The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—No. 130 BlythevLUe Courier Blvthevi'de D&llv News ~*~ Biytheville Herald MlSpi Valley Leader. D1.VTHKV1LLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 2.% I!):i0 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ^1 CAPTURrTHRELSTILLS, SEVEN MEN _ ' ' ; ; Repudiates Confession of Sister's Murder COUNCIL TIES FORTHEPRuSENI and Wallace Get Furloughs LITTLE ROCK.—Mike Wallace ! and Frank Belhel, two Mississippi' A • p |. „ .. ' county youths, once under seniem-- j Action follows Keadlllp OI |CS of'death and now serving is 1 } .. i Ml- ! y cars each on statutory charges' Letter trom Memphis ; were granted 90-day fin loughs yes-: Gas Company Last Night! te ^ Ia £ ^TtL'werfconvict- \ Bahh!-She Didn't Win 1st Prize! is Shows Number Idle i n April; Arkansas' Group Not Large. „. . i ''d of assault upon a young woman i Hie question of a franchise to: ft school teacher, near Manila in I WASHINGTON. Aug. 23 <Ul>)- (.uppiy niytheville with ga s was ,1928 and sentenced to die in ihe! The nalion's unemployed number- postixmed indefinitely by the city electric chair. On appeal the sit- ! «1 25C8.151 when the census was council at an adjourned session af preme court reversed .the lowei : lakcn in April, the census bureau the city Hall last night. . C ouri on a technicality and at thei.- : announced today, me motion by Alderman u G. • second irial both received 18-yrar < This was two percent of lhc 10- Thcmpbon to table "gas question : sentences. ; lal population and 5.2 percent of indefinitely" followed lhc reading' Petitions for clemency contained Ihc estimated numb?!- of workers of a letter, said to have been writ- recommendations from the sheriff itn by a responsible official of thc of Mississippi county, and Memphis Natural Gas 'company,. citizens, it is stated. c.?nying that. S. J. Fi'ii£eiuhal.< most persistent of the seekers cf a I The two trials of Bethel and franchise here, had any agreement j Wallace held al the courthouse with the Memphis firm, as he has] here, attracted the largest crowds consistently contc-ndKi before the ' to ever attend court sessions in this council, to branch a pipe line; city. Interest In the trials was in- across the Mississippi river from! tense throughout the county and its proposed pipe line along the i batteries of legal counsel were en- Five out of every 100 persons wtio wanled work here jobless. The figures includes only those without jobs able to work and seeping employment at the time ihe census was taken. Il dees not include several oilier classes such a.« those wiih jobs who were laid of wilhr.ul pay. The count of unemployed was the first of its kind ever undertak east side of ihe river in Tennessee.; gaged in the trials. E. E. Alexan- : en j n t i, is country and provides the After the council had disport der, chief ot the defense counsel.: ru , t rea , basis (or an estimate o of several preliminary matters, the is understood to Imve rcprcseiiisd : lhe erfect5 of lll= reseiu uus,,, city clerk read an ordinance form : lll e youths in their appeal to Gov- • d c ures!iion agreed upon at the last meeting ernor rarnell for clemency. : of the council by which if' W. W. Shaver, sheriff of Missis- : Unemployment figures [or each franchise was granted, the city ; "PPi county, was out of the citv '• E ; ale ;J" d . l ^ District of Columbia would -jnter into an agreement : '«»«>• a"J ™ul9 not be reached, bu' . s 110 *^- Michigan had the highest with S. J. Felsenthal of El Dora- H«= sheriff's office refused io con- : Percentage of unemployment with do for a natural gas supply for flrm the report from'.Little Rock \ 1 ™-* K ollt 0( lh e s'a'e's 4.842,280 Biytheville.' The proposed franchise thal lhe PcW'on for clemency con- ; '"habitants were out of jobs, or 3.3 submitted by Fensenthal, a lengthy j tail } ed Sheriff Shaver's recommen- i percent. document was read to the council d at ' on and was similar to the form agreed upon by Felsenthal and the council i last' week-vyith the material excep-; lion that the rates in the proposed ' : ordinance had _been revised upward i by Felsentha) and his attorney for: final submission to the council. I The original rates as set. forth by ! Felsenthal called for 80 cents for: in.e firsi 400 cubic feet ,of gas: p . n r\ i used. The rate schedule presented • t'Oreign Ace Hys to Death lo the council last night was re-. - - - ... vised upward to $1.50 for the firsi '5 BELIEP Charged Story Is Changed 'l i l r o A • .