The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY. MARCH 17, 193-1 BLYTftEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NfcWS PAGE O E PA G E Mews and Motes for the Jttotori sts Suppose; It Wobbled~Boy, Oh Boy! 1934 Will Be Big Year forj Aulo Indus-try, Says; Hudson Prcsideni HV I'rtsliU'iil, KOV n. CIIAVIX : Hudson Mulor Car , Tump any Mirh.— I helif-v chis toinitit* .sf;\son Uie jnoior iniln^lfy v.'fll lit 1 "ne ol tl'.e ieatU-r- 1 in a ic- Wiil <>I iH-'Ut, 1 )' UllMlU'.SS. Ifnli(.-;UU)ll. 1 \vlnth coiDC lo UK- from ajl «•:'- : lions <iC this cQimivy as *AvH ;is -. ni:u»y oilier pnrt.s uf the world i-lm-A u geuonilly linpi-nvid foirlm*.;, ' Hi/mi 1 Europt'un (-Oiiuii ii-,s ]];.vr , nmdi' i-veil Ki'^iti-r profn-s;-! on tin 1 . roiKl 10 recovt-iy than \vc, .so ii ' would ACtrj our tu:-;i ho*" arrivi-U. . At, thus (lino tho siatistirlatis of the uuto'.tuibile coiunruilcs are bu:>\' uiirttng their predictions as lo the . numlwr of cars to IJL- buili next season. Tlicy atriv: ol thoiv i P- .siihs without prejudices and I iiiui cu-Ii of Hit-in ii cu'.nit ing on :i i-un- siderabk" incronse in the *ni]inbir of cars to Lc sold. T ascribe iv;o leasons for iliis—first, the lar^i? ; n umber of automobile that an 1 ) really worn <JI:L and second, tlu 1 compelling desire lo purclias*- lUnt will occur v:hen l!ie new inodelii are ::fi>n. In Oie cast* of Hudson and Tcr- laplinic cars, we have tcmpix-fl -:-v- rry tool ami tiir for body bihldji)'/ nnd trcnlfd ini entirely new and ii'.oi'e era refill line nf vehicles. Wo havr also mcrcn.srd jiower in boUi cars nnd n;tnincc] the unique unli ciiymcerhi^ principle which ma Vie? 1 each of our cats a solid unit of i-linssis ami tody aiul RJYOK ^v,m- mutn j*nt;t;oilnt'- L -s. TL hn.s eo^i millions of dollars to prcuarc IV nn'.v tools but wo have done it ainictpatiou of u ui'cuUy iiicvva:;- i cd market for irmhons and Terra- j planes. • More than ever before, it will be , appaienl that vtirtl luxury tan b? . had for very low prices. We have • dr£!gned for much K^ealer si/.p in nnr cars, which is a popular mini ami riplil iiov,-. Indopcnrteni springing is coins * lo Uc one of the much discussed : tvijihir.u hinovEUions in the i:ew year and \vc have provided fur this in a most ingenious type wtiieli wi; tenn "Axle-Ilex." It is optional, nnd .still preserve. 1 ; u from wclc on the car, although GUP highly liexibk- design. —H -.vouldn'i Y.i- =,« =f In my cuniieciiun wlih the automotive industry, winch dates back to IRQ], I have seen many chaiifnng phases. In all this per- I HE .PHIIItS Lira Musi Be SoldiHonesI- ly and On Tliciv Merits Owlr-i* NRA 'u M-i-ure iiiuti-r I In 1 NliA u c< He Won, Slept and There i Ir-ru. That , in : c '" l::i - member \lm-h would eliminate IOSM-:; urls- n:: from imlulr o>in[:ctHion. Hi-- cijiL imui]i]r>lj||i' iK'Lik'r.s ul 1lu k Ui:in-il Sluli-s \n-iil Cli'liHiil Jitl'r! •int tun- Ix-Ut-r cjn IUUJL.S anil v.-iij;- i-.s. am'plilii; n 44-lli)ll]' Wlvi! In- i»f n 48-hoitr u-i't-k ami nun- ninini (j.iy fin mi-rliinilcii] \voik- n>. u! S'J2 lasluul ul $H, l:i ivllivn (!«• NUA BHiili 1 H II- ]<Viil lor itny tlt-nli'i- lo rulsr, i-f- iujy IK-U- cur, itllow ll lo Ije driven ur i-vi-ii luwi-d wllh il.s .