6803 45 Ck CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad * Ash 1' 6889 i'otir Fricnitly Studrb^krr Dealer You Can Gel 18 Mos Terms on Huving CARS 49 Champion Hegat Prime 4-ilnnr Sedan 'M Cnmnianler Deluxe 4-dimr $1595 • CARS & TKl'CKS • 41 Ford 4-rioor. new paint. rccondi- Honed '46 Fnrd 2-door. a oTi*--ti\r»rr make a good trartr on t T:$1195 $695 carl • STUDEBAKKK • *1R Comma nripr Slarlipht Con ont-ownrr 48 Sludeb a k e r Ton Pickup All cars Above are equipped overdrive and ClimaAizer! '4< Ihlcrnationnl 1 fi-Ton St.ik Truck in pcrfecl cotiriition. '42 Fnrri I 1 ij-Ton Stake Trucl *Uh *4A molor ... A bar (tain! Get More For Your Car— Trad* nt (!hamhlm*s Washing Machines repaired, til mnkes. BlytlicvJHc Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-G ck tf " for So/e, Misc. new, Ph. 4(141, Rft rlc FOR SAI.K-Mlhmirn Clr^i movlnft to mi other siiue.. mond hloyrt. l.llbonrn. Mo, ted Plumblnfi flmures. ply Co., ph. 32118. Buy Aluminu sl IIT« o( jn Inc. MINNOWS: White River Shiners and Gold Fish. Crappie and Unas Size. Roaches ami worms. Phone 3330 828 E. Main St. G. C. Hawks. 7-0 pk 8-11 6,000 feet cypress lumber I" x 5"—12 ft] M fl. and 16 ft. Ieng(hs r was shipped to us by mistake. Will sell at less than our cost. Call 2323 Tom I.Utlc Reallv Co. Rlyllieville, Ark. 8-a rk 11 Ion ro Krrrh. Fill dirt '-• Corn. «1 .1 fil A. C. H mlffh rnwsr. s and Irr^h. mile* Norlh Thrsr nrc * gnl- For fule nt my nr Alrbusr. J. K a * pk « . Ph. H161 8 I B Ml S. O eolji on lclcr 4 pk 11 Cafe lor K Good b . 4902 1 23 CK H 1) Looking For A Pickup! Trade Right at Phillips! 1950 FORD 1947 Chevrolet Orsburn i:i ck !0 ft 5 ck 1C An 8-cylinder pick up with jusl M t (IOO milffl. . .B50x )H six-ply (ires, good healer. . .red color—now just $995 1948 Chevrolet A hlack !/;-T<m pickup »'ilh deluxe cad. . .has both radio and healer. . . mighty good I ires — now JuM $745 1948 FORD Here's a ureen-colnred '/i- Ton Pickup (hat's now offered to you at a siiper- price — now just This red '/i-'l'on Pickup h«s a deluxe cab, radio and heater. . .drive away this money-maker today —now just $695 1946 Chevrolet Take a drive in (his '/j- Ton I'nnel. See how good it is. Then tfet Phillipn money-saving trade — now $495 1946 FORD A good-1 uniting '/j-Ton I'ickun (hat offers you mites * miles of dependable service. . .the price? —now just & Chickatawba Phone 4453 World's Largest Selling Soybean Elevator -MAYRATH- Jack Robinson Implement Co. Otceola, Dial 520 — Blyth«vill«, Dial 2371 I extra nlnr bedroom, and telephone. Ph. 2938. rinat tn Cah 33O9 ?xlvat« hith 86 pk 6,19 with bath. 417 Ck U Practically new modern 4 room Horn* nni] hath. automMlc electric hoi '.v.tter heiutv. Venetian bUnda, »45. •Pl» 68^8, 83 pk 10 5-rooin nnrn ni Clear [.nVe wHJi buth. 83 ck If Notice WHAT ro no tN CASE or AN AC- <:IDKNT If TOIII CAI Is dumaRfd tn *n nccLdenl here'* Cometh) ntt you should know Buutnett will xlve T«u • trre paint Jnh on itnj rcpulr wnrk of 1^00 nr mnr* Thr whojp car IK pulnl- «1—not 1n*t Ih* damfl^ed pd/t« Free f Ml mat ex Pnr wrirktr <«rvlce c*ll ft191 dayf - <108 nlahtu BlIRNETl' fUJDSON BALES. 315 BLUI Main i21 ck II WALKER INSURANCE Glencne Hotel Building Phone -l.'iGO . Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost J. G. "Boh" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf For Sole, Cars and Trucks Ford 1 door. , i tlon*ri motor. See-. |S CUrk St. Save Money When You Buy _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. ^552 8-a ck tf 1 9*9 Olbson Ha n Cull Dlcl Roberta . 0700 Inm for sale on norlh tenth at., -se to ne* hlRh .srhnoL. Write own- Oroven Perklnn. Kuttawa, Ky 82 pk 16 Nice 4 room house with carport. Concrete driveway, G. I. financed Move in today. $250 down payment. F. B, Joyner or H. C. CampheM Ph. 4446, 3205, 4874 8-fi ck 8-8 House Trailer* "iH [t . Silver Moon. 5 rooms. 