- i l»"ixii'.<-d j Head ol blate Associalion ; night in t i Says-Conditions Do Nol'iV j Juslify Present Hysteria. j^™ 1 "' 01 ' 1 mollwr ° r Ll PINK HLUFP, Aug. 23. (UP)' tloss Dlvlney repudiated today hl.i confession made last the presence of his brolh cr mid four oflicluls that he killed " Is slit.?r. Mrs. Lillian Dobbins, urce chil- Shaver and-Deputies Swoop Down on Stills in River .Bottoms During Night. OSCEOLA, Ark.—In the biggest raid staged in Mississippi county this yenr, Sheriff w. W. Shaver and five deputies swooped down on two bis; stills In Hie riv.? r bottoms seven miles southwest of Osccola last night, capturing seven prisoners and destroying about. 25.000 gallons of mash. On their way back to Osceola this morning the sher- Ill's force discovered another smaller distillery which th;y destroyed The raids were carefully planned and singed. The parly composed of Sheriff Shaver, and Deputies, Stanley Hancock, Clarence Wilson, Arch Undsay, Clltf Sharpe.-1'and - _ .._. JRoy Nelson, swept down .on tli? : a *K hour coiifeirocc laie ycsier-.! \^, m despondent and swallowedtab- [two huge 250 gallon capacity stills [day with the executive council and, i et ^ )lc ^tempted to prevent hei in the lowlands between the icvce 1I<? was "rrestcd shortly niter of, ' ° CK ' Al '«: f' '">''- ; fleers found the body of Mrs. Dob- Drouth conditions In Arkansas rc-. Ml)s ,, cnr hcr , lome ported by the govcinmeul Io be; ,„ ,„.. ftrs( stnumcnl D! , ,ihe worst In the nation, do not, Ml(| hc cllokcd , |Ls Mcf wUh ^ :justify lha present hysteria. Jcc "..Handkerchief and then placed bl- |Stanley, president of the Aikansns MoMc a! ,,,ercury lablel.s In her :: Banker';:. Associalion^ and member mo i ltn . Thryc wblels caused death a cai'oiier's inmiest held today. After calling a lawyer Divlncy jot the statewide relief committee, j s uid today. I The s;alcmh!t was made r. said he reached his slsler who hoc 1 j agriculture committee of ihc bunk- . swallowing the tablets by choking ' ' Icr's association here. ! "From bunk statements of renre- i?entallvcs cf each of our sev.?n ] territorial groups we obtained n cross section of conditions. The situation 'her but (ailed, he said.. Hc was hc.ld Jn Jail although no and Mississippi river during the night surprising seven men at Uie big distilleries. charges had been (lied ngutnsl him. I Tllc prisoners brought to the Osceola Jnll this morning were Ar- PINE BLUFF, Ark.. Aug. 23.(UP) .,.,„„„„„ wlille serious Is spotted; _ Ross nivlncy. 23, was questioned I and unfortunate, hut does not Jus-1 tort concMn [ ng Ulc (U . aUl cf i ns Illf.. »til* rt^npKi.t n»[.1 " ' . . _ -_°. . . -_ . .. '. sister, Lillian Dobbins, 20, while a {coroner's Inquest was held to d> jtify this present hysteria. "At the banker's conference Washington on lhe drouth problem i tcrminVlhc'causc or'heT death.' next Tuesday I shall endeavor to t d 1 I I I I : describe our condition accurately ! shor( , y 5^ ' hls"*^'^!'^ body" was '"8 lh? illl!lu were ° r 25n Ballon found near her home, Preliminary | federal aid. However, it Is fl i ^amhfationl Indicated rte had; llnir Williams, Roy Smith, Jack Harrison, Walter Nipper and Tom Brown. Two negroes, Taylor Wise aud- Archy Wilson were also In the group. According to reports received here, thc two distills captured drtr- and shall do all tu my power to secure tor Arkansas any avoUable Well. it's enough to make even a "better baby" cry! A lot of prizes rere being passed around at that Milwaukee. WIs.. baby show the :ther day, and did Patricia Ann Haulon win the first prize? South Dakota and Mississippi had ! , only 1.3 percent of Mississippi's • tn6 seconci P rize! antl nese >'°' J ^f lier registering extreme dis: citizens were out' of Jobs and 1.5 i <f the show, the judges, the awards and the world In general. :ercent •cf-'-3outh~13akd(aV v • j ''"' '-— -'<•'-* -^ .<•- -•- • •• _^_i : .