The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY,'MARCH 2-1, IMS BLYTIIPVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS < Sentence For Theft In Stcele "Holdup"; Butner Admits Gambling Charge CAIlimiF.'RSVrU.E. Mo.. Mnv. 24 —Tu'o oases of Kuuiuy-wldc Interest were lit.-ird during (lie lirst wur-k of circuit comi, wlilcli convened here Monday. Henry Hyrd. ncsiisrd of stcnllns W43 from tlic Martin Oil Co.. nt Htt.R\e, was sentenced lo two years roUowing his jilea of guilty. liyr:l, u former employe ct t)i« compiiny. .stated at the time of the crime Hint he had been abducted by two men and robbcil. later, he con/«.<,«! Dint Allen JoliiiSoii ami 1111- ollicr yel unidentified man. planned with him. Byrd, to "frame" iho robtery. Johnson's hearing was BditdulKl for this week. HI; Is out on bond of $5.000 pending his hearing. In the other case, John Bulncr pleaded guilty to gambling.and was fima $25 and costs, tlie line belns .stayed during goad bchuvior and tipoj) payment of costs. Bnliiei is one of the co-operators of the Silver Moon night club, in the south part of the county, which was ordered padlocked a few days aao liy Circuit Judge L. H. Schnll. To Dedicate Hut That Turtles "Built" Tonight liEPANTO. Ark., Mar. 24.—The newly completed colonial brick hut of the Willie 'Lamb Post No. 20-of the American Legion of Leuiinlo will be dedicated tonight In a formal ceremony, attended by mem- hers of the past, auxiliary and ex- service men living in tins terri- lory. Boycc Dickson, commander of the Post and Mrs. M. O. Whayne, president of the Auxiliary, sla'ted Hint Stale Legion Department officials had been invited to attend. The hut replaces the hut thai burned in 1937 fallowing Ihe Hood when It wns being used to house refugees. The hut is entirely paid for but for the exception of a few bills incurred for the furnishings. The proceeds of the annual American Legion Terrapin Derby has defrayed much of the building expense. Built along; colonial lines, it is valued at $8.000 and has a huge ball-room with a fireplace in one end. In the back of the huge room are a modernly equipped kitchen, rest rooms, and storage rooms. Funeral .Services Held .. 92 CARUmiERSVlLLE, MO.,Mar.24 —Funeral services were lield Tuesday nt. Braggadocio for John w. Darnell, 92, wlio lin<l resided in Pemlscot county ninety years, coming to this county from Tennessee, where he was bom, when only two years of age. He Imd lived In. the Bragadocio community all his life where he formed. -Surviving are four children, Mrs. Itfabel Curtner, Memphis, Tenn.. ami Mrs. Jim Albright, Sam Darnell and Rlley Darnell, all of 'this county. Services were held at the Braggadocio Baptist' church, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Gooch. "Where~Are Dead?" Is To Be Sermon Subject "Where are the Dead, and What Arc They Doing Now?" is the subject announced for tonight's scr- r '*iice at Ihe Second Baptist cliurch i n-liere the evangelistic meeting, with the Rev. o. L. Randall in charge, has now entered its third week. The sermon theme used by Hie Hev. Mr. Randall last night was "Can a Person Be Everlastingly saved and then Eternally Lost?" In England, child film stare seldom receive salaries of ns much as $100 a. week. There's No Dearth Of Candidates In Stecle's Election 3TEELE. Mo.