<(>wduni- i u-r (iisi'oiiiir-i'ii-ij, or lo imliiiT I'.:; ::il'- by givinj? :iway iiiiy att-c rli 1 .^, tit- t-n.sli (tisfonnls. Uiiiloi 1 Elii. 1 ! .sci-iip iln- l>i kn>»u-.s llir> exact JiiUoagi' of Uic urn i-nr. Il.s ninvcl iH'llvcvy prkT. nml (he ])ro|x>r Iliiniitlnu i-usl. U In- buy.s ll mi time. Also tin- buyer o{ n nuiv cur knuws svlint Ills nwcl cur Ls worlli lur si-]|ing anil tnulc-Sn purposvs bu-;ti]si' Un- crHli; provides t-nch I (U-u'.L'r i-.ich lumuU vs'Uh i\u uctii- KUi- llsi of llio nciual .sak-.s or ul us-ji] tuv.s lu I.UHL dcak-v'K community. Such I'.slaljlLslii'd prlci?.' uiaulr- Ihe buyer urnl di'iilt-'r It mnplrti: a Irnnsiiciion Ihui fnlr and Involvr.s nonu or lliq ok horM.' irndltin ])riicr.lci'.s Midi rawnii. Iln' dt-ILvcreil price uf Liu IH-W cur, Oic Inflation ul flnanc- lit^' i-harge.s. selling "a.s new" curs liiai tiati Ijcen Orlvun or iisnt " di-!iif)]i.siraloi.s, lo uir.sct In pail tn hiuH U'luJp hi allowances. Uiidi-r the codL- o( fulr trndi; ' practice (or retnll uulouiubili: dialers Uic executive comiiiiui'e lur cn.steri] Arknn.sns ctmsl.sis ot Louis McUanli-l i Ford J, Foin-.sL Cily: K. Horner <Clievroletj IIi.-l- mn; MnltlicwK irlynioulli), Juiu-s- bmo; Tom Murray (Chevrolet). Wynne,nnd Russell Phillips (Forrli Uiyllievlllc. 'Uic members of this coinmiUec. collrctlvcly and Individually, act fcs invcstltsators and ns a elearina hoasc of vlDlnllons of the codo. and give tn(arinution cunce (lie rules of Die code lo dculcrs, iheir employes, and their custom- Isolate engine vihration.,- .so thoroughly that no power iremnrs are transmitted (o the car structure. • ir ' i ' :-..': sr.iy- v ( -is..o n cf tiw famous Grctonas' uimpm.-m is connected to the front and rear |11( | be wccii Oie P dcolC]- eC »nd ll h'is " nwlsji.- s«l;.ii «-|IOKC crifinc K '.'uiuiing. ShotilU HUTS be one Ircmor. a siii«le twllcli I customers the prcpcr relntlou.shl|>! bas2i! ii|ioii mutual culllidelice iincl Ford ReeftabBshei $5 at Daily Waje Minimiun DETROIT.—Tfle 15-a^dny mint? minn wag* with which.Henry, fait MiuthHl InduMry In 1814 cam*' back this week. "No one laws anything by raising wngcs as soon as he Is able; H lirts always pule] us," ' Ford - saUt in annonnrlne Uwt the 15 mlnl- Jiiiitn find born rcslorrd effective Insi 'I'lH-sdny. ' . ; Forty-seven thousand of the TO,-'" COO men oinployeil by Hie .Port), Motor Company throughout th»- Onlteil Slates benentcil by 'thcj Incrense. Tlicy Imil btcn rec*lvl(ig J H nml 14.40 n ilny and It was es- [Irniilcil unalTlclnlly thai the ruUi would uiUl npiironlnmlcly (6.000,-' COO to llio Pont Company's an- nutil payroll. | H wus ihc first blanket inmiie fur Port] worker* since the mlnl- iniiin waisu vvi ' K of t8 a ilay pt«- vallliiK In December, 1929, was In- cicnstil tn t7 In whu.1 the com-" puny (lescrlberl m 1U> contribution to chuck tlie dcprtsslon, then x-gliinliig. That re'tc WM mainlined for 22 month*, before w»|e'' urtnllnient.1 began. AI Oordun wus Iliicited Hie wliuiei of tlie Ktrx-k Cur Chiuiiplonslil] Hace la 111 :il tin: Munli-ipal Auditorium Sin'edway, l.ns Angeles, Fcbni iiry III. Gordon dnivi 1 a Foul V-u. HiiiLby Stnbblclleld was llnsjucd sec ond dilvliiii iinuihrr Furd V-u. Alter llu: nice Hluubleflcld eongraln luted (."Oiddii, mid they Imlli \vfnl lujtue to sleep. Next morning a moment in thn coune of the circus when Ihc audience, becomes utterly si- is v.