4 lieu tl/f«. «letp« four. « gmut tmlttr fni T>r.nn^r...<= »350. «., tl. N«« SMf .11 mctnl .1«|)« P^TV S?Sfi»?; 4. Showtr hnih. frlK'cldlTp, hutanff ' ''^ ' ' OF ' ARD TRIIK^J hot water healer, 12395. 2B It. Thl^ nlinosl new horn* I Snhull perferl ronttlUon. ^ rooms. I I'"* ' otlt ' nt Just ln»lrte thr city l!m- FrlRtrlVlrr, hulftne stov*', (IBns. ?.% ft. , It^ »•*' I* by 2« RttFiched RRraee Ci Palace, butane can«r. R re»] buy ror ' ^' with low clown payment nr FHA lo S7M, 3 cheapfr trnllerfi 5.150. each. 1 non-Tet«: M tuiy* In cootl used, power I.Rwn Mowers. Also have 4 new iriowers len. Rverelt MaihlK, Ro. Bl Hlwnr 8,7 I*k 10 7 oil healLiifE Move*. 1 quick heat. I Dito Tlu-rm. S rooms co<)lajr Window n. Hellrlclt porrh Rllrter. Kelvlrmtor ' gnl. tHilV 710 W. Ash. call 213.%. IDEAL FOR COUPLE :lccn brick hortif oti pavrrt New pAlnt Job. ilrr*. reonndl- Uls S^^monn. 923 86 pX 9 HEOKSHKR WFSTBND AUTO 8AI.KS Ph 4274 - 31st and Kenwood We Tt nance " A-.vtodel Coupe — 870 ek 8'20 -CARL PAUL truck, or a rind him at Horiipv-Wilsoti Motor Co 'hone J03« Nlgh> «4M A 20 ck B 20 Hollywood Contliiiwd from Pag* < whil« back and now I'm making Port Defiance/ All thfa Utk about Dane Clark not making any more movies. Why, I luru down pictures "I IcU Hollywood because I'm an unhappy guy when I'm not working evey day. 1 don't RO in for making ceramics. My Idle periods got me nto trouble, I want to work, that's all. Television has been wonderful for me. I've been depleted, bloody and bowed after a -show, but I've been happy, too. The pressure of doing a new show every week !* good (or me. And the money I'm paid keeps me from being so economically desperate that I'll lunge al a movie I don't like. "I've iurnrd down some movl* scrfpU that .were horrible. I couldn't rlo that without TV. I'd have been economically strangled, "Another thing. I'm not a politic guy. In Hollywood 1 was always .sticking my nose on the other side renlly wetl-hulli 2- A Tery rnoi -slreel This hedroom hqnte on a high lot. IPM than replacement cost. 4 ROOMSi 1200.00 DOWN In Uavltl Acres we have an 40 KR|. elertrlr hoi water heate ew; I ?as tank. X10 Rnl. Ph. R160. for Sofe, Reol Estate 4 i ]y-we!l kept 2 bedroom tmtnc for only I 1200.00 rush and assume present HXe Immedlale possession. EXTRA LARCiK FIVE ROOMS On Kenlvicky Street we have pi 2-bpdroom home with romplele tane system Including; KEVS iocs In llreptacp. Already 1ms pn<Kl-sl?ert FHA 14 'rhnre were six British colonies In A'lslratia before thry were united Jnn I. 1901 of .the fence. They told me to mine! my own business when I questioned a story point. But on TV I come in [nil of ideas and instead of being maligned or chastised, I'm to vert for It. "In TV. in 15 weeks I do 15 rlt- ferent kind of roles from lough guys to part-fall comics. Brother I'm getting muscles on my artistic .soul. TV HERE TO STAY "I don't knock Hollywood. To me movie acting is harder than the stage or television. To do it right, I RMOBn nTi ln r-.MC ™™- ™ macie a better actor GOOD USED CAR He'll | out at me. It's here to stay. Every trad* tn town i Tovi'i) movie actor will be in it. it's hard ami lough. A lot of actors will have to get. rid ol that baby fat Dane slowed down and muttered that he'd probably talked too much. Some people might get the idea that he didn't like Hollywood. Why, he was proud of Hollywood und the brainy Jads and lasses behind the scenes. He had tn rush ovrr to the cos- tumor's for the buckskin dud* he wears in "Fort Defiance." "The producer," he said, "is being very finicky. I have a suspicion that Jacques Path or somebody is doing my cowboy outfit. The pants have to be tight. I told the producer that I wouldn't be able to move. He aid not to worry, that the horse would be doing all the moving." "You like horses^" I asked. "I don't know.' 1 he shrugged. 