__ The number of unemployed In ! '| Arkansas on April I was 12.591, or 1.9 percent of the estimated work- EIS iii the state. :proK:m of Inme folks for home : folks to solvc." Stanley said. i lakcn poison. | The Dlviney tcld police he hart killed! nohnnalcd' one " lls sislcr . th<! J' said. , • thc state's 75 A physician said finger marks on ily capacity and thc smaller orio j helzed this morning of IB gallon j capacity. No one was found near No--Just ccuntles to serve on county drouih the dead woman's throat indicated iapproval relief commissions. The names cfj she 'had ueen choked, Divlney's Opening of National 400 cubic feet with raises ove r the Ail' Races "in Chicago, other rates on the, original sch.2- • ° Confers Democratic Committee dule. The raise in thc prop:sert rates i was not discussed by the council : as Mayor Nelll Reed immediately following lhe reading of the pro- i . posed ordinance asked the repre-;, M( ; sentatives of all gas -companies present to retire from the council A letter from lhe WRIGHT AIRPORT i LIT TkE ROCK. Aug. 23. (UP)-j Another Seriously Injured; All". 23 (UP)— Fritz: At *J lllarit General E. L- Compere •. famous German ace, crash-1 of lhe state D ™ocratlc central 3d in his big Junker airplane t o-'™ mmittee ""'"red with parts- annual nir races I leaders iotl;x >' relative io calling tli.i ' Democralic stale convention here in September. Ccmpere arrived ' here yesterday air. Loose crashed as he io land his big plane at lhe north j \illc chamber of commerce Memphis Natural Gas com P an i" : fluttered asking for verification of Fdsen-: lhal's statemems to that the laying of a pipe line in Tennessee was being held up pend- to inspect the Arkansas National in summer encampment.. It and fell about 20 feet.: was understood that the date, sub- , ih ' aild of th - fic ' d ' Hc was ""injured. |to ms I"'":.: His motor failed and lhe plane ; Guard $70,000 Fire Sweeps Kansas City Flour Mill. KANSAS CITY. Aug. 23. (UPt — Fire which swept the 'plant of the Hogan Milling company following a dust explosion had killed one man today nnd wiped out all traces ol injured c r ..„_.._ . another- and seriously rxireii . Tne lmc i e r cal . r i3g,, W as torn away i J c ct. to Compere's approval, will be j third the council ,.,., the plane was otnmviM not ; September 18 and 19. | The a e cd ' fire befo:c .sen. Mcnticello. Governor Parnell's ' e ' j ter of the aviation world as thou- : mitiee. sands of persons gathered to wit- l Rumors said that Lamar WilHam- midnight and completely destroyed "" "" thc plant before being brought under control. The loss was estimated at $70,000 to the building and machinery. . CHICAGO. Aug. 23. (XJPI— This campaign manager, v/ill be named " *' ""' ral ing the outcome of his efforts to: secure a franchise her? and his: assurance that he would be able • to get gas off the proposed Tennessee line was read to the coun- thc t of the tenth annual j eil. The reply of th? Memphis ; nlMoml aiv raccs . and Ihc flrn ' concern by one of its officials: -olympiad of the air." stating that Felsenthal had no f j otab i (>s of tendi air onrt sea assurance of any con- tt . crc here anrt hllndrecis or air . nection with the Memphis firm, p i aneSr i arg[ , anti sma n, s i n gi c an( j' that no construction was being mu iti-motored. stood about or soar- held up pending any contract he. ed overhead in nights preliminary • might secure and suggesting lhat to [ )lc O mcial opening at 1 o'clock . the most feasib!.; source from which . ln | s afternoon. Biytheville could secure natural| R ace officials were confident the December 10. 1898. was found drift- gas would be through the Arkan-1 presence of such an array of air- : '»B in the muddy waters of Big sas Power and Light company was | craft and American and foreign Lake, H mile? west of this city, read to the council. notables would attract 40.000 per- i b i' Woodrow Hughes. 15-ycar-olci A resolution of the gas commit- sons, the number expected that -the < ]lx a\ youngster, while on a fishing tee of the chamber of commerce grandstand will scat. I trip with two boy companions yes- suggesting that any firm or p?r-. The weather was clear and warm.; terday. Finds 1898 Edition of Biytheville Paper in Lake A copy of ihe seventh issue o' j our strecis Thursday." while in th- lhe Brylhevillc Plain Dealer, issued ; Barfield Hews column is the repor that "Mrs. Satterficld of Kentucky Dempsey to Umpire at Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark.—Jack Dempsey. former world heavyweight champion .will appear in a new- role here September 2nd when he will umpire a baseball gaine bztween tlie Osceola Indians and the Monettc Buffaloes. The management of thc Osceola Indians announced this afternoon that Dempsey had definitely agreed to umpire (he game here on that dale. The game will be called at 2:30 o'clock in order for Dempsey to hurry to Memphis in time to act as referee of a fight card In the Bluff City that night. Dempsey Is touring the country ihc scene of the third still. A quantity of liquor was also found by the otlicers it is understood. ' Still Another Capture OSCEOLA, Ark. - Walter Cox, lhe nominees wsrc withheld, liow-1 parents said the yo t uth had fol-.Bennie Jackson and Baker Turri- * rver.. until ..they- arc delivered to|!ov?<l. his sister, \\hen._the^JB3iily ; l eri.loc*Upfficer5,^>Kr^t«d --,$>• P-- i Chairman Harvey C. Couch of [noticed -rile was despondent. • f Jeffries today en a charge "of^Dle- ^* Pine Bluff, head of thc state com- ; Mis. Dobbins left lufr husband mitlce. • .a yenr aec. Slie Is survived by .a yenr ago. Slie Is three children. Makes New Orleans to .... Memphis Flight Record -MEMPHIS, Aug. 23. (UP)-A new- speed record between Memphis and New Orleans was claimed here today by Lieutenant S. J. Simonson. pilot for the Standard Oil company, who made the flight in two hours and 20 minutes. gaj possession of Intoxicating uor.They claimed to have found 200 bottles of home brew, some liquor- land a miscellaneous assortment'.of brew' equipment at Jeffries' I place nt the cast end of Mill Bn'y- ou bridge. Dempsey Is touring the country i \ r ' P I I ' in the role of a referee but so far Army Lllgmcers LOIlter | ' A representative gathering ' of Big Gathering At Poplar Corner On Tuesday Is Backed by Manila Club. Representative w. J. Driver will speak at a. mealing to be held at Angelus Temple, a grove near Poplar Corner Tues-1 Tne operation and the will alteration were definitely connected by Ma Kennedy who said she would leave her estate to others He- Kennedy Cuts Aimee's Temple Out of Her Wilj LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3 : tUP)— Mrs. Minnie A. Kennedy, suffering a slight relapse today after a nasal operation, aimed another verbal j missile at her 1 evangelist daughter, Aimee Semple McPherson, by ah-, noimcihg she-had changed her will to eliminate intended bequests'td day afternoon at 2 o'clock In-the interest of the Mid-South cotton co-operative association. as known this will be the first time the Manassa Mauler has enacted the role of umpire in a baseball game 1 . A keen student of the game, Dempsey is said to understand Ihe game thoroughly. \\Til D ' 1 i r\ U With President Uverrro- farmers from sccUoil of over Hi? northeast comuy cause Mrs. McPherson allegedly struck her on tlic nose and broke jects to Aid Unemployed Missouri are expected to attend the | > 1 J meeting whichjs sponsored by lhe j runds Due State Badlv son asking for a here be required to franchise i give definite! assurance of a supply of gas. finan-1 Local Pastor Conducting cial stability and to convince the' r» • i . n .. 01 council that the party would carry out its program was presented to thc council. After drying the paper, yellow' 1 with age, on the lake bank, young ! Hughes brought thc paper home . n 01 i w ' le n ne returned from the fishin? Revival at BaSSett Chllrch : trip. The four page edition was in almost perfect condition and the .... „....„... . OSCEOLA. Ark.-A series of re- priming on thc 32 year-old paper On motion of Alderman I,. G. .igious services which began at the , Kas completely legible. Many doubl Thompson, ihc council unanimous- j Basseit Presbyterian church south : if tne I 5a l >cr nad been in tllc walc: ly vol?d to table indefinitely con-, of here Wednesday evening, W iu j long when found by young Hughes sidcralion of a ga s franchise. '• continue through Friday evening . believing it might have been stored Representatives of gas firms who, August 29. with services conducted : nwa >' in Mme old lnlnk or cab 'had retired frcm the room were' each evening by'Rev. iTarsh Calla- ' net m a nousc near lh€ lakc nnci again called into the meeting room ; way. pastor of the First Presby- lm ^en dumped In the lakc cither and Informed of the council ac-:teiian church of Biytheville " ; unintentionally or with the posses- ;lon In announcing the decision I Uev. Crier Davis, pastor of the I 60r unaware of the document's age of the council to tte representa-, Presbyterian churches at Osceola ; , T ' le f^ 1 "-, P rlntcd '» .»