-hen [he GietoiKus do th;'lr perilous stun fevi-nty-flve Icet above erotnul, minus net, minus in thr way 01 satemiards except a thin win itpe ami .1 miraculous sense of balance. The -photographic reproduction above shows the liimous Creionn.s in another act, in which they pit iii,.-ii nlaiclilc-fS skill ru'Dlml the claim thai floarini; ( x>wer engine inotiniings, as used in nodsc »uto- «ns dixcovucil iiiul Ci lii-kl wns di-elun-d irdnii hnil l)eui cnnllleil with un extra lap. the winner. Gordon is shown above co Inlirii; Hliil;blel!eld. Let-Coppcdgt Company '. Adds international Line The Lec-Copiiedyi 1 Motor Co.. reef mly ofHMicd ul M4 Krusl Mnhi i sVu-cl vvlll linudle. In uOtlillon lo. ISilichs and I'niillur.H, a complete j line o[ the urll known Inlt-rnri- linnnl llnrx'c.sler furm Sinplf mrnLs '-. rmd InternntloniLl Unck5 and': tvnc-tors. The eiimimny Km—'V.ttuy ns :: rock; ue never .felt, [lie slightes'. ripple of ttial lloaling-pmver engine." said Olio Gre- totia.tiicacntleniHn'-ttnidiiig on th-j cii.iir. Mow the intrepid ivcman performer topping the human pyrnnil'.!. ctianpring pnases. in an tn:s per- 1 lixl. however. I do not ik'lieve n f~ Ainiilu year ha-s held out more fas- r tinntinij prospects than iloes 10^.1. 1 Tlie hidu^iry to t)]x:n nnd lie iiseil by ):ros|>entive owners. is ca^er Jor the yrni- •• il.s new offci-inrjs in i the gvcjit avmy ol • Dodge Shipments Are Increasing Rapid!y DETROIT — Coalers coi'[X^ration. i of Century of Progress Be Ready June I .-(urarc fee! of ct. 1.660.000 Icei CH.O yards or concrete and ICO.OOdi square rcet nf tite ilooriuy. The I [entiiT !,pnce reserved for iiitlustrial . i exhibits will be skyliglitod. | (j- Larse quaiuities or chromium : metal work will be used in both the interior and exterior embcll- /\{| ishmeni. in line with (he corrserv- jatively modernist motif of Uic lOrnrchiti'clure. I Fifieen bids were received. The firc " rcs Sr:T'iBarnett Delivers Two fair trade practices. Three New Studebakers Delivered by Appleby Plymouths and a Dodge, 11 hive lowest, were so clo^r that two! coupe to I-'armer Eiylnnd or Bly- Irtays were s|x.-nl. in conference be-)"""' 1 "" "'"' "' ~ ~"'- llir weeks or 1034. mnde dehvf-r-; c , run.ct (or OKClicm of "tho" FoVd IJ" r U " «"' , r , tes or 25.128 motor vehi : *s-,0, Esposi.lo,, bnliriW at. ;,:e Chica^! !^ ofncclof AI^K"bn'T •Sly nf U'}lip}i U'^rr 1 rt"»«<nnoAr r-ir~ ir- ' i- t-i • i ' uiutLo Ul /"itlJl ft rWuIl. J_Jv,„ !, irasc-enoei cai.