—Eighteen candidates nre Kecking six offices in the city election which is to lie held on April 5lh. Possibly others will enter before it i:; over. Only one ofn?e so far has only ai\f candidate. Jaelr Dowdy is unopposed for re- t-lpnion fo (ho oiiicc of alderman for Ward Two, I-'ollowinx Is a list or (he candidates tind the olllces they seek- Mayor. C. p. no-vard, for'rc- (Iretion; RIISSP)) prnkes. li E (li=b) Ki-akPs, and Albeit'A. Ki-llcy-'l City Maisluil. w. I! noiwll. for ,-e- j ™, n election; iitnfy ix>veliico.. I, w Weaver ami E. s. workman; police Judge. H. n. spejicc, lor re-election I'Lilte I'ramc, J. 11. May, VV. H' (nick) Wall, mm warren pierce- Ccllcctor, K. A. c uncle Ab) Uoonc' fo." rc-eleetl'jii and Mrs. Ophelia littles; Aldci-iniin of Ward One. J. R. Morgan and .). y I'Merwii'' Al:lcmiaii Ward T wo , jack Dowdy. ! Pepper lecause it's vacuum cleaned ) Caruthersville Factory To Cut Wages 10 Per Cent CARUTIIBRSVILUE. Mo., Mar, 24 —^fo'^e Shoirmker, innnager of Hie Brown Shoe factory here, yps- lei'dny .vtnted that a ten per cenl wage Veducllon would t" into elfecl here Moiulay, March 28l)i. Tills reduction is bein^ inncle In all factories ol the company, .Shomakor said. The factory here at present employs several liumt'rod, willi u weok- Ij 1 payroll of iiboul $8,000, o|)er- atlng on a live-day si-hcdnle, Sho- tnaker stated. The wane cut, he said, was necessitated to meet competition in New Knglnnd stales, the company believing that by rcdiic- wagc scule it will have an vnnlngo, In milking bids on con- tracls. 1'iTOpecls hre good for con- 1 tinned operation for some time, Shoimiker.Kilil, since l!it> rodwed operating cost will htivc Ihe tendency to Increase future ordi'rs, Cape Cod Approaches Ponce de Leon's Ideal HYANNIS, Muss. I UP)— If Ponce de Leon had come lo Ciipe Cod pel-Imps he would imve found (ho fountain of youth. For over n hair of l' per cent of (he Cape's total population of -JU,000 lived to be 75 years old or more, according to u Mivvey for nine months of 1037, .Some 204 persons rcnchcd nges from 15 to 101 In the months /mm March to December. Fourteen golden wedding anniversaries were PAGE KROGERx P1GGLY WIGGLY a ave an en weng ann perhaps n sllnht ad- fi-lebrated by Capo "QUAKER DAIS Caruthersville Hunters Kill 35-Pound Bobcat CAKUTIIEKSVILU?. Mo.. Mar. 21 —A 35-|H>iNicl bulical. standing 18'-. inches liigh utK l inen<jm-in-> 51 inches from (jp t o tip, W as killed during a hunt by. clijlit members of the I'i' County Good Sportsmen's Club, R. VV. Hawkins .and Bcnnie Graham getting the lucky shots.. The hunt was part of the club's observance of Nallonn Wild Life Week, and another is planned in the near future, according- to Obye Coker. prcsicient. is great to keep you fit!" says Great American Pilot Murwin A/or, Commandtr of Amtr'ican Airlinti' Famo a Ftagthtpf • No wander Quaker Oals is called I1RIMKFA.ST Of (iRHAT AMEKICMNSI It's a warm, friendly breakfast, rich in llavor, rich in food energy. And gives you an abundance of_NMure's Vitamin IJ, (lie vitumiu your system neC(U daily (o combat nervousness,constipation pnu puor appetite! Yet Quaker Oats, mainstay of millions, )Sts only 1 6 cent per serving. You cun't SI'ECIALS FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY CltiSl' 1CI! COLD CELERY, ntfnch 8c - LETTUCE, Head lie TOMATOES, Fancy, Ib. ...lUc HELL I'EI'I'EKS, I.b IF.c cBARROTS, Hunch 4e BEETS. Hunch | C KADISHES, 2 Biincfies .....5c (JUEEN CA15 RAGE, Mi. .,. 