'I've never been on one before." It was my turn to say it: "Poor Dane Clak." Help Wanted, Male CAR~~SALESMAN WANTED! P^xperienced auto & truck salesmen. Guaranteed salary and commission or straight commission. One of America's leading lines All replies confidential. Write Box H6 c/o Courier News. 7-28 ck tt Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. HOME OF USED CARS AND TRUCKS 1948 Ford V-8, 2 Door Sedan. . .Onlv. . .$889 1917 Ford V-8, 2 Door Sedan. . .Only. . .$775 194B Ford V-8, 2 Door Sedan. . .Only. . .$K95 19-11 Ford V-8, 1 Door Sedan. . .Only. . .$345 1949'Chevrolet I!/-' Ton Pick-Up Truck...$895 1918 Chevrolet '/ 2 Ton Pick-Up Truck.. .$875 1949 Dodge 3/4 Ton Stake Body Truck. . .$89.5 1944 Chevrolet Long Wheel Rase Truck, 875x20 tlrm, Rear, 750x2(1 Front... All Extra Good .. . Only $495 1915 Chevrolet IAV Base Truck, 12 Foot Body, 825x20 rear tires, 750x20 Front, A Real Buy at. . .$445 Many More Late Model Cars & Truckt to Choose From! Easy GMAC Payment Plan Rememher, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 H.i- If von want to sell or buy i:SKIJ KLMiXlTURE see ns. Arnold & Gaines •lUli Kast Main Ph. G357 2-26 ck tf ":">.OfiO red common brick for siile at our cost. Localeii 1st and Walnut Street. Call 2323 Tom l.ittlc Realty Co. Blytheville. Ark, 8-3 ok 11 andjircl. noort. sprvlreable typewrit riallr i^r *27 W Frt B CnoV l.i nirp?i. Isaac* Biillilln?. Main ai Mlroftrt R f> pV Good fi-room house and hath on North Broadway, also 4- roorn house and hnth on rear of lot. This house is only 3 vciirs old and is good rental. This properly is well worth the money and will easily G. 1. Total price f7.500. Nice 3-bedraom home with •,'fls heal, on larjje lot in Coun- 1 ry Chili Drive Addition, close to Central School, also new hivrh school Jl.onn to Jl.adO cash will handle. Balance l.f>0 per month. This is an exceptionally jr O , )( | buy. Total trice f8.n()6. Sec or call JOHNNY MARR E M. TERRY Tprry Af».*trRcl i\nrt Rpsltv Co 213 W Walnut -- Ph 2^fll Major rubber company lias opening in Western Kentucky and Central Arkansas for a recap plant manager and a recap]ier. Holh these jol>s are above the average to R man who has the experience to (jualify. Good salary and employee benefits. Please apply lo Box IC-3. c/o Courier News, (,'ivinjr full information as lo experience, age and education. An interview will be arranged immediately. 8-6 ck 9 Corkran. 1)00 DlKlp Av oiulltlon. 1123 See Arthur R.7 p^ 10 K Sycamore ;>5 Call Mr* 7 M pk 3 M Help For Rent or Sale A room hon«e with hath. MS Parkway, rh. Dell 2561. 87 pJc 10 Wanted to Rent I location, 2 rlillrtrrn. pern Ralph Prow.'(\lcp. ph. , Wanted: Thrflc hltih school toarhei ! Kni^llsh, Conimerrc «nrt General Hor [ Kronon^lr? Salnry p.irh *2.60O and up } \\*n fifth und seventh zrarte. elemen- I tRry teachers, Telephone or xte me ner^onallv at oncp. Ravmonrt Patterson, Snpt . Reed Spring. Mo. 37 ck 10 i Flies have been captured up to ! !2 miles from the place where I they were "tnsved" with radie- WARNING ORDER Tn {he Chancery. Court. Chlcka- sawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas. D. F. Taylor. Trustee, and JEFERSON BANK OF ST. LOUIS. » Corp.. Pit. vs. No. 11.763 BILL REID COMPANY OF ARKANSAS. Inc.. J. R. McDowell, trustee, C. P. Reid. Dft. The defendants. J. R. McDowel' and C. P. Reid, are hereby warnec to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereo nndanswer the complaint ol the plaintitfs. D. F. Taylor. Trustee, and Jefterson-Gravois Bank of St. Louts, a corp. Dated this 1st day of August. 1951. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee. D. C. Pcnix nnd Penis, attys. for pltfs. Arthur S. Harrison, atty. ad litem. 