-;Uorii|s F:iu- has been awarded i" troil -•ri-hiiTi nnd 5.C1G commercial cars aml lt ) 1( - W. E. o'Ncil Conslruclioii' - UI11UC1 trucks. The Tavor.ible .sl-nTr- of this <le\ivery volume KS by rlie siatemeni of general snles ninnagei- A. Van DM- deliveries dm-in^ the .same nir.e \voeks of 1033 mummied u> 13.10S unilp. a comparison indicating an increase nf nt)3 ; ier ceul or 11.02J deliveries so far for 1034. Retail deliveries made bv Dod?e dealers during the week emlini; March ^ were S.SBfi vehicles, or 3.0'20 paf-seiiRer cai-s and FCC]' [rucks: tliese fiKiires show a pnin | of 13R per cent over deliveries: made durini; [be cnvrcsnoiuiina period of 1933. The volume of passcnper car. shipments lo dealers hnp been! 1 mounliii'T at such rapid rale, according (n Mr. Van D?r 7.n\ Unl i Ihc factory's second prudiKtion! line lias been placed into opeva- j linn—Ibis for (he first (jinr sincr . 192!); : Ol significant infcte.s! is also' the gain in Undse Iruck ri?liv- i eries. which rose from "33 in (be- first, nine weeks of • 1!)33 lo S.Glf, '• in Ihe like [>criod of (be present i year—a gain of GWi.'J p/r cent. I Company or •Chicago, it was an- ; W. E. O'Neii. ])re;idei;t, ami C, ncunccd today bv W. F. Duck-i E ' '™™"°- chirf ^'iuiator. rop- «!•>•> k-orlli. manasrr oMhe local branch i r ™:." te( ' ll: . c **<•?**<"> ™M»ny. ll»i; of ,, u , Por[ | A10 , compnnv j. " le Fo:l1 b " lldl11 E- winr1 ' ls I" Coiistrisclioi, work, which' h;,^ °'' e o! Illr larscsl al lllp lfl:H A Centmy of t'vo;rf.sf> will be sii- uaied on nn 11-acrc !ract with a _ , | (romase 0 { HQQ r m on j^^. Fourteen luir.tireti tons of steel Michigan. ,\ five-acre park on the w, I,- used m th, building, wind, | ake shorc is a „.,,, J,, |hc "; will be GOO feel lonir and i i.^e to' Uil rcct at il.s highest )Mint In a central rotunda. Three new Studebaker sedans were delivered lo buyers tills wuek Plvni n iiti« tb>l the J ' C Applcby Motor Co. R. il S mouth.s,p Blofneycr. local Frkco agent, received n Dictator Decal sedan, Mrs. Mary P. Robinson n new Dictator sedan and A. F. Williams of Driver nlso received n Dictator sedan. All three were .sold by J. C. Applcby. A number of local motorists have indicated interest in tlie new Hmt- Isous nnd Tcrraplanes. Afr. Ap;>le- by said, but (Ims far he lius been unable to secure a complete line Alfred Nobel, donor of Uic an- for display purpose. Several ol nnal ]wacc prize, invented dyna-l these can, may be available next mile and other high explosives, j week, however The delivery or iivn and a Dodge this week w«.s reported by Ihe W. T. Darnell, Auto Sales dt. Frank Williams of Osccola received a De Luxe Plymouth sedan which he bought from Mr. liarnett. T. I. Bray made the delivery of a -De Lu.xe Plymouth thevllle, and of n Dodge coupe •1. n Uoyd of Memphis. shop service for all vehh-ks and Implements .sold by (hem. The sl.op is in clluiyt; tif ciimpeleni mechanics and Is well crtui]>]X:d lor wtirl: of this nature. 0. W. Coppt'deu, prc-iidem, of Hie comiKHiy, is in cliiiriir if iln; mi- omolille fiiles. T. Ci. Ilrllfy, vlcc- ri'sUli-ut, will handle implt-ineul. lies, nnd Cieornc M. f.i"j will :;r-n'e .sctri'lary and vreasiivi'r of t lousiness. Hussel! Ff\rr. local ap.fiil fvn- bllllps Pclroleum Co., I.s the own- r of a ncvf Bnick four <luov se.dnif •hich lie bouslil.' llil.s week rrorn 1. W.. Copprxlgc or l.ce-Cop|iedi',e fotor Co. The car Ls one of the rst or Ihe new model llulcks de- vered In this section. ., ,„ , ,„ i ,',,"'/ , „•'" ' ' ' ,, :<l Specifications cull for 700,00-3 Most Careful r is Always ( 'l Uic Mercy of u Heck I e .s> s One on rriim l.i.ii,iii| v ' Your only junl heavy <lim.