« days in lhe future for due considers-1 Bassett church will co-operate. tiot! when the franchise seekers; ; could definitely establish their i f ouia aennneiy CM<IUH;MI men . _ ability to carry out their proposals. | LOUnty Judges to Meet Before taking up the discussion i of the proposed franchise, the. council passed a resolution asking \ thc Arkansas Sheriffs and Police I A meeting of the Arkansas couti- Oftlcers Association, a branch of, ty Judges association will be held at j the national organization, be Invit- Li t [1 e Rock Monday to discuss | ed tn hold its 1931 convention in j methods for relieving drouth con- „,„,,].. i n t . lc this city. The council also \-otfd to I rt" 10 '" I" ^e state. The call was ' ' leresting items. Among the Interesting local items printed on the front page of tlu paper Is an Item that reads: "Mr. T. \V. Davis of Cooktowi , "' thc eon " visited her daughter, Mrs. T. J Mahan." In an advertisement on the . , - . fourth page of the edition Sisk balc of colto " «" lned Brothers, carrier of government mail from ChlckasavrUa cCook- :cwn postoflicc: to Osccola> .solicit passengers for their hack in the following manner: "We respectfully solicit thc patronage of those who travel between i J,',',^ ~ms&s\ "aid pcints, special attention given n wn " s Cl to traffic alony the road, Will lakc ton all possible care to prevent acci-' Lions club of Manila. I President Hoover, Eiocr.^r.ry of An effort will be made to have ! War Hurley -wd Ccl., George R.'«" stores in Manila nnd Lcach- Spaulding, atmy engin«r in charge -villc clo^d during the meeting of the upper Mississippi nnd Ilti-ja"<l members of thc club will visit R-iIo al M.»mr.l,;c ! n°is river projects, conferred it! the surrounding country In an ef- Udie dl lf4Cinplll!). 1( , [lgth at (hc chicf ?xccl nive's]fort to gather a large representa- jcamp here today on proposed plans in drouth up flood Osceola Planters Sell OSCEOLA. Ark—C. C. Ermen and J. S McCants of Osceola | str | 0ken stat -„ spcc(!lll claim credit not only for the first i con i ro | wn " r i; opcratet Ermen t i ij i i l ° . hs sold lhls M P hi '"'n , al B ^%£-±!™ 0 " a b> ' No announcement wasmade after Needed Parneil Declares LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 23. IUPX-- Governor Harvey Parneil sent' a' (elegram to J. R. McCarl. comp-, (roller general of the United States lion for the meeting. | treasury, today asking him to send Besides Representative Driver a "P^rUative- here immediately other speakers will address the gathering included representatives of the Mid-South bureau which the protracted morning conference | will establish a grading office here thc Mi«i«"PPi jif 10.000 bales of cotton are pledged farmers' for d 1 1-8 staple. io F. O. Barton Cot- company of Memphis and I lernoon. would be made follow- \ mlcroiice in lhe nf- | At Little Rock Monday vvas scen herc Tuesday.- The western section of what i now the third ward of Biytheville once known as Cooklown. a . fend M. r, Goodwin, po'.icc chi=f.if""«J by Judge John G. Sheffield va tll at . . ft]0 . ar " along , k Lakf al items (( , u of thf . , . . , s ( o f to the convention nt North Little ! of Helena, president of the assocli- ; MUviac5 of the village of Blythe- Dock in September. i l10 "New ladders will be purchased for, . •™ d p ! Geo ; W-. Barliam of Miss- 1 Araong othcr ,, ems (s ...,,. iislppl county will-altend the con-! foiiowin"' (Contlmtea on page- three) fcrcncc. vlllc and neighboring communities foum , , h . "Mr, Sam Haidin was seen on dents, but will no; be responsible for any that may occur." Another advertisement assured readers of th; sheet that the Ashlin House is Biytheville best inn and thali dimmers particularly are Invited to share its hospitality. In a front page advertisement the Rev. J. D. Rutledge asks al! those who owe his buslross to pay tlieir. debts In order