8.7-M-21-28 Now Open: Mnsick CABINET SHOP 421 Bast Davis • Cabinets Built • Screens Made Expertly! Russell Musick. Owner FOR SALE C«H«rtt« ••lT«rio, 12 Inch »• M invh. pUta «r re*nf*rced Al»« Coaerei* BaNding Hl«ck» ebeap cr th«n himbcr f«r b»r». chicken Call M f»r rre< «tim«Lr OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. rt«M MI Check Your Speedometer! it Will Save Yon Money Are you sure youi apcetlonieicr reacis correctly? It's no Eoi speeding Come In tomorrow one day service lor all cara and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E Main Phone 2121 Office phone 4111 Residence plione 2. r i!)fi 7-1U ck If Complete equipment for jvafe. usrd only short time, all ','ood as now Have leased tliP UuiMinj? where located and must move them at onoe Will •ent store room at -121 \V Main to purcliaser of equipment. Reasonable down payment, balance monthly. Call 2.T23 for full information and inspection of this equipment. Don't miss this Real Estate Farms—Cil\ Property LO\NS If intrrr-lrrt In Bnjlng or >eiUnc *c» Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — (ilencoe Bldg. Ph. RSfiS 1.10 ck BLTTHEVII.I.E BRA LTV SPECIALS 3 CHOICE LOTS, 3 ON NORTH FRANKLIN. PAVFD STREET PRICK I TUT TERMS i LOT sson VALUE "" ' " Private Rooms STnln I:t0 pk Insurance Call 4553 Kov PoniplH p Insurance Protrctioii W 1 Pollard A.reucy Plnnnoil Prntrrtion Ash SI riti BTTTMIISO What Don't You Need? Old rlckfly furniture. wi»rn [ clolhts, fishing equipment anything on earth lhat 700 [ don't want in worth money In 1 trade* and -map* at H A- M I Sales Co. BrtnR tt down — rnu'M find «>methtnj yon DO H&MSalcsCo | 117 K Hi In Fbanr M.i.1 For Rent, Miscellaneous Ho*fi!tal Rrrti IS Oft pT mrmtll * hrr' chmr* JMKi prt ninntn t>»ht bfd* J6 00 pel month »%rinim rlodn crs 11 t><> POT duf. tr(\Trr *nrt pollihcf II 00 pel dwy «'ADB FIIKNITURR CO fli .1152 TOM t I1TI K RKX1TV rn IV.H I.M 11,1, lir.rtl.l X V.U. Klytlieville, Ark. « •! 1 11 , _ _ """ IK 11 NF\R CENTRAL SCHOOL ONLY 1 TASK i DESIRABIE HOMES CLOSK I 11.000 TO Jl.VOOO. 1100 For Rent 8 hedniom house with '2 sleeping porches. Howntown location. Sinn per month. Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. 8-7 ck M ESTABLISHED RUS1- ! SALE AT INVOir* ^OME RTAl NESSES FOR TO ST.IA. OR BUV PKOMR F1F.I.D < 1 Hr«r rciom 239< DAT OR NIOHT. 8,4 PX 19 Afh, rb. «JO«. 9 Con pX R fl Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Beit HflLTCRS ^UTY SHO€ SHO No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home \ DISPOSALL Install It Right Under •*t Your Sink Oul nf J Si K ht! -Shreda food waste to iraall bits Washes It *»rel» down the drain Simple *x A-B-C rils Almost anj «Tnk. Sec U to- HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. REMEMBER THIS NAME HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. For the Best Truck Trade! 1915 Chevrolet I'/j-Ton SWIJ Truck with 2-speed axle, new tires — below market price! 1912 Chevrolet l'/i-Ton Truck with '-IS motor. .. a good clean (ruck with exlra fine tires. . .$305. 1916 Chevrolet I','2-Ton t:\VB Truck., .here's a good farm truck at a low price. . .?!S>3. 1919 Dodge 2-Ton SWB Truck with 90.0x20 tires . . .check this bargain price. . .$895. 1950 CMC '/;-Ton f'ick- up—a low mileage truck in guaranteed condition ...good tires. .-S995. 15149 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pickup—one of 'he cleanest liltle pickups you ever saw...and onlv $Si)5. l!)r)0 Ford '/i-Ton Pickup —here's llorner-NVilson's special of the week! A red-hot buy at $795! Now is the lime to trade for a new GMC Truck! HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsrnobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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