-i>rs nml I'roiK-rli _ •.urnnrr in ,T strung rnni|nnv First National Insurance A f/ency Gciural Insurance I'hoiic 12 enil project, though Ibis was no; included in today's contract. JOYNER & BOMFTI-ILD Read Courier Want Ads. ' Distributors I'honc Bring your Ford here for service \VlIF\you bring your l : «ml car here for service, you urc alwaj*s Nurc nf prompt, courteous treatment froni men \vho know (liuir hustncss. Our mechanics arc specially trained and our new precision service ci'mpjv.cnt ttnp- licntcs factor) •tn.imif.tcrtirinjF mt-iliotls. Only Rcniiiuu 1'orJ pails arouse*! nn«l aU labor is charged ar ;i low l?.tt Phillips Motor Company Pllonc llos.iiui 810-811 aia^n^MHiHH^ 1 BUICf Internationa vcsttT True Tracto Har, and ANNOUNCEMENT \Ve wish In announce that we are now oj>on for Imsiness at :M)5 East Main street with a complete line of the new Iluick and I'ontiac automobiles, Inter- nationa) Harvester Farm Implements :mtl the famous International Trucks and Tractors, Complete Shop Service LEECOPPEDGE MOTOR CO. Phone 329 PONTIACS 1 i 1 International Harvester Farm Implements 1'rue . i u'P) — . had a |]i'(inonltlon UIUL dcut)i was near. llc snl r't- Ids desk and wrotu « AUTO STORAGE Modern Siifc - Itrick Hnilrfing. • ('rinvonicnt Tom W. Jackson Service Station Cnr. 2nd & Ash I'himc H Are You/ Smart? If So, Figure This Out New Ford V-8 Tudor $667 Delivered Complete In Other Low Priced 6-Cylinder Cars $20 to $35 Higher The New Ford V-8 Gives You Unequal led Performance, Safety and Comfort with the best service facilities of any car and with <1 to 5 miles more per gallon of gasoline and 1000 miles to eacli change of only 5 quarts of motor oil instead of <> quarts. Walch Uic fW V'8a do By Yon Hitif One and Go Hi), Too Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Dealer Blytheville, Ark. Self-Seals SM what Q«idric.tiCTi^in«ti h«T» : done! They've icuuilly m*df,i : tutxthitKaliitioirnpuiicturef ' inlKuitly— wi7/iou« lotint tht fit! '"''•';. Imapnel You can plunf e an " ice-pick right Into any tin equipped with'thii tiibet Or.. pull them out I Apply your air • prcMure t*u{e. YouTl find 'the';: •ir h u not rsctpcdl -And wKk*. — yet, month* later thi« remark* able telf-sealinK tube will coti' tinue to five you protection ' ajaintt "(Uu". LOW IN COST Although thenewGoodrichSeal- o-matk Safety Tube, i* much tougher, far more efficient and special ly re -in forced to resist rim dmfinj— it aolti only ilifhtly matt than ordinary tubn. t"tf- mitieaiierridiins.too. Nowbtel wobble or shimmy. WiQ.oot "run hot" from hifh <p«edi. Think .of the time, trouble and expense you save. i:}:-~, Used in the new Qolden Ply Silvfrtown th«t protecti-you aiainit blow-out>, thij new Good rich Seal -o -untie Safety Tube stwuld make it unnecessary fo erar cfifnfe « ri'r* cm therofd! (: (. ,-,Get thenew Goodrich Seml-o- matic Safety Tubes, put them in your Qolden Hy Sclrertowii..; ... andkw tire troubles Vxxlt»ti Goodricfc <5e&C & Tnatic Safely Tube W. J. Wunrierlich's Main Service Station

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