that he may pur-1 chase his supply of Christmas' goods. The most startling headline on the front page of thc Plain Dealer compels the attention of the readers with "MURDER!" printed In larg,2 letters. Reading further It Is found that: 'J. P. Dudney. manager of the Lu\- ora Grocery company, oas been arrested for $he slaughter of high prices" followed by a detailed advertisement for thc Luxora firm. In tb» same column. Lunsford and Ore.u. merchants of Cooktown assure the readers of the Plain Dealer (hat Ihcy sell anything from "n toothpick to a steam engine," brought Hc per pound. The information that thc bale was the firs; from Arkansas on the Memphis • market this season was received by I Mr. Krmen yesterday from ti-.r Barton Cotlcn company. Memphis Woman Killed By Hit and Run Driver Kansas City Milk Strike v Schneider Seeks Junior Record On Non-Stop Jump WICHITA. Runs., Aug. 23 (UP) \f 1 C.-ll r i- WICHITA. Runs., Aug. 23 (UP) Violence Mill LontmueS , —Eddie Schneider, schoolboy flyer • who is trying for a west-east junior MEMPHIS. Au ? . n. (UP)-Po-1 Tho 15W filr "'" r "'""• ice were without clues todav in. "soclation ha\c re:.' KANSAS CITY. A'.u. 23. >UP)- \ transcontinental record, took oil No end to violence s-.trroimdinelhe nillk strike M-SS :n -='g!" touuy m Kansas City dislrib-.r.ovs strengthened their awuis'. sabotage and reiterated tli 1 declaration they would buy milk frcm whom i they chose. immediately to work out procedure for film? claims and payment of levies- .to Ihe slate as provided In the act of the 70th congress. "The funds provided for in this act are very badly needed at the. present time for alleviation of distressing conditions incident to the drouth." the governor wired. Lon Chanev Critically III at Hollywood Hospital HOLLYWOOD. Calif.. Aug. 23 (UP)—Lon Chaney, famous screen star, is critically ill, physicians from Wichita today In his Cessna | treating him for Anemia said, monoplane for New York city. Mr. Crmr.ey's condition is serl- he He will munced. fly non-stop, an- Schneider recently established an i cast-west junior record. He flew -.••iiibcrs of the nerc y e ' ler day from Albuquerque. lice were without clues today in their hunt for the driver of a machine which struck and killed Mrs. W. R. McNally. 30. late yesterday as she was crossing a street interjection here. The driver of trie hit nnd run an- i tcmoblle speeded from the scene i eluding several motorists who at- : tempted to halt him. iscd to sell i milk to local dis'.ribu-.ors for more ; than a week. Mrs. Newsom in Air ous," an official bulletin' from St. . Vincent hospital said, "however he seems to be holding his own right now and we hope for ment." improve- Shop Machinist Killed San Souci School to Race Headed for Chicago' BOONEVILLE, Ark.. Aug. 23. :iUP>—Oscar Garrett, Rock Island Ir k nm. of i ra " ro3d sh °P machinist, was killed jr.. is one of yes , erday vhen hls Infant Takes Poison RUSSELLVILI.E. Ark., Aug. 23. (UP>—Medicine Intended fo r his pet proved fatal for Burl D. Pryor, two year old infant yesterday. Tte 1 child swiillowcd 15 capsules. Have Three Grades. thf ^•.^V'm-Ss'ta't^.iriH!^ «•"«" ^ ^ « '/> .derby race from Los Angeles, Cal..: R " lve g"'"e, breaking his neck. OSCEOLA, Ark. --Tlic San Souc; ; to Chicago now In progress. Mr? i .•miii rural schoo! three ;r.ilcs south of : : Newsom, who Is the wife of E. Z ! WEATHER l-.cre, which has no: been in ses- : Newsom jr., son of the Rev. and ! s:cn for several yc.irs due to the : Mrs. E. Z. Newsom of this city i ARKANSAS-Oenerally fair to. small number of children in thf i will Join her husband In Chicago, night and Sunday, district, will open P:-, Seiitember 8. Mrs. Newsom Is reported in third «"r<" '. and will be laugh; by Miss Mar- ; place in the Los Angeles to Chicago II was 59 hero last night" for lh« jorie Doyle. The will tune- ; race at this time. Her husband iminlmum temperature and M tot lion as a part of tiv Osceola city : will fly ths : famous "Little Rocket" ' school system ar.'l f-i'.'y tli; three grades will fcc uuqhl. first • a Little Rock plane, in thc nattou- I al laces at Chicago ttarling today, 'observer. the maximum; clsar, according, fp Francis Carpenter, official weather

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