2 1C 2 SPINACH. Garden Crisp, 2 Mis PQTA.TPKS in UIH. "..".'••;. JUICY SWliET & i ItKSH STRAWRKRKIES, 2 "I. ...'.35c AITLES, \.ge. Entlnp, 2 tor E« BANANAS, Fey., 4 for bil r. It APE FRUIT, 3 for 10c LEMONS, r. fai; ,.5<j COOKING AI'l'LES, Lb. ....,se ORANGES, 2 Dfri. .,:.' : ;.S5c HENS Full Dressed 1C STEAKS Baby Keef Thick Rib, Mi. 15' COTTAGE CHEESE 15 ROLLED ROAST BACON Krcy's Host SAUSAGE I'ure I'ork -iC round ' 1V CURED H AM Imls il25 c i<'ines( Quality K. C. Beef 22F LARD PURE LEAF FAT OPEN KETTLE RENDERED, LB. lie APPLES Fiincy 1'ounrt 11' HEALTH SOAP 10 CHUM SALMON ( ,„ I IIP AI Hiippy, Extra EEC Kancy White, 21 Il>v3 HOMINY GRITS M). MOTOR OIL 83' SUGAR Cloth in MIS. ECl 33' ASPIRIN Si. Joseph's Hox FLOUR Guaranteed, 12 Ibs. Mej.a.l Ibs. 68' COCOA Pure and Fresh Mb. BOX 12C CHEESE RITZ POPPED CEREALS OJ_C Large Pkg. V2 CORN FLAKES Box oAcrrc snver Moon ,. bUr rCC Pntiml&'T HOMINY BABY FOODS In Glass 3 Fo «E fcJ IFI I A OR nOVAL GELATIN fC OtLUU Package 0 Vrcsh Ground |O1C ).BI.7 COFFEE 1'iirc, Lb. I'ut'C Lard & Shortening 4 11). crt. .1!>c; Pail 5Q C 8 Ib. rrt. 88c; Pail 98c 25 11) Pure only '. .$2.95 50 Ib Pure, only . .S5.39 Happy Feeds—Our Best 24'; Happy Cow Dairy ..S2.05 Sivccl Feed ji.45 Hot Shot Shorts 51.25 Happy Hen Scratch $2.25 Cliick Starter sk. 52.95; Ib 3'/j C Growing Ma-sh [,(,. 3 i 4c TriMc A Chicks Our Specialty CAMBRIC FLOUR in Press Material Basts Giiar.mlocil Bcsl Qualilj- ami Value i 6 11). Baps Plain,'s.Il. ......JOc 12 I.I). ISags, Plain, S.R 50c 24 l,h. llass, Plain,'s.K. ...9»c 48 I,l>. HaRS, Plain, S.R. $1.15 M I.I), nags, Plain, S.R. $.1,15 FREE DELIVERY PHONE 234 RITE PRJd T. II. VANBIHBER, Prop. We Deliver 111 E. STORES Prices Good For Friday and Saturday Hall or Mole, li Thick Rib Pound I'hil. CHEESE 3 for 25c ilKO CHEESE Ib. 15c CflTFISH, Fresh River, Hi. . . 39c RED SNAPPER, Ib. . . . . . 20c SPANISH MACKEREL, lb~ .Tlfle Potato Salad Ib. 15c BACON Cooked Shrimp, Ib. 35 C RindSess,lb. 29C, Rind On, Ib. 12Jc Bologna Ib. 12;c Fore Quarter Leg or Chops Pound OLIVES Jar 10 , CM Hi. -I I<V 29' 01 FO Kal more |P(; ULKV Kniritl 1.1, 13 Cound-y Cluli •fAC N»; 2 Cans IU BABY ""°" Si A " lirands, H I'\n- 25 l SWKKT I'OTATOKS Niincy Hull, li Llis. 10' COFFEE c " n ";,r 25 C PRESERVES ,25 Counfry BUTTER !'>sh Ib. 33c Slirks or ]{o|[ 8 ),!.. Ciirtnii C Bananas Jumho iiil, Doz. 15c Strawberries Ited-Itipe Louisiana Tomatoes pt. lOc Pi-csh Slicing (|n;il- it.v. Mi. 7lc Potatoes!' •wr' 10 Ibs. 16c Oranges Radishes »r Oreett Onions Peanut BUTTER Kmhnssy PL Jar 15c Quart 22c SUrKKSUDS. liluc l!ox, 1 -IAC Crystal White Sofip I'^'ee .. IU MACARONI C. C. 7 n/. rC Box BC O CATSUP M O/. lioUles. E;i. -(AC IU BEANS Great Northern, 6 Ibs. for 25c BABY LIMAS, Ib ,5y 2 c, Giant Limas, Ib 9c Red Kidney, Ib. 10 Grape Juice PfcISc Qi.27c ....lie King • • 2-1 Lb. Ka K i CAAP vVHr , . Sniull Bars 4'/ 2 c GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Pickles l-ibby's Sour IIP Dill I,K. .lor 2 For P & ft Giant Si/.c Bars Kor 35c Peaches Avondale Halves No. 2i/ 2 Cans Pork&Beans5Ir25c Alasko Chum No. 1 Tall Can 2 For Tuna Fish Flakes Clearwater Brand, 2 For 25c COUNTRY CLUB ^•••••HM—. Snowdrift MILK 3 Large Small Cans 1 Ib. can JOc .1 Ib. Can 52c Marshmallows I.b. Cellopliane Bas rtallooii Free 15c Flour Omega 12 Ib. Bag f>3c 24 Lbs. Bread Clock 20 Oz, Loaves 2 for 15c

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